Setting the Stage for Tyranny: Public Schools Deliberately Create a Culture of Fear

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What is the best way to ensure that gun control takes place within a generation?

Forget trying to change the minds of those who already have guns.  The best way to do this is to encourage a culture of fear among young people.

And the public school system, with all of its zero-tolerance lunacy, is doing just that. They are setting the stage for tyranny.

Case in point:

Yesterday in Baltimore, some students saw a person carrying a tripod through the school.  Frightened, they reported this to administrators, which resulted in an immediate lockdown:

This morning, KIPP Ujima Village Academy and KIPP Harmony were placed in heightened security status, based on a report of a possible intruder. Police responded and secured the building, while police and school staff together ensured the safety of all children and staff. After a thorough investigation, police determined that there was no intruder in the building or on school grounds.

“As a precaution while the large school building was searched, students were taken by bus to the shared campus of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Western High School. Parents were contacted by phone and through local and social media channels, and were directed to pick up children from that location. (source)

As it turned out, the person carrying the tripod was a journalism student and the tripod was for his camera. However, a SWAT team descended on the school and children and parents alike were terrified after a 4 hour lockdown scenario.

Critical thought is not encouraged. Panic is praised.

Security ‘expert’ Rob Weinhold sums it up:

“It’s just not a time to use any judgment. Take the guesswork out. Lock down the school system. Make sure everyone is safe.” (source)

Another incident recently occurred in Maryland when two people hunting ducks with a pellet gun caused terror on the campus of Stevenson University.

The Owings Mills campus was locked down for more than two hours Monday after someone reported a man with a gun.

Investigators say two students hunting ducks with a pellet gun caused that incident.

“The bottom line is that lockdowns save lives,” said security expert Rob Weinhold.

He says in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, school officials cannot be cautious enough when there’s a suspicion of a gunman on campus. (source)

The issue here is pretty clear.  The younger generation is being taught that the very sight of a gun or anything that could be related to a gun is a reason for fear.  That fear is cemented in the minds of children and parents when they are traumatized by the handling of the incidents.

Kids are getting in trouble for drawing pictures of guns. For having tools which are sharp. For wearing t-shirts with the word “gun” printed on them. For cutting their poor, defenseless food in the lunchroom. For biting a pastry into a shape that could either be a gun or the state of Florida.  Maybe we should outlaw maps of Florida because the shape of that state is “intimidating.”

They are being taught to have an irrational fear of inanimate objects.  And because everyone else shares that fear, that mass delusion, it becomes “normal”.  It becomes so commonplace that it isn’t fear anymore, but an accepted fact: “Guns are scary.”

The fear is quite literally being implanted. When police refuse to tell people what is going on, when kids are rapidly evacuated, when cops in military-style SWAT gear swoop in – all of these dramatic scenes are not soon forgotten.  When the dreaded “gun sighting” occurs in the future, the natural human response is to flash back to the last time that it happened.  Instantly, the emotional response is overwhelming fear.


When you read the following statements from those involved in the lockdown, keep in mind this incident was not triggered by a masked man with a machine gun firing in the hallways. This series of emotional responses began when someone saw a kid with a camera tripod. 

“They were really freaking out because the police were pushing you away so you didn’t know what was going on,” said Michelle Ward, parent.

The school told parents to meet at Poly-Western.

They quickly swarmed the parking lot and turned to each other for support.

“My child is in there. I know he a nervous wreck,” one mother said.

Tiffany Taylor has four children at KIPP Academy.

“It’s really frightening to hear on the radio that something is going on at the school,” Taylor said.

A large group of several hundred parents were on hand when police told the crowd all children were safe and would soon be bused to Poly to reunite with their families.

“In my heart, I felt a little relieved but I still need to see my children and be reunited with them. It just won’t be over until I get them home,” Taylor said.

Though it took some time and a lot of patience from parents, the buses started arriving and reunions got underway.

Student Damaya Smith told us about her ordeal.

“Everybody started crying. We had to hide because we felt uncomfortable,” she said. “It was a little scary when it started, but I listened to my teacher.”

For her parents, it was the perfect end to a long day.

“I’m just glad everything is OK. I’m just happy that nobody got hurt,” said Derrick Smith, parent. (source)

Make no mistake, this is deliberate. Those in charge are setting the stage for tyranny beyond our wildest dreams and they will never have to fire a shot. These kids will be begging the government to take away all of the guns and keep them “safe”. People that are this afraid of a tripod aren’t going to be leading the next revolution.

