NATO, and Shanghai, and Anchorage, Oh My!

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and  The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

What in the world is going on? Does it not seem as if right now, everything is going crazy? NATO expansion, Shanghai lockdowns, and strange things falling from the sky in Anchorage, Alaska? We’re in the beginnings of a good month.

For starters, do you remember how we here at The Organic Prepper pointed out that talks of NATO expansion into Ukraine were going to lead to a war? Then, it happened. And it looks like we’re geared up to do this again.

Russia told Sweden and Finland months ago that if they joined NATO, there would be severe consequences. Now, Sweden and Finland are talking about joining NATO.

It was just two months ago that Moscow told the two Nordic countries that retaliatory measures would be taken against the two nations if they joined NATO. As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “It’s obvious that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, which is, first of all, a military organization, it will entail serious military-political consequences, which would require retaliatory steps by the Russian Federation.”

Maria Zakharova in the pink (no hat).

Zakharova went on to say, “We view Finland’s course for maintaining the policy of military non-alignment as an important factor contribution to stability and security in northern Europe and on the European continent as a whole.”

“We can’t fail to see consistent efforts by NATO and some of its members, primarily the US, to drag Finland as well as Sweden into the alliance.”

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said, “We’ve heard this before,” giving the impression that this was nothing more than Russian saber-rattling.

Haavisto on the right.

Shortly afterwards, Russia stated that “Finland’s accession to NATO would have serious military and political repercussions.”

Now, there are alleged reports coming out that up to 60% of Swedes support joining NATO now – up from just 34% a year ago. Those are polls coming out of a media machine, so believe what you will, but those figures at least tell  where the narrative is pushing this all to go.

There was even apparently a meeting amongst foreign ministers of NATO and the Nordic countries discussing the potential of joining NATO.

What happens if those two countries join NATO? Will it be nothing other than saber-rattling that they will experience? Or will there be another massive troop buildup along the border of Finland for another “military drill?”

And let’s not forget. The moment that one of these countries joins NATO, the rest of NATO must become involved if they’re attacked. You could very easily end up in a situation where the entire world gets dragged into something particularly nasty if Sweden and Finland keep pushing this.

Let’s also not forget that the Kremlin gives its battlefield commanders full discretion in whether or not they’ll use tactical nukes (and the definition of a tactical nuke would encompass something the size of Hiroshima).

And then there’s China.

Do you remember the rumors that had been going around about a hemorrhagic fever going around China? Dr. Malone was the man who really popularized this story. I can’t help but think of that when I see things like this come out of Shanghai:

Is that what’s happening in China right now? Who knows? But it is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see videos like these come out of there once more.

(For information on how to not starve in your home, check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to building a 3-layer food storage plan.)

Then, of course, you have strange objects falling from the sky/flying(?) in Anchorage, Alaska.


It’s being officially reported that this is nothing other than a jet contrail. Local police didn’t find any wreckage in the area, and there were reportedly no other signs of any missing aircraft in the area.

If you look at the seismic activity record in the area around Anchorage, there’s so much data that you can’t really make out anything. There were close to 60 quakes there within a seven-day period, so it would be very hard to determine what is an abnormal seismic reading and what is not.

Personally, I recommend reading this Alaskan journalist’s story.

Perhaps the contrail story would be more believable if there weren’t images out there showing what looks to be debris falling off of whatever this is.

Does anybody else remember the ICBM accident in Hawaii back in 2018? I don’t think this is an ICBM, but, again, that’s what this story is reminiscent of.

There’s a lot going on in the world today, and you would be prudent to ensure that you are prepared.

I don’t think that you can prepare for every situation possible out there. That’s just life. There are no guarantees. But I do think that there are still things one can do – simple things – that cover over a very large foundation of life-saving levels of preparedness.

We’ve covered them here at The Organic Prepper before in full. In the event of a further escalation in Europe, do you have enough cash at your home to keep you going (in the event of a cyberattack)? Do you have an alternate economy set up in your community (within walking distance, perhaps) should you be unable to access what you would typically need due to rationing, supply chain problems, etc.

