5 Alarming Reasons Americans Need to Pay Attention to Ebola RIGHT NOW

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People like to think of Ebola as a disease that only strikes superstitious locals in the deepest jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But just like the last time the disease made it to our shores, there are warning signs and it’s time to start paying attention.

There are several events in the news that when looked at together, lead to concerns we could be looking at a replay of 2014.

This article is not being written to demonize people from certain regions or the world, to bring up arguments for or against immigration, or to scare the pants off you. It’s a collection of facts that I’ve written with as little bias as possible.

A quick recap of the 2014 outbreak that made its way to our shores

Everyone remembers the Ebola outbreak of 2014. It ripped through West Africa for two years, killing over 11,000 people and sickening nearly 30,000. But the reason WE remember it in the United States is that it crept into our country. Shortly after the CDC warned us to prepare for a potential Ebola pandemic, the first case was diagnosed in Dallas, Texas, when a man from West Africa visited the hospital on two occasions, having been turned away the first time as just having “the flu.” The original patient died, and two nurses caring for him caught the potentially deadly virus. One patient completely overwhelmed an entire hospital.

It is honestly shocking that more people didn’t become ill, as one nurse traveled on a plane while sick, and in another incident, a doctor in New York City who had volunteered in Guinea was also diagnosed. All in all, eleven people in the United States were treated for Ebola (that we know of, anyway) and it certainly wasn’t because of the expert handling of the near-crisis. It was pure luck.

There were all sorts of mismanagement. Everything from not requiring a quarantine of travelers returning from the affected area to housing 11 potential cases in a hotel to a ship from Liberia with sick passengers being allowed to dock in New Orleans to the near-disastrous handling of contaminated samples in Dallas, it is an absolute miracle that there was no major outbreak in the US.

If there were hundreds or thousands of patients across the country, it wouldn’t take long for things to devolve into absolute chaos. Ebola can have a death rate as high as 90%.

1) The DRC is in the midst of the second largest Ebola outbreak in history.

According to the World Health Organization, confirmed cases of Ebola have exceeded 2000 in the DRC. This makes it the second-largest outbreak in history, after the 2014-2016 epidemic.

There are several reasons that the WHO has been unable to get a handle on this outbreak. Last year, I wrote about how the families of Ebola patients were breaking them out of quarantine and taking them to prayer meetings. I also wrote that the disease had reached a major urban center, increasing the likelihood of its spread.

The area at the heart of the outbreak is a warzone, which makes it difficult for doctors to treat patients, and at the same time, the patients are untrusting of modern medicine. People are fleeing Ebola-stricken villages in fear, which just makes the spread more likely.

2) Ebola is no longer contained within the DRC

Today it was reported that Ebola has hopped the border into Uganda, where today, a young patient died. The five-year-old deceased has two relatives who have also tested positive.

Zero Hedge reports:

On Wednesday, health experts in both countries were scrambling to understand how the boy’s relatives crossed the border on June 9th, and who they may have infected along the way. The boy was taken to a Ugandan hospital after vomiting blood and exhibiting other symptoms, while two relatives of the boy also tested positive for Ebola. Uganda has been heavily screening visitors from Congo for signs of fever, and has vaccinated more than 4,700 health workers against the disease according to a joint statement by WHO and Ugandan officials.

Uganda’s health ministry said the boy’s mother, who is Congolese but married to a Ugandan and living in the Kasese district of Uganda, had travelled back to Congo to nurse her sick father, who subsequently died of Ebola. On returning to Uganda, the boy had started coughing up blood and vomiting and was taken to Kagando hospital where health workers immediately suspected Ebola.

A sample of his blood tested positive for Ebola and on Wednesday two of the boy’s relatives were also confirmed to have contracted the disease. –Financial Times (source)

Experts have warned if Ebola spreads into other countries that the virus will become even more difficult to contain.

Angola, which shares a border with the DRC, has closed that border to prevent the spread of the virus into their country.

3) The Department of Border Patrol just apprehended a large group of people from Africa

In a press release, the Border Patrol announced on May 31 that they had apprehended 116 people from Africa trying to cross the Mexican/US border.

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Station apprehended a large group of 116 individuals Thursday.

“Large groups present a unique challenge for the men and women of the Del Rio Sector,” said Chief Raul Ortiz. “This large group from Africa further demonstrates the complexity and severity of the border security and humanitarian crisis at our Southwest border.”

Agents performing line watch operations apprehended the group after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande into the U.S. around 10:30 p.m.

This is the first large group apprehended in the Del Rio Sector and the first large group of people from Africa – including nationals from Angola, Cameroon and Congo – apprehended on the Southwest border this year. (source)

Here’s a video of the apprehension. This link came from the press release above.

