What Life Is Like RIGHT NOW During the Ukrainian Invasion

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As The Organic Prepper predicted, yet did not hope for, the Ukrainian-Russian war has now popped off. There were simply too many signs to believe that anything other than a full-scale invasion would happen. (Seriously. If you believed otherwise, you need to quit trusting your TV.) Ukraine’s largest cyberattack ever. Massive blood shipments being staged.

It never was a “military drill” on Russian soil.  It never was “sabre rattling.” This was about war from the beginning.

And now it is here.

Russian forces began rolling into Ukrainian in the night hours of February 23, rapidly gaining ground in what is best described as a blitzkreig.

President Zalensky of Ukraine quickly began tweeting out calls for help, both to his own countrymen, and to the international community at large. Anybody who desired a weapon in Ukraine can now get one. It appears that all prisoners within Ukraine can now be released provided they fight for their country as well. This is liable to prove an attractive alternative by many rather than being placed in a Russian jail.

Air strikes have literally taken place throughout the entire country of Ukraine. Nowhere there right now is truly safe. In addition, there has been a significant portion of the country that has already fallen to the Russians. As of this writing, the Russians have made significant headway on the Eastern Front, are positioned in the north, and have made significant advances into the underbelly of Ukraine as well.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of the next video. Perhaps there was a military target nearby? Was this just fired into a neighborhood?

People are flocking underground.

Within the major cities, civilians are flocking to the subways in the hopes of being able to survive incoming missiles. There are some videos surfacing of civilians having been hit by rockets. We have not linked to them below as they are rather graphic.

Massive numbers of Ukrainians are fleeing the country right now as well. Major traffic jams have been reported outside of the city of Kiev as people attempt to leave in unison. Poland has set up a number of centers in their country in an attempt to handle the large number of Ukrainian refugees that are fleeing across the border.

Russia’s primary news website, RT.com, had previously posted an article discussing how American troops and Polish soldiers handling refugees in Poland were dangerous to Russian interests. This post cannot be linked to as the site RT.com is now inaccessible.

Hacker collective Anonymous has publicly stated they are dedicating their resources and personnel to attacking Russian interests. There is a possibility that they are responsible for taking down the site. A cyberattack by Ukraine is most certainly not out of the question here either.

The Ukrainians are fighting back.

Below you can see a Russian helicopter shortly after being shot down by Ukrainian fighters.

It appears Ukraine has something of an ace flying the skies as well…

Dogfights in the skies have been taking place all day today.

Civilians are getting in line to pick up their rifles now as well. The below video is just one of many similar videos currently in circulation online.

Reports are now coming in that Russian forces have taken Chernobyl.

There have been fears that fighting around this region will kick up radioactive dust into the air. It’s theorized that the reason Russia took this area was due to it having a road linking directly to Kiev. If Kiev is taken, it will serve as a major psychological blow to the people of Ukraine.

Where this will go next is anybody’s guess.

Biden placed a number of sanctions on Russia after the invasion, one of which was to say the USA would no longer purchase Russian wheat. China stepped in hours later stating that they would purchase Russian wheat instead. This not only virtually rendered this sanction useless, but shows that there is an alliance of sorts between these two nations at the time.

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, multiple Chinese jets were spotted over Taiwanese airspace as well.

Should NATO respond, Putin has stated that all decisions for how Russia will respond to all possible NATO responses have already been made. Any move on the part of NATO is to be met with severe force, Putin has said, and will likely result in Russia’s turning off Europe’s access to the natural gas flowing through the pipelines in the region of Ukraine.

In regards to direct American involvement, Putin has said that it would result in “consequences greater than any you have met in history.” While Putin lied about “military drills” being the reason for the massive Russian troop buildup along the Ukrainian border, I highly doubt he’s lying when he says that.

Get your food storage in order. What do you need right now? There are several stories being floated on the airwaves right now of Ukrainians flocking for food, water, and supplies. Get what you need.

And buckle up. You may have just lived through the beginning of something larger than you initially thought.

Let’s talk about it.

