What Could the Russia-Ukraine War Mean for You?

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How is the Russia-Ukraine war going to impact the American? What can we see coming down the pipeline? What are the next steps of this crisis? Here is how I currently believe this is going to impact us:

You’re going to see increased food prices and shortages.

For starters, let us remember that Ukraine is “The Breadbasket of Europe.” Due to a lack of personnel, farmers not planting crops, equipment being destroyed, and a number of other factors, there is likely to not be any Ukrainian harvest this year at all, or at the very least, it will be substantially reduced.

This in turn is going to lead to Europe having difficulty in procuring food supplies. If we follow the rule of supply and demand, we’re going to see this result in an increase in prices and food scarcity here within the United States. Europeans are still going to need to eat, and they are going to buy the food they need somewhere. Much of it is going to come from the United States, and they are going to be willing to pay a high price for it.

Farmers who can get an additional $2000/ton of corn by selling overseas are going to do so. Your food supply will be directly impacted as a result, further exacerbating the current supply chain problems that the United States is experiencing. This combined with the fertilizer problems we are going to face this year is a recipe for disaster.

China is likely to take Taiwan in the very near future.

This is what they’ve been waiting for. This serves as a distraction and a “justification” of sorts. We’re already seeing ramped up rhetoric here. On Thursday, nine Chinese jets were spotted in Taiwanese airspace.

Taiwan has zero chance of making it out of this alive. They will be obliterated in record time. They will be facing off against overwhelming force with nowhere to run. Your ability to get electronic goods from Taiwan will disappear, and with that comes increased wait times, prices, and shortages of electronics goods.

Europe is eventually going to have a problem getting fuel.

A great deal of Europe’s natural gas is supplied to them via pipelines which travel through Ukraine. Once Ukraine falls – and it will – this natural gas is gone. This will be used as a form of coercion to get the European Union to bow to its will, a natural consequence of nations refusing to be as energy independent as possible.

Will this in turn affect the prices of fuel in the United States? I think it is highly likely. Again, consider the law of supply and demand. If Europeans now are in desperate need of fuel, whether that be petroleum or natural gas, they are going to be willing to pay extra to get it. If OPEC can get more money per barrel to a European than they can from an American, they are going to sell to the Europeans.

We’re already seeing signs of this type of activity.

(With the average food item on your plate traveling thousands of miles to get there, you should seriously consider improving your food storage now. Read our free QUICKSTART Guide on building your pantry for help.)

The only likely possibility I see here is for this war to expand.

NATO can either respond or not respond. If they do not respond, there is going to be public outrage. In many ways, this is going to be political suicide. Politicians want to retain power, and as Brandon Smith has pointed out, I believe an enlarged war will give better results to the globalist agenda than would a contained war.

This is why I think that in some way or another, NATO is going to respond. The sanctions mean absolutely nothing. “We won’t buy your wheat,” was quickly followed up by China telling Russia that they would buy Russian wheat instead, rendering this sanction useless.

All other sanctions against Russia are nothing other than show. They will do nothing other than further enrage the bear. Once NATO responds, this will be viewed as an American action. NATO is America. We foot the bill and provide the blood. The rest of the countries involved are nothing more than parasites of American money and the security American soldiers provide. With the USA out of the equation, Europe would be ripe for the pickings.

With mercantile ships being blown up by Russia right now, eventually somebody is going to end up pissed off enough to enter the fray. If you’re familiar with the sinking of The Lusitania, you’re familiar with how America entered World War 1.

That being said, when Washington DC responds (and it will), you’re going to see a very severe escalation of violence on American soil.

Americans have lived without fear of an attack on their own soil for so long that the idea of such is beyond belief to many.

That era is over.

As we saw with Ukraine, I think this is going to start off with cyberattacks against a very vulnerable electric grid (as has been pointed out many times before), against our banks, and against government-run websites. You will likely see acts of sabotage that are removed enough to be viewed by the sheeple as a “coincidence.” Do you remember the strange pipeline explosion that happened in Ukraine just prior to the invasion? That is the kind of action you are going to see here.

“Background” pieces of vital infrastructure are going to be targeted. Everybody can see the importance of an airfield. Those types of targets will initially be left alone. It’s the “background” targets that provide fuel, communications ability, and the like that are going to be targeted in the beginning instead.

DC has already stated that they are considering three different options to respond to Russia, all of which are devastating cyberattack options. Forgive me for not understanding why one would warn one’s enemy as to how you’re going to attack ahead of time. It’s foolish. If any of these three cyberattack options listed are carried out by DC, Russia is going to respond with an increased level of force.

