It’s Only a Matter of Time Until COVID-19 Lockdowns Lead to Civil Unrest and Violent Crime

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(March 31, 2020)  The United States of America is basically closed for business, leaving citizens jobless, broke, and without options. We’re facing restrictions on movement the likes of which our nation has never seen. The stores that are open have never fully restocked after the “panic buying” of previous weeks, leading to shelves barren of things like meat, flour, toilet paper, and rice.

It’s only a matter of time before these issues combine to become the flashpoint that leads to an explosion of civil unrest and violent crime.

The financial situation

Unemployment skyrocketed, with 3.3 million claims last week, and the Fed estimates that number to climb to a whopping 47 million due to the virus. Many of these jobs may not come back after the Covid-19 virus has run its course through the nation – businesses small and large are going to be defaulting on their April rent payments, and many simply won’t be able to catch up later.

So far, a lot of people in the area where I’m staying seem to be treating this break of business like a surprise staycation. It’s nice to see families out walking together, playing games, and spending time with the people they love.

But this happiness may be shortlived. Despite generous government-mandated disaster pay, unemployment, and stimulus checks, the money may not arrive in time for former employees, self-employed people, and gig workers to pay their personal bills. And when the money does arrive, for many folks it isn’t going to be the same amount they were earning before the shutdowns. Most people don’t have emergency funds, so things will be dire in short order.

Of course, this affects landlord, mortgage companies, utility companies, retail businesses…the list could go on and on.

The supply situation

A lot of people are blaming “hoarders” and preppers for the shortages seen in stores. Of course, it’s nonsense to blame preppers because we’ve been buying our things over a course of years. And honestly, if it was only “panic buyers” causing problems, wouldn’t the stores be replenished by now? After all, people have hardly been able to shop for two weeks in many states due to social distancing measures.

In reality, there are major issues with the supply chain, a problem many folks aren’t seeing because they’re not at the store. Distribution systems are breaking down.

A source at a Walmart Superstore recently confided that the trucks were only delivering a fraction of the items needed to restock shelves. Imports aren’t arriving in California ports, at least not anywhere close to the degree they were before.

And because more people are eating at home than ever before, the demand on grocery stores has increased dramatically. This also comes at a time after farmers have been driven out of business by the trade war. (source) We have actual shortages here, and it isn’t just due to “panic buying.” That only exposed the dangers of the Just In Time delivery philosophy used by retailers.

Some folks are reporting that the shelves in their areas are full, but many others are reporting the exact opposite.

Restrictions on movement

The third worrisome factor is extreme restrictions on movement. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such a thing in the United States as we’re seeing now.

Texas and Florida have checkpoints where they’re testing travelers for health problems, escorting them to quarantine, or turning them away. Rhode Island police went so far as to go door-to-door with the National Guard, searching for “New Yorkers” who had fled the virus in their home state.

Most states have closed non-essential businesses and schools for the foreseeable future. Local authorities are beginning to crack down on groups of people and innocent Americans risk being questioned when they leave their homes to walk the dog or go to the store. Last week, thousands of Americans considered essential workers were given “travel papers” to show the authorities if they’re stopped when they are going to work. Travel papers. In the United States of America.

If you can’t satisfy the requirements laid out by your state or local government, you could face fines and even misdemeanor charges for breaking stay-at-home orders.

Don’t count on 911

Add to all of the above, police officers are getting sick. Hundreds of NYPD and Detroit police officers have tested positive for Covid-19.

Some places, like Cincinnati, are limiting in-person police responses to crimes “to reduce unnecessary contact between officers and the public to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

During the coronavirus outbreak and beginning Tuesday morning, Cincinnati police officers will no longer respond in person to the following reports: criminal damaging, dog bites, lost property, lost or stolen license plates, phone harassment, property damage or found property.

Police will no longer respond to assault reports, unless a suspect is still present or the victim requires medical attention, breaking and entering reports unless a suspect is still present, menacing reports “unless suspect is expected or threatens to return or is part of the elements of domestic violence” or theft reports “where there is no possibility of immediate apprehension.” (source)

How long before officers just stop coming in to work and instead, stay home to take care of their families? And, can you blame them if they do?

Other countries are seeing civil unrest.

The Covid-19 lockdowns are resulting in violence in other countries.

Italy has begun to see chaos. People are running out of food, money, and patience.

Videos are appearing on social media of people struggling to cope with the effects of the lockdown. In Palermo, Sicily, police have been forced to head to supermarkets after reports of people stealing food to feed themselves, and groups have appeared in recent days looking to organise raids on supermarkets.

A video has been widely shared around Italy showing a father beside his young daughter, who is eating a solitary slice of bread, telling the Italian primer minister Giuseppe Conte “We’ve already been inside for 15 to 20 days and we are at our limit. Just like my daughter, other children in a few days won’t be able to eat this slice of bread. Rest assured you will regret this, because we are going to have a revolution”. (source)

It isn’t just an Italian problem. As soon as restrictions were partially lifted in China, citizens began to riot, beating police with their own shields and overturning police cars.

This could be the perfect storm.

