Why Are So Many People Bleating Like Sheep?

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By Marie Hawthorne

As soon as the blue states began winding down Covid restrictions, the invasion of Ukraine gave us something else to panic about. It’s like the origins of the Covid virus: in the early days, when most of the authorities in the press were insisting that it had natural origins, I remember thinking, “There’s a Level 4 Virology lab in this city, and the press says it’s a coincidence?” 

No. That wasn’t a coincidence, and I don’t think the timing of the Ukraine invasion was a coincidence either. I think it has to do with Mattias Desmet’s theory of mass formation psychosis. 

Organic Prepper published an article a few months ago about mass formation psychosis as it related to Covid policies, but I think it’s worth revisiting the concept in the context of what’s going on in Ukraine right now.

We cannot forget the lessons of the past.

If you listen to Mattias Desmet’s interview with Chris Martenson on the Peak Prosperity podcast, he discusses the distinction between ordinary dictatorships and true totalitarian states. Dictatorships based on rule by the most powerful have been typical throughout history. Totalitarian states, where a seemingly insane portion of the population dictates reality for everyone else, is a very specific phenomenon. Desmet cites Rousseau’s Reign of Terror and Nazi Germany as examples of societies that have undergone mass formation psychosis. 

Desmet also cites four specific conditions that need to be met in order to transform otherwise peaceful societies into societies capable of mass atrocities. They are:

  1.  Prolonged isolation
  2. Lack of meaning
  3. Free-floating anxiety
  4. Free-floating aggression and frustration without options

Isolation has been spreading for years.

It’s easy to point to the lockdowns as the source of “prolonged isolation,” but the truth is that individuals within modern society have been increasingly isolated for years.

For most of us, countless examples of modern loneliness readily come to mind. All I can really add is that America’s history as a nation full of people that have picked up and left something makes us exceptionally prone to isolating ourselves. From Laura Ingalls Wilder, to Jack Kerouac, to the popularity of modern travel blogs, we romanticize moving on to greener pastures. And I’ve certainly done my share of traveling! It’s not all bad. But, when you move every few years, you need to be very intentional about maintaining relationships if you don’t want them to dissolve. We need to ask ourselves, how good are we at that?

Spending time with a set of coworkers that changes every few years may be fun and interesting in its own way, but nothing compares to the richness and meaning of solid family relationships or decades-long friendships.

This brings us to Desmet’s second condition: lack of meaning.

How many of us have spent time in jobs that we felt were a waste of time? I know I have. So much pressure exists to find the perfect career. We’re expected to move all over the place, plan our families and rearrange our lives for the sake of careers. And some people do find exceptionally rewarding careers.

But that’s the exception, not the rule. And the concept of a “career” is fairly recent anyway. Most people through history have had boring, poor lives by modern standards. But was misery universal until two hundred years ago? How did people find meaning in their lives before widespread material wealth and institutional gratification? 

They did so through patriotism, familial relationships, and healthy communities. The pride of jobs well done. Being able to produce a well-made item not intended for the landfill is uniquely rewarding. This leads to emotional stability, identity, and self-worth. But having an honest trade and a stable community life is almost universally mocked. Most Americans are familiar with Mike Rowe; he has been writing insightfully about American work culture for years. But you can also look back at works by C.S. Lewis, written 80 years ago, on the trend toward dismissing anything outside government and big business as not “the real world.” 

Like loneliness, the feeling of meaninglessness has intensified during the past two years, but the seeds were planted a long time ago.  

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Weak relationship bonds and work dissatisfaction lead to free-floating anxiety, Desmet’s third condition for mass formation psychosis.  

The spread of free-floating anxiety

How could many of us not experience constant anxiety? Those of us with school-age children watched as a huge part of the social contract was broken two years ago when the schools shut. A large part of the workforce found itself declared “unessential.” Nobody is “unessential,” but how are you supposed to believe that when you’re not allowed to pursue your vocation? The people that were declared essential were subjected to constant messaging about how dangerous it was to interact with others. Outside of government employees, I don’t know anyone who has escaped significant job-related stress. 

Add into this mix the divisiveness of jab mandates and you’ve got your fourth condition: free-floating aggression and frustration without options. 

Society soon turns to the punching bag

Daisy’s written about the “Othering” of the unvaccinated, and for a while, I thought that was the end game. I thought the Covid response was a combination of a money and power-grab by Big Pharma and Big Government, respectively. I thought all the proposed passports and tracking schemes were a way to identify who was compliant and who was not. I thought that the proposed narrative was to turn public sentiment firmly against anyone with a contrarian bent. 

In the previously mentioned podcast, Desmet explains how the public’s free-floating aggression and frustration without options lead to the emergence of a villain, usually suggested by government figures and regularly presented through the media. He explains that as the stressors (in 2020’s case, the pandemic) continue, people look for ways to connect their anxiety and frustrations. The media distributes a narrative, connecting the existing problem to a proposed villain. As 2021 brought the jab rollout, it became clear that the media presented the unjabbed as the ready-made villain. Desmet states that, as the narrative takes hold, a new identity emerges within society. In the case of the past two years, it would be the social bonds of those who followed all the CDC protocols vs. those that didn’t. 

I don’t have a crystal ball. I didn’t know how all this was going to play out. The harshness of the penalties imposed upon the Canadian truckers seemed completely out of line. The freezing of bank accounts and holding nonviolent protest organizers without bail had me wondering what was coming next. 

And then a lot of the mandates disappeared. I live in a blue state. Even the biggest die-hards seemed done with the pandemic. Worldwide, it looks like most countries are done. Even Germany and Austria, who had been considering some fairly extreme mandates, announced that they would be ending most restrictions as of March 20. It seemed like a bad joke when, within a week of finally being able to attend church unmasked, we had something new to worry about.

