Against an Eerie Red Backdrop, Biden Grooms America into Mass Formation

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On Thursday, September 1, President Biden gave a speech urging patriotic Americans to unite against the MAGA forces bent on destroying the nation. I’m not being hyperbolic; watch the speech here. Set against a red backdrop, flanked by Marines, the drama of the scene would have been kind of funny if it wasn’t so serious.

We’ll ignore the partisan politics here.

But I’d like to offer some food for thought regarding this spectacle. We’ve talked about Professor Mattias Desmet’s theory of mass formation psychosis a few times here at the OP, but I’d like to revisit it in light of Biden’s ominous speech. Situational awareness is vital to prepping, and we need to understand the attempts being put forth by our government and corporate leaders to guide our thoughts and actions. If we’re not aware that we’re being handled, we can’t think rationally about what’s in our own best interest.  

If you’ll recall, Prof. Desmet cites four pillars as necessary for a society to move into mass formation. They are:

                1. Prolonged isolation

               2. Lack of meaning

               3. Free floating anxiety

               4. Free-floating aggression and frustration without options

Once those four pillars are present, mass formation is present.

How susceptible are Americans?

So, have there been any major improvements in any of these areas in the last six months, rendering us less susceptible to mass formation?

Not really. Outside of China, there are no big lockdowns right now, but the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 permanently changed the way people live and do business. Work, school, and churches have all changed, and not in ways that bring people together.

Many people still work remotely, and it’s looking like the full return to 2019 office life will never happen.

Schools across the country have reopened, and most of us live in areas that have dropped mask mandates and testing requirements. I’m in a blue state, and even here, most parents are just over it. However, ongoing disagreements in some districts over shot requirements and masks reveal that the tension has not completely disappeared.   

Church attendance may also never return to pre-2020 levels. Church has always been a great way for people to socialize, but things like mask mandates and safety concerns regarding food have sparked countless disagreements within the churches that have managed to stay open.  

While the appearance of normal life has returned for many of us, issues that arose during 2020 have not gone away. This new, seemingly endless source of arguments is still keeping us divided and isolated.

How about Desmet’s second pillar of mass formation: meaning in life?

Most people find meaning through some combination of work and family relationships. How’s the workforce right now? You could write books on this, but let’s just focus on quiet-quitting.

Quiet-quitting is the antithesis to hustle culture, where your workplace persona is the foundation of your identity.    For a long time, workplaces tried to foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, but the lockdowns broke a lot of that. Some people wondered why they should bust their tails when a sizeable portion of the population collected paychecks and was touted as “heroes” for couch-surfing and watching Tiger King. Others decided to reevaluate their priorities and put their kids at the top of the list rather than their boss.  

Either way, the popularity of quiet-quitting does not spell confidence in the wider workforce. It does not signal a motivated population that shares the beliefs and buys into the mission statements of the corporate class. It does not signal a culture full of workers that feel connected to one another.

Now, for the last two points, the free-floating anxiety and the feeling of having no options. The prospect of recession probably says all we need to know about our collective states of anxiety.  

While there has been debate over whether or not we’re already in a recession, even optimistic mainstream sources are admitting we’ll probably slide into one in 2023. Other credible economists are predicting financial catastrophe in the next year. Regardless of where you fall on the optimism spectrum, it takes either strength of will or deliberate ignorance to avoid some level of financial anxiety right now. 

So, what does this all have to do with Biden’s fear-mongering spectacle of a speech we saw last week?

Totalitarian states need scapegoats. In 2021, we saw this with the Othering of the unvaccinated, as Daisy wrote about last year.  

Early in 2022, worldwide frustration with various Covid edicts mounted, and governments began to quickly drop mandates. However, almost as if on cue, the Russians invaded Ukraine, giving our leaders a new villain to point fingers at.

Why are gas prices so high? Putin. 

Why are there so many supply chain issues? Putin. 

The OP discussed this, as well.  

Now, six months into Russia’s invasion, Westerners are burning out.

The U.S. has pledged over $54 billion in various forms of aid to Ukraine, as we watch our own prices for food and rent increase month after month. People are emotionally and financially exhausted.

The elites need a new bad guy, and now Biden is trying to sell us on hating the “MAGA Republicans.”

So what, exactly, is a MAGA Republican? I know plenty of people that happen to vote Republican. I’ve never met someone calling himself a MAGA Republican.