It’s only a matter of time before the factors above combine to create the “perfect” conditions for widespread civil unrest and crime. When Cat Ellis wrote her book about surviving this pandemic, there’s a reason she included detailed information about securing your property and preparing for potential assaults on your home or retreat. You’ve got your supplies. Now you need to focus on defensive planning.

And if you think that is far-fetched, then why are retailers across the country boarding up their windows? Zero Hedge reports:

In Beverly Hills, the Pottery Barn and West Elm stores near Rodeo Drive were spotted with boards across the windows according to TMZ

…Meanwhile, stores in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Paris, Vancouver and elsewhere were similarly boarded up. (source)

I suspect it isn’t just luxury stores that need to get prepared.  The rest of us need to be ready, too. Many people in the preparedness community have noticed with discomfort the increasing number of people saying, “I’ll just come to your house” or “It’s not fair that selfish preppers have all this stuff and they’re refusing to share.” Many of us have been asked by friends, neighbors, and family members if we can spare some toilet paper or hand sanitizer.

The people who suspect you may have food will show up at your door one of these days when they run out of food. First, they’ll come asking for it. Then they’ll come demanding it. And not just from you but also from local businesses. The ensuing theft and violence will lead to harsher crackdowns from law enforcement and vigilante justices as people stand up to defend their homes and businesses. And if you think the Constitution is being trampled now, hold on to your halo. Eventually, this will lead straight to martial law and totalitarianism the likes of which we’ve never seen in our country.

Don’t think for a second that it won’t happen here.

Virus or no virus, people are not just going to quietly stay home and watch as their families starve to death.

What happens when people start running out of the food they hurriedly purchased before the lockdowns? What happens when overloaded unemployment offices are unable to get people’s payments to them in a timely fashion?What happens when the stimulus checks haven’t arrived yet and there’s no money in people’s wallets for groceries? What happens when stores aren’t able to replenish enough to keep people fed?

I think anyone who has been in the preparedness world knows exactly what happens.

Anger. Violence. Looting. Uncontrollable hordes of people storming stores.

Sort of like every Black Friday except this time, people won’t just want inexpensive bath towels and televisions. They’ll want food to keep their families from starving to death. And they’ll be willing to take down anyone who gets in their way. Whether that’s a parent defending the supply they’ve carefully acquired to take care of their own children or a store security guard, it won’t matter to those who have not prepared for this.

Every year, I show video clips in the Black Friday Hall of Shame. And every year, I write, “If they’ll act like this over home linens, what happens when those same people are hungry?”

This may be the year that we find out what happens.

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  • If they keep the country shut down, that is exactly what will happen.
    If we can’t work or go out, it is only a matter of a short time.
    The gov’t measly little $1200 check doesn’t even cover 2 weeks pay, and it isn’t going to get sent for another 3 weeks.
    At that point, no corporate bailouts will help because there won’t be any customers who can buy anything.
    When that occurs, revolution will also occur.

  • I’ve said for a long time that a Maoist Revolution is coming to the USA, didn’t imagine it starting like this.
    In the end the US will become a communist banana republic.

  • here is a link to an good article in the oregonian newspaper about what oregon did to deal with the 1918 flu epidemic. there are many similarities to what we face today. this is what real people did with a disease more frightening and lethal than what we are facing now. notice it took from oct to feb for things to return to “normal”.

    • In the old days when our grandparents were young, people were used to and planned for hard times. I don’t know what percentage of the population have been preppers but until about 40 years ago, most people were preppers. My grandparents kept on gardening and keeping chickens and a milk cow long past WW2. It’s just what you did. People are so far removed from the farm.

      Baby boomers have not known hard times collectively except for maybe the draft for the Vietnam War. This is a really huge downturn in our state of affairs, prepared or not. Not one will go unscathed. Except for the you-know-whos that planned this all along. Amazing how stuck everyone feels — damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Perfect storm is right, Daisy.

      Hopefully, this will be a big boon for the local farmers who have made sacrifices to stay in business as local suppliers.

  • I think eventually all Western/first world governments are going to have to accept the utter selfishness that is at the core of Western personality, and lift all restrictions and let people run wild and free, spreading and catching the virus and infecting others, causing thousands of elderly people to die and people with chronic illnesses to die. But hey, who cares?! Right? It’s a good thing to get rid of all those useless old and sick people! I realize now that Westerners are too selfish to take concerted action to save the lives of the elderly and chronically ill. If this virus almost exclusively killed children, or fetuses, then Western society would accept any sacrifice to control it. But it almost exclusively kills the elderly and chronically ill and no one values them, and actually our capitalist society would love it if such “useless” people died off. Even the evil communist Chinese regime took drastic life-saving action because apparently the commies value life more that our “freedom-loving” rugged individualists. That’s why it’s so difficult to get Western people to obey stay-at-home orders. When I look at photos of young and middle-aged people thronging in parks and beaches, disobeying stay-at-home orders, I know what they’re subconsciously thinking: “I won’t die of the virus and I don’t care if I spread the virus to an elderly person, in fact, I’d like to see the elderly die off.” It’s going to come down to the elderly and chronically ill doing whatever they personally can to save their own lives with no societal support.

    • Yeah I saw the Chinese being all good hearted and saving lives lol. Catch me later with that nonsense. We don’t have it right but it sure ain’t that either.

    • You have been fooled.

