The Dystopian Horror of Life Under Quarantine in China

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The coronavirus is rapidly spreading through China despite efforts to slow it down and the lengths that the Chinese government is going to appear to be nothing short of dystopian. Millions upon millions of people have been quarantined or isolated, but the spread of the virus appears not to have slowed down.

Of course, the problem is, China has been so secretive we’re left to rely on leaked videos and desperate messages from anonymous sources to find out what’s actually happening. So while I believe the stories in this article are probably true, it’s important to note that it is impossible to vet these sources thoroughly.

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has ordered a crackdown on anyone who is caught undermining efforts to contain the virus.

He also said that officials would take aim at those who resist epidemic prevention and control efforts, including by spreading false rumors. (source)

It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think that someone sharing information that Mr. Xi doesn’t want out could be accused of “spreading false rumors.” Anyone leaking information from China could potentially face dire consequences – and if they aren’t punished their families might be. With this in mind, it’s no surprise those who are sharing videos with the rest of the world want to remain anonymous.

What it’s like in Wuhan

One citizen journalist, Chen Qiushi, is reporting from inside Wuhan. You can follow him on Twitter here. To see the translations, simply click on a Tweet and the option to have it translated to English is available.

In a video blog published on YouTube on Jan. 30, a week into his reporting trip, an emotional Chen described how helpless people filled hospitals that were struggling to admit them, and showed footage of a woman next to a dead man in a wheelchair making desperate phone calls for help to move her relative’s body. The videos have drawn attention on Chinese social media, even though YouTube is blocked there and requires special software to access, as well as outside China.

“I, for the first time, really started to feel scared,” Chen said in the video. He also spoke about whether he felt pressure from the authorities over his videos, but declared, “I’m not afraid of dying, why should I be afraid of you, Communist Party ?” (source)

In an interview with Quartz, Chen shared some of the things he has witnessed.

The situation is still severe… I have been to four Wuhan hospitals, and even the construction site of Huoshenshan, the temporary hospital China built for admitting the patients. In the beginning, there were not many people in hospitals. But after I met more local youngsters, I heard from them that the situation is still severe. They do not have enough testing kits, beds, and doctors are extremely overwhelmed. Workers and their leaders at the construction sites for the new hospitals are exhausted too…

…Some continued with their normal life, despite being a bit bored or feeling depressed, but they were not panicking. But for those who were suspected to have the virus, they were very very anxious and some went online calling for help. I also saw people who did not care about the issue at all and did not wear face masks…

Prices of goods are staying stable. For myself, I bought bread and milk, and can still order food deliveries. I can use a Mobike and some friend lent me an electric motorcycle. For ordinary citizens, they can either ride electric motorcycles, or order taxis mobilized by their residential communities. But it is difficult to book taxis because of the small number of them… (source)

Others report food shortages, however.

When the lockdown was first announced, people began to stockpile food and resources in a desperate attempt to sustain themselves amid an unprecedented quarantine.

A woman from New Zealand, who was in Wuhan to visit her father for the Lunar New Year, told NewsHub about the conditions.

“It’s quite scary here,” she said. “There’s all kinds of rumors online and there’s a shortage of medical supplies. If we go outside, we cannot buy masks anywhere.

“There’s also a shortage of food,” she added. “A lot of shelves are empty.” (source)

The NY Times reports:

In the mornings, Wuhan is so quiet that bird calls sound down once busy streets. Stray dogs trot in the middle of empty expressways. Residents wrapped in masks creep out of their homes, anxiety flitting across their eyes.

They line up at hospitals overwhelmed by a virus that most had not heard of until a few weeks ago.

They line up outside pharmacies despite the door signs declaring they have sold out of protective masks, disinfectant, surgical gloves and thermometers. They line up to buy rice, fruit and vegetables from food stores that keep operating, while nearly all other shops are closed.

Then they shuffle home to wait out this 21st-century siege. The unluckiest ones lie at home or in a hospital, stricken by pneumonia fevers that could spell death linked to coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

“I’ve started to lose track of the days,” said Yang Dechao, a burly 34-year-old factory worker trapped in Wuhan. “Is it Sunday or Monday? You forget because all normal activity has stopped. Ordinary people have just their families and their phones.”

Soothing recorded messages playing over loudspeakers say that the government cares, and admonish residents to wear masks and minimize outings… (source)

A teacher shared her story of despair, fear, and hopelessness while under quarantine with Al Jazeera.

Millions of us have been put under quarantine for seven days now, and all of this still feels surreal.

These days, I have been doing the same things over and over again: eat, sleep, eat, and the cycle continues.

All entertainment shows have also been cancelled by the government, and that leaves only the news about the virus playing on a loop on TV. Every aspect of my life is constantly reminding me of a single fact – the virus outbreak is still very real. (source)

And this is life for people who are not sick.

Hospitals are turning people away.

There are numerous reports that hospitals are turning away all but the most seriously ill. This is likely one cause of the questionable numbers coming out of China. If a patient isn’t confirmed to have the virus, he isn’t counted. And if a sick person is turned away from the hospital, then he certainly can’t be confirmed to have the virus, can he?

