Covid Conspiracy Fact: Vindication Is Bittersweet

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The so-called Covid “Conspiracy Theories” are collapsing one after another in courts of law and we can call most of them a Covid Conspiracy Fact. The actual disinformation came from those screaming the loudest about the rest of us providing disinformation.

While this is great news, what about all the lives that were ruined during 2020-2021 by fallacies that were accepted as fact? What about those who lost their businesses or jobs? What about those who were unjustly fired or fined? What about the people who died or suffered lifelong aftereffects?

I guess we’re all just SOL. (s*** out of luck).

As the truth finally seeps out, the vindication is somewhat bittersweet.

Conspiracy Fact: The vaccines were dangerous.

First things first, the vaccines that were rushed to market were dangerous – so much so that two of them have been taken off the market. Johnson & Johnson was the first to be removed for causing blood clots in susceptible persons. Personally – and it’s just an opinion – I thought the J&J, which was the only one available in the US that did NOT contain MRNA technology, was probably the least harmful of all. I felt at the time it was removed in order to get more people on board with mRNA.

Recently, Astra Zeneca’s vaccines were withdrawn all over the world, a move the company said was “purely commercial.” However, the move came after a major court battle in England found that the vax, called Vaxzevria, was causing severe health problems in some users. (Emphasis mine.)

Vaxzevria has come under intense scrutiny in recent months over a very rare side effect, which causes blood clots and low blood platelet counts. AstraZeneca admitted in court documents lodged with the High Court in February that the vaccine “can, in very rare cases, cause TTS”.

TTS – which stands for Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome – has been linked to at least 81 deaths in the UK as well as hundreds of serious injuries. AstraZeneca is being sued by more than 50 alleged victims and grieving relatives in a High Court case.

Most of the vaccines were approved on an “emergency basis” with mRNA technologies not previously tested on or used in humans. People were required to get these experimental shots to keep their jobs, attend school, fly on a plane, or leave the country despite a lack of testing, a questionable level of effectiveness, and potential side effects.

So now that the truth is coming out, what happens to all those folks who refused to get a shot and lost work? What about those who were injured from the vaccines? What about the people who died from the vaccines?

Conspiracy Fact: The economy was destroyed.

When America locked down, we didn’t just have a destroyed economy because people couldn’t work or run their businesses. We also went deeply deeply in debt – even worse than before – when the government sent out “stimulus checks.” Of course, folks didn’t realize they’d be taxed on those checks at a later date and it put our nation so far in the red that a healthy economy is a very distant memory.

The lost income saw individuals go further into personal debt too, as they used their credit cards for necessities like groceries and utility bills. Homes were lost to foreclosure or eviction and vehicles were lost to repossession, though not immediately due to laws that placed a moratorium on such actions. Due to supply chain problems, the prices of everything went up and it’s never gone down.

It turned our way of life upside down, and there hasn’t been a notable economic recovery. Interest rates are incredibly high right now, making it far more difficult to buy homes and cars.

While small businesses were forced by mandates to close or face serious penalties, somehow, big chain stores like Walmart and CVS were places where you apparently couldn’t catch Covid. They were allowed to remain open, and with the lack of competition, these businesses thrived.

Now that we know many of these causes shouldn’t have happened, will people get their homes back? Will they get their vehicles back that they need for getting to and from work? Will savings accounts be replenished and credit scores repaired?

Conspiracy Fact: Ivermectin really worked.

One of the effective treatments for Covid for folks who fell ill was Ivermectin, a medication that was a Nobel prize winner back when it was first invented. The medication was relentlessly mocked as “horse paste,” and those who wanted to take it were scorned as ignorant rubes. In fact, the hospitals flatly refused to treat people with ivermectin and pharmacies refused to fill valid prescriptions.

In his book War on Ivermectin, Dr. Pierre Kory wrote:

In the wake of the global horse-dewormer propaganda campaign, hospitals started pulling ivermectin from their pharmacies. Health systems began harassing and threatening employees with loss of employment if they prescribed ivermectin. Pharmacies became even more brazen in their refusals to fill ivermectin prescriptions.

Doctors who stubbornly followed the actual science and prescribed the drug were publicly shamed, and some even lost their medical licenses. CVS made billions of dollars giving Covid vaccinations and performing tests.

But now, court cases have been won that have forced the FDA to end its war on Ivermectin. Hydroxychloroquine was also derided but has since been validated as effective.

What about all the people who died and might have lived with that treatment? What about the people who are permanently injured from a bout of Covid that could have been cut short? What about the folks who were publicly maligned?

My biggest takeaway here is that we absolutely must find doctors who don’t care about their public images and who will prescribe the medications we need for as long as is legally possible. That’s why I use The Wellness Company for my care and why I have one of these Contagion Kits for each member of my household. I have little doubt that at some point these medications may become illegal to prescribe, so I want to stock up ahead of that time.

Conspiracy Fact: People were financially and socially punished for questioning the narrative.

People who questioned the narrative were subject to terrible harassment and financial consequences. The mistreatment and dehumanization of the unvaccinated was shocking. Many websites like mine were defunded for providing “misinformation” and maligned for adding context from both sides of the argument. Other websites were purged from social media for the same things. In fact, social media companies vowed to be complicit in the censorship.