4) And these aren’t the only people from the DRC coming into the United States through Mexico.

Border Patrol says that there’s an uptick of migrants from this part of the world entering the United States through the Southern border.

On June 5, agents assigned to the Eagle Pass Station arrested a group of 34 people from the continent of Africa. Since May 30, more than 500 people from the continent of Africa have been arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol in Del Rio Sector. Agents have encountered immigrants from Africa crossing the Rio Grande River in multiple separate events, including one group of over 100 individuals. These groups are primarily made up of family units from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. (source)

On June 6, San Antonio news station put out a desperate plea for French-speaking volunteers to help with an influx of migrants from the area. Interim Assistant City Manager Dr. Collen Bridger shared the details of the situation with KEN 5:

Bridger said the Congolese migrants began to arrive in town on Tuesday. They told Migrant Resource Center workers, they traveled with a group of about 350 migrants through Ecuador to the southern border.

“When we called Border Patrol to confirm, they said, ‘yea another 200 to 300 from the Congo and Angola will be coming to San Antonio,'” Bridger said.

That included Masengi, a Congolese migrant, who didn’t want to have his face on camera but told KENS 5 via Google Translate he arrived to the southern border as an asylum seeker.

He said he came to America for security reasons and said, “My family is staying in my country but with the help of the USA I can get it back.” (source)

San Antonio will be sending the asylum seekers to other cities across the United States.

…The city opened up the Frank Garrett Center to house the Congolese migrants for the weekend, but after that, they’re not sure where they’ll house them especially since they don’t know how long some of them will be here.

“The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland. When we reached out to Portland Maine they said, ‘Please don’t send us any more. We’re already stretched way beyond our capacity,” Bridger said.

“So we’re working with them [the migrants] now to identify other cities throughout the United States where they can go and begin their asylum seeking process. (source)

Obviously, just because a person is Congolese doesn’t mean they are infected with Ebola. These are just a series of connecting facts to which we should pay attention.

At this time, there is no evidence that anyone has Ebola in the United States, including Congolese asylum seekers. Border Patrol has said this internet rumor is not true.

5) The medical screening process is overwhelmed

Another concern is the quick screening process performed by physicians at the border. There has been a massive influx of immigrants crossing through from Mexico into the United States and the system is overwhelmed.

While every person crossing has some kind of health check-up, Ebola is difficult to catch in the early stages. According to the CDC:

Diagnosing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) shortly after infection can be difficult. Early symptoms of EVD such as fever, headache, and weakness are not specific to Ebola virus infection and often are seen in patients with other more common diseases, like malaria and typhoid fever.

To determine whether Ebola virus infection is a possible diagnosis, there must be a combination of symptoms suggestive of EVD AND a possible exposure to EVD within 21 days before the onset of symptoms (source)

I was unable to find detailed information on the exact screening process for asylum seekers crossing the border from Mexico. If someone locates it, please share it in the comments so I can update this article.

Update: Here’s a link to the CDC’s recommended screening process for refugees. It particularly notes tests for Hepatitis, HIV, parasites, malaria, STDs, and tuberculosis, along with some general tests. Keep in mind that the symptoms of Ebola may not show up for 21 days, so it’s possible for a person to pass a medical exam during the incubation period.

There are quarantine stations at all US points of entry and laws that cover isolation and quarantine. As for how long people are quarantined, it appears it may be 72 hours.  There’s obviously going to be some travel time, too, but it really depends on how the asylum seeker reached the border. Did they spend months walking through Mexico on foot? If so, they would have already shown symptoms. But it has not been made clear how they arrived at the border.

(Thank you to Sandy and Lisa for this additional information.)


The stage is being set for what could be a catastrophe of epic proportion. Here’s what you need to know to prep for a potential Ebola outbreak in the United States and here’s a detailed book about prepping for a variety of pandemics. Here’s more information about how Ebola is transmitted.

The United States dodged the bullet last time Ebola cast its shadow here. Will we get that lucky again?

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  • You are right to be concerned. I have a friend who works in a hospital here in the Austin, TX area. She called the other day telling me I should avoid going to any hospital in the area unless absolutely necessary. She explained there are currently two patients being evaluated for Ebola in Austin.

    • Wow. Thank you for the heads up as I’m in the Austin area as well and that is something that is very concerning. Austin while not as large as New York or other major cities is still pretty big and a tourist spot. We currently have the rott riley that is being held this weekend which means even more people coming to our city and area. If it’s true and it gets out from those hospitals then it could spread quickly with all of the visitors that we do have in town this weekend. I pray that they are false alarms.

  • Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Do your own research. This is meant only to provide information.

