Is a Chinese Invasion Coming?

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American exceptionalism. We were weaned upon it and raised upon it for the past fifty years. 

It was once our greatest strength: the pride, patriotism, and love for our country combined, giving us a feeling, a knowing, that we could, and would, rise to the challenge. We were Americans.  

If we’re not very careful the hubris of exceptionalism could lead to our demise.

My blood bleeds red, and it hurts me greatly to write some of these words. I constantly hear people talking about “moving to another country” or statements such as, “Maybe we’d be better off somewhere else.”

Good! Get out of here, then! There’s the “door,” and don’t let it hit you in the “fourth point of contact!” If you’re not going to stand with us, then get out, or get out of the way!

That’s my stance, now and always: be all that you can be, or begone!

Chinese invasion

Nevertheless, I beseech you, OP readers, and my fellow Americans. 

Please, take these words and search your hearts and souls. We must place things into perspective as they really are, in order to survive what’s coming as individuals, and as a nation.

It is written in the Bible: “He who controls his passions is greater than one who conquers a city.” Sun Tzu wrote in Chapter 3, “Offensive Strategy,” to “know your enemy, but also, know yourself.”

We need both books to triumph because the first is the very foundation for the United States and the second (a time-honored military classic) is the foundational doctrine of our enemies: the Chinese Communist Party and its armed forces.

Our enemies in a war will be nations allied with them, and traitors within the United States within the bleached, whitewashed, polished-marble sarcophagi of the halls of government filled with rot and decay within.  

We know who we are as Americans.

Now, it’s time to set aside the “British Regimental System” of thought, as we did in the Revolutionary War and think in the manner of Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox,” and Roger’s Rangers. 

Remember: George Washington served as an officer in the British Army. What better man could have led us than a man who had that “inside track” on the mindset and tactics of the British Army?  

It’s time to win again, plain and simple. The way to do it is to conduct an accurate assessment of where we stand, of where our enemies stand and act upon those assessments in terms of our preparations.

We have to prepare for a fight that will probably last for generations. 

So, take a break. Take a deep breath, and go listen to “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics. When you come back, put your “three-cornered” thinking cap on, and let’s get into it.

Looking back at Vietnam

Our dads and uncles came back from Vietnam to a country and countrymen that (for the most part) turned their backs on them. I watched my uncle suffer: the agent orange, the substandard medical care from the VA, and the looks from others…those looks that told him they were ashamed of him…cutting him deeper than any of his wounds ever did.

Carter further weakened the United States, and we ended up with double-digit unemployment and double-digit inflation. The Iranian hostages, the Desert One fiasco (sending in Delta Force in choppers during a sandstorm), and the absolute evisceration of our military.

Then President Reagan took office in 1980. We started coming back again. Want another great turning point? Some might blow it off, but I know what I experienced and what I saw. It was a Friday night in 1980. The semifinal hockey game between a bunch of our amateurs, Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig, and the others, against the powerful, professional, “CCCP”-team in red, the Soviet Union…against all odds and hopes.

And “those amateurs” won it big, plain and simple.

I was in a restaurant eating pizza with my father and uncle after a wrestling match. When we won? 

Everybody in that restaurant emptied out into the streets. Everyone else was doing the same thing. Cars and traffic were stopped, and hundreds of vehicles were honking their horns. Everyone…strangers on the street, and even the cops…celebrating and hugging one another. Many flags came out, and this went on for at least a half an hour, unabated.

I wept then. I’m weeping now as I write these words, thinking of the moment. A moment of greatness…of refusal to be beaten. In that tiny victory that might seem insignificant now, we found a moment of warmth, an accomplishment of pride to talk about. That feeling carried through for me all the way to this day, 42 years later. We were Americans that night, and we remembered…our country and each other.  

That night, we all put the “We” right back in “We the People.”  

So, what does all of this have to do with the coming invasion by China and Russia, you may ask?  Everything. Everything, and then some. Read on.

General Haotian’s speech about destroying America

First, let us start with some excerpts of a speech given in December of 2005 by Chi Haotian, Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission:

“…Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.”

“…Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die, then the Chinese have to die. It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world…”

Manipulating viruses

Ten years later, in 2015, a paper entitled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons” was released by 18 Chinese military weapons experts, all scientists. 

They specifically stated that coronavirus could be manipulated, weaponized, and released.

At the beginning of his presidency, Biden announced an “investigation” that would take two months to find the “cause” of the coronavirus. Nothing. 

Fast-forward to his “State of the Union” speech, and not one single mention of the Chinese and what they’ve done. That’s been “par for the course” for some time now. Prime example: when the remake of the movie Red Dawn was to be released in the theaters, the original “enemies” were supposed to be the Chinese. There was so much of an uproar in Beijing about it that the Chinese managed to force the commies of Hollywood to make North Korea the villains.   

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I’ll mention the unmentionable, in accordance with my First Amendment rights. Here is my opinion: 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) weaponized and released the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the “Wuhan Flu,” and it was specifically designed to target the American people.  

The United States government aided and abetted that release. 

Fauci, Gates, and all of the rest of them should be arrested and put on trial. The inroads have been made by the Chinese, and this is just the beginning.

They have surreptitiously attacked the US with a biological weapon. 

The pharmaceutical companies and the administration(s) have begun their collaborative depopulation agendas with the vaccines. Thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide have identified all of the risks posed by their endless (and ineffective) “booster series.”  

Little “niceties,” such as graphene nanoparticles, and deleterious effects ranging from heart conditions to out-and-out dropping down dead are the norm, not the exception. Still, the pharmaceutical companies rake in the cash, protected by the “state of emergency” clauses, under the protective, vampiric cloak of the ever-fawning, ever-taxing government.

The pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, the feudalistic, impregnable “health care” system, the ever-secret “Soviet” government that rules over us…and the media (all forms of newsprint, film, and television) have accomplished their mission:

They have systematically destroyed our country’s military, industrial, and economic base while weakening the population and setting us up for the limited nuclear strikes and the physical invasion, conquest, and enslavement of the United States of America.

This excerpt comes from an article entitled “60 Minutes: US Intelligence Officials Say Chinese Govt Is Collecting Americans’ DNA,” from 2/4/2021:

“United States intelligence officials have revealed that mass testing for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with allowing communist China to covertly harvest the DNA of Americans. One of the main purposes behind the Chinese virus scare is to drive the fearful into testing centers where swabs, both nasal and anal, are used to collect DNA that is then sent off to the Chicoms for analysis and databasing.

“Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from COVID tests,” reads a statement issued by Bill Evanina, Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center.”

So, why are they doing that? Why have they been doing that?

I’ll tell you why: to utilize the genetic database in the design of bioweapons that are ethnically specific and tailor-made for “We the People.”

Not enough? How about this information, excerpted from “COVID-19 Is ‘Unrestricted Bioweapon’: Whistleblower Releases Second Paper Alleging ‘Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud” by Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge back in 10/08/2020 (Zero Hedge has since removed the article):

“Li-Meng Yan, A Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who worked in a WHO reference lab and fled her position at the University of Hong Kong, has published a second co-authored report, alleging that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was not only created in a Wuhan lab, it’s an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was intentionally released.

“We used biological evidence and in-depth analyses to show that SARS-CoV-2 must be a laboratory product, which was created by using a template virus (ZC45/ZXC21) owned by military research laboratories under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government,” reads the paper.”

I submit to you, my fellow Americans, that the invasion has already begun in the form of the actions that have been covered in this piece.

Our domestic GNP is only based on a service and consumption economy, not any kind of true manufacturing base. The controllers are the politicians, the corporations, the oligarchs, and those lackeys from the federal down to the local “government” level.

All of these corrupt traitors are responsible for the systematic dismantling of the United States, along with one other player: the media. 

Let’s call them out.

The media: the core of corruption and decay

Every film, every TV show, every article. Every book, newspaper, radio ad. Every advertisement in the stores, the shops. Filth, decadence, and vileness are all labeled as “fundamental transformation.” Villainy, all of it: a push toward the paradigm shift, a relentless drive to inculcate their aberrant behaviors into the public consciousness, and effectively destroy the foundations of American society, faith, and the family.

Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a “primer” for the American politicians of today, for the clearest viewpoint of the communist infiltration that has occurred within the (former) United States government.

We have to be more than simply conscious or consciously-aware: we need to have a conscience, plain and simple. We have card-carrying members of the Communist party within the government: Ocasio-Cortez, and Harris, to name a couple.

They see no difference between “liberation of the masses” and “liberating” the population of the United States within the fireballs of a thermonuclear war.

No, the Chinese have begun the invasion in earnest.

In keeping with The Art of War, they have chosen the ground, sown seeds of disinformation and discontent, and effectively unleashed a bioweapon upon the complacent populace.  

Now they’re marshalling their forces, making plans with Russia, North Korea, and other allies for the actual attack and subsequent invasion of the United States. If you think it can’t happen, think again.

This is where we must reject the hubris and embrace the truth: we’re against the ropes, and it’s the final round. The great victories that we’ve won in the past will not save us now. 

Only the lessons from those victories can serve to strengthen our resolve.

Read The Tunnels of Cu Chi, which reveals the guerrilla warfare and tactics fought by the Viet Cong against us in the Vietnam War. 

Read all of the books by Viktor Suvorov(pen-name for Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun), such as Inside the Soviet Army and Spetsnaz.

Going back to that “hockey game of 1980” and what it means: Everything.

We live here. We must make a conscious decision each and every day to not break faith with the oaths we’ve made in our hearts. The Pledge of Allegiance. Remember it?

That pledge means to not break faith with our country, even when its government is turned inside-out, and not to give up on our fellow countrymen. That pledge holds, even if the whole country turns into a bunch of godless traitors, collaborators, and communists.  

 Survive, and succeed. We must survive what is coming. They did this: the Chinese and the traitors within our country…the government shills, and all the rest. They’re not done yet.

And we’re not done yet, either: We, the People.

In Part II, we will game the likely strategies that will occur during an invasion, identify our enemies, and how we can best fight them here, on our own ground. We’re down, but we’re not out. We’re still Americans, and this is the United States of America.

I submit to you that as long as we live, keep faith with one another, and do our best to do what is right and good America lives on. Long live the United States of America, and long life to all of you, my fellow Americans…my countrymen! When they come, let’s “give ’em the soup-bone” and fight ’em all the way. May God bless you and keep you safe. Until next time, JJ out! 

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What do you think?

Does the information presented here convince you that a quiet invasion is underway? Are you concerned that this is the plan? Or do you think this is a stretch? Share your opinions in the comments.

About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.      

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

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  • No argument here, I’ve believed for the last 15 years that we’re headed towards Civil War.
    The Left has went too far left into the realm of LUNACY.

    • This veteran’s been flying a 35-star flag since 20Jan2021! I’ve had it for a while, but put it up after the current and pathetic CinC ‘took over’!

  • A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    We have been and are currently being betrayed by those in leadership.

    “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    Our “American” spirit has been under assault for generations. What did Lenin say about teaching the children and I’ll control the nation? The very radicals of the Vietnam era have become Tenured Professors in our colleges.

    Obama often mentioned how Saul Alinsky was a friend and mentor.

    Jeremiah, (also called the “weeping prophet” of the Old Testament, a good name indeed) the words of Mike and the Mechanics “Silent Running” are well to be listened to and pondered.

    Expect betrayal at every turn as generations have been taught, they would be rewarded with “See something, Say something”. Even Jesus’s price of a month’s workman’s wages (30 silver) was enough.

    Our American Revolution at it’s heart was a proxy war between France and England. If you doubt that look at the French providing General Lafayette and professional trainers, Mr. DuPont the famous French Powder Manufacturer (Dupont powder spring to mind even today?) and the French Navy breaking British Blockades allowing delivery of French Arms and Ammo. Maybe some research about how Ben Franklin spending much time in the French courts seeking support and influence along with most of our Founding Fathers also.

    Who will be the proxy supporter today?

    • Michael [and Jeremiah]: Well put!! Can we survive the treason from within? It runs deep. I pray we make it so! Even Jesus, as you say, was turned over from one of His 12.
      side note: He [Jesus] loved them [Judas and the other 11] to the end, though. John 13:1. I pray we all can learn to love those who will betray us. BUT keep fighting. Never give up. We are Americans! There’s still some red, white, and blue blood in many of us!

    • There are very few patriots today able bodied and motivated to reclaim this country. The military top brass should have organized their men and removed traitors from gov. and corporations. That time has come and gone. Either we are headed for tyranny and genocide or civil war. Where are the alpha men today? women will back them if they are willing to stand up. The globalists are going full throttle now, their time is short to reach their goal some day by end of year.. A high percentage of Americans maybe 90 percent some say, are nihilists, apathetic and lack left brain function/critical thinking skills to figure things out, solve problems. Most know nothing of agenda 2030, Claus Slob of the W.E.F., corrupt public education, and could care less living in their own tiny world not caring about their familie’s future. 501c3 Churches are compromised (globalist gatekeepers by remaining silent) civic groups incl. Vets org. are social clubs.

      • You’re right, to an extent. You ask, ‘where are the alpha males’… there are many of us that are two old to physically engage in guerilla warfare… but there are three times as many that are! And when any of us see foreign troops on our soil, as the SHTF, every one of us can still hit what we’re aiming at.

      • The military top brass is mostly in line with the CCP. Miley, Austin, ad nauseum. Obama fired the patriotic military top brass in his first 2 terms. My kids were planning on military careers until retirement- they now want out. They realize the vast majority of Americans are lazy and unwilling to step forward and help fight, and the true patriots in the military cannot do it by themselves.

        Tiktok, which many teens and adults waste hours on, is a Chinese spy app masquerading as entertainment. Stay off of it and keep kids off of it as well.

        • That’s a fact about TikTok….I’ve tried to educate people I know about this, but they consider me paranoid….despite the fact they know what I do for a living.

    • The Governor of Texas should receive weapons support from France and Mexico and succeed yesterday!

  • great article! yes, there is undercurrents happening in our country and world, that the majority of people are not seeing or if they are, they are not believing!!! we will wake up one morning soon, and find that things arent as they were when we closed our eyes the night before. we are quietly being invaded by outside forces, terrorists, and there are many, many traitors within our country currently just waiting for the signal…..I have been an optimist most of my life, (in my 70s now) and was until couple years ago, then I started seeing things changing around me and the world. I do NOT have a good feeling about our country and world now…I wake up each day thanking the Lord for another day, for what I DO have, and praying people will come to their senses before its too late…dont think that will happen. its already too late, but none so blind as those who do not see…..remember that song? our world is coming to an end quickly, when the chinese and russia, iran and whoever else will be bent on destroying America…..and we have no one to blame but ourselves for not being alert, for not joining all our peoples together to fight as one, for being so laid back – so conforming, so giving and blind, that we will now be consumed further by the hatred of America by others, and will be facing our total destruction in the very, very near future…..prepare as you will, pray for your salvation, and look to God, he will either save US or not…..God bless…..

    • The problem is that people are paranoid – we never know who and who isn’t controlled opposition. I listened to RFK until I read he comes from a satanic bloodline. We’ve been had folks. Everything we’ve been told is a lie.

      And the reason people are apathetic is the diazepam they’re spraying in the chemtrails along with God knows what else. We watch the skies and the spraying is on steroids.

      • I have seen videos by people from Satanic bloodlines who escaped. The bloodline does not force you to wickedness. Some of those will be among God’s greatest angels because of what they had to endure to survive. Some would NOT give up their love of Christ even under unimaginable torture.

  • The Chinese won’t invade with soldier on the ground. Why bother? After all “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu.
    China may attack Taiwan once we are well and truly on our heels. They will continue to buy up Africa and its resources. But they will wait until American’s are fighting each other and then will approach one side and offer assistance… with some minor string attached.

