China Locks Down More Than 40 Million People, Moves Thousands to “Isolation Camps,” Due to Disease

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices.

China has now officially locked down Shenzhen and Jilin Province allegedly due to increasing rates of COVID infections in the area. Within Shenzhen alone, it is being said that thousands of citizens are being taken away from their apartments and put into isolation camps. You can see a video allegedly of this process unfolding  below.

How will the lockdown of Shenzhen impact the American prepper?

The primary port in Shenzhen (a province of 17.5 million people) is called Yantian. This port alone handles approximately 90% of the electronics exports that leave China. With this port locked down, this could potentially cause a huge supply chain disruption for any type of electronic good within the United States.

Tablets, phones, computers, radios, video game consoles, car parts, key fobs – shipments of these products could all potentially be impacted. While China does have other ports that these products could be shipped out of instead, a large part of the problem is that Shenzhen is something of the Silicon Valley of China.

It’s a major technological hub for the country.

Foxconn (one of Apple’s largest suppliers) is within Shenzhen, as is Tencent and Huawei.


Tencent is predominantly known for its role in the global video game industry. They either own or have investments in Fortnite, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Ubisoft, and Discord. They also have a number of investments in the American entertainment industry, having financial stakes in Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar.

Tencent is also known for its WeChat app that Donald Trump worked to ban from the United States for harvesting too much information from the end user.

Huawei – another tech company within Shenzhen – is mainly involved within the internet hardware industry. They make fiber optics, undersea cables, routers, switches, semiconductors, and are involved in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and 5G technology. (they’ve also donated over $10.5 million to American universities.)

A week-long lockdown of the city began on Monday, meaning none of the employees of these companies are going to be able to come to work for at least seven days (personally, I think this is going to be expanded).

This means that any electronics gear that you normally buy is either going to go up in price this week, or is only going to become more scarce in the very near future.

What about Jilin Province?

Jilin Province (with a population of more than 24 million people) has been locked down as well. It is predominantly known for its food production abilities, producing vast quantities of grains. If workers throughout this region are not permitted to work, this could potentially mean an exacerbation of the current global food supply chain crisis.

This likely wouldn’t result in any long-term negative effects on China as they’ve recently built up the world’s largest grain reserves (50% of the global grain reserves), holding approximately two years’ worth of grain at the moment to feed their people with.

(If they’re storing food, you probably should too. Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on home canning.)

Both Toyota and Volkswagon have factories within Jilin as well, and both of these locations have been forced to temporarily shut down.

It is interesting to remember January 2022.

It was just two months ago that it was widely reported that hemorrhagic fever cases were popping up in China.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, popularly stated, “They are using the language that this is a hemorrhagic fever virus. If that’s the case, then it would be very odd that this is something that would be caused by a coronavirus. That terminology is usually used for viruses in the family of Marburg and Ebola.”

Xi’an was one of the main areas that was locked down in January as a result of this, and upwards of 85% of the flights out of the region were grounded as a result.

Cases of hemorrhagic fever were also reported for Xi’an in December 2021. has pointed out that hemorrhagic fever does share similar early symptoms with COVID.

This is not to say that this is the sole or predominant reason that Shenzhen and Jilin Province have both shut down, but it is an interesting fact to remember. Neither Shenzhen or Jilin Province is anywhere close to Xi’an.

Who really knows what’s going on?

It’s hard to get a firm grasp on what is going on here. Perhaps it’s best to stick with what we know. These two regions of China are currently in lockdown, and as a result of this, we are going to see some supply chain disruptions.

If there is gear that you need for your business to operate on a daily basis or there are some last-minute preps you know are made in China that you’ve been holding off on picking up, getting these sooner rather than later is likely a good idea. If this Chinese lockdown is expanded (as it very well could be) to not get these items now could lead to you paying much more for them in the very near future, being forced to look for suitable alternatives, or having to simply do without.

Do what you can while you still can.

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What do you think is going on?

Do you think the official story about Covid is true? Or do you think there’s something more to this lockdown? Do you expect to be affected by any shortages brought on by the lockdown? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • They’re trying to establish taking people away to camps – and it will spread to other countries.

    This is a next step in the total destruction of all human rights.

  • The timing seems just a bit too convenient. Sucker punch to USA. And what better excuse for an unofficial “sanction” than COVID?

      • Have any evidence that someone wants to cancel the midterm elections? I would like to have this insight to short the market.

    • China and America have a near symbiotic relationship. China doesn’t want to stop selling to America unless it has to, too profitable for them.

  • China does not need to establish as a norm forcing people into “camps” without charges or proof of a crime. They have been doing so for decades. Here in the US it appears that the internment of the January 6th protesters (insurrectionists) without formal charges is a sure sign that it is being established as a norm here in this country.

    Michael Yon has warned for some time of the coming PanfaWar (Pandemic, Famine, War) and it looks like it is is upon us. We find ourselves dealing with massive food and supply shortages from the first plandemic and severe supply chain disruptions. Famines are nothing new but they are normally extremely local. We could be on the verge of a worldwide famine due to not only the plandemic, but also war. We are teetering on the edge of a world wide war in Europe, the Middle East and Asia that will engulf every nation whether they are interested in the war or not. It will be interested in them.

    gather your tribe, wrap up any final preps that you can and get right with God.

