Four Things That Suggest War with Russia Is Coming

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Things in Ukraine are still heating up, with some interesting recent developments the well-informed American should stay abreast of.

As of January 24, American troops have been placed on high alert, with 8500 of our men being told they need to be ready to ship out to “Eastern Europe” at a moment’s notice. Joe Biden said he didn’t want to send these soldiers, but that he would should NATO request them for the NATO Response Force (NRF).

It’s believed that should these troops get sent out by DC to fight in another foreign war, they are likely to be staged in either Poland or the Baltics for rapid deployment to the front line. While there’s not a lot of information out there as to what the makeup of these units are, it’s likely that they’re a grab-bag mix of troops from the 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, and the US Army Special Operations Command.

In addition, on January 23, Washington DC shipped approximately 200,000 pounds of ammunition into Ukraine. The timing of this coincided with the US State Department’s ordering of the evacuation of US embassies throughout the country as Biden told Americans that they needed to leave the country STAT or they risked being trapped in the country without hope of escape for what may happen next.

This comes after Joe apparently gave Russia the go-ahead to invade Ukraine provided it was only a “minor incursion.”

1. Continued Russian troop buildup

Massive amounts of Russian troops have continued to flow into the border region of Ukraine under the guise of “military exercises.” Russian mainstream media seem to state that only 6000 troops and 60 aircraft are in the area. The Russian Su-27SM, Su-30SM2, and Su-34 fighters are all present.

However, other non-Russian sources state that there are at least an approximate 126,000 Russian troops throughout the region. According to England’s Boris Johnson, “The intelligence is very clear that there are 60 Russian battle groups on the borders of Ukraine, the plan for a lightning war that could take out Kyiv is one that everybody can see.”

Surprisingly, it does appear that Boris Johnson is telling the truth.

Intelligence shows that literally hundreds of military trains have been shipping in Russian soldiers to Belarus – 30 trains within the past week alone – and that as of January 24 there were at least 200 more trainloads of soldiers scheduled.

Intelligence has also found that Russian troops are present near both the Lithuanian and Polish borders as well. Both of these areas are locations the Russians practiced airborne infiltration back in fall of 2021.

2. And it’s not just troops, it’s war machinery.

As expected, it’s not just foot soldiers who are finding their way to the border. As we’ve pointed out before, Russia’s six amphibious landing vehicles have already been staged, but now we see that Russia has also positioned its warships off the coast of Ukraine.

T-72B3 battle tank crews have also recently arrived in Crimea, allegedly so that they could engage in shooting drills.

In addition, the Russians have recently deployed an electronic warfare battalion along the border in the Belgorod Region and attached it to the Vistula Motorized Rifle Division of the Western Military District. Within this e-warfare battalion are weapons such as the Borisoglebsk 2 (designed to scramble comms and GPS signals), and the Zhitel portable communications jamming station.)

According to Colonel General Alexander Zhuravlev, this will “significantly increase the reconnaissance capabilities of the unit.”

You know, for the military “training.”


Here’s a book our European readers may be interested in.

3. The world is gearing up for a global war.

Other countries are getting involved as well. Spanish Defense Minister Robles recently said, “Russia cannot tell any country what to do, so NATO will protect and defend the sovereignty of any country that can or wants to join NATO.”

Spain has also recently sent mine sweeping ships into the Black Sea.

Israel is also preparing for a war as they have begun the logistics planning of evacuating over 400,000 Jews who reside in Ukraine.

Both China and Iran recently began running drills with the Russian Navy in the Arabian Sea earlier this past week as well.

4. American soil is not safe from attack.

Aside from the very real threat of a nuclear retaliation for NATO expansion, it’s been noted that Russia’s cyber warfare units could easily cripple America’s infrastructure. Approximately 80% of the American electrical grid could be taken down by a single cyber attack from Russia, says Dr. Edward Roche of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

(Probably a good time to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on power outages.)

A distraction? If so, from what?

One of the things we’ve catalogued here at The Organic Prepper is the exponential growth of tyranny within America (and really, the world) over the past two years. Is everything as the mainstream media would have you believe it to be here?