    • The Chinese have run out of time. The last couple of years they have had disastrous harvests due to floods and other natural causes. They have lost more pigs (their major source of protein) than the rest of the world produces. They claim to have stored up over half the world’s wheat, but thanks to fraud and lying, how much of that wheat is edible? They had planned to do their invasion in 2025, but they will starve before then. Even now they are loading up their cargo ships with war materials, cargo ships so they won’t be recognized as war ships. That’s to add to the tons of weapons they have already smuggled into this country to be used by their sleeper cells within this country when activated. The recent lockdowns in Chinese ports were to hide war preparations. The Chinese will invade. It will most likely be within the next few months. The battle will open with nukes in major cities and military bases.

      There must be an invasion to secure their victory. Without an invasion, we can claw back. There are enough idle machine tools that can be brought on line making munitions. So the Chinese must stop that possibility by having troops on the ground to put us under their thumb.

      How many troops can the Chinese land? A recent report mentions that the Chinese military has about 3.3 million members. Of that number, how many will need to remain in China to keep the populace pacified? How many will need to be held back to face off against their #1 Asian enemy, namely India? Furthermore, the troops that are sent over will need to be politically trustworthy, so they can’t institute a draft of all Chinese, the majority of whom are anti-communist. Even those in the supply chains need to be politically pure, because sabotage stopping the flow of food, fuel and munitions can stop a tank column just as surely as weapons.

      Will there be an invasion? They’re already loading the ships. Will it succeed? What are your thoughts?

      • R.O. , if the Chinese nuke major cities and military bases here what would be the point in invading? The country would be a radioactive dump.

        • sylvia: airburst nukes leave very little long-term radiation. In fact, the enemy could march in almost immediately afterwards. The Chinese want to take over the U.S., especially the farmlands, so they won’t indiscriminately throw around dirty nukes that could ruin what they want to use.

      • RO

        Do you hold that US military folks (usmf)will not launch counterstrikes against Chinese folks?

        What probable response would US folks have if usmf did not hit back?

          • All of this doesn’t make sense. The globalists have been spraying us with aluminum, barium (rat poison) graphene, and yellow fungal mycotoxins. They 5G will likely use the towers to control or kill people who are full of heavy metals – the technology founded by Jose Delgado in the 50’s. The Chinese don’t have to invade – all the globalists have to do is send out their radio waves. I know someone who works for the cable company who said the brass doesn’t even know what is being put on those towers. So I don’t think China will invade but I could be wrong. Why would they when they have high tech weapons such as 5G and drones to take us out?

      • George Washington’s vision at Valley Forge seems to indicate that there will be great conflict with much loss of life. However, when all seems lost, The Almighty will send His angels to bolster what is left of the resistance and bring victory to the patriots. God still has a great love for this country and the good and decent people at it’s core. That is my hope. So bring it.

  • Great article and it reinforces my own thoughts. My family is well armed and will make a dent if they bring the fight to our shores. I see our only hope is the exercise of the second amendment for the purpose envisioned by the founding fathers.

    • Yes and that’s why we’re seeing false flag gun attacks – I knew they would be next…Uvalde…the globalists are trying to disarm the people.


  • The Chinese invaded us a long time ago … with all the chinese trash they send us to sell in the stores …all the cyber attacks and espionage stealing of our secrets (look at their military planes are an exact copy of ours), their chinese propoganda radio stations on american soil spewing their poison. It is a shame we allowed that to happen. The roaches are out of the bottle and they have spread like wildfire.

    • Our own greedy politicians and “American” corporations sold us out. Now they want us all dead because they outsourced our jobs overseas and to robots.

    • Why does everyone think China is the enemy??? The globalists and their depopulation agenda are the enemy. China is killing their people with the vaccine too.

  • Thank you for a great article and connection the dots… Let’s spread the word-

  • If you read Washington’s vision which was reprinted in the National Tribune in 1880. George Washington was shown “3 great perils that will come upon the Republic . The most fearful is the 3rd passing which the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and Union.” In that 3rd vision the whole country was being devastated by armed men from Asia, Africa and Europe. It took help from the heavens to overcome it.

  • Sure the chinese will capitalize on the situation and probably encouraged the development of these bioweapons, but the blame lays squarely on America. Obama admin moved the lab to wuhan along with all the chinese grad students from Chapel Hill, NC after congress declared it illegal back in 2012. Our own “Gov’t” want us all dead, Bottom line. Who made the killer vaccines? China? Thats why Schmuck Biden the Usrper wont investigate the origin. They know where it came from. Gotta focus on those white supremacists. The only ones smart enough or cares enough to see through their obvious Bullsh!t.

    Sun Tzu, The Jesuits, and The Art of War

    • thank you LJB, wish more would watch Walter Veith to open their blind eyes to the truth being played..

  • History repeats- because human nature never changes.I heard.
    As a house is divided it will fall.
    “Sacrificial martyrs” shall be the catalyst to end this evil.
    Who has this strength?

  • The Chinese own walmart, tyson chicken, etc. They have brought up most of our large processing facilities. They can bring us to our knees by just the lack of food. Even the credit card company most big stores use for their in store cards are owned by the Chinese. This why buying American and local has more impact. I use cash as much as possible. My husband has a debit card (I choose not to) which has been hacked twice in the last month. I rather do without or buy something older that was made in America. Remember how hard it is to get parts or appliances? All made in China. My stove is from the 40’s, but made in America. Somethings can’t be brought here anymore, but it is worth trying. The less you spend supporting China, then the better we will be.

    • Mette…..With the right leadership in our nation’s capitol, all of these industries could be temporarily nationalized to bring ownership back into the U.S.

      …but I agree with everything you said…..for years we’ve done without certain things if they were made in China…..

  • Really detailed, thoughtful and very convincing post. It absolutely feels like it is being facilitated by treason from within that is decades in the making. I can’t help feeling too that there is something very sinister about the blatantly intentional open border. I see a huge majority of young men in the footage which makes me think unwitting military power, and not to protect the U.S. either.

      • @Casinogirl I just keep thinking “nothing is free” – rules-free entry, free cell phone, free transport to anywhere in the U.S., free accommodation, talk of mass work visas. Personally not buying the compassion, voter creation/buying or even ultra liberal policies arguments. At some point debt repayment will be required and this has been thought of well in advance. They must be useful to them in one way or another that we will see unfold. I’ve read various things about China financing the cartels who are organizing and profiting from the caravans aka trafficking operations. ICE also just released a statement about possibly recognizing foreign military service. Now I’m in conspiracy territory but what a genius in-plain-sight way to amass a potential “army” on foreign soil.

        • ALSO this is why the Mexican President and heads of the Northern triangle countries refuse to meet with JB – he is basically working with the cartels who are their shadow governments to traffic their citizens. They don’t even need to overthrow governments and install friendly dictators any more.

        • I heard the same. We were in a store the other day and it was half filled with foreigners. I don’t think God meant for this because he scrambled the languages. The foreigners also steal houses. I know a realtor having a heck of a time evicting foreign squatters from his properties. They are lured her with welfare, free health care, and then squat in empty houses as if it’s their own. They refuse to leave and a headache ensues to evict.

  • ????????????????????????????????
    ???????????????? ????????????????????????????!

