Why I Think the War in Ukraine Will Escalate

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By the author of The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications and Zombie Choices

If we follow the breadcrumb trail, eventually, it leads us to a destination. In this case, that destination is a conclusion. Here are the breadcrumbs of the Ukrainian war. Come to your own conclusion.

Increased buildup of forces on all sides

For starters, we’re seeing a lot of buildup of even more NATO weapons and troops throughout Europe.

Take the US Patriot missiles that have begun to pop up all over Europe. Why were those missiles placed there in the first place? For preparation of the battlefield. Why would this action occur unless it was thought to be a wise precaution?

It’s not an action without consequences, however, and it seems to have made Russia rather angry. According to Russia, these Patriot missile systems will classify as legitimate military targets if they are used in defense of Ukraine.

Keep in mind that if one of those Patriot missile systems is hit, and if it’s not covered up as being an accident, then you’re looking at a direct attack on NATO forces which causes Article 15 to go into effect and fully starts World War 3.

We’ve also just started putting Typhon weapon systems in Germany, which, of course, Russia has also said they really don’t like. They claim it’s a violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Russia is doing its own fair share of prepping the battlefield too.

They just loaded an RS-24 Yars ICBM missile into a silo near Moscow the other day. Admittedly, this is something that Russia does every year for their “Strategic Missile Force Day.” You know, because Russia has missile days.

As we’ve pointed out here at The Organic Prepper before, though, sometimes annual training programs happen at a very convenient time to send a message. The Kremlin would have known that this would cause sparks throughout the international community. And then they did it anyway.

Alexey Sokolov, who is the commander of the Kozelsk missile formation, said, “it will allow yet another ICBM to enter combat duty as scheduled.”

As scheduled?

The guys over at Forward Observer point out that if Russia is going to hit Ukraine with a big ol’ missile, they’re not going to use an ICBM to do so. They could use a tactical nuke on a much smaller missile.

ICBMs are saved for targets that are a lot farther away.

Russian troops are also showing up in Belarus for training again. This time, they’re training for urban operations and attacking strongholds. Why are they engaging in this type of training at the moment? Because that’s where they’re about to head to – the cities of Ukraine. In particular, I think that Kiev is going to get hit hard with a Russian troop presence.

Openly stating where people are at

It wasn’t long ago one was deemed a conspiracy theorist to say that NATO forces were actually inside Ukraine. Now, this is openly admitted. Why? Because the cat is out of the bag. Things have escalated to the point that there is no longer any purpose in denying physical presence in Ukraine.

We currently have troops over there as “part of a program to attempt to track the billions of dollars in weaponry being handed out to its forces.”

England went so far as to say that, yeah, not only are English commandos over there right now but that these commandos “supported other discreet operations in a hugely sensitive environment and with a high level of political and military risk.”

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Strengthened alliances

We’ve seen a number of moves over the past several months that have exhibited a strengthening of ties between China and Russia. Remember the Russia sanctions? Who stepped in almost automatically and said, “We’ll buy and sell you stuff?”


If you read Unrestricted Warfare, you see how China argues that all future military engagements that they participate in necessitate strong alliances with strong nations. They’re building that up now. So what are they preparing for?

We’ve already seen how they’re talking about taking Taiwan. We know that is on the table for them. They also know that we’re pledged to defend them. At least on paper.

China has recently been signing a number of deals with Saudi Arabia to jump on the oil availability there. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if the Chinese have studied the problems of oil during World War 2 and have decided they don’t want to have the same problems. I also think it’s interesting that the deal involved their installing the notorious spyware of Huawei in Saudia Arabia for cloud computing. I think this could lead to China getting some very good deals on Saudi Arabian oil.

The Ukrainians think things will escalate.

A recent report from The Washington Post has detailed this. There are numerous reports of Ukrainians preparing “nuclear backpacks” – aka bug-out bags. Even children are carrying these around now. One mother in the article details how she has told her son to carry his with him everywhere. It contains toys, applesauce, books, and other similar items.

Other Ukrainians are stocking survival retreats out in the boonies, filled with generators, gasoline, and food.

The Ukrainian government is building additional nuclear shelters and distributing nuclear survival information to its citizens at the moment as well.

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So, where do the breadcrumbs lead us? 