I couldn’t believe it when, overnight, we were expected to hate Russia passionately. 

bleating like sheep

Casting Russia as the Joker to the United States’ Batman has been going on for nearly 80 years now. My parents (Boomer generation) grew up under the assumption that one day, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were going to nuke each other into oblivion. That wasn’t the stuff of conspiracy theories – it was a soberly accepted fact. When my parents attended college in the 70s and 80s, the progressives wanted to work with and learn from the Soviets. It was the less cultured, less sophisticated crowd that was aggressively pro-American.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union disintegrated, people my age (I’m a Gen X’er) laughed at all the crazy anti-commie stuff. Obviously, the sophisticated liberals were right. The Russians weren’t that bad, and we could all live together happily in the new global economy. To people my age, the Cold War tensions became a big joke. I personally never thought it was such a joke. I was born in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, and my parents went back in 1990 to get a piece of it. The tension had been real. The East Germans weren’t screwing around. 

And now, the generation of sophisticated liberals that grew up giggling at all the crazy, tin-foil hat anti-commie people instantly hates the same Russians that the older generations grew up fearing. Hating the Russians was silly ten years ago. Now, if we don’t hate the Russians, we’re traitors.

The turnaround should be shocking, but it falls into the behavior predicted by Desmet’s model of mass formation psychosis. The stress of the past two years has been extreme for a large part of the population. People are looking for someone to blame, and the powers that be are more than happy to give us various objects for what feels like our weekly “Two Minutes Hate.” The public was burning out on hating “anti-vaxxers.” We needed a new object, so they gave us the Russians.

As nations began to relax pandemic restrictions, the Great Reset crowd needed a new excuse for retaining state control. There’s nothing like war for those who love big government. Zelensky has been begging Western governments to impose a no-fly zone, which, as the Organic Prepper recently noted, would shove us a lot closer to another World War. 

I don’t like being told whom to hate. I can figure that out on my own. I especially don’t like being told to hate groups of foreigners. For twenty years, Americans were told that the terrorist groups in Afghanistan posed such a threat to the United States that it warranted sending off our family members to die, keeping insurgents busy over there. Then we just walked away.

And we didn’t even walk away in a nice, orderly fashion as the Soviets did back in 1989. We ran off in the middle of the night, leaving behind literally billions of dollars worth of equipment for our enemies to use. We screwed up Afghanistan so badly. Do we really trust our leadership not to screw up Ukraine too?

Fear is in the air, and there are some big, powerful actors trying to make use of it.

Don’t let them. If World War III comes, it comes, and most of us can’t do anything about it. We’ll deal with that problem when it gets here. For now, all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Daisy often says that we need to prepare, not out of fear, but out of hopefulness that we’ll be around for what comes next, and I can’t agree more. And situational awareness plays a large part in prepping. We need to know what other people are up to. Events of the past two years have been unlike anything I ever imagined. Fortunately, people like Mattias Desmet have provided tools for understanding big social movements in history. Forewarned is forearmed. 

So prepare in what way best suits you and your loved ones.

None of us have exactly the same situation. Some are close to nuclear targets. Some have many children and/or elderly relatives to prepare for. No matter your situation, there are a lot of resources available to help you set priorities and organize your thoughts. 

Be prepared but not fearful. Don’t let hateful feelings take hold of you. Fear, anger, and frustration lead to stupid mistakes. I know this from experience. Learn what you need to know to protect your family. Do whatever you can to maintain inner peace. Be content knowing that you’ve done all you can. 

Have you seen the same thing? Do you feel like you’re watching people marching in lockstep? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • So true! And we are expected to love Zelensky. Both Russia and Ukraine corrupt governments and Congress is falling all over Zelensky.

    Unfortunately it is the people everywhere who get hurt the most in this mess.

    • I don’t love Zelenskyy (he’s a corruptocrat), but I loathe Putin. Why did he choose to invade a sovereign nation (again… remember Crimea back in 2014)? Because he thought he’d get away with it. He saw weakness and tried to take advantage.

      He didn’t count on the people in Ukraine fighting back. He knew that Biden wouldn’t do much. “ooh, sanctions! Ve go trade with China, comrade!”

      I’m very supportive of the Ukrainian PEOPLE in this awful time.

      • Russia did not invade or take Crimea. The people there honestly voted to return to Russia by about 90% after the West-instigated 2014 coup. Russia’s had a naval base there for a long time. More recently, the eastern provinces requested help from Putin after years of atrocities committed there by Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine is a patched together country, historically a buffer zone between the East and the West power struggles, and it is tragic that the common people are the ones to suffer. I found Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire” from 2016, if you can find it, to be very helpful in understanding the complicated history of the country.

      • Bill – keep in mind that when the Soviet Union fell, NATO promised that they would not expand to Russia’s borders. Look at a map and you can see that NATO is on the border of Russia. If you look into further, you will also see that Russians in Ukraine have been targeted for years by Ukrainians.

        I am not suggesting that what Putin did was right – only understandable considering the facts. Zelensky is also a corrupt of western powers.

        Best thing we can do is stay out of it and pray for the innocents that suffer due to power hungry aholes.

      • Hi Bill
        I agree with you that both Putin and Zelensky are corrupt, but all of our supposedly leaders are,
        whats happening there now is a reversal of the Cuban missile crisis, if Ukraine was admitted as a NATO member that would be the green light to place missiles in eastern Ukraine with a flight time to Moscow measured in minutes, I dont think that I would like that if it happened to my country, this is what corruption does

        • PERHAPS Zelensky is corrupt – what successful politician isn’t (well, I can think of one, but that’s another entire topic). What’s far more important is that Zelenski has been an admirable leader of his nation, inspiring many citizens to join in to resist the oppressive invasion. He’s not only succeeded in the Ukraine, but he even has folks from neighboring countries like Belarus clamoring against Russia, their own country, and the world, as they join in supporting Zelenski & Ukrainia. THAT is leadership, whatever flaws he might hypothetically have. Drumpf? Nutcase and divisive, though he managed to steal plenty from us taxpayers. Bidet? Weak and totally ineffectual, though his family seems to have done quite well at our expense. Zelenski? Corrupt or not, he’s doing his job well. VERY well.
          Surprisingly, I would agree with you about your Cuban metaphor, except that we’ve been every bit as evil and corrupt as Russia. So in the end, I’m not sure that there’s a lesson there. We tell others what to do, they tell us what to do, and in the meantime, China is taking over the world even as we further divide ourselves into ridiculous conflicting forces.
          Fortunately, given human nature, it seems pretty likely that fairly soon, someone will screw up, a nuclear attack will be conducted – or even perceived – and that will be the end of our problems. As well as most life on Earth.

