Why Changing CHAZ to CHOP Is Actually a Very Big Deal

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I just wanted to share with you a couple of thoughts that have been on my mind lately and see how it resonates with you out there. It has been very interesting for me in tracking the rioting that’s predominately been going on in the US. It’s obviously happening in other countries as well in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and other organizations emerging around their concerns of systemic racism in the US.

One thing for those reading from the US: I don’t know if you’re aware of how widespread the support for that movement and this message actually is? Even here in Sweden, we’ve seen protests occurring in different areas, as well as clashes with the police under these slogans and banners.

Protesters have taken over several blocks in Seattle.

In the US on June 8th, a group of protesters took over a 6 block area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. A Black Lives Matter protest escalated and the police were driven out of the local precinct.  The group set up blockades barring law enforcement from entering the area and set up camp under the acronym CHAZ.

Photo Credit: Derek Simeone – Welcome to CHAZ

Within the zone, they set up a display dedicated to people who died at the hands of police and Black Lives Matter. Many buildings now bear BLM graffiti

Photo Credit: Jzesbaugh

There’s also a large street mural.

Photo Credit: By Kyle Kotajarvi

Descriptions of the area vary from it being a dangerous warzone to a utopian street fair. Politico says that Fox News is completely misleading readers and viewers and that Black Lives Matters organizers are running it, although other groups are also involved.

But it’s Fox that has been all over the story of the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ (which its Black Lives Matter organizers on Saturday renamed the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, CHOP): four-plus blocks of street and sidewalk in Seattle’s traditional gay and bohemian nightlife district, surrounding a boarded-up police precinct headquarters that the mayor ordered vacated last Monday to dampen a week-and-a-half of escalating confrontations between police and protesters. From there, the fluid protests, spearheaded by BLM but involving a wide spectrum of activists and ordinary citizens, coalesced with surprising rapidity into something like a provisional government. (source)

They have a list of demands, which you can read here.

The first thing that has my attention is the name change.

One thing that really stuck out in my mind happened just a few days ago. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, known as the CHAZ, changed its name to the Capitol Hill Occupy Protests. So it’s now CHOP. It’s very easy to dismiss that as something very small and insignificant. I see a lot of people when they’re writing, still calling it the CHAZ, and even to the extent of some mocking the name change: with “See? They can’t even decide what they are called’ type of commentary…

Why is this important to me? Why does this get my attention?

A couple of things really.

One, it’s about seeing if people are ‘on-script’. So if people are supporting that cause specifically, how quickly do they change the vocabulary? How quickly do they adopt new terminology? How “onboard” are they with the message?

That’s important for tribal identity reasons. Tribal identity is a very important factor in the strength of the movement going forwards. The second reason it’s important is that they were losing some ground under the title of CHAZ. These occupiers were losing some PR ground. They were getting mocked, basically, because people were saying, “Well, you’re not autonomous, you know. You’ve declared this an independent state. You’re saying you’re not part of America. Autonomous should mean self-sufficient and you’re clearly not. You’re constantly asking for help. You’re constantly asking for handouts. You’re constantly asking for donations. You’re constantly asking for support, so you’re not autonomous.”

So switching to CHOP, or as another “occupy” protest, basically mutes out that public relations problem because they no longer claim autonomy.

Now that’s very slick. That’s very savvy. That’s very smart, actually.

And that goes to a deeper part of the problem.

It’s very easy to look at this as just a scraggly, ragtag bunch of people just sort of wandering around with this Utopian vision. But this small thing really shows a much deeper commitment, leadership, structure, and ability. An order has come down from somewhere and is very quickly spread throughout the key people, and then down to the ‘foot soldiers’, “This is what we will now be called and this is why.”

Now we can look at it as a kind of PR swing, which in and of itself would be quite worrisome that they can be so on-message. But in addition to this, we should note how quickly the change was implemented, communicated, and adopted.

But then what’s really captured me is the name: Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.

Do you remember Occupy Wall Street?

The Occupy Movement gained strength from the back of the financial crisis in the last decade, and notably from 2009, swelled. You may remember, the political slogan was, “We are the 99%.” It peaked in 2011 with the Occupy Wall Street movement. So the Occupy movement is much much, much bigger enabler and tribal identity. In fact, there were Occupy movement protests through 2010 onwards in 31 different countries, and most of those were major Western countries.

So this is now basically allowing, tempting, and goading those people who identified with the Occupy movement to join and rally around this cause. There may have been a small sort of core key group, perhaps Antifa-type in the beginning, getting the boots on the ground, actually, performing the occupation, and now they can broaden out and become more widespread.

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I think we’re going to see a very sharp consolidation of the power base of this movement and you’re going to see a massive increase in the ranks.

This is notable for me in two different ways.

One is timing. As of publication, it’s June the 19th. So you’re just two weeks short of July the fourth, or America’s Independence Day, which is obviously a massively iconic date and not only in the US. It’s interesting again, that a lot of Western countries have sort of adopted their own July 4th variation. It’s not exactly a worldwide holiday, but certainly a day of note. In two weeks, a lot can happen. We’ve seen that often this year. It’s enough time for major additional plans to be put in place and so this 4th of July could be very eventful.

Then there’s the second point that’s gotten my attention.

