Why Should Preppers Care About Mass Formation Psychosis?

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by Jeff Thompson

Mass formation psychosis.

That’s the buzz phrase that has rocked the internet the past two days. This comes about after the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, used the phrase to describe the current state of society on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Immediately, search engines began to alter their algorithms so that only those narratives which fit the great MSM, Silicon Valley, globalist/communist narrative were shown.

But let’s take a step back from the scientific jargon for a moment, if you will. Because the fact of the matter is that you’ve already a fundamental and inherent understanding of what mass formation psychosis is.

Daisy wrote about this when she described the “othering” taking place within society.


Americans can feel it. There’s no denying that there has been active discrimination, violence, in many cases “lawful” against the Americans who are pro-freedom/pro-Constitution/pro-human dignity. But perhaps I’m being redundant here, for a true American is all of those things.

And it’s getting worse.

You can feel it. Think about this. Have you ended up in an altercation with somebody over masks throughout the past two years? Or, have you been denied entry to a building because of your jab status or refusal to mask? Did cops use “trespassing” as the limp excuse for discriminating against you when you weren’t willing to wear the yellow star?

That’s what mass formation psychosis is. It’s a society-wide brainwashing.

Dr. Robert Malone actually says that this is what has been used against the global population throughout the past two years.

How do you end up with a “civilized” nation such as Germany turning into a state-run murder machine? Furthermore, how does a nation filled with the likes of Goethe, Mozart, and Bach turn into a world where those with wheelchairs are pushed out of third-story windows, where babies are swung by the feet to crack against the trees? How do the people who are renown for precision machinery turn to using that ability to hunt down women and pump Zyklon B into their lungs?

At what point do the doctors decide that sewing twins together is ok?

You use mass formation psychosis.

According to Dr. Malone, this is exactly what happened in Germany. And if we look at other genocides throughout history, we’ll likely see the same.

Just what is necessary for mass formation psychosis to take place though? Four separate variables which combine to create a monster. They are:

  1. The lack of a social bond.
  2. Free-floating anxiety
  3. A feeling of not having any purpose
  4. People who are confused and can’t make sense of anything around them [source]

To be clear, the theory of mass formation psychosis was developed by Dr. Matias Desmet, a professor, psychologist, and statistician, at the University of Ghent in Belgium. [source]

Dr. Desmet has been shouting for the past two years that this is what he’s currently seeing (particularly on Daily Expose, which you should be reading), but it appears as if this recent podcast is what has served as the springboard for his theory becoming a part of the common vernacular.

But what do the four aspects of mass formation psychosis mean?

Returning to the four aspects though, each of them requires a sizeable segment of society. If only a small percentage of a population experiences these factors, mass formation cannot take place by definition. From Desmet’s research, it appears as if 30% is the magic number.

Once 30% of a nation’s population has fallen into the four factors of mass formation psychosis, very troubling times are on the horizon.

The lack of a social bond is one of the first factors which must be met. Individuals need to be severely isolated from one another, creating a feeling of loneliness. It appears that solitary confinement isn’t as healthy for people as one may initially think, huh?

Perhaps by robbing people of their faces, this isolation can even be forced upon one when they’re out in public. Why have so many ancient warriors utilized covering the face when they went into combat? Because it takes away the human aspect of the person right in front of one. Instead of a man – who could be killed – now standing in front of you with katana raised high, it was a bizarre looking monster.

Image courtesy of va_va_val

Dehumanization bred fear. It was a form of psychological warfare.

The free-floating anxiety revolves around generating massive amounts of panic and fear over something that people really have a hard time of putting their finger on. Sure, people may be afraid of the typhus which are alleged to carry (as propaganda stated throughout 1930s Germany), but there’s something even deeper than that as well.

It’s the constant state of being unsure. Of not knowing when one is going to be potentially harmed. In the Cold War this would have been the daily pressure of a nuclear attack. Children are taught to shelter under their desk, bomb shelters are being built in the city hall, and the news is telling about some type of missile crisis out in Cuba.

In modern day, it’s the fear that walking down the grocery store is what’s going to be the death of you. You just touched a door. Was it clean? Have you touched your face lately? Did you hear about Sally? She tested positive. So-and-so is in the hospital.

All of this has created two solid years of mass panic as people have become afraid of the world around them.

