Belarus Just Mobilized Troops, Artillery, and More To Ukraine Border

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

NATO has just begun a new military exercise, Defender Europe 2022, and it seems to have had some unexpected consequences – Belarus just mobilized its military.

At least, that’s the reason Belarus is giving us for why they’ve recently started moving troops to their southern border.

War is logistics – Defender Europe 2022

Every year, the US Army puts on Defender Europe with NATO forces. It’s essentially a logistics exercise in which soldiers practice moving large amounts of military materiel throughout NATO countries via rail by the Deutsche Bahn. Gear is packed up at an Army Prepositions Stock (APS) by soldiers, sent out by rail to a NATO member, the gear is used, and then the material is shipped back to the original APS.

Upon receipt of the original goods, the items are inspected for wear and tear. Then, the process begins anew all over again.

Defender Europe 2022 started this month and is currently scheduled to continue on through June. This is apparently one of the largest Defender Europe exercises that’s ever been conducted.  Soldiers from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Great Britain are currently involved in the exercise.

belarus mobilizes
Dutch troops 2020 with a pretty cool flektarn camo variation.

According to US Army General Christopher Cavoli, “Through exercises like this, we are prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory with a strong, combat-credible force to ensure we stay stronger together in the face of any aggression.”

In regards to this year’s exercise, program integrator Logan Rappuhn has said, “We are getting our operations in line with being able to do a mass draw (of equipment),” while forward site manager Joseph Robinson has said, “We have over 5000 lines of medical equipment for sustaining lives.”

Massive amounts of military goods are currently being transported around NATO countries, and this is going to continue throughout June.

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The recent actions of Belarus

We’ve covered this nation a bit in the past here at The Organic Prepper, noting that they were a country to pay attention to throughout this war (they’d just voted to allow nuclear weapons into their country).

Last week Belarus announced that they were going to begin a series of military exercises within their own border to assess the fighting capability of their own forces. Earlier this week, they announced that they are actually mobilizing their military.

Major General Viktor Gulevich has said that troops are currently being moved to (or already have been moved to) three key regions throughout the country. Gulevich said, “In order to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus in the Southern direction, units of special operations forces are deployed in three tactical areas.”

Belarus shares a border with Ukraine – a border where it is currently alleged that Ukrainian forces are building en masse. Gulevich has also said, “As part of the second stage of checking the immediate reaction forces, battalion tactical groups were advanced to the Western and Northwestern operational directions.”

(I’m not entirely sure what this means. Belarus is sending troops South, West, and Northwest?)

Whatever Gulevich means by this, he went on to add that “to strengthen them, air defense, missile forces and artillery units are being moved forward to ensure their combat functioning.”

So you have massive amounts of military equipment being moved to the border under the guise of “military exercises.” I feel like I’ve heard this one before

Allegedly, this buildup is also being done because of Defender Europe 2022.

The Belarusian Minister of Defense, Viktor Khrenin, has said, “The United States and their allies continue to increase their military presence near the state borders of the Republic of Belarus.” He went on to say, “In the past six months, the accumulation of forces has doubled, in terms of quantity and of quality.”

According to Forward Observer (which you should buy a membership to), this could potentially lead to Poland mobilizing its troops by its border. What happens beyond that? Well, it’s anybody’s guess.

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belarus mobilizes
Poland is orange. Belarus is green.

How tight can we wind things up?

Does anybody else feel like the world is a spring that has been wound up as tight as it can go? There’s almost a palpable friction in the air. Day by day, things only seem to be growing worse. I honestly don’t have high hopes for any of this overseas fighting, and an expansion of the war only seems inevitable to me at this point.

But, time will tell. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • Put on your tinfoil hats, don’t watch the flash, WWIII is here. Repent, turn to God, only He can save you. Jesus Christ is the savior!

    • That is TRUE. The Bible does tell us about wars and rumors or wars and earthquakes, drought, famine but I don’t think it’s the end of civilization yet. He tells us the end is not yet… I think we must still go “cashless” and go thru with the NWO of things, the One World Government, the One World Religion as well as remember that the man of sin, the man of perdition, the dreaded Antichrist must come on the scene, stand in the temple of GOD and pretend to be GOD thus deceiving many souls! I think WWIII is coming but the timing of that is in question. When the armies surround Jerusalem, we are told from that point on it will not be long. The actual start of WWIII, the move that will trigger a war between Magog and Israel is when ASSAD dies. 2/3 of Israel will be destroyed in that war. ONE warhead detonated above the USA will take us back to Medieval times, and destroy society…Damascus is what we need to watch as well as Jerusalem and for the death of Assad…Watch and pray. The ONLY health that matters is our spiritual health…

        • Wandakate you are right on, the word is very precise, and there are still a few things to happen, but a lot of stuff need to be in place before that happens, and I think what we are seeing are the preps to get all of the political and military situations in place. I honestly only see one thing in the WORD about America. And that is apparently we are distroyed, and or defanged.

      • “the man of sin, the man of perdition, the dreaded Antichrist must come on the scene”

        I don’t know about you, but I think several of the men on the scene could be the Antichrist.

        • the Antichrist, its the POPE as exposed by Martin Luther and the reformation, but since has been silenced and distorted (by the Jesuit order) to something else.. he will come onto the scene, if not there already pulling strings!

          • I’m Catholic and I agree with you 100% I was just telling a friend this exact same thing this morning.

          • No, the pope is not the antichrist. He is the False Prophet. The antichrist will be the political person that is the embodiment of satan himself, doing amazing, wonderous, miracles that people will mistake him for the God of the Heavens, our Creator.