    I thought I was reading something my own husband wrote.
    I’ll be printing this out for him to read. And to save to read again and again. I’ll also print the lyrics to the song bc you cannot have this article without the song. As I read I also wept. An uncle of mine died from the longggg lasting effects of A. O. turned pancreatic cancer. I guess you know that means he was also ‘there.’ He never talked much about those days. Once in a great while, when melancholy would over take him he would tell us stories as we looked at the tiny photos he brought back with him.
    It is for him that I revere the USA. For his sacrifices. As you, JJ we also were brought up with saying the pledge of allegiance, bomb drills in elementary school and Red Dawn the old version. It runs in my DNa. I pray that when they study that DNA in China that what they see scares the holy hell out of them. Bc American DNA tells a story of a people who still say, ‘from my cold dead hand!’ I ???????????????? die on that hill for my uncle, for you JJ, and for the country that America is and was. I may be only able to cook for the troops but I will do it. It wasn’t all for nothing. It is, I proudly say, for all generations. Whether they know it or not, True America ???????? will fight to the last dying breath and I will stand behind them. JJ, your observations are correct. Spot on. You don’t need me to tell you that but I’m telling you anyway. I’d carry water for you a million steps and then one. (for anyone who doesn’t know what I mean by that, I’m indicating that I wouldn’t hesitate one millionth of a second to join a call to arms from JJ). I read the book Black Beret Painted Faces, and other books my husband has and will be ordering the ones you suggested. It’s time. I hate to think it takes a threat like losing one’s country to wake ppl up, if they’ll even wake up then, but deep down I know that they sleep even as we live and breath red, white and blue. There is something deeper about being American that has been lost on those afore mentioned generations in your article. It’s not about an ego. It’s about a mandate. The mandate our founding fathers were given from THE Creator to show the world what He meant by self governing in Christ. THAT is what being American ‘is.’ It is as close to the kingdom of heaven as one can get on earth. That was the mandate and does continue to be. That is why we fought and died in the United States Revolution. We were chosen to be an example of what can be, for a ‘we the people.’ Which is why, with the knowledge and educational means that the world is at today it makes it all the more harder to believe ???????????????????????? would want communism or socialism as their foundation. All you have to do is look across the lake to see how well that turned out. So willfully blind they will perish. Thank you for your service JJ. I salute ???? you. Thank you for this awesome article!!!

    • ♥♥♥♥♥ Great comment. I echo your sentiment and thoughts!
      I’ll help cook, carry water, even fight/shoot. 😉

    • Dear Becca,

      I’m deeply touched, and completely honored by your wonderful words. We can do it…We, the People. We can survive what is coming.

      You made all of my years of service worth it with your words, and the other wonderful patriots who have shared their comments, as well.

      I’d lay down my life for you, and for my countrymen in a heartbeat. First, let’s follow after Patton’s words…and make the enemy give his life.

      My deepest thanks, and my heart is with you for both of our uncles…and for all Americans who love our country, and will stand with us.

      May God bless you and your family, in everything that you do.

      Respectfully Yours,


      • Dearest Jeremiah, CasinoGirl and White Rabbit!

        Wow! I am blown away by these profound and powerful responses! I have discovered the “true grit” of the this country comes in the form of the humble and willing! I am forever thankful and grateful and my heart is filled with true brotherhood and sisterhood. One of my fav books/series is A Band of Brothers bc it goes deep into the fellowship of what it means to give up one’s life for a friend. These are qualities which cannot be faked bc it has to already be in the heart to announce it. Just beautiful. Thank you for these meaningful and “true grit” American words. I will never forget..

        Warmest regards

  • I feel strongly that Covid was a well planned worldwide experiment by the Chinese and the results more than met their expectations. I agree with everything you wrote, Jeremiah.

    • I don’t know. Why did faucci and dazak leave such an obvious paper trail to Wuhan? Let’s not forget 3 months prior to the announcement of covid, the DOD funded a Ukrainian biolab to study Corona viruses. We see just how disgusting the Ukrainian military is. Was it released by Ukraine at the Wuhan military games in October of 2019? Soldiers from all over the world catching it at the Wuhan games would explain how it spread so quick globally. Faucci in 2017 said the new administration would face a pandemic, Biden tweeted in Oct 2019, Trump left us vulnerable to a pandemic. The lab in Ukraine was funded by – Metabiota (Hunter Bidens company) also the announcement of the first USA case was the day Trumps tariffs were to start on China. I’m not saying China is not a threat, but I believe they were set up. China owns Smithfield, the world’s largest pork producer, they own tons of USA farmland, the container ships never go back to China empty. As long as Americans buy Chinese goods they’re people stay employed, the living standard rises and the government avoids mass revolt. As far as tech, they don’t need to spend much, they’re agents are in our university’s getting the info for free. China exist basically as a parasite attached to America, parasites try not to kill the host. China’s ambitions in Africa are farming, mining, energy and labor. Its not like China has to take the USA for survival. If anything America is a piggy bank to fund other expansion efforts. The biggest threat from China is our stupid politicians and policies.
      Our politicians are idiots, they still live in a world thinking assured mutual destruction, prevents the use of nukes. That is not how Russia and China see it. They see nukes as necessary tactical weapons. We spent billions on navy tactical strike groups which are a joke in all out war. One hypersonic missle (which we can’t stop) and the group is done. If we stop trying to be the worlds police things will be fine, if we keep trying to tell the world what to do, we will be in a war with China, Russia,, North Korea, Iran and a few others. Good luck to us, I don’t see our Euroweeny allies being any type of asset. The founding fathers had it right, stay out of other nations affairs. Xi is up for re-election in Oct, so I assume he will go into Taiwan in August, Zelensky is desperate to drag the USA into his shit show, so I’m guessing he launches American made weapons into a Russian civilian area, right around the time it looks like China will invade Taiwan. As all this happens I would bet Iran strikes Israel, with guaranteed logistical support from China and Russia. North Korea will most likely strike South Korea, to add to the chaos. This will be to many fires to put out. I would also expect an emp attack with simultaneous nuke attacks on all military infrastructure with low yield nukes. Leaving our only nuclear response from any nuclear capable subs at sea. As far as a Chinese invasion it would be easy to get troops and equipment on American soil using container ships sitting in que off the the coast, and in the great lakes. In other words the Brandon administration is going to get us all killed.

      • Trump is a 33 degree mason and never was the firebrand independent hapless President – it was all a psyop. We don’t vote in anyone and haven’t for a long time.

        I could be wrong but China is owned by the globalists like every other country. The globalists may concoct a war just to kill off (depopulate) through war, which they’ve done for a long time.

        The biggest threat is our own government. They aren’t idiots they’re owned. They know they’ll be assassinated if they stand for the people, so we’re on our own.

        One thing we can all do is fast and pray and prepare. Fasting brings greater strength to our prayers.

        Try to leave printouts at the police station for regular cops to read. The globalists control police, many who are freemasons. We must convince them that after they’re used up by globalists, they too will be murdered.

  • I’ve seen this coming for the last 10 years or more. The purposefully escalated de-masculation of our boys and young men.. the ridicule of older stronger wise men..the destruction of a woman’s roll in protecting and nurturing family and society.the stripping away of pride of country, a lacking in strong mind or body ..facilitated through drugs and media. many who have no will ,courage, or faith to fight for God, Country or family the shortage of food and basic supplies to further weaken people after covid .with the open border and the flood of young strong military aged men coming in each day..the prep work continues to speed up to take over our country..

    • Yes the whole ‘toxic masculinity’ thing was planned. One good thing is that male youth reject it. I spoke with boys in our neighborhood who were repulsed by it. They have 4 teens in their huge school who identify as transgender. They now have to get hot and sweaty but are disallowed to shower, so that the transgender aren’t ‘offended’ yet the entire student body is offended by not being permitted to shower. And I’m sure the teachers are ‘offended’ by the sweaty bodies they now have to teach, who have an odious smell.

      Henry Makow has a good overview on his site about how Rockefeller’s re-engineered women. I know women who regret not having a family and buying into the lies. God designed women to want a family but women today are looked down on if they choose that path.

      They’re also trying to stir up a race war. We go out of our way to be kind to other races but were at a park when a ball rolled over. A family member picked up the ball to throw it back and the little girl said “Don’t you touch my ball! You’re the devil!” So some other races are teaching their children to hate whites. I don’t usually encounter it though and I always talk to other races and never had any issues. It’s the Mockingbird media trying to stir up a race war.

  • With all the rest of the crazy that we are seeing unfolding before us, why not?

    But I think they would turn their attention to Taiwan first. Much closer, be a good trial run. They have modernized their military, but the last time they saw real combat was in the Korean war.
    Of course I do think they would use asymmetrical warfare as force multipliers.

    I think they are looking at what is happening in the Ukraine/Russian war and are taking notes, as likely we are. So far the lesson to be learned there, is the old adage: Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.
    Also, looking at the Ukraine resistance, from the small military, to citizen warfighters against what was supposedly a modern military (using that in the loosest terms possible).
    Now apply that to America. The land mass. The terrain. The logistical train from across the ocean.
    Could they pre-stage or stage from bases in other countries (i.e. Central America)? Maybe. Still a long way to go.