The third variable is the need for 30% of the population to feel as if what they’re doing has no purpose or meaning. People are upset that what they’re doing doesn’t even seem to matter. There’s got to be more out there – a bigger purpose -but nobody can really figure out just what.

And this brings us to the fourth point. People aren’t able to make sense of anything in the world around them. Perhaps their government leaders have consistently flip-flopped on telling them what they are or are not to do. One day it’s perfectly safe to stand beside your neighbor. Now, you must stand six feet away. Tomorrow, you better avoid them completely because they haven’t taken their morning anal swab yet.

All of this combined churns a nation into what Malone states is a “constant state of hysterical anxiety.”

What happens when this succeeds?

For starters, those affected by the variables start to join together. They begin to feel as if they need to strive together to reach this common goal, of defeating that which is filling them with angst, and many times this pushes them against another sizeable segment of the population.

During the Holocaust, it was the need to create the “superman”, to rid the world of genetic disease, to get rid of the infirm and crippled which led to the extermination of millions at the likes of Dauchau, Auschwitz, and more.

Media can then be used to push this agenda even further

It can continue to fan the flames of fear while telling the affected what it is they need to do – who they need to push back against. The leaders of this movement “become revered – unable to do wrong.”

As Malone states, “one of the aspects of that phenomenon [mass formation psychosis] is that the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically that come in and say you have this pain and I can solve it for you. I and I alone….Then they will follow that person. It doesn’t matter whether they lied to them or whatever. The data is irrelevant.”

Anybody that speaks against Dear Leader is fought back against in unison by the affected. They are silenced, stripped of their jobs, or even acted against with violence.

This all takes place as those affected become almost hypnotized, in a sense. People will outright refuse any logic presented them. It doesn’t matter if the facts just don’t line up. Anything which counters the narrative which they’ve been hypnotized by is automatically rejected.

And when this happens, the seeds of totalitarianism, are sown. A despot can now spring forth, giving the brainwashed all the “righteous indignation” they need to commit atrocities they wouldn’t have even dreamed of participating in just years prior.

That is how you get a “civilized” society to engage in the heinous acts mentioned prior. Selco talks about this in his article about the media bombarding them with hate and fear.

(To learn how to become better prepared for this type of society, check out our free QUICKSTART Guide.)

But it’s not hopeless.

The interesting thing about this research is that Dr. Malone points out mass formation psychosis follows a general distribution. This means that 30% of a nation will be brainwashed. Approximately, 40% will be those who ride the fence – unable to really make up their minds as to what they want to do, or those who are too afraid to voice their opinions.

And then there are those who refuse to bow to evil. That is the remaining 30%.

As Dr. Mattias Desmet points out, this sane 30% is that which can turn the tide for good. By speaking out, they can embolden more of the 40% of the fence riders to find the courage to speak out against evil.

But this only happens when one uses their voice.

Continue to speak out. If other voices are available in the public space, then the mass hypnosis will be disturbed.” – Professor Doctor Mattias Desmet. [source]

What are your thoughts about this?

Do you think that people are suffering from a mass delusion? Do you believe this is being done deliberately? Do you see the similarities in the historic examples? Or do you agree with the media coverage and steps being taken? Share your thoughts in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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    • Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to that 30% of those who believe in the mass psychosis . . . SELENA!

      Yes, Selena, you would love companies like the one that defunded TOP. No rhyme or reason, no transparency, no appeal. Absolute totalitarian authority!

      Thankfully most preppers (namely those here on TOP, play on words?) are among that sane 30%, who are pushing back against the madness of the mass formation psychosis. Against the mask mandates. The vaxx mandates. As we are seeing the so-called experts flip-flop on their stances on various mandates, or as new facts in science emerge (or are old ones that have resurfaced in the face of MSM propaganda), their narrative is failing. Those siting on the fence are beginning to question, to have their own thoughts and opinions and are also thinking about common sense in the face of all the fear mongering.

      I do enjoy watching that 30% of the mass formation psychosis as they fail about in desperation to hold on to their psychosis. To walk into a grocery store, maskless and see some masked yahoo eyes wide in fear, as if their mask is a holy cross against a vampire. Then see others not masked as well. And a few, those 40%, see me, think for a moment, and take off their own masks.
      After all, only a N95, properly fitted, is really effective against COVID. Those surgical masks, cloth masks, an exercise in futility. Heck, I saw a end cap of 100% cotton masks, with a note on the box, “Not effective in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.”
      Only someone with a . . . psychosis, would believe otherwise.