Consider that Ukraine has a history of sticky relations with particular American politicians.

Consider the Burisma oil company.

Consider that there is already “draft legislation” which has been put into place to “put more cyber requirements on [American] business that will give the government more oversight,” all in the name of protecting the “security” of America.

Consider that a Russian war would give China the perfect cover to take Taiwan. Can America fight a war on two fronts? Could the Chinese be pulling strings here? Why is it that American politicians seem intent on this NATO expansion? Why are they all of a sudden interested in the sovereignty of another country when they refuse to secure our own borders?

Consider that we literally have Chinese spies that have been sleeping with our politicians, and those politicians are still in office. It’s also no secret much of DC is bought and paid for by China. Could China be purposefully moving America toward war with Russia? If so, to what end?

What are your thoughts on a Russian war?

Do you think there’s more to consider here? What do you think is the bottom line? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  • It’s very rare for me to disagree with you Aiden, but in this case I have to. I don’t believe that the NATO countries involved have the political will to got to war with Russia. I think that they will move troops into the neighbouring NATO countries, and rattle a lot of sabres, but they will not actually interfere if Russia does in fact invade Ukraine. They really don’t care if Russia takes Ukraine, as long as they don’t go too far, and continue on from there.

    I see more of a political false flag operation that will allow many of these countries to go to a war-time footing, a war-time economy in an attempt to spend their way out of the economic reckoning that many are facing, without actually having to fight a war that they know they can’t win, for a country that most of their citizens care little about. One more instance of the “tail wagging the dog” in an attempt to move attention away from their own domestic problems.

    • You mean the world will just look how Ukraine is stomped on?
      Very likely. After all, Venezuela is almost under complete Chinese control, via Cuba.
      And THIS should be definitely ringing lots of bells up there, just for the record. If it doesn´t, well…
      I´m afraid the consequences will be really bad.

      • A good percentage of people just don’t care what happens in the rest of the world. Hell, they don’t even know or care what is happening in their own country. They just want to bury their heads in the sand, chant “The government needs to fix this!” And check to see how many likes they have to there Twitter post. As long as they have their triple soy latte (with sprinkles) from Starbucks they will remain ignorant by choice, until it’s to late, and the wolf has them by the throat.

        • The vast majority of Americans care more about how their sportsball teams are doing than what’s going on in America! …Really sad… And this is what d’gubmeyent wants; “Keep ’em stoned, stupid, and entertained so that they won’t see what we’re up to!”

        • Sounds about right. Like sheeple, they just follow in a line until they fall off the cliff. Kinda like lining up for flu or covid injections, just line up and go forward until they poke you in the arm and like the wolf (they grab you by the throat- aka ARM). Things are NOT always as they seem. They are asleep at the wheel, and you’re right their heads are buried in the same. They don’t care (many do not) and they are dreamers and NOT doers. They’re really just weak and seem to be just one big mess!!! However, remember we can’t fix stupid!!!

  • Joel Skousen, a highly sought-after consultant on world affairs by many governments, said long ago that Russia and China, working together, would attack the US with nukes, when they were confidant that they had an advantage over a weakened US military. North Korea has never been brought to heel, being saved a a trigger to start a war.

  • First, any war decisions beg the question: Cui Bono? Yes, the US MIC will be in favor of sending munitions, but body bags coming home will hurt the current regime in DC. Putin will carve out a swath west to the Dnieper River, and south–just north of Crimea, for the freshwater sources needed for Sevastopol and their Navy base. And that’s where it will end. RUS has already planned to be removed from SWIFT; they also still supply EU a lot of their energy neeeds. As far as any other countries getting involved: I. Don’t. Think. So.

  • Unfortunately I see the Chinese war rhetoric ramping up day after day. They´re determined to take over Taiwan, and mutilate the Western capabilities via the confiscation of the investments, patents, and technological companies there. If someone keeps believing that the pandemics came from a bat soup, I would keep my mouth shut and keep working on my preps improvement.

  • I think China unleashed this virus to weaken the world and now it’s ready to take over with it’s new world order. Starting with its best friend Russia and expanding from there!