    • I agree totally and especially with you last sentence…
      GATHER YOUR TRIBE, WRAP UP ANY FINAL PREPS THAT YOU CAN AND GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!! GOOD POST! So many neglect these things. Procrastination is a big thing and of course of all of our health our “SPIRITUAL” health will be of most importance. For the most part we seem to neglect that. The BIBLE does tell us in Daniel and Revelation (companion books) that these things are coming before the return of JESUS, but of course MOST people don’t believe it and therefore just put that thought on the back burner…Maybe before those FINAL preps are made and they gather the tribe, they might wanna PRAY first and do the rest afterwards, just food for thought. Stay safe, blessings…

    • This has been happened in Venezuela since commies took the chair. Totalitarianism is spreading world wide (Australia) and people is not reacting. Good thing is, these guys won´t move a finger once the some Army came to look the major thugs and their cronies.

        • Won’t be long before we’re questioned about spending cash amounts over $50..or less. So having cold hard cash is not always the answer. People are so asleep here in Australia. Frightening.

        • Australia isn’t doing anything. Banks in Australia have realized that running local bank branches and ATM machines is expensive and customers are preferring to do their business online/electronically. The business of a bank is to make profit and these moves maximizes profit. Things in the financial world change. Before Debit cards we used checks. When is the last time you wrote a check. I’ve had the same book of checks for years. Before checks, everyone paid cash. When is the last time you paid in cash for groceries? When was the last time a local store allowed a person to “put it on their account” as a charge?

          The banks aren’t removing ALL ATM machines, just the less profitable ones. Maybe they will go the way of the payphone. Times change, it’s not always a conspiracy.

  • With China being its usual opaque, this “lock down” can be for almost any reason. One being preparation for war. Make a show of trying to damp down disease, while preparing ships to carry troops and supplies for an invasion.

    According to defector testimony, the CCP and Soviet Union long ago decided on how to divide up the U.S. The Soviets would take over Alaska and parts of Canada, while the CCP would take over the Lower 48 and Hawaii. This is a plan that they set up decades ago and have been working to implement for decades. Now with weak leadership, or maybe actual traitors in western governments, and NATO in disarray, this would be the time to strike. In both cases, in order to secure the victory, both countries need to have troops on the ground. Hence, “closing down” ports while shipping off people who might tattle to concentration camps would be a way to “clear the decks” for implementing their long-term plans.

    • That sounds so logical that is terrifying. Doing so deep harm to the economy would have to be compensated by extraordinary rewards to make it profitable.

    • Care to identify this “defector” who gave this “testimony”? Maybe identify how this “defector” was in the know about such secret plans?
      To take and keep North America, this would require millions of troops, tens of thousands of vehicles and tanks. Just how do you think China and Russia plans to pull this off without us noticing? The Russians can’t even take Ukraine.

  • First understand virus and virology is all a fraud. See Doctors Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufmann on bitchute. There is no “virus”. The “virus” is 5G. They need their infrastructure in place and that will be our prison without bars. Think of emf as pollution. It’s the same feeling as if you are in a dusty room and feel the dust in your throat and nose. The emf makes you sick as it is the same symptoms as what they call the flu. Short of breath., sneezing soar throat, nausea, fever, headache, chest tightness, and it will travel to the lungs if your immune system is weak. All they need to do us up the voltage of 5g and they can mimic any “virus” make everyone sick and fearful, lock us down, and force us to be vaccinated. They can do this to the unvaccinated as well. The vaccinated are more vulnerable because of the contents in the vax. This is why they are confidant more “variants” are coming. If they are allowed to get their infrastructure in place it’s over. Your guns mean nothing they will be able to take anyone out with these towers. People need to be aware of this and it’s already started. I’m in a major city with 5g all over and I see people sneezing and starting to get sick. The enemy is extremely vulnerable in regards to infrastructure and they don’t want you to know this which is why barely anyone is talking about the installation of these towers.

    • Care to cite any peer reviewed papers that show that virus doesn’t exist? Any at all? Or maybe that 5g is making people sick with flu like symptoms? Anything?
      “I’m in a major city with 5g all over and I see people sneezing and starting to get sick.” Yes, because sometimes people get sick.

  • …What better way to keep those mail-in ballots in play for the midterm election in this country…

    Oh; that and dying of the flu wasn’t enough to scare the sensible among us. Now they’re going to try “If you don’t “vaccinate” you’re gonna bleed to death through your nose, ears, and eyes!!!!!”

  • The WEF has planned this to the T – while the Ukraine/Russia hoax is festering in our little minds, the Chinese bats where at it again, releasing the new strain (marburg/ebola?) from the Gates/Fouci second wave ” will get their attention, haha” as he stated. Covid was another successful black ops with the WEF’s MK-Ultra brainwash nearing completion.
    Mankind as we know it, is destabilised completely. This makes it very easy for the elite to further enslave us, and we are willingly letting them with minimal resistance.
    “take heed that no man deceive you!.. Mat24:4

    • evidence for any of this or is it coming straight outta ya ass?

      actual evidence, no Prison Planet type crap.

  • This is a very good story. I avoids unfounded speculation and sticks to what is actually known. Thanks for the info. I feel pretty good about my electronic preps and backups but this is good info to have.

  • Schools in Shanghai announced shutdowns on March 10.
    They are having rolling lockdowns for 48hours by districts or compounds.

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