Let’s see, massive troop buildups on both sides, new alliances being made and strengthened, the Ukrainian people themselves thinking things are going to escalate…

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see this leading anywhere pretty.

What do you think?

Do you expect things to escalate? Do you believe the US will become involved? What about NATO? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has four published books, What School Should Have Taught You, The Faithful Prepper An Arm and a Leg, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • The powers that be need war. You see what’s happening to pensions? Bank of England just bailed out their pensioners. The war, which we are already in, HAS to escalate. It Must. Look here, don;t look there.

    By the way, this just came out. This is basically us getting hit on all sides. I post this info here simply for those who like to eat fish. I think this will pass.


    • Biden is not king. If fishermen ignore his edicts, they will win in court and keep their livelihoods. All we have to do is not comply with the BS we know is illegal, and we will win. Not the globalists.

  • There is no real “war” in the Ukraine. It is staged (watch Wag the Dog movie) in order to get people out, while the world’s military can blow up their ordinances. The globalists are also using the Ukraine as the base of operations for implementing the Great Reset on the world. That is the real reason so much money is going that way, to finance all of the operations of the Great Reset while simultaneously crashing the dollar.

    • You are correct. It is all puppet theater.
      The reason it won’t escallate is two fold, no one wants to get involved except at a distance in this war and more importantly; the Elite do not want it to escallate (it would become to destructive leaving nothing much left, to profit from).

      The observational problem is in seperating the (true) Elite from the Globalists and a few other offshoots that are behind the events we see occurring. To often they are grouped together as one big group and deemed as the “Elite”.
      The amount of control they exert or are allowed to exert in world events varies by group, with the True Elite at the top of the pyramid, pulling all their strings.
      The True Elite control all the money( Economics, through top level corporations, banks, etc.) and Politicians and Political parties at the highest levels. But they tend to be a reclusive group and seldom does the Public see or hear from them. If they do see them, it is not as part of that Group. They have been around for a thousand years or more, getting stronger and stronger. No one defies them and lives.

      Globalists and their puppets on the other hand tend to be quite vocal and visible. So people mis-identify who the “Elite” really are. So while we concentrate on the Globalists and their actions, the True Elite are ignored.

  • “If those days should not be shortened, there should no flesh survive, but for the sake of the elect, those days shall be shortened.”

    We see Biden Regime working really, really hard to offend Russia as much as possible. EU govs are beyond-reckless as well. There is hope that this will backfire, and the peoples, the citizens, of these nations will force their govs out of NATO. NATO is outdated anyway, and a violation of the primary lesson learned from WW I: such a treaty becomes a powder keg that eventually explodes and kills a lot of people.

    I think we will be rescued–but anybody with any sense will prepare for the worst. Harden your home or BOL against fallout, and otherwise prepare.

  • The war in Ukraine was planned out over 10 years ago. Russia will take what they want and Poland will take the rest by offering assistance to rebuild. The dollar will collapse and the whole scheme is to allow the globalists to do their Great Reset. There won’t be nuclear war unless their plans are failing. They will destroy everything if they can’t have total power. I don’t expect everything to turn out well for the globalists so nuclear war is a possibility. For the elite, China, Russia, the US etc. are not enemies they are all pawns for them to play their games.

  • Will it escalate?
    If things go as badly with food shortages, food inflation (it has been noted all those savings at the gas pump have been outstripped by food inflation!), I would not put it past them to get us into a war to say,
    “We are in a war (that was part of our own doing)! How UN-patriotic of you to think of yourself and your hungry children!”

    Just read the Poland chief of police was “gifted” something of the explosive kind (some reports of a grenade launcher) and it went off. Not of an attack on the chief, but “miss handling” of the weapon.
    There have already been reports of weapons for Ukraine showing up on the blackmarket in other parts of the EU.
    Waiting for one of those to show up in use in gangland places like Chicago, LA, or even DC.
    Wont that be fun?

  • If this war is the second seal, then it shall be replaced without nuclear exchange to the 3rd seal famine which shall, when it reaches an apex become the 4th seal war that kills 1/4th the earth. Then Christian persecution, Planet X followed by fire from heaven. Revelation 6 is God’s schedule of events.