  • You ask a lot of very good questions. While I think there are several reasons we could go to war with Russia over Ukraine (a seriously limited war, I hope), the distraction motivation will give the Democrats (and by that I mean Socialists) an excuse for an even greater power grab. More power is always what they want so hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to war we go.

    The only thing that might put a damper on this war scenario is how badly body bags full of soldiers would hurt the November elections.

  • Exactly! My suspicions tell me that when Russia goes at it, China will go into Taiwan, and North Korea will take a go at the South; then, all hell breaks loose, and who will history blame for the anihilation of human civilization? The United States of America! This sounds much like what happened to Ancient Atlantis and Lumeria. In addition, my take is that US Citizens are a mystery to me-China is very Communist; yet, the USA has economic relations with them, both, the USA Media and its followers spit vain at China every chance they get-the USA can only blame itself for China’s progress, simply because they contribute to it! I’m not seeing why all the spit! If you make the bed, then lay in it-you cannot get jealous if the person you deal with and help, suddenly surpasses you. In any case, my fear is that I will not be able to live out my life due to some war mongering people who feel it so imprtant to continue the ‘bad’ legacy created by those who are (i.e. forefathers) long deceased. This has to stop, and history tells us that this will not end well-sending young people off to die while Old White Men sit back and prepare to hide in bunkers until its all over. Its Prep Time, and when the tanks come into the woods, be prepared to surrender or fight to the death!

    • Also, Sadhu, I would not be surprised if Putin (in retaliation) re-claims Alaska back as its own territory. With Xi Ping being in Canada (with Trudeau’s invitation) both would be good launch pads to attacking the Continental United States.

  • One way or another, we’ll be in a global war. There’s no avoiding it. If not the Ukraine excuse, it’ll be after a successful Russian offensive campaign. Russia will be accused of something heinous, like ethnic cleansing.. That’ll be sure to stir up lamentation from the blood thirsty left to “defend democracy abroad”. For successful left support they need an emotional excuse. Even leftists don’t see strategic benefit of Ukraine. But, if there were something they’re told was just too horrific to comprehend, well, that’s a goat of a different hair right there…

    This is, IMO, all about Russia ditching the dollar and trying to trade gas and crude in anything but the petrodollar. There is a history of this. We did it to hussein (twice) and then kadaffi. Our media has blitzed the population with 5 years of Russia,Russia,Russia.

    I just can’t imagine a scenario right now that doesn’t result in a global war.

  • There were written agreement signed in the 90’s that said there would be no expansion of NATO into the eastern European countries and no encroachment of the Russian borders and no expansion of the EU into the former soviet countries. All those promises were broken and the Russians have a right to be upset. America has broken every treaty and promise they ever signed, just ask the Indians. Look at what the VA is doing denying care to veterans who were injured while serving. Ask me how I know.

    Our grid does not have to worry about Russian attack……..just look at the cold snap we had last year in Texas. Money is put in the pockets of the stockholders and not in fixing or upgrading the grid. This is why I live off grid. My neighbors almost monthly have days the grid shuts down and we are in Texas. Our aging infrastructure has not been maintained.

    My question is why do we need to send our troops for a fight between Russia and the Ukraine? Neither belong to NATO. Why are we sending money and arms to the Ukraine and not to our southern borders that are being invaded? Why is Biden intent on going to war and refusing every offer for a peaceful resolution put forth by Russia? Biden actions will be the end of the EU. Europe depends on Russia for fuel. Biden action will further hurt world trade.

