Not Everyone In Hollywood Supports Cancel Culture: Some Harsh Words for the PC Crowd

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By now, you’ve probably heard of cancel culture. If you haven’t, here’s a definition and an example from Urban Dictionary.

A desire to cancel out a person or community from social media platforms.

It is characterised by the response of an evil individual when they are shown to be wrong. They will call on their followers to report the social media accounts of the person or group that did the criticising rather than discussing the criticism or showing by evidence where the criticism is incorrect.

Narcissists make up the majority of the people who engage in cancel culture, and others who do this would include immature individuals.

Example: Johnny was criticised for being vindictive against Janny and instead of discussing the problem, Johnny called on his followers to report the account, cancel culture style, of the person who made the criticism. (source)

We’ve been seeing it more and more, but it only applies when convenient. As well, you can get canceled for something you did decades ago before it was politically incorrect.

For example, Megyn Kelly lost her television show because she even dared to question appearing in blackface, but Governor Ralph Northam, who had photos in his old yearbook of himself in blackface, is still in office, taking away gun rights from Virginians. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “can’t recall” how many times he’s worn blackface, but he still got re-elected.

Some people get away with it, and others do not. It seems to depend on which political party you support.

It can happen to anyone.

Nobody is safe from being “canceled” by the online mob. In fact, one day you can be part of the online mob, and the next day you can cross some imaginary line and you’re the one being canceled.

Anyone can be the subject of an internet witch hunt, but people in the public eye or positions of power tend to have more to lose. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting everyone to “unfollow” the victim on social media and other times it goes all the way to in-person stalking or “doxing.”

Doxing, if you aren’t familiar, is the practice of locating private information about a person and making it public. It could be their home address, their children’s schools, the home of their elderly parents – nothing is off-limits.

One victim of doxing was Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the NRA. She had to do a midnight move to pack up her family and quickly relocate when her home address was revealed publicly and threats against her escalated. Author Natasha Tynes was also canceled, and it nearly destroyed her life.

Really, is one “bad” action deserving of all this? Especially if it’s only bad in the politically correct sense of the word? Taking away someone’s livelihood, threatening their safety, and putting their children at risk? It’s out of control, like many other things in our country right now.

Some folks have had enough.

In the video below, several famous comedians discuss the ills of politically correct restrictions and cancel culture.

The video above may not do much for their careers from the perspective of the PC crowd, but it’s a breath of fresh air for those of us who are sick of the ridiculous efforts of celebrities who film condescending videos from their mansions and yachts to let us know “we’re all in this together.

What do you think about cancel culture?

Obviously, if you strongly disagree with someone’s personal opinions, you are well within your rights to vote with your wallet and stop supporting them. To some degree, it’s reasonable, if you feel that somebody has repeatedly demonstrated that they’re a terrible person. But for a one-time misstep, it seems rather harsh.

But creating virtual gangs with torches and pitchforks is an entirely different matter. It’s lunchroom bullying on a grand scale and it’s done by the very people who will tell you in their next breath that bullying is wrong.

What are your thoughts on cancel culture? Do you think those being “canceled” deserve it? Do you participate in boycotts of certain people in entertainment? Do you try to get others to join you in your boycott? For what reasons would you participate in “canceling” someone?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • There has got to be a terrific business opportunity for fighting cancel culture.

    1) ‘Cancel insurance’ – take insurance in exchange for covering 3-6 months of bills if someone gets cancelled. Start it out as a mutual aid crowdfund or some such thing while going through regulatory hoops for proper casualty insurance. Refuse claims if they did something unfathomably egregious (capital offenses, etc.).

    2) Site for people to specify what sort of speech they will support, with a pledge to back businesses if they are “cancelled”. Let people know they are supported locally even in the face of madness.