While I had been hesitant to paint this as a possibility in the past, I truly believe that the threat of nuclear war is higher than it ever was during The Cold War. This is something you need to start thinking about now.

Are you familiar with the Plan A simulation conducted by the Pentagon in 2019? It analyzed the political consequences of NATO expansion to close to Russia. The simulation ends with a nuclear holocaust.

Cresson Kearney has pointed out that a two-week “bunker period” is necessary to survive radioactive fallout. I highly recommend that you read his book Nuclear War Survival Skills. EMP or nuke? I don’t know, but what I do know is that you should prepare to the best of your ability for both.

Strengthening of Russian relationships with South American countries.

There are already Russian partnerships being worked with Venezuela which you can read about HERE, HERE, and HERE. There are reasons to believe that Cuba never removed the missiles stationed there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Atlantic and Pacific are very nice buffers on the east and west of the USA. The soft underbelly is a point of contention, however.

There is no southern American border. While I do place a great deal of hope in Texas (Texans are pureblooded Americans and they are currently very angry) and The South, mass migration into both of these geographic regions by former blue staters has led to a woke takeover of wonderful areas. I do think this is a situation you are going to want to keep tabs on.

Stay on guard.

You are now living in a heightened state of danger. You need to live like it. Looking at the signs I’m seeing, I truly believe it will be a miracle if this war doesn’t expand. Could it happen? Absolutely. Time will tell.

There is much at stake right now.

What are your thoughts?

What do you foresee happening? Do you think the US will become involved? What do you think the ramifications on the rest of the world will be? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has two published books, The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

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Aden Tate

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  • Jimmy Dolittle in WW2 said, to Rosevelt… Whoever controls Alaska, controls the world.

    Be prepared for Russia to come across Alaska to Canada. The country of Canada will join Russia. The southern Border will be a hotspot. Border gangs and Military will be promised a piece of the American Pie if they fight.
    You as a American will be on your own…. Do not ever give up your guns…ever….

  • I’m in England.

    I expect to see Food Rationing, within 12 months. Also, petrol rationing, and perhaps other utilities, such as electricity. Healthcare has always been rationed, here.

    This will provide the perfect opportunity to introduce the dreaded Digital Passport, because everyone will clamor to ensure that no-one ‘gets more than his fair share’. Brits will cheer at its introduction.

    Even with the benefit of plentiful AgroChemicals and diesel fuel, the UK can only feed itself for about 6 or 7 months of any year. In the event that those Chemicals become scarce, we are in deep doo-doo, because much of the farmland is simply worn-out.

    But, long before I die of hunger, I might expect to fall victim to the violence which will surely arise as a function of food-scarcity. And, ‘NO’, you can’t ‘go plant a garden’, because your efforts will assuredly be confiscated by the Collective. Well, you might get away with it for a little while.

    Politically, I would not be surprised to see them dust off the Civil Contingencies Act, empowering the State to confiscate any and all Property, including domestic animals; enabling Conscription for the purposes of military service or forced labor; and the forced relocation of families into Cities or ‘other accommodation’. Oh, it also introduces Local Tribunals with the power to execute malefactors.

    Having witnessed the craven nature of the typical Brit, during the Corona Hoax, nothing would now surprise me.

    • bogbeagle: I think you have pretty much covered it. I don’t see anything that you’ve mentioned that isn’t only possible, but plausible. It’s actually a pretty good road map for people to follow in their planning for the upcoming times that we’ll be facing.

    • Bogbeagle (cool name BTW) I’ve hidden cabbage, bush beans and potatoes in my “flower Gardens” from the Homeowner Association Nazis several times.

      Grocery store Dry beans and sprouted store potatoes will work well enough, cabbage needs seeds as they are a biannual plant requiring you to overwinter the plant after carefully harvesting the cabbage head to grow NEXT year into the flowering Seed Stalk.

      Most folks unless they are gardeners (and most Gov.com folks are NOT) would not recognize those plants unless planted in a “Farmers Fashion” of neat rows and hills.

      Rainwater collection using tarps, cordage and some sort of water storage (like 5 gallon buckets?) works.

      As Churchill said “Never give up”.

    • Planting a garden when no one has food isn’t really smart. There is no way it can be guarded and even if, that’d be what?? 2 against 100??? Nope–plan to store what you need in your home.

