Are Lockdowns Saving Lives? Or Are They Destroying Them?

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Most people would agree the pandemic and oppressive government lockdowns caused a dramatic escalation in mental health issues. A healthy person, confined to their home, with limited to no human contact, is likely to experience severe strain on their mental health.

While the virus itself has a low fatality rate for most demographics, lockdowns can push people of all ages over the brink. This article is not meant to criticize anyone who has chosen to isolate themselves or mask up. It merely explores the effects of mandates on the general population and is based on peer-reviewed studies and publicly available statistics.

Is America headed for another lockdown? 

After the CDC recently revised its guidelines for vaccinated people, many local and state governments nationwide brought back mask mandates and restrictions for many Americans. Will lockdowns soon follow?

Politician Mitch McConnel warned, “These shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible, or we’re going to be back in a situation in the fall that we don’t yearn for – that we went through last year.” [source]

And what was that situation? For many, it was a state of lockdownIf the lockdowns worked so well the first time, why are we returning to such policies? A policy of lockdown is a blatant violation of human freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and what it means to be an American. 

If lockdowns and masks are effective why is there a need for these mandates?

We have large meta-analyses to show us that masks don’t work and that diagnosed cases rise in many locations after mask mandates. Here are a few facts on masks: 

  • Cloth masks (which are what most people wear) experience particle penetration of 97%
  • Surgical masks experience particle penetration of 44% [source]
  • The only masks scientifically proven to provide defense against Covid are properly fitted and worn N95 masks, which few non-medical professionals have.
  • As a result, roughly a third of hospital workers report headaches with long-term N95 use [source]
  • Despite having near-universal mask compliance since April of 2020 and some of the most strict lockdown rules throughout the U.S., by August of 2020, the state of Hawaii experienced roughly a 700% increase in cases over the previous month. 

UPDATE: To see a list of studies that say masks both DO and DO NOT work, see the end of this article.

On September 11, 2020, the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report showed 85% of those who contracted COVID during July either:

  • Always wore a mask when out in public or
  • Often wore one the two weeks before their infection

The report went on to show that over 70% of those infected reported consistently wearing masks, while only 3.9% of those testing positive for COVID reported never wearing a mask.

Furthermore, for the sake of consistency, shouldn’t cars be banned as well?

According to the CDC, as of July 14, 2021, there were 288 alleged deaths due to COVID that week. Yet within the four days of May 28-31, the National Safety Council predicted that 415 people would die due to car accidents.

Why do we care more about one cohort than we do the other? Following COVID logic, massive roadblocks set up nationwide, a ban on all vehicles, drastic speed limit reductions, and mileage restrictions would make perfect sense. Wouldn’t it?

Confused? So is everyone else.

Now you have counties such as Los Angeles becoming the first major county in the US to reinstitute mask mandates. LA already has a history of backtracking on its COVID decisions, and here again, we have county officials toying with the confidence of their constituents.

People, vaccinated or not, must now wear masks in all indoor public spaces. Many business owners are asking customers to comply, and many aren’t. It seems as if the non-compliers have the edge here, however. Sheriff Alex Villaneuva has publicly stated he will not have his officers enforce mask mandates, pointing towards such mandates not being backed by science and a waste of police resources. 

If you don’t have enforcers, what do you have?

A recommendation.

Australia’s citizens forced back into lockdown with even harsher restrictions.

Though Australia’s infections and deaths are well below other developed nations, as of July 20, nearly half the population of Australia is back in lockdown. Now under extended lockdown, Sydney continues to see cases rise, and Melbourne is currently in the second week of its 5th lockdown. The recent highly policed lockdowns have fueled anger and given rise to anti-lockdown demonstrations.

Although the lockdowns do not seem to reduce infections, New South Wales Police recruited 300 military personnel to enforce the lockdowns. Australian authorities recently imposed harsher restrictions in Sydney, forcing people to wear masks outdoors and go no further than 3 miles from their homes. 

In Queensland, citizens aren’t even allowed to go out on their balconies, and that they need to tape them shut in the fight against COVID. Chief health officer of Queensland, Jeanette Young, issued an order requiring photographic proof of one’s having done so. Now, residents have been acting as grassroots Gestapo, photographing and turning in citizens who refuse to comply. 