Think back to 2009-2011 – this was the real peak of the Occupy movement. We’re now in 2020. We’re nine years on.

So those young, idyllic people that were the main rank and file of that movement are 10 years older now. Those who were quite high profile students from good universities were getting behind this, what positions are they in nowadays? They’re going to be sitting at mid, or high-level management in major corporations. They’re going to have a whole other sphere of influence.

Or they might be on the city council.

A Seattle City Council member, Kshama Sawant, was part of the original Occupy Wall Street protests and is also part of this one.

While the protest does have some loose leadership, there are few formal structures. Sawant compares the space to the “Night of 500 tents” during the Occupy Wall Street movement in Seattle in October 2011, of which she was a part. Back then, Occupy protesters were able to drive police from their space before police returned and cleared out the area where the protests took place.

Already, said Sawant, CHOP has outlasted what they were able to achieve with that Occupy action, which only lasted three days. But she said she expects police to clear the area sometime in the near future. “I don’t think that we can in any way assume that the police will not come back and specifically attack this space,” she said. “I think we should expect that that could happen at any moment, because that’s exactly what happened in Occupy.” (source)

No longer is this about wearing a funny t-shirt and waving a flag on the street and feeling the reward of being ‘part of the crowd’ anymore. These people have progressed into places that they have major corporate clout.

And that leads to funding.

In the last week, there is something that has been notable in a way that I can’t say I’ve seen before with any of the previous campaigns. And that is how many major companies are openly pledging their support, either specifically for Black Lives Matter, or for affiliate organizations.

I’m not getting into the rights and wrongs of tackling racism. That’s not what this post is about. This is about identifying and really highlighting to you how keeping an eye on the big circle is worth it. These kinds of moments should get your attention.

Now we’re looking at major corporate identification, either through genuine backing of the cause, societal pressure, or the perception of societal pressure. I imagine that people in boardrooms are saying, “If we don’t get on board with this campaign, we really risk running a loss here or hurting our bottom line or affecting our sales base,” whichever the case may be.

Virtue signaling now begins to transform into more tangible corporate action. The key thing I’m seeing in the emails that I receive is donations. Big companies are saying. “We support this cause and we’re actively putting money into it.”

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And it’s significant sums, like $50,000 a week, $100,000 a month, a one-time donation of $250,000. So not only are we seeing an increase in the number of participants, we’re seeing a massive increase in funding. And I do believe there was already significant funding for these organizations anyway.

This is all piled onto a situation that clearly has concise and controlling leadership behind it.

We’re trending toward a perfect storm.

I read a huge amount of news on a daily basis just to kind of track everything from China to America, and everything in between, locally, upscale, and downscale. When something really gets my attention, it is leaping out of a massive information maelstrom.

What I’m trying to highlight here is more of a thought process. You need to consume the news but not be consumed by it. But allowing yourself to absorb a wide stream of information from broad and varying sources gives you the chance, every now and then, too see how certain ‘key things’ fit together and gives the possibility of better trend assessment and therefore, a prediction.

I’m not going to say this is perfect storm territory yet, but it’s definitely trending in that direction. It’s something that I’m keeping my eye on more and more.  I just wanted to share with you a little bit of what was going through my thoughts in the last two or three days.

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What I’d love on this particular issue is for you to please comment below if you’re seeing the same things? Are you getting those emails from companies pledging support? Are you hearing from work colleagues or friends or family that this is a movement they’re increasingly getting behind and they feel that they need to do something? Where is everybody else out with this?

And this isn’t just an American question. Again, go right back to the beginning. These movements are occurring in different countries at various levels of tenacity. And we’re definitely seeing the spread.

So wherever you’re based, please do share your observations, if you care to, in the comments below. Thank you so much.

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Toby has an extensive background in the military, emergency services, risk management, and business continuity, combined with applied wilderness and urban survival skills. He discusses personal safety, security, and the crossover of military skills to the average civilian. Toby is the co-author of SHTF Survival Bootcamp

Toby Cowern

Toby Cowern

Toby Cowern has an extensive background in the military, emergency services, risk management, and business continuity, combined with applied wilderness and urban survival skills. He discusses personal safety, security, and the crossover of military skills to the average civilian.

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  • It is nice to see that others recognize that this is not an American problem, but an outside force looking to destabilize or revolutionize all western countries.
    This is important because it is part of something much bigger, with world wide players orchestrating this stuff. Since their goals seem to be revolution, this is a problem for preppers.
    We can at some point expect to become a target for them. Anyone who resists their ideals and/or has the capacity to hold out against them will be a problem.
    If they destabilize a nation, one way to get everyone to sign up to their program, is to offer the starving masses , Food. But if you don’t need their food you are an obstacle or a problem.
    Antifa believes ( as probably all these groups do) that if you are not 100% with then, then you are against them and must be destroyed by any means necessary.
    So in prepping, plan on dealing with radical mobs like these.
    There is a lot to be learned from watching them attack, loot and burn.
    Study their tactics and watch how they adapt and change them over time.

    Especially if you are planning on Bugging In. Look closely at CHOP.
    As you may find yourself in the middle of one of these zones in the near future. Look at how they mistreat those who are not with them. even those businesses and residents, just outside of their “occupation zone”.
    Be prepared as this might be a look at the future, especially if they are allowed to continue and to expand.