I tried finding an exact definition of MAGA Republican, and other than some vague blathering about “semi-fascists” by the new press secretary, I couldn’t find anything specific.

I think that’s probably the point. When you keep your villain vague and in the shadows, you don’t give the opponent something clear to stand against. You just spread this unease vaguely associated with Republicans.  

This is a classic straw man argument and another attempt to get the American people into a state of mass formation.

Biden’s calling these people MAGA Republicans but he, or the people pulling his strings, really have any dissidents in their crosshairs. Look at the way independent journalism has been targeted. We’ve had our share of problems at the OP. So have Matt Taibbi and Glen Greenwald, who used to be darlings of the political left. In some ways, this targeting of dissident leftists is most disturbing because it reveals that this isn’t just Red vs. Blue politics as usual.

In Boris Pasternak’s classic novel about life during the Bolshevik Revolution, Dr. Zhivago, one of the characters, Strelnikov, is a fantastically committed and successful military leader for the Communist cause. And yet, near the end of the book, he commits suicide rather than be executed by the Bolsheviks.

mass formation
Dr. Zhivago is a movie too.

Why would the Bolsheviks execute one of their best military leaders?    

Because he was loyal to the ideals for which he thought the Party stood, not the Party itself.  

We can look at the currently disgraced left-leaning journalists the same way. Regardless of whether or not you stand with them on certain issues, we cannot ignore that people who try to tell the truth as they see it are being punished, no matter where they are on the political spectrum. 

This is not politics as usual.  

I’m not sure what the end game is. I don’t know if there is some kind of plot to steal this election. I don’t know if there is some kind of false flag operation in the works. I do know that we don’t want to give these aspiring totalitarians anything to latch onto.

Continue to monitor your own emotions. Are you getting so angry about politics that you’re beginning to lump people into “other” categories yourself? Make a point of talking to people so that you can continue to see them as individuals rather than as members of a group that may or may not be really pissing you off at the moment.      

If you really want more insight into the process by which totalitarians take over society, I strongly recommend the book The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet. It gives a lot of insight into the political theater currently taking place.

And above all, don’t let yourself get sucked into hate and anger. There have always been good books, friends, and healthy schools of thought to help people navigate difficult times. If we can understand what’s going on around us, we can plan not only for our physical well-being but for our mental, spiritual, and emotional health as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you have an opinion on the speech? Did you find it divisive? Do you feel that even more enmity is forthcoming between Americans? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • Didn’t listen, won’t listen, not my president (like people stated about trump) never will listen to one word he says. Can’t wait till that democrat dementia riddled fool is gone. Asking for more money again. What a typical democrat. Spend spend spend. And of course it’s not their money, as usual. I will celebrate his demise. This country will never recover from him and his lame administration .
    I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Where is your comments against MEGA people saying Democrats should be shot? A very real thing out here in the world2

    • You haven’t been reading for long, then. I’ve denounced violence and intolerance for a decade on this website. As the owner of this business, I am neither Republican nor Democrat and I believe in a balanced system. This article, however, is not about Democrats being threatened. It’s about the President of the United States decrying a large segment of the population.

      • Not just the President.
        Just recently, and even in the past, some news pundits on MSNBC have declared all MAGA are evil. They are at war with them. And one pundit saying there is no difference between far right-wing and Republicans.

        A recent Trafalgar Group poll found 56% of American’s felt, “represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans.”
        The break out was this:
        89.1 percent of Republicans dangerous escalation.
        62.4 percent of independents dangerous escalation. Note: I am, and have been a registered Independent.
        18% Democrats dangerous escalation.

        Another recent poll showed some 34% of Americans thought a civil war was possible in the next 10 years. I wounder if that number has gone up since Biden’s speech.

        • Semper Fi! What ranking were those Marines flanked on his side? I have two sons who are Marines & they thought they were officers assigned to the idiot (my words not theirs). But I can’t recall that position they stood & why white pants? I’ve not seen that uniform.

    • Care to document that claim, Ollie? I’ve not been aware of “maga” Republicans calling for the murder of ANYONE. For the record, as a Trump voter, I have no wish to shoot anyone and do not support anyone shooting anyone else because of what the believe or the way that they vote.

    • I haven’t seen any posts like that, though I’m sure they’re out there. I’ve seen a great deal more from the left and Progressives about rounding up anyone who doesn’t toe the line, including veterans, Republicans, gun owners, Christians, conservatives, and anyone who voted for Donald Trump. I save the screen shots, just in case.

