The CEI: Why Brands Risk Going Broke to Look Woke

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If you’re anything like me, you may have been utterly baffled by recent events in marketing. Companies like Gillette, Disney, Nike, Tampax, and Bud Light seem to have completely abandoned their core customer base and pandered to an entirely different demographic – one that’s unlikely to even need or want their products in the first place.

(Trust me when I tell you this is really important content. Let’s see if I can write this article in a way that won’t get me slapped with another round of defunding and deplatforming.)

Well, look no further for the answer.

Move over, ESG scores. Now big corporations are competing for super-high CEI scores. And to do it, many of them have to completely turn their backs on the loyal consumers who’ve been buying their products for years.

What is a CEI score?

Brought to us by a group of control-freaks-pretending-to-be-do-gooders who call themselves The Human Rights Campaign, CEI stands for Corporate Equality Index. 

A quick note about the HRC: it IS, in fact, funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation as well as Disney. Not a conspiracy theory. You can see here where they thanked both companies for their support. And by “support,” I’m pretty sure they don’t mean that those folks getting a shout-out said, “Way to go! You’re doing great, sweetie!”

A company can receive up to 100 points in the CEI rating system. Here’s how those points are earned.

1. Workforce Protections (5 points possible)

  • Policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity/gender identity or expression for all operations (5)

2. Inclusive Benefits (50 points possible)

To secure full credit for benefits criteria, each benefit must be available to all benefits-eligible U.S. employees. In areas where more than one health insurance plan is available, at least one inclusive plan must be available.

  • Equivalency in same- and different-sex spousal medical and soft benefits (No points awarded)
  • Equivalency in same- and different-sex domestic partner medical and soft benefits (10)
  • Equivalency in spousal and domestic partner family formation benefits regardless of sex. (10)
  • Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care (25)
  • LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide (5)

3. Supporting an Inclusive Culture (25 points possible)

a. Four LGBTQ+ ​Internal Training and Accountability Efforts (5)
Businesses must demonstrate a firm-wide, sustained and accountable commitment to diversity and cultural competency, including at least four of the following elements:

  • New hire training clearly states that the nondiscrimination policy includes gender identity and sexual orientation and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each
  • Supervisors undergo training that includes gender identity and sexual orientation as discrete topics (may be part of a broader training), and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each
  • Integration of gender identity and sexual orientation in professional development, skills-based or other leadership training that includes elements of diversity and/or cultural competency
  • Integration of intersectionality in professional development, skills-based, or other training (required)
  • Senior management/executive performance measures include LGBTQ diversity metrics

b. One LGBTQ+ Data Collection Effort (5)

  • Anonymous employee engagement or climate surveys conducted on an annual or biennial basis allow employees the option to identify as LGBTQ+
  • Data collection forms that include employee race, ethnicity, gender, military and disability status — typically recorded as part of employee records — include optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Board (or other governing body) member demographic data collection include the option for individuals to report their sexual orientation and gender identity or self-identity as LGBTQ+

c. Transgender Inclusion Best Practices (5)

  • Gender transition guidelines with supportive restroom, dress code and documentation guidance
  • Implementation of the at least one (1) of the following policies or practices
    • Trans-inclusive restroom/facilities policy
    • Gender-neutral dress code
    • Policies/procedures that allow for optional sharing of gender pronouns

d. Employee Group –OR– Diversity Council (10)

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (20 points possible)

a. Five Distinct Efforts of Outreach or Engagement to Broader LGBTQ+ Community (15)
Businesses must demonstrate ongoing LGBTQ+ specific engagement that extends across the firm, including at least five of the following:

  • LGBTQ employee recruitment efforts with demonstrated reach of LGBTQ+ applicants (required documentation may include a short summary of the event or an estimation of the number of candidates reached)
  • Supplier diversity program with demonstrated effort to include certified LGBTQ+ suppliers
  • Marketing or advertising to LGBTQ consumers (e.g.: advertising with LGBTQ+ content, advertising in LGBTQ media or sponsoring LGBTQ organizations and events)
  • Philanthropic support of at least one LGBTQ+ organization or event (e.g.: financial, in kind or pro bono support)
  • Demonstrated public support for LGBTQ+ equality under the law through local, state or federal legislation or initiatives

b. LGBTQ+ Corporate Social Responsibility

Contractor/supplier non-discrimination standards AND Philanthropic Giving Guidelines (5)