  • I know many many many people who believe this is coordinated insanity. There is no question that this is being orchestrated by shadow groups opposed to the existing ‘power structure’.

    I agree that it is not going away and I am shocked that people are so gullible.

    The end game is destruction. I’m looking for a safe haven outside of the USA. Spoke to someone in Argentina who said it is happening there too. Might just have to take a stand.

    There are many, perhaps even a majority, who are viscerally opposed to this movement. The movement’s biggest problem is the 400 million guns floating around America. Someone is stoking revolutionary fervor, and I am afraid they’re going to get it.

    What happens next is 1984. But hey, lots of web clicks right up until the end…

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

  • Hi Toby and welcome to the group! To your article, I too, felt the name change was significant but my understanding was limited.
    This article educated me greatly! I was simply thinking the change was done by the liberal government entities to try and protect the protestors from big legal issues by saying it was just “protestors” and “nothing more” as in nothing to see here… so they could avoid military intervention coming to the city etc.. honestly I’m not as smart(savvy) as a lot of Daisy’s readers who understand a lot more than me but I do know I don’t know like what I see happening all over the USA including the mayor (different subject here) of Tulsa declaring a state of civil emergency because of a trump rally. Does he know something we don’t ???
    All of this has me holding my breath. I participated in Daisy’s webinar with you guys and it was great! This article is great ! I look forward to reading more from you about all of this!

    • We declared the civil emergency to deploy resources and pay for them. Protestors will be welcomed to do so appropriately and looters and rioters will pay dearly. There is no bail reform here. We do not tolerate lawlessness.

      • See!
        So what happened? Nothing. There were protest (which is a right) but more importantly there was a RALLY.
        We don’t have bail reform, we have law and order, we spank our kids and we are happy.

  • Its happenning worldwide. But its not so easy to delineate the us from the them. Ive read many religious writings. Not a religious person. But all these matters go hand in hand with the predictions in these writings. Ive been preparing since 1999. Its all very predictable.

  • Toby is apparently not a U.S. citizen, and apparently lives in Sweden, yet seems to feel he is qualified to comment on and criticize current events in the U.S.A. that he did not witness first-hand. I disagree. Also, Toby seems to conflate protests with riots. Legally authorized protests are *not* riots. We fought our Revolutionary War against Great Britain to, among other things, ensure that our citizens would have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Those freedoms are enshrined in the Bill of Rights portion of our country’s Constitution. Do I condone the violence engaged in by some so-called “protestors”? No. However, I know that most of the protestors are peaceful and have an absolute right to engage in peaceful protests, and it is not wrong for individuals and companies, if they see fit, to donate money to groups that are peacefully protesting to bring about much-needed change.

    • Most of us didn’t witness these events first-hand but we all have opinions nonetheless. Were you there, witnessing the “peaceful protests” in Seattle? If not, by your own definition, you also aren’t qualified to comment on them. And, ironically, when I posted a firsthand account of what was happening in Seattle earlier this week, you were critical of that, too, despite the fact that I also linked to a video in the article of the other side of that story.

      Also, my website is not limited to only the opinions of American authors. You’ll note that we also have writers from Bosnia, Venezuela, Greece, the UK, and South Africa.

      • Yes, Daisy, I have noted that you often include articles written by people from Bosnia, Venezuela, Greece, the U.K., and South Africa, some of whom you have befriended during your wonderful globetrotting adventures. Most or all of those articles, as I recall, concerned topics of which the authors had first-hand knowledge – such as disasters and/or collapses that happened in their own areas and how they either prepared for or coped with them. No, in my comment above I was not commenting on the protests in Seattle specifically (since I did not personally witness them). I was commenting on Mr. Cowan’s article itself, on U.S. citizens’ Constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and on protests across the country generally, some of which I *have* personally witnessed. My prior comment with regard to the earlier article by the supposed “first-person” witness (who was allegedly a National Guard member in Washington State) stated as follows: “3 questions Daisy – What is the name of the author of this article – the supposed “eyewitness”? Who or what group “quickly identified” the protestors described in this article “as Antifa”? Also, as to the protests in Seattle, I’d sure like to know how many members of the Proud Boys and/or the Boogaloo movement were there in the crowd escalating the violence to further their own agendas?”. Nowhere in that comment did I say I had any first-hand knowledge of the protests in Seattle. I ventured to comment on that article (as well as this one) because you provided boxes in which your readers could do so, beneath the words “Leave a Comment:” . If you only want adulatory comments that praise all the articles regardless of their content, perhaps you should specify “Leave a favorable Comment”?

    • There have been both protest which I wholeheartedly support and looters and rioters which have pretty much taken away from any message that was supposed to be received by the general public, lawmen, politicians etc.
      What is being done in Seattle is in no way legal, wanted nor approved by the general population. In fact in the arena of preparedness people are preparing to battle those who wish to do the same in their areas.
      It is not a protest. There is no united message and this is the only place that would allow such an event to happen though several are very close.