    • Ollie, typically Conservatives are God fearing people. We do NOT return hate with hate. BUT we believe in accountability. You are confused with the party that invokes violence toward someone else who does not agree with their thoughts. That would be the left. And while the left seems to pull out a very small handful of people whom they claim to be from the right that may do harm to others–you simply CANNOT ignore the masses that invoke(d) hate & violence upon our country in the Summer of 2020 & today. Just stop gaslighting.

    • Ollie, I think that was the point of the story. Do not get sucked into the hatred being pushed by either political party. I no longer consider myself as anything other than an American. Fiscally, I think the citizens of this country should come first. Why are we sending $54 billion dollars to the Ukraine when more Americans have died of drug overdoses in the last year or two than citizens of Ukraine have fighting with the Russians?

      Lets get our own house in order before meddling in foreign affairs. I am sure Mississippi, Kentucky and now California (wild fires) could use some of that money. And every State can use money from drug rehab programs and our border states to try to keep these evil drugs out of the country.

  • I just requested Desmet’s book through our local library. Another good one to read is The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind by Gustav Le Bon.

  • I thought it was rather funny when Shillary called us “deplorables”. Now it’s even funnier when Sniffy the Pedophile stands up there in his Gallery of Power can barks out pre-written words that I’m an enemy of the state.

    Never forget the only power these slime balls have is the power you give them. Just like responding when they call you names meant to alter your behavior (racist, misogynistic, homophobic), when you respond you give them power. In this case, just prep and be ready for when they think they want to go hot.

  • Controlled, demented puppet Joe Biden, the democrats, rinos and deep state are VERY afraid. They call those on the right side of the isle what THEY THEMSELVES truly are, FASCISTS and ENEMIES OF THE STATE. They know it is game over for ALL of them. They know the walls are closing in and the ceiling is coming down on ALL of them. They know military tribunals, Nuremberg style trials and executions for their crimes against humanity are in the near future for ALL of them. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT’S COMING!

  • I didn’t listen to the speech, but after reading ABOUT it, I’m left to believe that due to the unsubstantiated claims (exactly WHAT about these “MAGA Republicans/semi-fascists is so bad?) it’s just a desperate, dying cry of a wounded animal. Why are the “Trumpies” (the latest moniker) a “threat to our democracy”? Give me reasons, examples, or just continue sounding like a babbling idiot.

  • And who gave that speech? Do you think the “Joe Biden” claiming to be President is the same man who was Vice Prez under Obama? Find pictures and compare them carefully. No WAY they are the same man. We are watching a movie.
    If we are to make America great again, via Trump or otherwise, we need to find more civic responsibility, an interest in our neighbors, in life beyond our own tiny little world. That means LOVE, not hate. Violence always loses.

    • This is the most intelligent reply yet – and LadyLifeGrows thank you for speaking up!

      I’m not sure who is the author of the article, Bruce Erikson or Marie Hawthorn, but there are a couple of important points to make.

      First, you say just below the Dr Zhivago piece, “I’m not sure what the end game is. I don’t know if there is some kind of plot to steal this election. I don’t know if there is some kind of false flag operation in the works.”

      Why in the world would you be writing the article, if you don’t know? It would certainly help to have context, and that requires KNOWING what you are writing about!

      Second, anyone that buys into the left-right paradigm has already been mind controlled, trolled, and totally saturated with the Mass Formation Psychosis. Congratulations! The ride will soon be over for you.

      The Agenda in play now is well known and very well publicized. The WEF, Deep State, Banksters, Elite, or whatever you want to call them HAVE to put their agenda in the public domain. Consequently, they do exactly that! Just pick up any of their publications over the past 100 years, and you’ll see the entire Agenda laid out, sometimes in excruciating detail. Foreign Affairs, The Economist, any Rockefeller or Rothschild publications, any deep study on the Council of Foreign Relations or their offshoots (Trilateral, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, etc), any deep study of Secret Societies or Bloodline Families, any deep study of the world’s top Billionaires, any deep study of the top corporations (Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street), any deep study of the United Nations, and so on — they ALL paint a very consistent picture of who really runs the world, and what their end game Agenda (and Timeline) is all about.