      • Video of Muslim fighters from Chechnya (the part of Russia closest to Turkey and the Middle East) deploying to Ukraine to fight side by side with Christian Russian regulars and take on Nazi extremists.
        These guys have been going go-house-to-house and freeing up all the Human shields the so called “Azov Battallion” hide behind. If I was a Ukrainian Nazi I would be getting very worried:

      • “Why did he choose to invade a sovereign nation …?”

        Ukraine is a puppet of Western interests hostile to Russian interests, and it is directly on the border of Russia. The puppet Zelensky stated a goal to station nuclear weapons (either their own or ours) in Ukraine in order to counter what it claimed was the Russian threat.

        Having that in mind, what would you expect the US to do if Cuba decided to allow Russia to base nuclear weapons in Cuba to counter what it claimed was the threat from the USA?

      • Maybe you don’t understand the reason why Putin did what he did? Back in 1989-90 when Gorbachev and Yeltsin disbanded the Soviet Union there was an agreement. The agreement was that Nato would not go one inch to the east. Putin asked to join Nato and he was told no. When 911 happened Putin called Bush and told him that if Russia could help to catch the people that did it they would be glad to help.
        As time went on starting with Clinton, there was a steady march towards Russia’s border. There were complaints lodged to the UN and to our USA but they were ignored. Soon all except Ukraine were put under the Nato shroud and weaponised. Just after Covid hit the world, we shipped off 25,000 soldiers to Bremerhaven. They were loaded with weaponry and marched to the Polish border with Russia. Along with it there were 15,000 Nato troops. So, there you have 40,000 troops looking over the border at Russia. So what would you do if you had an armed military staring at you? You probably think that they are going to attack. Yes? of course.
        So, before this happened in 2014 nutcase Vicky Nuland successfully took over with a color revolution, the Ukraine, and threw out a democratically elected president and a comedian put into power. At that point most people knew that the Ukraine was a corrupt republic but it was at least an unarmed republic that was a neutral buffer between Nato and Russia. This is when the fun started with the burning down of a building by the Ukrainian Azov Nazi battalion..in the building were 42 Russians. Then they started hurling shells at the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine which were predominately Russians. They killed 10,000 of them over the next 5 years. So, Putin did what anyone would to do to protect his people and that was starting to fight back. Ukraine is Russia. Has been for centuries. Crimea is Russia…has been for centuries. So Putin told Nato and the US that we lied and have pushed past his red lines which were made public over and over. So, as fat boy Pompeo has said before “We lie, we cheat and we steal”. And so Putin called us out for lying and we did lie. So, just as happened in WW2 when we bullied Japan and captivated their energy sources bushing them into a corner..hence Pearl Harbor….we did the same thing to Russia….so is anyone surprised at the battle to clean out the Ukraine. Why so many long faces? It was totally expected. Now the media has done a great job of destroying Putin. Maybe we should look at our selves in the mirror and ask our government to replace everyone in our State Department with new human beings. There is too much money in war. We are now up against a country that can destroy us…we lost to Vietnam, N Korea, Afghanistan, etc etc…why do we think that we can win against Russia. Europe is very tired of war and the citizens are pushing hard to stop this craziness. They had WW 1 and 2 on their continent that ravaged their living for 75 years. The Russians lost 25million people in WW2. They don’t want war either. But here it stands before us again with a Comedian as the president that has not an ounce of understanding of what he is doing…carefully managed by the War machine PR crowd. So, maybe now you can understand why this should not happen… and why the Russians are behind their leader….not like in the US where the approval rating of all our politicians are in the single digits .

    • Good morning,

      According to Wikipedia, “When The World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total cost to The Port Authority had reached $900 million”. Concerning their destruction, no real investigation has been done, to this day.

      A few years ago, blueprints of said towers were found in a garbage bin in NYC.

      Trillions (one trillion is a thousand times larger than one billion) of dollars of tax payers’ money have been spent on post 9/11 wars.

      Why was it decided that instead of doing a reenactment, with a full-scale replica of a WTC tower, dummies and a remote controlled Boeing airplane, it was wiser to spend thousands of times more money to go to war for more than twenty years?

      Could a new administration or a foreign country organize, in a remote location, using available blueprints, dummies, high tech sensors, surveillance equipment, remote controlled scrapped Boeing airplanes and eventually bitcoins and/or givesendgo,
      an international competition for the most realistic reenactment of at least one of the destructions suffered on 9/11/2001?

      Have a nice day!

      • Unnecessary
        The truth of 911 is known and has been in the open and available to any with a brain for 20 years.

        It is the definitive intelligence test of our time

        Millions of engineers, scientists, architects, military and Intelligence, domestically and internationally…..
        Have already analyzed and published
        The problem is the NWO that is using communism -perennially attractive to the lazy, unscrupulous and marginally intelligent, in its bid to take over the world, utterly controls global media


  • Great article, but I must correct you on a statement.

    “ Outside of government employees, I don’t know anyone who has escaped significant job-related stress”.

    I work for the federal government in Canada and the last two years have been nothing but hellacious. We were among some of the first in Canada to be mandated to vaccinate… “No jab no job”.

    I have a verified allergy to constituents of the vaccine. My allergy specialist told me that I would maybe last 15 minutes after the shot before going down. My employer didn’t care. Get the jab, or “there will be consequences“ (A direct quote from Trudeau).

    They started putting unvaxxed people on leave without pay… Which meant that you could not collect unemployment insurance and you could not access your pension.

