Was a “Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza” Ravaging the Food Supply on Your 2022 Doomsday Bingo Card?

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices.

Break out your 2022 apocalypse bingo cards. Now, we can check off the slot for “highly pathogenic avian influenza” (HPAI, for short). We haven’t even finished a quarter of this year, and we’ve already checked off “potential WW3,” “high gas prices,” “potential nuclear war,” “incoming hyperinflation,” and “globe dropping the dollar as a reserve currency.”

We may as well add yet another strike against the American food supply chain, right?

What’s making these birds sick?

As of right now, at least twelve different states within the US have reported outbreaks of H5N1. Virtually the entire Eastern seaboard has reported cases, and much of the Midwest has as well. Anytime that a farm is found to have a single case, it’s being reported that the current policy is for every single bird on the farm to be culled. We’re currently seeing the exact same strain of H5N1 popping up all over the country right now.

No human cases have been reported in the US at this time, and bird-to-human transmission is said to be incredibly rare for this particular illness. If we look back to 1997, we do see a 50% death rate in human cases, but I personally am of the belief that this human transmission isn’t something to worry about. I believe a larger concern is what this epidemic is going to mean for the American food supply.

The US is currently the largest producer of chicken meat in the world. If we are no longer producing, we’re not going to get anywhere near as much chicken imported into the country as we would have had otherwise. What does it mean for the nations we exported much of that chicken meat to as well? They’re going to have to look elsewhere, or they’re going to have to go without.

How will bird flu affect meat and egg prices?

You’re going to see problems with supply, so you’re going to see an increase in prices. Scarcity drives demand. That’s just the way this works.

Within Iowa, this meant that approximately 920,000 birds were culled. Approximately 2.75 million birds were culled in Wisconsin. And those numbers are just for two states! It is currently estimated that at least 2.8 million chickens and turkeys have died within the US as a result of the HPAI within the past month.

The last major epidemic of a bird flu we had in the United States was back in 2015. It was during this time that egg prices rose to $3.00/dozen. If we adjust for inflation, this would be the equivalent of $3.61 in 2022 dollars (you know, because we have to make that disclaimer nowadays). If history is a guide, then you could easily expect to spend well over $3.61/dozen for your eggs in the near future, though I would argue you’ll see even higher prices.

Why’s that?

For starters, soybean is one of the chief ingredients of chicken feed. While it doesn’t need as much fertilizer to grow as does corn, it still requires fertilizer on the large-scale, modern-day commercial farm. Guess what we’re having a hard time getting our hands on right now? Fertilizer.

The price of chicken feed has doubled over the past five years, as I briefly mentioned HERE.

Guess what it takes to transfer those processed chickens to grocery stores? Fuel. How much are you seeing diesel go for in your area right now? If it’s over $5.00/gallon where you live, let us know in the comments below.

Combine all this with scarcity and ever-growing inflation, and you have a recipe to see some very high chicken and egg costs in the near future.

What can you do to prepare for highly pathogenic avian influenza?

  • Stay away from commercial chicken factories. I don’t think these places are healthy for chickens to begin with, and the chickens within a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) are often raised in such confined quarters that the spread of any type of disease can be rampant. If you end up visiting one of those locations and getting infected poop on your boot, you could end up bringing something back to your chickens back home.
  • Purchase your chicks from local farmers who are not involved in any type of CAFO operation. There are several small-time farmers in my area who raise silkies, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and other chickens for sale on the side. You likely have several in your region as well. A small-time operation is going to be at a decreased risk of disease.
  • If you have a deep freezer, you may want to fill it sooner rather than later. It may be hard to find chicken meat at affordable prices in the near future.
  • Raising your own broilers and layers, if you don’t already, could be a great way to improve the disaster resiliency of your family, keep your family in eggs and chicken meat, and save yourself money and headache in the future.
  • Read our free QUICKSTART Guide on home canning.

Does anyone else find the timing of this highly pathogenic avian influenza odd?

It was early last month that a massive fire hit a fertilizer plant in North Carolina – negatively impacting the American food supply.

Not long afterwards, a massive fire hit a fertilizer plant in Yakima, Washington – negatively impacting the American food supply.

Then, a massive fire hit a Walmart distribution center in Indianapolis. I wonder if they distribute food throughout the region?