4. Responsible citizenship (-25)
Employers will have 25 points deducted from their score for a large-scale official or public anti-LGBTQ blemish on their recent records. Scores on this criterion are based on information that has come to HRC’s attention related to topics including but not limited to: undue influence by a significant shareholder calculated to undermine a business’s employment policies or practices related to its LGBTQ employees; directing corporate charitable contributions to organizations whose primary mission includes advocacy against LGBTQ equality; opposing shareholder resolutions reasonably aimed at encouraging the adoption of inclusive workplace policies; revoking inclusive LGBTQ policies or practices; or engaging in proven practices that are contrary to the business’s written LGBTQ employment policies.

Now, let me be clear about my own opinions here before I go further. I’m not a conservative. I’m really rather ambivalent about people’s identities and orientations as long as it’s an issue for consenting adults. I know this differs from many in my audience, and I also support the rights of people to not engage in things that are an affront to their own religious or personal doctrines. That’s the beauty of America. (Well, it was, anyway.)

However, the above FORCES “public support” of something a person might not support at all. And I am NOT okay with that.

Whatever happened to the simple philosophy of “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all?” That was not abusive. It was a way to gracefully take a step back without being hurtful or forcing your own opinions on others.

However, now it could lead to corporate ruin.

How are companies affected by CEI scores?

You may be wondering why companies would participate in such nonsense (which podcaster James Lindsay of New Discourses likened to “an extortion racket, like the Mafia.”)

If businesses receive 100 points, they get the title of “Best Place To Work For LGBTQ Equality.” Fifteen of the top twenty ranked Fortune 500 companies received that perfect rating in 2022, including Walmart, Amazon, Apple, and more. You can find the scores here.

842 businesses in all have received that sought-after 100% rating.

According to a report on the NY Post website, the HRC actively enforces the CEI gospel with new demands.

It doesn’t just sit back passively either. HRC sends representatives to corporations every year telling them what kind of stuff they have to make visible at the company. They give them a list of demands and if they don’t follow through there’s a threat that you won’t keep your CEI score.”

Okay, it’s just a score. What’s the big deal? What does it all mean?

So why do corporations comply?

First of all, money.

Of course.

The CEI is a lesser-known part of the burgeoning ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) “ethical investing” movement increasingly pushed by the country’s top three investment firms. ESG funds invest in companies that oppose fossil fuels, push for unionization, and stress racial and gender equity over merit in hiring and board selection.

As a result, some American CEOs are more concerned about pleasing BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Bank — who are among the top shareholders of most American publicly-traded corporations (including Nike, Anheuser-Busch and Kate Spade) — than they are about irritating conservatives, numerous sources told The Post.

So investor money is more important than consumer money.

But that’s not all. Companies that don’t comply could lose everything.

“The big fund managers like BlackRock all embrace this ESG orthodoxy in how they apply pressure to top corporate management teams and boards and they determine, in many cases, executive compensation and bonuses and who gets re-elected or re-appointed to boards,” entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who is running for president as a Republican and authored “Woke Inc.: Inside America’s Social Justice Scam,” told The Post. “They can make it very difficult for you if you don’t abide by their agendas.”

In 2018, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who oversees assets worth $8.6 trillion and has been called the “face of ESG,” wrote a now-infamous letter to CEOs titled “A Sense of Purpose” that pushed a “new model of governance” in line with ESG values.

“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose,” Fink wrote. “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

Fink also let it be known “that if a company doesn’t engage with the community and have a sense of purpose “it will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders.”

It’s not just about, “Go woke, go broke.” It’s about, “Don’t go woke, go under.”

The message is clear that if you don’t comply, you will be destroyed.

Proponents say this makes the world better. Opponents disagree.