Do you have enough food and water at your home to stay okay for a reasonable amount of time? Let’s say that you did need to seal up your home – do you know how to do that? If you had to protect your family from radioactive fallout, would you know what to do, where to go? Would you have the food, water, and ventilation system set up to be able to stay alive in that shelter?

We live in a time where there are larger threats to the world than we’ve ever seen before. Why not do what you can to be able to protect your family against these threats?

I don’t think prepping is about paranoia by any stretch of the imagination. I think a large part of it is about taking stock of the world around you, recognizing that we don’t live in a world of angels, and then doing what you can to protect yourself and family with that knowledge.

So, when you see news like that above, don’t let it fill you with fear. Instead, let it fill you with drive. What can you do to prepare?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hopefully it wasn’t one of our space planes or anything manned. NO WAY is this a contrail. It also appears not to be a “Destruct”, as I’ve seen a few of these over Los Alamos in the past. When this happens there’s clear and more spread out debris in evidence. They always launch things in the early morning , before twilight. I see contrails from these quite often, as I am an early riser.

    Maybe an NK missile test? Maybe something shot down with a defensive high-energy weapon?

    • It probably was a secret spy satellite or something they did not want to acknowledge, falling back to Earth from orbit.
      There is a ton of junk floating in orbit. Lots of old satellites, and some just pure junk. Some of it might contain radioactive elements. So they would not want people tracking that wreckage down on their own.

  • Tesla recently lost 40 Starlink satellites due to a geomagnetic storm caused by a CME. There was another such storm last week- possibly this took down another satellite? I am also wondering about the “circuit breaker fire” last week that caused the blackout in Puerto Rico as well…

  • NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO will undergo a major “reset,” saying “Nato is drawing up plans to deploy a permanent full-scale military force on its border in an effort to combat future Russian aggression following the invasion of Ukraine.”
    They have announced an additional formation of four battlegroups (approximately 1,500 troops each) for deployment in Eastern European states.

    Then here is a real doozy, on April 7, same NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said “We have seen that China is unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression. And Beijing has joined Moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path,” and “This is a serious challenge to us all. And it makes it even more important that we stand together to protect our values.”

    Can we/NATO force Russia and China relations even closer?

    Meanwhile, the WSJ is reporting that China is in fact accelerating and “modernize, diversify and expand” its nuclear arsenal. The report is confirmed by both US and China officials.

    The recent move by Putin to peg the ruble to gold, and then demand payments for commodities in rubles or even gold, may have set in motion the global economy from a uni-poloar (USD dominated reserve fiat currency) to a multi-polar one (backed by gold/commodities). How does that one play out is anyone’s guess. Seen everything from UDS collapse, to two differing global economies in parallel, with some over lap when convenient. Russia has announced it will sell only to countries “friendly” to them. 45 counties are heavily dependent on Russian and Ukraine wheat. They may not have a choice but be “friendly” to Russia. Note: Those 45 countries have put out a call to buy, but have found no sellers. They are all committed to other buyers.

    Yesterday, CBS news reported baby formula shortage is causing rationing by Walgreens.

    Now, NATO/Russia/China, I cannot do anything about. Big circles beyond my control.

    While I may not be . . . “chest feeding” (roll eyes), the significance of rationing of baby formula is of note. With the on-going food inflation, and dang near everyone from the UN, to US farmers all agree the cost of food is only going to go up this year and maybe even next, there is something I can affect by growing my own.

    Right now, there has been civil unrest in countries like Iraq, Sri Lanka, Peru over the cost of food. It is expected to get worse. Will we see that kind of unrest here in the US? Flash mobs in grocery stores? Sound crazy? A few weeks ago there was a report of a Wal-Mart putting their meat behind locked bars. Look around at some of the “holes” or “empty shelves,” you have seen at your local grocery stores. Compare prices from a year ago. As preppers, we maybe fortunate to have a well stocked pantry, or a chest freezer full of meat. There is a big section of Americans who do not. And some of that even crossovers into the middle class.

    • “China is in fact accelerating and ‘modernize, diversify and expand’ its nuclear arsenal.”

      they’re expanding and upgrading their support and delivery systems. the number of warheads (about 300) does not appear to be increasing.

