DC Asks Shoppers to Start Rationing Food: Is This Just the Beginning?

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It’s begun.

We’ve kept our fingers on the pulse of supply chain issues for years now here at The Organic Prepper. Just last week we wrote about all of the impending supply chain issues which were plaguing America. Shortly after that piece was published we saw further edicts be given which banned particular Canadian truckers from coming across the border.

Say goodbye to your maple syrup.

And lo and behold, after massive inflation games, after tampering with the free market, after the deliberate creation of supply chain issues, now we have Washington DC running short on food. What’s the solution to these food shortages?

Why, telling people to not buy as much, of course.


That’s exactly what DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management is now asking residents to do, as they face a problem with keeping their grocery store shelves stocked. Self-imposed rationing is the solution.

You have to love the notion that “there is no need to buy more than you normally would.” There’s just a nationwide supply chain issue, right? It surely won’t make it so that you won’t be able to buy what you need? And is there not a taint of “the government will take care of you here” as well? Aren’t these the same people who are deliberately causing these problems?

This is becoming all too common.

Bare grocery stores are becoming more and more common throughout America at the moment. Keep tabs on your own supermarket. What have you seen over the past few months? What have you found is difficult to find at the moment? There are very few who could likely say their grocery store shelves remain the same as always.

There’s a reason that Americans throughout the country are posting pictures online of barren stores, food items spaced out to give the illusion of stocked shelves, and posters of food being where soup should be.

Farmers are being paid to not produce, are being ordered to dump their product to rot on the side of the road, meat is being regulated out of existence, people are being banned from trucking food into the country, and food processing plants are coercing people out of their jobs (and then facing inexplicable labor shortages).

America seems to now be facing a food shortage.

What did you expect?

But what comes next?

I don’t think it’s too far of an assumption to think that this is only going to spread. Like it or not, what happens in the cities trickles down into the rest of the country. The cities are the fulcrum. Critical race theory, removal of statues, the notion that the world’s last bastion of freedom is a terrible place – all of this started in the cities – and has now found its way through small-town Americana.

Policies spread, and as those who believe these ideas flee the mess they’ve created, do you really think they’ll abandon all of their convictions as they go? Or will they take their politics with them?

Food shortages will be no different.

(All the more reason to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on getting your food preps in order.)

This is all the more reason that you need to begin prepping your food storage now rather than later. Because what do we see throughout history? What happens when a nation begins to have a hard time finding food? Just ask folks in Greece and Venezuela.

For starters, you’ll begin to see rationing.

I believe this rationing will likely be store-induced first. Consider stores that sell ammunition. Many of them have rationing policies in place for how many boxes you can buy. Has it always been this way?

Consider the toilet paper scare of 2020. Stores throughout America had self-imposed rationing restrictions on how many packages of this 2020’s currency one could purchase. As things continue to get worse though – and as Americans become dulled to the idea of rationing by store policies – the government will step in.

In World War 2, Americans were issued ration cards for a wide variety of goods. Gasoline, sugar, flour – all of them became government-controlled. No ration card, no product. It’s very easy to see how this could become the logical consequence of all this.

Sugar ration card.

After all, DC is already taking the first steps. And a society that is becoming more and more cashless makes rationing even easier.

You’ll see the demonizing of “hoarders.”

America has been assaulted with propaganda of late “othering” large segments of society. And it’s been working. We’ve witnessed in the past where preppers were vilified, and you’ll only continue to see more of this kind of nonsensical talk in the future as well.

Those who keep a ready supply of food in their pantry – as humanity has done throughout all of history (recent times being the exception) – will now be deemed “selfish” and looked down upon by society. How this will play out ever since 2020 caused prepping to become mainstream is yet to be determined.

Will Americans play along with this? I think enough will to make a (negative) difference.


We already have “legalized” theft on the books. (Unsurprisingly, it’s an Executive Order.) There are those who believe that an emergency makes stealing OK, and should such an emergency be declared (perhaps due to “misinformation“?), there will be people in uniforms who show up at your door to take what you have worked and paid for. Allegedly, this will be “to give to the collective.”