I have no doubt that some people involved in this believe in it with all their hearts. They want to make things better, kinder, and gentler for people they feel are being discriminated against, and compassion is not a bad thing. After all, I’ve been an idealistic 20-something myself, once believing that we could mandate the world into being a better place.

My issue is not with those genuine albeit misguided souls.

My problem is with the people who know this is not about everyone singing Kumbayah. My problem is with those who are trying to push a progressive agenda on America. One that ends up with us all wearing equally ugly uniforms in our Soviet-style block apartments while we eat government-distributed cricket burgers and try to stay warm with sparse, commie heat.

Derek Kreifels, the co-founder and CEO of State Financial Officers Foundation, believes that these mandates are detrimental to stockholders.

He calls ESG itself a “highly subjective political score infiltrating all walks of life, forcing progressive policies on everyday Americans [and] resulting in higher prices at the pump and at the store.”

The Corporate Equality Index is an ominous cog in ESG’s wheel, Kreifels told The Post.

“The problem with measures like CEI, and its big brother ESG, is that it introduces an incentive structure outside of the bounds of business, often in ways contradictory to fiduciary duty.”

This will backfire.

I’m not advocating cruelty or discrimination. I’m not suggesting anyone go out and deliberately try to prevent people with whom you disagree from being treated fairly and reasonably in the workplace. I’m just saying that this is no way to get ahead in the world. If a group wants acceptance, then that group needs to stop asking for special treatment. Be hardworking. Be good at your job. Be a team player. That’s how you get treated well at work.

I see no way in the world that this won’t backfire. First of all, when you begin shoving something down the throat of stubborn, free-thinking people, we tend to dig our heels in even harder than before. People who were against the thing in the first place are even more against it, and they feel threatened now. People who were previously ambivalent say, ” Hey, screw that!” They feel like their right to be ambivalent is threatened. And people who are all for it push even harder, setting themselves up for a rebound later on that will not be pleasant.

This is not some kind of threat of retaliation. This is basic human psychology. Hearts and minds are not won over by force. They’re won over by being given a choice. And when forced, the pendulum always swings back, and the harder it was forced, the harder the swing back.

Stockholders will lose money.

Prices will go up.

People will get even angrier.

Division and animosity will continue to increase.

These policy pushers know this, they have to know. While they may be misguided or even evil, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. They simply don’t care whether the rest of us like it or not, and they currently have the money and the power to enforce their agendas. Never think this is about doing good. It’s not about supporting marginalized groups of people. It’s about tearing down our identities, both societal and personal. Broken people are far easier to control.

It’s never been about anything but control.

That national divorce folks are talking about is really starting to look like the only rational, peaceful solution.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about the CEI scores? Does this clarify why these ridiculous ads keep appearing, much to the outrage of customers? Does it make you think twice about what companies you purchase from? Do you have any thoughts about how we can stop this? Or, conversely, do you think it’s a great idea?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Mike Adams recently posted an interview with Nicky Billou, the co-author of a book that cuts through a lot of the silly stuff by listing and indexing patriot and conservative companies+ who are most likely to not put up with the con-fusion. Also, most of these folks work hard for their living and seek to spend and invest intelligently. “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book: The Priceless List for Conservatives, Christians, Patriots, & 80+ Million Trump Warriors to Cancel “Cancel Culture” and Save America!” by Wayne Allyn Root, Nicky Billou

  • A new twist on Communism. Nothing more. All part of the great reset to implement the New World Order. It will take some business leaders with courage to withstand this. I don’t know if there are any.

    • Business leaders need to have a pro-American ethic, true. But they also need bond investors that don’t require these un-American and grossly divisive policies for debt issuance and rolling over current debt. Most corporations are more closely subject to their debt holders than consumers, at least in the immediate term. So Americans need to put their investment and retirement assets in corporate debt investment companies willing to support pro American companies. Look for Wayne Allen Root’s Great American BUY-cott book. I think he has at least one such fund in there.