    As R.O. points out, they, like the rest of the world, are having their own issues with food shortages, supply chains, COVID lockdowns.

    The Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the geopolitical fall out, the shift in monetary policy, realignment of energy sources, they may just sit back and wait and see how/exploit the unfolding multi-polar world.

    • Not Taiwan. The waters between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are rough, the best time to have invaded Taiwan was in March. Secondly Taiwan’s beaches make Normandy look smooth. Third, the Taiwanese are ready to fight.

      After taking out the U.S. the Chinese could merely blockade Taiwan until Taiwan surrenders. They need to take us out first, then the rest of the Pacific is merely a mop-up.

      • Great point R.O…….and China doesn’t have the amphibious capabilities to mount an ocean based assault on Taiwan, unless they plan to make a bridge of human bodies between the two countries.

    • I figure if China were to invade, they would load troops and equipment into container ships. They can get deep in the country through the great lakes, California and Seattle ports covers the west coast, Florida, North Carolina, New York and Maine cover the east, and Texas is a good point also. Sounds crazy, but it’s a lot better than a D-day type of invasion.

      • Yes…..and they can launch low yield nuclear missiles from those standard shipping containers to blanket the US with an EMP.

        These are the kinds of things politicians in DC should be focusing on instead of trying to turn us into a Marxist state.

    • You should not make blanket assumptions like this one. Doing so leaves you open to dangerous levels of surprise when your assumption is overturned by new information. (If you merely think this but allow for being grossly incorrect, then such a surprise won’t leave you “flat-footed” in the face of the new dynamic.)

  • Thank you for a fearless opinion piece. There are those who will accuse you of racism and being a conspiracy nut. You are not. You are a patriot who still cares deeply about the country.

  • Wow. What a fear-filled, paranoid rant. I’m not even sure what he’s saying we need to be doing. Not break faith with the US? I agree. Love the US and work to make it better? Also, I agree. But I think we mean different things.

    Let me start by saying, although this article purports to be about a potential Chinese invasion, it saves its deep punches for cultural dog whistles. The world has a lot going on, and I think China will want to secure Taiwan before they invade us. But I could be wrong.

    This is my country too, and I love it. I’ve lived on three continents and visited dozens of countries and speak several languages. Loving my country, though, doesn’t mean I look at it uncritically, though. There are MANY, MANY things other countries do much better than we do, and they are better off for it. When my country is going the wrong direction, I’ll say so and act accordingly. But just because I don’t get teary eyed at the Star-Spangled Banner, or festoon my home with flags, or become all maudlin at parades and so forth does not mean I’m unpatriotic. We have different ways to show it, that’s all. You can wear a bikini top with the flag on it and wear a tri-cornered hat. I’ll vote and advocate and read and learn and educate.

    I’m confused by one thing, though. I thought COVID was a fake? Right? No worse than the regular flu, hasn’t killed a million Americans, something we overreacted to. But… now it’s China’s doing, and they plan to kill 100-200 million more of us this way? Make up your mind. It’s either real or it’s not. And I think it’s hilarious how the author chose to blame Gates, Fauci, and so forth, and left not a little drop of shame for President Whiny Bonespurs Grifter von Treasonpants. Weren’t we supposed to be all well enough to sit at church by Easter 2020? Maybe we should have injected bleach earlier, like he said we should.

    Hockey? That’s what got you so excited? How about electing the first black president ever? My grandfather, whose cremains now lie in Arlington National Cemetary, died three months after the first Obama election. He was a 30 year veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and shortly before he died he told me the proudest he’d EVER been as an American was the day he got to vote for our country’s first black president, an honorable man, a gentleman, a scholar. And yes, he had all his marbles. OK, hockey, sure. Maybe I don’t get it. I was living in Germany then and we cared about more important things.

    Last thing. This rant reads like a cri de coeur for some imaginary “good old days,” of Mayberry (funny, since that was completely a Hollywood invention too) and mom and apple pie and main street. Maybe you remember this accurately in your life but for MANY Americans the reality of “the good old days” was far, far worse. And good riddance to times like those.

    The world has changed, is changing, and will change further. I’m sorry young white men feel like they aren’t the default anymore, that they don’t automatically get first crack at all the goodies our society has. That they have to compete on a more and more equal field with women, racial minorities, the LGBTQ folks, non-Christians, etc. Too bad. That isn’t un-American. That is the MOST American thing, to make one’s way in a society where all are equal.

    It must be quite upsetting, to call your bank and have to press “1” for English. To go to Wal-Mart and be subjected to having to hear a family talking among themselves in another language. To come home without a hot homemade supper waiting for you like it did for your Dad, because your wife is out busting her ass too for the family, and by the way, why don’t YOU learn to cook? To turn on the TV and see a mixed race couple with their kids in a cereal commercial, or a gay couple sitting around enjoying their coffee. That you can’t make a living the way your dad or grandpa did by punching a hole in a piece of metal all day, every day, in some factory for $35/hr (in today’s dollars), as a high school graduate, and then retire with a full pension and lifetime health care at age 52. Those days are GONE and never to return. And the people responsible aren’t the ones you’re mad about.

    This country IS getting blacker, browner, less Christian, and more LGBTQ-friendly, and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. I think it’s marvelous. And that, my friend, is what America is too. To swim in a diverse sea where you’re only as good as your mind and body spur you to be. That is what I call American Exceptionalism — the idea that we as a nation are different from nearly all nations, in that we were founded on ideas and shared sacrifice, not royal families or land grabs or anything else. And our nation does best when the stew it sits in is made up of many different people and points of view, with respect and tolerance toward all.

    I am genuinely sorry that you are so distressed, Mr. Author and others who see that this country no longer looks like how you remember it or how it should be, according to you. It is always — always — striving to be a more perfect union.

    Change is hard. But it’s here, and can’t be stopped. Over time the worst of the distress of the pearl-clutchers will go away. What is the average age of the Fox News viewer? Just wait. This country will be better than ever.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Lorraine. Reading the JJ piece I was thinking how it would reinforce blame/backlash against Asian-Americans, and was a prime example of White Grievance and White Supremacists. Yuck.

      • Oh Lords be to all the Gods. I loved ‘Miracle’- the “hockey” JJ is talking about. Do you have ANY idea the amount of positive propaganda that put out after the invasion by the Soviets in Afghanistan? Out of the recession? That it was a glimmer of hope that we could, still, through hard work and sacrifice, achieve? The worst part about the Left in this country is that you and your ilk carry no relationship to Locke or others on the Classic Left. The only left you can find is currying to a popular minority which seeks indoctrination of our children and dissolution of our economy and values. You are a plague, but WE protect you. Those of us who serve, those of us who stand for the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance. Because THAT is freedom. To engage in civil discourse, disagree, or agree, and move on and live our lives. But no, no. You cast aspersions on those who not only watch Fox, but also their ages? With all your supposed life experience, you and Shelley, with your world traveling and your languages- and judgement is the best you can do. I will GURANTEE you both, speaking several languages myself and having traveled (deployed), that the only thing your patronizing attitudes bring is amusement. Even here. Even now.

        What China is doing is well calculated. They don’t need to invade- just to win. And they, and Russia, are well on the path. Americans are indeed exceptional, but that exceptionalism is eroding in the face of CRT, lowered standards for education and workplace performance, and yes, immigration. We do not keep the immigration standards of other nations- a certain education, money in the bank, proof that you can be a valuable contributor to society (see Canada). You want to see what happens to nations whose immigration policies are displaced by larger, WEF-style feelings? Sweden. Germany. France. and THEY can’t their houses in bloody order.

        The first black president? Who was party to a massive crash in housing and the stock market, screwed our foreign policy in Syria by failing to enforce red lines and allowed Russia the presence of a warm water port in Tarsus? The one whose’ wife thought she was an elected official and cut school lunches? That black president? For all the gods, the man was barely a puppet of the Clinton administration- a place holder until that entitled female was supposed to be next. He could barely run a council in Chicago, let alone this country. I would give you points for “with respect and tolerance toward all” if the left wasn’t so bloody busy supporting fiery but peaceful protests by ANTIFA and BLM, if it wasn’t so adamant about feelings and cancel culture, and if it wasn’t openly advocating for violence against anyone who disagrees with them, including the Supreme Court. And if it wasn’t actively engaging in the over sexualization of our children.

