Forget Agenda 21: UN’s 2030 Agenda Will ‘Transform the World’

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Bloom Where You’re Planted

(A version of this article was originally published Sept. 2015)

If you think Agenda 21 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you learn what the creepily utopian 2030 Agenda has in store for us all.

Once again Germany has stepped forward with their ideas of how to speed up the arrival of a one-world government.

While all eyes were on Obama and his creepily NWO speech,  the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave an address that went largely unnoticed.  It was a lengthy speech – you can read his entire address here – but these are some takeaway points:

“We could also choose to put our faith in the power of diplomacy or shrug our shoulders” in the face of the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen he said, noting that Europe also faces a choice of fighting to hold the region together or allowing it to fall apart again and be overrun by populists.

“The United States is also faced with a choice; in six weeks’ time, here too, the choice is about the supposed withdrawal from a crisis-ridden world – which some are calling for – or cooperation with international partners to solve some of those problems, he continues, noting that this choice “is important for all of us.” Indeed, “withdrawal, resignation, going it alone, or, responsibility for a better future; that is the choice in many places,” he said.

The United Nations would remain the central forum, for tackling these issues, he said. In the context of all the crisis meetings, “it gives me hope that we have made an important choice, the right choice, of the direction we want to take and that we have chosen unity and sustainability,” he said calling the 2030 Agenda a global pact that is the point of convergence for dealing with poverty and underdevelopment.

Now we know when they want the takeover to be completed: 2030.

What is the 2030 Agenda?

We have all heard of Agenda 21, but the 2030 Agenda isn’t quite so familiar. Agenda 2030 emphasizes gender and racial equality, eradication of poverty, and the total abolition of violence and hate. It lays out that the future world is based entirely on these goals and that the only way to achieve these things is through sustainable development and control of climate change. Oh – and the planet will also be totally poverty free by 2030 as well.

Here are a few of the pertinent points:

  • It actually came into effect in January 2016.
  • Its full title is ‘Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • The areas covered by the Agenda are people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.
  • The 17 goals and 169 targets of the Agenda seek to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete those that were not achieved.
  • The ‘Declaration’ agreed upon at the United Nations meeting in New York has 53 points.
  • Point 2 sets the tone: ‘On behalf of the peoples we serve, we have adopted a historic decision on a comprehensive, far-reaching and people-centered set of universal and transformative goals and targets. We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030’. 

Points 5, 18, 28, and particularly point 29 are particularly interesting. Now, in theory, it’s wonderful – rainbows and unicorns for everyone. It’s repetitive in the extreme, constantly pointing out the sanctity of sovereign nations and saying these issues apply TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET…

So, how does the 2030 Agenda morph into the arrival of a one-world government?

Simple: it is entirely impossible to achieve what they have laid out without a one-world government, the New World Order we have heard so much about over the last few years.

This is what they are stating WILL be achieved by 2030 with all countries somehow miraculously retaining their own culture, resources, and economies:

  • Total eradication of hunger across the planet.
  • Total eradication of race inequality across the planet.
  • Total eradication of poverty across the planet.
  • Total eradication of gender inequality across the planet.
  • Total eradication of war across the planet.
  • Total eradication of Malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases across the planet.
  • Total eradication of TB across the planet.
  • A set standard of education for every child on the planet.
  • Clean water and sanitation for every person on the planet.
  • A decent job for every worker on the planet.
  • Sustainable economic growth in every country on the planet.
  • Sustainable agriculture across the planet.
  • sustainable livestock production across the planet.
  • A reduction in natural resource use in every country on the planet.
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in every industrialized nation on the planet.
  • A reduction in flood and drought events in susceptible locations around the world.

There are other odds and ends they have thrown in but the bottom line is that they intend for all of these things to be done by the year 2030.



There are barely a half dozen countries on the planet that can engage in conversation without some disagreement and they honestly expect us to believe that there will be enough international co-operation while retaining nation sovereignty, to achieve even one goal on that list?

The Islamic State will be our friends?

India will give water to Pakistan?

North and South Korea will kiss and make-up?

Iran will stop making nuclear bombs?

Israel and Palestine will finally shake hands and sort out their differences?


Achieving ANY of the goals on that list is impossible unless one single government calls the shots and enforces conditions whereby the goals become achievable. That means the removal of sovereign status for individual nations. It means one giant money pot made up of cash from every nation that has the cash to finance these initiatives.

Globalism just took on a whole new meaning.

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  • I’m certain the NWO is pushing this agenda. That’s why we’re seeing all the political decent and clashes when we’re suppose to be having a free speech rally. Yes……Unfortunately, the more they push the more War we will see!!

  • Could it have something possibly to do with de-populating the earth?
    Perhaps a bunch of F.E.M.A. camps will be set up all over the place and thousands/millions will be put into them all co-existing together.
    There must be a sinister dark plan underneath all of this.
    You are correct, it doesn’t seem possible that this will ever materialize but it certainly looks great on paper and it does sound really refreshing and peaceful.

    But then the Holy Bible tells us that “WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SAFETY THE END WILL COME.
    Perhaps by 2030 JESUS CHRIST will return to the earth.
    According to scripture that’s supposed to happen with 2018-2028 so it’s running close isn’t it?