  • This has been a slowly growing snowball since the late 1930’s when Critical Theory became a thing. Steadily, it has taken over entertainment, education, journalism and lately government. So careful and stealthy it has been that nobody has noticed or, if they did, they saw no importance in it. Now, it’s taking over businesses and people are in real danger of being buried by it.

  • Yes, national divorce is the only thing that makes sense. State governments (read, your representatives in state govt) need to be encouraged to push back against national govt overreach. There is a lesson to be learned, and applied to many issues, from the marijuana activists who won legalization in their states, effectively telling the national govt to stuff their drug laws.
    Time for separation!

  • The sooner we finish creating our parallel economy and walk away from ESG/ CEI,the better off the entire world will be.I am about inclusivity,but not like this. Find businesses and products that do not support “woke” and only purchase from them.This is how we make woke go broke.The more people who walk away from this communist rubbish,the sooner it will be buried.You can find the woke companies and the products they sell at

    • I am beginning to think the only way is for a national divorce to prevent something truly terrible like a real shooting civil war.

      • I hear many people saying this, but there is no way the left will let the right peacefully divorce and have their own states or country. The communist mindset is one of control, not live and let live. Unfortunately, I think it will always come down to a real shooting civil war.

        • You can’t divorce locusts. Ceding territory to them is stupid because once they have stripped it they don’t make it produce, and they will be right back after more of yours. What do you do then, cede more?

  • Historians are going to look back (if there are any left still around), and ask the question,
    “What the heck happened that American lost it’s collective mind and common sense?”
    Was it Trump?
    I find it hard to believe that half of American’s minds are that fragile, to the point they cannot define what a woman is, they are not biologists.
    This is what happens when a society has become so decadent, entitled, disconnected from reality, members of the society can indulge in the absurd.
    You want to be . . . whatever, hey, it is a free country.
    Just dont demand I have to participate. You go your way, and I will go mine.

  • They risk going broke *if* their score is low. The employees of the future are not heterosexual (male) Caucasians. Frankly were it not for employees who do not meet the aforementioned “box”, companies would be hurting for talent. My company has a CEI score of 100 and profits are not suffering by any stretch of the imagination.
    What is likely to happen is companies moving out of states, not expanding in states, and/or allowing employees to work in states that are not hostile to DEI/CEI.

  • The answer, of course, is watch WHERE you spend your money! Go to the local farms for meat and produce; get your garden growing, and always be about local/local/local. The same for clothing, knick knacks, etc; go second hand. I hope everyone is reading The Frugalite, because there is a wealth of info there. One of the best places to go for clothing is the Discovery Store. It helps fund American Cancer Society in caring for individuals suffering from cancer. Great clothes, dishes, etc. I try to be as careful as possible before dropping dime one at the foot of a woke company.

  • *Sigh* so, Daisy and everyone else, if this is such a big problem, what do you think should be done about it?

    I find it disheartening how so many people who say they’re anti-socialist, pro-freedom, pro-1st amendment, are the first to want government to regulate stuff they don’t like from private companies, especially if it’s about the gays or the blacks or the Muslims… But demand to be left alone no matter what kind of fire-in-the-theater, start-a-civil-war, 2nd-amendment-solutions dogwhistles they emit. Are you for freedom or not? I thought the best of the people on here were consistently real libertarians, at least. (Side note: “The gubmint’s gonna make us eat BUGS!” Also: “Yum, shrimp! Crab! Lobster! Crawfish!” But I digress)

    This country IS getting blacker and browner and less Christian and less English-speaking and more tolerant and supportive of things/choices/lifestyles that are not YOU. And there is not a single thing you can do about it. And I think that’s great. Maybe these “woke” companies are looking to their customers of the future? Don’t they have the right, as either private or publicly traded companies, have the right to figure out what’s in their own best interest? If you don’t like it, simple. Don’t buy Nike, Budweiser, Disney, etc., just like I will never go to Chik-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, or Papa John’s. If these companies are making dumb financial decisions, they’ll go out of business, and they probably should do so.