  • I don’t see how Russia can sustain the fight. The populace is against the war. Russian troops don’t have the will to fight. If the reports are accurate, the Ukrainians have exacting a heavy toll on the Russian military. I don’t believe Germany & France have the stomach for war. Britain, Finland & Poland, maybe.
    Then again I could be absolutely wrong & Putin decides to nuke everyone supporting the Ukraine.

    • The Russians can sustain a lot longer than you think. A population of 147M people. Probably 40-50M of those men of fighting age. Ukraine not so much. That is why this war of attrition will continue. The equipment being destroyed is a small part of the Russian arsenal. Support from Belarus to keep the rest of Eastern Europe occupied. Kosovo and Bosnia going at it. Brazil in election turmoil being infiltrated by Venezuelan Communist. China being belligerent toward Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. This is cluster for the entire world. Countries are choosing sides so look for it to escalate and get worse.

    • Russia and China have had a number of mutual agreements in place for quite a few years, including armistices to not attack each other in cyberspace should a global conflict become widespread. Russia will get whatever support China is willing to provide, as long as they are willing to pay for it – and Russia has a lot of gold stockpiled.

  • But wait!…….The US is heavily involved. How many millions of dollars have we given to Ukraine and depleted our own stocks of weapons and ammo. Yeah we are up to our eyeballs involved and it sucks.

    • All the funny money we get is created out of thin air the federal reserve has no reserves and isn’t federal, They create money out of thin air, with absolutely nothing backing it. ya-know a billion here thirty trillion there Its just air, so you better be prepping as fast as you can with all that funny money while it’s still useful, only silver and gold and tri-metal components are soon the only thing that will buy food, shelter, gas, etc. you better be prepping like your life depends on it beans, bullets, and bandaids Girl.

  • Is not the Typhon weapon system an anti-aircraft and missile system? How would that violate a nuclear control act? It is not capable of carring atomic weapons.

  • I know this much. Putin miscalculated and is paying a very heavy price.

    Was he goaded into this war? I think so and he is staring in the face of a possible nuclear war AND his termination.

    Nuth’n good is going on in his mind right now.

  • I’ve no claim to a crystal ball or vast knowledge of all of Political influences being brought to bear, but I do know one thing, that the most inept, Incompetent and downright ignorant individual ever to be installed is in the White House. A man who has been on the wrong side of every US Foreign Policy Issue the country’s faced for 50 years.
    Biden is the ultimate F**ker-Upper.
    If it’s bad for the country, that A$$hole will jump right on it.

  • I was studying the 2014 coup for about 10 months overall when Putin made his move.

    Its a pure US terrorist state war provocation to further a hollow hegemony that no longer has a strong foundation and because they were arrogant enough to think they could Loot Russia with their usual coup fomentation. Hunter helped with the Bio facility process and the bringing NATO to the Russian door all the while supporting the killing of separatists in the Donbass after the sham accords

    Well this time it will be the death blow for the dying USA as we circle the drain of dying empire infamy and the sooner the better. Though I live in the states I look forward to multipolar world BRICS+ will build even though it will turn us into the next bumbling past power banana republic like the UK or Venezuela.

    The Ukrainian people need to put Z on a pike and behead his whole corrupt regime. Godspeed Russia, all the best!

    • You live in another boy. My people were invaded 12 times by russians, they are even worst then some muslim countries.

  • SO,you’all think our FATHER AND THE LORD are a joke,I know americans hate them,BUT you all claim to be christians,hahaha,thats a joke,ONLY it ain’t going to be funny when its over,LOOK at what you have allowed your children to be taught in public schools..THAT says it all,THE LORD has called and called the MEN to stand up and protect their women and children,BUT THERE ARE NO MEN,useless worms ,cowards,and chickens,afraid of being thrown into prison if they mention anything,WELL thats coming home to bite all the women on their ass,AMERICA is about to be INVADED,by every country they have ever attacked,I know you all forgot about them,11 nations who hate you with a passion,and THEY”VE all been armed with nuclear missiles by Russia and china..AFTER their done LOOTING AMERICA,they will bomb every city till its ashes,when the world is done with america,YOU will be lower then the lowest third world nation,YOU”LL be back in the 1600″s living like animals at best,everything america has will be taken,leaving you with nothing but your life,YOU LOVE EVIL,well BARACK OBAMA ,will grant your wishes,HES THE SON OF PERDITION,the most evil man in history,and the LOVE of every american,HE did one evil thing after another when he was leader of the stupidest country in history…OH and you women,YOU will be TAKEN AS SLAVES and sold in countries all over the world by your beloved Obama..AND none of this can be stopped,its going to happen,if you can get out of america,do it,you might save your life….