Where will this go next? What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss it in the comments.​​

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  • Sadly and not surprising to me is that most people I have talked to recently about stepping up their preps and the real threats our economy and grids are facing is falling on deaf ears. I am finished trying to convince people, some very close to me, to be prepared for the likelihood of crashing economies and grids. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 10 times this week, ‘I’m not worried too much. That can’t happen here.” Apathy and self inflicted ignorance will be the death of millions. God help us all!

  • do you not recall ocongo and neuland did in 2014? murdering pregnant women and innocent ukrainians in maiden square? good old usa and soros doing what it does best. she gave out laced bread to get their desired effect. crimea voted to return to russia. there are many ‘bad guys’ in this situation.

    • Wonder why our world leaders have been going down to ant-arctic ? To get their marching orders directly from lucifer. Hitlery/Pulosiwitch visited in 2016. (Quayle/Hagmann/Scienceguy) report.

  • Russia is defending itself from a US (Obama/Biden) coordinated color revolution of Ukraine in 2014, and the subsequent militarization of Ukraine, which obviously is right on it’s border. Much the way President Kennedy threatened to defend the US and demanding that Russia demilitarize Cuba. The Russians withdrew, if they wouldn’t have, Kennedy would have sent in the military / threatened Russia with nukes.

    We’ve been attacking and overthrowing countries all over the world for decades, we have no moral standing to criticize Russia defending it’s own border and it’s ethnic people in a country that we have overthrown and militarized.

    F*ck Joe Biden and the globalist scum banker oligarchy who can’t let people live in peace.

    We will never have peace until the last banker is strangled with their own entrails.

    • I´m a Venezuelan suffering a commie invasion of MY country. I DO have moral standing to say Russians GO TO F URSELVES.
      If you think so poorly about your own country, feel free to go and live in Nicaragua then, or even better, Cuba itself and write from there what your life became in. Solidarity is exercised, not something you say from your armchair to be in peace with yourself.

      I do know what is militarization of a country, with a military elite looting the resources that belong to our coming generations. Ukraine was INVADED, and that´s a fact that nothing nor anybody can hide.

      • No commies invaded your country, you voted them into power or let them lie, cheat, and steal themselves into power, just like we did in the US. I love my country, spent 22 years in the US military and 10 more in military as a civilian. I hate my crooked, corrupted fake government that instigated this whole Ukrainian mess, and many such messes around the globe. If you can’t tell the difference, that’s your f*cking problem. I’m not going anywhere, when the time comes, I’m taking my country back. And brother, the time is coming soon. Sit in your f*cking armchair and watch.

    • So true. For years now , Putin has been calling out and asking the West to keep out of Russia’s backyard. This war could have been avoided.

  • I think that, once the military and political situations are stabilized, Putin will hold a ‘Nuremberg Trial’.

    It’s said that he has a list of some 400 people who have been instrumental in the ‘cleansing’ of Russians in the separatist regions, over the past 8 years.

    I expect that quite a few are already ‘in the bag’. And, I’ve little doubt that we will see trials and executions of the main players.

    This will send a message to Politicians and Soldiers, Globally. They will be put on Notice, that they do not possess immunity from facing the consequences of their actions.

    Further, the depths of US’ involvement in the Ukraine-hosted bio-weapons labs will be revealed. I’m expecting the UK to be ass-deep in this, too. Same deal as Wuhan. We’ll likely discover who is funding and developing banned bio-weapons, and to what ends.

    Maybe the price of your oil/fertilizers will be the ‘handing over to the Russians, of the guilty parties’ from among the American’ Government. That’ll be a test of the people’s loyalty to its political class.

    All-in-all, a ‘good thing’, if somewhat Earth-shattering in its implications.

  • Here is a grim lesson for all preppers, especially those who would “Bug in” or who think they are “safe” because they live out in the country or are homesteading.

    War whether by Invasion or Civil War (caused by internal strife or economic conditions), all result in the same basic scenario: people being driven from their homes or risking death if they try to stay put.

    If you are fleeing the country by car or hiding in subway tunnels to avoid the fighting; How much of your preps would be useful to you?
    Even if you flee to the countryside(Bugging out). How much could you take with you? How safe would you really be, even there?
    Unless it is extremely remote, of no military importance and very rugged terrain (to deter the use of tanks, APC’s, etc.), you would most probably see fighting there sooner or later. Remember that they are not “safe”, even in the countryside in Ukraine.