    Corporations are legal people. They have 1st amendment rights. But that’s it for how they operate like humans. They are black holes of voracious need for profit, and will do whatever it takes to make profits. There is no morality, no conscience, no higher purpose for corporations. They are fiscally obliged make profits; it is the one and only purpose of a corporation, to make money. We can’t make them do this or that. Our only power is in what we buy or consume. If these very smart, wealthy corporations want to embrace CEI, I’m sure they’ve thought it all through.

    If you’re pro-freedom, just let the market do what markets do. If they’re right, they make money. If not, they go away. Simple.

    • “If you’re pro-freedom, just let the market do what markets do. If they’re right, they make money. If not, they go away. Simple.”

      Actually, not in this case. These companies are making decisions based on what a few people in positions of financial power are insisting on. Not based on what the consumer wants or what the free market. When it’s manipulated like this, it’s NOT the free market.

      In no way am I saying that people of color, trans people, gay people, and non-Christians shouldn’t be hired. If your re-read what I wrote, I never indicated any such thing and in fact said I personally am not offended by any of these things. What I *AM* bothered by is the fact that these businesses are catering to special interest groups.

      This is not typical corporate behavior. Their focus is NOT on profit. You can tell that when you see Gillette telling men (you know, the ones they make razors for) that they’re toxic and Bud having a person who does not in any way represent their demographic enjoying a beer in a bubble bath. None of these companies are responding to the customer’s outrage. They’re checking off boxes on their CEI scorecard so they are smiled upon by the Gods of BlackRock.

      Imagine being a conservative person who works at one of these companies. Your very existence would be an affront to their new corporate culture. And based on the CEI, you’d most likely be booted out the door at any perceived infraction.

      That’s not about freedom. It’s about control.

      And I’ll call it out every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    • Lorraine, did you read the article before commenting? It wasn’t about social issues, and Daisy made it clear where she stood, it’s about a forced social credit system put in place by the investors who rule the companies. It’s about threats of pulling investments so the company goes under if they don’t kowtow to the demands of the investors. In essence, it’s BLACKMAIL.

      • What I found most intriguing about her post is the qualifier “the”….back when I was a kid (I’m late 40s), elderly individuals that WERE racist or “homophobic” would call them “the gays”, “the blacks”. Wouldn’t it just be gays, blacks, Muslims?? Perhaps, she is not as open-minded, inclusive as she thinks.

        • Yes, I read the article, very carefully. And you guys apparently didn’t, or at least didn’t check some of her sources etc.

          But first: I guess I needed to put the warning “SARCASM” in front of when I put “the gays,” “the blacks,” etc. in my comment. I was echoing how many people on this site speak and think, as well as your dear leader, the orange menace:

          But back to the article. First of all, she sites Vivek Ramaswamy, a real nutjob with an axe to grind who you shouldn’t trust a word out of his mouth.

          Read the article more carefully. No one is forcing these companies to do this CEI thing. Finance companies can apply pressure, sure, but I agree with you on one thing: Nike and Disney and Budweiser as corporations don’t give a rat’s behind about singing kumbayah or how their employees feel. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. These companies are sophisticated and want, NEED to survive in the short and long term, and that means PROFITS. No one at Nike is betting on finance companies, no matter how powerful, to bankroll them if consumers won’t buy their products and services. It’s most likely a combination of many factors: finance companies, sure, wanting good press, and appealing to a newer, younger consumer of the future, one who likely doesn’t look/act/speak/worship like you and me. They are the future, not us.

          It’s econ 101 that the lifeblood of our economy is consumer spending. It’s fooling to think that companies can lose their customer base and still survive and thrive and profit merely based off finance companies alone. No, what’s going on here, and what upsets so many people, is that many big corporations, beloved and with a long history with many of us, are telling many of us that we’re irrelevant, that they’re betting the farm on the future consumers with money to spend, not us. And THAT is what this is about. They don’t care about you or me. They don’t care about PC stuff. They just want to make money. And we don’t do it enough for them anymore.

          • Ah, ok. I did not catch the sarcasm.

            I actually am not a registered voter, after having consistently voted for 30 years (and voting for the first time at 17 in a primary ~ remember being so excited to walk to go do so with my grandfather!).