  • So how is this going to take place? One vehicle that I see being used is the social security number. When everyone is numbered and dependent on a governing body to function in society control is simplified.
    For those that maybe think this is outlandish I suggest a study in this area.

    Transforming lives. Shaping societies

    The World Social Security Forum took place in Panama City, Panama, from 14 to 18 November 2016.

    The Forum is the largest and most important international event for social security and involved more than 1,000 participants, including ministers, administrators, CEOs and senior managers from ISSA member organizations in all world regions. The Forum was hosted by the Social Insurance Fund of Panama.

  • Would you folks be happier if a UN Committee called for war, poverty, starvation, illness, and general yuckiness as desirable goals?

    • Pat: All their flowery rhetoric is to FOOL everyone that their goals are benevolent. They want to enslave the world with their evil agendas.

    • I realize this is an older comment. I hope you’ve learned what’s actually happening. This is the same thing that happened in Russia some 100 years ago, and depending on the number you believe, it left between 40 and 66 million white Christians dead! The same group/ideology is behind this, also. I suggest watching ‘Know More News’ on YouTube to find out who this group is.

  • There is another way they can achieve their goals. There will be no hunger or poverty, everyone will have a good job etc. if all the poor and hungry and sick, and all those who disagree are made to disappear. Eliminated.
    I recall the statement made by Ronald Reagan, that the 9 most frightening words are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  • Globalism or those globalists are THE greatest threat to the world.

    Fight them by going local or being self-reliant.

    • I’m just curious what you mean by “self-reliant”? Is that the same self-reliance that was used to rape and pillage Africa, the Middle East, and South/Central America? The greatest threats is fascists at the top and their lap dog police.. end of story.

  • My understanding is that all countries have to be in the NWO for these globalists to take control. Do not see how they will ever be able to get control of Russia when Russia wants nothing to do with them. And with the advanced weaponry that Russia has (SR 2eight Sarmat “Satan 2”) as just one example. Globalism is losing in the Middle East. Nationalism all over the world is taking hold. People are waking up and getting mad. I think in the end they will lose BIG TIME.

  • A. The UN is a classic example of a “paper tiger” which means a person or thing which appears threatening, but is ineffectual. (I’d quote an actual definition but every time I try, I lose the rest of the comment! Sorry, but anyway, that’s what it means.)

    B. Every committee wishes, above all, to perpetuate itself. This is based on a long life and having observed many committees! Therefore, they generally set goals which are unattainable. After all, if they set realistic goals, they might actually be achieved….and then they’re out of business! So far as I know, all bureaucrats are pretty much alike, no matter what country they are from.

    C. Therefore, this is something I wouldn’t worry about at all.

    D. If you want to worry about something, see Daisy’s next post. It’s a doozy, and has lots of *real* things which actually *do* happen, and they happen often, to worry about!

  • does everyone at the un who contributes to these agendas have arrested development. these are the kkkind of silly utopian proposals we came up with innnn high school elective classes.

  • If you study LIEberals you will see they believe and operate in the sphere of what I call THE GREAT LIE. Their father is SATAN and we all know his MO – the MURDER and the LIE.

    All their goals listed will lead to this. If you read carefooly every one means the OPPOSITE of what will occur. And if you know liberals, you know what they CALL you are what THEY are.

    They are LIARS and NEVER believe what they say.

  • World Refuses to Wake Up to Progressive Pathological Grandious Lies Of OWO NWO Agendas, Low Information, Uninformed Useless Idiots; Prefer Normalcy Bias. How well has, is this all working out in World History, for Venezuela, other countries past, present; future???

  • The Bible speaks of a one world government in the end times. Is this the beginning of the end? I don’t know, only God knows. What I do know is that the world we live in will continue to get worse no matter what government is in charge of where. One world government will only speed the extinction of mankind. Believe that or not, it is not for me to force my views on others, only to speak my own thoughts.

  • Without the USA, completely crushed, or completely 100% on board (neither of which is ever going to happen) and given Germany is having a hard time keeping just the EU together, this goal is pie in the sky nonsense.

    (2030 lols more like 3030 and the cockroaches will be the only lifeforms in charge of said one world government.)

    If I believed otherwise I wouldn’t be prepping.

  • They are fundamentally wrong on one point – the one about forever eradicating war. As long as there is an NWO, I will be at war with it.

    • All U.S. President’s are on board with UN Agenda 21 (aka UN Agenda 2030). It doesn’t matter if it is Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton. All of them support UN Agenda 21 and none of them criticize it. All of the world’s nations have signed on to UN Agenda 21. Russia, China, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, India, South Korea, you name it. All signed on to UN Agenda 21 100%. Have you even heard Trump criticize or even mention it? No. And you never will. So it matters not what legislation is passed by congress and the senate and what the President does. UN Agenda 21/2030 continues to move forward towards full implementation by the year 2030 (12 years people).


  • Everything has its time and this has its time. The Book of Daniel in the Bible perfectly lays out a full description of agenda 2030. It is call the fourth kingdom on earth and it covers and crushes the whole earth.