A lot of alternative news websites ended up closing down in 2020 because the financial punishments were so harsh they couldn’t keep their doors open. Others lost thousands and thousands of dollars per month.

We were called crazy and paranoid when we said that this was a First Amendment issue and that the government was involved. But again, in court, we were vindicated when it was proven that the government did in fact help fund these agencies that attempted to censor and discredit us.

So what about us? What about all that lost revenue? All the lost traffic? All the lost credibility and the defamation of our character?

There’s no recourse.

Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) to pay attorneys, there’s really no recourse for most of these abuses that took place.

All we can do is learn from this. A conspiracy theory often becomes a conspiracy fact, especially when it causes you to lose rights.

The Conspiracy Fact I take away from it all is that it’s very naive to believe that our government and the media are looking out for our health, safety, and well-being. They’re supporting corporations, not individuals, and they’ll willfully lie, maim, and destroy people to do it. We look back in horror at psychological experiments that were done on children and the experiments that gave syphilis to black men. We’re shocked by the CIA’s own paperwork explaining the MKUltra mind control project.

But we all just faced a psy-op of the highest order on the grandest scale ever known.

And I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that those who were involved learned from their mistakes. Nor do I think they feel duly chastised or guilty. They’ll do it again and be better at it. History won’t look back kindly on 2020.

But what do you think?

Do you feel that there should be repercussions for those who deliberately misled the public? Do you feel that those who were harmed by these mandates and mind games should have some kind of recourse? If so, what would it be?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Lately, many of the New World Order conspirators are resigning. This signals one or both things. Either they fear retribution from their crimes, or something really big and devastating is coming and they will be taking their chips off the table and retreating. That big thing could be Trump winning, but maybe a debacle if the elite’s choosing, like WWIII or a worse pandemic like weaponized human to human bird flu. In any case, if any USA citizen still trusts the govt, big pharma, the U.N. The WHO OR MOST OF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY anymore, we are doomed. The sheeple dumbasses will go along again and get us all killed.

    • Watch to see if any of them are retreating to their hidey holes in Hawaii or New Zealand.
      If they do, then it will be a End Times event they fear, not just a political dust up.

  • Retribution? Even if it takes mobs with pitchforks and torches! The list of crimes and criminals is quite long, from politicians who pushed mandates and lockdowns, Big Pharma officers and boards of directors of the jab manufacturers, doctors who pushed jabs, took kickbacks for giving jabs, and pushed ‘safe and effective’, social media owners, officers and boards of directors for suppressing life saving information and promoting jabs, mandates and ‘safe and effective’, MSM Officers, boards of directors and talking heads that suppressed information, pushed mandates and pushed safe and effective, all those Tik Tok influencers that promoted ‘safe and effective’, all of the upper management of every .gov agency that was supposed to look out for us, but instead sided with Big Pharma. This is only a partial list.

    Identify them by name, pull them into the street, and then feed them feet first into a wood chipper.

    Won’t bring back my friends who were injured or died, but like any other heinous crime, if you get the Death Penalty, you can commit another crime.


  • What “THEY” did to us is nothing short of “Crimes Against Humanity”. Military Tribunals and Nuremberg 2.0 trials are the order of the day. Convictions bring the death sentence.

    • Yep.
      And I wonder if some class action lawsuits against corporations who were involved in withholding life saving medications, or who required employees to take the shots or lose employment, might be possible?

      Maybe also against those companies who conspired with the government to shut down websites and YouTube channels, or who profited from having rival businesses shut down?

      Can the mainstream media be sued for libel or slander and ruining the reputations of those who spoke out against the covid propaganda?

      After these evil people and companies and government entities and NGOs are sued and punished financially, THEN they can be punished criminally.

      Don’t let them leave any money behind to their successors in evil.

  • In the Tuskegee study, no one was given syphilus. As it says in the first line of the study linked, black men who already had syphilus were passively monitored at set intervals to observe the course of the disease. It says this was despite the existence of safe treatments. For more than the first ten years of the study, that was not true. Mercury treatments were available and used by most, but they just masked symptoms without curing the disease. They eventually caused dementia and paralysis, general paresis of the insane, now called Alzheimer’s. Mary Todd Lincoln was one victim, of millions. Blacks and American Indians unable to afford the standard mercury treatments, had better outcomes than those who took them.

    Penicillin offered a cure for syphilus, but was only introduced in 1945, and it took some years before it was generally available. Most of the men in the Tuskegee study dropped out before the end and sought the antibiotic treatment. While it was shameful that doctors passively observed and recorded the progress of the disease, no one deliberately infected them with syphilus. And the standard mercury treatments which these men were not given, were worse than nothing. See the book The Age of Autism (Blaxill and Olmsted).

  • You have brought to light a harsh truth Daisy, that many will not accept. But everything you mentioned in this article is the truth. And people are still suffering because of the mandates, a lot have lost everything. Thank you for reminding all of us to hold true to our beliefs. And to remember “When the Government says you have to do something, run the other way”

  • Those who lost jobs, etc. have an excellent compensation: they are ALIVE. Some will get back pay. A few will even get the greater respect that they deserve because they were right.

