Is the Draft Going to be Reinstated in the US? Here’s a Tweet That Suggests It Is.

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We’ve been covering the war in Ukraine. The Organic Prepper told you it was coming before it started. Now, it is here, and all signs seem to indicate that this thing is only going to expand aggressively.

Belarus and Moldova seem to be the next likely hotspots in Europe, and we now have at least 100k American troops in Europe.

It was widely touted as fake news when preppers began to talk about the serious threat of food shortages after 2020. The same has been said for those who discussed the very real threat of hyperinflation after Nixon took the United States off of the gold standard. In both circumstances, it seems as if we’ve finally reached the culmination of all the warnings.

Chaos is here.

And now, adding fuel to the fire, is a recent tweet by the Selective Service. You can see it below.

The tweet says, “In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward. Learn more about Alternative Service at…”

Does this not seem to be suspicious timing to anybody else? Here we are getting dragged into a war that we provoked and that Americans have zero interest in. There will always be fights, but that doesn’t mean we need to get involved every single time. This is not a fight that is our concern. Aside from the very real threat of death on American soil due to nuclear attack, EMP, cyberattacks (or perhaps, attacks on our food supply system?), we now have the very real threat of our sons and friends being sent off to die on a battleground in Europe.

And for what?

We were warned against this.

“Europe has a set of primary interests which to us have none or a very remote relation. Hence, she must be engaged in frequent controversies, the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves by artificial ties in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.” – George Washington’s Farewell Address

This is a fight that’s not our own. Have you ever attempted to break up a bar fight? You only end up getting hurt as well.

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Is it comforting to know that if your sons aren’t shipped overseas to die, they can work for FEMA instead?

Keep in mind that it appears that FEMA does have a needle requirement.

You can die from a bullet, or you can die from a needle. The choice is yours. How thoughtful. And in defense of our country? In defense of American interests? In defense of their loved ones and friends? No, but instead, in defense of corruption.

We are now literally talking about you getting the opportunity to hang a gold star on your window as you watch your family line end. The opportunity to experience the pain of crying with your wife every night for months on end, only falling asleep due to exhaustion.

It doesn’t matter the intense love you feel for your sons that you had the moment you first met them. It doesn’t matter the number of times you went out fishing together, the sailing trips, the wisdom you shared for their future – now you must ask: are they going to get a future?

We are now openly discussing your sons being taken by decrepit, old men who are more than happy to send your sons to die for their wallets and positions of power.

Or perhaps you are young enough that you will be sent to the front lines. Who is it that will raise your children in your stead?

These are your children we are talking about.

You need to start writing your local politicians. You need to start showing up at your city council meetings (and be acquainted with how they will attempt to seed the audience with their shills). You need to start calling, speaking up.

There is an open discussion of them being taken from you.

How long do you think that America can continue to provide increasing levels of “assistance” to Ukraine before Russia has had enough? How many arms shipments, how many planes, how much money, how many sanctions until we are targeted with conventional force? When that day happens, and the first shipment of soldiers who can’t even properly throw grenades far enough to not kill themselves is sent overseas and fails, they will come for your sons.

All signs indicate this war’s expansion.

When that happens, things will get very ugly very fast. And a draft could easily be a part of that ugliness. It already looks like we’re getting hints about this to prepare the American public mind for what is to follow.

Why would the Selective Service randomly tweet about a draft now? Wouldn’t anybody working in the PR department there understand that to do so would only cause widespread speculation and anger? Tell us your thoughts below.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • If a draft does get started again, it might be worth knowing that the medical requirements for being in the armed services in the U.S. are contained in Army Regulation 40-501, which applies to all services. It is available on the internet. Google it.

    One thing that will get you medically disqualified is an “obscene tattoo”. Think about that.

  • Good Luck with that one,

    Do you think the Bloods , Crips and ms 13 will be drafted? Even if they were, how do think the first day of boot camp would work out? The gay crowd will be drafted also… lol How will the military have any discipline? It wont… I doubt if 99% of the drafted would even show up..