    Most of the really bad SHTF scenario’s, are of War or end up in a state similar to war. Non combatants become refugees, fleeing the ” front lines of battle” , as it slowly moves forward.
    So the question you must ask yourself is:
    Are your Prepped for that kind of Scenario? Being a Refugee!

    Now many will say that can not happen here in the US.
    But for many years a “Red Dawn” scenario, (from which the original movie by that name, was drawn), was considered a possibility. After seeing the Invasion of the Ukraine, maybe it still is a possibility.

    Then there is the La Raza Movement; wishing to conquer and remake the Western states as a Hispanic country, either by rejoining Mexico or making them into a “new” country.
    Then there is the BLM type movement, that wants to convert several Southern states into a ” black” only, America.
    In Idaho and nearby areas, there is the Patriot Redoubt movement, wanting to “rebirth” the Patriotic American dream, form of society.
    Then in the North Central states and some other states, there are the American Muslim Caliphate movements.
    And last but not least, the Texas led, Secessionist movement. All of these are the basis for a Civil war scenario.
    Now can we really say that this can not happen here? I don’t think so.
    So are you ” prepped” for that?
    How much would your “preps” really help you, if you were living in Ukraine right now?
    Think about it.
    Revise at least some of your “preps”, according to being a refugee scenario, as that is the most likely outcome of SHTF.

  • It’s understandable that living in the propagandized west that this author has this view of what’s happening in Ukraine. I’m an American living in Russia and have Russian military ties through marriage. Some facts that the west ignores: 15,000 people died in Donbass over the eight years Ukraine has been shelling them (genocide and Russia stopped it). Ukraine totally ignored the Minsk Agreement as a pathway to peace. Ukraine cut off the fresh water supply to Crimea and created a humanitarian crises but now the water is flowing again. Russia is not in Chernobyl to intimidate but stop Azov from setting explosions they were trying to set off. The west aggravated the problem by supplying deadly weaponry and instructors which emboldened Zelensky, but what is typical of The US is they threw Ukraine under the bus. All Biden had to do was tell Zelensky to stop the shelling of Donbass and he would of. The west wants this war and to throw more sanctions on Russia and make the common folk suffer. Remember that this war started in 2014 after Biden, Nuland, and Obama pulled off another color revolution. This is right out of the US playbook; the same as in the Middle East. Think people and prep.

    • We’re not all propagandized in the US, but unfortunately most don’t know or understand anything. I remember the “color revolution” of Ukraine in 2014, the neo-nazi’s that took over the government, the criminals and corruption that was used by Obama, Biden, Soros, and the deep state players to make and launder money. Not to the mention the US biolabs in Ukraine that are creating who knows what. Putin is working for his people, Biden is working for his paymasters. The people of Ukraine, both Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, are the victims here. Victims of US meddling.

    • thanks for sharing that knowledge. I’m learning more about what’s been happening every day but hearing it from a inside perspective is good.

  • We’re already in this neck deep. Wait until the press here in the US starts showing controlled and edited footage with commentary of “genocide”, “ethnic cleansing “, “crimes against humanity “ being repeatedly made to coalesce the left and right to a central position, much in the way those dastardly “weapons of mass” deconstruction did.

    Then it’ll be go time for NATO. Bank on it.

    • I don´t see any scenario where NATO does anything else. Putin scared the S out of them. Once they took over Kiev, unless they take to the wall and execute everyone opposing their ruling, it´s game over for God knows how many years. Ukraine has seen their genetic pool diminished once again for that hostile and aggressive neighbor, while the world just sits and watch passively.
      We don´t deserve this world.

    • We are in the process of being overwhelmed in media lies. The “Snake Island Massacre” is a likely example of Western propaganda of an event that may have never happened. We saw the brave border guards telling the Russkies to f- themselves prior to getting blown to smithereens, but how did the cell phone photog manage to get the video out while getting smoked? Sounds more like some Hollywood script writer’s wet dream. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But truth is the first casualty in war.