As Animal Farm (and all of totalitarian history details), some animals are more equal than others, and what was stolen from you will largely go to those in power. You will live in squalor as those in political office use their German shepherds to ensure they (and their dogs) live in luxury.


Russian children in 1921 after the Soviets took control.
Josef Stalin in 1921.

Keep your eyes peeled.

We’ve already witnessed government confiscation here in America before. And history can easily repeat. Keep your eyes peeled, America. Watch what is happening around you.

One person prepping within a community is the easy target when these types of policies become enforced. But imagine if that one person has influenced their entire neighborhood to get more prepared.

Get involved in local politics. Ensure the communists in your midst no longer have their seats. Do not let them have the power to release the dogs on your family.

Much depends upon it.

Have you seen rationing?

Have you seen rationing in your local stores? Is it enforced or suggested? Do you expect this to worsen? How are you preparing for this possibility? Share your thoughts in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • “But imagine if that one person has influenced their entire neighborhood to get more prepared.”….all well and good, but nowdays you dont know who to trust, even in your own neighborhood!!!!

    • Do you talk to your neighbors?
      Interact with them?
      Have them over for dinner/cook out?
      Establish those relationships. Form bonds and trust now to prepare for a collapse.

      • Have you talked to yours lately, there are a lot more crazy people around. I agree with you in principle, but in practice I’m weary of helping and getting my hand bitten for my troubles.

        One lot of city neighbors only up on weekends didn’t keep their cows in very well, and so after a year of their cows being three farms over, one of the boys a few farms over sold the cows. The neighbors despite being told their cows were three farms over by me, and me offering to help them fence, blamed me for selling their cows, and told the local community they were going to beat me up.

        I told them what I thought of them, and now we don’t speak. Like I said, not everyone is worth knowing.

        • Not as much as we do in the warmer parts of the year, but yes. The one neighbors, retirees, we shoveled their walkway and cleared their drive with the snow thrower.
          Another neighbor, their mail was in our mail box. We took their mail to them, and a dozen eggs as we had surplus.
          And another neighbors bring us their scraps from their garden to feed to the hogs. They get some of the meat, chops, and bacon for their contributions.

          Are there those who are, how shall I say, challenging (re: Your city neighbors with the cows)? Yep, every neighbor hood, community has those.
          How would they react, behave in a SHTF or post-SHTF event? Who knows.

        • “I agree with you in principle, but in practice I’m weary of helping and getting my hand bitten for my troubles”

          firstjarhead is in a special location, amongst the amish. great advice for that established community, but hard to implement anywhere else.

          • runt7 is, as usual, wrong.
            With the exception of runt7 (a known racist, anti-Semite, and incel), most people are decent and if you give some degree of effort, they are willing to give that effort in return.
            My wife makes a point of asking the deli counter people (when we have to) of how they are, and how their day is going. Be amazed at how people react to a honest inquiry to their day.
            A few months ago in the grocery store, I saw a woman with a Stranger Things sweat shirt on. I smiled, and commented on how I liked her shirt. She laughed, and said thank you.
            Funny thing, she was masked.
            I was not.
            But we still shared something in common.

            • “But we still shared something in common”

              exactly. which is precisely what is missing in any urban area beyond a superficial remnant of civilization, and which is why people in populated areas learn early to be careful and sparing in the “strike up a conversation with your neighbors” thing.

    • I really trust no one outside my core family…….and even some of them are a bit iffy and are on a “need to know basis” We have 3 grocery stores in town,have to hit all three to get “most” of what you want…2 of them have “limits” on buying only one-three of different items……crazy days & not getting better anytime soon.Glad we hunt & have a good garden!

    • And thats the problem. Yes this would be great to get others on board but you expose yourself and become a target by trying to help others. Thats what I have a hard time with.