    I went to my doctor to try to get a letter of exemption. I was told that the college of physicians and surgeons had decreed that any doctor who wrote a letter of exemption was in danger of losing their license… And they had already made examples of several doctors. Doctors were refusing to write letters for patients like me.

    I was lucky. My doctor had to choose between his career and my life. He chose my life. Many people weren’t so lucky.

    As the rest of the community relaxes a little bit, I am still forced to wear a mask at work… And that includes while I walk to and from my car in the parking lot.

    I am watching decorated military members who have served our nation and been on several tours of duty get dismissed because they refuse to take the shot.

    I am not allowed to attend university (not even by distance ed). I am not allowed to leave the country. I am terrified of what my employer (The federal government of Canada) he’s going to do next to try to do a “end run“ around people like me.

    And you think somehow that government employees have escaped the stress? Maybe some have. Those who have complied have been traveling, going to Mexico, going to restaurants, sporting events and concerts. They have not been keeping abreast of what is actually happening. Ignorance is bliss. It does not seem to occur to them what other people are going through on a daily basis right beside them.

    I think this is a group across all forms of employment that have blissfully escaped the real stress. For now.

    • Sister, you hit the nail on the bloody head. We live in a police state here in Canada. Once a country that was the envy of the world. I loved my home here. Four generations lived here after great grandpa homesteaded here. But, now it seems we are a lost and conquered nation. My Canada is no more. Signed: a man who never wore a mask, social distanced, or took the jab…..just stayed at home in the bush and went for groceries once a month where a market would let me in unmasked. Preach on sister. Cheers from the ultra liberal Yukon!

      • “conquered nation”

        yes. you have been conquered by an outside nation.

        yes. you have been conquered by an outside nation.

        yes. you have been conquered by an outside nation.

        do you get it?

        • No
          Conquered by the treasonous agents of the NWO that live in our midst, by Canadians, by grinning evil bastards among us, the weak minded, immoral, atheistic, unthinking … , POS PM is good example of absolutely useless & corrupt and deserves to be publicly executed along with most of the useless shit currently occupying Canadian parliament

    • The sheep always avoid the stress, because they firmly believe that the government is there to look after them, and with its mighty power can fix anything. It’s almost like a religion. It is child-like, in the naive belief that Mommy and Daddy know everything, and will look after you and fix everything.

      To be honest, there are many nights that I lay awake wishing that I could live in that world of blissful innocence. Unfortunately, once you have been “red-pilled” it is impossible to go back to a time where you don’t question, or look at the bigger picture. For me it is very difficult to find anything to believe in or trust, other than my “higher power” and the knowledge that no matter what – none of us get out of this alive. 🙂

      • Yes, I know what you mean. There are lots of times when I wish I could go back to being “fat, dumb and happy,” and that I wish I didn’t know the things I know. But then, there’s a part of me that doesn’t, you know? There’s a part of me that’s glad I know what’s going on; I may not be able to do much about it, granted, but at least I can prepare to the best of my ability (and maybe take some heads for my porch for Halloween if antifa comes rolling by!). I’ve been sharpening my blade.

    • “I am not allowed to attend university (not even by distance ed). I am not allowed to leave the country.”

      which demonstrates that the mandated injection is not about covid or health at all.

    • I was thinking the same thing. My husband who works for the provincial government in Canada was put on unpaid leave. We were never going to get it. The federal mandates also includes any organization with connections or contracts with them which is why the airports are required to enforce it – not the airlines. Many people are confused about this. Aeromexico is 100% fine with me boarding their plane in Canada. But because airports receive funding from the government, I am not allowed to pass through their premises.

    • Yes indeed
      Also worked for gov, Alberta Justice,
      Watched as the people I venerated and respected unilaterally and viciously shredded the rule of law, the social contract, the Nuremberg articles, the Canadian charter…. common decency…. It goes on.
      I’m not much into forgiving any of them , that’s the job of Jesus Christ, I look forward to chasing them into the shadows and delivering just desserts

  • This was a good article.
    However it fails to address religion’s part in the equation. Churches are extended family groups and have always provided a place of community and friendships.
    Maybe that is why they are constantly being targeted and why so many were targeted under the Covid lockdowns.
    They eliminate the isolation factor.

    I also find a naivete, in believing that Countries and Politicians still decide what happens on the World stage. Globalism has long ago wrestled control of the nations from the people and politicians to a group of political puppets who do their bidding,( not all politicians are recruited, but just the ones in key positions in governments, enough to control the nations).
    To think that they would allow WW3 to occur and destroy all their hard work and gains is insanity.
    They throw that term around to keep the populations in line, but it would never be allowed. Regional Wars are Money makers. World Wars, especially if they go nuclear are big losers.

    The Covid outbreak may have been planned, I believe some type pandemic was. Covid might have just been an accident, of fortunate timing. But the true goal was not originally about Control, they already have that. It was about making money.
    Even Fauci has suggested that there will be more Pandemics possible in the near future. It is about making money, now and in the future.
    The Ukraine conflict is just a distraction. There is a lot of info coming out as to how they manipulated the fear and the numbers relating to Covid. How bad the vaccine side effects are, etc. Things that might upset future Pandemic profits, if the public is allowed to dwell on those issues.

    If you look deep enough All wars are about money or the things that make money(resources, land, people or all three). A nuclear war destroys all of that.
    So scratch a nuclear WW3, off your list of Worries.
    It has not been a option, once the Globalist took control of the world.

    • Mic, Agreed. This article makes no mention of the spiritual life, and by its exclusion of this central aspect of our existence contributes to the anomie the West currently suffers.

      What is the point of living? If I can’t find an answer to that, or the traditional channels have been so poisoned by corrupt religious organizations as to deny our true nature, what is left but to turn to QVC for our next consumerist fix, the next fake news program to arouse our emotions, the next revenge movie to set our hearts down the path of destruction? TeeVee is a big contributor to our current plight, watch it at your peril.

      The people we surround ourselves with are crucial; haters and shallow souls will always exist, but I don’t have to give them my allegiance or my destiny. Think for yourself, no one else can do that for you.