    I found articles relating selenium deficiencies to all hemorrhagic fevers. How these infections kill is by causing a condition known as DIC- Disseminated intravascular coagulation. In Ebola, bleeding becomes severe, so the body tries to clot. Instead of doing it efficiently, it forms microclqots in all the vessels. Tissues become starved for blood and turn blue. Vessels burst due to the “daring” of flow. Animal models correlate low selenium to induced hemorrhaging.

    Taylor: We later published a paper showing that it might be possible for Ebola to synthesize selenoproteins from these gene regions, and proposed a mechanism whereby this might induce artificial selenium deficiency characteristic of Ebola pathology. During the revisions to the final draft of that paper, we learned of a 1993 paper in a Chinese journal that reported the use of selenium to treat an Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever, with remarkable results. Luckily, the English translation of the abstract was available. Using the very high oral dose of 2 mg selenium per day as sodium selenite, for only 9 days, the death rate fell from 100% (untreated) to 37% (treated) in the very severe cases, and from 22% to zero in the less severe cases. Apparently there were about 80 people involved in this outbreak. Dr. Hou of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the author of this study, has since told me that he thinks more lives could have been saved if he had been permitted to give the selenite by injection, because in many of the more severely affected there is so much organ damage due to internal bleeding that they may have been unable to fully absorb or retain the oral dose of selenium. All in all, this is the closest thing to a curative result in the treatment of hemorrhagic fever that I have ever heard of.

    Selenium and Iodine both greatly affect thyroid function. A normally recommended amount which is quite small helps proper function. Many areas have low soil selenium which is why mineral supplements are recommended for baby goats, cattle, etc. It is NOT to be taken in large doses without medical supervison, proper lab work , etc. as it could have very negative effects.

    Again this is only information. Do NOT try this on your own.

    • Are you serious? For the past 2 years + both parties in Congress have fought tooth and nail against the border wall. Had the wall been in place, it’s less likely that anyone from the Congo would have even tried to come here. Most of the walking disease vectors from Central America would also never arrived.

      • The wall will not stop everyone who wants to get into the US. And I am more concerned about air travelers and/or cruise ships passengers bringing in the virus. Masses of people anywhere for any reason = greater chance of spreading any communicable disease.

        Countries have had a heads up on travelers spreading communicable diseases. Hearing a passenger coughing up a lung on my flight THEN reading about TB being diagnosed in a passenger from overseas (not my flight) was enough to make me more vigilant.

  • Interesting article, however I think it is far more likely that we would be in danger from someone with Ebola flying into the U.S. directly from overseas than that we would be endangered by some sick person trekking across Mexico to seek asylum at our southern border, or some sick person crossing into the U.S. by car or on foot from Canada. As you may recall, the Liberian citizen (I believe his name was Mr. Duncan) who presented at a Texas hospital in 2014 with Ebola symptoms had flown into the U.S. to visit relatives. It appears that he lied about his prior exposure to a woman with Ebola in order to be allowed on the plane. On a related subject, if you haven’t already seen it, I would recommend that you watch the very good National Geographic mini-series “The Hot Zone” in which the dangers of Ebola are vividly presented.

  • At the July 2018 meeting of our prep group, the guest speaker was a missionary who was in Sierra Leone, West Africa during the Ebola crisis there. For a first-hand account of what really happened there, you can watch the video of that program here – http://volusiacountyprepping.com/july-2018-meeting/ .

    I am the VP of the non-profit corp. that supports them, so when he sent his wife back to the states for safety, she stayed in our home under quarantine – and thus my wife and I were also under quarantine. As the situation there changed, and plans were being made for him to return also (which did not happen), I contacted the Health Department here to see how it should be handled. Basically, it was to be an in-home quarantine. They would send a plain clothes nurse out in an unmarked vehicle to check on him at regular intervals. As did his wife who was quarantined with us, he would take and record his temperature several times each day and keep a log of general health-related observations. They were careful to keep things very low key – there was simply no practical way to quarantine people other than at their home with Health Dept. personnel monitoring them.

    Would things be done differently this time? I have no idea, but I see no other real options unless things got drastically worse.

    • Stephen, I just finished watching the videos of the interesting three-part presentation by the missionary you mentioned in your post (above). It was very informative. Thank you for providing that link. I was wondering though if you could explain the comment he made at the very end of the third video?