    Eventually, there will be some compensation for some of the injured, and for mourners. But the real compensation is when the world fully faces reality and learns from its mistakes.

    And there is another compensation coming that is truly awesome: breaking the censorship on cancer cures. EVERYBODY has lost loved ones to cancer. Cures were found as far back as the 1930’s–but suppressed so that Big pHarma could make huge money on weak “treatments.” I have read over and over about impressively credentialed doctors who were shut down and even jailed for curing cancer cheaply. About researchers refused hospital access “because we make $50 000 per patient on cancer and can’t afford to lose that.” The Washington Spotlight newspaper reported on research with vitamin A, vitamin D, laetrile and some enzyme curing breast cancer in MICE. It took all 4. The research center was closed. So was the Washington Spotlight. Can’t have people finding out!

    About 2018 or so, fenbendazole, dog dewormer, was popularized as a cancer cure, and I thought it might have been promoted enuf to break open cancer cures. I have a book called “The Cure For All Cancers,” which is about getting rid of parasites. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are antiparasitics. COVID and vax are causing a lot of cancer, and the same monsters who abused us about the jab are now facing the loss of much of their income as people wake up about cancer.Those who refused us Ivermectin in 2020 can give it to cancer patients now and more than make up for their crime.

    • Truth . 3 people I know have died or have cancer after clot shots. My sister in law, who was not jabbed but did have to go to hospital for Kung fu flu 3 years ago and refused jab in hospital developed a rare fast metasithizing breast cancer 2 weeks after that hospital visit. She died 2 weeks ago. We Have reason to believe that she was jabbed. I went to hospital 3 years ago for food poisoning ( will never ever go to a hospital again) and they gave me 2 shots. I asked for my records n they refused to release until my Dr and lawyer got involved. I have reason to believe I was jabbed but cannot prove as their paperwork is lies from hospital. And this is catholic hospital and I’m catholic. I’m guessing they are bergoglio catholic. I am not, I’m trad catholic. Sorry to rant on your post. I’m so upset about this whole thing.

      • You can detox from the jab. Dr. McCullough has a great protocol & Jonathan Otto has an extensive wonderful docuseries with Dr. Ardis (among dozens more) that explains in great detail about evidences they’ve experienced with patients detoxing from the shot.

        Believe it or not, nicotinic acid (nicotine patches) can pull toxins out of the body rather fast. I encourage you to do some research & do not give up! 😉

    • We’re on the same page! Cancer is a parasite & they’ve known the cure for decades. Hence the reason they villainized iver.

      When our guts are out of balance we get sick more often & develop disease. Which…is most of the world. Overweight, out of shape & under nourished people are fantastic hosts for parasites.

  • The question now is justice. Those who have been injured need retribution. Those who injured need to pay the price.

    So what does justice look like? I am quiet with only a small circle of friends and relatives, yet among them two have died thanks to the jabs. One of SADS, one slowly as his body fell apart. A third friend lost his mother-in-law. I had Covid back when it was most virulent, Feb. 2020, mighty uncomfortable, but the natural immunity is so powerful I haven’t had even a cold afterwards. Of course I refuse the jabs. Those who gave the jabs that killed my friends deserve the same penalty that they gave my friends, that’s only justice.

    Those who benefited financially deserve to have their wealth stripped from them to distribute to their victims. E.g. Bill Gates should be in rags and penniless on the street, that is before he is picked up and executed for his role in the development of the pandemic and jabs. The same is true for Fauci and those who collaborated with him. All the new drug billionaires and their heirs should be left penniless and their wealth distributed to their victims. If the doctors trying to give warnings are correct, you ain’t seen nothing yet of all the long term illnesses and deaths that the jabs will cause.

    What about those in the MSM who propagandized about the disease and jabs? Many of those are empty heads who merely regurgitated what they were commanded to regurgitate. In other words, they’re stupid. Even stupidity should pay a price. You can tell I don’t watch TV “news”.

    Bottom line, what will it take for justice to be served?

    • Truth!!!! So very sorry for your losses. I’ve watched 5 people get miocarditis and cancer and dementia from the clot shots. Healthy people that were terrified by msm pos.

      • I strongly believe these shots contributed to my Dad’s early onset dementia. He unfortunately believed all the BS.

        • I’m so sorry about your dad. We have relatives who were convinced the government was telling the truth and got the shot. One would call me on the phone and always want to talk about it. I tried to lay out the facts vs. the lies – even the ones we knew early on, and it didn’t seem to do any good. After scores of those conversations, a little light broke through, although it probably wasn’t me that did the convincing. Anyway, it’s really hard for elderly people to not believe telecast “news”.

  • Oh, and they want us to forgive and forget. No apologies for the ruination the rulers deliberately caused and by the people (Karen, etc) who are now being shown up as the @$$holes and genuine idiots they are. Just kiss and make up. Ha!
    Read Diary of a Psychosis. (I receive no benefit.)