Designated hospitals in the Chinese city at the center of a coronavirus outbreak started taking only severe or critical patients, as more Chinese cities imposed restrictions on movement to help contain the fast-spreading pathogen that has killed more than 560 people…

…The medical system in China’s Hubei province, where the virus broke out in Wuhan, the capital, in December, has been overwhelmed by the virus, and front-line staff have been forced to turn patients away as authorities race to build new hospitals…

…Hu Lishan, a local Communist Party official, said at a press conference Wednesday night that many patients confirmed to have the coronavirus hadn’t been admitted to hospitals designated for virus treatment because of a lack of available beds. The situation was distressing and painful, he said. (source)

Hospital staff are so overwhelmed they’ve begun wearing adult diapers – not only because they don’t have time to go to the bathroom but also because they don’t want to run the risk of damaging their hazmat suits. Meanwhile, hospitals have been turning away patients for weeks because there are no tests and there are no beds.

According to this shocking video posted on Twitter, it appears that corpses are stacked up amidst living patients in a hospital.

There are many reports of sick people being denied care and testing, and being sent home to “self-quarantine.”

A lockdown across the city and much of its surrounding province has exacerbated a shortage of medical supplies, testing kits and hospital beds for those sickened by the coronavirus. Many residents, unwell and desperate for care, have been forced to go from hospital to hospital on foot, only to be turned away from even being tested for the virus, let alone treated. They have had to resort to quarantines at home, risking the spread of the virus within families and neighborhoods. (source)

Officials are rounding up sick people.

While hospitals are unable to care for more patients, this hasn’t stopped officials from rounding up sick people in a frighteningly authoritarian manner. Sick people are being referred to as “The Infected” and it seems like something out of a horrifying movie.

A person shared a video he shot from his apartment window of a “suspected infected” being chased by authorities.

The government of China is now going door-to-door to search for infected people.

A senior Chinese official has ordered the authorities in the city of Wuhan to immediately round up all residents in the city who have been infected with the coronavirus and place them in isolation, quarantine, or in designated hospitals.

Sun Chunlan, a vice premier tasked with leading the central government’s response to the outbreak, said city investigators should go to each home to check the temperatures of every resident and interview infected patients’ close contacts.

“Set up a 24-hour duty system. During these wartime conditions, there must be no deserters, or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever,” Ms. Sun said.

The city’s authorities have raced to meet these instructions by setting up makeshift mass quarantine shelters this week. (source)

Note that these quarantine shelters are not hospitals.

But concerns are growing about whether the centers, which will house thousands of people in large spaces, will be able to provide even basic care to patients and protect against the risk of further infection. (source)

They’re taking a page out of the Hurricane Katrina handbook and using sports arenas to house the less seriously ill.

The city has set up makeshift shelters in a sports stadium, an exhibition center and a building complex. Some went into operation on Thursday. The shelters are meant for housing coronavirus patients with milder symptoms, the government has said…

…Photos taken inside the Hongshan sports stadium showed narrow rows of simple beds separated only by desks and chairs typically used in classrooms. Some comments on Chinese social media compared the scenes to those from the Spanish flu in 1918.

A widely shared post on Weibo, a popular social media site, said on Thursday that “conditions were very poor” at an exhibition center that had been converted into a quarantine facility. There were power failures and electric blankets could not be turned on, the user wrote, citing a relative who had been taken there, saying that people had to “shiver in their sleep.”

There was also a staff shortage, the post said, where “doctors and nurses were not seen to be taking note of symptoms and distributing medicine,” and oxygen devices were “seriously lacking.” (source)

And you’re going whether you want to or not.

When Ms. Sun inspected one of the shelters, set up in Hongshan Stadium on Tuesday, she emphasized that anyone who should be admitted must be rounded up, according to a Chinese news outlet, Modern Express. “It must be cut off from the source!” she said of the virus. “You must keep a close eye! Don’t miss it!” (source)

Let’s be honest – it sounds like the “quarantine shelters” are where they take people to die.

People are being sealed into their apartments.

According to the BBC, people are being imprisoned in their own homes.

…shocking videos have been shared on social media in China showing residents being barricaded inside their own homes by groups of people using wooden boards and nails to keep their doors shut and prevent them from leaving.In one shocking video a metal bar appears to have been welded across a resident’s front door with gap wide enough that food can be handed to residents, but too small for them to leave.

One person shared footage online writing: “Two videos show all floors of a residential building in Jiangsu-China were blocked by welding fence because a confirmed case found in it.”

Another person said residents were being imprisoned in their own homes “by the police,” sharing several videos of workmen sealing up doors with warning signs next to them. (source)

Here’s a video of authorities welding closed the gates to an apartment block.

And this Tweet shows a floor in a residential building being closed off by welded bars.

And here’s one more Tweet with a video of an allegedly infected person’s door being welded shut, trapping them inside.

Dead people are being taken straight to crematoriums.

There are many rumors that suggest crematoriums are running day and night to dispose of bodies – many of which were never tested for the coronavirus. This, of course, casts extreme doubt on the number of deaths by the virus being publicly admitted by China.

Zero Hedge reports:

Last Saturday, Radio Free Asia (RFA) tweeted a disturbing video detailing how those who died of coronavirus were loaded up on a bus and taken “directly to the crematorium.”