Gasoline and diesel are currently at some of the highest levels the United States has seen in years. This will negatively impact the American’s ability to access the food supply.

American food prices are currently at decade highs and are slated to reach record highs in the upcoming months – which negatively impacts the American’s ability to access the food supply.

And now, we have a bird flu that has suddenly popped up on farms (predominantly commercial operations, mind you), resulting in millions of birds’ deaths within a single month and being accompanied by a policy that forces the deaths of millions of other birds on the same farm as a sick chicken – all of which negatively impacts the American food supply.

Does anybody else notice a trend here?

Why is the American food supply experiencing so many heavy blows at the moment?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is highly pathogenic avian influenza something to be concerned about, or not? Are there other factors you think will further cause food supply chain problems that we didn’t mention here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has two published books, The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

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    • I agree. The evil people will come up with everything and anything to destroy us. They have brought this about before.

  • I believe they are lying about the avian flu,just like they have lied about almost everything else.This is a purposefully engineered food famine.If they cannot kill us with the toxic mRNA kill shot,they will kill us through starvation.We must get with our neighbors or local growers and be reliant on each other when it comes to our food supply.Almost everyone has space to grow food,even in an apartment. Apartment dwellers have enough space to grow nutritionally dense sprouts.

  • Why are people so surprised about the multiple events occurring across America and the world?
    These are the “latter days”, and this is the decade of Tribulation. Thus, these things and much worse must occur. If you want to know why, what and other for these and coming events across the globe, simply read Scripture.

    If one is not a believer of Scripture, then understand man has created an extremely complex economic, production and delivery system that has begun to fail on many levels. Basically, man has set himself up for a disaster and trap of epic proportions, and as more and more people, towns, cities and nations have forgone local growing, production and self reliance, any disruptions to the complex system brings chaos. Man lacks foresight, vision and wisdom, and he deceives himself with his “knowledge” and creativity that, while may seem successful in the short term, sets him on a very dangerous path with disastrous end results.

    When I was young, all the small towns around had numerous local farmers markets, truck patch farmers, their own local dairies, beef, chicken, etc ranches, small businesses that made many of the items the town used, etc, etc. Now, most of those are long gone, and things come from China or other out of country (OOC) nations. If not OOC, they come from hundreds or thousands of miles across the nation, and all these require a very complex shipping system that was built around cheap oil. Those days are over.

    Expect more and ever worsening issues in the next few years, for these are “the days” foretold.

    • YES totally agree. Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famine and drought will ALL be in our future. It doesn’t look good, and seems to be (as scripture foretold) worse than ever. We must remember that scripture also called for the end times Birth Pangs (pains) and that they would get exceedingly worse as time goes on before the final return of JESUS to planet earth. The pains of life will be closer together and even more painful, just like when a pregnant woman is going to give birth the pain is more severe and the contractions are closer together and finally the end (and the child is born)…That is what we will go through. MOST people have NO idea. They’re too busy living their lives and hoping these things will NOT happen. They want to marry, have children, build or buy a house buy a new car,. put more money into their banks and investments. Geeezzzzz ! They think life will go on as it always has…Good to read your post and see that there are others that also know what is going on. Others that can THINK outside the box, and others that are not asleep at the wheel or have their head buried in the sand (oh gosh, how many are just floating along, mindlessly) with no indication at all as to what is ahead? Buckle up and prepare SPIRITUALLY b/c that is the ONLY way we can prepare in the end of days, the end of the rule of man on earth before JESUS/GOD take over planet earth. They think we’re crazy, but they will find out that it was all TRUE in the end…To bad they can’t wake up now out of their slumber and figure out what’s happening…Blessings to you…

      p.s. NO we don’t know the day or the hour, however we were told by JESUS to be awake, alert, and aware of the signs of the times that we are living in. We were to know what is going on in our world and it’s obvious that it’s ALL coming together as prophecy/scripture warned us about. I do expect JESUS to return by 2028. I do believe that the Bible tells us that He will be back between 2018 and 2028. 70-80 years after the rebirth of Israel…I could be mistaken but I don’t think so, meaning if I am correct we don’t have long to get our house in order…

      • Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!! Kidding. Thanks for your comment . I recently almost had a heart attack. The blockage was caught and fixed in the nick of time. We can face judgement day at any time, and at any age. We need our house in order 24/7 365.