  • Wow, thank you very much to Aden for all these facts and an interpretation of them which I have not seen before.
    OP’s readers should ALSO be aware of a very different interpretation found in the alternative web, especially Dr. Charlie Ward. Ward says Putin is working very closely with Trump and his team to take out the deep state cabal worldwide. The initial Ukraine attacks were in the two Eastern regions, and Ward said they were no random affairs, but that considerable military intelligence had determined where the worst Deep State rats were hiding, and bombed them. There were innocent civilians killed–as always happens in a war. There is no eliminating that, only minimizing it.

    It should be obvious to many OP readers that the entire world is in a war right now. COVID is really only a cover story. One interpretation is that The Donald (name means world ruler–and he is) and many other world leaders are working on God’s side to flush out and destroy the Satanic cabal that has ruled for far too long. The Black Hats came up with the Death jabs (medical doctors say the COVID jabs are NOT vaccines; and that has important legal ramifications for compensation) to kill 90% of the world’s population so the survivors can become brain-controlled zombie slaves of the New World Order in Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

    This is quite the simplification of hundreds of books worth of information, with only the sketchiest outline of conclusions, and none of the evidence for it. A great deal more is found in Janet Ossebaard’s video series, “The Fall of the Cabal” and “Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal.”

    Aden Tate’s story closely resembles Biden’s and the lamestream media’s. Given their level of truth on everything else, I am profoundly skeptical of that story. One thing about Putin is that he obviously and dearly LOVES RUSSIA. And the heart of Russia is not Moscow; it is Kiev in the Ukraine. That is where Russia was baptized Christian over 1000 years ago in Ukraine’s river there, led by Prince Vladimir. Ukraine would be a shining pearl in Putin’s eyes, precious, its people cherished.

    Ukraine’s people have been suffering horribly for well over a decade since the US promulgated a color revolution there, overthrowing a severely corrupt dictator for a puppet who was even worse. This would have tormented the Russian people and anyone who loved them such as Putin. Only such emotions could seriously explain why Putin would let all the other former Soviet Republics carry on peaceably, while taking such expensive and risky action in Ukraine.

    But Biden’s predictions have very closely matched the current facts on the ground. Clearly, he knew something was up. Only time will tell what interpretations are correct.

    So what should we do? We should be adamantly opposed to ignorant Americans fighting in any way in this mess in a nation we know very little about and led in our efforts by Washington the District of CRIMINALS. We cannot be heroes that way, only escalations making a bad situation incomparably worse.

    We need to get actively involved and aware of LOCAL politics. Who’s running for County Commissioner? Is your sheriff a Constitutional Sheriff? In the past, messes like the USA wanted a violent revolution to take the bad guys out and put in a heroic good leader who would fix everything. That is fairy-tale and irresponsible. That approach has always led to a worse dictatorship who killed a lot of the people.

    No. We need to grow up. We need to do the long, hard work of building a better nation piece by piece from the bottom up.

  • Shame on me. Should have heard Putin’s speech last week but it was not disclosed in my country.
    Now we are facing a mass refugee wave and a possible escalation. I go get my s*** together an prepare for bugout.

  • It’s sad to say, but “we the people” are to blame for NOT removing the demonic entity’s that have infested this nation. We have allowed entity’s such as Sor-ass to hide in this country and fund evil, and the Clinton suicide foundation to prosper and “give” ($$$) China OUR military secrets. The “gay” Kenyan gave tours to china/russia on how to take down our power-grid infrastructure. All of this today has been pre-planned, run thru simulations hundreds of times to see the reactions and outcomes that would take place. Btw Putin told the deep-state satanist to go pound sand when they tried to run him under.
    Lately we provoke wars then run, such as what we have today. I stand with Putin in defending his people/country. He did NOT move Russia closer to the West, we moved nato to his borders. I was to study and learn about such individuals back in the early/mid 80’s. And btw I Have served in “2” different branch’s of the Military and w/Honors.
    I do not like the fact that BOTH sides have killed innocent people including children. You have to remember “WAR is HELL” and those w/o Christ in their hearts will intentionally ran over civilians w/Tanks shoot women in cars running away from danger.