      Look at the 2010 Rockefeller publication, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” and you’ll see the entire COVID-19 strategy described in great detail. Including lockdowns, masks, mandatory vaccines, and strategies to force compliance. Start on page 18. Did I mentioned it was published in 2010? (sarcasm)

      One of the best, most detailed, and most accurate publications that related to this period right now (Sept 2022) is the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” a policy doctrine from 1954 adopted by the Bilderberg Group. The document is dated May 1979, and was leaked into the public domain in July of 1986. It is pointless to debate its origins, or entertain the idea that it might be a conspiracy, because the document has been 100% accurate since the day it became public!

      Note the discussions in the paper that talk about Shocks to the system such as wars, terror, economic crashes, plagues & pandemics, food shortages, social welfare, and so on – as a method to maintain control over the population (“Social Engineering”) and install various laws and regulations that the public would not otherwise accept. Look at the “Table of Strategies” on page 4, to see what action the government does to achieve a certain result. Have ANY of the 14 items NOT happened in America? LoL, and then look at dozens of Laws now signed into law, starting with the Patriot Act right after 911. Smack yourself in the head if you are really seeing all this for the first time. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

      Just to keep this reply as short and specific as possible, here is where we are today (Sept 7th, 2022). The Deep State players have long planned on enslaving and controlling the human population via a Global Government that uses an electronic currency that has a Social Credit privilege system built in.

      Their Timeline since at least World War II was to have this system installed by Sept 15th, 2023. Which is why you can find evidence of over 4,000 patents and $193 Billion to develop COVID and mRNA since 2002.

      More importantly, it is why the Democrats and Republicans (same boss) went to a polarizing strategy to divide the country into extreme factions starting with the 2016 Elections. Yes, Donald Trump is part and parcel of the charade, and his role is to keep the country polarized and agitated, so that they can and WILL Trigger a Civil War as one of their pre-planned Shocks to install a Health Passport (with the Social Credit System). Probably in the Spring of 2023. Go look at “Glamis Calling,” and you’ll see that Q/MAGA/Anon (a psyop) was authorized and launched by Somerset Belenoff, the Director of the World Governing Council (Illuminati) on Oct 27th, 2018. Time to pause for another smack in the head?

      There are thousands of these dots to connect, and they ALL paint the exact same picture. We are going to experience a multitude of Shocks to the system, to orchestrate the final collapse of the USA, between Sept 25th and Dec 19th this year. The Ukraine war is ready to escalate to NATO vs Russia in Oct-Nov, the Famine (food destruction) is underway now, the elections are set to not only be stolen, but to be the most contested and decisive in American History. On purpose!

      And on it goes. Trillions of dollars have been spent on these Global Government plans over the past 125 years, and now we are in the last year of execution to get the Global Government installed by Sept 15th, 2023. Shocks, War, Nuclear Weapons, Famine, Stolen Elections, Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Hyperinflation in food and energy prices (and availability), Terrorist events, Stock Market & Real Estate crashes, and so on. All of the well known and used plays in the WEF/Deep State playbook are going to be set in motion, one after another with barely a pause in between Shocks. So nobody can cope or prepare if you are not already there. This is a Prepper site, yes?

      How do we KNOW it is going to start on Sept 25th this year? Because that is the Playbook and Timeline the Deep State has been using for centuries. And in the public domain, in plain sight, in the best selling book in History!

      All you have to do is turn off the Clown Show (politics & TV) and read what the WEF/Deep State says they are going to do, and when. “You’ll own nothing and be happy?” Absolutely, because that is what they intend for us with the Health Passport and Social Credit system, coming about 6 months after the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Probably on/after Dec 13th this year for the CBDC if their Shock strategy works as good as they hope. So June 2023 for the Health Passport.

      “Where we go one, we go all?” Absolutely! Do you KNOW where we are going? LoL, a Global Government! “Trust the Plan?” Absolutely! The Plan where you’ll own nothing and be happy.

      The sad part, the really sad part is how easy the Deep State can take control of the population, and how well their Mass Formation and propaganda strategies work. How many people immediately put on the mask, went into lockdown, and of course took the Clot Shot. Without so much as taking a deep breath before diving in?

      The biggest problem the Deep State is facing now, and the subject of many conversations at DAVOS meetings, is “What is it going to take to get Americans to pick up their guns and get off their couch?” They want 90% of us dead, but they don’t want to take the trouble to kill us. Their strategy calls for a Civil War, where we kill each other. (Plus war, famine, plague, pestilence, etc). Unfortunately, their mind control programs and prescription meds have worked way beyond expectations, and they can’t get us off the couch. Which is why they’ll try to indict and maybe even arrest Trump, just to see if it will help trigger a Civil War.