      • Wilt Fungus here for several years, but planted tomato seeds in paper cups last night.
        Will try in a 5 gallon bucket. Going outside and picking your own has privilege to it….but I love it.

        I am truly enjoying these last days because I truly think this is the beginning of the end.
        God help us; I am recently widowed after 46 years and never thought I’d see these dire days.
        Find joy in what you can.
        Even if it is being able to go to the mailbox alone. Health and security thought about here.

      • Jay, Jay never give up.

        Unless you have years of storage foods and means to keep it you must keep trying to produce food.

        • I have years..like 12 buckets of rice. Shelves of canned goods.
          Store and home canned….I buy tomatoes from Amish.
          Pastra, macaroni, salt, sugar. Been doing this since 2008 and am giving away since my husband of 46 years died last.

    • Mr. Bogbeagle: To quote one of your great poets, the Welshman Dylan Thomas: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” God by with you and all of the true Cromwellian patriots in Perfidious Albion.

    • Why do you insist on believing Putin is just pish-poshing around when he’s threatening, pretty much daily, to nuke you?

    • What a load of rubbish! I am in England too,and REALLY don’t recognise the country you are spouting on about. All your comments achieve to do,is reinforce the American myth that the UK is a helpless,socialist state. It is no such thing.

      Cannot plant a garden? Goods and property will be seized? By whom? Hell,there aren’t even enough truck drivers to DELIVER goods,let alone take them away! Oh yes,healthcare rationed! Crap. My wife had cancer three years ago. It was dealt with swiftly and efficiently by our National Health Service. The service isn’t perfect,but boy, when you need it ,it delivers!

      I am an Englishman residing out in the country.I grow food,keep animals,and have firearms. So do many of my neighbours.Yes,we CAN have guns,and as long as we have not been convicted of certain crimes ( violence related mainly), they are easy to acquire.I read about American ‘zoning’ laws,where residents are not allowed to keep chickens,or collect rainwater,or have to keep their front lawns to a particular standard. I don’t know if that’s true,but over here,we have the FREEDOM to do pretty much what we like ,as long as we respect our neighbours and the law.

      So ,to our American cousins,let me say that true ,free- born Englishmen and women would not recognise the post I am replying to. That goes for the Welsh ,Scottish,and Irish too.The UK is a resilient nation ,and whatever happens ,we will deal with it as we have always done.

  • No one seems to understand that the US has the Worlds Reserve Currency and it allows the US to dictate which countries get sanctioned. If Russia and China let the US and the West deploy all their forces to the borders of Russia and China ….then Russia and China can dump all US treasury Holdings collapsing the dollar. Then the US military would have troops STUCK in 180 countries with no supply lines and no way to get back home. The West is either stupid beyond all belief or the West is in on the “job” because it wants to destroy itself for the Great Reset. .like it has been doing with Covid lockdowns.

    • The Enemy Within
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC – 43 BC

      We have sold down the river to CHINA, they are playing the Long Game and are happy to see Russia and the US damage and even destroy each other. Russia knows the Scorpion Nature of China as they have eyes for the Russian lands and resources.

      Proverbs 28:28 speaks to this: When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.

      Plant the hidden garden friends. Nothing is more dangerous than a neighbor when his Child says, “Daddy I’m HUNGRY”. Work together and support the trustworthy. Shun the angry man as a troublemaker Proverbs 22: 24Do not make friends with an angry man, and do not associate with a hot-tempered man, 25or you may learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.…

    • Tracy,
      I believe you are correct on both points, we are stupid beyond belief AND we are insane as a nation , thus actively trying to self destruct.

  • Will China take Taiwan? Yes.

    Will China destroy Taiwan to take it? No. Taiwan has the most sophisticated computer chip factories in the world, and make the most advanced products. If China attacks militarily, the facilities may be destroyed, or Taiwan may destroy them themselves.

    China has been busy infiltrating and isolating Taiwan ever since it broke away. Now China and Russia are showing that the US is weak and unwilling to support and defend our allies. Eventually, (tomorrow?) Taiwan will voluntarily (the leaders will be bribed) join back up with mainland China, giving China control of 90% of the worlds best computer chips.

  • Thank you, Aden. Because we have been informed by you, Daisy, and others on the Prep Club, we are able to tie incidents together. I’m glad to see this cumulative discussion. I’ve been wondering this week about how this might play out and how best to prepare. Thanks for putting the time in on the article.