Two hundred fourteen people were recently forced into quarantine simply because one individual ended up sick in a hospital. The forced quarantine happened in Adelaide, Australia, where a grand total of 4 people have died who have had a COVID diagnosis since last year. 

Mental health is now Australian citizens’ biggest concern.

PwC’s recent Return on Action Report 2021 reveals one in four Australians now struggles with mental health issues. The survey used for the report, conducted in February 2021, showed concerns over mental health have now surpassed those of the tough economic conditions.

The authors of another report from The Grattan Institute said, “We are shut off from the rest of the world, and we have frequently been locked down to contain outbreaks.” They went on to say that though they don’t feel the hard-line approach to COVID-19 can be abandoned, “we cannot remain walled inside Fortress Australia indefinitely, cut off from the rest of the world and periodically cut off from one another.” [source]

Overall, the findings of these and other reports reveal that one in five Australians is experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress directly linked to the pandemic. As Covid continues to take its toll on the mental health of Australia’s citizens, the government announced a $17m Health Package to support those most affected.

For those who aren’t sure…

If perhaps anyone reading this is still unsure of whether the pandemic and its lockdowns are causing severe mental health problems and possibly damaging lives irreparably, please watch the following video for a real-life synopsis of how this has affected small business owners. [source]

Melbourne Photographer: Carly Söderström

Carly’s heart-wrenching video has since been removed from Facebook.

How have lockdowns affected America’s mental health?

A summary of various studies exploring the effects of the pandemic and its impact on mental health states:
Since its initial outbreak in late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the global community. In addition to the negative health consequences of contracting COVID-19, the implementation of strict quarantine and lockdown measures has also disrupted social networks and devastated the global economy. As a result, there is rising concern that the pandemic has taken a toll on the general population’s mental health. [source]
Many of the studies reviewed also showed there has been an increased prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders, suicide risk, post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS), and insomnia.

What are the main causes of stress and anxiety during lockdown?

  • Duration of quarantine: Longer quarantine duration is associated with PTSD, avoidance behaviors, and anger. More than ten days showed significantly higher PTSD symptoms.
  • Fears of infection: Participants in eight studies reported fears about their own health or fears of infecting others.
  • Frustration and Boredom: Confinement, loss of usual routine, and reduced social and physical contact with others are contributing factors.
  • Inadequate supplies: Having inadequate basic supplies (food, water, accommodations) and unable to get regular medical care and prescriptions.
  • Inadequate information: Poor information from public health authorities, confusion about the purpose of quarantine, and lack of transparency from health and government officials are often main concerns. [source

And of course, don’t forget the fact that while the lockdowns bolstered giant corporations, they destroyed multitudes of small businesses and devastated the personal finances of many Americans.

What are we doing to our children?

Studies in JAMA show masked children inhale 6x the safe levels of carbon dioxide. Children’s Health Defense reveals studies showing that 68% of kids experience side effects from wearing masks.

Side effects include:

  • irritability
  • headaches
  • difficulty concentrating
  • sadness
  • reluctance to attend school
  • malaise
  • impaired learning

Further alarming is when you realize five times more children committed suicide within the U.K. than died from diagnosed COVID last year.

Groups of doctors signed the Great Barrington Declaration, stating current policies are ridiculous. Neurologists say oxygen deprivation causes permanent neurological damage and a spike in childhood depression

After over a year and a half, the CDC finally dropped the PCR protocol

For over a year and a half, top virologists, doctors, and healthcare workers worldwide stated the PCR test is inaccurate, too sensitive, and did not measure what it was supposed to. Many were labeled conspiracy theorists for doing so, facing professional admonitions, disgrace, and even job loss.

After all that, the CDC finally dropped the PCR protocol.

A large number of public policies directly impacted many as a result of PCR tests. Perhaps someone lost their job or was forced into unemployment. Another person’s children were not permitted to go to school. Someone’s father lay dying in the hospital, and no one was allowed to see him.

Why? Because cases were skyrocketing? No. The reality is faulty PCR tests resulted in elevated numbers. Don’t believe me? Three datasets analyzed out of New York, Massachusetts, and Nevada concluded: “Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.” [source]

Children could not go to school nationwide. Reports said kids had to stay home for their safety and the safety of others because they are sources of infection. Then, John Hopkins conducted a study of 48,000 children.

The findings? Zero COVID deaths amongst healthy children. 