…DW News East Asia correspondent William Yang cited a report from the Chinese-language news outlet Initium, which said cremation facilities in Wuhan were receiving bodies directly from hospitals without proper identification and were excluded from the official record…

…State-run Global Times tweeted last week that “victims should be cremated close by and immediately. Burials or transfer of the bodies not allowed. Funerals not allowed to avoid spread of the virus.” (source)

And eerily:

The Daily Star reports that “thick fog” across the city could be the result of smoke from crematoriums burning coronavirus-infected bodies “24 hours a day”. (source)

For the record, even the Wall Street Journal suggests the death toll is inaccurate, citing numerous relatives who reported the death certificates of their loved ones cited pneumonia as the cause of death instead of coronavirus.

This is a nightmare, covered by a blanket of lies.

It would be incredibly difficult to convince me that we’re getting the truth from China, something I’ve noted since this outbreak first appeared on our radar in the US.

Would China be resorting to these extreme and dystopian measures if only 300 people or so had died? Would crematoriums be running non-stop if only 300 people had died? Would they be willing to take this massive hit to their economy and their global reputation if only 300 or so people out of 1.3 billion had died?

It’s possible that a news outlet called Tencent “accidentally” posted the real numbers last Saturday for just a few seconds.

But the biggest hit to the narrative and China’s officially reported epidemic numbers came overnight, when a slip up in China’s TenCent may have revealed the true extent of the coronavirus epidemic on the mainland. And it is nothing short than terrifying.

As the Taiwan Times reports, over the weekend, “Tencent seems to have inadvertently released what is potentially the actual number of infections and deaths, which were astronomically higher than official figures“, and were far closer to the catastrophic epidemic projections made by Jonathan Read.

According to the report, late on Saturday evening, Tencent, on its webpage titled “Epidemic Situation Tracker”, showed confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (2019nCoV) in China as standing at 154,023, 10 times the official figure at the time. It listed the number of suspected cases as 79,808, four times the official figure.

And while the number of cured cases was only 269, well below the official number that day of 300, most ominously, the death toll listed was 24,589, vastly higher than the 300 officially listed that day.

Moments later, Tencent updated the numbers to reflect the government’s “official” numbers that day.

This was not the first time Tencent has done this: as Taiwan Times notes, Chinese netizens have noticed that Tencent has on at least three occasions posted extremely high numbers, only to quickly lower them to government-approved statistics.

This is where it gets even more bizarre: contrary to claiming that this was just a “fat finger” mistyping of data, observant Chinese netizens also noticed that each time the screen with the large numbers appears, it shows a comparison with the previous day’s data which demonstrates a “reasonable” incremental increase, much like comparisons of official numbers. (source)

Since this is the 4th time this has happened, who thinks that someone at Tencent is trying to get the REAL numbers out into the world?

If their “oops” numbers are correct, as of Saturday there were:

Confirmed cases: 154,023 (Officially: 14,446)
Suspected Cases: 79,808 (Officially: 19,544)
Cured cases: 269 (Officially: 351)
Death Toll: 24,589 (Officially: 304)

This would sure make a lot more sense than the party line, considering the measures the Chinese have taken to corral the virus.

Whatever the truth is, we can be assured that the situation in China is ugly. We do know that people are being forcibly quarantined, medical care is only available for a small percentage of sick people, infected people are being rounded up, dead people are being rapidly cremated, and there is a shortage of supplies.

While this virus has mostly hit mainland China, there are enough cases outside the mainland for the World Health Organization to declare a global emergency. At this point, the United States has only a handful of confirmed cases, but preparations are being made for a much larger outbreak, such as hospital staff being prepped with protocols and declaring a public health emergency.

Never think for a moment that dystopian measures can’t happen here.

Your best bet is to be prepared to self-quarantine if the virus takes hold in the United States as it has in China. It’s pretty clear that Chinese citizens cannot rely on their government to protect them. It wouldn’t take that many cases for our medical system here to become completely overwhelmed.

As with most crises, the only person you can truly rely on is yourself.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I am seeing videos out of China that show:

    People collapsing on the street.

    People having seizures after collapse.

    Hospitals with dead in body bags on the floor with living patients next to the bodies.

    Large warehouse full of beds (just like during the Spanish Flu), with no bathroom facilities and no doctors in sight. These warehouses are not hospitals in the traditional sense, these warehouses with beds are where the sick are sent to die.

    Word coming out of China this morning: 128 million people now under quarantine.

    The Wuhan level 4 bio lab has 2 pervious accidental releases of SARS.

    Dr. Francis Boyle, creator of the Bio Weapons Act passed by House and Senate and signed into law by George Bush says: ” This is a bio weapon accidentally released, and the WHO knows this is true”

    • What do you know of the supposition that Asians are way more susceptible to this virus than non-Asians due to differences in ACE 2 receptors? Do you happen to know if any of those who have contracted the virus in say Germany, France, the UK etc are Asian or non-Asian? I ask this as the answer may well portend how much of a problem this may become in the US and other countries with small Asian populations. If it were indeed more of a problem for Asians than say whites, blacks or Hispanics, then the US could target states and cities with high numbers of Asians to provide education, prompt testing and public health supports as well as beefing up local medical facilities to provide treatment. If this isn’t the case then all bets are off……… Doesn’t in any way minimize how badly I feel for the people of China that are having a really rough time right now.

      • How to know the truth in the question you ask……….

        If all races are susceptible to the virus, then the bioweapon was accidentally released.

        If only Asians are highly susceptible, then the bioweapon was released in Wuhan, by the US.

        Soon enough we will know the answer.