  • So after maiming and killing thousands of Americas sons in useless banker wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and then a shameful retreat after 20 years Biden now wants Anurcsn parents to sacrifice more of their children for more senseless wars that have NOTHING to do with the US.
    It’s no fight for freedom.
    It’s no war for democracy.
    It’s nothing like that.
    Just refuse.
    Let Biden send HUNTER and the rest of congress send THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS.
    So how quickly they want war after they have skin in the game.

    • I don’t really thing HUNTER will be drafted or the sons or daughters of the Washington elite. NO, they want OUR sons and OUR daughters to go away to do the dirty work!!! Isn’t that how it works? Where is the fairness or the justice or the need for any of this B.S.? Do any of us even know? Useless wars, life lost for what????? Money $$$$$, Power…?

  • We did not provoke this war, we saw a former super power trying to bully its neighboring country. We stepped up to support democracy around the world since we are one the surviving superpowers left. Now we have a madmen who may want to start WW3 and that effects our country. Only a coward would sit back and let democracy die.
    Everyone seems to think that this war is against an adversary in Europe. But as a former Republican Vice Presidential candidate once said, We can see Russia from her front window. Do think that if a war starts in Europe it won’t come across the Bering Strait towards us? Sorry, but the US has obligations around the world. One of these is NATO. And just like the two World Wars before it, in the event it happens, the US may start a draft.
    Personally, I think they should never ended compulsory service for young men towards their country. We live in the land of the free. And in order to protect those rights, young men and women should answer the call to serve their nation.
    Most civilized countries have some form of national service. So having a draft in time of war is not a bad thing.

    • “But as a former Republican Vice Presidential candidate once said, We can see Russia from her front window.”

      She never said that. Tina Fey said that on a SNL skit.

    • “Only a coward would sit back and let democracy die.”

      Boldly spoken. You do know we were never meant to be a democracy in the USA, don’t you?

      • We are a Republic who elect our representatives by democratic means. So yes, we are a democracy at the Federal, state and local level. Just go to your local school board meeting. When they vote, the movement that gets most votes is approved. That’s democracy.

        • Blurring the means of voting and the original intent of the government upon founding does not strengthen your position.

          I will amend my post slightly by adding this, however.. when Congress passed and ratified the 17th amendment in 1913 we took the first big step toward mob rule (democracy). So maybe with your view being blurry and not being able to differentiate between intent and means, I can be a little forgiving.

          • Who is elected as a Federal Senator or Rep? Whomever gets the most votes. Who represents you in your Statehouse? Whomever received the most votes. School Board members? Most votes. The only elected position that isn’t filled by a simple majority of votes is the Office of the President. A Republic? Yes, filled by democratic means, as fully intended by the Founders…original means of staffing the Senate notwithstanding.

    • “Personally, I think they should never ended compulsory service for young men towards their country. We live in the land of the free.”

      When did we start compulsory service? When was it terminated? Drafts are only authorized. Not compulsory conscription, at least not yet.

      This statement is contradictory in its entirety anyway.

      • Thank you for taking the time to deconstruct that post. You are correct. The State Militia (s) may be called up in its entirety according to the Constitution. Individuals may not be “drafted” since the 4th and 13th amendment say otherwise. SCOTUS said it was OK to draft but they also said you can kill your unborn child or that Sodomites can marry…. I’ll go with the Constitution.

      • Well informed men will not go in the military to lose in another no win undeclared war, no win wars ongoing since Korean 1950, V. Nam war was undeclared, in vain 58000 or more men died for nothing, V. Nam never started a war w/ us -it was all lies by gov. that got us into that war we lost. Forced DNA changing shots now for military. Biden is over there now to run a proxy war w/Moscow, not to defend NATO or the Ukraine. He doesn’t car how many are killed there or in the U.S. either. Like Afghanistan it will be useless overall and risky, war could spread elsewhere/ nukes released/ cyber attack on US infrastructure, etc. No win wars for corp. profits and shareholders of war materials (guns, tanks, etc).