        There are a lot of criticisms that can be levied on the right (conservatives), including religion, but we aren’t out there stalking justices of the court over feelings. Press 1 for English? Cool. Press 2 for taxes and welfare and housing in California costing more than a condo to get 1 tent off the street. Press 3 for sexual assault in a NYC subway because the police were defunded. Press 4 for wild fires started because of an Instagram moment of genetic reproduction.

    • “If we’re not very careful the hubris of exceptionalism could lead to our demise.”

      Sounds like your smug self adulation was addressed shortly after the beginning of the article.

    • Lorraine, as a (not so) young white man, I have to say I’m thrilled by your post.

      When I was working at a frigging hard ass, filthy, hot, dangerous job at the steel mill, I admit, it was all young white guys.

      Same with the military, sure there were some minorities, but look around, sure enough, mostly young white guys.

      The things (dialing 1 for English, gay dudes swapping spit on tv) you mention DO bother me, even though my son is half Japanese and my second wife was Black. Guess I’m still a bit of a racist…and a homophobe? Probably a lot of phobes and isms banging around in my head, Gen x and all that.

      Still, I for one love your gumption, and willingness to shoulder your share of the burden.

      There’s a lot that needs fixing.

      Get to work. And go ahead and round up all the LGBTQ 15 year olds and all the other “flavor of the day” ethnicities and socially disadvantaged, hell, shovels fit their hands too. We have a country to rebuild, all hands on deck!

      Wherever the work is hardest, most dangerous, thankless, and life span shortening, I fully expect to see you and your crew of rainbow haired “heroes” shoving others out of the way to be the first to blow out your back and wreck your wrists and knees for the cause.

      Don’t let anything but fear and exhaustion and medicated clinical depression and drug addiction and lack of skill and poor discipline and no shared common culture or morality stop you.

      You got this. You go girl????

    • “My grandfather, whose cremains now lie in Arlington National Cemetary, died three months after the first Obama election. He was a 30 year veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and shortly before he died he told me the proudest he’d EVER been as an American was the day he got to vote for our country’s first black president, an honorable man, a gentleman, a scholar. And yes, he had all his marbles.“

      Ok, I can respect that. And your grandfather. But, apparently you can’t comprehend his pride in casting that vote after 30 years of service. Nope, past it lining up with your own ideology you show no tolerance for others based on a preceding statement. You just unzip, drop trow, squat over your grandfathers cremains and relieve yourself despite his labor. The evidence is in this (curiously reminiscent of a comedy legend)sentence the paragraph prior:

      “ But just because I don’t get teary eyed at the Star-Spangled Banner, or festoon my home with flags, or become all maudlin at parades and so forth does not mean I’m unpatriotic.”

      Ahh.., I don’t know Lorraine, seems like your just itching to insult anyone in disagreement with your lofty left leaning logic. Unless, of course, everything you write is horseshit fantasy of a woman who should be home right now cooking her man a nice hot meal instead.

    • Lorraine: Your hate-filled racist rant is exactly what’s wrong with the U.S. today. Like you, I have lived overseas, speak different languages, including Chinese. I have nothing against the Chinese people, rather they have suffered under the CCP, the same organization that will invade the U.S.

      Obama is a mulatto, not a Black, whose main adherence is to a White ideology. As a result, he did almost nothing to help Blacks. But he did much to enrich his white friends, taking money from working people.

      I can go point by point taking your argument apart, but it’s not worth it.

    • Seems to me, if there were a Mayberry of today, it would be inclusive. As long as those denizens truly respected family, education, debate, can define what a woman is without being a biologist. Respect women’s sports. Respect laws and LEOs. Respect the Constitution.
      I know more than a few minorities who would be welcome into a town like that or would want to live in a town like that. I know I would (re: I am not white).

      Unfortunately, that is what we are NOT seeing.
      Instead we are seeing children being told they are oppressors or they are the oppressed based off their skin color.
      We are seeing children, ages 6-8, introduced to sexualization when they still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy.
      We are seeing the dumbing down of our educational system by lower standards or getting rid of them out right. What is that? You cannot read, write or do math at graduation? Here is you highschool diploma. Congrats!
      AH! What a great country that shall be! An entire generation that hates themselves or others based off skin color, cannot decide what sex they are, and are uneducated.

      Obama getting elected was a great moment in American history, truly. No sarc implied.
      And Obama’s first term was Bush’s third term. Their policies were pretty much identical.
      Although the ACA was anything but affordable. Even Dems admitted that.

      This morning I am reading the group RuthSentUs, published where SC Justice Amy Coney Barrett attends church, and where her children go to school. No intimidation there.

      Yes, change does happen. But looking around at what the progressive Left is pushing, there are a whole lot of people who do not want any part of it. To include minorities.
      Elon Musk and Bill Maher see it. I have Dem friends who say the Dem party has been pushed so far to the left, it makes them look center or even right of center.

      I fear we are headed toward a civil war. And it will be anything but civil.

  • Just more Chinese Bluffing. China can’t afford to attack the US. They buy food from us to keep their people fed, without that they have a revolution. In fact they are just a few steps short of Revolution at this point.
    Then there is the Economic loss. Without the US buying their goods, their people will have no work, no money and no way to buy food. Not a pretty picture.
    Economics, not Politics or War runs this world. Even China knows that. They don’t like it, but they know it. Russia does also, which is why they are outsmarting us over Ukraine. We still believe that sanctions do something, they don’t. There are to many ways around them and the Economic model of most nations means they must ignore enforcing them.
    Money makes the world go around. Until the US is removed as being the worlds Financial super power, we are safe.

    • Mic, I respect your opinion, but we have been at war with China since at least the early 2000s….I know, because I’ve been on the front lines the entire time. It’s not the traditional war most people are used to.

      Yes, economics is key, and China has been on the edge of that abyss for more than a few years. There are not enough resources on the planet to support the standard of living China seeks for obtain itself – and that’s not including the rest of the planet.

      We the People are the Government, not those we elect to serve on our behalf. Until Americans in large numbers get seriously engaged and put smart, problem solving, non-narcopathic people into these decision making positions, human civilization on this planet will continue to flirt with devolving back into the dark ages.

    • Why buy when you can come in and take it over for yourself? And kill off the owners while you’re at it? How can we recognize the CCP goals as anything less than what I just wrote?

  • I think that: (a) we are at war with the Chinese (via economic and cultural means), (b) that the retired British spy who wrote a tell-all book about post-WWII spy stuff (amended, of course, to preclude strongly classified information) was correct when pointing out that Conservative politicians were receiving large donations from the CCP^ through indirect means, (c) that Covid2 (the so-called Wuhan Flu, named in the same manner as Ebola and Marburg, but not Hanta) was not a deliberate release but an accident with a deliberately modified (or evolved) coronavirus from a guano mining operation in northern China, and (d) that Omicron (from South Africa) was a semi-deliberate (in that the CCP hid the true infected numbers and re-infection rates of their citizen) release (via a few infected people sent to work on Chinese engineering projects in South Africa) of a much-mutated strain of Covid2 (call it “Johannesburg”? Like “Marburg” was Ebola in Marburg?). Delta, along with Robin & YellowHammer & Beta & Gamma, showed that waves of infection amongst large or huge populaces could produce more extreme variants of deadly diseases.
    Essentially, yes, we are at war with China, but, no, China’s deliberate behavior in regards to Covid was not, necessarily, part of China’s war plans. On the other hand, the weakening effect of Covid (in the general sense rather than the “Wuhan flu” sense) on world populations provided opportunities that the CCP is trying to take advantage of. (So is the U.S., but that is often expected by us.)
    (Why we assume that foreign powers are as ignorant as some snowflakes and Repugs are is beyond me. We should be assuming that those with some amount of means will act in the same ways we act, even if we also assume that their ways will have a flavor unique to them.)

