Will Russia Attack Germany for Aiding Ukraine with Weapons Maintenance and Training?

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Germany has just created a maintenance hub within the nation of Slovakia to perform work on weapons coming out of the Ukrainian War. These weapons are predominantly going to be howitzers and anti-aircraft systems that have been supplied to Ukraine via the West.

According to German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht, a member of the Social Democratic Party, “We have reached [an] agreement, and work can start immediately so that all the equipment which has been supplied can be repaired after coming out of battle.”

Christine Lambrecht. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

She also added that Germany is planning to train 5000 Ukrainian soldiers within Germany’s borders by the end of June as part of a European Union training exercise.

Back in March 2022, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the world that anybody transporting weapons to Ukraine would be viewed as a legitimate military targetHe stated, “We clearly said that any cargo moving into the Ukrainian territory which we would believe is carrying weapons would be fair game.”

Sergei Lavrov on the right.

Keeping Sergei Lavrov’s threat/warning in mind, this means that Russia could most certainly view an attack against German soil or buildings as being a valid military action. The German weapon maintenance hub would most certainly be viewed as cargo in transit, and there is a very good possibility that a facility that was explicitly training Ukrainian soldiers with the view of returning to fight Russians could be viewed in the same manner.

We do know that Ukrainian infrastructure is currently being targeted.

Power and water supplies throughout the nation are being destroyed via air strikes, and it’s been stated these are suicide drones that are accomplishing this. This leaves Ukrainians without a form of light or heat as winter sets in.

This is relevant in that Germany is already facing a similar problem. If actively targeting civilian infrastructure is now fair play, the same could be used to devastating effect in Germany, a nation that already has a history of heavy reliance on Russia for fuel. Last year, Germany received 55% of its gas from Russia. As of July 2022, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany was strangled to 20% of its capacity due to alleged equipment repairs.

Germany has since mandated that public buildings not exceed 66 degrees Fahrenheit this winter, there’s a severe firewood shortage there, and at the moment, German sources are predicting that 400 Germans will die within 96 hours of a power outage there.

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If Germany provokes Russia with these weapons and troop training, they could potentially see a further impact on their infrastructure.

They’re already going to be without heat this upcoming winter, having placed themselves on a very narrow precipice. It wouldn’t take much of an action at all to lead to devastating consequences against the Russians. A small push could lead to a large fall.

Perhaps this is what geopolitical forecaster George Friedman had in mind when he said that Germany would play a huge role in the next World War?

Further complicating matters is the fact that there was recently a missile explosion in Przewodow, Poland, right on the Ukrainian border.

Early reports indicated that this was a Russian cruise missile that had caused the damage and deaths. Later, reports stated that it was a stray Ukrainian air defense missile.

As Mike Shelby has pointed out, had this been reported to be a Russian missile, then Article 5 of the NATO charter – the mutual defense clause – would have required every NATO member to have then gone to war against Russia. Immediately upon such a declaration, all military targets throughout NATO would have been deemed to be fair game by Russia. Poland and Germany would have likely been attacked immediately, perhaps via some of the methods discussed below.

Were these report changes the fog of war or avoidance of World War 3?

NATO Secretary General/Norwegian politician/member of the Norwegian Labour party, Jens Stoltenberg, has said that an investigation is ongoing regarding the missile strike, but that whether it was a Russian cruise missile or an errant Ukrainian missile, the blame is Russia’s as they bear what he termed the “ultimate responsibility” for an “illegal” war.

Jens Stoltenberg

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War is always on the verge of spreading further, but as Clausewitz pointed out, the spread of war occurs incrementally.

Given what we are seeing, in addition to the recent movement of Russian MIG-31K fighters and Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to Belarus, it would serve you well to stay abreast of the current global situation so that you are not caught unawares.

Things are continuing to escalate, not de-escalate, and monitoring what happens would be a wise course of action.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Where do you see things going next? Do you feel that Germany will be attacked by Russia? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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  • “Where do you see things going next?”

    North Korea will attack South Korea. China will form a blockade around Taiwan to “protect” their homeland. With two large naval forces operating in such close proximity (USA and China) it’ll be only a matter of time before the “real” war our leaders want will happen.

    I don’t trust Russians. But, at least they are predictable. No, they won’t attack Germany. They don’t need to. GB, apparently, did though. There is pretty strong evidence that the Royal Navy is the responsible party for NS1/2.