      • It should be clear to everybody paying attention that we are in the midst of a spiritual war: Mammon/Jehovah, Satan/Christ, Lex Luthor/Superman, the name doesn’t matter, the battle does indeed matter. The leaders of this world are authoritarians, who gather at the feet of their ultimate authority. They see humanity as sheep to be consumed. They shall fail again, as they did countless times in the past. But this time they have F15 fighters and atom bombs – in plenty – and they’re itching to blow the fuckin’ Earth to smithereens.I

        What’s stopping then, I don’t know? I believe the countervailing winds will eventually blow their precious plans asunder, leaving them nothing but dust and a few paragraphs in some future history classroom. Hey, when’s recess?

    • Do Globalists truly control the world?

      Or do they serve other masters?

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      Never forget who the true enemy is, never forget that he wants you dead.

      That’s why I think nuclear war and other horrific kinds of war are on still on the table.

      Humans are only pawns and tools to the true enemy. We are expendable to him.

    • I agree. It is a cover and a distraction for the COVID 19 Killing Fields debacle run amuck. There is money to be made in Disaster Economics too, in rebuilding war torn nations. Is The Marshall Plan 2.0 coming to Ukraine?

      Well, the United States Military and the U.K. Military have used small tactical nukes in various theaters of conflict since the late 90’s. Modern day weapon systems have evolved like you can not even imagine, unless you were in the Military. My 2 cents, that’s all.

      Oh and by the way, I sure am glad I was trained in 1st grade back, in 1966 to crawl underneath my desk and shelter in place. Here comes the Ru-skies, take cover, blah, blah, blah. I have been hearing this propaganda for over 40 years. Brainwashing is so easy and so powerful. Are we having any fun yet?

  • Good article, As a fellow GenXr I related to a lot of what you said,altho I did find the Russians kind of scary until Reagan and Gorby. Here is my honest hope with the latest mass psychosis is that many of those people feel foolish for their behavior during the covid vaxx craze and are now much more skeptical of anything of the propaganda from the media and government. I never thought I could distrust the media and government more than I already did and now I don’t believe a single thing in fact I generally think the exact opposite is likely the truth. Considering that’s how far my needle has moved surely there has been a shift amongst the rest. I hope.

  • Also Gen X here, and your article mirrored many of my thoughts.
    The consistency of the media narrative in all of this is what actually made me suspicious. I have avoided the news for years, but the lead up to the last election, the way Big Tech ramped up censorship, and the way January 6 was set like a trap, and all that followed quickly “red-pilled” me. We also have vaccine injuries in my family, so I had awareness all was not what it should be there and immediately wary. I can absolutely see the “2 minutes of hate” situations being used on us, and I was appalled to see some who understood the media web-of-lies of the pandemic got completely caught up in “Russia, Russia, Russia” (Jan Brady voice) and are busy praying for Ukraine (and I don’t doubt they need prayers too, but I’m not assuming anything we are told is actually true)…if anything I see potential false flags in place.

    • Yep. At 63 years of age, I can say that this all part of the Global Genocide war on humanity version 3.0.

      Lesson 1.) The first casualty of War is The Truth. Propaganda is the weapon of choice on both sides.
      Lesson 2.) Many will be disfigured, maimed, injured, and killed, innocently driven by their circumstance and chances of survival.
      Lesson 3.) All battlefield tactics of been War Gamed, years in advance.
      Lesson 4.) Ethnic cleansing of certain groups of people is Demonic. It has been going on here on Earth for thousands of years.
      Lesson 5.) Read the Old Testament of the Holy Bible to see for yourself.. The underlying theme is this: One generation does evil in the sight of the Lord, committing acts of warring, killing, sacrificing, pillaging, thieving and conquering. Death and Destruction is their just reward. Next, just a few more generations down the line does righteousness in the side of the Lord, Their just reward is peace wealth, blessings, longevity and prosperity.
      Lesson 6.) Nothing new under the Sun. Events and acts, good or bad, they do repeat, then rinse, then repeat and do it again, over and over again. Only the Actors change.
      Lesson 7.) This is a lifelong battle of Good Vs Evil. We live in a Fallen world, and it started long ago in the Garden of Eden. God is watching everyone and everything. Taking detailed notes for you and I.

      • “I can say that this all part of the Global Genocide war on humanity version 3.0”

        nah, still version 1.0. the ones behind all this consider themselves to be the humans, and the rest of us as not.

  • Baa Ram U, Ba Ram U, to thine own self be true. There is a reason that all dictatorships eventually fail. They’ve piss off their people to the point that the proletariat pick up their hoes and rakes and head to the nearest government offices with the intent to take out the dictators.

    There is a difference between telling someone what you think verses spitting in their face with the intent to start a fight. Our government is spitting in our collective faces and Americans need to wake the heck up and realize there is only one way out of this developing tyranny and that is with BULLETS.

    • “there is only one way out of this developing tyranny and that is with” …

      … unit cohesion progressing towards a viable alternative. in short, nationalism.

      which is what you’ve all been trained to reject.

      so your bullets won’t matter.

      • – nationalism, is large group, all large groups over many centuries are infiltrated and subverted, run by ‘them’, many begun by ‘them’ to derail people from making our own small groups of effort, to stop things, or make the future what we want. No leader or large group would be allowed to do anything who isn’t part of the big schemes. There are many involved in schemes, everywhere, where we live. So, best is rethink instead of big group, a million small groups of three or four people, doing what we do. Some may have the same ideas, some, other ideas, the thing is not to get into big groups, and to watch for smiley types who infiltrate. That shouldn’t deter people, just use instinct. Share info here and there, meet others. It’s not hard, remember being kids, many people are more open now.
        False nationalism is what we have been trained for, not against. We have been trained to follow, not to demand individual right, and from that, to make the future we want, with others of our type. Tribalism and small groups is what they don’t want. They don’t want us making friends, it’s what masks are about.
        Appreciate the article, and many good comments. Sharing ideas and energy is basic of life we weren’t taught.