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  • Wow, a tripod??? I don’t fault the school for not taking any chances, but the kids responsible for reporting that someone was carrying a gun probably need to be put into special classes…

  • There is no question that we in the US are living under a Fascist collective government. Is not one of the first steps that such a government takes, before it initiates it’s forth coming mass persecution to confiscate all weapons? Study your history, then answer obvious questions for your selves America

  • I agree Daisy. This reminds me of these Hitler quotes.

    “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
    – Adolf Hitler

    When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
    – Adolf Hitler

  • Daisy, you hit a home run! “Those in charge are setting the stage for tyranny beyond our wildest dreams”.

    Sadly most of America’s government-controlled 501c3 churches today bow to the government just like Germany’s churches did for Hitler (see KY Mom’s quotes above). Sorry but we are bowing only to Christ! Our liberty church and Pastor has taken a public stand to refuse to be disarmed. Like Christ said, sell your clothes if necessary to buy a sword. Note that private sword ownership was ILLEGAL.

    To naysayers who misinterpret Romans 13 to justify not protecting their love ones and kissing Caesar’s feet: Take your seat on the FEMA bus, and forget ye were a countryman.

  • One could say much the same thing about how the regime is using hysteria to promote its vaccination agenda.

  • Great article Daisy. I teach gov/econ to seniors in a public school and the fear culture is everywhere. The kids aren’t allowed to listen to music through their headphones due to safety issues. This give administrators and teachers an opportunity to destroy/extort student property without recourse. It happens all the time.

    The kids are waking up though. It’s really cool 🙂

  • All I’m doing is getting young people interested in guns, then training them how to handle and operate them safely and responsibly. It is not hard to get a teenage boy (girls too of course) excited about firing a pistol with all pretend, infantile video games they devour. Obviously and ad nauseum, education is the key. Duh.

  • Will you please read the following report in full

    Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks the Cabal’s Back?

    though you may not be familiar with the material as you read it in full I hope you see the connections and possible evidence that leads to the possible truth behind the missing Malasian flight mh-370, if you find this article credible I urge you to look deeper and share with others

  • Great article, one of the best on this subject I’ve seen in awhile. The thing that freaks me out, is how many of these bureaucrats, administrators, principals, & even ‘teachers’ have to be aware on some level, that all this hysterical fear-mongering is a big, destructive, crock.I don’t think you can change the world for the better, by lying to younger generations (which seems to have been going on since before our great-grandparents time), I wonder what sold them on such an evil strategy.(& are they even aware how evil?) I mean, this will not bode well for them either.(or do they think that far ahead, in soviet Russia, the ‘Checka’ got the rude surprise, when they discovered that they were next….)

    • In education, it seems the higher up the administrative food chain none gets (and thus, the farther one gets away from the classroom) the less one considers the impact on the students. I think most administators are evil tyrants and so they probably like the control they have in these situations.

      Most teachers I know see these drills as the district trying to cover its ass and not get sued in case something ever happens. Teachers are ignorant to these issues and are just trying to keep their heads above water. However, they are very unhappy in the current education paradigm. The teacher turnover rate at some of the good schools is incredible because people can’t handle it.

      I do my best to talk with the kids about all these issues (I am the so called “conspiracy theory” teacher at the school).

      I will say that this year I invited our Congressman to have a town hall with my students so we could film it and use the footage to make documentaries for a CSPAN competition and my students grilled Pete Sessions- absolutely roasted him. It will be on youtube within the next month and a half or so.

      Some of us are really trying….

      • A friend’s teenage daughter told me that most of the teachers in her school are quite decent, & reasonable, & it is the administration that is driving everyone insane(along with common core, an exceptionally creepy psychologist/councilor,etc.). Her school is also hated by other schools due to it being an ‘Arts’ school that scores much higher in science, than the local ‘science’ school ( among other things), But it looks like she is graduating in time to avoid the changes being forced on this school in the next year ( big surprise).
        She also told me of a no-warning, shooter drill, wherein a student escaped outside,& tried to help other students & teachers escape only to be screamed at to return to the building.(presumably to take that bullet like they’re ‘supposed to’).

  • I’m pretty sure this country is phuqued. I just can’t visualize those non-prescription glasses wearing, goatee’d, limp wristed, screenwriting, Starbucks denizens ever having the cojones to rise up in defense of anyone or anything.

  • Jesus Christ man, US is so screwed up it’s too late. pack up and leave. it’s a nanny state country and on the odd occassion your government tries to do something good you get the phat phucks like alex jones crying conspiracy while trying to sell you the latest survival product…

    money makes the world go around people. you’re country is fcuked already but don’t turn to con artists like alex jones.

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