      How is that vaxx 1, vaxx 2, and booster working out for you? The ones that lose their effectiveness after 6 months or more, and are nearly useless against Omicron?
      By all means, vaxx up, mask up or two, even in your own home or by yourself in your car.
      Psychosis much?

    • Poor Selena…. she is one of the 30% sheep who are led to slaughter…… Booster up and keep that mask on 24/7 lol

  • We have been in this state for years now ! Our speech has been twisted to such a degree that most useful idiots can’t understand much less think! I blame the fence sitting parents the most!

  • I see this with my mother. I didnt know it had a name but it fits perfectly. Hysterical, illogical fear to where she cant sleep, cant work, follows every ever-changing rule to stay safe. Tests every time she has a cold or someone near her has one. She thinks my family, as the inly unvaxxed of her children, are on death’s doorstep.
    She thinks the unvaxxed are responsible for the vaxxed being in hospitals. Its exhausting trying to reason with her in love .

  • Shame on you Germans. You are the most naziest country in the world right now. If this psychosis has happened once it will happen again.. it is happening again.

    What next. A new holocaust I presume.

    Saksa on paska maa.

    • It is the same everywhere. This is no different, we are all on the same path and those who only see nations and do not realise the people running this are doing this globally are as blind as the jabber junkies. Things are more advanced in one place or the other but the race is on the same course.

  • If there is a mass psychosis it is feed by the disingenuous mass media. Speaking out risks canceling by the cancel culture. Still we should. We should by saying what we believe is truth anyway. But how openly is everyone’s choice.

  • The Bible seems to say 50% will fall prey to the great delusion. I have said to a guy I know that i believe the side people find themselves on now will be the side they find themselves on for all eternity. For some teason that makes him mad. He claims to be a Christian. In the past he’s said he believes Hillary Clinton to be a Christian because of her participation in prayer breakfasts in DC. Once he wanted me to participate in one of Rick Warren’s 40 day spiritual exercises. Isn’t he the guy who promotes chrislam ? The guy isn’t a Catholic, i am, and he constantly references Francis. I refer to him as bergolio. Anyeay, i am not qualified to determine who is a true disciple of Christ or not. I just find those things problematic.

  • Psychosis = Altering one’s perception of reality to thereby resolve conflict.

    Mass Formation Psychosis is the most logical explanation for the world’s population to have gone Bat-S#*t-Crazy these past few years. It seems to have been intentionally set up by globalist forces over the past decade, and it’s beyond time for people to speak up and object. The medical community has lost all credibility. Governments (at every level, municipal, State, and Federal) are preventing reasonable treatment and care, all the while pushing experimental drugs on children and adults alike.

    These are dark times, but we are the leaders that we seek. We can shed light on the shadows, and darkness has no defense against the light.

  • Lessons from history

    In the 1500s when the conquistadores from Spain reached Mexico, the small pox they brought with them helped kill off 90% of the Aztec civilization in only two years. Later the same method did similar damage to the Incas.

    In the late 1600s countless people were demonized as witches in an era when bad weather conditions caused some grain crops to partially rot. This caused some awful effects in people who ate such crops and many were executed after disgusting court trials. The predatory class of that day then seized their property. In the Salem, Massachusetts area, jurors finally refused to convict and here first used the principle of jury nullification that had then only recently become well known after it saved the life of William Penn in England in a trial for preaching a religion without permission of the Crown.

    In the 1700s the British often used smallpox-laden blankets as trade goods to kill off Indian tribes. Later a recent history of the Texas Rangers said that they used smallpox to kill off the Karankawa Indian civilization in early East Texas.

    In 1918 the Rockefeller Institute supplied a poorly tested vaccine to the US Army beginning at Ft. Riley, Kansas. The army had adopted a mandatory vaccine system in 1911 so the GIs in training for WWI were defenseless guinea pigs. Those jabbed GIs immediately began to get sick. Each of the two succeeding mutations were worse than the previous. As those vaccines were also sold to several foreign countries the damage went worldwide. Estimates today range between 50 and 100 million deaths from what was covered up as the “Spanish Flu” since the first media coverage of the illness appeared in newspapers in Spain that was not part of WWI and therefore not subject to the wartime censorship inside participating countries. One result was that vaccine killed more German soldiers than did combat.