      Lockdown does not work.

      People, especially the vulnerable who are old, and those with severe illness through bad lifestyle choices and high stress, will die.

      This is reality.

      All the ventilators in the world will not save anyone.

      A virus must burn out. There is no other way.

      Destroying the economy will only ad to the misery.

      If Trump does not end the lockdown now, soon there will be riots in the major cities.

      • Thank you for the most sensible response.

        What is transpiring is more than destroying the economy, it is a psychological operation on everyone
        where there was human and civil rights for decades.
        The Constitution and Bill of Rights cannot be waved away nor suspended, regardless what it said by the uniformed.
        If that were permitted, it would never be restored.

        The article is not even advocating preparation, but indirectly sensationalizing male weakness, irresponsibility, and lack of family cohesion. With the number of divorces, “breakups,” and single mothers growing in the West, one would value
        the traditional family, not whitewash those that work. No lockdowns will last nor work. Yes, cities first.
        And that is why he just mobilized the Reserves. Alongside the National Guard, this is an aspect of great concern.
        How psychologically fascinating, that after less than one month, people are already in panic, and insensibility?
        The real problems have not even started. Let’s hope they do not.

    • Calm down. The “marketplace” does need to open up or we are likely to lose a lot more than what you are proposing. Families will still care for their elderly and chronically ill – we will adapt. However, families will also provide food and shelter for their family, friends, relations – as many do now. it is foolish to shut down the world for an extended time as the result will be even more deaths, elderly, ill, children, young people. We have already heard reports of suicide. Who can forget the suicides reported as a result of the stock crash in 1929. Or how about the desperate families during the Great Depression? In our times we have seen looting, robbery, assault over things and stuff – which is the greater consequence? Life is not without risk, each person gets to choose how much risk they are willing to take and to put in safety measures against those they do not want to take.

    • This is true, and very obvious. This is why everyone here in the west KNOWS, just KNOW, that its going to be way worse than in china cause “You cant tell me what to do!” attitude.

      • All the Conservatives give Trump a pass, on everything, every time.

        It is Trump who created this nation wide lockdown, after it was started by Democrat governors.

        Democrats want riots, and Trump is too stupid to see he is being played by Dr. Fauci and the !%.

        People die, and that is a fact of life humans will not accept.

        The cure (lockdown) will be much worse than the disease.


        • Correct……….Drumf is as culpable as any demorat.
          The drumftards will pee their little panties, but he
          is very responsible for this mess. The buck starts and stops
          with him

          • A bonus? You’d think a prepper would understand that money printed from nothing simply dilutes existing money. Bonus. That’s funny. You are one clueless dolt, Daisy.

            • You’re a delight, yourself, Sandy.

              If people are expecting money in their account, don’t you think realizing it may not arrive when they hope is an important thing to know? This has nothing to do with the dilution of existing money – which of course is also backed by nothing.

  • The media and gov’t kept telling people they only needed food and supplies for two weeks. Yeah right. That is baloney. I prepped for longer than that, yet still may not have enough supplies for some items such as milk etc. Yet, we still have items to protect ourselves as well. The writing was on the wall that this would be longer than two weeks “quarantine”. People who believed it unfortunately will find they were naive.

    • There is product called “Parmalat” which is whole milk in a container that can be stored unrefrigerated (unopened) for about a year. It tastes good, get some and through in a box of powdered milk too. (I see one called Gossner on Amazon – better hurry though.)

  • HEY I totally agree with you. I’ve been thinking most of these same things myself b/c I am a visionary…I’ve been seeing into the future for years. Like intuition or like wisdom or maybe just like a good gut that tells me which was to go with things lol.

    • Hi, WKR –

      They’re all coming through electronically from what I’ve been able to find out, to whatever account your other checks are going to. However please don’t expect it at a specific time. The last time they promised stimulus checks in a “few weeks” it ended up being 8 months. I’m afraid we’ll need to look at this as a great bonus when it arrives, but not plan our bills around it arriving any time soon.

      • Everyone of my comments is now being moderated, even the comments without links.

        A few want me here, but most do not. Evidently you and Admin User, who has a personal vendetta toward me, no longer want me here.

        Perhaps you do not like my style. Yes I am a bomb thrower, but this is a time for strong action, not niceties.

        The veil of illusion and comfort is being ripped from people’s lives, and nothing will be the same again.

        This website is a small platform, and one would think I would be welcomed, but that is not the case.

        I am here to try to help, and get information out to people.

        The only reason I am using this small platform is because I have been banned by Twitter for my comments.

        I had over 13,000 followers, and by some standards that is not many, but 13,000 is still a lot of people.

        My tweets were often retweeted, and people were grateful for a little truth even if it made them uncomfortable.

        So, it is apparent that my time here is coming to an end.

        Good luck to all, we are going to need it.

        • Everyone’s comments are in moderation right now. We’ve had some full-fledged troll attacks using VPNs and I had to take an all or nothing approach. It’s no picnic for me either to go through every single comment. But I’m not going to have people on here spreading lies or getting my site put on a list of “hate websites” because some yahoos are deliberately sowing discord by making racially inflammatory comments.

          Admin User is not an admin of this website and has nothing to do with my decisions.