As COVID-19 cases in the U.S. rise, deaths have remained relatively flat.

Updated daily, the CDC’s Covid Data Tracker is where you can access maps and charts tracking cases, deaths, and trends of COVID-19 in the United States. There is also a Weekly Review summarizing the weeks findings. As of July 23, 2021 the data shows:

  • While average U.S. coronavirus cases rise by 322% over the last three weeks, deaths have risen just 27%
  • Average virus-related has remained below 300 since June 25, showing the effectiveness of vaccines
  • Most states are reporting record-low levels with a rate below 1.0 deaths per 100,000 people

You can access data charts for each individual state here. 


What are your thoughts?

Are the new mask mandates and lockdowns necessary? Were they ever? Have you lost anyone to Covid, and if so, did it change your opinion of these mandates? Let’s discuss this (civilly, please) in the comments below.

Mask Studies – they don’t work:

  1. A May 2020 meta-study on pandemic influenza published by the US CDC found that face masks had no effect, neither as personal protective equipment nor as a source control. (Source)
  2. WHO review of ten randomized controlled trials of face masks against influenza-like illness, published in September 2019, found no statistically significant benefit. (Source)
  3. Danish randomized controlled trial with 6000 participants, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2020, found no statistically significant effect of high-quality medical face masks against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community setting. (Source)
  4. A large randomized controlled trial with close to 8000 participants, published in October 2020 in PLOS One, found that face masks “did not seem to be effective against laboratory-confirmed viral respiratory infections nor against clinical respiratory infection.” (Source)
  5. A February 2021 review by the European CDC found no high-quality evidence in favor of face masks and recommended their use only based on the ‘precautionary principle’. (Source)
  6. A July 2020 review by the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks against virus infection or transmission. (Source)
  7. A November 2020 Cochrane review found that face masks did not reduce influenza-like illness (ILI) cases, neither in the general population nor in health care workers. (Source)
  8. An August 2021 study published in the Int. Research Journal of Public Health found “no association between mask mandates or use and reduced COVID-19 spread in US states.” (Source)
  9. A large Spanish school study, published in March 2022, found that “mask mandates in schools were not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 incidence or transmission.” (Source)
  10. A May 2020 article by researchers from Harvard Medical School, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that face masks offer “little, if any, protection”. (Source)
  11. A 2015 study in the British Medical Journal BMJ Open found that cloth masks were penetrated by 97% of particles and may increase infection risk by retaining moisture or repeated use. (Source)
  12. An August 2020 review by a German professor in virology, epidemiology and hygiene found that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of face masks and that the improper daily use of masks by the public may in fact lead to an increase in infections. (Source)

Mask Studies – they do work:

  1. meta-study in the journal Lancet, commissioned by the WHOclaimed that masks could reduce the risk of infection by 80%, but the studies considered mainly N95 respirators in a hospital setting, not cloth masks in a community setting, the strength of the evidence was reported as “low”, and experts found numerous flaws in the study. Professor Peter Jueni, epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, called the WHO study “essentially useless”.
  2. A study in the journal PNAS claimed that masks had led to a decrease in infections in three global hotspots (including New York City), but the study did not take into account the natural decrease in infections and other simultaneous measures. The study was so flawed that over 40 scientists recommended that the study be withdrawn.
  3. US study claimed that US counties with mask mandates had lower Covid infection and hospitalization rates, but the authors had to withdraw their study as infections and hospitalizations increased in many of these counties shortly after the study was published.
  4. A large study run in Bangladesh claimed that surgical masks, but not cloth masks, reduced “symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections” by 0.08% (ARR), and only in people over 50. But a subsequent re-analysis of the study by statisticians found that there was in fact no benefit at all. According to one reviewer, the Bangladesh study was designed so poorly that it “ended before it even began”.
  5. German study claimed that the introduction of mandatory face masks in German cities had led to a significant decrease in infections. But the data did not support this claim: in some cities there was no change, in others a decrease, in others an increase in infections (see graph below). The city of Jena was an ‘exception’ only because it simultaneously introduced the strictest quarantine rules in Germany, but the study did not mention this.
  6. A review by the University of Oxford claimed that face masks are effective, but it was based on studies about SARS-1 and in health care settings, not in community settings.
  7. A review by members of the lobby group ‘Masks for All’, published in the journal PNAS, claimed that masks are effective as a source control against aerosol transmission in the community, but the review provided no real-world evidence supporting this proposition.
  8. A study published in Nature Communications in June 2021 claimed that masks reduced the risk of infection by 62%, but the study relied on self-reported online survey results and various modelling assumptions, not on actual measurements.
  9. A meta-study published in the BMJ claimed face masks reduced infections by 53%, but the meta-study was based on seven low-quality observational studies. In response, the BMJ published an editorial acknowledging the “lack of good research” and the implausibility of the result.
  10. A German study, published in PNAS, claimed that N95/FFP2 masks are highly effective against coronavirus infections, but the study consisted only of a mathematical model without any real-world or lab data (see section D above).