          • They dont care about PC stuff?
            Then why did Disney lose a quarter of a BILLION dollars on two PC movies?
            Then why did Anheuser-Busch lose $6 BILLION dollars with a PC ad campaign featuring some guy pretending to be a woman for a year? BTW, that guys publicity stunt is quite frankly insulting to women.
            Why are people declaring their CEI scores on their web sites?

            We have just seen 24 consecutive months of real wage declines due to your beloved leader, the hair sniffing dementia patient in the WH. Due to Bidenflation, Biden failed foreign policy, Biden economic failure, the world pivot away from America and de-dollarization, companies have got to focus on current customers as the future is not looking so bright.

    • Lorraine,
      I agree that corporations should ultimately be able to decide for themselves what they want to promote and who they want to hire without interference from any governing body. That is not what is happening here. The majority of big corporations today are operating under ESG and CEI platforms instituted through communists such as Soros, with his hundreds of foundations, BlackRock, the WEF and Klaus Schwab, and the UN. Daisy is right in saying their priority is no longer profits. The corporations and politicians are now following orders from the aforementioned groups to bring about division and ultimately communism.

      You are also correct that America is becoming more black and brown by the day. This is not a coincidence. If we import the third world, we become the third world. The UN (and many groups working with them) have planned this for decades. They know the majority of these people will never assimilate, never care about the history and traditions of this country, and never do anything but vote for the politicians offering them the biggest handout. It’s called the Cloward and Piven strategy. They seek to overwhelm the welfare and social systems to bring about communism. The 1965 Immigration Act will be known as the death nail in America’s coffin. When our own Congress knowingly changed the immigration laws to let in every third world person on earth knowing it would ultimately be the death of a free and stable America. I know it sounds harsh, but how many first world countries can you name with majority black or brown leaders and populations?

      My brother and I were raised by a black lady, whom I love more than life itself, but identity and tribal politics is very hard if not impossible for most people to overcome. I am a realist, and I see what is coming. However, I do not agree that there is nothing that can be done to save our country. Overcoming this massive problem will require very tough choices to be made, with much screaming and tantrum throwing to surely follow. It really is very simple. First, only paper ballots. Any governor, mayor, politician, etc. that will not run free and valid elections should be removed from office permanently and arrested if necessary. Second, CLOSE THE BORDER! Every illegal, no matter where they came from should be given the chance to self deport. If they refuse, remove them from the country. Next, no more legal immigration for a very long time. Many legal immigrants do love this country and should be allowed to stay. However, there are many who do not. We should consider the 1965 Immigration Act as illegitimate, and an act of terrorism against lawful citizens. No one that hates America, Americans, or our freedoms and values, even if they supposedly came here legally, should be able to remain here and vote to cancel out real American’s voices. It is called repatriation, and it is desperately needed here. Enough is enough, we need some people with a steel backbone to fix these seemingly insurmountable issues. My family has been here for centuries, and I plan on staying right where I am. I have two small children who I refuse to let grow up in a third world communist country. America is ours and we must fight for her. The time is now!

  • A little off-topic, but your section, “This Will Backfire” made me think of an employee situation at my friends’s job. They “moved out” a woman they had in a human resource management position for TWENTY YEARS to hire a person that ticked the boxes of minority, LGTBQ, etc. (Oddly, then people were told to not talk to said person much due to “shyness”? In HR management?) Just found out last week this new hire QUIT in less than a year. I admit it – I laughed. This company virtue signals like there is no tommorow. Bet they try to get the old manager back.

    • I have a friend who is a teacher.
      She told me about her recent teacher’s aid who she said was a nice guy.
      But he was flamboyantly gay, wore dresses to work, and made everything about himself to the point of causing distractions in the classroom. In short, total lack of professionalism.
      Took a few months and a serious paper trail, but they finally got him fired.