    Every country is broke(bankrupt) and broken. Got to get a war going to properly set up the new multipolar hegemony.

    • ~Jim,
      I fear you last line is exactly what our so-called leadership would be willing to do.
      However, I will disagree with you on one point: It will not be to set up the new multipolar hegemony. It will be to ensure the current and old US/West lead one maintains its dominance with the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

  • Looking at the history of Russia under Putin they don’t React. They gather information and prepare before they act.

    Russia is quite aware in a few months the leadership of Germany is going to be facing very unhappy, cold, in the dark, maybe hungry German citizens.

    Their Globohomo leadership has said openly they “don’t care what the people say”. That might change as French Democracy (AKA French Revolution) sweeps across Europe.

    Putin isn’t fighting an information-propaganda war. He’s dealing with real world issues so Unless a Russia itself is in danger I suspect he will simply outwait the west until hunger and freezing does the deed of shutting down NATO.

    If the west attack Mother Russia all bets are off. They will not go down alone, that is promised.

    Germany is losing their industry due to lack of energy. Not going to be a nice winter for them.

    In other news you might want to think about energy crisis in America as well as food prices soaring due to many self-inflected wounds from President Sock Puppets EO’s and such.

    Protect your family, winter isn’t coming. It’s here and getting worse.

    • Michael,
      Good analysis.
      And good on you for bringing up the energy and food crisis.
      Just read people in the New England states will pay 65% more in heating this winter.

    • Agreed. Germany is destroying itself, there’s no need for Russia to lift a finger. At this point, it’s probably already to late for Germany to reverse course towards deindustrialization so the country is heading for an economic depression. I have relatives there, so it makes me sad but Germany’s globalist leadership has basically led the country off a cliff.

  • In a few months… it will be Spring! The problem for the Ukies is the next few weeks (twelve or so).
    All the speculations from the western MSM are pretty ridiculous and are typically dripping with propaganda. I believe we will see a big move by Russia, before Christmas. And it will be real.
    Note: if the Americans offer to ‘help’ your nation in 2014… just say no! Because that was clearly the beginning of the end. Don’t poke the bear.
    There was a vidclip (from 2019?) which I viewed showing the Ukies with a bunch of military-types from the UK. They said they will be placing nuclear missiles in Sumy Oblast, just ~300 miles from Moscow. They backslapped, chortled and swirled their drinks, declaring “if Russia gives us any trouble, we will turn Moscow into glass.”
    Uh-huh. Guys… do you think this was wise – I mean even talking about it (let alone doing the deed)? What makes you think that Putin himself didn’t see this unfortunate vidclip?
    Whatta bunch of pinheads.

    • America helped Ukraine in 2014 by sending MREs and blankets, thank you President Obama. A video showing drunks bragging about nuking Russia, and you worr I ed about poking the bear. I don’t wonder why we are in the mess we are in now.

      • I heard the 2014 help was to the tune of 5 billion dollars. That’s a lot of MRE’s and blankets. As for Germany getting attacked, Britain took care of that already w/Nordstream 1/2, but nobody’s declared Article 5 against King Charlie yet…

        • The Russians have accused the English of sabotage but have no evidence. If you know of a reputable source, I would like to read it.

      • wrong – that was the overthrow by nueland feeding the ukrainians laced bread. they murdered pregnant women. just another day for the good old usofa. maiden revolution was no ukrainian revolution. just like all the other fake revolutions.

  • Germany, as well as other European nations, are doing a great job of destroying themselves from within. I expect Russia will keep watching them crumble under shortages of energy and food. Why strike your enemy when they are wounding themselves?

    • Exactly. In mere months, Germany is destroying decades of hard work. By this time next year, the G7 will be the G3 as the economies of the UK, France, Germany and Italy crash. Russia doesn’t have to lift a finger as this happens.