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • “In queensland citizens…”
    Nope they are subjects. They’ve no means to fight.

    I had to laugh as they rolled in the military to make folks stay home. So instead of thousands on the streets you’ve got thousands of military and police standing around. Funny part was no military were wearing mask.

    There will be no more lockdowns here. They’re testing the waters but not liking what’s happening. Even local/state government here is not going for it because it cost them too much. They aren’t making the millions on vaccinations the feds are.

    I guess we will see how far everyone wants to push this thing and how many they are willing to kill or get killed trying “to save lives”.

    • To be fair, there is stupidity on both sides of politics in Australia. One of the few that are prepared to speak out is Senator Pauline Hanson of the One Nation Party. The sealing of balconies for NRL families illustrates this and needs further explaining. The socialist premier will not allow vaccinated family members to enter the state to visit dying relatives yet allows an interstate football team and families to visit for one game, then immediately locks down the state because a number of people had TESTED positive. Recently two people died, 90 and 80 years old I believe. This same premier, Anastasia Palaszczuk then insisted that it was more important that she fly to the Tokyo Olympics to promote the future games she had secured for her state than allow loved ones be with dying family members. The various people appointed as Chief Health Officers, who advise politicians, are not elected but safe political appointments and the Queensland version has been nominated as the next Governor, which is a high paid ceremonial position, it seems as a reward for giving all the advice to cripple the economy through lockdowns etc.
      This has not been met with inaction by the citizens in Australia as Thousands of people in each state coordinated with protests in Germany, France, England, Italy and elsewhere to march through Capitol cities. Since then they have been rounding up people who attended and disobeyed ‘health’ directives, I suspect through facial recognition software possibly linked to drivers licence photo id’s. Police commissioners are now trying to infiltrate these protest groups to gather intelligence on future marches. Beyond the health implications associated with social isolation, the health of our communities and nations will be impacted severely into the future. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics wrote today, that as we move towards 2032 we will see the disintegration of both the USA and Australia as politicians become more authoritarian as their grip on power becomes weaker. Things look bleak for the overall health of our children and grandchildren if we think the dictators will win. Sadly, I know our broken society will become more broken and people will feel more broken. Jesus said these things must first happen before he returns. The world will be broken and looking for a good, honest person to renew it. Jesus also said this won’t happen till we pray for it to happen, till we say, “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the LORD”

  • Stargazer is correct. It’s not about health, safety, the virus, etc. It’s about power and control. It’s an experiment to see how complicit the populace is and how far they can be pushed. It’s about determining who are the proverbial Good Germans and who will revolt.

    It’s time to tell the politicians and wannabe tyrants to get lost (I’ll keep it family friendly but my thoughts are a lot more harsh). They need to be told NO. People need to refuse to comply and be prepared to back that stance up with any means of force necessary.

    That video was hard to watch, but it’s a good reminder of what is happening on the other side of the planet. Unfortunately, we are seeing similar derangement very this “delta variant” here In the US. it’s not justified, even less so than the measures were last year.

    Those in the prepper circles have warned long ago that what would happen would be a short lived return to normal, quickly followed by an attempt to crush the populace with more restrictions due to some new variant scare.

  • I’m a correctional officer. When we put inmates in lockdown,we MUST follow established guidelines. They cannot be in lockdown for more than 3 days straight, at one time. Pass by their cells every 30 minutes to check on them. What governments around the world are doing is scary, morally and possibly legally wrong. System needs to be torn down. Fortunately I live in a red state. No one paid much mind to the mask mandate or lockdown. As long as you didn’t cause problems, the cops left you alone

  • Lockdowns are destroying lives and businesses,as are the experimental gene therapy covid injections.All these tyrants want is power over the citizens of earth.This will not last long.People are already saying enough through worldwide protests.Retaliation against government tyrants is next.The power of the citizens is far more than the medical tyrants can handle,and they know it.NO LONGER shall we be compliant.STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!