      LadyLifeGrows, you are right on so many levels! The way forward if you want to survive and thrive is with Love and Wisdom. If you are still needing to Prepare, you should probably step it up a notch. We only have 2 and a half weeks. At the most.

      • I did not know about a few of these things but most of it I already knew. I would encourage others to review Event 201, UN Agenda 2021 as well as UN Agenda 2030 as you said it is all documented.

  • I disagree. I think you are just taking the mass formation theory to far.
    For one thing it does not affect everyone the same way, so there is no real “mass effect”. Which kills your theory. This new paradigm really only impacts Democrat voters, not all voters.
    So this is purely a political exercise.

    The Democrats are fearing a “Red Wave” in the midterm elections. They don’t talk about it much. Talking about it does not make good politics.
    Democrats don’t tend to turn out in Mid Term voting. Trying to whip them up by talking about a Republican takeover in Congress leads to Defeatism and Apathy among their voters,( thus less turnout at the polls). They badly need to energize their base to get them out to vote.
    Why does the amount of voters matter? If the numbers are too lopsided, it is hard to stuff the ballot boxes enough in order to win, with out it being to obvious. People are al ready watching closely and expecting them to cheat.
    So the races need to have close numbers, so they don’t have to add that many fake votes.

    So in order to change that, they need a new Paradigm. What worked in the past, in the General Election and today is, Demonizing the Political opposition.
    Much of their base is young, impressionable and gravitates to violence and violent imagery, (fighting the good fight). They are to young to remember Hitler or the Fascists’ of WW2 and all of the atrocities they committed in the name of building a “better world”. So they are susceptible to this imagery and this demagoguery.
    So this is what we are seeing, a Political ploy to turn out the vote in the Mid terms. If you look at the timing of these events, it fits perfectly.
    One must look to the most reasonable explanation, First. Only after that fails can you run into Conspiracy theories or other explanations.

  • What is MAGA?
    That is a good question.

    I know what the left would have everyone believe: xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist (even if you are female), uneducated (I know plenty of people with college degrees who cannot fix a simple plumbing problem, change a tire, and I know more than a few with degrees and have NO common sense), anti-democracy fascists, anti-science (funny how a number of the recent CDC guidelines were once condemned as anti-science, and the Great Barrington Declaration was pretty much right) . . . I am probably forgetting a whole host of things they declare.

    As an Independent, my perspective:
    Secure Southern border and LEGAL immigration, I am all for that (note, the border patrol has caught 80some criminals recently).
    Pro-Constitution, 1stA, 2ndA etc. yep.
    Parents with some say, involvement in their child’s education? Absolutely.
    Sexualizing children when they cannot even understand the concept of sex? Ah, no. I put that up there with toddler beauty pageants. Heck, they still believe in Santa Claus. And name me a teen who knows their head from a hole in the ground. Teens think they know everything, but a few years of real life experiences quickly proves otherwise.
    Voter ID? If I need picture ID to buy alcohol, open a bank account, apply for any kind of state or federal aid, and then require ID to perform an act as important as voting? Yes!
    Putting America first? I see nothing wrong with that. The newly emerging multi-polar world, we need to put America first more so than ever, here, at home.
    I do not see much wrong with the above.

    BTW, Build Back Better, just MAGA re-marketed, but with an emphasis on going green. If you have been paying attention to the energy crisis in the EU and UK, going green is not going over so well.

  • I saw parts of Biden’s rant… errr, speech. I sat down and read it later. The red lighting, the “Praetorian guard” behind him, the rants… it reminded me of Hitler at Nuremberg back in 1935.

    Using those Marines like that. As a threat (As in, “Look at me, I can sic these people on you and they have to obey my orders!”). Just rage-inducing. What a vile little man.

  • “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican.

    — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) September 6, 2022”

    Do people really believe if the Republicans take the Senate and or House, there is going to be a civil war?
    Or is this Biden/Democrats version of energizing their base? Not a good look, just saying.

    • Thinking on it, say the recent Trafalgar Group poll was to reflect the midterms for the Republicans and they take both the Senate and the House.
      So what is Griffin saying? The Democrats will storm the Capitol on the day of the new, in coming Freshman Congress members (mostly Republicans) and shoot them?
      Would it become opening day on people who had Republican signs in their yards the day after the NOV elections?
      This is the real problem of this kind of dangerous rhetoric.

