Washington State Is BANNING Non-Electric Cars by 2030

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As 1984 gains a firmer grasp on the modern world, one recent bill has caused it to spread its reach even further: a bill inserted within Washington state’s $16.9 billion “Move Aside Ahead Washington” package. This new piece of paper, signed by Washington governor Jay Inslee on March 25, now makes it so that police will enforce all vehicles sold, purchased, or registered within the state to be electric vehicles by 2030.

Sec. 415. (1) A target is established for the state that all publicly owned and privately owned passenger and light-duty vehicles of model year 2030 or later that are sold, purchased, or registered in Washington state be electric vehicles.

(2) On or before December 31, 2023, the interagency electric vehicle coordinating council created in section 428 of this act shall complete a scoping plan for achieving the 2030 target.

According to Inslee, this bill will “create more efficient transportation options,” as he says that “Transportation is our state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no way to talk about climate change without talking about transportation.”

Inslee went on to add, “This package will move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”

electric cars
“It’s the transportation system I always DREAMED of, Grandpaw!”

Included within the bill are taxpayer funds for thousands of electronic vehicle charging stations throughout the state, as well as funding for four new hybrid-electric ferries.

Regular readers of The Organic Prepper are likely already familiar with the United Nation’s Agenda 21. You’re likely already familiar with how this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled excuse for throwing the nations of the world into complete and utter slavery. The fingers of Agenda 21 are long and are likely firmly rooted even within your own city council.

Make no mistake, electric vehicles aren’t about saving anything. They’re about turning you into a slave – an individual who must grovel at the feet of those who are fortunate enough to have become politicians – those responsible for nothing more than protecting the life, liberty, and property of those whom they serve.

This isn’t innocuous. 

What is the effective range of an electric vehicle? How long does it take one to charge? At the moment, the fastest charge one can expect is from a Tier 3 charger – taking 30-45 minutes to charge your battery up to 80%.

Your ability to travel outside of a particular sphere from your home will be severely dampened if you live in Washington state as a result of this ruling. Let us not forget that compelling all Americans to move into smaller and smaller urbanized areas is a component of Agenda 21. Electric vehicles help to further that goal.

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What about the safety aspects of cars that rely on the electrical grid?

Author after author has demonstrated to us the fragility of the American power grid. All the way back in 2009, it was revealed that the Chinese government had placed logic bombs throughout the American power grid, meaning they can turn off our power anytime they desire with nothing more than the click of a mouse.

Why would we then want to advocate for something which relies on such a fragile system?

Consider the interstate gridlock in Virginia just this past winter, where Americans were trapped for miles in snowy conditions overnight. One of The Organic Prepper’s writers was trapped during this for 16 hours. It was only by running their car’s heater that they were able to keep from freezing to death. Is that possible in an electric vehicle for that long?

Washington is a bit further north than Virginia. How many would have died from hypothermia had a similar scene unfolded there? But perhaps, that’s where we reach the crux of the matter, is it not? The fewer people that there are on the globe, the fewer greenhouse gases emitted through the daily actions of simply being a human being. These deaths would be an individual tragedy yet a triumph for the collective. It’s the end that matters, not the means, so who ultimately cares? Is that not the underlying message here?

Electric vehicles for everybody.

Washington apparently isn’t the only state that has pushed through similar pieces of anti-freedom (and hence, unconstitutional) “laws” of late, however. California, Massachusetts, and New York (unsurprisingly) all have similar decrees on the books, stating that their vehicles must be electric by the year 2035.

And it’s not just ending with mandates of all-electric cars throughout the nation. Let us not forget that it was just a matter of months ago in 2021 that a bill was signed decreeing that all new vehicles in these United States must incorporate a kill switch by 2026.

This was touted as being for “advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology,” though it is anything but. The RIDE Act of 2021 rides on the heels of this bill by stating that some form of “safety device” should also be installed in all future cars to “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

Perhaps this will start with a breathalyzer? Will I eventually have to scan my forehead to drive my car? If stopping drunk drivers requires a safety device, could we not easily see the same form of technology being used as a “safety device” to “stop the spread of contagious disease?”

The RIDE Act goes on to require the Secretary of Transportation, acting through the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to prescribe a Federal motor vehicle safety standard for advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology, and for other purposes.”

One has to ask, just what are the “other purposes?”