      • Bethel Ohio.
        One local teacher organized a protest.
        Then, some how the social media machine started a rumor about busloads of protestors would come to this small, rural (2,800) town.
        Of course that started the fear of what has happened in the big cities, the rioting and looting coming to their town.
        The residents took up arms.
        No busloads of protestors showed up, again, rumor.
        By reporting, there were about 80-100 local protestors.
        There were some reported fights the local PD broke up, a few arrests.

        Take what you will from it.

      • I agree with you, Matt. My concern is just how close these other areas are. The whole situation could easily go up in flames with another spark and I really don’t want to see that happening.

    • Toby is entitled to his opinion whether or not he was present at ANY of the riots–and yes, there were riots. The police were FORCED to leave their precinct building because of the rioting. I just saw video of a “peaceful protester” brandishing a knife until he was shot full of holes by his proposed victim…

    • Seems to me this article was commenting specifically on Chaz/Chop not the protests in general. If the recent video that surfaced showing Raz Simone giving out guns in Chaz/Chop is legit then, is peace the true aim? I for one, welcome objective outside perspectives especially at this time as emotions are running high and folks need to be able to get some distance on this.

    • Complete Strawman argument…Toby was not writing about events, excepting how they fit in the change of Names for this particular movement, and “Why” it affects said movement.

      It’s actually a fairly good assessment. You should read it again.

  • I have a friend who works in a gun store in a very Liberal collage town in Florida. A few days ago over a dozen ” Antifa type” Collage Students show up for the ” Beginners Class” . The “girls’ out numbers the “boys” 2 to1. The scary part was every one of them had the same model Glock pistol! As if they were a platoon of revolutionaries.

    The University that they attend was known to have beaten up some guy last Forth of July for wearing a MAGA hat!

    • Our range has seen an influx of similar types – people who previously were 2nd amendment opponents and now want to learn how to handle firearms.

      fortunately the majority of employees at the range are former military or law enforcement, so if they see suspicious characters they will be reported up the chain.

      plus, you have to provide full ID to participate in range activity and training classes.

    • “The “girls’ out numbers the “boys” 2 to1.” <—This is an indicator of impending Revolution or Civil War. When the opposition's females to this movement, decides that their children's safety doesn't outweigh their personal comfort, it will be on. It has always been and shall be again.

  • This is just the most recent situation created by TPTB (The powers that be, the elitists, the Social Democrats, and the rest of the loosely affiliated groups and individuals that intend to bring the world’s population under their direct control. They want (and need) there to be a huge die-off of the human population and turning people against each other and fomenting hate and discontent is only one method they use to achieve that goal. (Complete Civilian Disarmament is another, as is militarization of civilian police forces.)

    I believe Toby has explained things very well. Unfortunately, I am thinking that it is only the tip of the iceberg and with the Independence Day holiday right on the horizon, and the campaign and scheduled election coming up in just a few months, that we will be seeing much more violence, much of it covered by the appearance and claims of peaceful protests and outsiders doing the rioting. The fact that many are being arranged to be there for that purpose will not be pointed out.

    Nor will the Riot Mafia (my term for the criminal groups that use the riots to cover their organized looting of high value items that will probably be sold either to fences for sale in other areas, or will be sold on Craig’s List, e-bay, Amazon, and the like.) be mentioned. I suspect some of the Riot Mafia groups are controlled and guided by those that are setting up the protests, but most are probably criminal opportunists that saw a fairly low-risk way of make a great deal of money.

    There is not much more I can do with my current financial and health issues, and I am ready for the kind of activities I expect to see, as I have been for many years, but I certainly would be adding to the preps that I have, just in case.

    Just my opinion.

  • I don’t see this ending soon or well especially in the States. Most people here haven’t digested the concept that “like it was before” isn’t coming back. So this is uncharted territory “here there be monsters.” People want a break or to relax with their families, have picnics, launch fireworks on the 4th. Something deep in me says it may not be so relaxing.

  • These are all children who have grown up physically, but have never grown up mentally or morally. All of what we’re seeing now is children throwing tantrums. Unfortunately, their parents never “parented” that out of them, or the government schools re-taught it to them.

    So, after sowing that wind for several decades, we are now reaping the whirlwind of adults who get their way by throwing tantrums (burning, looting, destroying, stomping their feet etc.)

    Yes, I have seen lots of corporations bending the knee to these children. They probably think they need to because these are their potential customers. But what they don’t consider is the other silent majority of people who are decent upstanding citizens who will decide to shop elsewhere when it’s learned that this or that corporation supports out of control children who form terrorist orgainizations such as BLM.

  • Yes. I see various companies caving to peer pressure, $$$ pressure. I am very conservative as is our community. Most Patriots are running short of patience and want this occupation cleared out. They view these people as domestic terrorists as the same fir local authorities not enforcing rule of law. No good will come f r om this only intensified racism.

  • I have not seen much in the way of inside interviews of CHAZ/CHOP. Some social media stuff, but nothing by MSM, or independent media. Mostly it is an extended block party.

    Just The News (sorry, cannot find the article) was contacted by someone who claimed to be running a website dedicated to CHAZ/CHOP asking for independent journalists to come and see and report for themselves.
    The article did note differing people who kinda seemed in charge or had some degree of leadership. But nothing formal. Seems to be more of collective group think.