  • I see Russia and China together trying to take down America. Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has written about Chinese forces near our borders. I believe there will be WWIII and it will involve nuclear war and that America will suffer a ground invasion.

    • Most likely, though I think that rather than nuclear, it will be EMP & cyber, rendering us disabled and ineffective. Then they will draw and quarter us between themselves.

    • Strangely, I had a very vivid dream like that. I had the dream over a year ago.. But, I won’t soon forget it. The Russians came in on the East, the Chinese on the West, as they planned…The vaccines were not helpful to our defense either, apparently… It was very sad. That was the overwhelming feeling for me. And the Russians were actually shocked that they could get away with it!.. With Current Events, I’m starting to think that my dream/nightmare may have been prophetic?!!…
      (one good thing- in my dream, the Russians didn’t go after U.S. civilians, but not many adults were left (after more health crises?). But, they were pressing inwards to conquer the entire nation!.. I had the impression that the Chinese were more merciless with bombing/nukes on the West Coast.
      I really hope this can be averted!!..

      • When I was a child ( probably 7 years old to 11) I had a recurring dream. I had it every couple months for several years. It terrified me. It was always the same. I was walking down a street/road. And I did not want to go to the destination I was walking towards, but I felt compelled, I had to keep walking on. As I walked I was filled with dread and anticipation. Finally I came to the end of this walk and before me there was a spectacular massive explosion, it obliterated everything, including me. I would then wake up terrified. After several years the dream finally stopped. But i have never forgotten it.
        As a kid I did not really understand what the explosion was but when I grew up I realized it was a nuclear explosion I witnessed. I’ve often wondered if it was allowed by the Lord, and that I will live to see such a thing. I’m 63 now and i hope i don’t live to see it, but the days are evil.

    • Tigger….Are you serious? Because by accident I started The Days Of Noah series…1-4 and as I enjoyed learning 1 and 2, the part 3 gave me a new meaning for tribulation for we, the saved and righteous will not be harmed as Luke 21 warns us.
      Part 4 is to buy and I don’t do that, but anxious to see when free.

      I only pay for Prime and got to see 1-3; thankfully, it was there.
      I’m 71 and appreciated the series. God help us; I pray daily.
      Honestly I have to say I am eating commercial canned food from 2013 now. I’ve been at this a while.
      I’m alone and expect to not last long when the beggars come.


  • Yesterday there was an email sent out warning of increased cyber threats.
    If the warm fuzzy people around me are sending these types of emails, you can best bet that something is truly amiss because they don’t prepare for anything, ever.
    I think that the idea of rationing is going to hit just about everywhere in the world and that while we are currently complaining about inflation, the prices of goods is going to increase far more than most expect.
    Right now I’d be taking as much cash out of the banking system as I could and grabbing resources that will surely increase.
    Most bank interest is around 1%-2% and I guarantee that food, fuel and building material will increase another 10%-25% with what is yet to come from this invasion.
    For those who are on a strict budget, now is the time to generate a little extra and put away any resources you can.
    It’s never too late to prepare, but it is a lot more difficult once an emergency is on your door step.
    It’s also time to “hit the books” and gain as much knowledge as possible
    Because I believed that the world would end up on a “war footing” I downloaded “cookbooks” from the war years when rationing occurred.
    I looked at the various items that had been rationed even after the war due to “supply issues” just so that I had a good idea of resources that might be in short supply.
    History has shown that wars impact globally, so now is the time to make sure you are prepared for uncertainties.
    Stockpile knowledge and resources while they are still available because they will pay huge dividends in the coming future.

  • Unfortunately it has been admitted by many experts that our cyber-war capabilities are no match for Russia – apparently we have to many woke lawyers involved for it to be effective. I do expect cyber attacks on our infrastructure. We have already seen instances of this (test runs?) against an oil pipeline and a major meat processor.

    I don’t know that this will go nuclear in the near future. There was one report out of the Ukraine that their main bank had been hacked and all records wiped. If Russia could manage something like this against America they don’t need nukes. They can bring the country to its knees without firing a shot, or risking a man. The electric grid is a joke, and it always has been. Shut it down and you have the same basic result as an EMP – and we all know how that works out.

    In the short term we can expect continuing shortages across the board, and inflation to continue to rise at an unacceptable rate. Food and fuel of course are always the main concerns, but there’s a good chance that we will see shortages of everything. And let’s not forget, that fuel is what generates the majority of our electricity. As I have stated many times: There is a storm on the horizon, and we are headed for dark and horrible times in the future.