    • I disagree, OF is subscribing to the classic “blame the victim” strategy favored by tyrants since time immemorial. If you are carjacked, are you to blame? If that school board member you did not vote for turns out to be a pederast, is that your doing? If people you know are evil take over the reins of power without your permission, what is your culpability? Most of us just want to be left alone. And you know what they say about people that get oppressed until they have nothing left to lose…

  • The excuse that Putin was just defending his borders from NATO expansion is bullshit. Many of the Balkan states are NATO members, and are already on his borders. Defending the people in the Donbas region is one more excuse, and doesn’t require the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is about Russian expansion when the U.S. has a weak, ineffectual leader – nothing more.

    Having said that, the Ukraine is not innocent in this. They have their share of corruption and international blunders of their own that can be blamed. If you truly fear for your country, you don’t throw open the doors of the armouries on the day of the invasion. You give out weapons and offer training to your population long before the event in a FREE country. And I believe that the Ukrainian president put way to much faith in the western powers/EU/NATO/UN helping him out. Heck, you can’t even get agreement on sanctions from the EU/NATO countries because it might hurt their economies.

    The U.S./western powers have allowed Russia to become this powerful through their own stupidity as they worry more about their “green new deal” than they do about energy independence. We have continued to make international deals that gave us absolutely nothing in return, but gave our enemies more power and emboldened them – can anyone say Iran Nuclear Deal!

    And one more question that I’ll ask here as well. NOBODY has been able to answer it, and nobody has mentioned it in the news or government. What about the BUDAPEST MEMORANDUM that was signed in 1994. This was supposed to guarantee the safety/security of the Ukraine in return for their surrender of their nuclear arsenal.

    • They are all about Green Deal because the real issue is they all worship the created rather than the Creator, and He has thus given them over to a reprobate ( unable to think soundly,logically or grasp truth) mind.

  • It’s pretty simple really: Putin wants the old USSR back and he’s taking it, piece by piece, just as he did with Georgia, Chechnya, and Crimea. He made that crystal clear during his speech and as another commenter has said, his excuses are pure bullshit. As a KGB officer, he excels in misinformation and disinformation. He saw the weakness in NATO and the US courtesy of the last couple of Presidential administrations and has acted on it. Neither Biden nor NATO nor Europe has the balls for a military confrontation. Trump would have handed Putin the keys in return for personal business concessions. Congress is too busy fighting for political points to do anything. Ukraine is, for all intents and purposes, again a part of the Russian Federation.

    As for those in this country who are pulling for Russia, such as Tucker Carlson and JD Vance, shame on you! You don’t know what you’re asking for. Collaborators have been tried as war criminals in the past. Just saying.

    • Jayne, sign up yourself and your children to go fight Russia.

      “Neither Biden nor NATO nor Europe has the balls for a military confrontation.”

      They’re handing out rifles to people in the street. Show us you’ve got a set of balls. Go volunteer in Ukraine, and take your kids with you.

  • Matthew 24:6

    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    “War, huh (good God y’all)
    What is it good for?
    Absolutely nothing, say it again”

    Well more fodder for the Russia, Russia, Russia crowd that much is for sure. More overt than the toppling of the Ukrainian government during the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan Revolution) by the western elites back in 2014. Is the US to blame for the incursion by Russia into Ukraine for not giving Russia assurances that NATO would not further advance on Russian borders? Perhaps if they actually promised back in 1990 not to expand east of Germany. But actually all governments lie. they lie to each other and they lie to their citizens.

    As Solzhenitsyn said: “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

    Actually war has historically served as a major distraction from both local and global issues & problems. Something else to top the daily news cycle besides covid, inflation, food shortages, supply chain disruptions, a stagnant economy, rampant crime in major cities and Honk, Honk freedom truckers. Forget all that and rally around the flag boys, but that may seem cynical.

    Russia invading Ukraine just might be the signal that the second seal has been broken. If this situation begins to escalate then the red horse has come forth. Famine will follow which is not hard to imagine even on a world wide scale given supply chain disruptions, fertilizer shortages and extreme weather conditions. Followed up by pestilence and we have heard the noise about more pandemics and bill gates shouting a new strain of aids from the rooftops. Could it be that we are entering the beginning of the great “7 Year Apocalypse”?

