Welp, This Bodes Well. (Not Really.) 8 Hinky Warning Signs Happening Now

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices.

Look at what is currently happening in the world around you and use that information to make deductions. When you see storm clouds on the horizon, you’re able to deduce that a lightning storm is on its way, preparing accordingly.

What storm clouds are on the horizon? Perhaps these are indicators you may want to pay more attention to.

Belarus removed its nuclear sanctions.

For starters, Belarus has removed its nuclear sanctions, meaning that Russia can now move nuclear weaponry into the country.

storm clouds

Belarus is adjacent to both Ukraine and Russia and was used as a staging point for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This lifting of sanctions could easily be the legal logistical move needed for land-based tactical nuclear weapons to be brought into the region.

Taiwan experiences a power outage.

Taiwan suffered a power outage that took down a third of the country’s power supply last week. Seven cities – including the capital – were hit by the power outage in what was allegedly due to a “malfunction of equipment.”

If you remember the Stuxnet hack of Iranian nuclear centrifuges, you’ll recall that it was technically a “failure of equipment” that caused catastrophic damage to the Iranian nuclear program. I don’t believe for a second that a third of a country just “accidentally” lost power as a result of unforeseen entropy.

Cyberattacks set the stage for war. War revolves around logistics. Only when the stage is set, do the soldiers take the field.

“Welp, can’t buy that anymore.”

Do you believe that the free market can tell us about what the public at large is thinking? I do. If you find yourself believing the same, just know that as of this writing, Cresson Kearney’s Nuclear War Survival Skills book has sold out on Amazon. Mr. Kearney’s book is also available at several different places online at no charge. (Here’s one such link.)

We’ve most certainly been pushing that book here at The Organic Prepper, but our site alone surely can’t be attributed to the selling out of such a popular book. Interestingly, it’s difficult to find Geiger counters on Amazon that are in stock at the moment as well.

It appears that the world is taking the threat of a nuclear attack seriously. Are you as well? We put together a quick anthology of all our nuclear preparedness and information articles that you can get here and name your own price. If times are tough, pay as little as you like, and if you want to support the site more, pay as much as you like. This is information available on the website in an easily printable format so you can get a hard copy immediately.

(And get your food supply together! Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on building a 3-layer food system.)

Cyber Polygon was removed from the WEF website.

The World Economic Forum has recently removed all mention of Cyber Polygon from its website. Regular readers of The Organic Prepper will be familiar with the name of Klaus Schwabb and Cyber Polygon being his “prediction” of a global ‘cyber pandemic’ in the very near future.

(No, I’m not linking to this. Somebody tried to hack my computer when I started researching this.)

Why would any reference to it have been taken down? Plausible deniability? The rewriting of history? Will the WEF website be hit by the cyber pandemic, or will it only be sites that have mentioned the phrase “Cyber Polygon?”

“Mysterious” fertilizer plant fires keep happening.

Just last month, Russia banned all exports of fertilizer to America. We discussed the ramifications of that at length previously.

Is it not strange that in the same month, we suffered a massive fire at a fertilizer plant in North Carolina? And then, less than a month later, another large fire erupts at a fertilizer facility in Yakima, Washington? Through all the reports I’ve read of the Yakima fire, I’ve yet to see any mention of anybody being present when the fire started.

Everything I’m reading makes it sound like a bunch of workers a ways off looked over and noticed a building was on fire all of a sudden.

I’m not ruling out sabotage.

As has been pointed out, the damage to these plants is enough that it will impact American fertilizer production for at least three years. Organic farming is the way to go, but the fact of the matter is that commercial farming in the US needs fertilizer. Without it, those crops are not going to grow.

That’s at least three years of an impacted American food supply.

War revolves around logistics.

Putin’s family is in a bunker?

Putin has allegedly moved his entire family into a secret bomb shelter somewhere deep in the heart of Siberia. You know, just normal stuff.

Verizon experienced outages last week.

Verizon was out late last week throughout the East Coast. While it was only for a matter of hours, it affected almost the entire Eastern seaboard—nothing to see here.

RT America just shut down. Permanently.

RT, or Russia Today, is the Moscow version of CNN. It’s the state-sanctioned propaganda arm of Moscow. The American branch of RT was RT America. They just fired all of their staff and shut down the operation permanently.

If this was simply their temporarily laying off employees with the expectations of opening again a few months down the road due to negative public perception would be one thing. But to permanently shut down the office and to fire all the employees tells me that RT America has zero hopes of staying open for business within the United States for the foreseeable future.


What does this all mean?