Let’s also not forget that politicians are now building the largest street surveillance program in American history. Soon, you won’t be able to drive anywhere within America without being watched by Big Brother. You won’t be able to drive past a certain distance from your home without significant inconveniences. And eventually, you won’t be able to drive at all if you’re unwilling to comply with the illegal decrees of tyrants. It wasn’t but two years ago when there was public discussion about turning off the home electricity of those who wouldn’t abide by “public health measures.”

What happens when all of these technologies are combined? What happens when you combine a massive street surveillance program, electric vehicles reliant upon the electric grid, ESG scores, and vehicular kill switches?

The answer?

Only that which will fill your head with nightmares.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Governor Inslee’s plan is feasible? Do you think that Washington will truly require every resident who drives to have a new vehicle within the next 8 years? What about folks with bad credit or no money? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    • We have too many sheep here. I don’t think we’re outnumbered but they definitely bleat louder than those of us that will never give up our freedom. Gov. twatslee needs to hang.

      • That’s just it; the bleating sheep are drowning our voices out. It’s long past time to start playing the same game! Think of it; the colonies won the American Revolution by FIGHTING DIRTY! The Brits fought the old fashioned way. The Yanks engaged in guerilla warfare. We need to do the same NOW!!! God knows we’re better prepared!

        It’s TIME, folks. DON’T be afraid! The Left is COUNTING on fear, and have nothing to counter FEARLESSNESS with!!!

    • The people of Washington voted these progressive liberty killing American hating idiots into office.

      • No we didn’t. Our elections have been rigged for years in my opinion. It was very obvious when Dino Rossi lost to Christina Gregoire after the THIRD recount. They found a few boxes of ballots in a school closet and a few more in the trunk of a car. Found votes always go to a Democrat, especially when they always find them in King County (Seattle area).

      • The people governing Washington state do not represent the will of the people and elections need to be cleaned up.

  • Not to mention those batteries are only warranted for 5 years and don’t last much longer. Batteries are the major expense of the car, so you’ll be buying an expensive new car every 5 – 8 years on top of all the other drawbacks.

    • I don’t know the price for just a battery but to rebuild a Prius battery bank has been $2,500 and up through a dealership. Check a per than a whole new car but not cheap either.

      • Every component of every electric vehicle it takes petroleum products to produce them. So, please explain to me how that is weening us off of oil?

    • The cost of replacing Tesla batteries is nearly as much of a new Tesla. The nickel needed to build the lithium batteries the largest supplier is Russia.

    • These replacement batteries often cost more than the car is worth! My mom had to junk a mid-2000’s Ford Escape hybrid because the battery went out. The dealer wanted $9K to replace it! The cheapest “Pick-a-part price she could find was $5K, and that was for a battery just as old as the one that went out! I own a 2012 Volt. Here is a ten year old car that would be junk if the battery went out, as new batteries aren’t even made for it! Why did I get one of these? Because even when California gas was $2.89/gallon, it was cheaper, in my case, to drive a Volt. It’s DEFINITELY NOT a panacea! It’s NOT the car for everyone, and it’s NOT my only car!

      The only thing “green” about these cars is the money being made by those who sell them! For the rest of us “going green” means our “green is going…”

    • Currently, replacement batteries are unaffordable. For all they care we can take the bus everywhere.

      • That’s the plan. Do your assigned work every day, go home and watch propaganda TV, get up the next day and do it all over again. And, once a year go on a government approved vacation (1 week?), on a government bus or train, and stay in a government “hostel.” It is so pathetic what people are buying in to, that it is almost funny. Sad, yes, but stupidity can be funny, too.

  • I just wonder who the legislature’s think who will be PAYING for all these expensive electric cars and the disposal of the batteries. Also, I don’t believe they are safe. A man driving a Tesla a near my home hit a tree after loosing control of his car. The battery exploded and he was burned to death. Not a car I would feel safe driving

  • For people like me who live in rural areas far from town this is not feasible. Stupid plan and CA has the same proposals without regard to anyones freedom of choice. Yes, Orwell’s 1984 is here.

    • Yeah, California has the same idea, but isn’t banning registration of exiting vehicles, only the sale of NEW fuel-powered vehicles. Don’t get me wrong; Newsom, Pelosi’s Nephew, is just as much a moron as WA’s “governor.” He just probably thought he couldn’t get away with banning OWNERSHIP of existing vehicles. Of course, that leaves him the option of TAXING THE CRAP out of anyone who owns one!