    Perhaps, but Matthew 24:36 reminds us;
    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Myself, here we will keep sorting through seeds and planning this year’s garden, tend to our chickens, fruit trees , berry bushes and strawberry patches. Focus on what is important and get your preps in order. It will be a rough road ahead, but keep on prepping and most of all keep on praying. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us. May we be so honored as to fulfill that purpose. These are interesting times indeed. We hope and pray to be part of the remnant to make it through and help rebuild to glorify Him.

    • my goodness john this site is tedious – rather watch Walter Veith “Whats up Prof” for proper info on world events from a Christian perspective – and remember to keep the 4th commandment!
      and for some others: why was MH17 shot down and by who really? The US needs a war again, irrespective of their losses of lives as in the past, to finance their money printing..

  • This has nothing to do with democracy but everything to do with interfering in other nations’ affairs (or more correctly, other governments interfering in other governments’ interests) and is a huge mistake for countries other than Ukraine and Russia to be involved. Putin understands that the power struggle is between Russia and the western globalists (fascists) and he will move to not only protect Russia, but devastate and destroy the west as much as is necessary. As much as is necessary is all up to the west. And in today’s world, the west, including the all talk and wimpy action USA, is no match for Russia. USA has been humiliated in every military action since WW II. Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Baltic wars, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    Current US administration is a ship of fools and psychopaths with a death wish. They will go down arrogantly and ignominiously and take as many with them as will stand for it.

  • not sure if putin exactly ‘lied’; he apparently repeatedly warned whoever that he could not tolerate NATO type entities supporting Ukraine, ostensibly because of proximity of ukraine border to moscow (3 minute flight time by missile); so bidumb sends how much lethal weaponry to ukraine….in tons and in dollar value? THAT IS A NATO entity, amerika, supporting Ukraine. Putin made good on his warning, in my understanding. Amerika thumbed its nose…by supporting with weaponry…then sending harris to negotiate! right…

    and kiev had been upping the attacks against the folks in donetsk…ongoing and increasing gunfire and mortars; families were fleeing, leaving all behind…heading for sanctuary in nearby russia; ukraine was firing on its own population!

  • Within three months, Ukraine will have free elections once again and
    will stay with Russia instead of the sheep in the west.

    After that the government of the fading US empire will turn on it’s own
    people and the masses will do nothing and we be nothing more
    than a bad memory for the rest of the world.

    We have forsaken our responsibilities as citizens and more
    importantly, parents. Now the reaper wants his due.

  • This deal in Ukraine is not about the common people although they will bear the brunt of the pain and loss. War is an awful thing unless you are one of the parasitic globalists who will grow even richer by creating another war. Putin is in this category. Remember he has ties with both Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab to this day. They all love the idea of Order out of Chaos. This could be another manufactured crisis to do just that. The “Great Reset” is still the goal.

    What better way to recoup from the Covid disaster than to get a war started? There still remains a cabal of globalists wanting to destroy all freedoms in America. A “war” with Russia would be a great way to continue to foment further divisions in this country. Look at all the suggestions that the Russians are going to do bad things like cyber attacks here. All of this will deflect attention away from authoritarian disputes that have the country divided now. Look for the legacy media to print all kinds of ridiculous things in the coming days. Most of it to bring back the whole Russian specter that came with the Cold War. That actually began before Russia even moved into Ukraine.
    Look at the timing as Covid fades and is revealed for the experimental disaster that it was!

    We have stagflation going on here now and a war would be great cover to deepen this issue. So many ways to put more pain on the people here with this latest deal. Biden told Russia yesterday that the US would not buy any more wheat from them. A few hours later China stepped up to buy that same wheat from Russia! Who will pay the price there? The American people in the form of higher prices for all things wheat! Someone called this Kabuki Theater. I agree. Massive sleight of hand going on here.

    The US has pumped some 5 billion into Ukraine since the 90’s along with a corrupt cabal of gov’t that the good ole CIA helped install. This whole thing smells very bad to me.

    The US is innocent in nothing. We are part of the global cartel too. Nothing personal Jose. Please don’t be upset with me for calling it as I see it. There is always more to these things than what is obvious. Think global chess game with the common folks as collateral damage for the chess masters to use in their game. They said themselves that they want the “Great Reset.” Freedom loving Americans are a huge obstacle to this end and the globalists are pragmatic if nothing else. The end justifies the means to them.