  • Everything being discussed among commenters here is addressed in an opinion piece on ZH.

    Dems, Repubs, Indies, etc. it’s not the tag you identify with politically. It’s the fact that you chose, by your own volition.

    That is what is easiest to exploit. That’s what is most hated-our choices! The handlers of that guy don’t want you having any choices.

    I say easiest to exploit, because if I choose, then I must defend that choice. If we can be divided by our choices rather than realize that pesky 90% of other things we all have in common, then as a fractured population we can be singled out easier(by either groups or individuals) to be marginalized, othered, neutered, and, eventually discounted intellectually or physically to the point that society will accept they are better off without them.

    Then the process will start anew. With a new group. Until we have ridden each other for the elite big brains. And all they had to do was make a suggestion and build up the right peoples egos to chip away until success is realized.

    So keep feuding with your neighbors. Somewhere the WEF YGLs are cheering you on. I choose to watch and listen to people. Even folks I don’t always agree with are good and decent people. It the instigator filling them with fear and inspiring them into a dark pit of vengeance that I’m on the lookout for.

    • ~Jim,
      I read that.
      However it presents an interesting dichotomy: So, fast food chain White Castle is outsourcing some of its jobs to robots. While the owners may not be true “elites” in the top 1% of 1%, but they still require the unwashed masses to buy (profit) and eat the burgers.
      No unwashed masses, no profit. No elite.
      Watching the WEF say the quiet parts out loud, I would like to think all us warring against each other unwashed masses might just stop and say, hey, who is it that is our real enemy?
      The ones who benefit the most from our division.

      Here is a thought, the book 1984, the Inner Party (the real elites), the Outter Party (the swamp and their apparatchiks), and the Proletariat (us unwashed masses). What if the Proletariat, armed with knowledge, sees them for what they are and simply walk away.
      Dont know about you all, but as of late, the power of saying, “No.” is quiet powerful.
      Seems to me, the Inner Party power is actually an illusion. An illusion is easier to construct than the actual thing. All it requires is for everyone else to believe in the illusion. But if you can see through the illusion, then the illusion falls apart.
      Take the COVID crazy. Certain people (who stood to gain) pushed the illusion of “OMG!WEAREALLGOINGTODIE!”
      As more evidence and data came to light, the OMG was not so OMG. For that matter, it was anything but OMG.
      Those who stood to gain the most, pushed the illusion, politicizing it. They even got MSM to join in the illusion, and MSM bought it hook, line and sinker.
      Here we are, 2 years later, the CDC has done a near 180 on their guidelines, yet no one wants to admit the illusion in the first place, and in the second, they were wrong. There are still those pushing the illusion narrative. Wanna bet they have Big Pharma stock (note: recently Biden shouted he defeated Big Pharma . . . he believes his own illusion).
      Then take the millions of “anti-vaxxers.” An entire swath of the country refused to get the jab. Did they see through the illusion, per say? I dont think it matters. What matters is we, the unwashed masses, still have free will despite Biden’s attempt to take that away from us (note, my wife was given a ultimatum: “No Jab! NO JOB!” That is the antithesis of free will.).
      So, yes, the power of “No.” still exists.
      Does not matter which “side” you are on. See the narrative. See through the illusion.
      See, and think for yourself!

      • Usually I agree with you, but not on this: “Does not matter which side you are on.” This isn’t picking sides to cheer for in a football game.

        It’s either the side that doubled the price of gasoline, brought huge inflation at the grocery store, promotes drag queen influence on children, approves of perversion in the military, appoints transvestites to some of the highest positions in government, openly allows hundreds of thousands to cross the border illegally in order to get their votes, wants to force us into electric vehicles that we neither want nor can afford, lies about climate change in order to control us, tried to force us into isolation over the plandemic, killed businesses, printing money like there’s no tomorrow, sending billions to Ukraine over something that’s none of our business and lied, lied, lied about impeachable offenses of President Trump. And more.

        Or the side that honors veterans, is pro-life, is pro-American business, supports 1st and 2nd amendment rights, believes in the Constitution and the rule of law, believes that evil-doers that burn down cities should be prosecuted and that we have the right to self-protection, that elections should be fair and monitored by both parties and that America was better when it was a God-fearing nation.