        • I wasn’t even thinking that the US would have done such a thing(not that we wouldn’t). I do suspect that it might be a bioweapon in progress and was accidentally released. But I also wouldn’t put it past China to have been thinking of using one on Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea or other Asian countries that it wished to drive into submission. So if it has an “affinity” for Asians, it could still well be of Chinese origin. As to knowing the answer soon enough; how? We still don’t know the truth about things that took place decades ago in the US and elsewhere.

  • My wife says I need to stop reading news online. She says it’s making me paranoid.

    I say we have about six weeks before it hits the USA hard.

    I wish she was right.

  • Things can’t stay the same for survival. These measures are necessary. We don’t like them, fear them (rightfully so) and have disdain for them but survival will trump freedoms at some point.

  • Thank you, Daisy, for being willing to post this information. There are still many that believe the official information coming out of China. My source in China, who happened to be in Wuhan when this broke out was sending information out regularly. He/she had to switch methods several times as each one used was shut down or cut off. Unfortunately, the name was one of those listed as having been arrested for sending unauthorized information out of the country. No word sense. I suspect she/he is dead now, and not from the virus.

    The suppression of information is one of many tools a tyrannical government uses to keep their people tightly controlled and to give the rest of the world a much more rosy picture than is true. Another of my sources that is here in the US that funnels information to me from other foreign information sources is now apparently being surveilled by someone. He/she is not sure who it is, but they are definitely keeping track of her/him.

    So, I understand that this could actually be dangerous for you, and I appreciate you getting the information out to people.

    Just my opinion.

    • Things just got worse according to

      A senior CCP Official ordered Wuhan to round up infected residents, and put them into mass quarantine camps.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend in China. It’s awful that speaking the truth is considered criminal. I hope it turns out that he or she is okay.

  • We are going to suffer in the USA even if no epidemic breaks out on our shores. China supplies a lot of our pharmaceuticals. There were already critical drug shortages in hospitals end of 2019. Any manufacturing from China is going to take >6 months to get back into operation, and that’s optimistic.

    Here’s why China matters to American citizens:

    1) 2014- The United States is nearly completely reliant on China for its supply of lifesaving antibiotics.
    “The crucial ingredients for nearly all antibiotics, steroids and many other lifesaving drugs are now made exclusively in China,” The New York Times reported in the 32nd paragraph of a Friday article entitled “Medicines made in India set off safety worries.”

    2 ) If not from China, where will drugs come from? India maybe, but the virus is getting a foot hold there too…Eastern Europe, Mexico? The propaganda machine works well as people believe the FDA inspects foreign made drugs routinely…not so. Summary: In a 2008 Senate hearing, then head of the FDA stated that they had no real jurisdiction over pharmaceuticals made on foreign soil, but sold in the USA. In 2008, they only inspected between 10-30% of imports despite the fact that over 80% of all USA sold drugs were wholly or partially made overseas. When the Senate committee offered to fund stricter oversight, FDA’s Woodcock declined.

    **Dissenting view that says only 25% of drugs imported. In terms of credibility, I stick with the Pharmacists. Funny how if you query “% drugs manufactured overseas sold in USA” this article is top on the list.

    3) Drug prices may skyrocket- Pharmacy checker states in 2017 that 70% of USA drugs are imported. Interestingly, the same drug in Canada costs 87% less. This is pre WuFlu.

    Big Pharma doesn’t want USA manufacturing as they can’t make their outrageous profits. The FDA inspects plants every two years, and it costs more because you pay USA wages. This is one time the government needs to intervene in health care.

    • Consider the possibility that we’ll be MUCH better off without Drugs, Antibiotics, Steroids, etc., from China or anywhere. That is a PROGRAMMED belief that we need drugs/Antibiotics/Steroids/etc. We’ve managed to make it over 6,000 years without them! Certainly individuals might have hardships in the short term, but I wouldn’t be surprised if overall our national health improved dramatically if we lost all access to all such substances. Well, without any further bioweapons introduced in the mix!

      The last place I would want to be if I was sick (or healthy) would be a hospital, or any place they are holding or treating a lot of sick people. Just common sense, and maybe a tiny amount of critical thinking.

      Here are 8 doctors that have been treating – and CURING – nasty diseases such as the Corona Virus for 24 years or more. All without drugs/steroids/antibiotics!

      Not only Corona VIrus, but Influenza, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Measles, and Hepatitis. Did I mention it was without Prescription Drugs or Antibiotics?

      The above article describes a highly successful and well used for decades treatment protocol that CURES, and only costs about $60 for the ingredients on Amazon. If you are in the late stages of one of the above diseases and need the IV treatments, it can cost a little under $200. But no prescription required! Did I mention there’s a long track record of CURING these diseases?

      With no commercial ties to anyone, here are some links to the essential products on Amazon. Vit C (2g) and L-Lysine (1g) $30 Zinc (15mg) Copper (2mg) $6 Lypo Vit C (1g) $33 Vit D (1,400 IU) and K2 (25 mcg) $19

      It would be wise if you’ve come into contact with people that might be contagious to go ahead and start the treatment protocols. No need to wait until symptoms develop.

      Personal note: my health was destroyed when I was exposed to a biological weapon (Sarin Nerve Gas) 30 years ago, and also had to take a series of Anthrax shots that devastated most everyone’s health and in way too many cases their lives. That was my last vaccine or flu shot (ever!), and that was the last time I let anyone get near me with prescription drugs or antibiotics, etc.