    • Actually the ruling class are complete idiots and their system will fail, i.e. completely collapse and they will die and go to hell. However, many innocents will be killed by them before that happens.

      In the aftermath however, a society dedicated to liberty and voluntaryism can finally be built. Nobody who believes in enslaving others (which is what all current governments do) will be tolerated or obeyed.

  • As a like a little green guy would say, “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate and Hate leads to suffering.”
    There is very little that I fear. Maybe because I’m a Christian and believe in God.
    Being a Prepper is NOT living in Fear. Being a Prepper is living with Peace of mind.

    Yes, I have friends who blindly follow everything the Government says. It’s sad. They shut down their business (now out of business), they wore Face Diapers (even while in their car ALONE) and some still do. They’ve been “vaccinated & boosted” and can’t understand why I never got the “vaccine” or never wore a Face Diaper. And yes, they watch the MSM news. They’re Good Little Sheeple.

  • For two years, the ‘circle’ of people whom I might describe as friends, or Tribe … has contracted.

    And, it’s not ‘them’; it’s me.

    For the most part, it has been my choice to say, “I will not participate in your hysteria, and in consequence, I will not associate with you.”

    But, what’s the alternative to that? The alternative is to reject my own Principles and rationality. I’d have to relinquish my own identity, in order to ‘play along’. And, I just can’t do it.

    • Thank you, bogbeagle.

      Seven sentences.

      You sum up in seven sentences my and my wife’s feelings and actions exactly for nearly the past 2 1/2 years.

  • Because people who are afraid are far easier to control. It’s as simple as that, along with standard pack behavior. So we have one manufactured crisis after another, with a few civil liberties being taken for the Greater Good, never to be returned. People are Othered and demonized as effectively as in the Nazi, Stalinist, Maoist, Pol Pot, etc regimes. Kids in public school are being taught to obey, not to think critically. One commenter doesn’t recognize her Canada. I don’t recognize my United States. And both of the major parties are to blame, along with several cycles of voting for the lesser evil. There’s no one coming to save us. Not Biden, not Trump, none of them.

    Buckle up, kids. The ride is rough and getting more so.

  • Very well stated. As a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, in 1978 we were on fishery patrols in the Bearing Sea. We often boarded Soviet Trawlers for catch limit violations etc. Never had any issues at all. They were just like you and I, they were friendly, loved to work, make a decent living, provide for family back home and were not aggressive at all. I recall them wanting to Trade Soviet made Vodka for our U.S. made Levi Blue Jeans. They wanted nothing to do with Lee or Wrangler Jeans. Only those Levis with the little orange tag on the back pocket. I never understood the Cold War. So much fear to go around for everyone on both sides. I think we live in some sort of simulation, like its all a very bad dream.

  • “Why Are So Many People Bleating Like Sheep?”

    because most of the time it’s a successful approach to modern life.

    • It’s possible this is a lie as well. Military guy tells me we didn’t “leave our equipment.” We left equipment they paid for. And much of what we left no longer works, or is outdated, or was headed for the scrap heap. But look at how useful that narrative is!

      If the American people understood the level of waste just by the military alone, we would all be at our bases with pitchforks and tar and feathers. See, you have to be low on supplies to get new supplies and justify your budget. Everything from computers to vehicles to fuel gets dumped right before budget time. This Afghanistan “dump” was par for the course. It was just presented in a way that would cause the most outrage.

      People of the world, we are being played.

  • Why?
    The average American has been conditioned to believe that the government is there to help, save, and now, think for them. The average American has been conditioned to believe the government is all mighty, all powerful. The government can do no wrong. Or the shadowy TPTB. (Note: IF you frequent TOP regularly, you are likely NOT the average American)
    The election of Trump pretty much proved that wrong. Sure you have various conspiracy theories about how it was all a plot by TPTB to divide America. America was already divided long before Trump rode down the escalator.
    COVID was another example of how their power is nothing but an illusion. As much as they wanted devoted Branch Covidian like mask, social distancing, vaccine compliance, a bunch of people and a few states said, “No.” As time went on, more and more people and states said, “No.”
    But people like the idea, no, they need the idea of an all powerful government or the shadowy TPTB. Gives them comfort in the idea that someone is in control. Consider the alternative: It is all random chance, the only thing the government/TPTB are in control of is Jack, and $h1T. And Jack left town.
    For some, that is even more terrifying then TPTB.
    Has some yahoo in the past tried to impose their “ideal” society?
    Usually ends up badly for said yahoo.
    Is there some UN plan for various programs, yep. And how effective has the UN ever been?
    Now we have the WEF and their Great Reset. All you have to do is say, “No.”
    Watched a vid of Biden saying how America has to lead in the new world order. You really think the Biden admin can lead in anything? Corporations virtue signaling various social justice issues are going to lead in anything?
    If you do, you have a lot more faith and confidence in them than I do.
    One half of America seems ready and willing to walk down that “You will own nothing, and be happy.” path.
    The other half of America, “What the heck are you thinking?”
    Be the latter.
    Or work on your bleating skills.

    • It’s about one-third of the population who are completely gullible and fall for the endless lies of the psychopathic ruling class. Then about one-third question various aspects of their BS. Then about one-third do NOT believe them and know everything they say is lies.

    • “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

      or else.

      they do have a lot of coercive power to use against individuals.

      • Runt7,
        Your fans sent me a note the other day.
        You are TPTB, WEF best useful idiot.
        You push their narrative of the how much power they have, when it all it is really an illusion.
        Without a doubt, you will be the first to roll over to them for a pat on the head, the first in line at the FEMA camps, the first to turn over you neighbors or that Alpha male or even Alpha female (Daisy) for an extra MRE.

        Mountain View? That is what? 3 jobs in the last 6 months?
        Did you notice the young lady in the public library? According to her/your fans, she understands the “incel,” now.
        Your fans suggested to add “useful idiot,” to your known racist, anti-Semitic, incel, moniker.