  • The morals of the situation just changed.
    If you have not preppe (d, you MUST.
    But if you have prepped, then leaving some on the shelves for others is the decent thing to do.
    There will likely be gaps in your prepping. FIX them NOW while you still can. You can’t help anyone else while you are starving, yourself.
    Havingness–the ability to have–falls on a scale. Just as some emotions (cheerfulness, contentment) are higher than others (anger–which is higher than fear, which is higher than grief); so also some attitudes toward possessions are higher and lead to better thriving. You can go from HAVE (the American default) down to WASTE, substitute, and waste substitute. It is far wiser to go UP. If there is a shortage, that means you need MORE havingness. That is called Responsibility. There is one higher–create.
    The coming starvation is the fruit of millions of sleepwalking Americans believing news liars and staying unprepared. Maybe we can wake up the snoozers before we see millions of deaths, but I would not count on it.
    Just providing for yourself is better than dying, being able to help a few neighbors is better if you have Opsec, and is more responsible. Better is seeing to it that neighborhood food banks are well-managed and have good food. We will need to tell people that “Best by” dates do not mean that two-year-old food spoils in one day! Waste not, want not. Responsibility.
    Check out your local politics. Responsibility.
    Responsible citizens will save the day.
    You can also establish or increase your gardening = create, and establish neighborhood networks = create.

    • “But if you have prepped, then leaving some on the shelves for others is the decent thing to do”

      it is. but there’s gonna be a LOT of others ….

  • What I have noticed at the store today – sparse shelves and empty shelves. What is no longer available:

    Cream cheese
    Frozen French fries, hasbrowns, basically any frozen potato product
    Dairy case dinner rolls

    Sparse or little supplies:


    • Cream cheese–Make your own
      Frozen French fries, hasbrowns, basically any frozen potato product–Buy raw and make your own
      Dairy case dinner rolls–? Why?
      Butter–Bottle it
      Spices–Grow your own

      Sparse or little supplies:

      Chicken–Grow your own or trade for it
      Produce–Grow your own

      • Just googled making cream cheese. Mind blown. I make a LOT of stuff from scratch and am familiar with many substitutions when I don’t have something I need. This is literally the first time I’ve ever heard you can just make cream cheese at home. The day I can’t find it I will be singing your praises, my friend.

      • One option to butter is ghee. I find it canned in the health food section of my grocery store. I live in the city so I cannot grow my own chicken due to HOA regulations but I can grow some of my own produce. I’m going to figure out ways to expand production on what little dirt I own (very small lot). the first thing I’ll be trying is more usage of vertical space like using more vining plants; I figure as long as I can reach it it’s worth a try.

      • A little difficult to grow some spices in some areas. That is not a universal cure. Some spices don’t grow at all in the 48 and are wholly imported.

        For some folks in urban area, growing chickens is forbidden. If you live in an apartment in an urban area, your ability to farm is somewhat limited. You might not even have a balcony on which to do container farming.

        Just telling people to grow their own foodstuffs fails to consider that not everyone has the space to do urban farming and some oldsters don’t have the strength to do much in the way of cultivation.
        And finally, some oldsters are caring for a disabled life partner and don’t have the time nor the energy to do much in the way of food cultivation.

  • I only get to shop about once a month. I can’t go shopping until the 1st, which is when I get my retirement check. Where I live there is no grocery or feed stores. Because of this I buy bulk. My nearest feed store is about 90 miles northwest of me. My nearest decent grocery store is 100 miles east of me. My nearest convenience store & gas station is 25 miles due west of me. My worry is being able to maintain feed for my poultry. I can cull some to reduce the feed requirement, but that is my main concern. Prices on feed is climbing each time I go to the store. China has shut down the two main ports that ship to America. If you need something, then buy it now because it won’t be there later. That includes shoes, socks, clothes, etc. I have been having a real hard time finding jeans in my husband & my size (we were the same size in boys jeans).