  • When I compare the energy-density of a 1000lb battery pack, to a thousand pounds of diesel fuel … for a typical vehicle … I find that there is a factor of about 26. That is, one-thousand pounds of diesel will take my car about 26-times the distance that I could travel using one-thousand pounds of battery.

  • Why stop with this? Seems limited in scope to me.

    Convert all boats to sailing vessels by 2029. Convert farm tractors and equipment to run off hybrid methane gestators/solar by 2033. Distribution of all products within city limits with populations greater than 20,000 must be delivered by mules/horses by 2030. Locomotives must be converted to a new technology yet to be invented, some kind of kinetic energy/ inertia system where the weight of the vehicles in train propel the unit autonomicly by 2035 (I give a little more time for this because the technology hasn’t been conceived yet).

    Legislation including these proposals I’ve outlined will improve everyone’s lives. Especially the lives of those in the PRC, well, those that will live through the current C-19 lockdowns, anyway.

    • ~Jim, I think you are on to something there!
      IF these go green, EV are going to solve the hurt at the pump, yahoos actually looked at the numbers, the energy it requires to mine those rare earth elements, process them, ship them here to the states (US environmental laws prohibit domestic processing, hence they have to come from China), and then the disposal of those batteries (too costly to recycle them at this time) it does not make economic or environmental sense.
      The UK did a study of just the metal requirements to make the entire UK vehicle fleet EV. Just the UK fleet alone would require above all the known metals needed in the world.
      Oh, guess who produces/exports some of those very important metals (e.g. cobalt, nickle) . . . Russia.
      IF the greenies/EVs of the world are serious about it, then what you ~Jim suggests and even the articles picture of the horse and carriages are a more realistic solution than going green/EV.

      • “They” say lithium is the battery of the future. Some areas of the American west have deposits and so does China. Processing laws would have to be rewritten. Still the expense and manufacturing pollution is worse than just sticking to gas powered vehicles.

    • Their utopian fantasy is to have everything run off of pixy dust, Unicorn farts (they are environmentally friendly), sunshine & yet to be invented electricity out of thin air.

  • Tax payers should not be the ones putting in the electric fueling station. The creators of the cars need to carry that burden. I foresee law suits. Where is the gasoline stations uproar? I read where a Finnish man burned his tesla after getting a 26 thousand dollar repair bill. I read where a man called his tesla to where he was standing. The car started up and ran over killing a man walking pass the car. What happens if you have a 79 car pile up with those cars in an accident? How will they take on those lithium battery fires? What is the pollution level from those fires?

  • CLEARLY some politicians are working to fully implement the agenda set out by the D Party, most likely to gain favor for their career. These policies are disguised as benevolent, such as for the environment or oppressed people. They are meant to drive down the US and weaken it to enable takeover. By whom? Look at the C o m m u n i s t country that rakes in billions of $ by manufacturing most of our goods since late 90s and is now putting that $ to full use, paying off key elements such as media, education, gov’t to implement their Hundred Year Marathon plan.

  • All science aside this is a colossally stupid idea but what do you expect from this woke fool? This is fraught will problems and I do not see it coming to fruition or lasting long. All is dependent on the grid. Where do they think the power to charge all these cars is going to come from? One good solar flare or EMP over the state would take care of the problem!

    Green energy is great to supplement but will NEVER be able to supply the demand on it’s own. Their own stupid science should tell them that.
    Look behind the curtain-1984 indeed. It’s yet another power play to enslave the masses to the few.

    This kind of nonsense will come back to bite these politicians in the behind one day. They can’t be exempt from their own rules right? Oh wait, politicians have always been a “do as I say group, not do as I do group.”

    What an absurd place we find ourselves in. The people who still have a critically thinking brain need to collectively say “NO!”
    A small nugget to consider-Elon Musk is NOT a good guy. He is a WEF Young Leader grad and globalist for sure. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Be very weary of this one.

    • Enslavement isn’t the biggest goal. Depopulation is. But the great wise drones out to forcefully copulation with everyone forget they do need worker bees to serve them.