    • Most people I know, regardless of which country they are from, do not want war – especially on a global scale. I’ve met many people from many nations around the planet who feel this way. If the citizens of various nations ratchet up their protests to a very high degree in their respective nations and sustain it for as long as it takes – it might actually have some impact against the corrupt leadership currently in power in many nations. As far as the cyber capabilities of the Russians being superior to those of the USA (or certain other nations), I’m curious what information you read or heard that you based your opinion on. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the power grid in the US might be vulnerable to some degree, but so too are the grids in other nations. There are many, relatively simple, non-cyber related methods of taking out components of a power grid. No offense intended to anyone on this discussion board – there is no question there are many smart and talented people out there, but some people who profess to be cyber experts don’t really have any direct hands on experience with the topics they speak about.

  • I am from Russia and I think that your expectations are largely alarmist. With the United States, no one wants war and never wanted to – it’s just suicide. therefore, in terms of price increases, you are right, but prices, as you can see, grew without any conflict.
    and about the invasion of Canada through Alaska, this is pure paranoia.

    • The United States was almost involved in a war with you folks in the sixties due to the Cuban missile problem.Why would Russia be any less concerned about NATO (U.S.) missiles being placed on their borders?I am sorry for the loss of life in this present conflict,but feel that Russia really did not want to attack Ukraine. I hope more Americans will be more critical about what we are being told by the news media but doubt that will happen.However,this may change after the mid-term elections.It sure would be good to have adults running our country again.

      • You are correct. This entire thing is happening because we tried to get Ukraine in to NATO and we put missiles in Ukraine that can be converted from defensive to nuclear in about an hour.

    • Right on target, I think. Our enemies don’t want to destroy and have to rebuild our resources, they would rather simply disable them and reactivate after we do ourselves in. Khrushchev was correct about us destroying ourselves within, and that has all but been achieved by the Progressives, Dems, and PPP (Progressive Propaganda Press.)

    • I think that you are VERY wrong about a few things. A lot of people WANT war and plan to benefit from it, Vlad, China, Iran, NK, Soros, Biden, and all the NWO -OWG minions. If you want to stay alive an prosper, I suggest that you return to Russia.

      • Nabi do you get your information from CNN? I’ve been reading Putin’s and his diplomats’ speeches and so far, I’ve not seen that.

        The source of Our troubles is far close to home.

    • All governments, including USA, are run by genial psychopaths who are more concerned with controlling their own people than they are about any noble sounding ideology. That, and their own power and wealth, is all they care about. The unfortunate thing is that these bad people will start wars in order to do things that they otherwise couldn’t get away with. Normal people like Andrey in Russia, or your average Joe in America, are the ones that suffer.

  • The X22Report has stated that Ukraine Is a Money Laundering Machine for the Deep State. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, the Federal Government is also a money-laundering operation. Put these two together and include the line-up of Biden, Clinton, and Obama and you can see why the deep state needs to cover its past steps. Russian President Putin has recently declared that the New World Order worships Satan. Just as the world had to fight Satanism 80 years ago because of the Nazi movement, we are once again fighting those same spiritual forces worshipped by those who hide behind their money and secret societies. See my latest blog post.

  • In the near term, higher gas prices, even if Biden releases oil from the Strategic Reserve.
    Mid to long term, higher food prices, but that was also expected even prior to the Russian, Ukraine conflict. Likely higher food prices then we expected.
    I think Biden made a comment about Americans will feel the costs of the conflict. Isn’t that reassuring? (sarc)
    Russia is a major exporter of aluminum and cobalt. Supply chains for those were already tight. Cobalt is needed in rechargeable batters for EV. The price of going “green” may have just gotten more expensive.

    • Friend did you forget that we are IMPORTING some 22% of Oil and a third of our Fertilizer from Russia?

      And China has already bought most of this year’s crop production already?

      How did we go some 18 months ago from being energy independent and able to produce our own fertilizer to dependence upon Russia? Keystone pipeline, several fertilizer factories shut down by our own EPA and such.

      See my Cicero Quote above about traitors.

      Plant potatoes friends, it’s a start.

