Non-GMO, Organic Food Distributor Azure Standard HQ Just Went Up in Smoke

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and  The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Another day, another “food fire.”

We’ve already witnessed the burning of the Yakima, Washington fertilizer plant. Then there was the burning of the fertilizer plant in North Carolina. A mysterious bird disease is allegedly spreading throughout the country (though the testing methods utilize the notoriously inaccurate PCR test). Fertilizer is no longer being shipped to the US from Russia. The breadbasket of Europe is in a state of war.

And now? Now, America’s largest independent, non-GMO, organic food distributor’s headquarters just went up in smoke. You may have heard of them – Azure Standard. We’ve covered this business before when the state of Oregon decided they were going threaten the organic farm with the spraying of Roundup all over their crops (due to an alleged Canadian thistle problem).

Azure Standard operates by means of drop-off locations throughout the country.

Patrons purchase their products online and then are able to pick up the food items at the nearest drop-off location near them. They sell a wide range of products from Roundup-free grains, meats, teas, baby foods, and more.

Just about any type of healthy food that one could want is offered for sale by Azure Standard. For those who are concerned with the additives or pesticides used with commercially processed foods, Azure Standard offers an easy solution. It’s because of this that Azure Standards has become such a mainstay in the health-conscious American’s diet.

They were influential in pointing out the dangers of GMO foods in the very early stages of the GMO conversation, as well as pointing out many of the consequences of increasing levels of pesticides being applied to the American food supply. Not only have they helped millions of Americans through the bringing to market of foods devoid of these alterations/additions, but they’ve also helped through spreading knowledge and awareness.

The headquarters facility has been deemed as a total loss.

There is  no verdict as of yet as to what the cause of the fire was, though an investigation is ongoing. There was no loss of life as a result of the fire either. According to Azure Standard’s CEO, David Stetzler, the automated liquid pour facility, the fruit packing facility, and the carob products facility (it’s a chocolate substitute) were all destroyed and/or damaged as a result of the fire.

(Sounds like a good time to learn how to preserve the food that you’re growing this year. Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to home canning to learn more here.)

Oils, honey, and vinegars will all be temporarily impacted as a result. You can see the full text of the Azure Standard’s statement after the fire below.

Azure Standard

While Azure Standard isn’t as large as Big Food companies, its commitment to non-GMO, organic foods means no one ever has to worry about mRNA foods when one buys their products. Now, their ability to provide that food to the American people has been hampered.

I highly recommend you check into Azure Standard’s products to not only provide your family with healthy food during this time but to help out a fantastic company during such a tragic time. You can check out some of their healthy food options HERE. They truly do have a fantastic selection.

Losing a major American farm as warnings of an incoming global famine? Fantastic.

In a time during which there are repeated warnings that a global famine is on the way, such a strike against a major American farm and food distributor is a major setback. It should be pointed out that there are numerous warnings that American infrastructure is being on snooped by “advanced persistent actors” who are performing cyber reconnaissance.

As has been demonstrated multiple times before, a cyber attack can most certainly cause real-world problems, such as fires. You don’t necessarily have to have an actor on the ground with a Bic lighter and a can of kerosene. Attacks against food supply chains can easily take place with a computer mouse and a keyboard.

This is unlikely to be the last attack that we see on the American food supply this year. It would be prudent to do what you can to ensure that your family can remain well-fed in the times to come. Consider your preps as a very inexpensive and durable form of “famine insurance.”

So, just to recap, we now have a problem with:

I guess we should all just start eating bugs?

What are your thoughts on this fire? Do you think that the true culprit will be found? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to and Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has three published books, The Faithful Prepper The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • It’s all planned… The wise will act accordingly.

    I posted over 185 free homesteading books on my website. All free. No it’s not a scam, no sign up. I just want people to survive.

  • My condolences at their loss. Until the cause of the fire is determined, there’s no room for speculation really.

    • Speculation requires no room, or proof of anything. That aside: there are multiple instances of happenings which are sufficient proof of enemy action, and as our old “friend” Henry Kissinger long ago: control the food and control the people.