  • My state was the first one signed on to the 2030 mandatory exclusively electric vehicles law. We’re the second poorest state in the nation. About 1/2 of our population is in scattered very small towns or rural. At 75 I won’t be walking to town – 15 miIes for anything. Its either a death sentence or requires becoming 100% self sufficient. For those in the two main city areas it’s still a death sentence on small business and the people. City busses on set routes don’t serve most of the city and with the main city being around 30 miles north to south and 20+ miles east to west it’s still too far for most to walk to anything. Several little towns have grown together to a combined population of about 1,000,000. I live about an hours drive away. It’s miles from where I live to a store, my church, a doctor or hospital. Already I only leave home twice a week for church and twice a month for food pantry pick up for three residences. I have the pick up truck. My cars mileage is no better than the0 truck.
    I am blessed to own my 3 acres and my little 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. 2 wells. A manual winch for the second well. Seeds for a few years of garden. Water storage capacity for 3,150 gallons. But that is not practical for up to 1/2 of the year because of winter temperatures. Coyotes took out my chickens and ducks this winter. A new and improved pen and coop is about ready. Lost most of my rabbits to what looked like pneumonia. Need a buck to get started over again with rabbits.
    Crazy year. Crazy world. Fixing to get much worse for us because of crazy leadership. I’ve been canning like crazy. I can easily last a year once cut off but it would be a struggle after that. Kerosene isn’t even for sale in this area anymore. So much gorgeous old lamps for light. I have enough to last over 1 year. I have solar motion sensor lights. Panel outside, lights inside. Ok for light for short times. Depending on how the garden does from year to year we’ll see how long I can last. And I’m far better prepared than most. I have bow saws to cut wood when gas isn’t available. A wide range of hatchets to axes and mauls and sledgehammers. I cook and heat with small wood. I just delimb the same trees year after year. Not much I really need from the outside world. I just started a new sourdough batch. Might pickup another bit of white flour. Order some antibiotic med’s for my critters. But I’m close to capacity on everything unless I buy more bags of grain. I have a flour mill. Plenty of solar for what little I need. I have an old 3 way fridge that works out in a camper. May bring that in and run it 12v from solar. I can most everything so I don’t much need a refrigerator anymore. I cool my home with cross drafts and wet sheets over open windows. I have stocked up on books I’m wanting to read. Avoiding too much processed foods over the last years has relieved the fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy to the point of no more prescriptions in over a year. I could stock up on more dog food. My 2 dogs, 4 barn cats 3 new kittens, and 1 free ranging rooster all like dry dog food. It keeps for years here on the the high mountain desert.
    If I keep having anniversaries of my 15th birthday ( I’ve had 60 anniversaries of that 15th birthday), I may just be the latest recluse. A hermit. Breathing free air and being a strange old cat lady.

  • All of this “green energy” BS is the destruction of mother earth.There is not enough silver or rare earth metals on the planet to go “green”,and it will be cost prohibitive for the masses.This isn’t about going “green” any way.This is about the few,(WEF/DAVOS),controlling the masses through tyranny.To stop this madness,we who think logically MUST create a parallel economy separate from the “greenies”. Yes,it WILL be the division of the U.S. into two separate countries.Our part of the country with the parallel economy will thrive and survive.The part of the country that goes “green” will fall into chaos and ruin. This in turn,will cause a mass exodus from the chaos and ruin,when those who voted for “green energy” finally realize the egregious mistake they made.

  • The simple facts that the Loony Left ignored is that we’re nowhere near close to being positioned for such a transition. Current Battery Technology isn’t up to the level it needs to be for this scheme to work for suburban, rural and transcontinental travel. Having worked in the industry, until the current electrical grid is totally replaced (not repaired, REPLACED), it’s a pipe dream. 500,000 Charging Stations is a fraction of what the demand the transition will require.
    The Loony Left loves Solar and Wind, but ignores that we’re already at its limitations for production (around 20%).
    Until a better battery is developed (personally, I think we’re 3 to 4 decades away from developing that technology), EV technology just isn’t where it needs to be for a nationwide transition. The Left is putting the cart before the horse.

    • yup. Go back to servant leaders serving only 1 or 2 terms. Working for the good of the people. No career politicians filling their pockets.

      • Clergylady,

        If Americans start to push hard, nonstop and relentlessly to repeal the 17th Amendment, things will brighten up around here. When this one thing happens I’ll know Americans are serious about being involved with the government serving them.

        Until then we are stuck with professionals who act like elected rockstars.