  • After three or four decades of tailwind and no major disruptions and crises, a big number of people are just not mentaly and psychologically ready for what´s happening. And even less for what´s coming.

    In every crisis there´s a chunk of the population that can´t stand the hardship. But in the modern world after such a long and easy party, I´d suspect this number is much, much bigger. Especially in places where the standard of living is high.

    In my opinion, this mental health crisis would happen with or without the lockdowns. Blaming the virus and also the politicians and governments doesn´t do anything in the way of solving the problem. These things are like that and part of life. But the majority of the population doesn´t want to face the music.

    When the economy tanks and the consequences of what´s happening really hit, I expect it´ll be much worse.

  • What have we learned in the last year and a half?
    1. “Experts were wrong more than they were right.
    2. They’ll Lie their butts off rather than admit they were wrong.
    3. The Politicos are always reaching for more power over the unwashed masses.
    4. The Media is complicit.
    5. The previous lock downs and mandates didn’t prevent anything.
    6. The Idiots (S)elected to lead us, and their “Experts” are the Real Viral Threat.

    I’ve no sense of humor about this anymore. Everytime the Senile Sack of Scheiße opens his mouth, I want to shove my fist in it.
    Where did the Delta variant come from in the US? We’re told it arose out of India, but there’s not thousands of Indians crossing our border every day. It’s coming out of Mexico into the US, but we’re all supposed to stay home, roll up our sleeves for our Coolie Cootie booster shot, and where masks that are ineffective 24/7.
    Meanwhile CoVid 19 Variant Delta positive Illegal Aliens cross the border by the thousands. WTH? On what plane of existence does this make any sense?

    They have Lied, Obfuscated and Misinformed us from the very beginning.
    Anyone old enough to remember the HIV/AIDS scare, should remember Dr. Fauci. People were afraid to use drinking fountains because of that Quack. In spite of what the Medical evidence/research was showing, Fauci went on live TV and proclaimed the “sky was falling with AIDS.” “Millions will die within the next year.” “We can’t even shake hands.” “Communal Fountains are a reservoir.” A whole host of Nonsensical and Unscientific Talking points that got the little price public acclaim. The truth, which those of us in Health Care knew fairly on, was that AIDS/HIV was a high risk for those engaging in risky behaviors. It passed into the general population, but it still didn’t and wouldn’t become a worldwide crisis with some behavior modifications. Yet Fauci the Fraud, ignored what the Real Experts were saying.

    I’m not getting the vaccine. I’ve Coagulation issues for which I receive treatment (due to a prosthetic mitral valve), and I already have an irritated heart (right and left Bundle Branch Blocks). Even though the coagulation problems and cardiac side effects aren’t occurring in my age group, why risk it?
    I also don’t fully trust the mRNA vaccines. MRNA therapy has been used for decades, but this is a first, using it as a vaccine. There are absolutely NO LONG TERM Studies about this. If the traditionally developed Novavax becomes approved, I may subject myself to it.

    As for Mask Mandates, Lockdowns and Vaccine Passports, I’m telling our Inept, Incompetent and Imbecilic Leaders to SODOMIZE themselves.

    • EXACTLY Bemused. I am with you on all this. Not getting this death shot either. And I live in Texas. We are seeing firsthand this BS of thousands daily pouring into our country from other countries but we’re supposed to lock down, and wear masks and get shots? BS.

    • > I’ve no sense of humor about this anymore. Everytime the Senile Sack of Scheiße opens his mouth, I want to shove my fist in it.

      I see we have another fan of alliteration WRT “President *.” I tend to refer to him as the Senile Sundowning Shithead.

      As for importing words from German, his ugly mug can be found in the dictionary, next to the definition for “Backpfeifengesicht.”

    • In the 80s we were told by the experts that 25% of the male populatio would die kf AIDS by the year 2000.

      That didn’t come to pass.

      SARS was going to kill a lot of people in the early 2000s. According to the experts I should have gotten SARS – I was travel agencies on a daily basis and at a large international airport at least once a week.