    You could pair the two to quite the effect. I’m pretty sure most people don’t care, and if you cater to the sorts of people inclined to engage in cancel culture, well, that’s a business risk you’re taking…

  • The answer is obvious: the social media sites are censoring news and opinions that don’t agree with theirs. They fact check based on their political views and ideas then censor. Private individuals are following their example and they are allowing it . We need an alternate site that all ideas and opinions are allowed. Until then you need to get off Social media and quit supporting them! Get subscribed to a paper that allows both points of view in editorials which many of the liberal papers do not. At least it should be allowed in editorials. JR

  • I have no problem with it, Rush, Hannity, and other have their points of view, and the Commbies have theirs. COMMBIES = Commies + Zombies

  • Maybe I am a dinosaur. I don’t own a TV. I don’t subscribe to twitter, facebook or any of the other social media. I do have internet and I do read information from other countries. I choose whom I subscribe for daily reading (love you Daisy). I am less influenced by the hype than those who watch the news on TV with its propaganda. Nor am I intimidated by strangers. I communicate by calling the person I want to talk to or email them. I don’t want my information out of the web on my daily routines. I also vote with my dollar. Why subscribe or support those communist leaning social medias?

    • Mette, meet dinosaur #2. For the most part, I’m social media absent and only read the news daily on websites I believe tell it like it is. Cancel culture is practiced by hypersensitive narcissists, as your referenced definition implies, but Doxing is practiced by those who want you dead or injured. Why isn’t it a hate crime?

      • Except in those rare cases where confidential govt databases are illegally sourced, “Doxxing” involves public sharing of documents that are already posted online, somewhere. Oftentimes, people voluntarily spill their guts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, using their REAL name, providing future enemies with more than enough damaging info that need only be legally reposted. To prove criminal intent–unless the poster states some criminal intent–is impossible to prove. The best way to guard against this is to not use social media under your real name.

      • Dinosaur #3 here.
        Cut the cord in 08′ before the phrase was even common lexicon.
        Dont miss it. Think I am better off for not having it.
        Online, I frequent alt-media sites (Charles H. Smith, Sharyl Attkisson, ZH, Just The News etc.) or read the same story from two opposite sides of the spectrum. Somewhere in the middle is the facts. Truth is subjective to ones point of view.
        Stay away from social media like Fakebook, or Twitter. Anything on those sites needs second or even third verification if something is real or not.

        • Am I #4?
          No (anti)social media here. Never have. After all, the root word for twitter is twit.
          No cable for 25+ years; cancelled when the kids moved out.
          I do have an antenna on the roof for the old stuff like Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith, etc.
          Isn’t it time we “re-dox” the doxers. After all, turnabout is fair play.

    • There’s a whole dinosaur tribe and I’m glad to be a part of it. No Spacing, Facing or Twitting here. Big waste of time. Too many narcissists getting their supply.

  • Not sure about “cancel culture” but boycotting is a transitional American political tool. From even before the revolution.

  • I think it is terrible that the “cancel culture” does this to people. The fact that one can lose your job and/or your friends if you don’t follow the MSM lies that are constantly being fed to alot of the population. This stifles free speech and TRUTH and FACTS. I don’t think that if they were on the opposite end that these people who are spewing this stuff by cancelling people would want to be treated this way. Loving your neighbor in kindness and listening in a discussion goes alot farther than this “cancel culture” that bullies their way to kick everyone else out. To me this is just disgusting.

    The fact is that the TRUTH needs to be spoken, otherwise, the lies just get fed and feed on each other constantly. The last few months the truth has not been told about COVID, that most of the police care about people and are not evil who are great people, the riots and who is behind them, and the “CHOP” zone in Seattle that is glorified by the media which just feeds on the riots and more…. One has to dig for the TRUTH, but it is out there.

    I am not a big social media person, but there is a site I have been on where I was bullied off with my minority COVID perspective. Till I fought back, it didn’t get taken care of.

    Until we all unite and speak the TRUTH, this cancel culture will not go away. Of course, we need to consider what kind of price we are paying, but in the long run, the TRUTH is always best for a culture and nation. It unifies rather than divides.