    Some say that is the point of the whole thing. They dont need authority, or the police to rule over them. Sure, I guess. But it is not representative of America as a whole.

    If the mayor, city leaders are okay with the CHAZ/CHOP, and there is no heath issues . . . it is their city. Does not effect me in the slightest.

    As for the protests in general, that is people’s 1A right to exercise. By all means.

    As for the rioting and looting, some say it is needed to affect change. I think it is unnecessary, and does not serve any purpose other than to riot for riots sake. Does burning down a Wendy’s really affect the kind of change people want to see?

    Currently there is reporting of fliers or posts on social media calling for NYPD police to call in “sick” on the 4th of July as a protest to how they are being demonized.
    What would that look like?

    Already reading about mass exodus of those who can afford to leave the big cities due to COVID19. Will continued social/civil unrest accelerate the exodus? Loss of tax revenue, hollowed out cities, defunded police, will become a dystopia sprawl?

    • We are “out” in the country and have seen a small number of farms purchased by ” City Slickers” coming out of Tampa/Orlando/Miami.

      I understand that the Real Estate market is brisk where we are.

  • I am located in the US and see a lot of companies pledging support for BLM. Some companies are sending their donations to organizations that promote access to legal help for minorities, or other similar causes, instead, but they all include that magic phrase. The company I work for, which is in the middle of the Fortune 100, has always been heavily into diversity but they have really been hitting it hard lately. I haven’t noticed them saying much about the organization of BLM, just the slogan and sentiment, but they have been talking a lot lately about creating a more equal, fair, and just society for all.

    On a personal level I’m very concerned about the loss of ground we’ve made, the US was actually starting to make some progress on reducing bigotry and improving intercultural relations till, oh, 2008 or so. It’s been a downhill slide ever since. Personally I’d rather we just left each other alone and got along, but that’s anther rant for another day.

    • I was forced to retire after 32 years of service because a woman of color demanded from management that she needed to not be “held down”. I was targeted because I was close enough to retirement age that they could make me miserable enough to take my pension and go. This was a form of age discrimination as well as race discrimination. The woman of color lasted less than six months in the position I had created and held for 17 years. Racism targets people of all races not just “people of color”. Therein lies the problem, all these noisy arrogant groups want special attention and are not smart enough to see that they are being manipulated by evil rich elites hellbent on destroying America. Three decades of “everyone’s a winner” has come back to bite us in the ass! Our children have been truly brainwashed by liberal public education.

  • Regardless of the name, the are a bunch of criminals and should be treated as such.
    There are people within that area who are virtual prisoners. That’s kidnapping, a federal felony.
    A group of similar thugs tried this in another state and were shut down ASAP., as they should have been.

  • I am not seeing anything on funding or donations. But a lot of support statements from organizations. They kinda seem like empty statements lacking real support more PR ploys. But that can change.

    Being outside the US things are moving slower. But thing certainly seem unstable in the USA right now between right and left nonsense, BLM, ANFTA and upcoming elections 2020 might get more crazy yet ..

  • Thank you for your well thought out article! Looking forward to reading more from you.
    I have seen a couple lengthy lists of contributors to the BLM coffers. It makes me sick. Lots of well know organizations finding the terrorists.
    But one thing I find a bit disturbing
    Is something I saw on a video from Dave Hodges-The Common Sense this morning- The Chicoms are very busy moving military stuff in convoys up from Mexico to the U.S. through Patagonia. The trucks are being waved through without having to stop. I also heard on his show that Chinese soldiers are manning the solar farms here in the South West. So I’m pretty sure that it will come down to hot war with China and we have long been infiltrated by them. Sorry if this was off topic-but actually it is on topic. While America is burning and looting the Chinese are busy getting ready for a full take over of America.

    • I wouldn’t worry about that–Dave Hodges is unreliable at best, and I think works to sensationalize news to sell his “survival” stuff.

    • If you can’t show me the Chinese soldiers manning the solar farm and exactly where it is in detail then it’s not worth repeating.
      I’ve heard the same stuff bout the UN on soil since the 80s and the FEMA death camps which seemed to be nowhere during the great pandemic.
      There are enough real threats stating folks in the face that no rumors need be started. Don’t drink that jug of koolaid either.

    • Through Patagonia? Patagonia is a long way from Mexico. Thousands of miles south and east in Argentina,SA. Learn some geography before you embarrass yourself again. Dave Hodges? Meh.

  • “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are 16 years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time.” –Henry Ford

  • Need to add the near universal acquiescence of all major public and private universities.

    Without hesitation they all take up BLM talking points and state solidarity with BLM. And I dare any University employee to speak against! Just smile and nod and move along even though a meaningful percent (25-35%?) disagree.

  • Whatever CHOP may turn out to be, the real story is that the Democrats believe they will be able to turn these young activists into loyal party operatives in time for the election.

    This is why Democrat mayors and governors have allowed the rioters to smash public and private property, topple monuments, and deface everything with toxic graffiti. Those things do not matter to the Democrats. Everything can be repaired with tax money.

    Only power matters. This is why the delusional senior citizens on Capitol Hill take a knee with gaudy African shawls. They actually believe they will take control of the neo-Occupiers and make them “get out the vote” for Joe Biden. Never mind that young people have utter contempt for their much, much older elders’ failures. The Democrats were originally thrilled by Occupy Wall Street — until key members attempted to address the general assembly and were kicked out.