      • I agree ???? %. I did some calculation with mentor about date. Considering the Jubilee, we came up with the year 2032,2035. Thanks for all you praising Jesus sharing.

    • Nice to see some truth amidst all the deception. I noticed several reports of Avian Influenza reported do not provide FACTUAL details on farms or locations. Our media lies. Additionally, if you research the poultry diseases you find chlorine dioxide (5-15) drops per gallon (depends on size of chicken) in poultry water should kill the virus. Nobody researches poultry diseases because they do not want you having your own eggs. Mush of the biological attack is from our Air Column in jet stream. Look up not all jet trails are contrails but spraying toxic chemicals. The figure people are just too stupid to realize what is happening. Thanks for some truth Doc.

  • The sooner we cut to the chase and admit that a highly organized starvation/genocide operation is in progress the sooner we can build a resilient resistant mindset to them.
    There are no coincidences in the chaos within the last two years so common citizens need to overthink them and overplan them to survive.

  • We live in rural, central Maine and have chickens. The bird flu is here, still a few hundred miles from us but… The Maine Department of Agriculture has advised those “backyard flocks” all be killed. We are probably going to keep our birds in their (covered) enclosure this summer and pray for the best.
    Thankfully we have lots of chicken in the freezer and lots home canned.
    Suspicious? Yes, everything going on is just that. Buckle up!

    • I have experienced a similar situation to Beth’s in the past 4 years. I am in the rural south and when there was a bird flu scare some years back, I owned a backyard flock. I contacted our extension office to find out about protocols. Fortunately it did not reach us but I was officially informed that if it did reach this area, all back yard flock would need to be destroyed. I live in big AG country so we have tons of commercial poultry, swine, and cattle farms as well as produce.

      Two personal friends who work on the poultry farms have had shorted hours over the past few months due to this “flu”. What they tell me is interesting however. They both report that about two months ago all the farms they worked were “culled”, the chickens and turkeys were sent for slaughter and then to the processing plants to be put on our tables. They will not be able to bring new poultry onto the farms for another 3 months as they disinfect thoroughly and wait for warmer weather which reportedly allows for less growth of the virus. I asked about contamination of humans if this meat is on the market and they said it will not hurt humans.

      Since the government lies so much I don’t know if this meat is actually sold or not, but remember how we couldn’t use cell phones on planes as it would mess up the instrumentation? Big Lie! I flew with two pilot friends of mine in the military on a mission and they used their phones while flying and told me this was NOT an FAA regulation. Funny, a few years later and we can use the phones.
      For this plandemic I am stocking up on powdered eggs for baking. I don’t eat regular eggs so only use them for cooking and baking.

    • Laughing, better get ahold of ANTHONY FAUCI before you do ANYTHING at all. For goodness sakes, don’t make any moves or do any funny stuff until you check it all out and get approval b/c you know we have to know for sure what we’re doing before we make any decisions…Ahhhh yes gain of function!!!

  • Glad your bringing this up Aden.
    I dobelieve this is another thing caused to hamper our food supply.
    If it’s even a real virus! The powers that be have a destructive plan and what better way to cut the food supply. There liars that are believed by the masses of asleep folks.
    Sure go buy some plant based chicken. Not!!
    I bet biden and kamala aren’t eating plant based chicken and eating lots of factory farmed chicken.
    The government knows many of us raise chickens for meat and eggs. Why not take us out of the loop so we don’t have this to rely on.
    I do believe factory farming of chickens needs shut down but I’ve seen right here in my state of Iowa supposed cases of the virus and that means local chickens being culled takes away from those who buy local.
    It is important to buy local and stock up. Whether freezing, canning or however one desires to do so.

  • Definitely suspicious and intentional. Purchase powdered eggs to reconstitute for cooking and have some canned meat in stock in your pantry. Probably should do this will all types of meat. Stock up folks, but just do it on a steady basis every week. Don’t need a panic buy!