    • If you have a job, that’s certainly a concern. (Self-employment isn’t the kiss of death.) But if you lose friends over this sort of crap, they were never your friends.

      Consider Professor Jacobson, of legalinsurrection•com. One day last week, he wakes up to discover that 30 of his colleagues at Cornell Law, including a dozen of his “friends,” have signed a letter to the administration demanding he be cancelled for criticizing BLM. These are friends?

  • So I have a bookface account and a twatter account. I used to post on both, and have them for my business, but I find that both are a T.W.O.T. The time wasted on these sites and others is incredible. I would rather have a real discussion in person or over the phone with my friends.
    I also consider them to be the online version of a “park or stadium” owned by others that set the rules of discussion in their “park”. I wouldn’t discuss something with my friends or family, while letting the person in front or behind me “listen” to our conversation, while at the same time breaking the “park” rules.

  • There’s the reason why I no longer engage on or in Social Media. When you spend more time in Facebook Jail during a 6 month period than you spent being able to exchange ideas, comment or criticize stupid policies and ideas( in my case, Five 30 day suspensions in a 6 month period), you begin to realize that there is no right to Free Speech (not on Social Media). That it’s their playground therefore their rules. And finally what a tremendous waste of time and effort it really is.
    As for Cancel Culture, it’s the inevitable end result of Political Correctness. I submit this was the intended goal from the moment PC first began rearing it’s ugly head decades ago.

  • explains that to dox (or doxx — both spellings are in use) is

    Slang. to publish the private personal information of (another person) or reveal the identity of (an online poster) without the consent of that individual.

    Some of the worst possible consequences of that in this era when gross violence is a possibility is that your house might be firebombed or that you might be kidnapped, etc. And what’s not apparent is that home insurance companies have a civil disorder exclusion proviso in your policy that lets them off the hook if you get firebombed. “So sorry kid — you’re on your own now.”

    There are multiple ways your home address might be leaked. One is your listed address in the phone book (or online equivalent now) for those who still have landlines (even via today’s VOIP equivalent). Years ago I asked AT&T to delete my address from that record. The ever shameless and dishonest AT&T happily took my money to do that, and a year or so later quietly added back in my address without asking my permission. Today a cell phone doesn’t have to be linked to your home address, whether owned or rented. Also, when I switched over to Spectrum, my phone and internet bill was cut in half.

    A second way is your county’s publicly available property records of all owners and the property address. In most (not all) counties, there is a publicly accessible website where your data is comparatively easy to find. For many years, real estate investors have learned to stiff-arm frivolous lawsuits by hiding property addresses inside a land trust where only the trained trustee’s name is listed in the public record. That works very well when lawyers are running an asset search to see if they can find enough value in unprotected assets worth stealing. The point is that using a land trust should work really well for today’s privacy needs as well. (It’s a system that goes back in history at least as far as medieval times in England when small landowners needed protection from greedy kings, so they had the Catholic Church hold title so the rights of use could work for heirs as well. The kings didn’t have the guts to challenge the Catholic Church for such land holdings.)

    Another strategy to maintain privacy is learning how to use the free online service at — which can generate temporary charge card numbers so your real card numbers are not at risk, and even your name and shipping address can be kept confidential. There is a learning curve involved to do this correctly.


    • I hate that the BMV is allowed to sell your information to third parties without your permission. How the hell are you supposed to protect your identity when they strip you naked after demanding all your private info? All this for the privilege of driving… I’ve gotten around this by renting an apartment a few towns away, using this for my mailing address while keeping my main property in my business name’s corporation. The car, insurance, utilities, etc are in the business name. The mail for house taxes goes to my attorney’s office. I plan to switch my landline to a burner phone number since AT&T wants a driver’s license to switch. The burner phone company doesn’t require anything but the phone number, PIN and account#. I don’t like being BigGov’s bit*ch. I do what I can to stay low, drive the speed limit and not bring any more attention to myself than absolutely necessary. I have nothing to hide from anyone except those who are to fking nosy to respect my desire to not be a feedlot animal with a tag on my ear waiting to be taken advantage of.