      No SARS for me.

      There was the bird flu too. Another scare from the experts that went nowhere and was not the mass killer they hyped it up to be.

      It is all about controlling the population and seizing power. They use the fear to control and increase their power, power once taken/granted is never returned.

      Yes people died from AIDS, SARS and the various influenzas but not in the numbers they hyped to cause fear.

  • The Libtards are afraid of losing control. Lockdowns, social distancing, loss of jobs, government control is what their goal is. If we are looking the other way in fear, they slip in something else to regain control. Small things no one will react to (at first) until they wake up, than it’s too late. A little more, hey lets throw in a couple of variants and put it in lockdown again before the people know what’s going on. This has been happening for several months and I’m afraid it will continue to happen. Bring this Country to its knees! Than they’ll hold out their hands and say “come, we’ll help you” As for me and my house, NO we will not get in line….but go against so ever quietly, gray is the color to be now….gray..

  • One thing every lockdown order seems to ignore, on top of mental health and economic consequences, is the absolute heartbreak of what many abused families are forced to endure.

    The abuser is under additional stress (as are the family), but on top of that, nobody can even go anywhere to get away from it and either let them calm down or contemplate a more permanent escape — it’s tough to enact covert safety plans when you are being tracked by more than just your abuser.

    It’s a situation ripe for brutality on not only able adults stuck with the abuser, but also the children, infirm, elderly, and pets, too.

  • During the Spanish Flu pandemic during WWI, millions died worldwide. In an effort to contain a disease they didn’t know how to stop, the govt forced people to wear masks, stay at home, and close businesses…all of the same things they are doing now. After the Spanish Flu died out in 3 years, subsequent research and analysis showed that none of those activities slowed down the progression of the flu, and they were officially abandoned as effective methods to combat a pandemic. All of the pandemics and major flu outbreaks since then have only suggested that if you get sick, you should stay home so as not to infect others as they most effective way to contain an illness.

    Just prior to this current outbreak, the govts held an exercise in controlling the population during a major pandemic to “prevent” the spread of the disease. Just like so many of other govt emergency exercises, a “pandemic” conveniently showed up shortly afterword and worldwide, govts issued the directives they designed in the exercise. Discussion was shut down, alternative treatment was forbidden, media marched in lockstep with govt authority, and our freedoms were trashed. When you have to use force to achieve your goals, it’s a good chance that the issue isn’t for the good of the people, but is instead a grab for control over the people. I was always told as a kid that if you have to use force to implement your ideas, you are either not doing a good job of expressing your ideas or your idea is plain wrong. A good idea doesn’t require force or lies to get a population to come on board.

  • I don’t see this article has a prepper attitude. There either is a lockdown in your area or there isn’t. If there is, you are very limited in what you can do about persuading the authorities to remove it, even if it makes all the sense to you.

    I think a prepper attitude would be something like: if there is a lockdown in your area, and financial trouble and/or mental health is an issue for either yourself or your family, what can you do about it?

    • Those are all topics we’ve covered Doly, if you click on the embedded links in the article. This is a piece that said some things which needed to be said, backed up by credible research. You’re right in that a lot of this is out of our hands, but knowledge is power.

  • Personally, I think this whole Covid scam is over-blown, and attempt to gain more power and control over the American people, by the government. I think Fauchi is a charleton, out to make all the money and gain all the power he can. I don’t believe a word he says. I don’t usually wear a mask. I haven’t had Covid. To be sure, it has affected the things I do. I tend to avoid large crowds of people I don’t know and avoid walking in a group (observe “social distancing” to a certain extent. I attend church just like usual (every time the church doors open for worship).

  • Are more lockdowns coming? Of course. And masks. They are going to pull out all the stops this time.
    They don’t have any choice. People are getting wise to them.
    CDC has basically admitted that the “”vaccines”” don’t keep people from getting covid. In fact they also admitted that the “”vaccinated”” have a higher virus load and are spreaders.
    In case anyone has not figured it out, it is about power and control, as Stargazer mentioned in the first comment.