    • That’s not true. China had nothing to do with shutting the ports down. That is strictly the work of the California government which got shot down on making gig workers full time employees. They aren’t allowing any self-employed truckers onto the port district property. Well, guess what. The trucking industry is almost 90% independent truckers, so the freight can’t get moved off the port district property except by full time employees of a trucking company. Both the port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles are packed with containers waiting to get trucked off the port property. The ships can’t unload because there is no space to put the containers still shipboard. I don’t know how many ships are sitting off the two ports waiting in line to unload. The Chinese are more torqued about it than the readers of this list because having a ship sitting outside port loaded with cargo is only costing big bucks instead of making big bucks. This is one instance where the Chinese are not to blame. I am certainly no sinophylle but this giagantic screwup is strictly the fault of the politicians and bureaucrats in California.

  • Haven’t seen this in Missouri…yet, I seriously could give one damn about DC. One thing I’m curious about is these supply chain issues that I sense from reading in here is going to lead to catastrophe. It makes sense at it’s face, Incompetent in the White House, Incompetent Sec of Transportation in the Cabinet, issues in California with ships backed up, now this Canadian trucker issue. Now I’m no economist but why do we care about Canada, they made their bed electing Trudeau twice, I’m a little short on sympathy for leftists. It would seem to me this would hurt them more than us. Just curious as I wade through what I’m starting to feel is Hysterics from the left and right these days. I really do appreciate this site, kind regards.

    • Canada supplies most of the wheat for bread in this country too. It will affect us all its just a matter of when.

    • Yes, I was going to also post that we get a lot of produce and farm products from Canada. Not letting Canadian truckers into the country seems to go against the NAFTA treaty that the dems were so eager to push. So Mexican drivers are okay but those crazy Canadian truckers, so eager to illegally emigrate to the U.S. are verboten. Sure. Makes sense to me when I am into my cups. Well, being brain dead seems to be a prerequisite for public office these days, so it just follows. Why are we surprised?

  • Where I live, we seem to have a shortage of bread (all kinds) and canned refrigerated biscuits. Most other items are still available, but it can be very hot or miss. One day there was not much cereal, the next week cereal was well stocked, but they were low on meat. Now is the time to stock up, if you haven’t already. It will likely get worse.

    • Frozen biscuits/french fries/tater tots,cleaning supplies, meds & chicken feed is thru the roof here in Montana. We too, have shelves empty,but mainly freeze shelves…..we have “fresh” (at least that’s what it’s called) but it all looks a bit iffy to me.
      I stocked up on any frozen potato products that I do use,a few months ago,so that doesn’t effect me much….plus I grow a couple hundred pounds each year

    • Time to ‘stock up’ was two years ago. Oh well …
      1) Get a good supply of bread flour, a 2-paddle bread machine, a pound of baker’s yeast, and learn. I make bread every day or two, as needed and don’t have any idea of commercial prices today. Besides do-it-yourself bread of many different flours, there are rolls, sweet breads (Danish tea rings), pizza dough, everything starts with dough. It can be refrigerated, frozen, baked or not. Bread is The staple.

      2) Get a good basic cookbook, a bread specialty cookbook and look for a mentor; perhaps the grocery store bakery would be willing to share some tips. Experiment, learn, pass on the knowledge.

  • Mr. Thompson,
    IIRC that message put out by DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the day before or on when they were expected another winter storm.
    However, your point about empty shelves, logistical issues is well made. Been seeing more and more of that not only in the grocery stores, but tools, plumbing supplies, auto supplies etc.
    Back in 2020 when COVID forced meat packer facilities we saw limits placed on ground beef, chicken, and pork.

    Prior to COVID, around here what many call prepping we call just our lifestyle. Gardens, small livestock, trade and barter are nothing new.
    Since COVID, empty shelves, I have seen more gardens, larger gardens, more people raising small, medium and even large livestock. People have taken a real interest in being in command of their destiny and not to some bureaucratic flunkies in the state capitols or in DC.
    The more the people are self-reliant, self-resilient, less dependency on the government the better the people are.

  • One knows damn well the mayor and Congress have no problem accessing whatever food they want,and get it at discount.