          Your comments go through – it just takes a bit because I cannot be here the second every comment hits. Please be patient.

    • Hi WKR, I’m in the same group as you. My husband and I are on SSI and haven’t had to file in over 10 years. We have no property and no income beyond SSI. From what I have read it looks like you have to back file a tax form for 2018 so you get on the payments. But I also read to call a tax person and have them file for you. I live in the middle of nowhere. I would have to drive 60 miles into a city, brave infection and pay a bill to the tax person. Not worth the danger or bother. As long as I still get the ssi checks we will survive. Just another way for the government to ignore the lower income group by making it more of a pain than is worth it.

      • Per the news about the IRS requirement … as of the moment, you can fill out Short Form-1040 on-line (enter $0 in the appropriate spaces) and the personal identifying information along with your bank info like you were getting an electronic refund deposited into your account.and then submit it electronically. This is not yet finalized. The IRS may yet develop a specific form for people in your situation and they’ll announce it by the end of the week. Retirees —annuity, disability & SSI recipients — will be the first to be electronically processed .

  • I just sent in a message to DAISY but I didn’t put my name I put my email twice so sorry. kat THANKS

  • Here in Oregon they just closed the National Forest. Trailheads, everything. People are pissed and grouping up on social media that they will not comply.

  • I live I rural East Texas. Most of my friends and neighbors are at least marginally prepared. My husband and I are comfortable in our preps, only leaving home to grab a few perishable items and to check on my elderly mother. There was an incident at a local grocery store last week where a bread delivery truck driver was accosted in the parking lot and a significant portion of his bread delivery was taken. This is in an area where everything (except possibly TP) has been largely available. You might not find the brand you normally buy, but basic supplies have been accessible. I shudder to think what is going to happen when the supply chains really break down and actual deprivation sets in.

    • I also live in rural East Texas and agree with you 100%. I’ve seen what you’ve seen – I didn’t hear about the bread truck, and that’s crazy because 2 weeks ago, bread was at a premium but I bought some and today, shelves were stocked with it. Butter, eggs, cheese a few meats and TP seem to be the things in my town that they can’t keep on the shelves but as you said – you can find what you need to sustain. We don’t need eggs to live

  • I’m 72 and seen my share of national and international crisis. My parents experienced worse (Great Depression , Dust Bowl, World War II ; they would not have panic’d over Corona). I have never seen something that would literally shut down the entire civilized world. This looks like something out of a disaster movie. I remember how people laughed at “preppers” as wacked out looney toons and suckers. Strange , I don’t see any such remarks today. Who’s laughing now ? One word of advice from an old coot. If you plan to survive on your lonesome, you had better be a combination James Bond, Rambo, and MacGyver. Otherwise you best join a community of like minded folks who can combine their skill sets and fire power. I don’t envy the young. Looks like a The Road future instead of Star Trek.

  • Extra advice –
    If someone comes to your home, don’t let them in. Even if you know them! They may be looking/shopping for later. If they ask to use your bathroom, tell them it’s broken.
    If some asks if you have food, or food you can spare, reply with “I was just going to ask you the same thing.” If they are asking, they have need. Never admit you have anything they may want.
    Learn the distance around your home; how far to the hedge? How far to the curb, to the curb across the street, house across the street, etc.? Can you hit things at that range? At what range can you hit something? At my house, it’s 100 yards to the gate, 420 yards to the hill across the road. I bought an electronic range finder – available at Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Amazon, etc.
    Consider the story of the grasshopper and the ant. Their need does not translate to your responsibility to care for them. You spent your time and money preparing to care for yourself and your family. They spent their time and money on eating out, shopping for clothes, entertainment. They had the same opportunity to prepare that you had – never feel guilty for deciding you needed to take care of yourself and your family.
    If you feel you can “spare a little”, what happens in a few weeks might make the difference between watching your loved ones starve because you decided to “help a neighbor/friend”?
    Expect raiding parties – either local or from distant localities. These will NOT be nice people. Expect that they have killed for what they want and will again. Remember, this time it’s not a movie.
    If you have small children, expect they have told everyone they know exactly what you have on hand and your capabilities. In short, you are a target.
    These things may sound selfish. They are not. It’s your responsibility to take care of your family FIRST. Since you have no idea how long this will last, can you really guess what you may or may not be able to do without?
    Expect “hunters” to start killing wildlife. How many of them know how to preserve meat? In short, since they may not have freezers to use, they will cut off enough for a few meals, let the rest rot, then kill again. You cannot allow this or the resource could be gone for good – you and for others. It’s easy to salt meat, make jerky or even can it. Don’t waste it.

      • Depends on what you are doing with the meat.

        I salted cod for 2weeks using kosher salt.

        It has been in the freezer for about 3weeks now. I leached out so much of the water, it is still bendable.

        Now, if you are dry curing sausage, then you need “pink” salt or Prague salt. It inhibits botulism, and promotes the fermentation curing process.

    • John, I really like that idea of knowing various distances to be able to shoot. I’m going to incorporate that idea in my training. Thanks.

    • John, Let’s encourage each other to seek GOD and understand HIS WILL.
      Please don’t “PANIC”
      Let’s pray to The Creator of The Universe, and ask HIM to show us what is HIS WILL.
      THE TRUE GOD can provide food for us day by day and can
      Protect us.
      I am in India, a country of more than a billion people, and I have peace in my heart
      Blessings for you and your family

  • I wish your headlines read the real truth that needs to be done.