    In 2010 the Rockefeller organization was still obsessed with the damage a pandemic might do so they did a study that in some ways resembled what happened here in 2020. They, along with eugenics-obsessed globalists, did a simulation of a multi-country pandemic in the fall of 2019 — just a few months before Covid-19 was launched on our shores.

    When the US Congress outlawed the then on-going bio-warfare research, “Dr” Anthony Fauci sent funding to the laboratory in Wuhan, China to continue that “gain of function” research.

    So with that many-centuries history of pandemic warfare in hindsight, current participants are still active in that genocidal game on a global basis today although with added goals of injectable tracking chips to facilitate centralist control of cashless digital economies. I just saw news this morning from El Salvador where Bitcoins in government issued “wallets” to the public were suddenly and instantly digitally confiscated by that government without warning. I’m sure that gave totalitarians worldwide some warm and fuzzy feelings.


  • First off, Selena, why are you here if you think so little of O.P.? You do think,right? I am not vaccinated,nor will I ever be vaccinated. Why? I have a whole slew of questions that have never been addressed. Instead, whenever I ask, even one question. I’m shut down with personal insults

  • You are right about the mass, er mask confrontation. I had one. I forgot to pull up my mask at a McDonalds and immediately as I entered (and I do mean immediately) a woman reminded me my mask was down.

    I apologized, then got angry, and pulled the mask off in front of her, and made some expletive deleted remark to myself as I walked passed her and out the door never to return. 😉

    • Leethal,
      Funny you mention that (re: McDonalds).
      I stopped at one today, went in to get a coffee (having worked in fast food, I never do the drive thru).
      100% of the employees had a mask, but they were mostly worn on their chins, or just below their noses. They know it is BS.
      As most of sane Americans do.

      In another article, Matt in OK mentioned how life was being lead in Free America. No masks. No “papers, comrade!”
      Some believe there is a shadowy TPTB, all knowing, all in control.
      Yet we see locals, states, some nations who seek liberty and freedom.
      The real power of the so-called TPTB, is the illusion they have power. They dont. All it takes is a person to say, “no.”
      I did not wear a mask into that McDonalds today. No one said anything. No LEOs were called. I was not greeted by a SWAT team to take me into custody.
      Just say, “no.”

      • A friend told me the other day (he works at Walmart) that he cannot work in a mask all day. It’s just too hard to breathe and gets hot on your face and whatnot.

        He told me when the store gets empty or nearly empty he just takes his mask off. I have a feeling those mask are KILLING those poor employees at McDonalds and they simply cannot take working in the hot kitchen fully masked.

        Another doctor said wearing a mask all the time will cause PERMANENT brain damage. Yes, he said permanent brain DAMAGE! And they are forcing kids to wear it when there is NO need of it.

  • I was in the Dr. office yesterday waiting in the lobby with other patients. In walks a Karen(60+ year Old White Hag with a Frown you could see under her mask) who was told like the rest of us that they were behind about 30-45 minutes so you can wait here or give us your number so you can go get coffee or walk or something & we will call you. Of course Karen has an immediate problem with waiting & nastily remarked there was no place to sit & I said what – you can’t see these 6 empty chairs? She says what about social distancing? I said that’s a bunch of Crap otherwise the chairs would be marked. In Florida we don’t have this Bullshit. Anyway I go in to my appointment & when I come out – Guess what? Good Old Covid Karen is All Cuddled up next to this good looking Latino guy practically making out with him – What a Hypocritical Cunt. Mass Pschosis has been going on a Long time in our Society but now it just gives More people – especially the Covidian Cult Members an Excuse to be Douchebags – May those Vaccinated Assholes DIE Sooner than Later.

  • Jeff– good recap of the Mass Formation Psychosis. Absolutely that’s what’s happened in this country and in many other countries. It’s happened before and it’s happening again. We need to present data, speak truth, challenge people in their petrified thinking, make them a little uncomfortable by our questioning. That’s the only way we’ll move the needle, and even then, the needle may move very slowly, but it’s what we’ve got to do to wake up those that are asleep.

    I am a person of faith and have felt that this whole COVID thing is a carefully planned ruse from almost he beginning. It we look at raw data, before it’s been manipulated, we can see the progression. Mass media rarely fact checks anything as long as it fits their paradigm. What happened to responsible journalism? What happened to critical thinking and making up your own mind in this country? What happened to my body, my choice when it comes to vaccines? It can’t just be a one-way street.