  • I think there should absolutely be retribution and consequences for crimes against humanity, but there won’t be. All the lives and businesses destroyed, people literally dying from either not being able to get ivermectin etc or from the death shots themselves. All the people deplatformed and losing their monetary support. Daisy is prime example of this. And I don’t care what anyone says, the rollout of operation warpspeed was not fully on Trump because he was deceived by that pos Lil elf fauci and lied to by his administration…pence etc. These nwo pos are pulling out of everything because they are also part of the WHO, and when that global WHO treaty gets signed by nations we are in for much worse ride than the plandemic. Just my opinion from looking at signs of the times, daisy’s site and Alex Jones. Pray n prepare.

  • Ich habe jedes Vertrauen in das Gesundheitswesen und die Politik verloren. Wenn nur aus Profit Gründen Menschenleben gefährdet werden ist das eine neue Form der Kriegsführung gegen die Menschheit, die aber schon seit dem Mittelalter durchgezogen wurde und wird. Ein gewisser Herr Bill Gates gehört vor einen internationalen Gerichtshof, genauso wie die Verantwortlichen aus der Pharmazie und die Gesundheitsminister. Sie haben nichts gelernt. Das beweisen die hektischen Versuche über die Rinder und die Vogel Pest erneut ins Geschäft zu kommen. Die Firmen sollen eigentlich ihren Völkern dienen und nicht sie nur des Gewinnes wegen vernichten wollen!

  • Yes and no. The problem is that hindsight is 20/20. We go with the facts as they were known. So sometimes they err on the best response or what has worked in the past. Take the economy. When President Trump asked states to shutdown for two weeks, many assumed that getting unemployment was a sure thing. Most blue states had robust unemployment programs while most red states did not. Mostly it came down to state governments not wanting to pay unemployment, paying too low a rate or making the paperwork necessary very hard to get. Which meant the federal government had to get involved. And the federal government started pushing stimulus money because the states weren’t paying unemployment at a fair rate, so people who needed money for rent and expenses needed money now, not when states eventually got to them. Its also why the feds were paying so much extra a month. Some barely got enough to survive while others got too much. President Trump also listed the conditions to reopen states to be something quite hard to achieve. When the people were screaming to get back to work, the states hadn’t achieved the conditions outlined by President Trump to reopen. Hell even when President Trump started asking states to reopen, the states were nowhere near the conditions previously outlined by his Administration. Which is why certain states opened early and then conditions got worse, while other states waited until those conditions were met. Now the medical experts were going on the best they knew. So they knew how some coronaviruses worked, they did not know how Covid 19 operated. So they went with social distancing and masks because the experts went with what worked in the past. And initially it worked. But then people got lazy. They complained they couldn’t breathe out of N95 masks, so they went with single ply masks. Well as preppers already knew, single ply masks are 20% effective. They told us that in March 2020. So hundreds of millions of Americans were running around it basically worthless masks. The only effective response was social distancing. But Americans decided they couldn’t do that. So they got infected due to their stupidity. Then people started pushing other medicines. And sometimes they worked. But sometimes they didn’t. The FDA hadn’t approved them which meant health insurance companies would not pay for them. So they got pushed as misinformation. Most Americans did not want to pay for nonapproved drugs. That would have cost 10s of thousands. So government pushed the drugs previously approved. Remember, this was a brand new disease. Which meant no one knew what worked or didn’t. And any medication would have side effects. All medication has side effects. So government said the vaccine had to be 51% effective to be used. Which meant 49% of Americans could die from it. And vaccines don’t cure. They don’t stop you from getting it. No vaccine does. It only stops you from getting a bad case (51% of the time). Those were the conditions to get approved by the Trump administration.

    • I was going to begin my reply by borrowing your “Yes, and no.” But reading back over your cnn talking points, I can’t find many facts, if any at all. First of all, fauci knew. He knew all along and lied, lied and then lied some more. He knew where it came from and lied. He lied about masks. Repeatedly. He knew they were worthless. He lied about social distancing.

      So much of what you said is wrong, that it’s very hard for me to be generous and even consider that you believe it. But blaming Americans (“And initially it worked. But then people got lazy.”) is despicable. This whole fiasco was done TO us. All those involved – with little fauci nazi leading the pack – need to be brought up on tribunals.

      • rofl, Carla, I couldn’t find any facts in that post, either. Don’t forget we are watching a movie. It is a tragicomedy. We do enuf crying about the tragedies. Don’t forget to enjoy the funny parts.

      • Can’t handle the truth I see. Yes Americans were lazy. Americans are some of the stupidest people on the planet. They believe what they are told. By people who make money by selling advertising. They don’t research. Every thing I posted was fact that you can look up. So yes figure out where you get your information out and don’t be afraid of asking questions. Don’t assume that its a government conspiracy. Most of the time government conspiracy theories are in fact the government screwed up somewhere and was afraid to tell the truth. The government makes mistakes constantly because it is working with humans who make mistakes. So di we say the government is out to get us when in fact is the government is embarrassed of being found out.

        • Ah, I see. So it’s the government that is the victim here and not the “lazy…stupid” people who pay taxes and (used to) go to work every day that resisted those shots, and yet, were threatened/coerced/released from/by their employers (including in the US Armed Forces, government employees and contractors) to accept the vax or be terminated from employment.

          Got it.

          No, government had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

          Sounds to me that you lay out a pretty good argument for a significant reduction in the size of our government. You know seeing as how if there’s a screw up there’s going to be a coverup.