      • If this was a one-off event, I’d agree with you. There have been several of these in a short period of time though, so suspicion here is both healthy and warranted…

        • I agree AND the ‘FBI warns of targeted cyber attacks on food plants after mysterious rash of fires’. ‘The FBI published a notice this past week warning about increased cyber-attack threats on agricultural cooperatives…..’. You can search for the article online (as I am not sure if I can post a link here—if yes, I will).

          It is not rocket science that the food processing/distribution facilities are a vulnerable soft target with the potential of huge disruptions if destroyed.

  • Accidents do happen, especially in manufacturing environments. it is fortunate no one was hurt. Hopefully they will recover from this relatively quickly. I have to say though, I stopped believing in coincidences quite a long time ago.

    • I agree. If I remember correctly from their email to customers, the fire happened overnight when they were closed. Azure Standard hauls are plastered all over youtube. They have been inundated with so many new customers that I now have a difficult time getting my normal items because of them being out-of-stock often when it is our ordering time. I do not think it is a far stretch to believe it may not be a coincidence.

  • My best guess is,ARSON!This plant was burned down because they are non gmo,and they have been warning people about the dangers of Monsanto’s poison in our food and the mRNA technology POISON that the evil powers that be want to insert into our food supply.Those doing the investigation,who are most likely bought and paid for by the evil powers that be,will find it was NOT arson.

    • It wasn’t burned down. The HQ was,the production areas are intact except for liquid products. Please read the CO’S statement.

      • It was more than just liquid products. And the liquid products are a large part of their business. I am part of one of their drops and pretty much everyone gets buckets of their liquid items. It is, also, their HQ which means that is where the “business” end of it all takes place. As of the moment, there is no way to absolutely say for sure it was or was not done on purpose unless one was there. Anonymus stated it was their “best guess”.

  • There was a time that I’d say it was just a an accident, coincidence perhaps. These days, the govs, the power techs, msm, the far left mob, are capable of absolutely anything. Their history, especially the recent, makes them suspects.

  • After 32 years of industrial account management across 3 states, involving over 150 manufacturing locations, ranging from wood working, food processors, grain milling, grain elevators, gas pipelines and refineries, many with highly volatile (explosive) atmospheric conditions, CL 1 DIV 1 and 2, 1 (one) actually burned to the ground….small fires yes, but there are fire suppression systems in place to handle them due to the NFPA ,local codes and insurance companies. This is highly, highly suspicious and unusual especially when kept in context with other food manufacturing facility fires around the country. This incident warrants serious questions and follow up….I no longer blindly trust any tax payer support “authority” and will look for response from the insurance companies…

    • Agreed. A vegetable and nut processing plant in Dulfur, Oregon, a beef and pork processing plant in Conway, NH, Taylor Farms in processing center in Salinas, CA, Walmart distribution center in Plainfield, IN, the Rio Fresh packaging plant in San Juan, TX, Shearer’s Food plant in Hermiston, OR….all of these burned down in the last few months. Those saying it is wrong or irresponsible to say there is a chance this could all be part of a plan need to take a good critical look at all of this.

    • “this is highly, highly suspicious and unusual”

      (shrug) so was the collapse of wtc 7, but these sorts of things just aren’t unusual any more.

  • As a former volunteer firefighter, I will wait for the official report before speculating.

    However, Aden’s recap sums up the current situation quite nicely.

  • “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” Until there is actual hard evidence of what caused this fire, it is inappropriate and inflammatory to call it an “attack” on the American food supply.

    • People can speculate and people can disagree. It absolutely is not inappropriate for a person to say they think or believe a certain way. At the moment, we are still free to do so. There are many questionable things going on in this country with our food supply and it is not all because of the war on the other side of the pond. A lot that has come out about all that has gone on in this country was considered crazy or irresponsible if someone said, a year or two ago, what they thought out loud. They were called conspiracty theorists. Most of those theories ended up being true. No need to put people down for having their own minds and thinking on their own.