Somebody asked me last week how we would know when things were going to begin to herald the dawn of America entering World War 3. My response was that it would be after we saw several strange acts of sabotage reminiscent of the Ukrainian pipelines mysteriously exploding a week before the Russian invasion.

Nothing overt, mind you, but instead, orchestrated strikes against vital parts of American infrastructure that on the surface didn’t seem like they were important for national defense. If a military airfield goes down, everybody knows it was the bad guys. But if its fertilizer plants catching on fire? Well, hey, that is technically possible, right? There’s a chance this is just one large coincidence, right?

Get your house in order. Any preps you need that come from overseas are going to need to be stocked now rather than later. Food, water, medical supplies – get them all now. Figure out how you’re going to communicate with your loved ones when the power goes down. How are you going to communicate with others within your neighborhood?

These are the things you need to start thinking about now. Because when I take an honest look at all that’s going on around me, I can’t help but think, “Well, this bodes well.”

There are storm clouds on the horizon.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • perhaps the lucky ones in their penthouses will die first.
    “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.” — Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

  • It means the sheeple are about to be exterminated and it will happen exactly like this: The day of the next flase flag using the nuke the criminal bastards stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran is the day America is nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the whole SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of the chemtrails being sprayed every day globally for thirty years to hide the approaching red Planet X. Pklanet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end WW3 when it splits North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano and kills 5/6 of the 200 million invaders. By then 90% of Americans will be dead. It is all planned by the criminal bastard governments and their evil bastard alien masters. Execute the criminal bastard government very soon or die in WW3!

    • Renegade Prophet: You got the story all wrong. First The Joker and Lex Luther try to take over Gotham City, which causes Batman, Super Man, and Wonder Woman to team up and defeat them. They then install Pee Wee Herman as President and Captain America as the new Pope. To celebrate, the world opens up a case of really bad beer and everybody dies from it. Except Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street.

    • Well, Renegade “Prophet,”
      that is quite some narrative. It is just as far off as The Left Wing Narrative we see all the time on Fake News.
      But you have one crucial thing right: All is not as it seems.
      Please stay flexible and allow yourself to be as surprised as normies when truth comes out that you did not know.
      Allow yourself to learn.
      You may do very well indeed.

  • Of all your reporting the World Economic Forum washing their site of Cyber Polygon WORRIES me the most.

    While everyone is watching the Ukrainian Pawns in this WEF chess game they are playing the knights fork maneuvers to crush our economy.

    The US must fall down for Karl’s “You will own nothing and be happy ” Great Reset.

    They say when the trucks stop, Everything will soon stop. When Cyberwarfare shuts down even the banking system NO Credit Cards work, NO FUEL for truckers.

    I drove cross country trucks, Nobody could safely carry the cash needed back then to keep your truck fueled.

    Got food? Got TRUSTED friends? Got a good relationship with your God?

    Plant potatoes, it’s a start.

  • Well, I think it’s clear that “if” we had the ability to store gasoline for our vehicle’s we would have. Only makes scense to store water, food and medical supplies…and seeds. For those just now jumping into gardening you might want to grab some food grade farm muck buckets, at this point it’s cheaper and faster than building raised beds. Drill drain holes, level set them, fill and your ready to grow. Stock-up on canning supplies and dry goods (all bean types, rice, barley, spice & herbs) and a good soup and stew cookbook.

    • Daisy has been publishing articles about growing your own food for years, probably since the site has been in existence. In 2020, the nation got a dramatic lesson about the Global Food Chain, Global Supply Chain, Just-In-Time stocking–and more of us paid attention. Many of us see local action as essential to survival. This includes growing your own food.

      I now of something that is NOT mentioned on this site, nor the other prepper and food growing sites I have seen: Sonic Bloom TM. The first domain name is now somebody else. You can find out about this from http://www.originalsonicbloom.com

      Read about it, and if you have a garden or farm, order a small kit and try it out. I have tried it–it gets some pretty dramatic results, especially in germination. Don’t quibble about the cost, which is lower than it should be. It can double your yield, while decreasing time to harvest and increasing nutritional value of the crop. That is an investment, not an expense. Compare the return to a bank account–especially if the grid goes down.

      I do not get a commission or anything from telling you about this. In fact–that is why you haven’t heard about it before–it takes a lot of time and work to educate people on something new, and Dan Carlson thinks that can be done for 5% or something. There are no salesmen, it is not even profitable for garden supply stores to carry it.

      But word of mouth is a great salesman in the long run. I learned about E.Mergen.C by word of mouth and soon had my own dramatic story to tell about this vitamin C powder. It took decades, but you can find it in all the major grocery chains now.