  • This is all about power and control not about “saving lives” . These demonrats and quite a few of the rhinos as well, are power hungry and think when SHTF they’ll be saved. Traitors to the American people, every single one of them. I can tell you that we did not mask up, nor did we quarantine in our neck of da woods here in Texas. But again we’re extremely rural, only buy and sell locally, only go to the big chain grocery when it’s absolutely necessary. I did have to venture to the big city to get a new laptop for work when mine went capoot last March and I will tell you it was pure idiocy and hell. Damn Whataburger drive through backed up for like an hour and that’s with 2 drive through lanes. But that’s normal for a Whataburger in Texas. But all BS and joking aside, the constant crawfishing from all those bureauRATS has caused so much confusion and mistrust amongst everyone globally that it’s hard to believe anything that comes out their lying POS mouths. Definitely don’t watch the news. I can say that the last year and half has taken a toll mentally on my autistic son as well as my hubby and I. Arguing because hubby has head in sand as well as rose colored glasses on, everything is wonderful and it’ll never hit here. Son because it’s frustrating for him to do Zoom therapy, when he needs interaction with therapist that he’d already established trust with and she just up and quit, and so he quit therapy because he’s getting bounced from one therapist to the next. A lot more people drinking extremely heavily (from what I’ve seen within my own family, not me) so that’s causing issues. Getting ugly looks from the “Sheeple” when we’re in public WITHOUT those diapers on our faces, trying to shame us. A couple neighbors got “forced” into death shot from their jobs because they kept harrassing and threatening them. Neighbor’s so beat down because she said, she did NOT want the jab but “where else is she going to find another job at her age that pays that kind of money”.
    So YES it’s taken a toll mentally on EVERYONE but what I’ve learned throughout all this over reach of the gov and 1%’s is that I personally still have control over myself and how I react or don’t react to BS. When I am out in public, I am the “gray man” especially if I am in the big city buying supplies. Another thing, I switched my dogs food because guess what? Petsmart has a big ass sign on the door saying “if you are vacinnated feel free to not wear a mask, but if you aren’t vaxed wear a mask” Needless to say, I “identified as a vaxed vegan” that day and that was my LAST trip to the “woke” Petsmart. Thanks for letting me vent, folks. I needed to get this out. Daisy you ROCK. keep on keeping on girly.

  • Its a simple premise. IF you didnt get it naturally the vaccine is designed to ensure you get it this time around

  • I’ve found few “pro-lifers” around when it comes to the pandemic. What we’ll all see is medical costs (including EMTs/ambulance) and health insurance premiums increase. And not just short term increases. Covid survivors are likely to have health issues the rest of their lives.
    I’ll wear a mask and deal with lock downs.

    • The only long term Covid side effect we have had is that my husband’s sense of smell has not returned. It didn’t even effect my asthmatic kids any more than a cold does.
      The reason you aren’t “seeing” very many pro lifers is because most follow science not the MSM propaganda $cience. Plus most pro lifers understand the intense connection between personal liberty and long-term national liberty, prosperity and security.

      • They don’t follow the science – either life is worth saving or it isn’t. And stating they understand personal liberty made me laugh out loud.

    • It’s very true about the long-term effects. I was fortunate enough to be in a place where I could afford treatment from a pulmonologist out of pocket for 3 months after having Covid.

      I recovered about 90% of my lung capacity and the rest is slowly improving through short bursts of high-intensity cardio mixed into long periods of what can only be described as ‘strolling’. Previous to this, I could walk for miles, up hills carrying a heavy backpack. Will I ever get back to that? It’s too soon to say. But it certainly won’t be any time soon because pushing Covid-damaged lungs does more harm than good.

      FWIW, I followed all the local restrictions, wore masks, used hand sanitizer, stayed at my complex aside from trips to the grocery store, and still got a pretty bad case of Covid.

  • Having retired eleven years ago, I generally grow my own food, (garden, chickens,etc) or have merchandise, foods, and tools delivered. Bills are auto-paid. And only three people are allowed on my property, and they come by perhaps three or four times a year, if that. (all are currently vaccinated, including myself) So, personally, I suppose I’m lucky that I haven’t really been affected by “lockdowns,” since I don’t feel the need to have company or to go anywhere anyway. LOL … For me, Gilligan’s island would have been a nice location, but too crowded. Self sufficiency, all the way.

  • I don’t care who is selling this killer vaccine or associated lockdowns; I’m not participating. Period!

  • Just watched a video where nurses in the UK insisted a new born baby be tested for COVID. According to the nurses, the baby is no longer property of the mother once it is outside of the abdomen.