    We shall see whether the neo-Occupiers will fall for the same bait offered them nine years ago.

  • I’m looking through a wide-angle lens = real big picture…
    People are still scurrying around chasing the latest facemasking decrees from local .gov everywhere and failing to notice they are quickly being corralled and whooped towards war. I suggest we all take a moment…
    to step back,
    forget all the corona/covid details,
    forget all the BLM details…
    We Still Care Very Very Much For We Must, but just as a thought experiment here if you will please..
    Assess the impacts of recent events on You and Yours
    Whatever we may each believe about the causes or who to blame for things…
    What have been the results You and Yours are acutely and personally aware of right now?
    Pen & Paper = Go Digital Device of choice aaannd = Go Let’s think about it write about it… talk about it more together? in our own quiet times as well I hope, for these are already desperate times = wisdom, insight, groundedness are all needed to the MAX!
    I’m thinking personally, professionally, locally, regionally, economically, psychologically, astrologically, politically, organically, globally, etc as I perceive the ways virtually everyone we know is probably impacted and I’m counting a few things that stand out….
    -Our economy has been collapsed
    -Supply chains have been disrupted in various ways
    -Our 1st Amendment Rights have been cancelled (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association = the Right to physically get together with most anyone whom you may choose, most anywhere and anytime, and much more), adding to a long tragic list of Bill of Rights decimation over many years
    -We (many of us) have recently been surprise-conditioned to obey unusually fierce orders from various local & regional officials who have assumed power only via declaration of states of emergency ‘special powers’ contingencies
    -Now I believe we are seeing the 1st wave of communications systems mass failures… look for it
    I share my own concern that we are being hearded towards war of some kind when I add up the observations listed above. These are characteristics of siege **see Selco on this site** It’s very unclear who is behind the scenes of everything right now, but in time we’ll know much more
    -Please People, Dear Beloved People of the World…
    Assess how you and yours have been impacted. Do your own research carefully = you must use a browser that doesn’t store everything you do or else you won’t find much objectivity in your search results = bare minimum + we all must educate selves/others in a great many things right now. When you research, be discriminating about the info you choose to believe, draw your own conclusions, reflect on how safe you feel going forward, and please take care
    <3 Pacha Collective

  • How do the current riots compare to the 1968 riots, the LA riots of the seventies, the Rodney King riots, and did I miss any? How are they similar? Compare BLM to the Weather Underground/Weathermen

    Life became normal after these events/people. Does it stand to reason that life will return to normal again? What the chances of any major movement to the political left gaining traction in the USA? I think Obama demonstrated how far he was able to push it (and is he still pushing it?) He got it pretty far left, but only for 8 years and the pendulum swung and produced a Trump.

    This country is too big and too conservative to be changed to a left oriented system. But they keep trying. They further left this time too. I see renewed expression of our Conservative Judeo-Christian Values that our country was founded on.

    I think that this ‘silent majority’ force will even overcome Agenda 21 now 30 because of this silent force. And as the thinking goes for fads on this country, ‘As California Goes, The Whole US Goes’, I think is true for the USA leading the world, Agenda 30 will become Agenda 40 or 50.

    The rioters will create change, but they will not like it.

  • I’m receiving those “support” e-mails.
    I used to get a health update type e-mail, for years, about a specific health problem. I got a lengthy e-mail from them in support of what is going on. To me, that had nothing to do with the health issue.
    I also get a much loved e-mail about travel and interesting places all over the world with wonderful pictures of places I will never see. They have “turned” as well, first with an entire edition of nothing but support type articles, now with a place I should “donate” to at the end of each edition.
    I also receive e-mails from various Congressional and Senate members, of both parties, because I signed up to get them. Nearly to a person on both sides of the aisle they are supportive of this movement. Most do not directly praise the rioting and looting, but NONE have denounced it. NONE have even mentioned the take over of Seattle.
    I appreciate this article from Toby. He is correct in his comment of taking in the news, but not letting it take YOU. It is useful to know what is going on and to maybe make predictions with that knowledge.
    I don’t see a good outcome from what is happening right now.

  • I am not American and have never voted. I am a white Christian and have no axe to grind. I have lived in the Netherlands and in the UK now currently back in Australia. Like you I absorb an enormous amount of news and try to figure it out.

    So, I am “politically neutral”. My first observation is that this has been planned for a long, long time. Orwell knew about it in the 1940’s but the origins go back further. They go back to the deal made between the Zionists and the Anglo’s to stop Germany becoming the world Empire and to limit the expansion of Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution. The Anglo’s made a deal with the devil who got a homeland but want to rule the world.

    Trump bases his election slogan KAG 2020 on a (Jewish) horror movie called the PURGE. This was all planned. I have no doubt that Soros funded Antifa and BLM believe that they are in the forefront of a “socialist revolution” to overthrow capitalism. Communism is not on the agenda, the elite have been pushing for technocracy since the 1930’s. A ruling oligarchy essentially technocratic fascism will introduce the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is data driven based on achieving the Singularity (AI) which is extensively documented on the WEF website (Covid Platform). Everything has deliberately been pushed towards this end including the opening up of China and the manufacturing of a huge debt bubble. The global economy will be completely destroyed once the Jewish Federal Reserve has completed its robbery then comes a monetary re-set with a global digital block chain currency.