  • What are your thoughts on cancel culture? A new name for an old practice in which those who do not agree with the mass majority are persecuted for nonconformity. Cancel culture cares little for the first amendment, or what is true and good. Members are more about being socially accepted and are typically living in fear of losing their validation (which is often provided through social media).
    Do you think those being “canceled” deserve it? If you agree to play by the rules of the politically correct and cancel culture, and are in the public spot light as we are seeing with political leaders, celebrities, alternative media, athletes, or members of academia you are more prone to censorship if you break with the main narratives. Personally, as an academic and conservative at a college that just put in an Equity Counsel, I fear still being able to fully speak my mind on campus. I share much of what the professor a Berkeley wrote in his open letter the other day.
    To me, cancel culture represents bullying at its worst. I feel that folks shouldn’t be in fear of losing their jobs or receiving death threats like we see with the little girl in Florida whose family recently received threats for supporting the police because she makes teddy bears for the children of officers killed in the line of duty from their police uniforms. Don’t dare state that not all police are bad in the face of the GF travesty, as this has become equivocal to saying you do not care about blacks and that you are racist. We all as a collective need to stand up to bullies, or our future will read like Edmund Burke”s famous quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we dare question the narratives of vaccination, GMOs, contrails (chemtrails), pizzagate, systemic racism in America, Satanism in the entertainment industry, etc. we are at risk of being cancelled.
    Do you participate in boycotts of certain people in entertainment? Yes, I boycott those who I feel have an agenda to destroy this country and the good people in it. I am not supporting BLM for example as donated money goes to the ActBlue super pac and very little if any goes to black communities. GF’s death has been hijacked by Corporate America hoping that in giving 1.7 billion to BLM they will be praised by the cancel culture elite.
    Do you try to get others to join you in your boycott? For what reasons would you participate in “canceling” someone? I would not participate in doxxing anyone, or in threatening their life or liberties as the mobs, but I can signify my intent by monetarily supporting causes or individuals that I feel are doing good as I did just the other day with donating to Blue Line Bears. Do not give away your power to the mob. Do not apologize for what you believe and know to be true in your heart of hearts. Please do not give away your power, or they will devour you at the first sign of weakness as a predator picks off the weak from the herd of its prey. Just look at the CEO of Crossfit or Drew Brees.

  • When you have leaders specifically our President that continues to belittle people he doesn’t agree with or are easy targets to pick on like handicap people, his example emboldens everyone to say if he can be obnoxious and a bully then I can too.
    I don’t belittle people even I don’t agree with them, but people are constantantly seeing anger and hatred come from are appointed leaders and are taking directions from them.
    Social media allows people to be anonymous when they make threats so there are no consequences to their actions.
    On the other hand when a spokesperson such as Dana Loesch was critical of one young man who witness his class mates shot to death in Florida, her words were bound to bring out people who because they cannot control their anger who would harm herself and her children. Our country and the world have become a pot boiling over with anger that has been filled by intolerance, systematic discrimination, and oppression of the poor. People have little hope and they feel if I can eliminated those who they feel are the problem everything would be better.
    I’m tired of labels. First get rid of labels. Try to see yourself in others then imagine what you would like for yourself and reflect that in others.
    Stop being brainwashed to believe that someone who doesn’t have a gun wants to take away your right to have one. But also understand that having a gun carries great responsility as to how it is used.
    Having a gun may be a good option of protection, but after reading what Selco went through in Bosnia, there are always others who are bigger and badder.
    Christ love is the only thing that can cure hate, but that is one thing a person will never find in the world in which we live.