      • That’s what you think, WISE OLD MAN. Apparently you are not so wise.
        Please wake up. There are no good guys left. All are NWO commie/nazi satanists.
        WISE OLD LADY.

    • MY sons are staying home. They will never be used as cannon fodder so some rich SOBs can watch their stock options go up a quarter of a point

      You wanna believe yer tv set, and that Russia is the latest in an endless parade of Bad Guys?

      You wanna ignore the fact that Zelensky has banned all opposition parties and taken over all the TV and radio stations, so they broadcast nothing but his propaganda 24/7?

      You wanna believe yer defending “democracy”, when Ukraine has become a one party police state?

      Fine, go out and defend Kiev gun in hand. Be sure to shout “Wolverines!!!”

    • LMAO….Right, Mr Gov exploiter. Study real history, and you will find The West will always provoke a war to supply your Gov benefits, and other assorted BS reasons. Putin, is kicking a** and taking names. Ukraine is Khazaria….Hmmmmmm…

    • It’s obvious you never served during the draft. I did. It was horribly detrimental. You should stick to baking biscuits.

      • We haven’t won a war in 77 yrs now, just no win wars since 1950, for corp profit ongoing, no draft now, so they choose to risk their lives, no different than mining, police , security guards, firefighters or commercial fishing work, etc. all dangerous careers.

    • That leadership was stolen and is unlawful, we will not die for that. Instead follow President Washington’s advice to avoid foreign entanglements, especially European wars.

    • I can’t reconcile “the land of the free” with compulsory service.
      Compulsory service is slavery, period.

      And make no mistake, we are not the only super power.
      China is waiting in the wings to pick up the chips once we are destroyed.

      Now, if you are so gung-ho to support a dubious regime in Ukraine, as well as the international military-industrial-banking complex and Globalists, then by all means, go. They are actively recruiting Americans to serve them. You have prior military service. Go support them. Nobody here is stopping you.

      But leave our young people alone.

      • “You have prior military service. Go support them. Nobody here is stopping you.”


        There is no way this cat is prior service.

        The only thing he left out of his handle was his ssn, address, phone number, and wife’s correct weight.

      • “Compulsory service is slavery, period.”

        when you lose the war, then you’ll know what compulsory service is.

    • “We did not provoke this war, we saw a former super power trying to bully its neighboring country.”

      We did not provoke this war?

      Are you on quaaludes, man? Wake up!

    • Wow talk about propagandized clueless … land of the free my ass. I would let this totalitarian bent fascist “democracy” perish in the blink of an eye to have some semblance of a republic back. I care not one whit about an obsolete NATO that survives only to line the pocket of MilCom cronies.

      The US may may not have had the wisdom to pick conflict for the right reasons in the past but it sure demonstrates now that is a force Hege-monistic evil in the world that foments chaos and profit driven conflict wherever it goes.

      thats not national service that is forced political cannon fodder. Looks like Zalensky is paying attention.

    • “ Personally, I think they should never ended compulsory service for young men towards their country. We live in the land of the free. And in order to protect those rights, young men and women should answer the call to serve their nation.”

      This empire is nowhere near as free as you think. It scores pretty bad on a lot of different freedom indices.

      There’s also the question of what it represents, specifically what it’s alleged leaders represent, which is obvious from their actions, and it has nothing to do with those values you seem to think it has. Why would anyone volunteer to go fight and serve THEIR interests. Why anyone would join the military is beyond me. No, you’re not serving the People. You’re not bringing freedom and democracy to the world or any of that other BS the bloviating politicians spew.

      When I was of age, my parents made me register for the draft. I should have refused. I certainly would refuse now.

      Oh, refuse and jail or what you not you might say. No, not happening. The rest I’ll leave sub Rosa.