      • Michael,
        I forgot nothing.
        Hence my comment about gas prices in the short term, and we have already seen them, a $0.15 increase since hostilities have begun. Perhaps I should of added gas prices will continue for the mid-long term despite the Strategic Reserve release.
        We are all fully aware of the cost of fertilizer, even before TOP posted an article about that subject. As that is why I mentioned, “Mid to long term, higher food prices, but that was also expected even prior to the Russian, Ukraine conflict.”
        Potatoes? That is it?
        Try adding, raised and slaughter 2 hogs, about 400lbs of pork.
        New batch of chickens this year to replace the current flock.
        However, the current flock and the ducks have started laying again. The old flock will become “stew” birds, the males in the new batch will be sent to freezer camp or Sunday dinner. Figure out of a 30 run of chicks, half will be males. That is 15 dinners right there. Plus stock.
        Potatoes? I have several pounds over-wintering and will sprout this spring. Same goes for rutabagas, and beets. Pre-planted seeds for beets in the old hog paddocks that should sprout in the spring.

        • As I said “it’s a start “. I knew from your earlier posts You were working on resilience. Your well ahead of most of us.

          The plant potatoes it’s a start was for the folks here still talking Not Doing.

          Normalcy Bias or would have, could have will really hurt those who “I’ll Do it Tommorow “.

          Hopefully your reply will inspire a few to Get Moving Today.

          Or as the DI used to say “Move it or Lose it “.

  • The gathering forces of evil: Russia, China, Islam, Iran, NK, Soros, NWO, UN, etc are simply overwhelming. There is no place to run and hide or regroup. Unless God, with some miracles, gives this nation another chance to RETURN TO HIM, everyone should prepare themselves for the Rapture or the Tribulation. This is from someone who has been an agnostic most of his 70 year+ life.

  • Again Mr. Tate is throwing out more lies. Russia has never attacked mercantile ships or the west would have a heyday with it. When you make statements like this, you must cite your sources instead of showcasing your Russophobia. Your last article was full of fake videos on the Ukraine war so your credibility needs some work.

    That being said we must look at one thing that is easily being overlooked. Russia supplies 60% of the world’s ammonium nitrate which means fertilizer for crops. Shipments will be cut off April 1st. and the US is a huge buyer of Russian fertilizer so you will have lower crop yields and maybe none to export to the EU. The US and EU also sanctioned the giant Belarusian phosphorus production again a fertilizer component.

    One last thing is that oil shipments will cease to the US. People forget that Russia is the second largest supplier of oil to the US. This is why America is desperately trying to steal oil from Venezuela.

    There will be a shortage of food this year and extra problems with shippers passing on the higher fuel costs to consumers. This will not be an easy ride. The more sanctions being thrown at Russia the more you will be hurt. Biden had stated the same this week on his speech about sanctions this Tuesday.

  • Expect a turbo martial law system where NWO attempts to round up and destroy all oppositon. They won’t have a problem finding enforcers to do their dirty work; they’ve been importing death squad goons for years and pumped it into hyperdrive since potato got moved into power. Law? Order? Constitutional rights? All out the window, with the enthusiastic support of half the population. No one is going to save us, we’re on our own. Plan accordingly.

    • Yep, afraid that you are right. And we have largely done this to ourselves allowing Progressives to dominate our country.

      • Progressives that sneaked in as Conservatives bought off with Soros’ money.
        We were doomed from the beginning…and didn’t even know it. When the largest cities in America have progressive, bought off DAs…it’s not pretty. Now, do you understand illegals getting in, criminals released by thousands, catch and release in the court system, and low bail for murders or worse, probation??

    • Turns out all those words on paper depend on trusting honorable people to abide by them voluntarily. Covid has shown that those “inalienable human rights enshrined in our Consitution” were just a mirage.

    • You’re correct. But it’s worse than that. The politicians on both sides, the new-age CRT anti-America military, Federal, State, and Local “law” enforcement will be helping them. All of them are in on it and pushing the globalist NWO agenda.

  • The dims/progressives/TPTB don’t want there to be Congressional elections in the US this year. They need a reason to stop these elections. The US at war might be one reason. They also think there are far to many people in the world (climate change). Wars, while very messy, will reduce the population and allow radical power changes.

    So here are some possible wars that may start in 2022.
    – Russia invades Ukraine, already happening. Possibly Russia invades Europe, Alaska and possibly Canada.
    – China invades Taiwan, perhaps other south pacific island nations like the Philippines and others. Possibly Japan and Hawaii. Possibly even India
    – Maybe somebody invades the continental US.
    – North Korea invades South Korea, with backing from China.
    – Iran nukes Israel with intention to utterly destroy. Invades other middle east countries, mostly for the oil but also to spread its version of Islam.
    – Japan attacks Hawaii and some of its other targets from WW2.
    – Smaller territorial wars break out, including India and Pakistan. No continent is exempt from these wars.