      Which is to say I abandoned all the PROGRAMMED beliefs about the medical & drug industries, and went with common sense and a little bit of critical thinking.

      P. S. My former spouse was a Family Practice doctor (MD and PhD), which is where I learned to avoid drugs and antibiotics.

      • Agree with your contention most current Pharma is unnecessary. I believe in going the natural route anytime possible. Now taking huge quantities of liposomal vitamin C per Dr. F. Klenner’s preventative protocol. You’re right about trying another way when you can, but that requires suppliers too.

        What you must remember is that we have millions of Americans with chronic needs like diabetics, dialysis, or transplant patients. We can’t switch them over instantly to alternatives. They rely on drugs to survive.

        What about accidents? Trauma from a huge car wreck will force you to have these drugs to save your life. One of the shortages is IV fluids, which affects the ER and surgeries.

        Unfortunately we also have millions of young people on ADD or anti-anxiety meds- do you understand what will happen if you try to cold turkey them? People often have psychosis and suicidal ideation even when tapering off them using a proven method like Dr. Heather Ashton’s Manual. Can you imagine the chaos if they all stop simultaneously ?

        The supply shut down will negatively affect medical care. All anyone can do is take reasonable precautions.

      • “Much better off without antibiotics.”

        This is the kind of insanity that I find distressing.

        Antibiotics are the miracle invention of the 20th century.

        Before antibiotics, a simple scratch would easily be a death sentence if it became infected.

        The problem with antibiotic is in the application. It has been widely administered by doctors for viral infections, and not only is it worthless in a viral infection, but the over use causes the creation of bacteria that is resistant.

        Patients are at fault as well for rushing to the doctor with every little sore throat, sniffle, and sneeze. As consumers they demand the doctor “do something”, and “give them something.”

        By the way: the link you provided is to some fools making the claim that the corona virus can be treated and cured with vitamin C.

        This advice will get people killed. This Wuhan virus is not the flu, it is a bioweapon engineered to do the following: make you sick with flu symptoms, you seen to recover, then you drop dead and have seizures. The corona virus is the delivery system to allow the deadly payload entry into the body.

        • John Roberts- You’re just a ray of sunshine aren’t you? There’s a JAMA study about using vitamin C with ICU sepsis- significantly lowered the mortality rate in patients with multiple issues. Journal of Pulmonary and Critical Care article cites multiple studies of its benefits.

          “By the way: the link you provided is to some fools making the claim that the corona virus can be treated and cured with vitamin C.” Agreed don’t know these doctors’ history, if false claims, or if any published papers, but there is a precedent: the NZ farmer who was being taken off life support from swine flu (influenza family) that lived because of receiving vitamin C. See 60 minutes Australia. Wouldn’t want anyone lulled into a false sense of security, but it won’t hurt. If it’s a bioweapon as you contend, what’s your solution? You wrote, “Antibiotics don’t work against a virus”…then you talk about needing antibiotics?? Are you recommending those and a vent? Think there’s enough to go around?

          Don’t want to mislead people, but I do know that Dr. Fred Klenner’s family and friends survived the Spanish Flu by making a tea high in vitamin C. (Allegedly more dangerous than 2019nCoV.) Klenner published/presented a paper to the AMA about completely curing 50+ kids of polio without residual paralysis through vitamin C. He treated numerous other things from tetanus to pesticide overdoses successfully. Friend of Linus Pauling.

          Did you know a Chinese scientist treated Ebola patients with IV selenium and almost no one died? The viruses hijack the immune system via the CCR5 receptor on macrophages. It depletes intracellular selenium in as little as 24 hours. This causes DIC and mass haemorrhaging. CCR5 plays a role in all these diseases: AIDS, Ebola, Airborne anthrax, Swine flu, Black Plague, etc.

          Besides, I find it hilarious a TCM practitioner is continually throwing stones, especially at vitamin C. “This advice will get people killed.” Then what you got?

          • “Throwing stones at vitamin C.”

            I hope you are joking. Vitamin C is recognized as essential for health.

            However vitamin c is not is a treatment or cure for an engineered bioweapon attached to a flu delivery system. This is the topic at hand, not any other medical condition.

            Here is the punch line. Those who decry antibiotics and want to treat all manner of ailments with vitamin C, garlic, essential oils, sound vibration, color therapy, spinal adjustment, and psychic surgery may get your chance: 95% OF YOUR ANTIBIOTICS COME FROM CHINA. Let that sink in for a moment. The supply chain is now threatened, and if China goes offline, you may well see the collapse of the Western medical system.

            “You are a ray of sunshine aren’t you?”

            Lol. No one has ever accused me of that………and if you don’t like what I say just ignore me.

            My clients and patients respect me because I tell them the truth……..a rare commodity is this out of balance world.

            • I really agree John. Antibiotics CAN be lifesavers when they are used appropriately. Our problem is that they have been overused to the extreme with doctors prescribing them to patients who demand a script for everything. Add to this their use in animal agriculture and it’s a mess as you well know. The idea of a world without access to antibiotics though is scary. I try to minimize my use of them but when I got pneumonia once I was sure glad to take them. On the other hand, other than that and when I managed to drive a filthy digging fork right through my foot, I try to avoid them. Even an ear infection that I suffered while overseas cleared up without the use of antibiotics. I am so grateful we don’t have to lose people to strep throat anymore nor from infected wounds.