    • we did Not provoke this war? you have to be kidding or just plain ignorant and a blind idiot! everything we are doing is provoking the Russian Bear!

      when all else fails, the bankers send us to war! learn history… your patriotism has blinded your eyes to see the truth “behind” the scenes….

      i love this country and will fight for it….. Name 1 damn war we have won since WW11? how wealthy has the Military Industrial Complex made our banker’s and corporations? Did Sadam have weapons of mass disctruction? if you still believe that shit, you are beyond “repair”… didn’t we just leave over $1 billion of our military equiptment in Afganistan? was their “really” a gulf of Tonkin?

      didn’t Russia try to put missile’s in Cuba? what did we do? same shit we are doing in Ukraine and Putin is saying NO! also treaty’s signed before as well.. our Neocon shit heads who run the military industrial complex are “poking” the bear… wake up…

      listen to retired general Macgregor in his interview with Gerald Celente….. he knows the truth…

    • Ukraine is not being run as a democracy. Zelenskyy recently shut down all eleven opposition parties, and nationalized all ‘news’ organizations so that only government ‘news’ is allowed. Ukraine has violated the Belarus and Minsk agreements, and outlawed the use of the Russian language as the second official language, though the eastern half of the country naturally speaks Russian. Be sure to watch “Ukraine on Fire”, 2016, about the ongoing factional violence and the U.S.’s tentacles (read ‘CIA’) fomenting that violence. Also, be aware of the history of the Azov Nazi battalion, which was recently given a place in Ukrainian defense forces. They were given a pass by the allies after WW2, since they not only hate Jews and Poles but Russians, too (important to combat Communism to the U.S.) and have continued to exist decades past WW2. Eons ago, Kiev was the capital of Russia, and was only made an independent nation by Lenin after the Russian revolution. Putin wants Ukraine to be neutral, since historically that vast, fertile land has been a corridor for invasion into Russia (Napoleon 1812, Germany 1941). Putin does not want to ‘re-establish the Russian Empire’ nor invade other nations. Just as we had a showdown in 1962 with the Cuban missile crisis, invoking the Monroe Doctrine, Putin does not want NATO missiles stationed in border countries. Are Putin’s forces brutal, targeting civilians, and have they invaded Ukraine? Yes! Do we want WW3 with or without nuclear weapons? No! We want peace, though neocons in the U.S. and several other countries seem determined to bring us into a worldwide conflict.

    • Democracies never last. We had a Republic, but couldn’t keep it. Since WWII the bully in this world has been the US. The US has pushed other countries around my entire life, and I’m 71.

  • I can say that the Vietnam draft severely altered my life. I spent 4 years tying the draft board up in its own regulations, deferrals and appeals before finally, legally, beating them. It left me with a healthy hatred of that illegal and unconstitutional institution. You can get out if you want. Right now it appears to be as simple as showing up at the draft board or the for the medical with a MAGA hat and a Trump Won T shirt. Definitely do not go the Conscientious Objector route. There are those of us with the knowledge to beat this monster and we will gladly share it should it begin again.

  • If FJB is planning to fight Russia…he MUST reinstate the draft because Americans have no dog in this fight. I don’t think too many Americans will volunteer to go defend the territory of one dictator from another (especially when our own country is under constant invasion thanks to FJB’s open border). If FJB and his band of warmongers want Americans to go die…they’ll have to compel them to do so.

      • The patriot militia men several decades ago I knew of, are in cemeteries, there is no solid militia today, and few patriots are alive now. They are long gone ones I knew in the ’90’s. over 90% of adults lack critical thinking skills and common sense is rare today, as few are prepared for hard times and understand gov. wants us dead along w/ world wide depopuation agendas planned. Most patriots today are over 65, many have ltd. mobility and other health issues. Where are the younger patriots today? few and seldom heard of. Most adults addicted to cell phones and social media and other useless hobbies, while kids raise themselves.

  • I’d venture to say the government is getting out front of more conspiracies the NSA has found on what is best described as anti-government websites.

  • Women are the majority voters since 1986. Women bear zero responsibility for the outcome of their votes – somebody else’s son will die for their safety and comfort.
    If workmen were required to register for the draft, would we have voted for Free Birf’ control instead of good leadership?