    • If Christ’s love doesn’t exist in this world, you wouldn’t know it from hatred. There is no good or evil, right or wrong, love or hate, without the reality of Christ. Anything goes, because it’s all the same, and nothing is better or worse than anything else. So, let’s deal with some reality in the world in which we live.

      Please say where in Scripture Christ says anything remotely similar to what you are claiming. And please explain how Christ’s love “cures” hate. For instance, how and why did He die? Hatred still existed, and still exists. And what does the Bible say the end of all this will be? “Hatred” doesn’t get “cured.” It gets cast out of the eternity of those who love Christ.

      Those who love Jesus Christ Almighty God will be eternally separated from those who love themselves and evil instead.

      Isn’t that the Truth?

      I believe that — separation of philosophies, cultures, politics — is the proper example and path for all of us; Jesus told us to go on the narrow path, and not on the easy, broad way that leads to eternal destruction and death. There’s a SEPARATION, and we who claim to follow Him and belong to Him are commanded to SEPARATE ourselves from everything else: evil, all that is against Christ. Yes?

      The only way all this turns to the well being of anyone — of any philosophy, political bias, culture, etc. — now is to peaceably separate ourselves from those who envy and resent us, who prefer to be “different” from us, and do not love Jesus Christ above all else.

      There is no compromise, no peace, as long as this evil envy and resentment — blind, unreasoning, lying hatred — are allowed among those who do not believe as they do and who are not like them.

      And the time is growing short for sorting all this out. There is no such thing as “integrating” diametrically opposed political philosophies and social and cultural irreconcilable differences. Peace must be based on acknowledged truth and mutual agreement. Let those who prefer one way of things go their way, and the rest their own way. No one has a right to demand that anyone, for any reason, be forced to be subject to them, like them, or be like them.

      No one.

      Let those who prefer to blame others for their problems have their own enclaves/nation-state. They can live without those who they blame for all their problems. Without those who they blame for all their problems, their problems will disappear, right? Isn’t that the peaceable, rational thing to do? Let them build up their vision of a better life, without having to deal with all the bad people who oppressed them.

      Let those who do not blame others but seek peaceable, mutual, voluntary solutions among others of like-mind, in freedom for all, respecting everyone’s rights to their own life, property, and independence from the imposed control of others, have theirs.

      This stupid infantilization of society based on evil, envy, resentment, hatred and extorted retribution, IS destroying all of us. It WILL merely violently overtake one supposedly oppressive system with their own of vengeance, humiliating others for fun and profit, fraud, and theft. Which will then spark yet another bout of murderous violence as the oppressed — this time of a different “color”! — push back.

      Reality WILL triumph, and it is NEVER pretty in this context.

      NOW, while there’s time, let’s do the peaceable thing and acknowledge our very real, insurmountable differences, and respect them. Let those who hate us have their own place. Let us have ours. Let there be peaceable trade by honorable contract between separate nation-states. Let there not be aggression or violence against the other, unless there is a violation of borders. (Even the stupid Marxists in Seattle have imposed inviolate borders and “immigration” policies! Wake up and start thinking straight, please!)

      Respect for the inviolable space and rights of the other is the only thing that will prevent an all-out bloody civil war between blacks and whites, and those who love freedom and the Marxists.

      Go our separate ways, voluntarily, in peace, mutually.

      The essence of your post is envy and throwing blame on others instead of looking at oneself. The whole essence of the Christian Gospels is to stop blaming others and look at yourself, to correct yourself and leave others to God. And as anyone who actually loves and follows Christ can tell you, that’s a more-than-24/7-365 effort.

      The ONLY reason “a person” doesn’t find Christ’s love (much) in this world today is that it’s more convenient to blame others than to love them AS He loves us. It’s a choice. Evil always takes the easy way, for any excuse. The current explosion of violence is not based on any facts or truths. It is based on propaganda and lies. If you care to look up the facts and truth, you will see this is so.