              I’m a fan of TCM and alternative med where it makes sense and has been properly validated to show efficacy but respect what thoughtfully used antibiotics can do.

              • Yes Ani:

                Everything has its place. TCM for many conditions, and Western medicine for emergencies.

                And yes, antibiotics in food is a bad move. It is necessary because of the deplorable and hellish conditions that animals produced for food are forced to endure in the US. I don’t eat antibiotic meat, and I only eat meat that is humanely raised. More expensive, but worth it for the Karma.

          • Susan, It’s true that antibiotics won’t cure a virus. However, for the patients with severe cases of 2019-nCoV who develop bacterial pneumonia, giving them antibiotics to fight the pneumonia (as well as giving them Oxygen) is helping them survive. See the excellent YouTube videos posted recently by Dr. John Campbell in which he discusses this issue 🙂

            • Sabeth,

              You are correct. If a patient develops bacterial pneumonia from contracting the corona virus, and antibiotics are not administered, the patient can easily die.

              97 percent of antibiotics consumed in the US are produced in China.

              80 percent of chemical components of ALL medications consumed in the US are produced in China.

              If there is a supply chain interruption, we could see the Western medical system collapse.

              I suggest stocking up on whatever medication a person is currently taking.

              I suggest stocking up of fish antibiotics.

              I suggest buying some “Clean Air Teapills” from Amazon (or other sources) while still available. This powerful Chinese formula clears the lungs of phlegm and fluid, and this is essential for surviving pneumonia.

        • I’m not here to debate anyone. My purpose in posting is to provide information for people that want solutions, and perhaps do what I can to help dial back the fear from dealing with a biological weapon. Consequently, you won’t find me trolling or responding to forum comments and trying to correct or enlighten people.

          However, this time I’ll add one follow up to John Roberts’ comments where he is apparently distressed by my research and experiences, which he characterizes as insanity.

          First, John Roberts: I agree with about 98% of what you’ve said on your 8 posts out of the 27 total thus far. Likewise, I do respect your credentials with TCM. Please consider the possibility that some of the information presented here goes beyond your experience and education.

          Second, let me clarify my personal experience with biological weapons, which is how I derived my solutions that offer a path to CURE a person when they’ve been hit by such a weapon. Wisdom is “knowledge gained by experience,” yes?

          I was the recipient of two biological weapon attacks on a battlefield in Iraq approximately 30 years ago, one of which destroyed my health and devastated our unit. 1,700 out of 5,000 troops were sent home immediately after taking the Anthrax shot – which was months before we started combat operations. The Anthrax vaccine turned out to be a biological weapon where the payload was embedded in a mycoplasma instead of a virus. As a side note, the Anthrax vaccine was apparently NOT designed to protect us, but rather distort the biological evidence in the autopsy if American soldiers were killed by the bioweapons we had given Saddam Hussein years earlier to use in his war with Iran (1988’ish). It is my well researched opinion that the mandatory Anthrax vaccine is the source of the mysterious “Gulf War Illness.”

          Several important points can be made, as well as a couple of parallels with the current Corona Virus pandemic. First, the pre-war fear and hype was rampant about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Other than Sarin Nerve Gas, Hussein really didn’t have any noteworthy WMDs as later investigations revealed.

          Second, the greatest threat by far to our health was the US Government Medical Community (ie credentialed doctors), and their aggressive medical policies that amounted to Medical Tyranny. As a commander on the battlefield, I’ll freely admit that destruction from enemy forces was negligible compared to the devastation we experienced at the hands of our own doctors and medical “experts.” Health injuries and fatalities by the Anthrax vaccine were at least one thousand times worse than combat injuries.

          Third: Like the Corona Virus, there were no vaccines or medically approved solutions to deal with the health crisis. Especially in this case, because the vaccine was apparently the root cause! The government answer was to go home and suffer – and “oh by the way, there’s no such thing as Gulf War Illness.”

          Fourth and most important: The ONLY solution was to look outside the medical establishment and seek help through alternative practices. What I discovered was a world of health solutions such as Vitamin C by IV – that worked! Unfortunately, we had such a difficult time figuring out that our health problems were CAUSED by medical doctors, way too many people died in the 4 years it took to discover that the Anthrax vaccine was the source of our destruction. Those same government doctors spent considerable effort to convince the Gulf War veterans that our problems were caused by burning oil fields and other such nonsense. However, that should probably be my fifth point, as even the soldiers that took the Anthrax vaccine at the departure port in the USA – and never deployed to Iraq – also experienced the same health destruction as the soldiers in Iraq. And at the same percentage rate! So there will always be heavily controlled and distorted information in the official story, of any government.

          Fifth: Please don’t be so sure of yourself to declare other methods and protocols as fraudulent. Your declaration that it will get people killed is simply NOT true! You can’t argue with success, and there are many thousands of cases where people have been CURED by Vitamin C. I mentioned 10 other life threatening diseases that have been CURED by alternative (non medically “approved”) therapies such as high doses of Vitamin C. The 8 doctors referenced in the article that you referred to as “fools” are all with medical credentials at least equal to yours. Did you not grasp the fact that they had been CURING patients with these diseases and biological weapons for upwards of 24 years? And yes, most of those 10 other diseases are in some fashion biological weapons. Some were deliberately tweaked to suppress 3rd world population growth, and most of them evolved into bioweapons of various strength simply because of mutations from the abuse of antibiotics.