  • WHO are they going to draft?
    America has an obesity problem to include military age men and has so for over a decade. The Pentagon has said it could be a national security issue.
    Then add in the number of young men on some kind of medication (e.g. ADD). Do those get added(waiver) to the Band Aids part in Beans, Band Aids and Bullets?
    “Sir! The Russians torpedoed the supply ship!”
    “No bullets?”
    “No, sir. That ship had our supply of ADD medication. The battalion has been rendered combat ineffective!”
    Sound crazy? Recently the SC ruled the DOD could restrict Navy SEALs deployments based on vaccine status.

    • “WHO are they going to draft?”

      the remaining effective citizens.

      which may fit their plans just fine.

      • Runt7,
        Why are you still here (in the US)?
        I would expect you would of go and join your friends in the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.
        Or is it you are too scared of Alpha males in that battalion? They would make fun of your soft hands? How Alpha females make you pee your pants? Your uber-Beta male status?

    • Yep! Pickings are a bit slim for the “MAMies” (military age males) the last several generations have been a bit “light” in many ways. So I guess that would be interesting to see our wasted generations against theirs? Foolishness…this country has not been “free” for a long long time. Last declared war was WW2. The rest were just …who knows! I wish I could just have one peaceful day not full of stupidity in the world. Guess I will have to die for that to happen.

  • I was in the draft in the early 70’s. I wasn’t upset or angry about it. I was proud to do my patriotic duty. I took an oath to protect this country and it’s constitution. That oath never expires. I would do what it takes to protect this country again. It is our Military that helps to keep this country safe every day so the complainers and people that are afraid can sleep soundly every night and live free every day.

    • Do you know that Vietnam was another conjured up war to get what the elites wanted? Do you know that all the recent wars were to fill someone’s pocket or make cha ching for the bankers? All those that were killed were all killed for greed’s sake? Does this not make you angry? PTSD for someone’s pocket? Iraq war was for treasures in that area, Afghanistan was for the poppy fields and the governments drug running operations and oil fields and then they withdrew so that China can take over for their lithium operation? Is this what YOU fought for? Oh, for freedom’s purposes? that’s just what they tell you so you would willfully join in but it was all a farce.

    • Keep in mind that this situation is NOT to protect our country. It is to protect the money laundering empire for the global elite that occurs in Ukraine.

    • “I would do what it takes to protect this country again”

      yeah, me too. ‘cept the present boolshevik rulers won’t send you to defend the country, they’ll send you to advance their personal financial goals at your expense.

      just like they always do wherever they’ve had control of a nation.

    • Rusty: We haven’t won wars in 77 years starting w/ Korean war in 1950. It is about starting wars for no reason ongoing, losing all of themjust for the corporations to make money and their shareholders. Wake up folks. This is enslavement and global fascism. The US “picks’ a country to invade whenever gov. feels like it. The Ukraine is a proxy war now for the US, NATO against Moscow. No one cares what happens or how many killed anywhere or how many have to struggle and migrate elsewhere. It’s all about money and power. Our gov. loves to meddle and people don’t matter to them.

  • The last of the Trump era Mexico Border Policies are being dismantled. They are sending as many military grunts as possible out of the country.
    Also, they are shipping military gear, ammo, fuel, and supplies reducing what’s here.
    Once the military has depleted the numbers here to a certain point, they will flood the Southern Border with Foreign Troops.
    They need a very huge and scary event to Suspend the Constitution.
    Then, they will take the guns.
    Then, The FEMA CAMPS will be open for business.
    America has been chosen for termination.

    • Ranger: Most everyone is dumbed down. Mush for brains. I thought I was the only one who realized the same as you do.
      So Refreshing to hear you say all of this. TY
      Keep saying it. You said it short and sweet. Right on target.

      • I am with both of you, it won’t be long either, this year into next but yes, we are set for termination. Also look for another pandemic such as ebola and/or small pox to kill those with the vax to lessen our population and make it easier to take over.

        • Ranger, Mod and Susan: There are very few patriots today of fighting age willing to stand up, most are elderly w/ medical issues. America is over and done because generations were taught socialism and social justice for over fifty years in public schools and leftist colleges. I have dropped friends long ago because of their leftist ideas, and never went to class reunions either. So few in older generations I can relate to. Shallow people prevail. Churches have also been taken over in mainline denominations preaching social justice and dumbing down the people. Seminaries and church councils are gov. controlled since 1954 (Johnson amend.). Some have dropped out decades ago, home church or meet w/ small groups for interacting.