      Jesus requires us to acknowledge and be heartily horrified by and sorrowful for our OWN hatred and envy and blame of others, confess all that to HIM, and then TURN AWAY from it all in love OF Him and obedience TO Him, to learn of Him and HIS Way, REGARDLESS of what anyone else is doing.

      There’s no permission to blame others, especially in Christ’s Name. That way is the opposite of His love and salvation. That way is hatred and is evil.

      We used to teach children not to tattle, not to desire what was someone else’s, to justly take the consequences of their own thoughts, words, and actions. To do good to others no matter whether they did good to you. To love Jesus Christ Almighty God and make sure we obey Him, no matter whether others did or not. To be of good character whether anyone else witnessed it or not. To fear so much for the consequences of evil that you go out of your way not to even remotely appear to be evil, and help others steer clear of evil. To have a conscience, constantly exercised by repugnance of evil. To always try to live as peaceably as possible with everyone else. To separate yourself from evil, and not try to correct or punish others for “offending” us, but instead to show and teach the better Way. To know that God alone is Judge and Punisher of the evil others do, and He warns us not to judge and punish in His place, for that as well is evil: it expresses envy and resentment of Him, and makes you God, not Him. This is lying and murder, Jesus says (John 8; Genesis 3).

      He tells us specifically that HE is The Life, The Way, and The Truth, and He expects those who claim to follow Him to acknowledge that and live by it. He is Judge, and He never appoints any of us to substitute for Him. He does not permit it. He expects us to behave toward others without judgment, but with forgiveness, as He has done for us (Matthew 18:21-33; 25:31-46).

      There’s nothing wrong with self-defense and defense of one’s family and immediate neighbors. It’s nobody else’s business if a gun owner doesn’t express the “responsibility” someone else thinks they should, as long as that gun owner, unprovoked, does not injure or kill anyone else with that gun. Everyone has a right to self-defense. No one has a right to initiate violence against anyone peaceable and not first threatening them.

      If someone calls others mean names or ridicules them, just make sure you do not do it back. If someone does something wrong, evil, mean, make sure you do not also do so. Pointing the finger and blaming, dishonestly playing a “victim,” and trying to force others to do as we say, ALWAYS produces what is happening now. Using force and destruction on peaceable others is evil: it is putting yourself in the place of God. It ALWAYS fails. It ALWAYS produces murder and devastation, retribution, escalation of violence and greater hatred. NO ONE who does such things is justified. Christ’s love certainly isn’t expressed in it, and it certainly doesn’t cure hatred, but breeds more of it, and worse!

      Romans 12 and 13:8-10; 1 Corinthians 13; Matthew, chapters 5 through 7; 18:21-35 (warning: there is no forgiveness if we do not forgive others, even President Trump, yes?); Luke, chapters 6, 10, and 15; John, chapters 3 through 6 and 13 through 15; Galatians 5; James; 1 John. Those are instructions for Christian living. He charges us who claim to follow Him to “Go, and do likewise.”

      These are the things He hates and warns us against: Matthew 23. That’s not everything, but it’s enough, isn’t it? Everything that isn’t found in those passages of instructions for Christian living would cover it, right?

      And here’s a great article you might appreciate:

      We all need to take our eyes off others and deal with the resident evil within ourselves. We need to recognize the overweening pride and envy that corrodes and corrupts our own being and stop it. Evil triumphs because we blame others for it, very evil itself.

      Only then will Christ’s love be able to shine through.

      There’s plenty of Christ’s love, if you express it. It doesn’t exist when you envy, resent, and blame others for your own shortcomings and inadequacies. That’s truth. If you want Christ’s love, if you want to alleviate hatred, then be Christ’s love. That is justice. That is “equality.”

      Do you know that God does not blame anyone else for any evil you choose to commit? Ezekiel, chapters 3, 18, and 33. If God does not, then what is the excuse for anyone else to? God does not hold any living person responsible for what any of their ancestors did. If God does not, then what is the excuse for anyone else to?