    • One of the definitions of “attack”: To act on in a detrimental way; cause harm to.

      So, these fires, explosions, chemical spills etc. in these various companies DO harm the supply chain and employment of many as the facilities were harmed by the fires, explosions, chemical spills etc.

      The FBI has recently acknowledged that our food production/distribution plants are vulnerable to cyber attacks. These places are soft targets.

      What has caused this string of fires/explosions etc? Is it coincidence? Is it aging equipment not properly maintained that is breaking down in a synchronized pattern? Is it sabotage? You are free to come to your own conclusions.

  • “Tis an ill wind that blows no good. This fire is publicity. I never heard of Azure Standard and now I have their web page open and am looking at my closest “drop.” I hope they get 100 000 new customers, especially if this was a deep state attack. Or even an accident. They need us and we need them!!

  • I spoke to my Azure driver yesterday at my pickup. He said that people smelled a burning for a couple of days before the actual fire. Right now they are thinking electrical (something in the walls).

  • I have ordered from Azure several times and have been pleased with the selection, quality, price and service they offer.
    I’ll continue to buy from them and recommend them to others.

  • I must admit, my immediate thought was “Sabotage!” when I heard about this. I literally had my shopping cart ready to go with my very first order for them. Thankfully, most products are unaffected, but I had to skip liquids like ACV, coconut oil and olive oil as a result of the fire.
    There was another mysterious fire in Georgia too – Cobb County Meat Factory . It cannot be coincidence…

  • We’ve gone well beyond the realm of accidents and coincidence, we’re now into destruction by design.

  • BCP (Black Conservative Patriot) had an expose’ on his site and on his youtube channel about this very topic yesterday or the day before. There have been a fire in a food manufacturing/processing/storage plant about every two weeks this year. The truly odd thing is that ALL BUT ONE have caught on fire and burned on a Wednesday or Thursday!! No way in the world is this is a mere coincidence! Truly spooky!!! Coupled with everything else related to the food supply in America one can only conclude that there are those who are trying to engineer a famine in this country!

  • Every new day I feel like I’m watching a once indomitable and indefatigable prize fighter named (imagine Michael Buffers’ voice here) *The United “BREADBASKET” States of America* that got into the ring a couple times too many.

    Honestly, at this point it doesn’t matter whether this is part of a reconnaissance in force operation of some type or not, whether it is astounding coincidence or not, or whether it’s just bad stinking luck or not.

    At this point I just look at at it like this, with every incident, our food, fuel, and other necessary goods and supply chain can take only so many more blows. A couple more solid shots and the lights are going out on the big favorite.

    Keep prepping folks. Just keep going. Maybe we’ll all see each other after the fight for a couple drinks.

    • “reconnaissance in force operation”

      “probe with bayonettes. where you find steel, withdraw. where you find mush, continue.” lenin

  • Azure Standard also supplies a lot of markets. I ran a health food store which was almost exclusively from AS. Our mid-size market now in another town also buys a lot from them. They are huge.

  • There are 36 thousand processing plants in America. The loss of even a thousand wouldn’t seem to affect the food chain.

  • “I guess we should all just start eating bugs?”

    the indians did. roast grasshopper is a great source of protein.

  • There have been too many fires at food plants, fertilizer plants for me not to wonder about the issue here. An ill wind blows.

    The supply chain is breaking down. The insane lockdowns in China do not help. The food supply won’t show up lacking for a while. When it does, expect panic to ensue. It will not be a pretty picture. This all in my mind seems intentional for power and control.

  • Tovarisch! Putin has burned Azure standard! Especially the beet and potato processing! Mother Russia does not like competition! Natasha…bring me Moose and Squirrel!

  • I believe this is the beginning of the implementation of the New World Order. The plan is for full on famine, which will then make it simple to control the masses to subjegate them into complete submission. “You want to eat” you do as we Command!

  • Unless you can find video that would have captured a DEW attack, the source will never be found. But with all the food supply destruction around the world, these events cannot be coincidental or isolated “corn dust combustion” sourced.

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