    ^ – Just look at who has been approving of Chinese behavior in the recent past (i.e. past decade) and who has been disapproving. Generally, those receiving financial support are vocal about their stance with respect to their donors. As this could either be appreciation or requested denouement, both loudly expressed stances are good indicators of donation recipients’ allegiances.

  • To Lorraine:
    May I respectfully say that I don’t know how old you are but I think that you should maybe just move back to Germany or any other country but America. I find it very sad that you “don’t get it”. And just about every comment you said about the author of this post shows your true ignorance about America and what made this country the land of the free and the home of the brave. I truly feel sorry for your bitter benighted soul.

    • Absolutely. And thank you because I’ve been thinking about how to respond to her and Shelley. You were much nicer than I would’ve been.

  • You Bible speaks of the destruction of a great country and an invasion. I wouldn’t put it past me that it is talking about, maybe, YOUR COUNTRY?? And you have been put on notice.

    One third is to die by the sword, another third by famine, disease, etc., and the other third to be enslaved, according to this ancient book of yours.

    Bad things come in TURDS, it seems.

  • I think the US is a long way down the target list, Taiwan 1st, then many targets in Asia and the pacific. However the long range strategic target would be Australia, small population, massive resources, worlds largest uranium reserves, worlds largest aluminium reserves, coal, wood, gold, wheat, considerably underdeveloped, small army and navy.

  • Great information and thank you for the article. Any idea why a Japanese katana was used for the “Chinese” sword? Maybe because those are most typically made in China these days, especially the shiny wall hanger variety?

  • You have fallen for the state propaganda. Your view of US as a union is misplaced. Perhaps a read of Lysander Spooner Constitution of No Authority- No Treason. And Smedley D. Butler War is A Racket will enlighten you. The US is a corporation A Fascist collaboration of Huge multinational military industrialists with the Uniparty that pretends to be representative government. The enemies Of every American are in DC not China or Russia or N Korea or Iraq,Iran. That is the propaganda.. A fools errand is the belief that voting or working within the system can rein in this Evil Leviathan. If you believe that then immediately end the 12th, 16th, and 17th amendments removing income tax, vp and potus elected as one, and senate filled by US not state legislatures. Regardless Today everyone needs to prepare for a long economicly and militarily painful conflict between U.S. and Americans because they are Not the same. They are duplicitous, evil liars and killers bent on world hegemony.

    • 1 Justsayn: you are half right. Those fascists in D.C. will be happy to welcome their fascist friends from China, Russia, and other countries. They have sold us out, sent our jobs and industry to China, and are doing what they can to make us defenseless so their fascist friends can enslave us. And murder us.

      But there are many of us who are ready to fight for our country, for our families, for our neighbors. Will we win? I don’t know. We will be fighting two enemies, both the enemies within and the foreign invaders.

  • Mine either. It was wildly inappropriate, and would have required real strength of character to publish.

  • Dear JJ, Powerful article. I must admit that I have not experienced such a thorough reprimand for a long time – since I am one of those that have said, “Where can I go?!” And, yes, I did consider other countries. You wrote, “They have systematically destroyed our country’s military, industrial, and economic base while weakening the population and setting us up for the limited nuclear strikes and the physical invasions, conquest, and enslavement of the United States of America.” Precisely. I understand your use of the hockey game analogy – the shear determination and pride in our brotherhood and our country to win. It is moving. The reality is that a more accurate comparison would be for the US team to have their 20 guys and the Russian team to have 100 players they can use. China has far more soldiers and will not hesitate to sacrifice them. China also has Russia and North Korea to strengthen their numbers. Who do we have? No one. We don’t even have our own military to support us. Most true patriots in our military have been rejected. What remains is mostly weak, woke, sickly (vaccinated), soy boys and girls straight up the ranks to the top brass. But even they won’t side with those of us that love freedom. They might just open the door and put out the red carpet for the Chinese to invade. At least in the Revolutionary War with England we had our militia on our side and had great support from France. Who do we have now? The Viet Cong were a trained military army. We are not. How will the patriots in this country become military ready if we can’t even organize or find each other. The current regime watches closely for such “subversive” activity. How many patriots do you know that have tanks? Bombers? Lets not forget the object lessons given at Waco and Ruby Ridge.
    The Chinese have already begun their war against us: bioweapons, computers that have built-in backdoors for cyberwarfare (Huawei, ZTE), heavy bribing of key US government officials with subsequent highly treasonous activity, implant of countless sleeper cells, purchase of farm land and land adjacent to US military installations, cutting off medical supplies, food, electronics, microchips, equipment parts, the purchase of many American companies, 900+ enormouse Chinese container ships loaded with military equipment ready for invasion right now, Chinese and Russian military bases in Mexico and Canada, and so much more. How can we stop them?
    I greatly look forward to your Part II where you state you will discuss “likely strategies … identify our enemies, and how we can best fight them here, on our ground.” Excellent and right on point. I realize you will be writing an article, not a book, but please don’t over-simplify. We patriots lack connection, cohesiveness. Many of us lack military training, sufficient armaments, protective equipment for bioweapons in the long haul – the list is almost endless. We lack supportive outside countries. We lack our own military’s support. I will stay and I will fight, but I would really like it to be more than some lame effort trying to stop a herd of raging bull elephants. Thank you. I am deeply grateful for your service to this country.

  • China doesn’t need to “attack America”. America is even televising it’s own destruction on CNN! The “Russia gate”? Really? The Laptop from Hell? The rest of the US is following the woke path to disappear up it’s own anus! Try this for an exercise. On one side of the page write a list of all the countries China has invaded in the past say 200 years. On the other side a list of all the places the US has “Protected it’s interest.” One of those lists will give you a clue of who has a blatant disregard for the lives of their own peoples. Ho rar!

    • America is committing national suicide…..and most don’t realize they are being herded into it……

  • It is your opinion that Reagan firing the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers, to encourage CEO’s like tRump to off-shore/out-source American manufacturing to China was great for the American worker? Reagan not following through on the Carter Energy Policy now has China leading the world in fast train and alternative energy use and research. Reagan’s Treason fomenting Iran Contra weapons for cocaine scandal is something to be proud of as well as spending billions of $’s supporting Reagan “Freedom Fighter’s” Taliban, Al-CIAda, Saddam, etc, now costing the country trillions of $’s and scores of US soldiers killed, maimed and committing suicide in the farce War of Terror against these relabeled “Terrorist’s?” The nearly tripling of the deficit under Reagan having nothing to do with the collapse of the former USSR and now Russia is kicking NATO’s/US ass in Ukraine? nothing to be proud of the immoral, unethical Ronald Reagan and his administration of most convicted Felons to operate the White House to date.

  • Some pretty clear insight into our future… but you must consider that only our Heavenly Father knows WHEN, and WHETHER, and WHAT, will happen within HIS OWN planning… HE who places governments into power and takes them out of power – as HE sees fit. “There will be wars – and rumors of wars – but the time is not yet…” Matthew 24: 6-8 “… these are just the birth pangs…” of the coming of the Messiah!!
    Ladies and Gentlemen: You must be ready… HE is coming back… can you see the beginning of the cracking in the Eastern Sky???

    • Amen Allen!!
      The most important choice facing every human being is.. am I going to believe (cling to and trust wholeheartedly) in Jesus Christ’s payment for my sin, or face God on the day the books are open.. in my own righteousness?
      “There is none righteous, no not one’. It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgement.
      The WORST is yet to come – the Antichrist system is being set up before our eyes.. the book of Revelation lays out this 7 year period in all it’s horrific detail!!

      The good news is that we have time to repent while it is today.. if we hear His voice let us not harden our hearts..

      If anyone thinks this is just another religious weirdo..that’s ok.. but please take the time .. just a little over an hour to read the last Book of Bible; the Book of Revelation. Guaranteed to blow your mind, and there is a special promise given to the reader in the first chapter.

      Revelation 1:3
      Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear the words of this Prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein; for the time is at hand.

      There is another promise to those who are born again-
      1 Thessalonians 4:16 – 5:4

      Escape the wrath to come! Repent and believe and be saved today????

  • Good article JJ. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team is extremely relevant to our situation, but it will be lost on some who read your article.