        All things are not equal. I have absolutely no interest at all in compromising with the left ever again. I can’t think of a single issue that I agree with them on. And I used to be a Democrat, and come from a long line of Democrats on my father’s side of the family, dating back to before the Civil War.

      • Mr. Jarhead,

        I agree with everything you said except the MSM bought it hook, line and sinker. They were in on it. If you watched or read any part of Event 201 which took place in October 2019 you will see the media had a role. The role was to “flood the zone”. Get the same exact message out to the masses.

  • MFP doesn’t work on me. I’m in the “other” 30%.
    1) I don’t listen to ANYTHING the Government Weenies say about any subject.
    2) I own/run a Mom & Pop Shop for 30 Years. We NEVER shut down and NEVER wore masks.
    3) I NEVER got the Clot Shot and NEVER will.
    4) I NEVER worried about getting sick, so I didn’t do the WuFlu Freakout. I looked at the real numbers (not the BS the Marxist Media were pushing) and realized my chances were low. I was correct.
    5) I live in the Free-State of Florida.
    6) I’m a long time prepper (since 2010). I’m good….thanks.
    Now I do worry about Dear Brainless Leader – Dementia Joe and his hoard of mindless Zombie Marxists who have been brainwashed. I can easily see Civil War II starting in the next 2-4 years. I’m prepping accordingly.

  • A MAGA Republican is one who wishes to Make America Great Again and who generally supports smaller government, states rights and traditional views on right & wrong and traditional patriotism. This is the “new” facism. The dangerous enemy of the state.

  • Thanks Marie. This couldn’t of come at a better time for me. It has caused me to pause and step out of the “crazy ring”so to speak. These days and times are just evil and ridiculous and I for one need to just not get sucked into it all. Thanks again.

  • I couldn’t stomach listening to the hate speech but I could hear that old entity in another room and all I could discern was an angry old fool ranting and raving. EVERYONE I know who saw the red lit speech immediately said it was satanic signalling and indeed ole hair sniffer appeared to have some devilsh abilities that he normally lacks ie being able to speak somewhat coherently. Subhumans everywhere have sold their souls to satan and therefore they make these kind of speeches. I’m pondering if he’s as disgusting as the evil entities ruining Canada – that would be our PM Klaus Schlob and then Turdope and the putrid Jag Singh.

  • This truth, no one can ignore… we’ve heard it throughout the decades, people say, “when I was in school, even up to my thirties, I stood with liberal beliefs. As I grew older and had children growing up, even from my 30’s to my 50’s, I began to understand that conservative ideals were more beneficial to my family, my finances, especially my children, and that continued to grown stronger as we looked upon our financial state of retirement–because conservative values are less emotional, and more mature.

    So, what are we seeing in the world right now? Just that.

    The “adults” conservatives hold their tongue because they are more mature, even as government oversteps it’s boundaries. The “children” democrats, like CNN and MSNBC, make unfounded accusations literally labeling them “anonymous sources” because they are lying. And with those accusations of untruths we have “the children” that listen to them making threats of violence, which has been going on for decades. One ex: all police officers are not good and we need to defund the police. Or the attacks on the Patriots from 2010 that had peaceful demonstrations/rallies, and a democrat would pose as a Republican and make racist remarks, or shout out obscenities that pretended to align with the rally attendees, but, of course soon discovered it was an evil “young” or even low-life democrat professor trying to present a false narrative of the conservative, Patriot, gathering which was always peaceful.

    So, what we’ve been seeing are the liberal attacks and false accusations making good Americans out to be something they are not.

    And what are we seeing? This false portrayal of their political opponent has been going on for decades, probably back to G.W.Bush beating Al Gore, and the Left evil entity they are, has not conceded “that” election since.

    So, we are seeing “the adults” in the country losing their patience, and they are fighting fire with fire, the same democrat fire that the MSM has refused to televise for many, many decades. So, yes, i’ve seen conservative comments’ boards that have made insinuative threats as one commenter in this feed suggested, but, the hypocrites you are, you pretend you democrats, leftists, are all saints. Sure, some Republicans are definitely not saints, but, the left has been physically violent without repercussions for too long…

    And now “the adults” are stooping to the “the children’s” level.

    Why? When you corner someone with false accusations for many decades, don’t be surprised if they start coming out swinging.

    • Very well put, Bunyan. The other side reminds me of bullies who fight with no restraint, and when the victim has enough, the bullies then claim to be the victims.

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