    5-10 years down the road we going to have young adults who are so anxiety filled they cannot function in society. Have normal, healthy relationships, connect with others.
    There are those who claim the pandemic was a plan for The Great Reset, and depopulation.
    They might be right, just not in the way they thought.

  • There is a cure for COVID that has existed for many years and that the CDC, FDA, etc., ignores. Yet, to push the narrative of a “pandemic” they are mandating insane protocols that are both ineffective, destructive, misguided and contradictory; wearing masks are a perfect example and you see people so indoctrinated and peer pressured they wear them alone in their cars, along with pressuring people to take a “vaccination” that is toxic and so adverse to human health that they are misrepresenting death numbers. This really has gone too far and it is time to unify where they have divided us, give the establishment the middle finger and get back to our lives. We are allowing a few psychopathic lunatics to dictate our freedoms and lives for the sake of control. There is power in numbers and they can’t force us to do what we refuse to do but we have to stop being so distracted and divided by insipid race, ethnic, religious, etc…fighting and push back. Don’t let them control who we accept, our differences strengthen us as a whole and they know they can push us only as far as we are willing to go…so, the false narratives continue.

  • Dear amigos,

    After seeing my own mother affected by the infamous lockdowns and their improbable banana dictatorship version (the one week “radical” and the one week “flexible”), and according to her own words, being one year and a half in her bedroom, leaving our home just TWO TIMES after that time, and falling very sick until the point of being very close to passing away…

    I don´t think the lockdowns are doing any good. Charging heavy taxes to Chinese Empire to sell products in our countries to get the needed treatments of the illness THEY threw on us?
    I´m sure this would be much more effective.

    Stay safe!

  • I see it a little different, maybe its because I am retired military. Lockdowns and mask mandates don’t work because everyone doesn’t abide by them. We see other countries who all came together and were able to stop Covid (Pre Delta) in its tracks yet we wonder why it isn’t happening in the US. Because instead of everyone coming together to beat the virus, we had others who blew off the problem. We let down our guard and bam it became a problem. Now we have a vaccine that is 95% effective against getting a severe case requiring hospitalization. The vaccine was never about stopping Covid, it was about making it less severe. It was designed for the original Covid virus. As more cases of the Delta variant (mutation) have occurred everyone is complaining that the vaccine isn’t stopping Covid infection. Once again, it wasnt designed for Delta and it was designed to lessen the severity of the virus. The same thing happens every flu season. The flu vaccine picked (there are several strains of the flu, or variants) may or may nit help you stop the flu. The hope is that you just get a mild form if the flu instead. Manufacturers of the vaccines out there have been saying that they really don’t know how effective the vaccine is against the Delta variant. They are learning everyday what the vaccine can and can not do against this mutation of the virus that the vaccine wasn’t designed to battle. The effectiveness of the vaccine is hoped to be more than 51% that the government mandated for the vaccine to be used. So maybe its 85% effective against Delta. That means 15% of the population is susceptible to a more severe outcome to the virus. Currently about 1-2% of those vaccinated are getting the severe form of the virus. Thats still within the 5% effective rate for the Alpha variant and still way better than the 15% (or whatever the rate is) of the Delta variant. The truth is, the vaccine was never designed for the Delta variant and because Delta comprises over 75% of the current case loads being hospitalized, we are just lucky it even works at all. Viruses mutate to battle to stay alive. If everyone gets vaccinated, that virus is severely hampered from getting worse. But if a certain part if the population rebels against the vaccine, then it allows the virus to mutate more. Personally, I think a mandatory vaccination should have been done to protect the population. Much like the mandatory measles shot we got when we were kids. So when a measles outbreak occurred, the majority of the population was unharmed, only those who were unvaccinated were effected and once again the percent of people who fell outside the effective rate.

  • I will say it again like the others that have commented. It is all about power and control. It is a cabal orchestrated by the Rich Elitist Globalists, Corporations and Governments to bring about their so called 4th Industrial Revolution and they must bring down the western economies to set up their new “Stakeholder Capitalism”. Check out the World Economic Forum, John Hopkins Event 201 and United Nations 2030. Never before in the history of mankind has society or governments shut down economic activity. Not even the Great Plague!! The mathematics to this pandemic and the fact that the Govts cannot get their story straight tells me someone is telling us a big fat lie!!

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