          • Never said the government was a victim. The government is incompetent. Always has been and probably always will be. And yes Americans are by and large stupid lazy people. Mostly because they believe what their favorite newscasters say and don’t look up facts and use common sense. Its like when they blame the President for gas prices which news flash, Presidents don’t have any factor in gas prices. 62% of gas prices are set by global oil prices. The US is producing the highest amount of oil ever currently. But they would have to triple their output to have the same pull as OPEC. But sure go ahead and blame Presidents. Instead of following the facts.

              • Biden actually was releasing to ease prices and to bring the US production back to where it was. The one million bpd was the deficit that US production had gone down during Covid at the time Biden started withdrawing. US oil production ramped down 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in April 2020. 180 million bpd was 1 million bpd for 6 months. But 1 million bpd isn’t enough to take more than 10 cents a gallon off of gas prices. And Biden isn’t the one who takes the most oil out of the Strategic Reserve. Congress is constantly taking oil out to pay for the deficit. Hell even Trump sold oil to fund part of his big tax cut in 2017. Of course Biden probably wouldn’t have had to sell oil if Trump hadn’t convinced OPEC to slow production in 2020-2022. That jacked up oil prices globally for two years. Its also probably where inflation started.

                • Biden was using the SPR to lower gas prices in a mid-term election year. The SPR is to be used in case of a real emergency. Not a political one for Democrats.
                  Trump tried to refill the SPR when the price of oil was at $42 a barrel. Democrats blocked him, namely Chuck Schumer.
                  Inflation began when Democrats passed the American Rescue Act and Biden signed. Larry Summers, the secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, warned that it could “set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.”
                  And he was right.
                  And this is where we are today.
                  The Inflation Reduction Act had nothing to do with inflation. Biden even admitted he wished he did not call it that. Then the BLS said the Inflation Reduction Act would likely increase inflation in 2024, 2025 and maybe even in 2026.
                  The BLS also said, “real average hourly earnings have fallen 3.16% during the Biden Presidency.”
                  When Biden took office in January of 2021, real average hourly earnings — that is average hourly earnings adjusted for inflation — were $11.39. As of May 2023, that number had declined to $11.03.
                  Since Biden took office, Groceries are up 21%. Gasoline prices are up 47%, the cost of shelter 20%, and electricity almost 30%. The average American has to pay an additional $12,000 a year just to maintain their standard of living prior to Biden taking office.
                  Due to Bidenomics and Bidenflation, the Fed had to raise interest rates, driving up home loan interest rates and pricing many Americans out of the American Dream of home ownership.
                  The Inflation Reduction Act was actually the green new deal re-named. And it is set to increase electricity prices even more as the EPA shuts down more reliable energy power plants for unreliable green sources.
                  As I have written before, Biden’s disaster of foreign policy has lead to de-dollarization. For a long time BRICS has been looking to de-couple from the US/West banking system aka SWIFT. With Biden’s blunder in handling the Ukraine Russian war, the BRICS were able to pivot the blunder to their advantage which lead to BRICS+. And there are even more countries interested in joining, to include some of our allies like France. They are now creating a real alternative banking system to the SWIFT and are creating a currency called The Unit. It is expected to be released in 2025 or 2026. When that happens, countries will no long need US dollars to conduct international trade and all those dollars will flow back to the US. That will result in inflation to hyper-inflation like we have never seen. Already de-dollarization is occurring. 5 years ago, China did only 8% of cross border trade in the renminbi, the rest in US dollars. Today, it stands at 58% in renminbi and 42% in US dollars. Other BRICS are doing the same.
                  Unfortunately for us, the damage is done. The US/West lead uni-polar world is on the decline, and a new multi-polar one is emerging. All empires fail at some point in time. The Biden admin just might of kicked into high gear, we are going to see the decline of the US empire in our lifetime.
                  And honestly, I do not think there is anyone who can stop, turn around, fix it.
                  The damage is done.

            • My dear James Gregg, some may be impressed with your writing, some might be persuaded by your illogically founded arguments. I, however, was particularly impressed with how you danced throughout this blogs comment section sounding like a libertarian in one comment and an enlightened liberal in others.

              For example: “Exactly. Our government has been bought and paid for by big business since at least the 1830s. Big Pharma is part of that “shadow government “.” contrasts 180* from “Most of the time government conspiracy theories are in fact the government screwed up somewhere and was afraid to tell the truth.”

              See what I mean here? On one hand you dismiss the notion of a conspiracy, on the other hand you stoke one.

              I, for one, hope you continue to post here. Don’t ever leave. You may well be the ultimate “gray man”

              Kudos to you.