    Nevertheless, we must stand in its way until the Lord removes it himself. Its coming but i also know the Lord will come afterwards to make it right.


  • I don’t have a degree in psychology or psychiatry, but this NWO is NOT going to work. This is going to be a “War of the Elite Billionaires” and we will ALL lose. Selfish, self-serving elitists will NEVER agree on ANYTHING as they will each want to be “in control” of what happens and when. It’s all a “control freak” thing. There will be plotting, scheming, and back stabbing going on as there always has been. This is all “what the h**l else is new” with all of these “agendas”?? Money and power makes people with it totally power crazed junkies. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” Lord Acton.
    I’ll keep on prepping as much as I can and pray that it will be enough.

  • “This is what they are stating WILL be achieved by 2030 ”

    The powers that be (those who control the UN) know this is impossible and it will not be accomplished. However they wish to convince the public that it is possible and that UN Agenda 21/2030 is what will accomplish it. It is a fraud. What it will bring is tyranny and slavery to all people. Here is what UN Agenda 21/2030 is all about.

  • The 1%ers who control the big banks and thus the worlds economies want the New World Order(NWO). We are seeing it now . The death of cash is one example. Cash will be eliminated and we shall all be forced to use some electronic currency. With these “credits” in our account instead of cash….the worlds leaders can simply say…”…..hmmm…..we need X trillion dollars for Y……what percentage is that of our peoples funds? 1/10th of one percent? very well take it from them on the first of the month”….Thats it. With some clicks of the mouse you loose 1/10th of one percent of your “wealth”….Thats what the New World Order wants…total control. How? your money. You will also be chipped or marked with some number ( the bible says it the mark of the beast). And if you don’t allow your self to be marked, you can’t participate in commerce. You can’t buy anything….nada…..If you think this is “conspiracy theory 101” check out all the cash restrictions now. In the USA you can’t withdraw $10,000 unless you fill in a form…it goes to the gov’t. In India they recently banned the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. There are other cash restrictions, Google this….Europe tried the Economic Union but we see that Great Britain and Italy got tired of being told what to do by Belgium, the home office of the EU. England revolted from the EU by their Brexit vote and Italy is going to follow. I think the NWO will try and control all of the economic leaders than go for the third world countries. the NWO will promise the third world anything to get their cooperation then by passing UN votes…the NWO will take over…thats how I see it. “1984”…..the novel of one totalitarian regime in charge is coming ever closer…….

  • “it is entirely impossible to achieve what they have laid out without a one-world government.” If it is impossible to achieve world peace without a one-world government, then shouldn’t we just get with the nwo?

  • Well, here we are in June 2020. Agenda 2030 is already well underway. The UN/WHO has managed to get the whole world into lockdown or semi-lockdown, social distancing, contact tracing and tracking, and next, mandatory vaccinations.

    All they have to do is reduce the world’s population. This fake ‘pandemic’ and the forced poison vaccinations soon to come will kill off massive amounts of people. Not all at once but over the next 10 years, those vaccinated are going to die off from the direct effects of the vaccine but which will be attributed to ‘unexplainable’ and ‘inconclusive’ causes. Just wait and see.

    One item in the Georgia Guidestones is a world population of only 500,000. Bill Gates is now making 14 billion Cv19 vaccine shots to vaccinate “every person on the planet”. Each will be given 2 microchipped, nanobot, toxic, tattooed, RNA vaccination shots. The bible says most of the world’s population will be killed in the end times. Interesting bible prediction: ‘First plague: The contents of the first bowl will cause painful sores upon those “who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image” (Revelation 16:2).’

    Less “useless eaters” (Henry Kissinger) mean more food and no hunger for the remaining population – the architects of the NWO/Agenda 2030, aka the 1%, and their servants, slaves, minions and puppet governments. No wars because there will be one global NWO system. No diseases because they will kill off sick people with vaccinations.

    The only jobs will be those serving the 1%. All businesses, commerce, financial/ economic systems, agriculture, manufacturing, industries, everything, will be globally centralized and controlled by the 1%, including all natural resources.

    A cashless, digital financial system is already being globally implemented, where our money is tracked, monitored and controlled by the 1%. The ability to transact and use money will be tied to receiving the Cv19 tattoo vaccination, or else you will be shut out of the system.

    Eradication of gender inequality means everyone will be made sterile and be unable to have children. Children will be encouraged and educated to be transgender, which is already happening.

    We are already in a global technocracy. The mandatory tattoo vaccinations contain nano-microchips which, together with 5G and Elon Musk’s millions of ground and overhead satellites, will hook up people, machines and systems into one single, homogenised, global, digitized network. They will then control us mentally, psychologically, physically, physiologically, economically, socially, down to every last person. We will be managed, minded and monitored by robo-machines. Eventually, we ourselves will be replaced with android robots. Welcome to the year 2030!

  • They are trying to romanticize communism and nothing more. People, if you go along with this you will regret this for the rest of your life and you will be hurting your children in the process. Please be smart and realize what this truly is, (communism)..

  • This agenda 21/30 sounds like something the beast and anti-christ would be involved in.
    Keep your eyes open and head on a swivel, rapture time may be close.

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