      • People are sometimes suprised IRL (since I am very conservative) but in my younger years, a good number of the people I liked and hung out with were gay/bisexual (was a theatre major, and that seemed to attract students that would be “identified as” LGTBQ today). I can’t think of one that felt they had to announce to the world their preferences. Same as I don’t feel I have to announce I’m heterosexual, and I would probably be met with scorn these days if I did! 😉

        Maybe because society has seemed to take away the notion that one should excel and reward things that matter? Everyone gets a star so I have to feel special and get attention another way? Idk. Being a marine, I am sure you have a much better, indepth understanding of the world and its operations than I do. (Have read a number of your great comments over the last few years on here.)

  • So, to be blunt, (short & sweet) here….
    Yeah, I said even before reading this article that it boiled down to ‘Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street’ (no brainer)…. However, even being given all that $$$$$$$$ from ‘ESG’, the $$ from their consumers, which is seemingly drying up…. IF they do not need the consumers, why even market to them/us, &/or – sell in markets across this nation/the world, – THIS is my question?

    • I have been surprised how many people have no clue/have never heard of BlackRock. I used to use Proton Mail for years, for instance; and, then saw somewhere when they changed to the all purple cartoonish scheme, that they were suddenly partially funded by BlackRock! When I mentioned being disturbed by that, people asked, “What’s BlackRock?”

      • Thanks JLOM….
        I use Protonmail…. Hmmm(?) What other email servers out there are safeguarded from BRck/VGuard/State Str(?).

        • I can’t seem to find information on the BlackRock funding anywhere anymore? Was trying to hunt it down. FONGIT seems to be involved. I’m of the opinion that no email provider will be untouched if they grow “too big”. When I started using Proton years back, the user base was small. Seems once they got into the tens of millions, things changed. The help when having an issue was fantastic in the beginning, now robotic answers. When they changed so much last year (why purple, the color of globalists as my “tinfoil hat” question?), it seemed to align with when funding changed. Maybe BR, VG are interested when these companies employ the calendars, drive storage, email alias (Simple login), etc.?

          I’m sorry that probably doesn’t provide an answer, but I am seriously suspect anymore of any “free from bias/not leftist” operation. (Got my comments deleted by Rumble when I questioned why their pages have Google, Facebook trackers, etc.)

          Currently, I use Tutanota, but I don’t 100% trust that I’m paying someone that supports “values” I don’t. It’s extremely basic, which is fine for me as I’m not a calendar, drive kind of user. Also, not a very “professional presentation” when giving email addresses out with tutanota in them!

          People IRL ask me, “What’s the big deal? If you have nothing to hide, why won’t you just use Google?” Well, I find it disturbing that everything is connected. Even our kids in a private school, they want everything Google or Blackbaud connected. I *think* some here understand my apprehension!

          • I am not a representative of Rumble but I think I can answer why they have Google and Facebook buttons.

            Those are the most widely used search engines and social media outlets in the world. If you want to do ANYTHING with your online business, you must be connected to them. Otherwise your information cannot be shared on their platforms. You don’t show up in any kind of online searches. You cannot get advertisers. Rumble has a humongous operation and they have to fund it.

            It’s an unfortunate reality of modern life. It doesn’t mean they’re selling out. It means they are trying to survive.

            • Thanks, Daisy, for the explanation. I wonder why they wouldn’t just answer the question instead of deleting it! I had never posted anything controversial, harassed, etc. That made me dump my account. (Was commenting on a Ron Paul video, not sure if that matters, his staff deleted.)

              • You’re very welcome! There’s no way people can know this stuff if they aren’t in the business ?

                It’s possible it was deleted by YouTube and not by RP’s staff. They’re pretty intense with the censorship there.

  • This will end in Civil 0War. A National Divorce wasn’t possible in 1861, and it’s not any more likely to succeed now.
    Arm up and train up, because this will end badly.

    • Correct. It’s even less possible now. Back then there was a North/South divide. Now it’s largely big cities vs everything else, though it does creep into the suburbs. There’s no geographic divide, no way to carve up America in an amicable split. Violent balkanization, maybe.

  • I try to buy generic/store brand whenever possible so as to not support these companies. No wonder the French just burned down Blackrock headquarters! Nobody wants this garbage shoved down their throats.