  • If the Russians attack Germany, they have to go through Poland , who will fight because they hate the Russians so much. Poland has given more aid to Ukraine then Germany,and second only to the U.S. Germany only gave up tanks to Ukraine after a lot of hand wringing

    • I won’t bet on it. The Ukraine shot missiles into Poland. Italy caught a terror group that was planning to kill cops and civilians that was connected to the Ukraine Nazi Army. The money hitting the Ukraine is being laundered and does not make it to the banks. Most of the weapons the Ukraine received has been found on the European black market. More Europeans are starting to stand up against the war. Germany weapons/military has declined under Merkel reign. They have military planes that don’t fly and ships that don’t move. They don’t have fighter jets that are worth a damn. The Germans also ended its mandatory military service. Russia is self contained. They are exporters. They don’t buy weapons, they make them. Just as they grow a lot of their own food. Russia is what we use to be. Remember, before the energy commission came on board in the early 70’s to make us more self sufficient in energy, we produced 90% of our energy. Now we produce about 20%. We import from Canada and other places. Also, it use to be illegal to sell our fuel overseas. It stayed in America. Now most of it is being shipped to other countries. Russia is not going to start the war with Germany. It doesn’t have to.

      • Mette: very incisive post. I read an article the other day that stated that if you take the U.S. out of NATO, that the Russian army is larger than all the other countries combined. A rather sobering thought.

        Basically we are seeing that Russia doesn’t need us – but we need them. Much like China. And to a lesser extent even Saudi Arabia. It would seem that there are a number of countries out there that have finally gotten tired of being bullied by the west, while we exploit their resources, and look down our arrogant noses at them.

    • the ukraine has been used as a money laundering operation back to the demonrats via ftx. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/worse-enron-new-ftx-ceo-slams-unprecedented-failure-corporate-controls . zelensky is a porn star comedian. he played the president in a tv show. have you not seen the photos of him in stilletos? he’s stealing the us dollars and also sending them back via ftx draining the wealth from the country and murdering the citizens. he’s bought sports cars and mansions all over the world. i’m half ukrainian, my granparents emmigrated about 100 years ago. he’s also no ukrainian – he’s from that tribe.

      • Reba, the article you linked to says literally nothing about Zelensky, Ukraine, Russia, the Ukraine/Russia war, Democrats. Not. One Thing.

        What does it matter that you are half Ukrainian, grandparents emigrated 100 years ago? Would that give you some special insight into Zelensky? My family came to America from Germany after WW2, would this give me some sort of special insight into today’s German politics? No, it wouldn’t. You have thrown out lots of accusations with not a shred of evidence. Please supple legitimate evidence from reputable sources.

  • It would not be wise for the bear to attack Germany. That would bring on a barrage from the west, in all likelihood. The near is already over extended in Ukraine.

  • They don’t need to attack Germany, or the UK for that matter. They are conducting a war – the way it’s supposed to be conducted.

    I have watched a popular YouTuber lately repeat time and again that war is not about taking land, but about draining the others military strength to a point where they can no longer fight – WRONG!

    The goal of war is to destroy your enemy’s will or ability to continue to fight. Period. Now you can do that by striking infrastructure and supply lines, just as well as bombs on the front line. If your families are starving and freezing your will to continue the war will evaporate.

    Japan in WWII lost the will to continue once the atomic bombs were dropped. Germany lost the ability once their manufacturing was destroyed. We didn’t kill off all their soldiers – we simply destroyed their will/ability to continue.

    Russia does not HAVE to attack anyone. They are slowly, surely destroying Ukraine’s will/ability to continue the war. Germany, the UK, and many other European countries will lose their will to continue once winter and shortages set in. NATO will implode as individual countries are forced to make a decision between Ukraine and their own people.

    • The Lone Canadian,
      That very well could be Putin’s long game.
      While the rest of the US and West expect a “The troops will be home for Christmas!” like out come, could become another multi-year slog.

      I have seen some try to compare the Ukraine war to the Russian Afghanistan war, but they are not the same. The US was able to convince the Saudis to boost production to the point oil fell, IIRC, $10USD per barrel. That had a crushing effect on Russian oil exports, and with the war, bankrupt Russia and lead to the fall of the Soviet Union.
      This go around, Biden’s foreign policy with the Saudis has not been stellar, the Saudis have applied for entrance to the BRICS, Russia is selling oil, while at a discount, still funding the war to India, and China. The fact much of the EU was so dependent on cheap, readily available Russian oil (as I recall a certain US President pointed out) with no other means of replacing that energy, then slap sanctions against Russia? Talk about cutting your nose off your own face.
      I read more than a few articles about the timelines it will take to get US LNG exports to ports and pipelines up and running in the EU to replace the Russian NG.
      Best estimate was three years.
      More likely estimate was five to ten years or somewhere in between.
      Meanwhile, the German economy is tanking. Being the economic engine of the EU, will likely take the rest of the EU with it.
      A few weeks ago, someone did a study of what it would cost for a pint of beer to keep the lights on and heat a pub in the UK: $20USD for a pint!
      Just think what it is going to look like in three years from now.

