Reset on Your Terms, or be Forced into the “Great Reset” on Theirs

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by Kratos

Knowing their mind control over the masses is so perfect that hardly anyone can have a human reaction to it, the power elite get off on bragging about what they will do to us. Inevitably, when we “right-wing conspiracy theorists” point out the firmly established dystopian nightmare we currently reside in, the response from those masses is to (disingenuously) ask us for a solution to the problem.

We respond, knowing they’re not really interested in an answer. The basis of the question is merely to suggest there can’t be a solution. Outside of the political processes that have brought us to this terrible state in the first place, that is. 

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, I have ideas on what might pass for solutions to this problem. These are my solutions, which came to me through the lens of my own knowledge of the current situation, the sequence of events and ideas that brought us here, and the stated agenda of the people who will carry them and us into the future. 

Take what serves you and leave the rest. Your knowledge and experience, your level of incredulity to the seriousness of the situation, and your environment may bring you to different conclusions, different solutions.

But whatever you are going to do, start doing it yesterday.

Crippling inflation is here, and will get worse under the Great Reset.

As the world begins to abandon the dollar as the dominant reserve currency, the ghosts of Weimar and Zimbabwe darken our door. Unlike Zimbabwe and Weimar, this hyperinflation is planned, so they can use the crisis to implement agendas no one would otherwise approve.

Couple this reality with the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century – Agenda 21 for short. Signed by George H.W. Bush at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, the plan was for massive depopulation of the planet and theft of the vast majority of land from the citizens. This was followed by Agenda 2030 – the original agenda on steroids.

The World Economic Forum rebranded the agenda as The Great Reset.

You can read it all for yourself, but beware, you risk alienation if you speak of it

A map of the United States under Agenda 21 shows almost no land allowed for human activity and just a few tiny blips – the smart super cities – where humans will be herded, tagged, and tracked like cattle into twenty-by-thirty foot paddocks. It’s a plan so evil it is incomprehensible to the average person. Anyone who dares speak of it, even though the documents are easily accessed and read, risks being seen as an utterly deranged, paranoid lunatic.

In this society, the cost of sanity is a certain level of alienation, as many of you surely know. Pay it gladly.

As a pandemic was used to paralyze the world with fear, it became clear it was the perfect cover to nuke the economy once and for all, and to implement heretofore unthinkable tenets of Agenda 21 and other aspects of their generations-long enslavement plans. The supply chain was trashed and has yet to recover. Farms were forced to destroy horrific amounts of product; vegetables, dairy, meat.

Under the Great Reset and other “climate change” initiatives being rolled out as you read, your diets will be strictly controlled, and meat will virtually be eliminated. You will eat worms and bugs, and you will never be happier.

My moment of truth

As this was all unfolding, one day, as I was lying in bed, I came to my moment of truth: I will lose everything.

I had already lost my job, and the government response to the pandemic had decimated my industry. Suddenly all the excuses I made for being unable to lessen my dependency on the grid evaporated. I had no choice. There was absolutely no circumstance under which I would allow them to inject me. And I knew that alone would mean I needed to “reset” on my own terms or be destroyed by theirs.

This, of course, beckoned me back to why I became a prepper and all of those things in the first place – the urge to take stock of all of the necessities in my life that I am not currently in control of and take control of them, only now with extreme prejudice and urgency. This includes but is perhaps not limited to water, food, shelter, energy, and security at a fundamental survival level.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you stop making excuses

I, of course, enthusiastically claimed the obscene pandemic unemployment money, knowing they were going to destroy the economy whether I took it or not (I did not buy a new TV, I assure you). Once that ran out, we lived month to month. And we even had to allow our car to be repossessed because we couldn’t afford both the mortgage and a car payment. With further and more profound economic crises imminent and inevitable, I knew our days were numbered (because that is the plan). I knew they would eventually foreclose on our house, and we would lose our home and all of the equity we built over the nine-plus years we lived there.

My wife and I implemented our own Great Reset: We sold our house and made enough profit after it was all said and done to buy a piece of raw, secluded land, debt-free. To live in the meantime, we purchased a travel trailer that we set up on the property while developing the homestead, including our permanent residence.

Many of you may be thinking about the family who did the same thing and had their property confiscated by the local constabulary. Take these sorts of things into account when you make your own plan. Something like that simply does not happen where I live. The county permit office is well aware of my plans for this land and has offered zero resistance. I have permits for septic and power, and these are now installed on my property with their royal blessings.

Our homestead, free and clear and thriving

We have secured, free and clear, land, shelter, and waste management (septic). In the coming weeks will have a well installed, so we have water. Let me be clear that in the near term, our power is connected to the grid, and our well will be connected to our on-grid power, so this is not optimal. As I progress in my plan, I’ll implement redundancies in all of these. I also have a creek and a pond on the property, along with multiple wells I plan to install. Therefore, water will almost always be available.

For food, I am building a 3,200 square foot garden area that will have fourteen 100 square foot raised beds, a greenhouse, and various fruit trees and shrubs when finished. I already have my chickens on site, laying eggs. When the fencing is fully installed, there should be enough land for my chickens to free-range and produce eggs with little to no supplemental feed.