  • I actually had to do some research to find out what the Russia / Ukraine thing is about. So much Saber Rattling? More to the point, Spheres of Influence. What do we care if Russia invades Ukraine? Express our disapproval, implement some sanctions, go to lunch. Or if China swarms Hong Kong (did they already do that?) and Taiwan. So What? Maybe we should have a Munich(?) Conference, where Germany and Russia split Poland, and Russia and China get what they want, we get Canada and Mexico, with Central America as colonies. Sounds good to me.
    We should have kept Mexico when we had it. But, oh, no, we don’t want the Catholics to have the vote. Things would be a lot different now, with order being imposed on Mexico for 150 years, and a free flow of people in both directions. Probably more of us going there for investment possibilities, than them coming here, looking for work. Why DON’T US businesses invest in factories and business in Mexico? Could it be because cheap labor lowers the cost of labor in the US? Hmm…

  • The Black Sea as an “international open area” has restrictions on ALL nations that want to have their war ships (navy) enter the Black Sea. It is NOT open as in anyone can come and go as they please. The Russian naval vessels that are currently there are assigned to the Russian Naval base on the Black Sea coast. The Russians have increased the size of their commitment to Belarus (White Russia) as per the treaty that Russia has with Belarus. The troop movements within Russia are ALL on Russian territory. This has the same effect as the troop/material movements that are done in the US by our military. Both sides are required to notify the other of such movements BEFORE they start. This is in accordance with a treaty that has been in place for decades.

    Most of the weapons that are being delivered to Ukraine are of Russian manufacture. Not the high tech stuff like anti-air craft missiles and the like but small arms and the ammo for them. I would not get caught up in the fear porn but look at the reality of the situation. You have the Ukraine supported by the “stranger than life allows” US policy currently being espoused by the US Administration. NATO and the EU back-tracking on sending troops to the Ukraine. Other countries in the general area starting to see a build up of activity: Syria, as an example. To get troops and supplies to Syria from Russia the quickest route is through the Russian Black Sea naval base.

    You must step back and look at the big picture with an understanding of history. As in why did the Soviets put missiles in Cuba in the 60’s? Because the US had stationed missiles in reach of Moscow before anything went into Cuba.


    • Pat —
      I finished reading all the posts here and you are about the only sane one of the lot. And the last one on the list – I think!!!
      I am American and a vet of Vietnam (that makes me old!!!) – but – I have lived in the very heart of Russia since 1999. And most folks that post their proof that Russia is going to take over the world is only a cut and paste of the American Communist news agencys.
      Happy trails!!!

      • Air Force vet?


        173rd ABN LRRP, right?

        Whole lot of Vietnam vets that got my undying respect for you to throw down the vet ace of spades like you just did looking for rep. Hope you feel good about pulling out your trump card.

  • To the few who care and seek how this started Read this Book by Theodore Roosevelt
    FEAR GOD and Take Your Own Part
    CHINAFY his word for what IS Today started by the Railroad barons who use the cheap labor to complete The Rail roads using Money from the Treasury of the Republic
    Fast forward and to now understand the game
    It has been Played over an over in our Military and then the system use’s writer of TALL Story’s to complete a fiction into NON FICTION
    The End GAME for Them is in a Three Book Series ONE SECOND AFTER
    The COMMIES are not going to NUKE the USA
    They need the LAND of Milk an Honey
    The North American Continent can feed the world ,The Resources, and the INFRASTRUCTURE
    What has been built here is better than any other COUNTRY by light years
    The facts are all written in a very GOOD BOOK
    What is the DragonS weapon he will Turn out The LIGHT
    PSALM 91
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    ONE PEOPLE Have Trample The Lion
    Today ONE PEOPLE are under attack from within and outside from Nations aligned with
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    Psalm 91 read the Truth
    Sooner now than later a number of warriors will be within the continental USA
    All ready they have troops in Canada an Mexico Cuba an Haiti
    For Years large Stock piles of weapons have been found all over the USA last year a large stock pile blew up in LA ,soon the Poor and rich who took the JAB as many can see daily will DIE an this die off with a little nudge from the Lights going out is going to happen for the contest now is set IN STONE
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  • Mostly this is a distraction.
    Russia is flexing it’s muscles and posturing to get some attention for it’s demands for more secure borders and neighbors.
    What no one seems to see or is talked about , is that Biden and Putin and the rest of the World’s leaders are really just puppets. If you look hard enough, you will see there is a secretive group of People that make people like; Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates , Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg look like paupers.
    They control the World Economy and nothing major happens without their consent and approval.
    If you go to start a war that they don’t want to happen, suddenly your economy will start to collapse, your funds will dry up and you will lose that war or be ousted from power.
    Even the Globalist movement bows to them and their wishes.