    • “They need a very huge and scary event to Suspend the Constitution”

      (nod) when all the remaining loyal-citizen troops are deployed outside the country.

  • Yep…..we are doomed if the Draft is invoked…………unless the war can be fought with video games and coffee shops. With men wearing makeup and women in butch. We are doomed, but there are a lot of ex-military that would stand up and fight the small battles in our own Country. Grateful for that.

  • As a veteran of the US Army, late 1960’s – and yes, I went to Viet Nam.
    I recall well Country Joe and the Fish singing the “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag”.
    While I love my country I’m very much opposed to war, especially in some other far away
    land. AND I agree that there would be a lot of undesirables drafted along with America’s
    “cream of the crop”

    I am NOT the unfortunate son.

    • I would like to add another thought. To those who have served, when you take the oath (the swearing-in part, to be admitted into service), does it state that you can be deployed to fight on foreign land if the government tells you to? I would think not. But, the reason(s) may be that American companies are doing business in those foreign lands and want American military to protect its assets should any outbreak of any kind occur. As I told my late father (who served time on Guadalcanal and told me of his horror stories), in order for American businesses to set up shop in a foreign land, they must first negotiate a “contract” with that foreign government which specifically details all the legal requirements each side wants. When reached, it is signed by all parties. With such a provision in said contract, this is how the military can be shipped into those foreign lands. So, does anyone think an American business would want to be defended by the foreign (military) government? No. The business would not feel their interests would be adequately defended. Having worked in the legal field, I can tell you contract law is VERY detailing.

      So, to those who have served, I say a most heartfelt “thank you” for your time. My question to you is: at the moment of swearing-in, and you raise your hand, has anyone NOT raised their hand and taken a step backwards? If so, what happened (or could happen)? As I told my son (back when) if he were to be called up, to do just this, and tell them to shove it (I’m trying to be polite). No one should be forced to go to ANY foreign land/soil to fight. I don’t care what American businesses are there. These businesses should hire their own private employees or “mercenaries” to do their fighting for them. I don’t know offhand what the Constitution says in this regard, but I would argue that as an American citizen (not U.S. citizen–big difference) my obligation is to this land first and foremost. I recall back in the 90’s (I believe it was, as opposed to the 80’s) of a young man who did just this. He argued the same as I stating here. He was thrown in jail (for not obeying orders to go to a foreign land), but kept appealing his case. I never heard the final outcome (surprise, surprise should anyone else get the same thought), but I remember this instance well. My thoughts were with him then and still are. I believe his first name was Michael (and I think Marines). Does anyone recall this?

      Thank you all very much for listening to be diatribe. Kudos to all and to our country…

      • “has anyone NOT raised their hand and taken a step backwards? If so, what happened (or could happen)?”

        if they refuse, then leavenworth. nasty place I hear.

      • When you take that oath you become government property. You get orders, you need to obey them. Otherwise you get an extended stay in the brig… That’s the way it is…

  • This P.sses me off to no end. I was blessed with 6 wonderful sons, ones in missle radar. Ones deaf but would be first in line. 23-31 I raised them all as patriots, that all can shoot. Thing is I raised my sons to only fight for what’s Bibical and never pick a fight. This war blows all those away. At times my boys would laugh at me when I told them what was coming, yet now they see I wasn’t crazy after all. One of the greatest feelings is knowing my kids are all saved by the blood of Jesus.God help us. Alaska looking good this summer

  • Don’t be surprised if your daughters are drafted this time, too.
    One way for the elites to kill off humanity is to kill off women.

  • No need to get obscene tattoos. A recent Pentagon report states that the majority of males between the ages of 18 to 25, the first batch to be drafted, are ineligible for military service due to, drug use,alcohol use, criminal record, physical issues (too fat), educational issues( not smart enough due to public school ‘education), skeleton fraility,frailty, to lack of exercise and too much video playing. I believe the number was almost 75% of the available pool is ineligible for a draft. So guys, don’t sweat it.