    • First off- I agree with much of what you say, although you come across as a little strange?
      I’m not from the USA but the first time I saw Barack Obama on tv as a Senator- A strong sensation came over me that he could be a candidate for the Antichrist and that if he ran for President he would win- the rest is history. He is still President and not the geriatric we see in office now.

      2ndly- American patriotism is a lie. They have abandoned God and have been given a spirit of stupor and fear instead. How else do you account for a nation that is duty bound to defend their Republic and even armed to achieve that- but won’t? They can’t even march in the streets to protest the election fraud or to free their hundreds of compatriots falsely imprisoned over Jan 6.
      Brazil, which doesn’t have their constitutional rights or 2nd Amendment is making the Americans look like total cowards.

      As for America getting nuked, she might but so also might the entire northern hemisphere the effects of which would eventually destroy the southern. After all the Bible says the whole world lies under the rule of the “evil one” and deserves judgement. Pedophilia, transgenderism, Satanism, abortion, drugs, slavery and immorality is rife throughout the world. I believe that “Satan has been loosed for a short while gathering the armies of the world for the great battle” and only repentance and faith in Jesus will save anyone from that and their own personal sins and that only at a personal and spiritual level.

      Peace to you and yours.

  • Do you expect things to escalate? Do you believe the US will become involved? What about NATO? Yes, and escalation will occur after Russia commences its Ukrainian ground operations. Yes, the US will probably become involved after Zelensky begs Washington to militarily intervene in Ukraine. As for NATO, since Ukraine is not a NATO member, NATO will probably stay out. Now to the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine War, please fill-in the blank ____________________.

  • In 1995 almost 700 owners of US Media, then Billy Bob Clinton signed a law, 88 owners in 2000, today 90% of media is controlled by Six – these 666 type buddies control what you see & hear
    The Media, Hollywood, Giant Corps, Big Pharma, Schools, etc are controlled by a group. And now the voting in most states.

    They have become masters at deception – do you notice it?
    God-less immoral programming to change children.
    We have been programmed – it’s hard to admit it
    Because NOT ME – yes you and me until we understood these truths that it’s all controlled. Media can be like a drug or religion.
    If U detox 3-6 months from TV – you will see it

    The Vietnam War was mostly for the money … you know .. right?
    Ever since then our controlled Color Revelations, South America, fake WMDs in Iraq, Afgan, Syria, Lybia, etc and Ukraine since 2014 when ‘those’ took over Ukraine, the helpers were Johnny McCain as in Cain killed able and the un-Gloria Nuland,
    “Millions liquidated by US NATOstan and did we cry for them
    Why no Independents in the Presidential Debates.
    The One coin group changed the law after Ross Perot
    One Coin – two sides who can be on top – don’t be fooled

    Russia there is a spiritual element to this conflict
    Putin is Evil … the West’s Controlled Media has drilled this in our heads for years, it relentless … Putin wants Communism back and control the world, Putin poisoned his opposition on and on I can go of stuff the 3 letter agencies have done to destroy Putin and Russia since way back and used our media to project it on him …
    And you know what? It works on most of us

    Do you believe Gov’t any Western Media without questions?
    I suggest asking the American Indians

    Communist Russia eliminated 20 million+ Christians for doing what? Reading the Bible and believing it. 45000 Orthodox Churches were destroyed – 106,300 Clergy murdered.
    Russia & Putin have allowed over 30,000 churches to be built back.
    But Putin is evil and follows Satan’s path, that’s right folks, Satan is building Churches and godliness back in Russia.