      “Confessions” for the sins of ancestors and “taking responsibility for what was done in the past” is lying. That is evil.

      Christ created each of us equally because He loved us first. He never promised, nor promises, “equality” among us based on anything else in this physical world. Ever.

      The only one who ever did was evil, and will be eternally separated from Him and all who love Christ. That is the promise of Jesus Christ Almighty God.

      Let us go and separate ourselves from evil, peacefully, as much as is in us, and live for Him, honestly, humbly. Knowing our own faults and shortcomings and inadequacies, and seeking, with His help, to overcome them, including the evil inclination to force others to be “good.” Let us hate what is evil, and separate ourselves from it, giving the example of His love, and not condemnation and blame. In His love.

  • Boycotting isn’t wrong – but the cancel culture isn’t about boycotting – it’s about feeling righteous and offended and striking out from the safety of our keyboards. It’s swaggering cowardice at its worst. It’s making sure that EVERYONE knows you’re better than “so and so” and making sure you get your dopamine kicks by having others join your cause. It’s a valuable tool (boycotting) turned upside down. However, having said that……I do find it ironic that several who have been cancelled, previously participated in this type of social shaming until the “pigs in the farmhouse” turned on them. Thus the snake has begun to eat its tail…..

  • I guess I have my own personal cancel culture. There are a few Hollywood stars that have been so vocal and hate-filled that I can’t stand to watch their movies any more. After seeing them spew lies and horrid superior rants, I just can’t stand to see them anymore. Dare I mention names? I used to love Robert DeNiro movies. Not anymore. I’m probably not the only one. So in that sense, they must be waning in popularity, not because of a campaign to ruin them, but because they let their private personalities pollute their public personas. Actions have consequences.

  • Real ID = doing

    When government has you use I’d for everything you have zero protections.

    As a man its way worse just a woman hinting at sexual impropriety means auto guilty. Can’t defend against a lie how do you prove fake thing never happened?

    To me there is no such thing as hate speech. There are lies and versions of the truth.

    Compromising on the first freedom of speech is just as stupid as infringing the second. Shall not be infringed.

  • Easy fix here. STOP USING SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Yes, it is just like the junior high lunch room. And those who are participating stopped growing mentally in junior high! So stop interacting with them. Not much they can do if you aren’t there!! YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!

  • Often I read these type post and think, state and sometimes type that it has nothing to do with preparedness.
    The thing is this particular thing does. It didn’t stop with racial removal of statues. Instead it’s going to anything to do with the history of AMERICA AND any way of life that doesn’t match the agenda.
    This includes and targets anyone in preparedness. The very existence of not needing the support of handouts by having food and supplies, not feeling owed to the point of expecting to get way with crime and working for not only day to day but extra even if It means OT or a second job, ownership and training in weapons and tactics to stay free and most of all the independent thinking makes anyone in preparedness a huge threat.
    My preparedness culture is in danger of being on the cancelled out list just as much as the Alamo, the AMERICAN flag and the right not to be forced to my knees from peer pressure.
    You will not find it as easy as you think because I have prepared for your agendas as well as I still STAND.

  • I lasted less than 3 minutes before I bailed out on this video.

    Jerry Seinfeld complaining about this current ‘cancel culture’ mess that is threatening to bring about the long overdue collapse and breakup of the United States can be traced directly to the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – who were the radical Marxist originators of this totalitarian ideological disease called ‘Political Correctness’. The stated objectives of these radical Cultural Marxists – the majority of whom were jewish, just like Seinfeld – were clearly defined and they included: A vitriolic hatred for White European people, an equally vitriolic hatred for White Western Civilization and a stated objective to destroy, dismantle, and eventually eradicate Western civilization – using methods and tactics that involved a non-stop, vicious, malicious and relentless critique of every facet of Western civilization and of the history of White European Americans who’s ancestors founded and created the United States.