        • “they do have a lot of coercive power to use against individuals”

          “You push their narrative of the how much power they have, when it all it is really an illusion”

          you can run, but you can’t hide from the inherent weakness of your own isolate position. 3 can defeat and rule over 97, if the 97 will stand around not doing anything while the 3 gang up on each of them individually in turn.

          • Runt7,
            Keep pushing their narrative. You are their useful idiot.
            I see your posts, but all I can hear is,
            BLEAT!BLEAT!BLEAT! Of a little sheep.
            Keep BLEATING you useless eater, sheep.
            Alpha women look forward to telling you how to man up.
            Grow a pair.
            But your fans assessment, is you cannot.
            You are a soft hands weak beta male.

            • “I see your posts, but all I can hear is, BLEAT!BLEAT!BLEAT!”

              yeah, we see that. he who has ears to hear, let him hear.

  • Moronic psychopaths who thrive off theft and murder and can’t live an honest life where they actually earn anything are baffled when large numbers of society don’t believe their BS.

    It’s less than you think – there are many who are fooled, but more who aren’t fooled than the psychopath’s controlled news outlets (i.e. all mainstream media) will ever admit or tell you.

    • “are baffled when large numbers of society don’t believe”

      no. they’re not baffled at all. they simply look down on those who don’t believe as uncooperative cattle to be culled.

  • ‘Jobs with lack of meaning. ‘ Hmm. Years ago, my wife and I both worked. We were always broke. Talk about meaningless. And hopeless. Then we got out of the city and bought a farm out in the sticks. Once I had to get back to work to cover monthly expenses, the only work to be had was in a boiler in a sawmill…work I’d never done. It was tough work, but the pay enabled my wife to be a stay at home mom/housewife for the first time. Life has been so great since. We raise our own food via gardening and raising livestock. We cut our own wood for heat. And what was before meaningless work became scintillatingly meaningful as I was working to actually provide for my family, rather than just to pay each month’s bills. Best move we ever made.

    • RealWesterner,
      I can relate.
      I had a well paying, cubical hell job that was killing me. Meaningless meetings about the previous meaningless meetings. Work place politics. Just like if a tree falls in the woods, if you pulled the plug, the computer goes dark, did my work ever really exist?
      Now I have the farm.
      Is it more manual labor? Sweat equity? Calloused hands and feet? Hauling water out to the barn in single digit temps, twice a day? Losing a kidd or the doe for reasons beyond my control? Having to put down the hogs, process them myself?
      In a word, yep.
      Seeing my gardens produce, my 2 inch pork chops, my own cured bacon, warm house in the winter from my own stacked wood, and if I get lucky, venison.
      Gives one a sense of not only satisfaction, self worth, accomplishment and meaning.


  • Good read. This has been an issue since before Dr.Malone gave it a name. At least it has a name now. I had been seeing it in so many around me since before the 2016 election.

    It has been so engrained now, I have no idea how these people who have fallen victim to it (and seriously have no idea that they have fallen victim to it) can get out of it. I honestly dont think they will. On the other side of the coin there are those of us who were not affected by it even though we were present during the same time frame and had the same exposure level as those who were sucked into this.

    I have the same conversations with people who have gone down this road. over and over. the same questions. they never have answers. they dont read. they dont evaluate, they dont question, they have no questions actually. there are no questions. thus there are no answers that they need, so they march lock step off the cliff.

    I have a friend of 30 years, who does not read, does not question, just does what is told, the friend got their vax (booster.. I dont know) and is now lethargic, has no motivation and less brain power than he had before his vax, and is just now questioning his decision. there is nothing to be done at this point.

    Last time i saw him he told me he got his vax, and maybe that was not the right decision. but first he said “i know we dont have the same beliefs but I believe it was right for me”. the key word here is belief. I said “the difference is , I know, and you beleive. this is not the same thing. belief is for religion. knowledge is for science.” we left it there. i feel sorry for him. itll be over, the mantra will have changed, on the the next thing, cannon fodder in tow, and the very real possibility exists that he will suffer from this. it is already showing. because he did not have any questions.

    it is like the whole world entered jonestown. it has been quite a thing to witness.

    more importantly, what is the difference in brain thought patterns, that the small percentage of us have, that depicted we didnt get sucked in? that would be interesting to find out. what is the determinative factor that splits those who can be indoctrinated in this fashion to those who no matter what they throw at them cannot?

    because i know, i have not successfully been able to enlighten, anyone. no one.
    at all. it didnt matter, in print, from the agencies, the patent office, official white papers. nothing. nothing.

    I am actually at a point where I have no trust in anyone who has charge of official titles, politicians, voting officials, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, no one. all of these people played a role in all of this. I wouldnt trust any of them to pet a kitten.

    where does that leave us right? a small segment of society that knows, and a overwhelming majority who beleive.

    • “it is like the whole world entered jonestown”

      entirely predictable. those who led away from what is real will always wind up being led to jonestown.

      “what is the determinative factor that splits those who can be indoctrinated in this fashion to those who no matter what they throw at them cannot?”

      internalized education and rational thought.

    • “It is like the whole world entered Jonestown. it has been quite a thing to witness.”

      You have perfectly expressed my bewilderment and sorrow. Family lost, friends lost, co-workers lost. Autistic automatons.

      Indeed where does that leave us?

  • WHEN YOU FIND ENTIRE VILLAGES OF PEOPLE,who were Buried in mass graves,(36) so far,BECAUSE A US MILITARY BIO-WEAPON WAS TESTED ON THEM,that used to be called a GENOCIDE OF HUMANITY,a WAR CRIME,till its the americans who did it,THEN its OK,.I’ll bet 90% of you are way to stupid to realize the Russians knew those bio-weapons were being created to be used on them,RUSSIANS ARE NOT BRAINWASHED LIKE AMERICANS ARE,by your own admission…YOU HATE THE RUSSIANS,your going to really hate what the US MILITARY HAS PLANNED FOR AMERICA,some of the very worse of the BIO-WEAPONS will be unleashed on america by your hero’s..AMERICA ..YOUR COUNTRY IS RAN BY DEMONS AND DEVILS,you’ll soon learn the truth of that.. because those bio-weapons will wipe out 99% of the US POPULATION…ITS NOT to late to stop them,BUT IF THE MEN DO NOT STAND UP,you’ll soon see everyone you ever knew BLACK FLAG DEAD…

  • I have noted this phenomenon before and by observation have come to realize people just LOVE TO COMPLAIN (bleating) but when it comes to finding soul’utions they whither away, no shows, or empty auditoriums (basically, laziness).