    You can be a Sodomite in Russia: when your an Adult: it’s Legal, but You will go to jail if you preach, teach or groom children about Sodomy … Russia has No Gay Parades, No cancel culture, No destroying families. They teach at their Schools
    Last week in the (Duma “Russia’s Congress) passed a law … no advertising, promoting etc. of Sodom Agenda
    Sodomite Blinken threatened Russia if they voted for this law.
    379 representatives of their congress voted YES.
    In other words … flipping off the US/Natonatzees Sodomites
    Russia type of senate and a congress! Putin was elected and is restricted by laws. But Putin is evil and follows Satan’s path

    But Ukraine
    Do you know the facts?
    Only one political party allowed … Jewlinski’s,
    Only media allowed is controlled by them,
    Russia languge banned, book burned.
    Did you see the UN vote against promotion of Nazism a few days ago? … 120 Countries Yes for this law … 50 Western Countries against it … in other words Ukriane is run by a small group of Nazi’s

    Since 2014 the Rooskies have asked for peace in Ukraine … it’s on their border, Russia has a right as much as we do if it were Canada
    But Nato shook hands France, Germany, Ukraine, Donbass, Russia that there would be peace. Germany’s Merkill admitted last week it was all a lie to build up Ukraine. Now we have their war they wanted. In the last 7 months … Russia has asked over 6 times for peace deal but US/Natostan said NO

    Why was only 15-20% of Russia army being used? Why has the Russian army gone so slow? Do save lives, we are feed lies.
    Russia could do like US/Natostan did in the Iraq war
    800,000+ civilians dead in just weeks and all infrastructure gone
    for fake WMDs Did NATO weep? They try justifying their endless wars. Did you shed your crocodile tears for the innocent Arabs that NATO eliminated back then.

    The West kept 320 billion of Russia’s money, cancelled anyone: racers, tennis, anyone Russian, Stole private citizens – homes, boats, money, Everything Russian is cancelled in the West,
    Russia is Evil – it’s the new Jews of the 40s
    That is Nazism … it’s from Satan not God

    I am NOT saying Putin is a Saint – he is not!
    God is the Judge at our death.
    I am saying Western Media is

    Project and accuse others of what you are and doing

    Jesus said Blessed are the Peace Makers for they shall be called the Children of GOD

    So whose children are these warmongers you read and hear about?

    Research these Americans
    Cornell Douglas McGragor or former Marine Scott Ritter & X-CIA Larry Johnson

    Revelations Ch 18 where, who is it speaking about?

  • Old Sarg here,
    I believe we are seeing the beginnings of a seven-year tribulation, We old duffers are going to have to train up our own children and grandchildren how to fight and stay alive to fight another day or night. For the past year, God has given me dreams of what to expect. Very shortly I’ll be ordering lots of pallets of sandbags. and teaching friends, neighbors, and family how to build defensive firing positions, and offensive positions, teaching patrolling, ambush
    hasty ambush, and other basic infantry skills. Nuclear war survival skills, etc.
    So where do we go from here, Stock up on whatever you will need, food, cleaning supplies, first aid, medical supplies? Learn wound dressing and care for your friends and family. First aid is good, but you must take it to basic, and extended care of the wounded, Get to know folks who have the skills you don’t and become allies. Build a trusted circle of friends. the uncivil war will begin soon. The chinese, and hoards of south Americans who have been infiltrating our nation will be armed to the hilt with everything they need. Seek out and find their supply depots and seize them for your own countrymen. GET A HAM LICENSE, and get to know who your friends are, and are not. Trust your friends, but GOD is who we will have to seek out in each and every situation. If you can find and purchase Kevlar body armor get it.
    Blessings to all

  • WW1 gave us the league of nations. WE2 gave us the UN. Of course they want a world war to further consolidate power. The UN has been running the world via COVID policy.

  • I also think war is coming China and Russia think they can win a war now and they very could be right .With the Biteme administration in charge not a one of these guys think there will be a war they think they can BS their way out of any situation that comes up the Us military is so woke I doubt if they would last a week against the Chinks the Russians have not done well so they need the help of China yes I think they will blunder their way into a hot war.

  • Will the war escalate? What do the governments of Russia and China say?

    If you listen to those who defected, China and Russia prepared for decades for this moment. They can’t wait too long, because those whom they targeted are starting to wake up, and once they have woken up, they will arm themselves to protect themselves from invasion. Look at Poland, they are buying and making weapons as fast as they can. Sweden saw the Russian invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine in 2014 as a wake-up call. Those weren’t breakaway provinces in eastern Ukraine, those were Russian soldiers pretending to be Ukrainians.