    It’s only a matter time until the Wuhan Virus lockdown leads to citizens locking out Demoncraps from office to keep us from violent crimes and civil unrest.

    • I personally am not a fan of either major political party but I don’t think alienating people politically is the answer. I’d really like to make this a place where people can come together and share PREPAREDNESS information. Not debate over who is good and who is bad.

      We have readers from all walks of life. They’re all welcome here if their purpose is to prepare their families.

      Best wishes,

  • I’ve been on this path of preparing for civil unrest since the start before it got here.
    There’s a lot to do and very limited time.
    The time to train up for such events passed months ago. You’ve either got it together or you don’t.
    As far as LEOs yeah service will be limited. Everyone is trying but everyone is in the same boat within a leak.
    There’s still things you can do. 3-31/2” screws are still available so start on door locks, hinges and plates. No shortage of additional locks, chain locks or hooks. Run nails up thru a doormat. Weld up caltrops from bent at 90 fence steeples. Weld up hedgehogs or even use boards. Buy cable and ubolts to run from tree to tree. Put locks on your gates. Run screws thru the top portion of a picket fence so when they grab it to pull themselves over it bites the hand. Dig a trench a regular vehicle can’t drive through and an all terrain can’t hit at speed. Make tanglefoot with barbed wire. Turn your lighting outwards instead of onto the walk or porch into their eyes. Talk with neighbors cause folks are a lot more receptive these days.
    Lots to do and very short time to get there.

  • Watch the movie ” V for Vendetta” to understand our current plight.

    The plot:

    The Elite use a bio weapon to convince the masses to vote for their own enslavement.

    The weapon is released killing 100,000. “Terrorists” are blamed and panic and fear ensues.

    The Elite are then granted complete power, and they produce a “cure” which makes them more wealthy.

    Watch this film again today, with new eyes.

  • Daisy,
    Got to thank you for your frequent updates to fit the fast changing times. Heard from family in Washington State and things are going from bad to worse. Some say weird. A friend said when people leave their home in the small town of Chehalis (pop. 7,259) that groups of people are breaking into homes and stealing everything. Now she has to walk here dog with a gun. Here in Texas things are good, most people are still working and the big grocery store supplies have been restocked. Still missing flour, rice, bleach and hand sanitizer. The small mom & pop stores didn’t have too much of a problem since most people in the country live far from stores, buy in bulk and keep a stocked pantry. My sister who works at a San Antonio hospital & in a “hot” zone (gets her temp checked before entering work) say’s it’s like being in the eye of the hurricane right now, with everything super stressed, but eerie. Since no one wants to go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary, their cutting back on staff hours and resources, etc… Many things to be thankful for: walks outside, children at home to help, family all doing fine. Needless to say we are praying for our country.

  • The governor of Arizona Douche bag, I mean Ducey,just locked down the state fir no good reason. 24 died out of a population of 7.1 MILLION ! And most of them had underlying health issues. Small businesses are being hit hard. Enough of this b.s. what a bunch of candyasses we’ve turned into. My mom went through the Great Depression,she is spinning in her grave.

  • As a Journalist there is enough negative comments speculations being made. So why feed fuel to the fire.

    • Most of us here, or those that frequent this site try to keep to the central idea/focus of this site: Being prepared.

  • This article is either fear mongering nonsense or you folks have already lost your country. I live in BC Canada where we have adequate testing and it looks like we are following the S Korea model of this outbreak. We have thousands of emptied out hospital beds for a ‘just in case’ situation and enough ventilators. Yesterday, the province received a million more masks and more is on the way. Here is my point. Why does this work in Canada? It is because we have socialised single payer medicine and hospitals do not exist for profit. There are better health outcomes here for 1/2 the US cost. Furthermore, the Covid decisions are being made by our public health officers, and not by corrupt politicians or stupid political con men. And finally, Canadians cooperate and look after each other instead of the wild west out for themselves mindset down south. Our parks and trails are closed too. You know what?, people have just assumed it is being done to stop the outbreak, and while disappointed, they go somewhere else for exercise or go home. They aren’t defying the directives and reaching for their guns.

    I am a rural prepper, and always have been. We have adequate stores. 2 days ago we were talking to some elderly friends and the wife casually mentioned she was running low on flour. What did we do? I hopped into the truck and brought her 20kg of unbleached white, and wouldn’t take any money. Why? because they will be the first to drop off plants, or some fish. It is the way we do things here. Coincidentally, we had to go to town yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. I gloved up and cleaned the cart to buy a few groceries including some milk to keep from using our frozen milk. On the way to the cooler I picked up another 20kg of flour, (about 45 lbs). They had a sale on flour.

    You folks talk about armed people coming for your stores? In our Valley we share what we have and will look after each other. If strange vehicles drive around it is noted and tracked. We don’t reach for our guns because we don’t have to. Do we have guns? Of course…for hunting. Still don’t lock our doors. Maybe they do in the city, but no one locks up around here. It’s not the way we do things.

    Good luck protecting your stuff. It sounds like a freaking nightmare, to be honest.