    Germany and a few other nations have already balked at supporting NATO putting troops into Ukraine. So I think they are already calling their puppet leaders and giving them instructions to not get involved. Others, like Putin and Biden are allowed to Bluff and Posture for awhile, just to keep the common people occupied and distracted.

    There are much greater forces at work, behind the scenes. Part of proper prepping requires knowing that we are not really in charge of things. Money makes the world go around and those who control the Money by owing most of the worlds major corporations, control everything.

    Who owns the world? Tracing half the corporate giants’ shares to 30 owners.
    It is an old article ( 2009), but it should give you the basic idea. They really only touched the tip of the iceberg! Ownership of a controlling interest in a company, is only one way to exert control. It helps you get people who will do what you want, into positions of power in the company.

    Another one to follow up on : ‘These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America.”( 2012)
    So if you are reading and following the world’s headlines, you are being deceived.

    So if you don’t realize by now, how much you are controlled by outside forces ( What you see happening and what you are being told is happening), then you better start realizing the real Truth.
    Because they will determine: What happens, ( SHTF), when it will happen and how much the Public is allowed to know about what is really happening.

    Nothing occurs by random chance or the random occurrence of Events, ( except acts of Nature and maybe not even many of them). Do you really think that those who basically control or own everything would allow it all to be destroyed by some rogue Politicians? They did not get where they are, by not having it all planned out and under their control.

  • the war will be over in hours, the Russians will make the German blitzkrieg look like child’s play, NATO fighter jets will fall out of the sky due to Russian jamming tech. Russian hyper sonic tech is way ahead of the west. NATO will get a bloody nose out of any war with Russia in my opinion

    • Thanks to the ruling party in Germany, their military does not have one Germany plane or ship that works properly. Their government spent the money elsewhere and not on repairs and new technology. Germany expected America to foot the bill for any war.

    • The Russians literally have the GDP on the entire state of Michigan. Their military isn’t as awesome as you think. Their gen-5 fighter program breaks down more than it takes off. Re-think your assessment.

  • Americans are more concerned with our open southern borders where uninvited hordes are pouring across than attending to other nations borders.

  • An Aussie perspective.

    I love America – as it used to be. But, now it is like the UK was a hundred-odd years ago, a faded empire. As I remarked in an email to a friend here in Oz….

    “Another interesting article confirming that the USA is a punch-drunk old boxer, way past his prime. Militarily they haven’t won anything of consequence since WW2.

    Russia vs USA? – USA wouldn’t make it till the end of Round One!

    China vs USA? – China would piss on USA’s fat old corpse before he even made it into the Ring!

    And [Aussie Prime Minister] Morrison is stupid enough for Australia to throw in it’s hat with US and UK against Russia and China??? Is he trying to get the award of “Fuckwit of the 21st Century”??????

    Save us all!!!”

    • The Russians tested the U.S. in Syria a couple of years back, it didn’t go well for them. The incident ended with roughly 150 dead Russian “contractors”. In a conventional war, it wouldn’t go Russia’s way.

      The U.S. if great at fighting symmetric warfare, nation 2, not so much. The thing about the Ukraine is that a relatively homogeneous, sovereign nation already exists. So the U.S. would have something of an advantage.

  • Putin is an insecure person, just like trump. He’s trying to put back the old USSR – bemoaning the loss of the “good old days”. Not unlike those (mostly) white, (mostly) men bemoaning the loss of the 1950s (and prior). To those who bemoan the state of America, please move to Russia (or North Korea, China).

    • “bemoaning the loss of the 1950s.”
      The only people who can recall the 1950s are what remains of the Silent Generation and The early Baby Boomers, mostly retired.
      The rest of us look back at it as “quaint,” and others in their 20s think of it as “old people shows.” (e.g. The Andy Griffin Show)

      The only people who should be moving to Russia, NK, or China are progressive leftists as their ideologies are similar.

  • Russia will install a pro-Russia president of Ukraine without firing a shot, so the end result is the same as an invasion–Russian control of Ukraine–except NATO will have no pretext for any military acts against Russia.