        • Yes.
          Some Americans are lazy and just believe what they are told.
          Then there were others who did question the logic and what we were being told by the government both at the state and federal level and what was being touted by MSM.
          We were told we were conspiracy theorists. We were called idiots, stupid, and neanderthals.
          When we pointed out the “two weeks to flatten the curve,” did not work, we were told to shut up.
          When it became obvious this was not the threat various experts claimed it would be, and we questioned continuing on the course of action and adjust accordingly to the new information and facts presented, those experts, the government and the MSM doubled down on their previous failing course of action.
          When the Great Barrington Declaration was presented, Fauci and Collins conspired to have them discredited.
          When we questioned the “six foot rule,” or the effectiveness of masks, we were trying to kill grandmaw. Who did in fact kill grandmaw? NY state governor Cuomo. He sent elderly COVID patients back to nursing homes where they infected other elderly people. There was an entire US Navy hospital ship in NYC harbor that could of been used. Those elderly people are the ones the Great Barrington Declaration said to protect.
          IIRC, Sweden also did the same of protecting the elderly and those most at risk. And Sweden kept their country open.

          So, yes, most Americans are a lazy bunch. They just believe whatever MSM tells them. They blindly believe whatever the “experts” tell them. And when they turn out not just wrong but waaayyy wrong, they write pretty articles, like this one, Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty

          To which I say, “No.”

          • Anyone who listens to MSM or right wing media has to understand that those stations are trying to make a buck. So always treat what they say with a grain of salt. Always verify. Sometimes “conspiracy “ theories are correct, but usually for reasons that are petty or embarrassing. Take social distancing. They came up with 6 feet as an arbitrary number. Some studies showed people getting infected at 12 feet while others got it in 3 feet. I remember reading in survival posts in 2019 that N95 masks were the gold standard and ordered them from Survival Frog, so I just pulled out my pack of 50 from my prep. In March 2020 they were reporting the difference on survival blogs comparing 3 ply masks (N95) and two ply masks (surgical masks) and one ply masks (cloth masks) as 95%, 60% and 20% respectively. Yet when people complained that they couldn’t breathe through 3 ply masks, the vast majority adopted single ply masks. Hell I was looking if I still had my M-17 mask from my 20 years in (no joy). As preppers we are constantly reading about things that work. But we sometimes get tunnel vision. So we have to educate those who aren’t prepared (at least family and friends).

            • 90% of MSM is far left wing.
              And then there is Fox.
              The rest is independent.
              So, you bought, literally, into the whole masks usage thing? Not much critically thinking, eh?
              The rest of us just went through the motions just to make the snowflakes feel better and not go into a panic.

              • I got away from wearing the mask for a while saying “Already had it, can’t get it, can’t give it.” depending on well-known natural immunity. But then they made it mandatory. Then put on the mask only when entering a store and took it off immediately upon leaving. Refused to buy any masks, wore the same one issued me at one store until it fell apart.

    • Probably you are a paid troll. Or else maybe you gave people remdesivir until they developed kidney failure leading to fluid in the lungs, making it hard to breathe, so you put them on a ventilator until they died. In that case, please see my comment above. You can make up for the damage you did.

  • The history of Big Pharma and the immense fortunes that created them that have long ago captured the US government … which created agencies like the FDA to do Big Pharma’s bidding. .Rockefeller money funded the 1910 Flexner Report which led to demonizing and destroying medical schools that had long taught natural cures with many centuries of proven success behind them. Any cures that Big Pharma couldn’t patent and mark up sky high were demonized while “approved” cures that killed people were protected by a terrified government — even to this day. One of the earliest examples was a 1917 Rockefeller-funded and poorly tested meningitis vaccine sold to the US army and forced into GIs in training to ship out to Europe for WW1. The GIs had zero choice because of a 1911 US Army adoption system of some mandatory vaccines. The GIs at Ft Riley, Kansas immediately began to get sick (including a long gone uncle of mine). That didn’t stop the Rockefellers from continuing to sell that vaccine to several other countries … including Germany where it killed more soldiers than combat. Because of wartime censorship in all countries involved in that war the first mention appeared in newspapers in Spain. That gave the utterly corrupt Woodrow Wilson (who was terrified of the Rockefellers) the opportunity to falsely label the illness as the mysterious “Spanish Flu” of unknown origin — the lie that the US government continues to maintain to our present day. Estimates at the time were that worldwide the “Spanish Flu” killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people. When the Rockefellers did a study on possible pandemics in 2010 there was no mention of their long ago history starting in 1917 of murder-by-vaccine.

    The electronic technology to consistently cure cancer discovered by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the early 1930s (whose practice was destroyed in the US) continues to be successfully used today in other countries NOT subject to US government threats, intimidation or regulations. While one of the best articles about that history is no longer available on the regular internet … I found it captured on (so far not yet erased) here:

    One reason that knowing that history is vital today is understanding how the US government will knuckle under when big money profits are at risk in such scams as the Covid-19 fiasco/deception/bio-weapon of murder for money.


    • Exactly. Our government has been bought and paid for by big business since at least the 1830s. Big Pharma is part of that “shadow government “.

  • Dear Daisy,
    Great article. If everyone ever thought that the 2020 scam was not going to affect for too long, this is so naive that is not even funny. The consequences are sweeping off the economy of the whole world with very little exceptions. Those who can keep prepping will do good. Canning jars, seeds, a secluded place nearby a permanent water supply and materials to build a good filtering/purification system…

  • translation of Jürgen Karsten’s comments by Bing on Vivaldi browser:
    “I have lost all trust in healthcare and politics. If human lives are endangered for profit only, it is a new form of warfare against humanity, but one that has been and is being carried out since the Middle Ages. A certain Mr Bill Gates belongs before an international court of justice, as do those responsible from pharmacy and the health ministers They have learned nothing. This is proven by the hectic attempts to get the cattle and the bird plague back into business. The companies are actually supposed to serve their peoples and not just want to destroy them for profit!”

    now some personal comments

    So people do die
    Even when they comply
    They’ve nothing to lose
    When comply they refuse

    Lots of folks complied, getting on trains of falsehoods. Nuke ’em all, let the devil sort ’em out.