    • Keep lying to yourself if it makes you sleep better at night.
      I’m cross trained by my counterparts from Kanada on gangs and extremists in law enforcement. Y’all got plenty of issues. You’ve got shootings and mass shootings etc in BC. Plenty of violence.
      If we are wrong then what did we lose? Nothing but time that wasn’t being used anyway.
      If we are right then we gain everything.

    • You have neglected to take into account a major factor. Population. Canada: 37.59 million USA 327.2 million (2018) (google search for numbers)
      That factor alone is huge, it magnifies every aspect, especially the need for supply.
      Sounds like you live in a smaller (if not very small) town, this article i feel addresses more immediately larger population centers and metropolitan areas, but there is always the trickle down that will eventually get to the smaller areas.

      In regards to your high praise of your socialist government and healthcare system, i have spoken with Canadians who have very different feelings. Sure Canada beats the USA on pharmaceuticals, insulin, etc. But as i understand it there were many Canadians who would cross the boarder for surgical or other operations because the states were faster and cheaper.

      Now, in this situation, yes, you are right that a system that is under singular control works somewhat better in being able to respond faster/controlled, and down here we do have many politicians trying to use this event as a vehicle for their agenda. From what i see it is the ones who want to implement socialism that are the loudest and most manipulative, but it seems every side is trying to use it for their advantage in some manner.
      I credit much of how the American public has handled this to the media coverage, and the media has been outright treacherous with how they have worked people into a panic. Half the problems we have right now would not be, if people stayed calm. But now we are seeing the results of poor preparation, failure to learn from previous shortages, and now supply issues compound that.

      glad to hear things are quiet in your end of the world, hope it remains that way

  • Daisy, in light of this warning, I’m reflecting on something I learned in the Army back in the early ’60s. We were taught that in combat it might be better to wound an enemy combatant as it took as many as 4 people to care for a wounded soldier and it took NONE to care for a dead one. You probably have better access to psychiatrists than I do and I was wondering if this would be relevant to a looting mob.

    In the military, we were taught to “never leave anyone behind” and “your best friend is the guy next to you” and on that basis, we cared for our wounded, sometimes at the expense of our own lives.

    My question is would this apply to roving mobs of looters. Will they have the “internal” loyalty to each other to assist wounded members or will they just consider them one less mouth to feed with the goods they can steal? This could have a profound effect on aiming during the situations you bring to the fore above.

    • Someone like Selco or Toby Cowern would be better situated to answer this question. I’m sorry but it’s out of my area of expertise. I’ll see if I can get one of them to answer on their Patreon. (It’s only $1 a month and you can find it here.

      As well, we have some retired military guys who regularly comment – they may have some insight.

    • Paul Fitch that depends greatly. Who’s to say who the raiders are? They could be a group of military vets. We ain’t exactly angels lol.
      If your asking should you wound rather than kill then that’s a NO with expletives.
      Im not sure how good you are but I’m not even able in a full blown combat situation to be able to aim to wound. It’s center mass of whatever I’ve got. If it’s the body the so be it. If it’s a leg sticking out from behind cover then center mass that. I’m no slouch being retired military, current LEO and competitive shooter.
      Take your targets, suppressive fire when necessary and unleash everything at the FPL ( Final Protective Line). Leave the fancy stuff for the movies. First round incoming y’all gonna be shaking like a dog poopin a peach seed anyway.
      Marine chime in please.

    • @Paul Fitch,
      I under stand the over all theory behind the wounding a enemy.
      But we were taught to aim for center mass of what you can see (Dog target, anyone?).

      In regards to the question of loyalty, there does seem to be a degree of camaraderie within any tight knit group. How they would treat one of their own when wounded in a firefight is a different question. Would they freeze? Run? Attempt to help?
      But that could be said about anyone.

    • I don’t believe for one minute that a banded group of “hooligans” will stop to save a fallen companion. A family? That’s probably another story. But if they are so ridiculously out of control, they won’t care who they hurt, kill or step on to get to what they want. In my family we will shoot first, fast, and accurately and ask questions later if our home or family is threatened. It won’t matter if they stop to help each other, they’ll all be down, and likely dead. Our loyalty is to our own, not to anyone who wants to take from us. I recommend adapting in the same way.

  • I ordered the Cat Ellis book cited in article from your site. It has already debited my card but has not delivered the book to my email inbox.

    • Hi, Barbara – I am so sorry about that mix-up. I sent you an email to the address you posted here. If you don’t receive it please check your spam box.

      Thanks for your purchase!

  • COVID-19 was engineered not just as a bio-weapon but more of an attack against our Constitution and freedoms. That’s the real purpose. People need to recognize that and apply civil disobedience where, when, and how necessary.