          Sixth: You claim “antibiotics are the miracle invention of the 20th century.” I would counter that with the observation that “antibiotics are the miracle PROFIT motive of the 20th century.” If we round off recorded human history to 6,000 years, I humbly point out that for 5,900 of them we managed to survive and thrive without antibiotics. Ditto for Steroids and other prescription drugs. The irony doesn’t escape me that the genesis of TCM in your profession is derived from the traditional methods and wisdom gained during those 5,900 years.

          Seventh: I will tell everyone straight up the best and most powerful tools I have found that CURE disease, including disease from biological weapons: PRAYER, Fasting, Meditation (in that order)! Then Vitamin C. Then Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. Then a host of nutritional supplements to boost your immune system. Then nutrition and lifestyle improvements. But no vaccines, antibiotics, or prescription drugs.

          As a side note that is humorous, one of the best and most immediate CURES for bioweapons is indeed Sound. BioAcoustic treatment can de-activate the biological weapon at the cellular level in as little as 8 minutes, resulting in a near immediate CURE. No doubt the information will be heavily suppressed and trolled by credentialed professionals, and if the solution “escapes into the wild” and becomes popular, a number of prominent BioAcoustic scientists, researchers, and practitioners will most likely lose their life and have their equipment and technology confiscated. By credentialed doctors of course. It has happened many times in history!

          Conclusion: This IS a bioweapon. It is currently configured to kill primarily people with the eye fold (Epicanthic) gene – Asians. It was boosted and tweaked by doctors (PhD and MD), and released into the wild by doctors. Consequently, by far the biggest Kill Mechanism will be government tyranny and medical doctor prescribed “solutions,” all the while they claim there is no cure. Alternative therapies such as high doses of Vitamin C and the protocols described by the 8 doctors are highly effective CUREs for any and all contagious diseases, including bioweapons. The solutions provided in my original links are available and effective, and I stand by them. Because I’m still standing! It should be a matter of choice, not government tyranny which method you choose to deal with the problem. According to the (independent) experts who are researching and publishing information on the Corona Virus, it is repelled by three things: Sunlight, High Temperature, and High Humidity. Consequently, it and all other contagions tend to burn themselves out, particularly when Summer approaches. If anyone becomes symptomatic or comes into contact with the disease vector now, they can choose to engage in readily available solutions such as the protocols used successfully for decades that are linked in my original post. And if you want or need to quarantine, where is the best place possible to experience sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity? LoL – so simple and obvious: In a greenhouse. And I humbly submit, it is also a great place to PRAY!

          That’s all I have to say. John Roberts, you can have the last word.

      • Excellent comment RIB. Thank you for sharing. I’m stocking up on sups and sharing your info. I pray a whole lot of smart people read and do it too.

  • Well, do you really think there is much truth to all of this, ‘word out of china’?
    Or all this virus hype and fear porn to begin with? Apparently you do. And no doubt it will evolve into the US crackdown and another con of a lifetime to take away the last of any freedom you thought you had.
    Get some perspective TOP and quit eating it up like the rest of the sheep.

    • “ssith says: Virus Hype and fear porn.”

      Do you work for the Chinese government providing disinformation?

      If not, and you think this is hype and fear porn, please take a plane to Wuhan and give us a report from the epicenter.

    • If the numbers were as small as China claims they are (official counts) there is no way they would have shut down entire areas of the country, their transportation system, factories and all the rest. I don’t know what the numbers are but I’d strongly suspect they are orders of magnitude higher than what MSM is telling us.

      I understand your desire not to see fear lead to the loss of more rights and freedoms in the US; I too share that sentiment. That doesn’t mean that this coronavirus isn’t a serious threat and shouldn’t be taken seriously I don’t advocate acting out of fear(unless one has been cornered by bad guys or a snarling wild animal of course) but dismissing everything as just hype won’t be helpful either. As much as possible I try to watch what China is doing and not listen to what they say. Their actions do indeed speak louder than words.

      • As of this morning: 3 provinces, 60 cities, 400 MILLION PEOPLE, are on lockdown in China.

        All of this for 68 deaths from the flu? I am laughing, but not for long. This is about to get very real.

    • Agreed. The mask panic especially is just too sheeple. Let China be a lesson; neither n-95 masks nor authoritarian sponsored panics/crackdowns work.

      Its high flu season in China; people getting sick and dying is kind of normal. 30% of Chinese health care workers have fallen ill. Pandemic theatre, did not help one bit.

      Keep up vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc levels. Stay hydrated and exercised. Wash hands before eating; don’t randomly touch the mouth, hands and eyes. Cold-flu season more or less resolved, no masks or goggles required.

      Anyone into organic living, knows that and more. This would become harder in a panic and a quarantine.

      In Canada’s much envied health care system, its estimated between 2000-8000 people die of cold-flu related illnesses every year. Consider that Canada has 37 million people; China 1.4 billion.

      That works out to around China having 37 to 38 times more people than Canada.

      Assuming Chinese health care is as good as Canada’s, at the low end of the casualty scale, that’s 2000 x 37 = 74,000 fatalities in China from cold-flu related illnesses. Most would consider that number suspiciously low for China even without an alphabet virus panic.