  • Russian investigations of US bio labs in Ukraine allegedly found the Kharkov lab had been funded and directed by US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to study wild birds as avian flu vectors and collect strains with high epidemic potential. The lab was directed in February to destroy all evidence of their activities but according to investigators the documentation still exists. Naturally this is Russian propaganda and disinformation, but the timing coincidence is unsettling. Your tax dollars at work…

  • Eggs here $9.50/doz (organic) & have been at this level for at leat a year.
    Animal feed prices increasing, so egg price will increase even more
    Diesel over $8/gal 2 weeks ago
    CN rail employees locked out. Trains are not operating, so grain and other rail borne freight cannot move.

  • It’s just a bit fishy that we’ve seen food production being cut or negatively impacted for various reasons the last few years.

    It’s tinfoil hat wearing, but there the Georgia Guidestones and “elite” documents that talk about reducing the world population, plus the whole Great Reset and move to plant and insect based foods. Of course, if they get the world to a food system that only they control then they can control the population of the world through food availability.

    We have chickens, mostly for eggs and helping offset the costs of keepinh them by selling a few chicks locally. We have been moving to dual purpose breeds that lay eggs and can be eaten, maybe not as much meat as a broiler but they also live longer.

    I’m operating on the principal that the impact to food availability is planned and is going to get worse.

    The freezers are full and I have plenty of canned and freeze dried meat. Butchering and freezing chicken would mean additional freezer space, freezers are becoming more available after the year or so but the price is up there.

    There isn’t much I haven’t stored away, fruit preserves is about the only thing I don’t have a lot of. We also don’t use a lot of jams or preserves, but I think I’ll start adding more just im case.

    • How do you do your freeze drying, Thaylore?

      I would love to see you write your first OP article on that.

  • They hate you. Lots more resistance than they expected to the jabs. So now, create food and fuel shortages, ultimately (with or without violence) leading to rationing and price controls. I’m order to get your ration card and buy at controlled price you will need proof of jab. The same will eventually happen with SSA and Medicare.

  • Bumping up the flock here too, have increased security, and bought a “Poultry Health Handbook” to read up on. Even my In-laws respected that they had to stay outside of the “chickenyard” when they visited recently.
    Well, burning sunshine – back out to the garden!

  • We had Newcastle’s disease here in the Wild West a few years back. The county, which supposedly can’t afford more sheriff deputies, had inspectors running around looking at back yard flocks for sick birds. If a sick bird was found the whole flock was destroyed. It didn’t matter if the bird had Newcastle’s, Canker, or was just dehydrated from the desert heat; the flock was killed. All chickens were quarantined, so if you lost your flock you couldn’t …legally… buy more birds. Lesson learned… don’t keep your flock where it can be seen from the road, and if you do end up with a sick bird, DON’T take it to a vet! They’re “obligated” to report you. Cull it yourself and hope for the best…

    …Yeah, this could be the end of days… Or it could be just another tricky time for humanity… Be right with God… ALWAYS…

  • Not to mention, the dog food shortage going on in the the south. We have only been able to buy dog food in a hit-and-miss situation. Been going on for a couple of months now. Many people are using their their own food to make food for their animals. Fortunately, years ago I began canning organ meat for our dogs, just for this situation. Anticipating livestock feed to rise at the end of this month.

  • My little flock of clucks hasn’t been infected……..yet. I don’t let them hang out with “shady” wild birds. They stay in their large enclosure. I live in Florida, my yard gets visited by multiple species of birds. Mockingbirds, Cardinals, Green Herons, Ibis (my son calls them Wild Chickens), Woodpeckers, Crows, Gracles, Owls (at night) and more.

  • Questions does anyone know if it would be safe to store commercially made chicken feed pellets in Mylar bags and then in food safe plastic buckets? Perhaps with moisture absorbed packets? I worry about mold as well as botulism.

    I hope to expand my garden area this year to raise feed corn and sunflowers for seed for my flock, but I also want to store commercially made feed, too.

  • A couple decades ago, there was a bird flu in Asia, and Tyson got the government to kill everybody’s pet chickens. I HATE that cruel company and their chicken meat doesn’t really taste right, either.

    I live in a rural area with chickens every several houses along the road. No way they raise enuf for everybody if we can’t get it at the Big Box stores. And I worry that our tyrannical guvermint might well murder all those chickens to protect the big guys and forward their depopulation agenda.

  • At last census 2017 (done every 5 years) US inventory of chickens was 2.31 BILLION birds. Losing 1 few million happens every year. Stop screaming about nothing.