  • In Warsaw Poland, at the onset of WW2 with troops rumored to be approaching, an ignorant city leader (unsure of title /position) publicly declared, “no need to buy extra food. No need to panic…” History proved he was wrong, and those who followed his advice were very sorry afterwards. Soon enough the city was blockaded and no more food or supplies entered the city.

  • Paper towels and T. paper one per shopper so far. Man and wife (or older kids) can each take a cart and pay separate. This is what we did last yr w/ paper items. More populated cities (in store videos above) have more shortages as more compete for items. No one should know who are preppers, but anyone that goes around talking about it needs their head examined. UN troops or the military (after society breaks down) will try to steal from those that have ordered from food storage mail order places. Gov. troops will raid food storage co’s and take records of customers. We buy from stores in area, did mail order before the y2k farce, food was donated as taste was awful. Haven’t noticed “one per customer” just paper items.

  • On Saturday the mandatory shot requirement went into effect for truckers Co ing through our SOUTHERN BORDER as well. We get A LOT of our produce from Mexico, so we’ll likely see even more bare spots.

  • “We already have ‘legalized’ theft on the books. (Unsurprisingly, it’s an Executive Order.) There are those who believe that an emergency makes stealing OK”

    (sigh) it’s not theft. it’s war. it’s genocide. the same way the same people have always done it.

    (“behold, I have given you cities which you did not build, and food and clothing for which you did not labor” ….)

  • get medical procedures done now. along with car maintenance (tires, etc), other maintenance and parts, etc. and now might be a good time to get firewood.

  • “Like I said, not everyone is worth knowing”

    this brings up a great point. in cities you can pass literally a hundred people every day that you never meet again, and you can live in a project with two hundred families that you never speak with – but in prepper “communities” after grid-down you’ll be living and interacting with the same people day after day for years on end whether you want to or not, whether you get along or not, whether you hate them or not, just like in pre-industrial villages. older societies had conventions and behaviors for dealing with this circumstance, but we’ve lost that. what are your plans for dealing with the wackos, the domineering alpha types, and the not-so-bright?

    • “. . . what are your plans for dealing with the wackos, the domineering alpha types, and the not-so-bright?”

      You mean the undesirables, the racists, the anti-Semites, the incels like you?

      Your fans look forward to meeting you.

      • well that’s one approach – be the sheriff with the posse, deciding for yourself who stays and who goes. and throughout history that’s been the typical pattern – the dominant alpha male and his crew make the rules and everyone else conforms or else. hard to argue with success. anyone else have a different approach?

        • Sometimes I enjoy the banter from you two and this is a good point. There are always people we wont want to deal with in our community. Right now we can choose, once communities shrink that wont be an option. I have some people here I don’t want to deal with, but most other people around are great.
          Ive thought about it but I haven’t come up with anything. They are just you g and thoughtless so Im hoping with some teaching they might be ok. It is something to think about. Not because of any skin tone or religion but personalities just clash sometimes.

  • One of the things impacting food rationing will be JIT deliveries to food distributors and then to the grocery stores. Even across the US/Canadian and US/Mexican borders. A lot of fuss is being made about the vaccine mandates impacting truckers moving goods across the US/Canadian border. Apparently there is a big protest by truckers and citizens supporting the truckers protesting in Canada. Truckers and supporters from all across Canada are converging on Ottawa, the capitol, to protest the mandates. I understand the protests are Jan. 28 and 29. I haven’t heard of a similar protest here in the US. Check out some of the videos on youtube doing a search for Freedom Convoy 2022 about the Canadian truckers and convoys protesting the vax mandates. Yes, some of them do have some strong language.

  • One way they will know how much food you bought is from your credit cards and store loyalty cards.
    I use store loyalty cards, but I don’t even remember what names I used to get most of them. Of course I don’t receive the ads, or emails. LOL
    I use my credit cards maybe once a year for some nondescript item just to keep it active for emergencies.

    • “I use my credit cards maybe once a year for some nondescript item just to keep it active for emergencies”

      if you don’t use it enough they can cancel it. just use it to buy non-descript stuff.