    Possible results:
    – Reduced population, probably rampant disease and starvation.
    – Many governments in disarray, ripe pickings for TPTB.
    – Economic collapse.
    – The “man on a white horse” appears. No, I don’t think that is Trump.
    – The ETs invade or take over.

  • When you are Russia with an inferior army and equipment, drunk soldiers, and an old commie desperately clawing to keep this inferior and outdated philosophy alive to preserve HIS wealth and power don’t you think he will behave like a cornered WAT??

    He has nothing to gain and everything to lose so he’ll take you with it. All LOSERS do.

    • The pro-noun challenged, CRT indoctrinated, General Milley China loving traitors in the US Military will get their asses handed to them by either the Russians or the Chinese. Neither of which are confused about how many genders there are.

  • Brainwashing is how you get the freedom out. So the main thing is to tune in to CNN, put away your truth telling websites and focus on exactly what the CCP wants you to think/believe/say and do. After all, their integrity has proved to be spotless and it IS for your own good.

  • My post at 9am this morning was moderated? I may have made a mistake, but i don’t think so. It was a clean post. The links were solid and from verifiable and reputable sources with historical presence online.

    I do disagree with Aden where it concerns who will make money off this (spoiler: it’s the commodity traders, not the farmers) and his understanding of ag logistics. But I was respectful.

    I’m sorry Daisy if it was my mistake, but the page reloaded after I hit enter as usual. If it was moderated, that’s ok too. I will admit it was a little hot.????

  • Well the pot is certainly stirred up.
    – The vaunted Russian war machine. Have we seen the better units of the Russian army yet? Probably not. First Chechnya War is a good example. Possible they have only committed the “B” team so far. Look for the better armored units (newer gear) and paratroopers.
    – Ukraine Military. Pleasant surprise. Really thought based on their order of battle it was not going to be a long campaign. Hitting the Russians with a SS-21 missile; one of their own! Looks like Javelins/NLAW/Stingers work pretty well. Urban areas are going to be interesting for their armor. Guess they forgot about the lessons they learned at a certain Chechnya train station a few years back!
    – rt.com. I check this site out from time to time. First time it wanted me to do a “captcha” because DDOS possibilities: happened today.
    – Food. Yep the drought this last year has affected wheat production as well as a whole bunch of other issues.
    – Fertilizer has almost tripled in the commodities markets in some categories. (Checked last week).
    – NWO. Who knows…I guess Putin forgot to pay his dues!
    – Taiwan. Well…guess we will see how that air defense is working. Don’t think Japan will let that slide. Aegis anyone? The JSDF twist might be interesting to see. Not sure if China has enough AMPHIB lift. I hope their gear works better than the Harbor Freight pump I bought.
    – Cyber Cyber Cyber. Dang all of my Call of Duty skills will degrade! (Ok I don’t play..but if I did!) This is one that worries me the most and the one that the “bad” guys are probably pretty good at. Guess will get to see if all that money we dump into the NSA’s classified budget pays off!
    And that new Army MOS! I am so happy the “youngsters” are going to protect me! (Shuddering).
    – City Dwellers. I really feel sorry for you guys. I really do. 72 hours away from not having any food. But hey, in Cali at least you can get a “smoking” kit for free!
    – National Leadership. Hey if you happen to find any…please report it to your authorities…oh wait that is a circular (like a sewer drain) argument.
    Well it seems like a bad Simpson episode or Farside comic moment. I like the episode where the French hit Springfield with a neutron bomb (missile had an “intel inside” sticker on it. Comic Book man looked up after talking about Aquaman and Wonder Woman and said he had wasted his entire life. Hmmm parallels to my own? I digress…
    Well hopefully the Sun will come up tomorrow (pretty sure it will).
    If not I will go to East Door and see if the Lord is coming.

  • Putin’s been on a cloud, having some sort of epiphany. He’s rolled out the guns, shown his colors. Darkly amusing that, in the face of this created crisis, so many. try to nornalize his action, act like he’s just pish-poshing around while he threatens to nuke them. He’s made up his mjnd to do it whenever he figures the moment is propitious.

  • Its a clear sign of the end of Western dominance. We are the new Rome on the way down and this is an unquestionable sign of that.

  • The media controls this for ratings. It’s all a game to put the cable channels on 24/7. Find out who controls media and you know who prospers from war.