  • Our Doomsday Bingo card will soon be all filled up. It only looks like we can’t yell Bingo yet. Just like we can’t quite claim that the SHTF. The plot has so thickened though we can cut it with a knife. We are still looking through a darkened lens. How long can They keep stirring the pot before the frogs … ‘Kay. One more metaphor … I suspect They are just about done with the slow-motion demolition.

    I’ve always told myself that the time to panic is when all the birds are gone.

  • ‘What’s making these birds sick?’ is a good heading and a good question. There does not seem to be an exploration however of possible causes, just an acceptance of the supplied narrative. I wonder if the test for the avian flu is anything like the RAT or PCR tests given to humans?

  • I see I am not alone in immediately being suspicious and thinking “Well, well, well…what co-inky-dink!!”
    And just when I’m impatiently trying to set up a discreet coop to stay under the eye if our tyrannical HOA…
    What NEXT?!

  • first way that we will cut those prices is by buying and building local. Just my two cents worth we are adapting to a world without the elites and the elites are trying to stop that.OldIron says:

    Yes is the hangover from 100 years of centralization. We have been transitioning away from top down for 50 years. A good example of this are the communal living of the 60s and 70s, the incident command system, the trend in buying local and all of these things are worldwide not just in this country. The entire world has been bracing for a zombie apocalypse because deep down we know that as things are unwound from one central pole we will experience pain in the changeover too many different poles. I use the reference in this way so people understand that everything at Walmart round one spot basically because of World War I and then World War II we are now unwinding we are finally the militarizing after World War I and World War II and these changes are affecting the goods and services that we use. COVID-19 was used as an excuse to further centralize and that did not work the Russian Ukrainian war is being used for that and now they’re talking about how countries are going to begin fighting to be the leaders of the New World order. It is the countries leaders that want to be the new leaders and we the people want our lives back and that’s what’s happening. They think they are pushing us to rely on them more but we are relying on ourselves, chicken beef pork, corn soybeans sunflowers, oil steel lumber basically all of these things are going to go up first way that we will cut those prices is by buying and building local. Just my two cents worth we are adapting to a world without the elites and the elites are trying to stop that.

  • Mysterious fertilizer plant fires in the US, just months prior to the Russian invasion? Seems like a planned event. It weakens the nation which the world Marxists are trying to take down.

    In my opinion, this war and the response that has and will unfold, has been pre-planned and coordinated between people like HRC, Biden Crime Family, and Putin. (It reminds me of All Star Wrestling. The ignorant think it’s a real sport, whereas those of intelligence know its a big act.) Its all done to bring about the fall of America.

    The COVID variants are probably planted/released lab-tweaked variants from China, “to keep a good thing going”. And the poultry virus is likely the same type of warfare against the US, to hinder our food supply.

  • “Does anyone else find the timing of this highly pathogenic avian influenza odd? ”
    Yes, conveniently coincidental. “Control oil, you control nations. Control food, you control people” – attributed to Henry Kissinger c. 1970. Scarce food means governmental control. Dollar demise means CBDCs, which mean governmental control.

    These studies may give you an idea why H5N1 has “popped up” on so many farms, especially in the Midwest and in particular, WI:
    This paper caused immediate controversy when published in early 2012 because it published the method for re-creating H5N1 in a lab (a lab in WI, courtesy Yoshihiro Kawaoka): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK206985/
    See also: https://thecensorshipfiles.wordpress.com/h5n1-research-publications/ and

    If convenient, it is likely controlled. To be controlled requires a lab, making it more transmissible and more lethal. Transmissibility to humans is a potential, but a doubtful probability, since they already ran that scenario the past two years.

    “Ice Age Farmer” video from last week covering these topics: Biden: “Food Shortages Real” – Bird Flu PCR – PFAS closes farms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2S8d80FXQ4

    Well said, Aden. Make other plans. Make them now.

  • it’s trump’s or putin’s fault not the the walking dead in the biden adminstration the democrats and the rinos right?!?

  • Hard to believe so many are down the rabbit hole. There have been bird flu outbreaks the whole 30 years I’ve owned chickens. So sad to see what people will believe. We are in for a world of hurt, because all the health gains we have made it the last 100 years, the reason we have so few diseases, are being discounted for political gain.

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