  • Excellent article! I’m sharing with many. Im in the 30% group that is standing up against it. I appreciate your articles.

  • I will never take their vax and anyone who tries to force me will be ventilated without remorse.
    I will refrain from visiting all “health care professionals and facilities”.
    They have lost my trust entirely.

    #TheGardasilVaxKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  • By your deluded descriptions of Germany you prove yourself a quintessential victim of the very thing you warn against. Good God…learn some REAL history!

  • No speculation required here. We are in an engineered societal breakdown resulting from applied behavioral psychology on a mass scale. Eccentric or not Mr. Alex Jones has been warning of these events for almost 3 decades now. Of course his information has always come from published policy papers from organizations around the world that form the backbone of the globalist push towards world domination. IMF, CFR, Tri-lateral Commission, United Nations, Bilderberg, NATO…etc. None of today’s events should be any mystery by now folks. Thanks for the article!

  • Learn how to say “No.” Learn how to say “horse shit.” Learn how to say, “it’s piss.” That’s all it really requires. Don’t bother with love. Just be honest. “How did you get to be so God Damned stupid?” Be a real man or woman and stop giving an F. Do not tolerate stupidity.

  • Yes, well I saw this coming long since. I’m ready to shoot them in the face. Then start lobbing grenades.

  • Vaccine or no vaccine, mask or no mask … doesn’t matter. The genetically modified, lab created, spike virus will find our sinuses, right through our wet gooey eyes. And it will T-cell modify the crap out of everyone. Jab or no jab, whether we like it or not. After that, the delusion will fade for both sides. (Few barely care now. It’s only tittilating on some news shows and blogs. In real life, most peole just go get what they need and carry on)
    As for Malone, he stuck a mouse once during the beginning studies of mrna,(decades ago) He got mentioned on record for it, briefly, then others took up the studies and left him behind. He still holds a grudge.

  • Repeating the tired eighty year-old old Allied war propaganda against Germany insults the German people and undermines your credibility. Germany defended it self, that’s all. The Allies committed the murders. Anyone who has studies history should know by now that most of it is lies. if Malone used this lie to make apoint, he only discredit himself.

    • Bob, exactly! All the BS we’ve been indoctrinated with since WWII about Germany on TV and movies is just that – BS!

  • Part of the problem is people fear death. Why? Newsflash……EVERYONE DIES……someday. One of the reasons I have no fear of WuFlu. If I die……ok.

    * Lack of a Social Bond – I kept my business open the whole time. Never closed it (except the weekends). I also kept going to Church (online and in person)
    * Free-Floating Anxiety – Come on folks, suck it up. Stop the anxiety. Stop listening to the Marxist Media, stop listening to the Government Weenies.
    * A feeling of not having any purpose – Come on folks don’t be stupid, everyone has a purpose.
    * People who are confused and can’t make sense of anything around them – Once again stop listening to the Marxist Media. Use “alternative” media to find the TRUTH because you ain’t gonna get it from the Marxist Media.

  • Well written post! ???? This is exactly how I feel and it’s mind blowing to glean there is extensive research on the phenomenon. A Real eye opener! I am sharing this on my Facebook page right away! BRAVO ???? ✨ Much love and respect from a Prepper from half a world away in India ???????? ???? ????

  • To fellow Christian believers, our job during this time is to still show love. Unless the holy spirit tells our spirit that the human being/soul is no longer there (vacated due to tech taking over their body) concerning another man or woman, we must be kind, hospitable, wise, and share the knowledge of the cross. So long as they are human, and at this point they still are, they remain our fellow within mankind. Secondly, while both political parties are corrupt, the Republican side by and large is the most aligned to biblical values, reject liberals from local gov infiltration, they immediately implement tyranny and shut churches down over “covid”. Live and let live only goes so far, protect your local community and way of life, and religious freedom. I tell this to the locals where I am and warn them, tell them to vote for well known locals, not these outsider Californian types, I saw what they did further up north in the now wealthy areas (previously was a hub for off gridders, they just dumped Beverly hills in the woods and ruined the area, got into gov and are now persecuting Christians by shutting their churches down). Spread the word to the good people in your nearest small town. -Homesteading Lady, a Christian.

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