We have rabbits currently housed at a friend’s house. The rabbits will be brought on property in a few weeks and will be bred for meat. I have planted 15 moringa trees, which, along with all that can be foraged from the many acres of forest that we own, will provide much of their food needs through our long growing season.

And finally, we plan to raise quail for meat because they mature much earlier than chickens, are easy to turn over and replace, and are tastier than chicken meat. The many acres of forest surrounding the homestead is plentiful in wild game and wild edibles – deer, squirrel, hog, blackberries, huckleberries, acorns, etc. Once my food systems are in full production, I’ll have enough food to survive and perhaps thrive.

Community is needed for the greater good

I am under no delusions that my land will be a kingdom unto itself, independent and fully self-contained with no need for help or trade with the rest of society. Despite the relative seclusion of our 10.5 acres, people do live in our neighborhood. I have already begun to plant the seeds of an interdependent community there.

This is the essence of agorism – the counter economy. Because people like me will soon be shut out of the “white” economy, controlled by the Establishment, for me to survive, I will have to rely on the community to work together through black and grey markets and otherwise voluntary cooperation.

I can grow food, but I’m not good at, say, repairing my car. Also, I don’t have many of the tools and machinery required to manage a large piece of land. People in my neighborhood do, which will have to be the foundation for our counter-economy, or, as the vonuans call it, our ethical enclave. We will have each other’s backs and help one another in times of need. We will rely on each other for security – it’s safe to assume they are all well armed; I hear them every time I visit. Perhaps we will even develop our own currency. We will build a micro-society of people who didn’t sit on their butts and watch their lives be stolen. 

Decide, before its too late

If you end up reading my work regularly, you’ll quickly find that I am fond of quotes. Historical quotes, movie quotes, it doesn’t matter. I promise not to quote Lord of the Rings too often, but here is a sequence in Fellowship of the Ring that I hope inspires you to take action, deal with the reality you’ve been handed, and not be a victim:

Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

This encapsulates, I think, the fundamental hurdle most people won’t be able to clear as the Great Reset forces them to choose between the Establishment slave grid and whatever options are available to them as time continues to run out. Most people think they are entitled to the American Dream, entitled to a life better than their parents had, and that their children are entitled to a life better than they had.

It is a harsh reality to accept all that has been stolen from us

I will likely never do many of the things I’ve always dreamed of doing, like visiting the ancient monuments of Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, and Latin America. I won’t have a career with retirement nor a pension. When I die, I will have little to leave my children.

It is, in fact, likely, I have conceded, almost all of those closest to me will not heed my warnings. Nor will they take urgent, radical, direct action to remove themselves from the horrors here now and to come. I have fought for them, fought for their minds, to awaken them, to show them what must be done – which was always, ever, to JUST. SAY. NO. Hardly anyone listened.

When I say give up hope, it is not out of despair but a harsh, honest analysis of the present reality.

In the battle for the hearts and minds of humanity, we lost. New pandemics, new variants, new vaccines, deepening economic crises, new false flags, new draconian, dystopian hells are about to be unleashed. The year 2020 left me no doubt what the reaction of the masses will be. Even if they know it’s fake or overblown, they’ll comply because the spirit of independence and rebellion has been bred out of them through generations of cumulative trauma-based mind control. The Establishment continuously brags about what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what they plan to do, and, year over year, generation over generation, no one ever hangs for it. It is what it is.

I have fought my fight, and I am not bitter

This isn’t me throwing my hands at the ignorant sheep, saying they don’t deserve to be awakened. It is me knowing that if I expend too much energy trying to wake people up to stop something that has already been done, I will be sucked into the same black hole as everyone else. This isn’t the starting gun, my friends. We’ve crossed the finish line. This is the Endgame. I can only decide what to do with the time given me, the time I still have left. 

And if I am wrong, if the hero swoops in to save us, or, by some miracle, the masses are not as vacuous, helplessly traumatized, and chemically lobotomized as I estimate, no one will be happier than I. Maybe I can still take that trip to Egypt. But I have already committed myself to this life for so long that it is what I enjoy. It is what I want, come hell or high water. 

So there I will be, on my homestead, eating the best food, enjoying peace and solitude, until I shuffle off the mortal coil. And if circumstances arise that there is no way out of this dystopian hell, not even completely unplugging from their Matrix, that’s the hill I will die on, and I am ready for it.

There are fates worse than death, and those are not my future. Are they in yours?

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Kratos has been prepping for civilizational collapse of various types since the 2007-08 economic crash, when, studying its economic causes, came to the horrifying conclusion that the next collapse was not only inevitable but would be final. He implements and integrates survival, prepping, homesteading, agorism, and VONU to increase resiliency, build networks of interdependency, decrease vulnerability to coercion, and, as Camus said, “become so absolutely free that [his] very existence is an act of rebellion.” Connect with him on MeWe and on Bitchute

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About the Author

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