    • Food; “Panic early… Beat the rush…”

      The rest of it; lets’ just say those of us who took the oath might have to defend the Constitution in… an unconventional way… We owe this to those who come after us…

  • This could be the last warning mentioned in Major Ed Dames’ Remote Viewing course, sold by fear of “the Killshot,” a series of enormous solar flares that will destroy civilization. If he’s right. Other Remote Viewers do NOT see this Killshot event. That could relate to parallel worlds, now called multiple timelines. Which one am I in?

    Also consider two videos posted by Dr. Charlie Ward:

    Those videos are either an explanation of the Q phenomenon, based on Project Looking Glass–or a Deep State fake intended to scare you and prevent a much better future. But either way, I have know for years of a predicted false flag attack on an American city to be perpetrated by our own deep state “elites” and intended to provoke war with Russia to destroy the USA. And over and over, I have seen evils like 9/11 scheduled and when they were widely promoted they did not happen. Could be nuts to begin with, or could be that publicity scared them off.

    I would love to scare the deep state off an an attack on the US–or at least alert sufficient numbers to the idea of false flag so we are not suckered into a war Russia is prepared to survive and we are not.

    Prepping with food, etc. is called for, regardless.

  • NATO was started to protect countries against invasion by … who? Do you remember? Invasion from a fascist dictatorship in the east led by Stalin.

    Actions by NATO will drive Russia and China closer together? Balderdash! They are as thick as thieves. Remember the military exercise Vostok 2018? It was recognized then as a full-scale practice to defeat NATO. Not as a defense, but as an invasion.

    When Russia (Soviet Union) invaded Crimea in 2014, Sweden saw it as a direct threat against Sweden. At that time, Sweden published a flyer warning their people of that threat. Sweden recognizes that they are a country that is too small on their own to defend against a Soviet invasion, so why shouldn’t they look for others to help them? Russian threats against Sweden and Finland are a de facto claim by the Russians that they are not independent countries.

    Putin, according to a BBC report, wants to rule over a Russian empire that stretches from Vladivostok in the east, to Lisbon in the west. Is that enough of an answer?

    What better time to attack? When NATO is especially weak. The German military practically doesn’t exist. The U.S. military is riddled with injuries and deaths caused by the jab. That is when the generals are not doing crazy things to brown-nose their woke, political masters. The U.S. government, with few exceptions, is in the pay of the CCP and/or Russia.

    The only human salvation I see for us is that the CCP and Russia need to put occupying troops on the ground in the U.S. in order to secure their victory. Will our veterans allow that?

    Our other hope is that God won’t treat us as we deserve, yet give us the ultimate victory.

  • When they immediately came out about that being “a jet contrail with the sun behind it” it totally smelled of a swamp gas cover up. If they had just said “I dunno” it would have looked better, but when they immdiately come up with some excuse that sounds like nonsense, they know more than they’re telling

  • Always be careful. Look before you, to the sides of you and behind you…Yes watch your surroundings. Better safe than sorry always. Pray also, it helps everything to keep GOD in the picture.
    Things are NOT always as they seem…Be caution, most people can’t be trusted, (some yes), most NO!!!
    We are instructed to be awake, alert, and aware of the times that we now live in. Know the signs of the times…Be watchful, keep up with that which is going on in the world with the best news you can obtain. Blessings…

  • I had heard brief mention of this a few days ago, but saw no photographs. Seeing them today, all I could say was “What the HELL?” Folks, the very fact that numerous people, all accustomed to seeing contrails from aircraft, stopped and said “LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE!…” tells us that this was NOT a contrail, at least not a “normal” one. Something definitely “burned in.” Once again though, the MSM, like Biden’s Psaki, is telling us not to believe our eyes, but to believe its lies. …Don’t do that…

    Believe the senses God gave you, people,… including your COMMON sense…

  • This is how to prepare because as we are seeing things going bad- we can see that things will only get worse with each hour that passes. It is time to (if you have not already done so): Turn your eyes to Jesus- repent of your disbelief of what He did on the Cross in dying for your sins. Confess Jesus as your Saviour. Then understand that after you are born again, NOTHING else in this crazy world matters….except telling others of Jesus.
    From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. 10:12For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. 10:13For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    to know more go to:
    From the King James Bible; The Gospel according to John:
    3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

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