      I fear someone is going to do something really dumb either intentionally or by accident and this thing escalates into WWIII.

      • As usual my friend, we agree to a great extent, on most of the major points. I do think that anyone with even a modicum of sense knows that the troops won’t be home for Christmas. Although I don’t think it will be a “long slog” if you are using the Russia/Afghanistan conflict, or even our own grand blunder in Afghanistan. The damage caused by this conflict, compounded with the effects of a global (scam)pandemic, the breakdown in the supply chain and resulting financial crisis means, to me, that this will all be over by the end of 2023.

        As for LNG – how about never. The same with gas/diesel. Let me expand on that a bit. Due to the green agenda, MSM, or whatever, the energy industry has become the international pariah. We have governments worldwide that are basically stating, “we are going to put you out of business!” As a result there have been no new refineries built in about 10 or 15 years, and nobody is willing to put out the money to build one, IF they could get a government permit, when they are looking at losing money doing it. Refineries are running at 100%, but older ones are being closed down, and no new ones are being built.

        Now let’s look at LNG specifically. A little background here. I’ve been employed since 2015 by a major pipeline company, building compressor stations for LNG. This year I have been off work due to various factors that brought the industry to a virtual halt. (Although 2023 is looking busy for us again). BUT! To build a pipeline we need pipe, (often from China) we need instruments from Germany, and valves from Italy. And these are just the major requirements. That’s not looking at small, but vital parts that come from Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, or any of a dozen other countries.

        Not just the war, or the broken supply chain, or the energy crisis, but all of it together are conspiring against us. Along with the worldwide attitude that oil companies are the enemy. Due to the energy crisis many of the steel and aluminum producers have had to cease operations, at least temporarily. About 70% of the worlds neon gas, used in neon lasers to etch all those wonderful microchips that are in everything, comes out of Ukraine as a byproduct of steel production in Russia.

        By the end of 2023 I truly believe that most European countries will be facing an internal crisis. Feed the population and heat their homes, or face widespread domestic upheaval. If those are their choices Ukraine will be left out in the cold as they scramble to save themselves and their cushy positions.

    • America’s bombing of Hanoi didn’t sap the Vietnamese spirit at all. That operation,called Operation Rolling Thunder, lasted a long time. More destructive than the bombing of Dresden during WWII. America came in second place.

  • NO, I don’t think that would happen at all unless Vlad has lost his mind or he found his mind but lost half of Russia.

    So, the answer is a big NO.

  • Nothing to add, as others have detailed the situation most exquisitely before me.

    If we had any sense, we’d load all the Green Dealers on a boat, float it out to the middle of the Atlantic, and sink it.

  • Listen to Putin himself—he has stated that he wants to rule a Eurasian empire stretching from Vladivostok to Lisbon. In order to do that, he’ll have to send his troops through Germany, France, Spain, Portugal to reach the coastal city of Lisbon. This is not about poking the bear, rather about stopping him.

    How many here have heard of the Wagner Group? Where did that group get its name? Well, they should be known. They got their name from Richard Wagner, Hitler’s favorite composer. They are the largest neo-Nazi group in Europe, if not the world. They are Russians, fighting on the side of Russia as Russia makes its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Keep that in mind next time we hear accusations that the Ukrainians are a bunch of neo-Nazis.

    The Maiden Revolution was where the Ukrainians kicked out the corrupt Russian puppets that the Russians left behind when Ukraine became independent. But there’s still a lot of Russian corruption in Ukraine, which the Ukrainians were hoping to root out. That task has been made harder by the Russian invasion.

    • RO you need to post links to Putin saying anything about a “Eurasian Empire”.

      Doesn’t exist unless you’re posting about the western propaganda SAYING the “Evil Putin” is going to do so.

      I’m adult enough to admit if you find something DIRECTLY from Putin saying Eurasian Empire.

      America did throw out pro-Russian government to install a pro-American puppet government. We are PAYING them monthly Billions in cash and aid. I doubt Russia is any more corrupt than the District of Criminals, robbing American of their livelihood and freedoms.

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