        • Good point Jim. Most Americans remain uninvolved, except for posting on discussion forums. It is time for all Americans to seek out intelligent problem solvers in their local communities and convince them to run for political office – then help them get elected.

          There are plenty of humans with problem solving skills, but I know of only a small number who hold elected office in the USA. We need to change this.

  • Just from a purely practical perspective – we don’t have the infrastructure! People can talk about the battery technology, or the cost of the cars, or whatever – we don’t have the infrastructure!

    The average home has a 100 Amp service. They are loaded, as per code, to 80%, leaving 20% for future additions. The average EVCS (Electrical Vehicle Charging System) requires 40 Amps – that’s 20 Amps over the rating of the service. That means that yo not only need a new service, but need new lines running from the pole into your house, as the present ones will only be rated for 100 Amps. Then we come to the fact that the transformer supplying your neighborhood/cul-de-sac/whatever, has been rated and installed to supply 100 Amp services to the houses. Now it will need to be replaced with one to supply approximately 40% more power. But again, the lines supplying the transformer will have been sized/rated for the original services – so now you have to replace the lines from the substation to the transformer. And how are the substations going to produce the extra, required power when many are already running at, or near capacity.

    Given that new homes/developments will have EVCS figured into their calculations when being built, what about the 98% of older homes, neighborhoods, communities that are presently out there?

    This is one more example of poorly crafted legislation based on ideals rather than on facts/common sense that will do nothing more than punish the people.

  • ELHILs
    (every lunacy has it’s limits)

    And whoopee, kids We’re on an adventure ride to see where they are!

  • Not gonna happen. As crazy as Washintonians are it’s simply not going to happen in the next 8 years. For one they won’t have infrastructer to accomplish it, much less the technology to make it viable.

    • Do you think they care about not having the infrastructure? They will not outlaw combustion engines for the elite or the government only for the peons. They know it won’t work but what it will do is stop a great majority of the people from traveling any distance, it will keep you close to home. The government will have it’s gas powered backups ready and waiting. Everybody who can afford it should have a rebuilt vehicle manufactured before 1990. One without all the garbage on it. Also keep it full of gas and more if you can afford it. It’s coming people and it will be here before you know it. Even the liberals think they will lose big time the next election so a good portion of these criminal acts may happen very, very soon. No trains, planes or big semi-trucks to deliver food. Good luck Washington state, you’re in for a lot of trouble if you can’t get and keep the liberals out of your government.

      • Good points. But we need to change our terminology. I am liberal. These people are Leftists. They have never been liberal a day in their lives.

  • Governor Inslee is either an idiot or a criminal bent on taking over the government of the United States by force.

  • LOL! It’s hilarious that these Leftists are driving people from Democrat cities and states in droves due to preposterous laws. Who will pay taxes to run the state!? It’s like their only solution to any problem is to make it 100 times worse.

  • Thank you for bringing up the Agenda 21 discussion! I have long thought that those “self driving” vehicles for which they are building infrastructure were going to be used to keep “undesirables” out of certain areas. If you are a person of color, are you going to be allowed into exclusive neighborhoods? If you are below a certain level of education, or you do not conform in some way, will you be relegated to a controlled ghetto? If you live in such a ghetto, can they then sterilize you in your water supply? Can they starve you by restricting what food and meds you can get? The robust ability to leave, move into better neighborhoods, procure items from a distance, and have a choice about where you live, are educated, and receive medical care are the basic structures that encourage a thriving economy and a thriving citizenry.

  • “This package will move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”

    Funny; how many of you were raised on the promise of flying cars “in the future?” I actually think this was a blessing in disguise! Imagine all those people who voted for these left-wing mental cases driving FLYING CARS!!!

    There’s another aspect to these electric cars that no one talks about. When a hurricane threatened Florida, Tesla did an OTA (Over The Air) software tweak to allow Tesla owners a few more miles of range. Think of the Pandora’s Box THAT opens! What’s to stop TPTB from doing OTA tweaks to not allow the cars to go outside a designated area, or for that matter, to not allow the cars to operate at all??? And what about those “autonomous” cars? ‘President didn’t like what you said about him in an e-mail? Maybe you attended a rally from a candidate with “an opposing viewpoint.” No bother. You’ll get in your car to go to work and soon discover that it’s been rerouted to a “re-education” camp…

    NOTHING good can come of this!!!