  • In a few weeks, having a garden will not be advisable. Not only will it be looted in a matter of minutes one night, it’s a signal to non-preppers that you have the good stuff, and may make them more likely to break into your house to see what other useful objects you have. You should have stored up plenty of canned / jarred / pickled fruits & veggies by now. (I’m a plant geek, so it pains me to say this, but I’ve been thinking about it for years.) Just like the way birds keep an eye on blueberries until they reach just the right color and then voraciously descend upon them, humans will be watching your garden and timing when to strike. On a broader scale, even though I live in a small town in a red state, I’m prepared to have almost everything stolen from my yard, incl. light bulbs from my porch, solar night lights, shovels, hoses, porch screening, and anything else laying around or plugged in. In communist bloc countries, people even stole railroad spikes in order to melt them down to create ammo and tools. I believe it was Bulgaria that had almost every single railroad spike stolen, rendering the country’s entire train system unusable; I read this in an incredible 1998 Rolling Stone article by P.J. O’Rourke, in the issue w/ the fascinating Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover.) Keep in mind there may be a second wave of this flu sweeping through in the fall, then a guaranteed one next spring. Unfortunately, the Tulane primate lab near New Orleans is receiving big bucks to develop both a vaccine and a cure. This is the same lab whose tainted vaccines led to the skyrocketing rate of cancer in this country decades ago (read the mind-blowing book Dr. Mary’s Monkey), and Louisiana just happens to have a huge coronavirus outbreak right now…

    P.S. Does anyone else chuckle at the concept of plywood to prevent looting? It can protect against wind, but provides almost no defense against humans. These fancy jewelry stores aren’t going to be keeping their merchandise inside their shuttered stores; the goods (which are small and thus portable) will be transported to some kind of faraway underground bunkers until this is over.

  • Let’s be honest with ourselves. Governments and corporations lie all the time. Believe nothing you cannot personally verify. Half a dozen conglomerates now control 90% of all media in the US and EU, so you can be certain they consider all of us mushrooms. That leaves the US military-bult and managed Internet, the “Great Dumpster in the Cloud”. Once you strip away the porn (and fear porn), silly videos, and stupid human tricks, what’s left? “News is that which someone, somewhere does not want revealed. Everything else is advertising.”

  • First and foremost, I find the idea of the US (or any country) getting to the point of outright violence and civil unrest over this crisis abhorrent.
    But as Daisy points out, job loss, stress, going hungry etc. the situation can devolve into exactly that. I hope it does not, but hope is not a course of action.

    And there are those who will attempt to take advantage of the situation.
    Take care of you and yours, and look out for your neighbors, especially if they are elderly.

    • To Add:
      Think of it this way, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. One of the most disgusting, grotesque displays of hyper-consumerism, greed, and apathy for fellow man, over useless, shiny things. People fighting each other for big screen TVs, hand towels, and more.
      And we (the US) is a so-called first world country.
      And we exported this phenomena! It is an annual occurrence! Daisy has written articles about it. With videos.

      Now we are seeing that same kind of behavior over TP, and bottled water.
      Think it cannot or will not happen if the food supply gets disrupted, hhhuummmm?

  • Husband and I have been “joking” about our chicken coop needing an armed guard. I’ve been sharing the extras, but am also trying to get a broody hen going (reduces egg count because once one starts, they all want to go). Must be my area, but most people know I’m in the high risk category for this virus and are staying away as much as possible to protect me (and others).

  • Humanity is enslaved.

    Individuals are not born as slaves, they are born free.

    They are born in freedom, but as I look around, they are found to be in chains everywhere.

    People living in chains, people dying in chains.

    This is the greatest calamity that has happened to humanity.

    Now it seems, in the name of ‘saving’ all their slaves from the corona virus, which mostly seems to be killing all the elderly with pre-existing health issues.

    We have become passive victims in a far more sinister agenda, a long planned full global financial collapse, leading to the removal of all wealth, health, freedom and the well being of most of the planets inhabitants.

    It is a very insane kind of society that we have created in thousands of years.

    Its insanity has come now to a high peak, there is no going back.

    We are indeed sitting on a volcano which can explode any moment.

    What will you do when you realize in the coming days after the internet is turned off, the banks have collapsed, and you are confined to your home, and there is full martial law in place in your country, with the military barking commands at you to obey their authority or be taken away to be dealt with?

    They are already fully prepared expecting your anger, awaiting your violent reactions.

    At what point did the Jews realize they were going to be fully exterminated by the Nazis?

    The more intelligent Jews saw the writing on the wall in the 1930’s and fled to safer countries, others began to really realize it after they were rounded up and were dragged from their homes and forcibly loaded into rail cattle trucks.

    But others still didn’t fully realize it until it was too late until they were stripped naked and forced into to the shower blocks at the concentration camps which instead gassed them all.

    At what point will you come to realize the full treachery of your politicians, banksters, and your bloated corporate oligarch masters, who really control all power on this planet, and who are not in the slightest concerned at all what happens to humanity.

    Their only concern is whether power remains in their hands or not.

    Moments come in history when a small group of psychopathic people, cunning, clever but with absolute evil intentions start exploiting the whole society.

    All the money goes on gathering on one side and all the poverty and starvation on the other.

    Naturally this state cannot be continued forever.

    Sooner or later those who have nothing are going to overthrow those who have all.

    That time is now.

    We cannot waste another second!

    I say unto you that my word for those who are intelligent enough in this moment, is Rebellion.

    Rebellion, a very silent phenomenon that will go on spreading at full speed, without making any noise and without even leaving any footprints behind.

    It will move from heart to heart in deep silences, until it has reached to billions of people without any bloodshed.