  • Locally, all I’ve seen so far, is store issued limitations on some goods, the “Sign” Limited to “X” per Customer” is frequently seen. Several folks have mentioned various churches closing their Benevolence Activities, as donations are way down.

    I suspect it’s going to get a lot worse. Especially, since this administration is too stupid to connect the dots between their policies and the consequences those policies create.

  • Some minor rationing for a bit, but not lately. And so far the local stores have been reasonably stocked, although prices are certainly rising. As for neighbors, we’re rural and most of us are a mix of preppers, farmers, and gardeners. I’ve been offered chickens recently, because they know I have some and they wanted to thin their flocks, (too many) I also received ten 5gal buckets of horse manure, and 5gal of rabbit poop, in payment for feeding and “babysitting” another fellows livestock while he went on a short trip. And the other day I traded a messenger bag, some suture, and an LED flashlight for 100rnds of .45 and 20rnds of buckshot. I’ve also given injections, Vitamin K, testosterone, etc, (to the squeamish) and checked a few rashes and booboos, just because I should (I’m a surgical PA, retired) Still, I know things are headed toward chaos, and I hate it, but thus far we’re all on the same page here. Hoping for the best, and preparing for … well, we all know.

    • I wish you lived around us. We could use some medical knowledge here. Best we have is me. Im an herbalist. But, I don’t diagnose anyone. That would be a struggle for me in shtf times.

  • Asking people to not wipe out a store because a weather event is predicted is not a “rationing” situation. Some people have to buy food every day, some don’t. And it is certainly not unreasonable for a person with adequate supplies to NOT purchase. Fearmongering makes money I guess. People who prepare for an economic downturn get lumped in with “preppers” who since the 90s, have a new boogeyman at every turn.

    • So what you’re implying is that the people who “have to buy food every day” are going to be the problem, because in emergency circumstances they’ll be buying more than they normally would one day at a time. “Preppers” that I know of do not seek or find “a new boogeyman at every turn,” they have learned from previous generations that whenever possible it’s prudent to have back up supplies to feed their family’s and support their communities. What exactly about that do you seem to have a problem with?

      • “’Preppers’ that I know of do not seek or find ‘a new boogeyman at every turn’”

        it’s illuminating to go back to the beginning of any prepper/survivalist blog and recall what people were saying five or ten years ago. try it here.

  • Shortages or none available: multi-colored peppers (used to come from Canada, then Mexico), celery, cream cheese (however plenty at Neighborhood WM but not WM Superstore), toilet paper particularly Charmin. We use Curbside pickup for WM & Sam’s and have noticed while scrolling thru our ‘recently purchased’ list that Chunky Soups, 10# chicken leg quarters, mild salsa in largest size, some brands of flaxseed meal, some sizes of flour, are out of stock.
    And for no apparent reason, other that supply chain, hubby’s favorite brand of bagels, Dave’s Killer, are limited to 2 per flavor.

  • We live in a very small town. Recently. most of the few restaurants we have here have been shut down because of Omicron. The one grocery store is operating on a skeleton crew. A friend of ours works there. He says they often don’t get all the stuff they order and the trucks are late.
    The last time I was there ( 3 weeks ago) it seemed to be fairly well stocked, but there are only about 2,000 people in our town, and I think the manager has become very good at knowing what will sell and how much to get. There haven’t been any frozen french fries available for quite some time. Milk is sparse. (That day I bought the last two gallons to bring home and freeze. I was there early in the a.m.)
    Some of my family members live in a suburb of Houston. For some time they have been limited to only two packages of chicken. So – they go to a couple of stores to get more.
    I expect to see it get much worse. We have 80% of children in our town below the poverty level. Feeding them has ALWAYS been a problem and I fear it is going to get worse, too.

  • We just went to the local Food Lion grocery store. All the cheap things were gone like Ramen noodle cups and most of canned soups. Lot of open space in the produce department also. The local Sam’s Club hasn’t have heavy whipping cream in about 5 months.