      Enjoy http://www.originalsonicbloom.com and its colorful stories. Order a kit and use it. Then you can help your neighbors when SHTF.

  • The World is definitely in turmoil. Will it evolve into another World War, I doubt it.
    The world’s nations are not as isolated as they were back then. Globalism and Corporatism have replaced (at least economically) Politicism and Nationalism. Democratic countries deal with Communist countries, Dictators, etc. No one cares that much any more, except about the money to be made.
    The same goes for small wars. Lots of money to be made by everyone. Big wars have the problem of being on the losing side and losing everything. Plus there are no totally “safe havens” for Corporate interests in a World War, especially if it went nuclear.

    Economic interests run this world right now, not political ones.
    So we must understand “politics” and world news, in the light of Economics and profits.
    Globalism and Corporatism have replaced Nationalism and National economics.

    Why do you think Putin is using “old” weapons in this war. If they are not used here they will soon be worthless scrap metal. But if they are used up , then they need replaced with newer models.
    It also proves the need for the latest and greatest technology in your weaponry.
    This is one way to free up Government funds for military modernization.
    Putin is a sly, old fox.

    Of course there are other financial based reasons to attack Ukraine also. But there are very few reasons to start a World War, when a regional one is much more profitable to all concerned, including being profitable to the NATO nations.
    Always follow the Money.

    • You are a rational and logical thinker but this planet is operated by irrational illogical diabolical satanists who thrive on chaos human misery and death

  • Those occurrences are true but relatively minor.
    Here are two that may make you really think.
    1)Prime minister of Israel, Bennett , did not comment on the war for the first 8 days and then visited Putin in Moscow. Spoke for 3 hours and immediately returned to Jerusalem. 1 hour later he issued the “advice” that all Israelis (and by default all jews are Israelis) leave Russia urgently. Read once and has disappeared from Google.
    “Hal Turner is reporting the following. I think I picked this up somewhere else

    Today, Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennet traveled secretly to Moscow for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The men met for about three hours and their meeting ended about 7:50 PM local Moscow time. (Moscow is eight hours ahead of the US east coast.) [HT Observation: a Religious One making a trip on Shabbat? Something big is coming]

    Shortly after that meeting, the Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a notice urging all Israeli citizens to leave Russia immediately.

    UPDATE 3:05 PM EST —

    About one hour after Israel issued notice to its citizens to leave Russia Immediately, the U.S. State Department REVISED it’s notice to Americans and is now telling Americans to “Leave Russia Immediately.”

    Bennett flies to Moscow, meets with Putin about Ukraine war, Iran nuke talks
    Orthodox PM makes rare trip on Shabbat to meet with Russian leader, having offered to mediate between Moscow and Kyiv; later speaks with Ukrainian President Zelensky”

    2) Putin gave all Russian website owners just 5 days to move ALL Russian websites to xxx.RU
    To be completed by March 11. This can only be preparatory to closing foreign access to the Russian internet. Defensively this makes sense to prevent Cyber attacks on Russia but even more it makes sense if Russia has already initiated or plans to initiate attacks on http://WWW.anythingelse

    PJ London
    4 days ago
    What Putin understands and a few deep in the bowels of Basel Switzerland, is that this is a war to the bitter end for control of the whole world.
    If Putin loses then The western Orwellian dystopia becomes reality for 70% of the world’s surface and will be imposed on the rest, piece by piece until it rules the whole world. Phony wars and total slavery of the mind in perpetuity.
    If Putin wins (and he has to defeat the US or at least its’ will to physically confront) then there is a chance for some kind of peaceful co-existence based on the principles of sovereignty and mutually beneficial exchange.

    • interesting angle PJ, well put. Basically this is the cause of WWII facts played over again – Germany attacks Poland for killing Germans trapped in Poland due to WWI Versailles contract.. Russia invades Ukraine for killing Donbass people because Ukraine does not abide to Minsk agreement.. the Pope (that us protestants exposed as the antichrist) and satans Rothschilds manipulate the whole thing into WWII and will do so for WWIII, getting the Jews (see who are Ashkenazi Jews) and Islam involved as predicted by Albert Pike.
      what to do – ignore the bullshit in ukraine.. and all fight your governments who have none of your best interests at heart, in fact they just want to kill you because you are a burden to their satanic elite.. AI will take your jobs and kill you with vaccines.
      Aljazeera today showed faces of some of the so called fleeing Ukrainians – most of them are black!!!! Sorros, you are involved again aren’t you!
      i could ramble on but its just a mess of destabilisation out there and we are not united against the real enemy, not russia, its the banks, corporates, black rock rothschild sorros zuckerberg gates elite and fouchi, guteres and the silly terrorist from ethipoia running the who.. biden is a joke anyways, he is plain dilly.