  • A friend from Bolivia just sent me a news broadcast in which the president says that Bolivia sides with Russia and is calling up young single men to be prepared to be called up as soldiers to fight for Russia. Mother Russia. We’re surprised. I wonder if Putin has gotten much of the world so dependent on him that it won’t get involved as he sparks WWIII.
    I’ll look for an email address to send the broadcast to so you can see it.

    • A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is originally from central/south America. This person keeps in regular contact with friends and family there, who told them there are a lot of Russian and Chinese troops in various places throughout the region. It is believable. There are apparently quite a few independent news broadcasters/reporters who are working by themselves down there to publicize some things not being covered by their government controlled media (sound familiar?). I’ll see if I can find a web address.

  • You actually think Russia can supply a meaningful percent of what China requires? And face it, Putin is barely smarter than the former orange president we had. He’s already lost control of the media narrative.

    • I sincerely don’t think this is a hoax.

      Will it be used for political gain, power, and money? Of course. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” But these folks who scream “hoax” about everything – I question their understanding of the situation.

      People are fighting and dying right now for freedom.

      • You are extremely right! Yes it’s happening. Yes there is a lot of propaganda flying around. Fake actors, staged pictures, fake video. That’s why it’s called propaganda. But the invasion…definitely not a hoax. The real question is…all of the machinations behind the scenes and what is really going to happen in the aftermath. Will this cause a real reset? Who knows! So much speculation! I do know this…cost of stuff I have to buy…going going up! Like everything. You guys were spot on…unfortunately.

  • Yep…confirmed…Russia lead with the “B” team and learned nothing from the first Chechnya war. That’s why the Ukrainian’s have put the hurt on them.
    Well…let see whether reason or ego wins out. Hegemony or bust? Even the Chinese are telling him to negotiate…. Man am I glad our President put the fear into him!

    • Russia is responding to Ukraine damming off the water supply to Crimea since 2014, and the US trying to force NATO right up against their border and installing missiles that target Russia. The ugly truth is that the US, the NWO segment of it anyway, is the long time aggressor pushing for war. The allies are egging the whole sorry affair on. The average Ukrainian is caught in the middle just like the average American has been with the Covid scam. It’s all about furthering the NWO agenda 21 BS. You will own nothing and choke on it. Sad thing is the average American is so brainwashed with media propaganda they unquestioningly believe everything either FOX or CNN put out. Operation Mockingbird. Look it up.

  • Do we get misdirected by the magicians hand? Does the mockingbird media want us to spend our energy quibbling over the battlefield manuvers used to distract you from the truth?
    Looky dis. . .
    Russia was forced into this conflict.
    Russia has never attempted to overrun the Ukraine.
    Russia has never been hurt badly by the sanctions.
    Russia was not hurt or compromised by the explosion
    Damage to the Nordstream pipeline.
    Russia is slow walking their way along, destroying the ukrainian
    All of the damage has been to the european union and the UK
    Next year the loss of fuel and food will destroy NATO
    And the european union. America will suffer severe
    economic damage. Russia will not.

    If Russia puts its full military might against the ukraine
    the fight would be over in a matter of days..SO?
    Why don’t they do it.. Short answer.. They don’t want to.
    If this continues for another year all of the western powers
    will collapse.
    Russia has demonstrated an advanced military
    Capability that can easily overpower anything the west can field
    The don’t need or want to use nuclear weapons because
    Their newer weapons are more powerful and nonpolluting.
    Within minutes they can destroy out electric grid.
    Dr. Peter Pace’s EMP commission listed many ways
    in which this can be accomplished. . SO. .
    Piss Ivan off and it is lights out . Unfortunately
    For us the Russian power grid is unassailable.
    We cannot touch them.
    We do not have hypersonic missiles. Russia does.
    Our submarines can be detected and destroyed.
    Russians cannot be found or hurt.
    Russia can access space. We cannot. Russia has
    Fielded superior aircraft capable of unbelievable
    air combat manuverableity. We cannot match that.
    America does not have a carrier killer missile, Both
    The Chinese and the Russians do.
    There is much more data out there on this issue.
    But suffice it to say for the western powers to attack
    Russia is suicidal. We don’t have the equipment or
    resolve to win such a fight.
    So by Vladimir hanging back in the weeds and biding
    his time, he can do nothing and watch the western
    powers self destruct in the coming year..
    Their loss of battlefield ground is meaningless
    The damage done to the west by the sanction are
    the key to victory.
    I am way back in the weeds and watching.

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