    People are mostly MOUTH and this is mentioned by a lot in the NT. Talkers of the word but not actually DOERS of it.

  • Indeed Marie. C.S Lewis’s ” On living in the Atomic age” merits a read.
    He would probabnly be unsurptrised to see what is happening now. As old Scrwtape observed re sheep ” catch the bell weather and you have the whole flock”

    warmest regards,

    Karen in Cambridge

  • Genetics. Red hair/black hair, sheep/( what, non sheep?)
    Survival instinct: the exposed nail gets hammered down.
    Dumb: half the population is below average.
    What else?

  • “Outside of government employees, I don’t know anyone who has escaped significant job-related stress. ”

    I work for the VA. Every employee I know is under significant stress. We are losing employees like crazy, some early retirements, but some from deaths. Yeah, our jobs are fairly secure, but there’s a lot fewer of us doing a lot more work. We’re hiring but not a lot of applicants. I’m beginning to see the whole 84% excess deaths showing up in our numbers.

  • Zelensky is a left-wing autocratic dictator, supported and funded by George Soros. It was practically common knowledge before the war. Then “Orwellian” narratives began manipulating the media, and “boom,” he’s a heroic wonder … and now it’s also become mandatory that we pick a team in the conflict. (Echoes of “mask / vax, or be shunned”) Nope. I’m not going to “pick” a damn thing.

  • Joy, I am not a bit surprised. I have years of experience as a VA patient. Mostly a very poor level of health care due to the stress and conflict being placed on frontline workers. The stress comes from the VA Senior Executive Service GSA Administrators. My Father (USMC) and Older Brother (USN) both died in VA Hospitls. My younger Brother
    (USAF) was permanently disabled by the Gooberment issued Anthrax Vaccine. Back in 2011, I quite going to the VA. Why? “The VA is where Vets go to receive Promised Health Care, it is the same organization where dedicated employees go to provide Health Care, but are unable to do so. The result is this. The Veteran dies. I am only alive today as a Veteran (USCG) simply because I don’t go there. They have killed my entire family. I am Last Man Standing. Sad but true.
    At age 63, looking back, what was it all for? Why did we serve? I don’t even recognize this Country any longer. Traitors and Seditionist run every branch of Gooberment. It’s far reaching tentacles have infested at all of the Federal, State, County, and City Municipalaties. Too much Fuckery going on here in Commie run AMERIKA. FTNWO.

    • I hear you. I come from a long line of veterans. I’m literally the only person in my family going back to WWI who didn’t join the military or marry someone in the military. I’m here for the vets, not the government.

  • Yes, loneliness is a real issue for many even when surrounded by thousands. A growing problem for sure as are the other points as well. As for Ukraine, I believe it was planned to go the way it has. As for Zelinsky, I believe he’s a puppet of the globalists doing their bidding. As evidence of that he has banned over ten opposition political parties, shut down a number of TV stations that were not overwhelmed by his personality, is moving to implement a ‘social credit system’ and electronic passports for all Ukrainians. Ukraine, BTW is said to be the fourth most corrupt country on the planet. Its likely the money-laundering capital of the globe. Don’t by into the pro-Zelinsky propaganda. Its not what it seems.

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a peaceful writer whose books like Candide revolutionized views on children and education. It was Maximilian Robespierre who conceived a totalitarian ideology with a new calendar and religion, and engineered the Reign of Terror, guillotining 40,000 innocents in a short time. When in May 1794, he organized a lovely celebration of the Festival of the Supreme Being, with pregnant and nursing women featured in a procession and boring speeches by Himself, most people loved it. When he then announced he had a new list of enemies of the State, but he wouldn’t say who was on it, he was taken prisoner and guillotined himself. Thank Heavens.

  • I’m 61 and have never known anyone who has ever seen a “virus” in his whole life. Does this thing really exist? Where is the evidence?

  • Great article! I would suggest changing only one thing:

    Desmet states that, as the narrative takes hold, a new identity emerges within society.
    Swap out identity for IDOLATRY.

  • As soon as the covid thing cooled down, they came up with the Russian thing. It is all part of causing chaos so the Great Reset can happen. Anything you hear on Mainstream Media is almost always the opposite of the truth, so if they tell you to hate the Russians, or anything else, don’t do it. Please use independent media sources.

  • It is really comforting to see many of my fellow Americans informed about the situation. I too hope Bill investigates a bit further.
    Also, I recommend we begin encouraging Romney and his fellow Fabian socialists to hop on a plane to Ukraine themselves, shoulder a weapon themselves and head to the front lines before sending a single American to fight. Their children must accompany them as well. Root them out and expose their evil deeds and plans.

  • go to the youtube channel thewormzerjr typed exactly as you see it, then find the video titled Son of perdition part 3. this is how they are doing it. Nobody is going to wake up the people.

  • While we feed on the “NEWS”, it takes time away from getting up and physically doing something to prepare in the event something happens.

    Fear is the great motivator and with it a great method to move the herd into a smaller mindset (corral).

    One thing is that they telegraph their next move years\months\days ahead of the staged event.


  • “Outside of government employees, I don’t know anyone who has escaped significant job-related stress”
    Kind of an ignorant argument, well actually stupid. Pretty damn stressful to be told take the jab or lose your job and your retirement. Federal employees were the first mandated and the last the see an injunction trying to stop it. The percentage of forced vaccinated is probably higher than Amazon’s volunteered vaxxers.

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