  • Aden, loved your piece. Just a few little tips:
    The phrase, “Well, this bodes well” reads as redundant, even though WELL here has two meanings.
    Given the tone of your argument, it looks like you mean, “This bodes ill.”
    “This does not bode well.” also works, just takes longer to type 😉

    I confess, this is my first run-in with welp (which Urban Dictionary inform me was created in the Mid-Teens in this century; not to be confused with whelp, as with puppies).
    My only comment would be, why bother? As the P is silent, might as well spell it with the double LLs,, as it has been since Oliver Cromwell was a lad 😉 That way, everyone – even your Grandma – would know what you meant 😉

    That said, carry on banging away at the old keyboard .

  • Personally, I’m stuck where I’m at. The Rising Prices I’ve experienced, since this regime attained power, have eaten up my pension, to the point there’s less liquid income to prep with, long before this.
    So for me, the roller coaster ride has started and there’s no end to the ride in sight.

    Lot’s of luck folks.

  • Living in Eastern Washington, we’ve been told the Yakima fire was minor? No first hand experience though…

  • Aden’s article deals with macro-issues and I appreciate it. The tale of the tape for me is micro-issues and the dynamics of a diverse population in one spot held captive voluntarily. For example, I’ve spent the past three days at a huge horse and pony auction. Maybe one of the largest venues for horse flesh in the near mid-west.

    I can describe the atmosphere amongst folks (buyers and sellers)thusly: high anxiety. Know this, fully 95% of sellers and 65% of buyers are Amish..normally. This year ~75-80% of buyers were Amish. Sellers remained unchanged.

    Of 300+ ponies sold, of which I was looking to buy 2 from a pool of 15 I inspected, prices since the October sale on average/head increased sale wide 50-200% depending on breed, sex, condition. 5 months. Inflation is everywhere. Seeping into every crevice of our society right down into the marrow like the tentacled roots of a malignant growth.

    I talked with guys that, like me, wonder how the hell can we find a way to keep producing when we’ve all nearly walked right to the beveled edge of the cliff the past five years (that’s right folks, DJT was a big lover of big ag and no friend of small farms)cutting every cost imaginable only to see prices of necessities for daily maintenance and farm fitness double, and, probably, double again.

    I saw men throw down sale catalogs and walk out of the sale in disgust. And I know why. No farm business can survive when the last hope of making another crop depends on affordable horsepower. I don’t care if it’s a tractor or a trotter. When that last straw hits the camel’s back and producers fold, Katie bar the doors.

    FWIW, I couldn’t justify the price of a new team of ponies. Not with these prices. I did get a nice halflingerXstandardbred utility horse for the inflation adjusted 50%+ than she should have brought 5 months ago.

    This is all just so f-ed up. Sorry folks, I wish I had good news. But I don’t.

    And, please, don’t tell me horses are a luxury. Horses are man’s most noble friends and one of my farms layers of preps. Not pets.

    • Awesome prep! I was raised with horses for pleasure riding. But I’ve always longed for the days of horsepower. Outside of Kentucky, our county has the largest number of horse farms. It would take some horse sense to train a horse to plow. But what a blessing for the whole neighborhood. Local could make a comeback and the price of gasoline wouldn’t be as relevant. They truly are our good and noble friends. Dogs come in second.

    • ~Jim,
      Thank you for the boots on the ground reporting.

      With the price of fuel going up, I would consider horses as a good prep/investment.
      Of course, I have the land, room, barn to support an endeavor like that.
      But my knowledge of horses is food goes in that end, poop comes out the other, and you sit up there.
      Oh, they like apples too.

      • You’re welcome Marine. There’s over 1800 head of ponies and horses sold-bought there in four days. We always look forward to it spring and fall. So much fun talking with friends and making new ones.

        This year was.. different. There was a feeling of helpless desperation. Everyone is hurt and confused. The stories I could tell…

        I’m just angry.

  • Y2k sold a lot of granola, 9/11 sold a lot of bullets. If it all goes potty, a lot of people are going to die and botulism happens so make .sure your survival chow is well-kept and not past expiration.

    Skills you will need to survive pockyclypse:
    GP-level medical skills
    Ability to walk long distances
    Land navigation
    Equipment repair and parts fabrication
    Negotiation skills
    Fuel distallation(ethanol)
    Water reclamation/purification
    Personal health and resistance to radiation exposure

    And, don’t forget your towel.

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