    After all, that’s what China did to the US, by supporting (controlling) our Congressional representatives, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc; Russia will copy what works.

  • I think it is in the interest of both Ukraine and Russia as well as the EU to find a common ground which would eliminate the possibility of a protracted war in eastern Europe. It’s a real shame for the super powers of Europe to sit back and watch their political fate and interest decided by an overburdened and fleeting America. The UK, France, Italy and Germany who has so far shown more diplomatic matureness, ought to dialogue with Russia as the hysteria could be economically detrimental to their economies. America has no jurisdictional powers reason; Ukraine is an EU nation and not a Nato member, yet, and hopefully won’t be.

  • Just read on MSNBC Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski’s brother said,
    “With deployment, if you want to change the game and cause Putin to change his calculus, has to demonstrate we have the stomach for a fight.”
    For what exactly?

    Dont know about the rest of you, but tired of seeing our military getting sent to save the world from things we do not really have any business being in.
    After the Afghanistan fiasco, I do not have a lot of faith and confidence that the Biden admin/Pentagon would not make things even worse and get more of our troops killed.

  • There’s a blog with comments that puts up a new message a week, . The writer of the blog, J.R. Nyquist, has extensive contacts that go back decades to communist defectors and others who tell just what the leaders in the Kremlin and Beijing have been planning and preparing for, plans and preparations almost completed at this time. There is one wild card that they have not been able to succeed, namely the disarmament of the American public. In spite of traitorous politicians from both parties, and numerous false flag events in which innocent civilians have been murdered (Las Vegas, El Paso Walmart, Florida high school, etc.), the American response is to buy more guns and ammo, not cower and turn in their guns.

    In short, the communist plans are that Russia takes back Alaska, while China gets the Lower 48 States. But an attack on the U.S. will bring in NATO whether they want it or not, so the Russian plans are to take over western Europe as well. All the talk about Ukraine and Taiwan are just deflections so we don’t see their real plans.

    The number of troops the Russians have assembled right now doesn’t count. Manpower can be ramped up in days. What takes time to collect are the tanks, other weapons, support systems, fuel, and other war materiel needed for their invasion. Remember when Bush attacked Iraq? Our manpower was over in Saudi Arabia almost immediately, but it took three months to collect all the hardware needed for the attack. Likewise, the Russians are bringing in all the hardware, but the troops to man the hardware can be brought in in days. In other words, the Russians are in the preparation stage, not quite yet ready for their attack.

    As for the plan of battle, submarines with nuclear missiles will creep up to the coast, then our first warning will be several of our cities and military assets going up in mushroom clouds. At the same time the tanks will roll. At the same time, Chinese troops will invade the U.S. from Canada and Mexico, as well as from ships on our coasts. They know they need boots on the ground to complete their victory. That’s where the wild card mentioned above comes into play, will that be enough to turn the tide?

    Any negotiations now will be like Munich in 1938—useless. The die has been cast, the war preparations almost complete, about the only thing left is the final preparations, then the command to go.

    Remember, these are plans that were originally drawn up decades ago and almost at their fruition.

  • Sorry Boys and Girls…I am going to sit this one out; no more “hill taking” for me.
    We can all talk about pretty much everything geopolitical, bemoan are country as it is, etc.
    Apathy has brought us to where we are today. We are reaping what we have sown. No one gave a hoot about the school system until they went seriously over the line, some of us keep voting for the same people, some of us want to live on the government “teat” forever or want Uncle Sugar to save them. Well guess what? The bill has come due. So strap in and enjoy the ride! You think its bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • @Ray White…………I don’t know if someone has already mentioned this, but if we have some kind of arms conflict. It would be reason enough for the government to cancel the elections at that time. So we would skip an election cycle.

    • I agree. I think the dims are so desperate now that would provoke a war with a serious opponent like Russia and/or China or US civil war just so they could get away with skipping the elections or have a reason to not count some of the red states with their voter ID laws.

  • I think the US should exit NATO and let Europe fight its own wars. The US at the behest of the UK intervened in what became World War I and World War II and which may become World War III.

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