    • “too much video playing”

      I’m surprised at that one…..a large number of modern military systems have a whole lot of embedded technology. It seems like it would be an advantage for those skilled in video games to operate those systems….not to mention information warfare units and what they do and use.

  • “if your sons aren’t shipped overseas to die”

    you think they won’t draft the females?

    I predict they’ll exempt the transexuals ….

    • “I predict they’ll exempt the transexuals ….”

      Perhaps only the sons / daughters / other related to politicians. The rest make as good cannon fodder as anyone else.

  • Civil disobedience is severely underutilized in this country. This is the time! JUST DON’T COMPLY. Get your sons off the radar a.s.a.p.

    • “Civil disobedience is severely underutilized in this country.”

      That’s a fact. What’s the current population of the USA? How many hundreds of millions of human beings?

  • I called the Draft back in 2016 and I still maintain that we are going to bring it back.

    We will also open it up to illegals because there are so many obese kids between 18-26, they couldn’t walk without collapsing.

    We’ll see who’s right!

    • “We will also open it up to illegals”

      in 1941 california was flooded with illegals. on 07dec1941, japan bombed pearl harbor. beginning 08dec the illegals ran pell mell for the border, then stood on the other side saying “we are not citizens of your country! we want a guest worker program!” they did this in order to avoid the draft.

      last year I said the way to get rid of illegals is to institute a draft. looks like we’ll see if I was right.

  • I was one of the first to register for selective service in the summer of 1980. I was 19. Everyone I talked to at the time was worried about Jimmy Carter creating another botched Iranian “hostage rescue” and sending us to war with the Sovs.

    None of us thought that during the Reagan years. Probably because we had real leadership.

  • No damn, way, I am an avid student of astrology, and the portent reveals that Pluto is here-Americans will not enter the draft, and the country will be forced to deal with its finances. I cannot wait for the Great Rebellion! Biden can’t even finish a sentence, and there is no way I trust that man at the button!

    • “there is no way I trust that man at the button!”

      don’t worry, he’s not at the button. someone else is. someone not elected. someone who doesn’t see himself as a citizen of this nation, but as a citizen of another, and who will act in THAT nation’s interests not ours.

  • No.No period.You will not take my son from me without me dying to prevent you.You will not take my daughter from me without me dying to prevent you.This evil cabal I hate you .I hate what you have done to my country.I hate what you have done to my heart.I remember the day fondly where there was no hate in me.You have brought me here may God forgive me for what I will do.

    • “You will not take my son from me without me dying to prevent you”

      suits them just fine. “the nation that will not serve you will be destroyed.”

    • David Reamer,
      Interesting is it not that certain politicians seemingly are pushing for war?
      Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi recently had articles out about those who are calling for war . . . are the rich and powerful, whom own children will never see service. They are all about war, as long as it is the poor, or those from the fly over states who go and die. Meanwhile, they get rich on their investments in the MIC.
      Funny note, clearly I served (I have a DD214 under Honorable conditions). My contract states that in a “dire national security emergency,” I can still be recalled. No. Really. It would be a dang “dire” situation, as I am closer to 50 than I am 40 (however, recent trip to Wally-World, I am in better shape than most military aged men [18-25]).
      Mr. Reamer, thing is, I would rather get recalled than your children be forced to go to war.

      Side note, do ignore Runt7 comments.
      He is a well known racist, anti-semite, incle and NWO useful idiot.

  • Got a tip for ya. If you enforce the law they (up there) would face immediate arrest and very much an execution via a rope.

    That’s what the law says. Now you know WHY they are lawless (disregard the law) and one way to do it is by making you live crisis to phony crisis. It would mean their public execution. 😉

    Recent examples are the Donald (in their mind), election fraud, COVID, and now to Ukraine.