  • Daisy, I applaud you for putting this article together. I was wracking my brain trying to figger out why a company would volunteer to destroy a segment of their own customer base. This makes total sense, now, and was very well explained. Thank you!

  • The problem with national divorce is that it’s not really red states versus blue states. It’s mostly red rural counties versus Blue Cities. My red state has 80% republicans in the legislature, and our Capital is blue. Texas is another red state and its capital, Austin, is blue. Virginia and New York are “blue” states with red rural areas. I haven’t seen any practical solution to this situation.

    Absolutely, we boycott companies doing destructive things if we wish to survive.

    We quit thinking that our civic duties end with throwing some lever on election day to vote on some Let George Do It. We need to become active in our communities.

    We Downsize DC. That is an organization. Look them up and get their newsletter.

    We start studying sovereign law. There is more than one system here. Learn Law.

  • Just because I noticed the brand name in the introduction, can someone explain to me which segment of the transgender society would be using Tampax after they have become what they say they were born to be?

    • That’s the point – it’s rather ludicrous that Tampax chose to advertise its product with someone who doesn’t have a need for it.

  • Hey my small Mom & Pop Shop’s CEI Score is -100. Not only do we NOT do ANYTHING the CEI Weenies want, we strongly are against EVERYTHING the Human Rights Campaign stands for.

  • I personally think that there are a lot of disengaged citizens who do not really pay attention to what is happening in our country….as long as they get a paycheck, have their fun on the weekends, they choose to remain ignorant. Couple that with the media not really telling the truth and it honestly feels like fighting a losing battle. But I agree that we must FIGHT through our voting, writing letters to our representatives, staying engaged in the battle against this WOKE (and sick) ideology which will destroy the generation of young people. Ultimately we must PRAY because we NEED God’s divine intervention to help save us from ourselves and the destruction and chaos we are creating. We have abandoned His principles that made this nation great in the first place. Without Him, we are lost as a people.

  • “If businesses receive 100 points, they get the title of “Best Place To Work For LGBTQ Equality.”
    So, first place means that rabble-rousers, sappers, and political organizers flock to work for you.
    I’ll pass. What’s second place?

  • This ideology makes the world better? Better for who? I am sick and tired of this every day being shoved in our face! We will not accept it ever! We need to bankrupt them and stand up for ourselves because We are the Majority!!

  • To have any counter to this nonsense requires corporate bond investment firms that will support corporate debt issuance without, and better yet in contravention to, these extremely divisive ESG and CSI policies. If the 70 million Trump voters from 2020 moved even 1/4 of their retirement funds into a pro-America investment fund there would be at least some option for companies who need corporate bond support and don’t want to implement these bizarre divisive policies. Wayne Allen Root wrote a book titled the Great American BUY-cott promoting entities that support a stable American business landscape. I think he did have one investment fund in there that could fit the above purpose. A MAGA fund or something like that. Our purchasing dollars are only one influence that the consumer wields, a far more effective one – as evidenced by the rapidity in which the American corporate landscape was commandeered to implement such grossly American policies – is the investment dollar. Get Wayne Allen Root’s book, call the MAGA fund (or whatever its name is) and see if it has an investment strategy that fits your needs, and if so move some of your assets over to them so they can expand their support of American companies and American institutions providing a means for Americans to make a living who would like their country not to devolve into a totalitarian structure.

  • I’m an owner of a small Mom & Pop Shop. I’m proud to say our CEI Score is probably close to -100pts maybe even lower………
    1. Workforce Protections – 0 pts. There are only 2 Genders. Back to work!
    2. Inclusive Benefits – 0 pts. We have no Benefits.
    3. Supporting Inclusive Culture – 0 pts. We support hard work. Now get back to work.
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility – 0 pts. We support Pro-Life, Pro-Religious issues. Anything on the Left, we’re against.
    5. Responsible Citizenship – More than -100pts. We would like to see the LGBTQ-XYZ go back into the closet and someone lock the door, then destroy the key.

  • I have wondered for a long time why Soros’s citizenship cannot be revoked and he then be deported. Why isn’t Hilary Clinton doing life without parole?

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