    Who here has heard of the Wagner Group? They are possibly the largest neo-Nazi organization in the world. Their leader is an ally of Putin. They are fighting in Ukraine on the side of Russia.

    China has smuggled in piles of weapons over the years, just waiting to be handed out in battle. A 40 foot container is fairly easy to hide in even a modest warehouse, but can hold 5000 AK-47s + ammo (a couple were discovered with just that). How many containers were successfully smuggled in and are now in hiding? What about all those military age men who Biden has allowed to invade our country over the southern border? How many readers here are ready, and fit, to fight?

    Don’t be fooled by Putin’s pretend Christianity. The priests in the churches are KGB agents, not Christians. Independent churches not Russian Orthodox are persecuted. As a people, the Russians are immoral. They put on a pretend show of godliness to fool western conservatives, a Potemkin Village.

    So what do the Russians and Chinese say about expansion of the war? Put the missile bearing subs just off the coast, then when the order is given, there will be mere seconds before our land-based bombers are glowing junk. Our land-based missiles will be unable to fire. Several of our major cities will be waste lands. Then the Chinese and their allies will get to work on our soil. Tens of millions of those living in the U.S. will die. These are the plans that they agreed to already decades ago and the latest news is that these are still the latest plans.

    From what I can see, the die has been cast. Are you ready?

  • Will the war in Ukraine escalate?
    Absolutely! Like many of you who read and understand history and geopolitics, I have had a very unhealthy relationship with the Ukraine situation for the last 10 months. Any bit of news, that I can get I have been searching for on the internet. The only positive thing that I can say is that my Russian is getting better.
    Several conclusions that I have come up with that literally scare the hell out of me.
    1. This should have been over six months ago, maybe 4 months ago. Combining a bad strategy at the onset, with bad training, and bad logistics, all of which the Russians are known for, this is the war you get. The Russians very rarely showed any of their strongest advantages in the first three months of the war, when they did, they destroyed the Ukrainians. By summer, the Russians did a very Russian thing, do the same tactic to make sure it doesn’t work. Over and OVER AND OVER again. Guess what it did not work. The Ukrainian counter-offensives in earlier September were a wake-up call to the Russians.
    2. THe Americans and the EU took several lessons from the Russian mistakes over the summer and I believe that will take us closer to a general war. THe general lesson that the Biden admin. took was that the Russian army was not all that good. They are right to a certain degree. Compared to the US and EU armies they really are awful in the 4th and 5th generation warfare stuff. However, the Russians can and will trade electronics for high casualty counts. That is what makes them Russian. The best example of this is that it is being reported that the Russians are running out of missiles for what the 3rd, or 4th time this week? Are they running out of technical 5th-generation cruise missiles? Probably.. do they have several thousand “dumb” cruise missiles ready to go? probably.
    3. General Miley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, came out not too long ago and stated that neither side could win and both sides need to sit down at the table and talk about a peaceful solution. While not a fan of this man, he does know his stuff when it comes to the military in real-time. What I took away from this is that the only way that Ukraine could “win” is if nato gets involved, with troops on the ground.
    4. Finally, the last question that I can not answer but keep trying to answer is what is the EU’s and America’s endgame? The longer this goes on, Europe becomes a dead continent, literally. Food, fertilizer, and heat all come from Russia. Why pick a fight with the hand that feeds you? Germany is a dead country walking and they know it. France and Great Britain are not that far behind, and the ONLY countries that make sense to stand up to the Russians are the Baltics and Poland. Now the ONLY play for Germany and Poland and the Baltics is to start WWIII to get the resources they need to continue being a Country. Otherwise, Eastern Europe will end up being like 100 Kosovo and Serbia’s, and it’s not that far off.
    In conclusion, to put this rambling all together, yes escalation is coming. To put a date and time on it is a little harder but it is coming. The Russians are sorta kinda losing and the West is sorta kinda helping Ukraine. When one side decides to go full-on war, then we will see what each side is capable of. If I had to guess, right now, I would put early Jan when the Russians go for it. That is just a guess.

  • The greater the conflict, the more kudos to the peacemakers.

    The WEF engineered this war, and will be hailed as global statesmen when they end it.

    It’s how they will manufacture consent for their governance – by creating the chaos out of which they bring order.

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