    There is no left or right…..they are all in it together (those at the very top because it is compartmentalized). Like a shell game with people watching the left and the right hand and all the while the pea is not under the shell. Magicians. Black Kabbalah magic (lol). They employ the Hegelian dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) and the divide and conquer strategy and people fall for the same trick every time. Trump will not save you. The Democrats (Demon Rats?) will not save you. This is a game of winner takes all. I know they manufactured Covid because they signed their malware (lol). To sum up…you have been comprehensively deceived and the Jews have played both sides against the middle. Very clever. They win. Who can make war against the beast? Who indeed?

  • I am writing from Spain, where the government’s vice-president is an acknowledged communist. So here as well the future is uncertain and the next elections will be key.

    About the US: when Soros, Gates & corporate traitors are financing a revolution within America, it’s not sufficient to look, beware and stock up. Owning guns is not what will save the silent majority. What will you do when the police, the army, or gun-bearing revolutionaries knock at your door to confiscate your weapons? If you don’t have a list of trusted people you can call for immediate help, and a plan for going underground, you’ve had it.

    Remember: general Milley, the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces, recently rebelled against his superior, President Trump, about using the military to defend Washington against Antifas. And he won. This means the revolution can proceed.


  • It’s much bigger than people may think. Toby touches on a few important aspects.

    The name change shows organization, lawlessness has been accepted, and it went from insurrection to “a Summer of Love.”

    Who has the wherewithal to realize a chance for good ole policy coupling, when the chance arises? That’s right, the Progressives! Who is so psychopathic, that destruction of societal members is but a means to their ends? That’s right, the Progressives! Who has developed the rebranding to such a degree, that even outsiders start to accept their BS? Yep, you guessed it, the Progressives.

    Let’s look at this “name change.” Well, Durkin, Sawant, and Inslee all seem Okay with this insurrectionist takeover. However, as a CHAZ insurrection, the Federal Government can call forth the Militia, whether they like it or not. Article1, Sec. 8. As an Occupy demonstration the State players would have to ask for help, and that won’t happen. All three of those players told Trump to pack sand.

    Those players were also sitting precariously on the cusp of arrest themselves for treason. They in fact, have given aid and comfort to a declared enemy of the United States. So it was in their interests to get this Name Change, to an occupy movement that they could support, and support it they have.

    Besides pulling the police from the area, they have kept the cops from responding to 911 calls for various felonies, including RAPE. Let that sink in. To top it off, those same progressives that are supporting this”Movement,” fought hard to get gun control legislation, including mandatory universal background checks, and I-1639. So why hasn’t Raz been arrested? He self declared the leader of this “Movement.” He has been shown on video, handing out weapons to people under 21 years of age. The obvious answer is; the big three progressives are supporting and probably aiding Raz in his endeavors.

    Sawant tried to talk Seattlites into taking over Boeing about 2 weeks into her first term. Her language in this matter speaks for itself. Durkin tried to minimize this as good ole protest, even though evidence says other and pulled police from the area. Inslee/ Ferguson, didn’t see a thing, but told the Federal Government to stay out. If they didn’t see anything, what is the Fed staying out of? Think about that last one! Toby, it’s way bigger than you may think!!!

  • CHOP.. as in chop your head off like the Jacobins did in the French revolution if a citizen was seen as a non supporter of the cause.

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight piece on CHAZ, was the most viewed television programm….. and I’m pretty sure everyone knows Tucker Carlson opinion on BLM…
    Totally agree with you about the support of corporations and rich and famous in general…. but THE PEOPLE, at least the majority of it, the part that never gets microphones, they are not onboard… which should be seen as a good thing.
    However the polarisation TRUMP or BLM have just one outcome… a CIVIL WAR
    The unfolding of this scenario will justify those crazy depopulation number explained below…


  • There’s such unanimity from everybody that this BLM is great, and we’re finally going to defeat racism by doing puerile things such as abolishing statues of guys normal people never think about, that I can in complete confidence predict that nothing at all will change. At most, the reins of control by the power elites will be tightened, and there will be all kinds of backlashes.

    Any real gain for freedom and justice requires a clash with those who have been opposing it. There’s so many people on the same side of this boat that it’s about to tip over.

  • Okay, everybody is trying to be a good little critical thinker, but what for? It’s way too late now. We ALL should have been doing that right after LBJ enacted the 1968 GCA when anti- Viet Nam war protesters were threatening to become a status-quo threatening political movement. We all should have got together and Repealed it.

    He knew they were all young pot-heads strongly influenced by radical Marxist professors. So the the easy fix was to legislate a ‘war on drugs’ environment like the good old bootleg prohibition days and make a law that made anyone convicted of a felony level bust consigned in addition to the sentence a punishment of FOREVER BEING PROHIBITED FROM POSSESSING A FIREARM, and of course banned from voting too. We wouldn’t want to inadvertently create another voting opposition voting bloc also.