    Seinfeld lies when he said he is not concerned about ‘race’. He has shown himself to be an advocate of the anti-White rhetoric and endless demonization of the White European founding stock of America that is the foundation beneath the Cultural Marxist hatred of the White West. So, now that this P.C. culture has become so toxic that it is interfering with his career as a comedian – he decides its time to complain about it?

    What an unbelievably narcissistic hypocrite.

  • Ignore the cancel culture and support the canceled. Skip over whatever behavior or statement or business the d rat culture is trying to cancel and show support for the canceled.

  • This is way out of control. People can’t simply agree to disagree anymore on anything! The leftists cancel culture has got to do the scorched earth, destroy somebody’s life thing in order to make them “happy”. They are anything but that. They are godless, morals-lacking, non-critically thinking, idiots. The left poisons everything they touch: Education, Entertainment, News Media, government workers, and pop culture. Question: Since the lefties control ALL of these institutions, who is it exactly that may be responsible for the so-called “systemic racism” in this country? Oh right! I forgot. The evil, voiceless Republicans and conservatives are to blame for it. Right. (Sarc. on)

  • “One victim of doxing was Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the NRA. She had to do a midnight move to pack up her family and quickly relocate when her home address was revealed publicly and threats against her escalated.”

    Funny, no one on the right spoke up when doctors, nurses, and employees of women’s clinics had their addresses posted on the internet. So she’s not going to get any sympathy or empathy from me. One can see it as a typical bully situation – okay for the bully to bully but when it happens to him, he can’t take it. Spare me the “but what about her kids” – again, another situation of not a big deal until it was “one of them”.

    I always thought she was just a token. The NRA is imploding so if she was smart, she’d be finding a new employer.

    • What does one have to do with the other? I happen to think posting people’s addresses on the internet in the hopes that something bad happens to them is terrible regardless of the victim’s views.

      Everything is not “either/or.” Bad behavior is bad behavior.

  • No, wouldn’t cancel anyone. Some of what you’ve described here sounds like serious gaslighting and/or virtual gangstalking: creepy and troubling. So what the heck are the targets of these twerps gonna do if the cops get cancelled? Thanks for sharing, Daisy. A most interesting read ????❤️✌️☺️

  • Dear Daisy,

    Thanks for a great article.
    I worry about you…I hope and pray that all is well for you and your family.

    Take care,


  • It’s sad and unsettling to the max that so many people, particularly the young and inexperienced in the world, are easy-marks for snap judgement and lock-step adherence to authoritarian, unfounded, logically and historically-flawed viewpoints. Those in SF who tore down U.S. Grant’s sculpture are perfect examples. He was a Union general in the Civil War, exceedingly rough in his treatment of the southern towns and areas he entered. If one is against slavery, one would ordinarily be a fan of his. His sole major flaw, and it was a bit one, was excessive alcohol consumption. To attempt to stamp out the history of a nation based on current, fickle opinions and in-vogue mind-sets is myopic and dictatorial. If one looks at pretty much any and every celebrity / politician / leader of the past, and present, one will find character flaws and/or downright errors in behavior or decision. MLK Jr. was a womanizer, as was J.F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, among others. Does that mean naught good came from their contribution to American history? Hardly. It’s sad that Malcolm X’s wonderful idea for a self-governing, self-regulating, and fully independent black nation was never solidly considered; it had great merit. As a black woman, I believe we could govern ourselves, establish both our own businesses and further already-existent black-owned businesses, police ourselves, and be a fully autonomous nation if given an amount of land here in the U.S. that is proportional to our percentage of the population, and that would finally give us a chance to prove just how resourceful and competent we are, with no one in our way and no one spoon-feeding us our ‘welfare’ from on-high. It’s time this happens. Let us have our own nation and be responsible for our own fate!!!

  • I’m reminded of two things my Dad always said:

    (1) I may not like what you have to say but I’ll defend your right to say it.
    (2) If you don’t like what you’re seeing (on TV) you can either change the channel or turn it off.

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