    I did not comply with demands to stay home. I wore monster neck gaiters and Jason Voorhees masks, mocking demands that I mask up. I continued to provide service to business clients. I refused to get jabs. I am still healthy and vibrant.

  • The COVID-19 page will only expand to1/4 of screen on left (along with the rest of your adds below).
    Hard to read or navigate. Thanks

  • The compliers helped the satanists usher in the new world order. Even today you see the compliers with their attention seeking masks on. Big, healthy, strong young men with masks, just call it the no nuts syndrome. I know of so many people damaged or murdered by the clot shot and the very people who pushed this ongoing genocide are still walking around with their blood soaked millions. Many vaxxed compliers will not and cannot admit their stupidity, fear, ignorance and the damage they did across this planet with their compliance. Yes I too like a dumb ass wore a mask at the beginning of this bullshit. Never took the clot shot because no one has the right to stick a needle in me. Government is here to murder us and so is the health system. Alberta is STILL promoting the clot shot and worse pushing it on babies. This in a province that stands for freedom? May they all burn in eternal hell.

  • We know people who refused jabs and died of covid. We also know people who were not vaxxed and died of covid, espec in 2020 end.
    And yes – mRNA jab does have some terrible side effects. But I ponder those millions who were saved by the vaccines. Sputnik was a well working stuff, for example. Nevermind.

    • It is absolutely mind blowing that some people just do not, or will not, open their eyes to reality. The China virus death shot is NOT a vaccine. It has literally caused injuries to hundreds of millions of people and killed as much. Coronavirus has been around for a long time. I have a can of lysol from 2000 and it literally says it kills coronavirus germs. Fauci and his demon spawns tweeked the virus in a lab I’m Wuhan specifically to depopulate and cause this mass culling of humans for depopulation.

    • Not saved. Prolonging their side effects or received saline solutions. NO shot comes without future ramifications. Unless it’s pure vitamin C

  • I think I should ask what meds you’re on. Not one of your better articles. I see zero links to trial results. And if you want to slug ivermectin or bleach for that matter, have at it. Still no legitimate proof. Concentrate on your rehab.

    • What is the matter with people? Are you still watching msm? I’m just flabbergasted by people who are STILL not awake,after ALL the hell we’ve all been put through

    • ZeroHedge and other independent media are the only ones covering all the COVID related facts that were once called conspiracies.
      You will only find MSM covering those facts when they become so overwhelming, they have to cover them.
      Like the Hunter Biden laptop.
      You should concentrate on the facts that parts of the government, Big Pharma, and MSM have gaslighted you all this time, and rather than come to terms with it and face reality, you continue to blindly believe what the government and MSM tell you.

  • I am truly flabbergasted by the comments on here pro jab and anti ivermectin, etc. It is too mind-boggling for me to engage any longer with people who just refuse to wake up and take off their rose colored glasses. I’m generally a person who is tolerant and respectful of other persons opinions but this is a hot button topic for me because I have seen the destruction caused by this man made tweeked virus that was solely created to destroy, kill and maim.

    • If you asked yourself which one is the more destructive: Covid or the jabs – what would you say. I have lost two relatives, the local baptist priest’s wife due to Covid. Contrarily, one colleague suffered lifelong thireoid damage, one soul sister still suffers BP ups and downs debilitating issue due to hab. I was quite unwell after the third mrna jab. I had very light covid symptomes after two Sputnik jabs.
      The balance for me is clear. I don’t wear those glasses.

      • I might’ve missed it, but I don’t remember anyone on this forum saying that you should’ve been prevented from taking the vaccine. What we’re saying is that the government and all their allies (media, military leaders, corporations, etc.) fell in line to deny us the right to refuse it, tried to ban alternative treatments and silence our speech, forbad us to go anywhere (including church, school and work), forced our loved ones to die alone, ad nauseum. I wonder just how many suicides there were from lonely, isolated elderly citizens?

        For some, the thought of dying is so heinous, they’re will to live under totalitarianism and that’s exactly what our government – and governments around the world – tried to do. They saw an opportunity to become little Stalins and took it.

        I’m so grateful that all the hundreds of thousands of men who gave their lives for our freedom in the Revolution and all subsequent war, believed in the concept of give me liberty or give me death.

        • In the comment section I remember strong anti-vax voices. But in the articles (posts) – you are correct, no such do-not-take-jabs was ever mentioned. I did like this.
          Yes – over here, 4 teachers had to leave the local musical school because they did not want to be vaxxed. I feel really-really sorry for these broken lives. This should not have happened.

          • My point was that even among us anti-vaxxers, I don’t remember anyone of us saying that you shouldn’t be allowed to make your own decision whether or not to take it. The other side offered no such choice.