    Just the understanding of those billions of people will change all our old primitive animalistic ways.

    We have to use our massive numbers to swiftly overwhelm and outmaneuver the plans of these criminals, the oligarchs, the politicians, the banksters and all the corporate fascists.

    We have to treat them as the disease that they are, remove them all from power immediately, remove them all from their homes and their families and lock them all down and quarantine them, remove all their ill-gotten wealth and prepare them all for mass trials.

    We have to lock down all their criminal institutions, security agencies and endless committees, U.N., EU, IMF, W.H.O, World Bank. C.D.C, Federal Reserve Bank, C.I.A, N.S.A, G.C.H.Q, N.A.TO.

    We have to secure the armed forces, the police and the judiciary to work for the people, to return the rule of law.

    Only this will change their greed, so there is no question of them again accumulating obscene amounts of money, to gain absolute power to enslave humanity.

    Because of these parasites deplorable behavior, everything has deteriorated, the morality, the character, the integrity, everything has become a commodity.

    As it is now, you can purchase anybody, all you need is money.

    Everybody is purchasable, judges are purchasable, police commissioners are purchasable, politicians are purchasable.

    My rebellion is life-affirmative.

    My rebellion is absolutely individual and it will spread from individual to individual.

    Sometime soon, this whole planet has to break the spell of these criminal psychopaths.

    So if you want to dance and sing and love and live a long and free life.

    And to live as intensely and totally as possible.

    In this total affirmation of life.

    Iin this absolute ‘yes’ to life we can bring a totally new earth and a totally new humanity into being.

    The past was ‘no.’

    The future has to be ‘yes.’

    We have lived enough with the ‘no’, we have suffered enough and there has been nothing but misery.

    The world will be tremendously benefited if all this falseness and criminality disappears.

    The alchemy of ‘yes’ and the rebellion based on ‘yes’ are capable of destroying all that is false.

    We can discover all that is real and has been covered for centuries, layer upon layer by every generation, so much that even you yourself have forgotten ‘who you are’.

    If suddenly somebody wakes you up and asks you, “Who are you?” you will take a little time to remember, to realize, but slowly, it will begin to come to you.

    The very idea of enlightenment in the west is so new, although it is not something that has not been known before.

    In the east throughout millennia, there have been enlightened people, but they never brought enlightenment as a rebellion.

    The idea of a rebellion based on ‘yes’ means a rebellion based on awareness and meditation, for the first time in the history of humanity.

    And because each individual has to work upon themselves, there is no question of any fight, there is no question of any organization, there is no question of any conspiracy, there is no question of any violence.

    This whole earth is ours, but what kind of freedom is there if we cannot even move?

    Everywhere there are barriers, every nation has become a big imprisonment.

    Just because you cannot see the boundaries you think you are still free!

    Just try to pass through the boundary and immediately you will be faced with a loaded gun, “Go back inside the prison.

    You belong to this prison.

    You cannot enter into another prison without permission.”

    These are your nations!

    Violence can never be a part of the rebellious spirit for the simple reason that violence is the whole past of humanity, and the enlightened rebel wants to discontinue with the past.

    Violence has been the way of life for millennia.

    Directly or indirectly we have lived under violence.

    Our armies, our police, our jails, our judges, our wars, our so-called great religions, all have lived in violence.

    And violence, reduced to its essentials, is irreverent towards life.

    To me the religious individual, the religious consciousness, is nothing but a deep reverence for life itself.

    Because there is no God other than life itself.

    There is no paradise beyond consciousness, beyond herenow.

    Life itself this moment is the paradise.

    Celebrate your awakening!

    Violence is a violation of both life and consciousness, it is destructive.

    The rebel is a creator, the whole philosophy is that of creativity.

    We have lived in destructiveness far too long, and what is the achievement?

    Rebellion is when you accept that nobody is higher than you, nobody is lower than you.

    In fact, the categories of lower and higher are inapplicable.

    Each individual is so unique that it is not possible to compare two persons.

    So how can you put somebody higher and somebody lower?

    They are so different and so unique.

    To be rebellious means to be transformed totally.

    Rebellion is to live it here and now.

    Rebellion is spontaneous.

    It has nothing to do with any ideology.

    Rebellion is non-ideological.

    Rebellion has not been tried on a vast scale.

    Just with the effort of billions of people meditating, sharing, loving silence and peace, and destroying all kinds of discrimination’s which create violence.

    We will be making the space, the gap, the discontinuity that can save humanity and life on this planet.


    Rise like Lions after slumber,
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth like dew,
    Which in sleep had fallen on you,
    Ye are many – they are few.

    The Masque of Anarchy – Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Dear daisy,

    I have some information for an article for you from World War 2 ,we have contacted before,what is your Email please ?

    regards Gavin Webb

  • Daisy- I love your site and just reread the article and it is coming to pass. My husbands car was stolen two weeks ago. It was used to commit other crimes. It was spotted with the thief in it but not pursued. It was found (trashed) yesterday with meth in it. We did have an officer respond and call us to tow it away. He stated that they no longer respond in person to events that don’t involve bodily harm as they are stretched so thin from the riots. As much as I am frustrated for our situation I feel even more for these poor cops that only got into the profession to make the world a better place. Their hands are completely tied.

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