      • Our mission priest just said this too the other day. I know when I hear something said 3 times by 3 different people that pertains to God that it is true and in fact from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for being the 3rd person to say this to me.

      • But perhaps WWIII is not Armageddon..perhaps WWIII just simply precedes it to rearrange some players and financial structures..

      • The Antichrist is not a person, Do you really think that Russia and China and Iran and North Korea would all follow the same leadership with the USA and Europe ? They will never agree to anything, Not only that but they are moving farther apart. The Antichrist is the United Nations, It claims to be the only hope for mankind, The league of nations stood in that position first but it was killed by the sword and came back to life, The sword that killed it was world war II, and it came back to life as the United Nations. and if any nation does not agree with it the United Nations places it under sanctions so that that nation can not buy or sell, (Not individual people) You are looking for something that is already here, and how did the League of nations come into existence, the two headed beast said to the inhabitants of the earth let us make an image of the beast that was killed by the sword (World war II) and it came back to life, that two headed beast was the United States and Great Britain.

  • Things are NOT “getting worse.” We are watching a movie, which is building to a climax. The climax will be terrible and many will die. Be prepared–especially spiritually.

    Afterward, different souls will go different places, depending on what they’re prepared for. Some will go to a very material world, others to a more creative one. For many of us, things will be way, way better soon.

    It is a battle and you need to fight–and “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Yes, you need weapons for defense, but to do your civic and Godly duty, you look at your local governments, your sheriff, your elections and up the caliber of whatever you find. Ignore lamestream media, and search earnestly for Truth in everything.

  • So we’ve got a European Mutual Defense Treaty (NATO) acting like idiots provocation wise, Russian and Belarus responding accordingly. China just sell/gives Serbia a Missile Defense system that may be turned into Offensive use, and Serbia’s crowing like crazy over their new toy.

    All we need is an Archduke, a Tuberculor Nutjob, and a .380 pistol and we can do the Great War all over again.

    Fecking Morons.

  • Just normal Eastern bloc nations posturing. They mostly hate each other, which is partly why the USSR broke up. These nations have fought their neighbors for hundreds of years. So it is nothing “new”.
    NATO exercises are always seen as a possible ruse for an invasion. So they always do this.
    Europe is a hotbed of old rivalries, hatreds and border conflicts. Which is why the idea of the EU was doomed from the start.

    Usually it is not ” news worthy”, but with Russia and Ukraine going at it, it suddenly any military actions in the area are ” news worthy”.

    For example, the Bosnian War never really settled their problems, and it has been looking like it might break out again. The whole region is full of instability.

    • Yes, WWIII is here, we who have been there know, almost ten years of my life was spent defending our country. Got out of the Army as a SSgt. I have in recent weeks checked all of my battle rattle, NBC/CBR equipment. I’ve been re-reading a lot of books on nuke/chem/bio warfare. I have all of the basic gear, and knowledge. I’m fully expecting the Traitor-and thief to generate all the events he needs to declair marshall law, and TRY to lock us down. But one thing he evidently doesn’t have it the full backing of our military. So next step I fully expect to see is a forign invasion. china, and thier friends will be invited to take part Hmmm, O goody, we get to shoot them too.
      I really hate what I’m seeing. This guy needs to be arrested, found guilty by a military tribunal, and hung at the gallows in Leavenworth. TREASON in the operative word here.
      When he signs the treaty with WEF, some of the other NWO nations. Ya better put out the call to arms. If you see foreign troops running around with weapons. Shoot their sorry back-sides.
      WE ARE THERE, WWIII. Folks if you like your rights, and freedom, you better decent from all that is happening, LOCK AND LOAD, get all the ammo you can, and set your mind to exterminating the vermin we are about to encounter. Dave of Oregon, or OLD Sarge.

    • Having been a part of “Team Spirit” field exercises in the Republic of Korea (ROK) aka “South Korea”, it would always cause the DPRK aka “North Korea” to get their panties in a wad. Same reaction 10 time zones (+/-) away. Autocrats are the same all over.

  • Putin’s army hasn’t been able to overwhelm Ukraine, although they have made a lot of progress in the south of Ukraine and are talking incorporation.
    Because Russia’s ground forces have suffered significant losses, and Putin can’t make them up without general mobilization, he has convinced Belarus leadership to reinforce Russia’s military to take over Ukraine before Ukraine can be admitted to NATO or EU.
    Ukraine is too much of a prize to simply give up on it, that we are seeing, besides looting by military units, looting on a national level, that if Putin can take over Ukraine, he will control the majority of the world’s agricultural production and fossil fuel reserves, coal, oil and gas. Besides that, he has a major share of nuclear weapons, and uranium for nuclear power plants. Ukraine has the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe.
    With a large nuclear submarine force, he will be able to take on NATO, cutting Europe off from the US and Canada and can also cut off Japan, Australia and New Zealand from the US.
    It is a strategy for world domination.

  • As they say, the drums of war are beating louder but will it turn nuclear? Only those left alive will know. 😉

  • I don’t know about the Pope being the anti-Christ or even the False Prophet, but popes can certainly be misled, selfish and greedy and their actions can even be evil. They are human, like me. But what I do know with certainty is that God is speaking to us as a nation, and as a world, and calling us to repentance. In the Catholic church (which just means “Universal church”), the Lord has told us that this is the time of Mercy. He’s begging us to repent… especially from the evil of abortion (he loves those who’ve had and performed abortions, but He hates what they’ve done). He says those who do not come to God thru the door of His Mercy will have to come to Him thru the door of His Justice.

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