  • They already did the experiment on keeping us in our houses, closing businesses, making assembly illegal and forbidding church services. Now Washington state is pioneering debilitating vehicle laws. 0bviously they’ll be able to restrict our ability to move about not only the country, but also the countryside. They’ve already said that we eat too much meat, we use too much water and electricity. Freedom of speech is being curtailed more and more each day. They used the manufactured virus to decide who lives and dies and get most of the medical field to go along with it.

    And now they’re talking about some kind of crypto currency; so we won’t be able to buy or sell without it. We’d better figure out how to live totally on our own. I wish I was as ready as clergylady.


  • All this is very short-sighted on the part of Inslee, who is a partner in the WEF. He may want to explain how people will be able to afford $50k-$70k for a new electric vehicle after state policies have decimated the Washington population economically during the run-up to 2030.

  • None of the commenters get it. Only One 1 in 1,000 will have private transportation at all. Everybody else will be regulated to public transportation, if any such is available. You’ll work from home, if any work is available at all. Home delivery is the only way most people will be able to receive goods. No new infrastructure needed. Death to the middle class is their goal.

    • I got it. They don’t want us mobile. Everyone can’t afford an electric vehicle. It will be: use the officially approved modes of transportation or stay home. In cold, dark houses (“illuminated” with led bulbs), with toilets that don’t flush properly, eating soy products and insects, and being spied on by smart appliances, alexa and our cell phones.

      • Don’t forget that our underwear will be gray instead of white because we won’t be allowed to wash our clothes. All women will have hairy armpits and hairy legs. We’ll all have rotten yellow teeth and greasy hair. If we want some food we’ll have to bend over or sell our children to um let’s see people like Hunter Biden????

  • It’s getting very close to the time when politicians, lamp posts and rope all meet at the same place and at the same time!

  • Here in Communist Canada, satan’s son Chairman Turdope has a minister who is phasing out gas vehicles by 2035. The minister has never owned a car, doesn’t know how much electric cars costs, doesn’t know how many charging stations in Canada, doesn’t know how these vehicles will perform in minus 30 Celsius. In other words Canadians will be walking except of course for our fearless satanic leader Turdope and friends. Time for an asteroid.

  • People here mention Klaus Schwab and the WEF as reasons for these insane laws and rules being passed. Yes, they’re likened to communism. Over at http://www.jrnyquist.blog he’s been warning about communism and communists for years. One of his claims is that communists have been successful in infiltrating many organizations. But in the case of the WEF, was it founded by a communist? Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin in his office. Why would he do that, unless he’s a follower of Lenin?

  • Good luck with that, this is what happens when you elect people with no wisdom or vision to represent you. Case in point where you going to get the power for these electric cars?? The grid will never be able to handle it ever.

  • No can do. The people have a right to travel using modern means. This will create law suits and they know it. Just when you thought these morons couldn’t get any more stupid!

  • Nuclear power is a viable solution that is often ignored. We haven’t built a new nuke plant in the US for quite a few years. Encasing the waste in glass (vitrification), although complicated, has been proven effective in some cases, and is used at the DOE Savannah River Site in South Carolina.

    Engineers and scientists have been working diligently for years on nuclear power scaled down for use in powering an individual house, or neighborhoods. It has been used successfully for years to power satellites.

    There will never be a magic silver bullet solution to any problem, but it seems like every few years some group of people with no real understanding of science and lack of awareness of the fact the Earth is a closed system, will propose ideas without thinking them all the way through.

  • Well lets see…….first ….dam there really are some stupid people running our country. Now that said…..say it is 2030 and you can not pay the (50, 60 thousand dollars, for a new electric so you look for used ones….(good luck) now remember as of to day the average life of the battery is 5 years and today it costs about 22, 000 to buy a new one…so jump to 2035 and there are some used ones…….but they were just traded in (since it was almost 5 years on the battery)…..well you think you are lucky to were able to get a car for say 30,000….and say 6 months down the road…..yep …..the battery goes and you are stuck for another 22,000. Dam but the horse and buggy are looking very good right now. O well so my for my rant…..have a good day…..be safe.

  • If government wants to outlaw sales on new gas vehicles in 2030, then start with the government vehicles and equipment. Electric snowplows, road graders, front end loaders, police vehicles, fire trucks, and don’t forget the US President’s limo and the entire fleet of black SUVs that follow it around. lead by example.

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