    It was then an easy peasy sequntial modification to make any undesireable political opponent some kind of criminal with unending creative lawmaking that can be tailored to effectively stifle the revolutionary dreams of virtually any political, or agenda based opposotion by ‘The People”. Effectively nuetralizing the 2nd A for all originally defined pragmatic purposes. Which was, the representative government to do just that!

    For two generations they perfected the paradigm to be the Deep Dark State’s ultimate control mechanism. Only now I see ‘enlightened’ lightbulbs go off in people’s heads and there are several organizations collating to repeal these voting and gun prohibitions for ex-criminal convicts who have rehabilitated. After all, as it stands today, almost anybody who has a life besides sequestering themselves in their parents’ basement playing video games (they better not be pirated copies) commits at least one crime of some technical nature a week!

    But again, it’s too late. Do you think the ‘powers that really be’s” aren’t prepared enough by now to handle any dissent, discord, rebellion and revolution as social scientists predicted with a rising world population to reach an ‘overpopulation’ level at some point in the early 2020’s? that will disrupt the potential for striving egalitarian motivated countries to continue to exist? The underlying cause will be the huge growing economic disparity between individuals and collective authority. Which means the poor v. the super rich. Them against us. Something that agenda based groups knew would someday be here like a sudden tsunami on a quiet beach in the middle of the night. It’ll catch most of us by surprise. But not our government. They were waiting for it a long time. Seriously in earnest just after the Georgia Guidestones were built. Coincidentally?

    And there have been social rebellion and rioting and etc. going on all over the world in Africa, the UK, and one in Romania a year ago, and even Russia but the MSN didn’t really cover it like this BLM so you likely didn’t hear about it if you weren’t a regular daily news junkie. They were way too busy with taking down a sitting president by hood or crook.

    In Fact, if this BLM movement was such a great addition to the giant boiling pot of sedition soup in the great Deep State Anti-Constitutional secret camp building up forces for a final coup on Donald Trump, They would have ignored it for the most part.

    So don’t make too much out of it as some kind of secret conspiracy. All this was evident for years in the coming.

    Had Hillary been sworn in, We would all be swearing now that we pay more taxes than France. That it’s almost impossible to own anything affordable anymore that’s not shared ownership with the state, that we can’t even talk to anybody without every single utterance being kept permanently in a government cloud bank.

    And we’d be swearing about the day the government agencies confiscated guns and prohibited private ownership. It was far easier than all you armchairborne Rangers imagined. So easy even a brainwashed state conscripted school kid could do it. Right out of Hillary’s “It takes a village playbook”. Yeah, a village of your family friends and neighbors to snitch everybody out!

    Remember, the first REV was only conducted by a small percentage of the colony population. maybe 20% , and only 3% were in actual fighting. The rest were Torys fully supportive of the ‘Crown’.

    That’s pretty much the same balance right now.

    But by sheer luck, accident, or fate of destiny, Trump blew the whole plan up!

    But ‘They’ weren’t going to let him and his people or the average citizen who voted for him get away with it. The evil that is extreme Leftist Communism was obsessed with retributive success. One way or another.

    (By the way, trivia question here: Why was it not a revolution at all 200 years ago?)

    And now they just about got the Coup strategy poised where they want it.

    And yeah, Toby, there are large wealthy cash funding interests involved. This hated and reviled Free Market individual enterprise in Capitalism was pretty good to all those multi Billionaires who now want Marxist Socialism. Some of these Billionaires are so loaded that they could not spend all their money if the live to be a hundred!

    So why not have some and personal ego high of playing the most powerful game on the planet. ‘The Big Game of Changing the World’. Mames Game of Thrones look like a kindergarten playtime.

    So don’t anybody fret little things like neighborhood riots and such. In case you didn’t notice in all the media orchestrated live-action excitement, the police never lost. The just pull back to regroup and surveil. Adjust accordingly and wait.

    I’ve written several articles on this over the years from my own empirical evaluations. There will be NO large scale Revolution in this country, ever.

    Again, it’s too late. No matter which political party was in power in the last sixty years, beginning with the Kennedy Assassination co-Conspiritor LBJ, a concentrated effort by the Deep State Government was devised and enhanced to preclude that from ever happening in America.

    So don’t worry about surving riots. They’re more or less like natural disasters. Prepare for them mostly by not being in them in the first place.

    What everybody in America really needs to critically ruminate over is The fact that in almost no time at all, If Trump does not garnish re-election, All of our lives will change drastically.

    And there will be no returning ever, to even a chance of any Egalitarian paradigm again. Trump will be the last Republican president.

    At this point it doesn’t look good for him. There are two major factors. The Virus, which is not receding as was thought possible by July. In fact it is still spreading and growing, and still has the possibility to become a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

    The 2nd is the economic crisis in the form of a Depression caused indirectly by the virus.

    The psychology of the vote is emotionally driven by a person’s situational contentment. If things are bad, the general consensus throughout election is that a Change in leadership, any change, just has to make it better for us.

    Just goes to show you how dumbed down we Americans are.

    So Toby, don’t sweat the civil disorder small stuff because the police will handle that and any other ‘civil war’ type movements.

    Prepare more for what to do in a leftist Totalitarian country that takes everything your had, and gives you nothing you thought you would ever get.

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