  • Tell FEMA and the government,you can shove your draft up your backsides with a white hot poker,and leave it inserted.I would rather spend my days in jail,than die for you,in a stupid war that you started. DYK,the U.S. government commits treasonous acts by starting wars with other countries,and have been committing acts of treason for decades,just to feed the criminal military industrial complex?

  • …And those FEMA camps… Why would there be such a need for conscientious objectors to work in FEMA camps?… ‘Just sayin’…

  • This is not fair to draft the male and female citizens of this country and they go off to shed their blood while all the illegals here and who are crossing the border now do not have to serve and our citizens die to save the illegals here so they can live a safe life. Go to Hell USA, out citizens will not go.

    • There are days I wish I spoke a third language . Then there are days I’m glad I don’t embarrass myself by trying to convince others I can understand one.

  • When your own government tells you that there are too many people in the world and that they are going to do something about it, you know right then that they plan to kill you. This time however, they are talking about drafting females as well.

  • Ya..the drafts not legal under these Constitutions. In the declaration of independence that was a complaint to the king. He didn’t get seize people and force themtofightfor him.Free people get a choice. Now gov can call up the militia but it’s still a choice to sign up and contract one’s self.
    I say..fuck em. They did this. Joe can send Hunter. And all the other leftist shittards can send their soy boys. I have two wars behind me in the last 30 yrs. My kid is 19. I’ve dome enough for both of us. Especially after the Afghanistan shit show. What was all the loss of blood and treasure for? I’m grateful the good Lord got me home. The real enemies are domestic ones in gov. It’s all broken and gov has deligitimized itself. It breaks the, the Constitution daily. Fuck em. Why shouldwe Americans obey them any more? #TheAmericansAreComing!! And we’re pissed.

  • The young adult males illegally “allowed” to enter our Country are the conscripts.
    They just do not know it yet.

  • Our last child (of 5) & daughter is the third child to enlist. These are frightening days. My only hope is that God does see around corners & He is my (our) comfort. I simply cannot carry this worry through every single day. I hope for the best, plan for the worst. And I continue to pray that God continues to expose the lies & reveal the truth to all.

    • Best instead for the kids to learn a trade incl medical technicians, trade schools are all over and many older people are retiring leaving shortages of workers in the trades. We are both retired and so are friends in recent years in blue collar work. The military is not the ideal place to be esp. since we haven’t won a war in 77 years.

  • We live in a different world now…. there is No patriotism for this country like there was in WWll….

    every war after WW11 turned us all against fighting stupid wars….. which we couldn’t win or prevented to win…. Name 1 war we have won since WW11?

    They will have a huge problem finding men who would be willing to fight over sea’s a war of which we don’t belong in… which means there may be a false attack or something of that manner to “convince” the stupid masses we need to get involved…

    The global elite can cause social unrest and war right here in America by shutting down all trucking and taking away the government handouts.. this can be done over night very easily….. or blamed on russia as a EMP attack…. through in all those who took the shot and it kind of looks like we will be down in population about 100 million in next few years…. all done with out 1 bullet being fired…

  • A war that we caused? Doesn’t that show your ignorance about communism and communists? Is not the closest that we caused was by having an election stolen by weak minded traitors? And by destroying our military?

    One who has been studying communist tactics for decades is Jeff Nyquist of . What’s happening in Ukraine today is the culmination of a long plan and of taking advantage of NATO and U.S. weakness—part long range planning, part taking advantage of the present situation. How can we be responsible for a war that was decades in the planning and preparation?

    Are you ready to fight? The next fight will be on our streets, in the country, fighting for our lives and the lives of our families. Don’t you recognize that the next step in that war is a volley of nukes hitting many of our major cities, killing tens of millions of our people, followed immediately by invasion? Are you ready for that?

    Putin and people like him are lying psychopaths. They don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) so they will use nukes. How many of the illegals that Biden scattered all over the U.S. are fighters who will be handed weapons to fight against us? Are you prepared?

  • My 21 and 24 year old sons can fight. My oldest swore to uphold the Constitution as a Police Officer. Both can shoot well and would fight to protect our country. Please God do not take our children to fight overseas for the NWO.

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