      Furthermore, these things happen every decade or so with some regularity; 1957, 1968, 1976, 1986, etc..

      China’s geography places them squarely in the middle of Asia’s bird and human migration paths. Viruses have mutated from South America to Norway, but China is just more visible.

      The Chinese government seems intent on making a big show for 2019-20. 2019 is thought to be one of the most restive since 1968; the threat of government overreach is real.

      Expect far more Chinese casualties more related to a clumsily executed mass quarantine than n-CoV.

      In fact, the more inept the quarantine, the more they will need to blame n-CoV for deaths preventable by free movement and access to food shops. Also, everyone assumes China is lying to keep numbers down; however, political considerations favour playing up n-CoV for ‘internal stability’. The economy was already slowing down; why not blame any further slowdown on n-CoV.

      With most poor Chinese denied pork by African Swine Fever, (which is most of them), an important source of nutrition and especially B vitamins is missing. Air pollution already kills 4400 people a day – that’s 1,606, 000 a year. Low sunlight-derived vitamin D is naturally due to winter. Most people living indoors in giant highrises apartment with bad air – and now they can’t leave the house.

      People in Central China are very vulnerable to respiratory illness. That’s just the way it is; don’t import failed ideas and measures to deal with that, here.

      • Sadly you continue to post information that is irrelevant to the current situation.

        You are unable to distinguish between a flu virus and an engineered bio weapon.

        Until you are able to grasp this reality, all your comments are irrelevant.

        Posting articles from the Marxist website HUFFPO is rather telling isn’t it?

  • Has anyone mentioned the efficacy of colloidal silver? It has tremendous antiseptic and antibiotic qualities. Easily produced at home by galvanic action. Distilled water, three 9v batteries connected in series with electrical connected to two silver rods (cathode and sacrificial anode) with a + and negative polarity. Care to follow recommended oral dosage for internal use required. Over consumption results in discolored skin to a permanent blue hue. Don’t become a smurf.

    • Ken,

      Colloidal Silver is a great tool to have in your toolbox, especially when going after bacterial infections & issues. It’s effect on fungal and viral (etc) pathogens is limited. I too make my own Colloidal Silver at home via a Silver Lungs machine, so I can accurately test the Parts Per Million. Likewise, I make my own Lyposomal Vitamin C from Ozone water produced by a John Ellis Machine. All excellent products to use against 21st century pathogens & parasites! However, when I’m going up against a bioweapon such as the Corona Virus, you’ll want to use tools geared towards fighting the virus and associated payload. That’s where the Vitamin C by IV comes into play along with anti-virals. Colloidal Silver will provide a secondary level against bacterial lung infection such as previously mentioned in the above comments. At this level of threat, I recommend using a “professional grade” Colloidal Silver. My favorite is Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol.

      On Amazon:

      Expensive, and comes in various sized bottles. Top of the line product – for when you need it.

  • Both Chinese and American people have died from this. Americans aboard the cruise ship in japan have the virus now. This a pandemic against humanity. No body is exempt.
    Wow. …they are calling them,
    “ the infected..”
    Wake up ppl! Marc Siegel said today (this morning) he purposely looked at the camera and said “we will see this reach pandemic status in the US.” (Even as he added we will control it better) still who wants to chance it. My Lord dear God they are [[[welding]]] ppl into places.
    ????????????????????????????does ANYBODY see a strange problem with that ? Unbelievable. My heart is literally breaking as I watched. I’m sorry but this is horrifying.

  • It seems unbelievable that the deaths would be that high considering deaths outside of China are so few, and most people seem to be recovering in other countries. Still the videos I have seen are horrifying and I feel for the people in those towns that are severely hit and for the people being welded into their homes… it seems crazy. I am in Asia and have purchased some extra grains, although it doesn’t look like it is spreading fast outside of China

    • It’s possible that one reason the deaths are higher in China is that the medical system is overwhelmed. (At least in Wuhan.) There aren’t enough beds for treating the people who are sick, and there are more people than doctors can see. On the other hand, if you’re in a country where there are only a handful of sick people scattered across the nation, each sick person has access to the necessary resources.

      I’m not sure if this is the reason – just floating it as a possible explanation.

  • I don’t know why anyone has to believe that Coronavirus is a “bio weapon”, this sort of thing has been happening through human history ever since we started domesticating animals. Smallpox, measles, influenza, even the common cold, all started out as a zoonosis, a disease that jumped from animals to humans. The reason new diseases aren’t emerging from farms in Europe and North America is a.) we long ago settled on the same few species that we domesticated thousands of years ago, we’ve gotten used to their diseases and we’ve separated them from their wild brethren, and b.) we developed modern sanitation standards to protect human health. But the Chinese a.) eat all sorts of wild animals and sell them in markets alongside more normal domesticated species, where diseases can jump between species easily, and b.) despite wanting to be a 21st century economic power, Chinese sanitation standards are in the 19th century. Together, these make China a perfect Petri dish for these new diseases to emerge without any deliberate human intervention. The Chinese culture is filthy, and it’s threatening the very existence of the human race. We need to basically shut the entire country off from the rest of the world, no travel to or from there, until they finally decide to adopt modern sanitation standards and outlaw and strictly enforce prohibition against the butcher and sales of wild animals.

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