  • You really can’t trust anyone. People are getting really crazy these days. Never tell your left hand what your right hand is doing. A good series to watch is called “Survivors”. It’s a British series from the 70’s. It is about a pandemic that originates in China that kills off 90% of the population. It shows what could happen to you if people know that you have something of value. Also, the twilight zone episode entitled, “The Shelter”. “Panic in the year zero” is a good movie to watch. And yes, it is getting harder and harder to find a lot of things in the stores as well as online.

  • I was surprised when I came across this article today. I just told my husband a couple of days ago that I would not be surprised if they implemented rationing and brought back the ration cards. Years ago my parents told me how it was during the years of world war 2. It was very hard on everyone. They had ration cards for gasoline as well as food. This has worked very well in the past for the elite to control the population. They weaponize food and oil in order to enslave humanity. Of course they will most likely deny ration cards to the unvaccinated or those who openly disagree with their policies. The elites will still live in the manner which they are accustomed. Don’t think for a minute that during world war 2 that Winston Churchill or the Royal Family were eating the “National Loaf”.

    • “They weaponize food and oil in order to enslave humanity”

      old weapon. was reading this in 1/2 samuel. jebus (original name of jerusalem), “threshing floor”, was the only place round about there where grain was permitted to be threshed.

  • Many years ago, when we lived in the country, we had two large gardens and a lot of people made positive comments about it, but one woman ( a former grade school / high school classmate of mine ) got real snotie with us about having a large garden. She kept asking if we were going to keep all that produce for ourselves and that maybe we should give some or ALL of that garden produce to the needy and our answer was always the same, we used everything that we grew, anything left over went to the family and then to the local church. We then said that if she wanted something, that she should wear some grubby cloths and come out to help us with the garden and she could have all she wanted. We never heard from her again. The thing is or was, she grew up on a farm where her folks had cattle, hogs, chickens and sheep and her parents milked cows for the local creamery and the family she grew up in had 5 or 6 kids in her family. What was she bitching about ?

    • “We then said that if she wanted something, that she should wear some grubby cloths and come out to help us with the garden and she could have all she wanted”

      that is THE answer for those kinds of questions and people. bypasses both freebies and exclusion and gets to the heart of the matter – work.

      “What was she bitching about ?”

      she wasn’t. she’s adopted an ideology of jealousy and envy that everything should be free for everyone on demand, and that anyone who has something has it because they unfairly took it from others. it’s a slightly (deliberately) perverted version of the ideology of the subversives who taught it to her.

  • Here in Canada the criminal cabal government is telling Canadians not to worry about empty shelves, that’s “fear mongering”. Well I guess our criminal government of vaccine rapists and murderers have been prepping. I thought that made one a domestic terrorist, oh wait I’m confusing myself with these paragons of virtue. Our shelves are emptying because a group of MEN and WOMEN told that parasite Chairman Turdo Castro that they don’t want the clot shot. Same situation in the US. So now Canadians and Americans can starve to death while the politicians party. This Saturday take off your face diapers in support of THE FREEDOM CONVOY 2022. Let’s go Branden!!!!!! F!!!!!!! TURDO!!!!!

  • I won’t be reading your stuff since your drop-down menu of a whole 5 links takes up the top HALF of my screen, forcing me to read 3-4 lines at a time on a continuous scroll.

    • We have a new design and depend on readers like you to point out glitches we may not have noticed! Thank you for letting us know – I’ll send this over to the web developer. Can you please tell me if you’re using a phone or a PC?

  • There wouldn’t be a food shortage/empty shelves if Canada and the US would stop mandating the clot shot for truckers. There is a HUGE freedom convoy going thru Canada our true north strong and free as I type. Here’s hoping Daisy will cover this convoy, look at the vids online and see what freedom and the REAL Canada is. I hope this convoy spreads across the US as many US truckers are coming up to support the convoy. Without truckers bringing in our food it’s pretty hard to stock up on essentials until you shoot that deer or grown your veg. Please Daisy do an article on the convoy!!!!!!!

  • Yams can be used to make flour for bread. Andnare easy to grow.
    So perhaps a how to do that would be good to publish.

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