    I firmly believe a country has a responsibility to its own citizens first. The US is doing a terrible job of taking care of its citizens. Our leaders did not even condemn the power grab that Trudeau made up north. Think that can’t happen here?
    We will most likely be drawn into the quagmire in Ukraine and it will be used in the name of the “Great Reset.”

    • I don’t disagree with the exception of one point. It is NOT the responsibility of government to take care of us. It is the government’s responsibility to protect our rights that will enable us to take care of ourselves.

  • Most Americans are so Brainwashed with MSM Commie Propaganda. Ukraine was stolen in 2014 in brutal take over of a democratic nation by the West and Obama and Biden and installed their shill puppet Zilensky. I am happy to see Putin standing up to the Globalists and their Ukraine commie shill government and this phony Zilensky who should be tried for being a war criminal and theft and rape of Ukraines assets. Russia supplies 35% of Europe’s Gas and Biden wanted to cut that off to steal more market share for his own profit. Guess what US Political Hacks have children who work for various Ukraine energy companies?? ANSWER: Mitt Romney’s kid, Nancy Polosi’s Kid, Basement Biden’s dope offspring Hunter, and John Kerry’s Kid. Anything the US media says its the opposite of what is really going on. Wake up people. Stopped being duped with propaganda. Putin is no at war with Ukraine or their people, he is removing a rogue commie installed western corrupt government operating in Ukraine. Putin is standing up to the Globalists. So who’s side are you on?

  • Reading everyone’s thoughtful responses, I kept thinking, “Nothing is ever what it seems.”

    Who really knows how this will all play out? As preppers we can glean from the experiences of others to inform ourselves of more possibilities to ready ourselves for. Work hard. Night is coming. Discern truth. Deception is rampant. Pray for wisdom. God has committed Himself to always answer everyone’s requests for wisdom.

    Let’s keep our wits about us and be cautious about what explanations for things we might buy into. It’s obvious someone is stirring the pot and wants folks to be confused.

  • Been studying this for nearly a year and have no sympathy for the two faced Zalensky. If hes so much an Idiocrat that he would let a lying and known duplicitous West and NATO lead him down a path to self destruction … is all on him.

    When he mentioned becoming a nuclear state and continued plans to wage conflict with the Donbass 7 years after agreeing to not persecute them … Then his govt deserves all it gets.

    Live by the coup …. die by the coup!

  • russia will crush ukrian. biden will get hell from both sides here in states. china will move against taiwan within weeks. biden will over react and welcome world war 3

  • Russian forces began rolling into Ukrainian in the night hours of February 23″ 2/23/2022

    223 & 222, 223 or invert 322 & 2+2+2=6

    322, 3×2=6×2=12 6&6&6

  • Russian forces began rolling into Ukrainian in the night hours of February 23″ 2/23/2022

    223 & 222, 223 or invert 322 & 2+2+2=6

    322, 3×2=6×2=12 6&6&6
    Skull and bones

  • It looks like several of these videos are questionable at best according to some things I’ve seen. Propaganda is unfortunately everywhere. Stay cynical.

  • This didn’t need to have happened. NATO promised Russia that NATO would never move into previous Eastern Bloc countries. NATO (US) lied. The US engineered a coup to oust a legitimate democratically elected government from Ukraine in 2014 and install a US puppet. The US then began pulling the strings while ignoring the Nazi tendencies within Ukraine (Ukraine fought with the Nazis in WWII and Russia hasn’t forgotten). If the Ukraine has honored the Minsk Agreement regarding the two eastern breakaway territories and made clear Ukraine was not interested in NATO membership none of this would have happened. But the US couldn’t stay out of it, so here we are.
    Russia supplies 25% of the world’s fertilizer. Both Russia and Ukraine are major wheat/grain producers. Now all that is lost. Now after Brandon destroyed the energy independence of the US he is buying over 220,000 barrels of oil a month from Russia, (still). Shipping that oil just increased by 300% from Russian ports, 600% from Russian Black Sea ports. Brandon says we must “sacrifice for freedom”. Whose freedom? Brandon and his entire cabal should be in prison as traitors! This fiasco in Ukraine is likely to continue ratcheting up until someone does something really, really stupid and then the nukes come out.

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