      • We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I’ve seen 2 people that were healthy and vibrant get dementia from the jabs. Several people I know got blood clots. Several other people I know have congestive heart failure. Your wearing some kinda glasses, dude. I wish you the best with your triple jabbed self.

  • OK , The VID , should ppl pay? Yes ! But where does one start? I think one needs to zoom out and take a bigger look. A wider look. Have you read : “The fate of Empires” 16+- pages. by Sir John Glubb? The horse paste psyop was just one facet of a concerted effort, a plan put into place around the time of WWII. The open persecution of a few for war crimes and the quiet absorption of the best and brightest ( satire) of ( paperclip).
    Some people have suggested that there was an ingredient …totally safe and effective, that actually affects the cognitive functioning of the brain. That might explain the continued rabid PollyAnna mindset, polarization, cognitive dissonance, the choir director furiously keeping the musicians in tune as the Titanic sinks.
    Look at the transgender explosion, the economic situation, the
    geo-engineering, Polluting our skies, our water, the degradation of the food supplies , the assault on farmers , cows , and now birds. The justice , or lack there of, system, the education system. The green new deal. Agenda 2030. Oh! Sorry, I almost forgot the open border. My Bad.
    Government ,every part of the government, Soros , the ccp, J6 people still in that rat infested hellhole in the ground w sadistic guards. All out in the open, in our face, proof that they lied and continue to lie, blatantly, gleefully. So its not just The Vid.

  • Exempting peterun (who IMO, at least has an opinion of value based on experience, whether I agree with his opinion or not is irrelevant), James Gregg (whose sublime adoration of his chosen government gods is so stunningly perfect that his opinion would be no mystery), and.. , yea, Selena, what does everyone think of this:

    Looks like deja-vu all over again. Amazing how “Trust the science” actually keeps sounding more like “follow the money”. Buy some ivermec guys. I have a bad feeling about this bird-poo flu.

    • I do what I can not to touch any mucus membranes when interacting with the livestock, but it is not always successful, especially on hot days.

      Technically I “dose” myself with ivermec once or twice a year when applying to the livestock. It is the “pour” on kind, so, when drawing up, I usually get some on my hands.

      Follow the money is right. We spent millions on the COVID vaccines, then studies go on to prove how ineffective they were. Did not help when we had irresponsible people screaming that we were trying to kill grandmaw if we did not take the shot.

      • It might be interesting to go back to the time of the virus and re-read the comment section, but I don’t have the stomach for it. I suspect that the ones you mentioned were of the you’re-trying-to-kill-grandma types…..P.S. I hope you’re getting another chapter of Dear Diary for us. We’re anxiously waiting. Really enjoyable reading. It’s exactly the kind of book I look for at the library or bookshop.

      • “I do what I can not to touch any mucus membranes when interacting with the livestock, but it is not always successful, especially on hot days.”

        I drink raw milk. I yain’t skeert no jerms.

        Besides, the varied departments reporting on cross species mutation (avian to mammals) are saying that the cats got sick from drinking milk. The dairy employee got it from parlor contact (the implication here is milk). But I cannot find a scientific explanation from any of the involved agencies detailing how a respiratory disease gets into milk. Milk is from the mammary system and is dependent upon the blood of the circulatory system for its production. How does a cat or human get a respiratory virus from milk?

        I’ve had cows get sick with respiratory viruses tens of times over my lifetime. My father and grandfather even more so. Every dairy around here has. Never, ever, In all that contact has a single dairy farmer got sick from working around or consuming raw milk. And don’t anyone tell me that the bird poo flu is so particularly strong that it has mutated cross species without manipulated intervention. Recent history has taught me the contrary.

  • No vaccine is safe. The mRNA shot was not developed for Covid…
    Covid was created for the shot. The virus hoax was the means to create panic to drive people to accept the medical experiment.

    Whistleblowers revealed the DoD medical data showing military Cancer Diagnoses HAVE TRIPLED since the rollout of the experimental vaccines – Along With a 10x Increase in Neurological Disorders and a
    near 5x increase in Female INFERTILITY

    Germ Theory was proven false in 1919 by the US government in a two
    year experiment. What they are doing today with vaccines is getting away
    with murder. Without vaccines, pediatricians wouldn’t have a job.

    THE GERM THEORY DELUSION. (Dr Merritt and Poornima Wagh PhD Virology)
    Dr Merritt & Poornima Wagh (PhD in virology & lifelong bacteriologist and lab technician) absolutely blow away the notion of viruses-germs & their perceived existence. An eye-opening account of how the medical establishment(s) have been hijacked by corruption & delusion with the end game total control.

    The End of Germ Theory (

    Vaccines only cause harm and death…immunity from all diseases is to be realized through the attainment of health, not by the propagation of disease.

    Fauci carried out this very same program with HIV/AIDS.
    Pretends there’s a scary virus, then proceeds to kill the patient
    with the protocol.

  • I’m afraid I have another conspiracy “theory” that, as far as I’m concerned, is fact. Can’t get many people to bother with checking it out for themselves, however.

    There are no such things as viruses. Now, mock me all you wish, I’m quite accustomed to it, being as I have been an anti-vaxxer for 23 years.

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