    Jim Craig was an excellent goalie, and it was largely because of Mike Eruzione that Craig made it through the final cut. Coach Herb Brooks wanted to cut Jim, but Eruzione vigorously talked him out of it, and he fiercely stood up to Herb. Mike is a natural leader with the ability to not only pull people together as a team, but the uncanny ability to see in people what they don’t always see in themselves. Goalies are not the same as other human beings. They are quite literally the last line of defense and the only ones with the ability to save the game (apologies to Ken Dryden for mangling his words a bit). Mike knew that, and more importantly, he knew what Jim Craig was capable of when the going got tough. Mike also knew Jim was vital to maintaining the team’s cohesion, a key element of their ability to have a serious shot at a medal.

    Sergei Makarov, right wing of the losing 1980 Russian Olympic hockey team said of the Americans: “Their eyes were bright. Their eyes were burning. It was team.”

    (Full disclosure, I was a goalie. I played for a time with Mike Eruzione. I didn’t have the God given athletic skills he did, but I learned a lot from him, and carry those lessons with me to this very day.)

    Marxists have infiltrated our nation, in large numbers. China, and other nations, have actively worked for decades to undermine our country in as many ways as they can. Many in elected and unelected positions have been compromised in some form or fashion (e.g., bought off, blackmailed, etc). For decades, Americans have been unaware or ignorant of what’s been going on – both in our own nation and around the world. That changed with the emergence of the Internet.

    Like many on this forum, I have been to foreign countries outside the US. When I worked on the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs, I got to know many human beings from all over this planet. Really know them, not just as casual acquaintances. They were all as passionate about contributing to positive human evolution through space exploration as I am. They were equally frustrated with vacuous world leaders intent only on collaborating to enslave the majority of Earth’s population. Some of them escaped oppressive regimes, including totalitarianism. Human beings are essentially the same, despite our differences.

    We the People are Americans, and we are a team of human beings who come from all over this planet. As long as we continue fighting among ourselves and getting sucked into the “Us vs. Them” head games being pushed on us by those seeking to rule the majority of the human population on this planet, we will not unite to overcome the oppression heading our way at breakneck speed.

    This is a global war of good vs. evil.

  • And there it is…the elephant in the room.
    Knowing how the CCP operates (Belt and Road initiatives), I believe COVID was more about decimating us financially to bring down the house of cards when the time is right, and I think the Shanghai lockdowns tie in with that strategy. We are compromised on so many levels it is hard to even know who our true enemy is.
    Did the CCP make a deal with WEF? (Who clearly want to starve us and reduce us to automaton/serfs). Are the CCP in league with Russia? What about Operation Sandman?
    My best guess on the DNA is that it will be used further down the road, that perhaps it ties in with vaccines rather than the “virus” itself? It may be part of Phase 2. Monkeypox seems pretty lame now, but the narrative is in place for a novel airborne virus to trigger another “plandemic”. (Watch the lemmings line up for a “smallpox” shot).
    I like that you reference how the Art of War directs us to know the inner enemy in ourselves too. We certainly allowed ourselves to be duped…willing lambs to the slaughter, for the most part.
    I also remember the original Red Dawn. I’m not well-armed, but I would certainly do whatever I can with the resources I do have.

  • I live in Southern California, I have for over 60 years- the Chinese are coming in by the 10’s of millions, this is an invasion- they will displace the entire United States if it is not stopped. Period- and I do believe the CCP with their Bolshevik overlords have intended to steal the United State just like they stole Russia and China- and soon.

  • A war like JJ is talking about also reduces the mouths that China has to feed which will help them. Once they “pacify” regions here I imagine they will send over their people with low social credit scores to start working our farms. Separating them from families in China is a means of control and if they’re killed over here that won’t really bother the ccp. The Chinese can’t hit Taiwan without neutralizing us first either by invasion or EMP. The strategic position of Taiwan in the shipping lanes and the fact that they manufacture the majority of the chips needed to maintain our military make the coming under china’s control a national security issue.

    On a side note I find it interesting that certain people always want to bring up race even when it has nothing to do with the article that was written.

    • Indeed Scott……This wouldn’t be the first time China has pruned their population through a war. Also, medical science has proven there is only one ‘race’ of homo sapiens on this planet. The human race. It has been well documented throughout all of human history that the concept of separating human beings by skin pigmentation or other attributes/characteristics is an artificial social/cultural construct created by those human beings who want to control and oppress other human beings. It is a mechanism for social division, and that is its only purpose. A primary goal was primarily to justify slavery and colonial expansion (control and oppression of other humans). It has no scientific basis in fact.

      Read up on the work of Jane Elliott for an interesting perspective.

      Put simply, separating human beings by ‘race’ is a lie. Even the ancient Greeks knew it.

  • I often find Daisy’s articles thoughtful and informative, and this one caught my eye. I’d hoped to discover useful information or a fresh perspective, but the rabel-rousing hyperbole in the piece undermines this writer’s authority and trustworthiness. This writer may have important things to say, but needs to work on cultivating a less bombastic tone.

  • Yes indeed, the full naVaL armada from the the Communist Republic of China is set to invade on July 4th, in about 3 weeks, as noted by top generals, the rebel island set to become the 17th chinese province, (formerly known as taiwan) has no will to fight and its outdated weaponry is a joke, it will be conquered rather easily within 2 weeks , the entire POINT of the seizure is being missed again by the gullible public ( same LoonY tunez who took the microchip vax over the fake virus HOAX) once china has the rebel island to use as a staging point to then take Japan and to the south the Land of KangarOOs, then control all of the pacific ocean territory as a spring board to take hawaii come September, this all coming from my sources in Burma
    ohio st Univ

    • I wonder if they’ll do any better than the Sovs… errr, Russians with Ukraine? Probably not.

  • Not gonna happen. Are the ChiComs just going to march in here with the blessing of SlowJoe and the Ho? What about the three hundred million privately owned firearms (remember “a gun behind every blade of grass). I hope the ChiComs team up with the Russkies, who can’t even overrun the corrupt third-world country next door to it. Or the Norks, who can’t even feed themselves. Change your meds, dude.

    This is ridiculous, and the second idiotic post I’ve read from Jeremiah in the space of five minutes. What has happened to this site?

    • Hi, Chad – the easiest way is to share a link to the article by copying and pasting the URL 🙂 Thanks for letting people know!

  • I’m unsure if the Chinese are the villains or it’s just the satanists running the government now. AOC and Harris are both transgender bought and paid for satanists.

    I wish I knew what to do. Complacency is what got us here but I just don’t know how to get us out. I pray a lot.

  • It’s like one after another, starting with the author, people are trying to out crazy everyone else. Just how would China sneak hundreds of thousands of troops and equipment 10,000 miles across the Pacific? I’m pretty sure someone would notice. Oh, yea. They are going to target Americans, and Americans only in North America with a virus to kill several hundred million of us. This virus wouldn’t spread to other countries or kill much of the rest of the world…oh no…because the CCP has targeted millions of Americans on a genetic level so only the targets would be killed.

    If the CCP really wants to destroy America, they would just wait another decade or so and completely dump their Dollar reserves on the open market and a greatly reduced cost. Our economy would crash at an unbelievable rate and millions would starve in the ensuing social unrest. At that point, we would likely be willing to sell to them California and Hawaii for a shipment of rice and a couple of cows.

  • I think Americans are screwed because they trust our government and its constituent psychopathic leaders. They want to just sit back, relax, and have everything easy, and think others will protect them and keep everything the same as it’s always been.

  • After 40 years of yelling at boneheads like this author, pointing out the American exceptionalism bullshit, and worse, the horror of the dollar complex, and its march through everyone’s backyard it has felt entitled to, I’m certainly not gonna take my advice now from a right-wing virtue signaler! I left. Yup, got out. So glad I did. I left just like the persecuted souls that left Europe to come to North America for a life of freedom. I’m contentedly living in rural Africa. Not looking back. Super glad not to be in the US at this point. So, blessings to you, and have fun going through the great rebalance. As
    a Taoist, Sun Tsu understood rebalancing very well.

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