      • For those wondering, here’s the clip that Zabeth is asking about (it starts at the comment)

        I can’t speak for Steve Holt, since he’s back in Sierra Leone now, but I feel pretty safe in saying that he is pointing out that it is not just people from third world countries coming across our borders – it is also the diseases that are endemic in those third world countries. In America and other northern European countries, we have such diseases largely under control through sanitation, cultural practices, vaccination programs, medical infrastructure, etc. One only needs to reread Daisy’s article and others like it to understand the extreme disruptive nature of such a disease getting a foothold here in America. Steve is a very practical guy, so don’t look for some deep meaning beyond what is being said. He is also an American. After retiring from a career in the military, he is using his VA retirement to spread The Gospel in some very dark places; he has seen both extremes in this world.

        • Mr. Holt seems like a very good, kind person who was very brave to stay behind in Sierra Leone during the height of the 2014 Ebola epidemic there.

  • Yes, democrats, we DO have a crisis at our border! Why bother with legal immigration rules when the whole world can walk over and demand asylum? We already have third-world diseases making an appearance, and we certainly don’t need ebola added to the mix. Who will pay the medical bills? Us taxpayers. We are already strained.

      • While this is technically true, I have read the trial date to determine status is often five years from arrival. Thus the person has a stay-for-free card for at least five years. During this time they can get social services- housing, food, medical care for free. They also can get drivers’ licenses… why?

        My medical insurance is outrageously high as I’m pre-Medicare, but over 55yo. Why should I have to pay for anyone who has not got legal permission to stay? I’ve lived in other countries before; all my paperwork was checked and rechecked, and I jumped through their hoops. I had to pay fees to immigration for annual renewals, and 90 day check-ins. If I worked or volunteered, and it wasn’t permitted on my visa, I’d been chucked out, and my possessions confiscated. None of this, “it’s OK, here’s free housing, and would you like to vote.”

        We cannot economically sustain this flood of illegals. Why is no one concerned?

        • Asylum seekers who are permitted to stay in our country pending a decision on their application/petition for asylum are, by definition, not “illegals”. If you object to our laws concerning asylum procedures, and to what, if any, social services are available for people staying in this country until their application/petition for asylum is formally decided, then the remedy is to seek to change the laws, not to vilify those people properly seeking asylum. Your actual beef seems to be with people who cross into our country illegally, not with asylum seekers.

          • Many, including our current President, have practically begged for congress to change the immigration laws so they reflect some common sense, but to no avail. Socialist Democrats block all such legislation because they want the votes these ILLEGALS represent so Socialist Democrats can expand and dominate our shaky political system. Your asinine argument to “change the law” says all anyone needs to know about your political persuasion.

            • Les, I agree with you. A large portion of American citizens seem unaware that the problem lies with the laws. Yes, they need to be changed. But the real problem is that many of our law makers, especially the Democrats, simply WILL NOT do it. Thus, we have this problem that affects all taxpayers. We are at an impasse and unfortunately, Democrats want to investigate everyone and not legislate a thing.

              • A large percentage of Americans have their heads firmly planted in a place where the sun never shines. Everything they “know” about the world, current events and geopolitics comes from that great “educator”, television. From this unimpeachable source they’re able to keep up with the Kardashians, learn just who will be the Next American Idol, who’s striking, throwing or kicking balls around a field, and of course “news” about “Russian” collusion placing Donald Trump into the white house, see the difference between Democrat pols (good) and Republican pols (bad) and learn, thanks to Bill Nye, the “science” guy that not only is global warming real, but inasmuch as all human beings have an x chromosome, Nye “proved” that all humans are bisexual, hence transgender people are perfectly normal (See Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix). After an evening of education via television, the average American is too tired to do anything more than plug their iPods into their otherwise empty heads listen to Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber as they update their Facebook pages, then go to bed, to start the cycle all over again the next day.

            • Les, your mistaken (and gratuitously insulting) comment just goes to show that one shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Actually I’m an Independent, and I vote for Republican candidates when I feel they are the best people running. It is not asinine to suggest that someone who disagrees with a law should work to change it.. As you (hopefully) learned in civics class, the way we generally do that in this country is by electing representatives who agree with our position on the law to be changed. If your Congressional representatives or senators do not change a law you feel should be changed, then work to elect different representatives or senators who will.

          • Almost none of the so-called “asylum seekers” are going to qualify as they’re not being persecuted by their own govt. They know that when they show up in a couple of years for their “asylum” hearing, they’ll be denied. So far, 80% of those who have crossed into the US have failed to show up for their hearings, having already disappeared into the American welfare jungles…

          • Since all illegals who get caught claim to be “asylum seekers”, it’s a legitimate question.
            If I tried to sneak over the border into Canada and got caught, what do you think would happen?

      • It doesn’t matter. Boots on the ground inside our border, whether in custody or running free. If they are a carrier, Ebola just got into your country. Go watch the beginning of Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Or the Movie, “Outbreak”. Both are very accurate representations of just how dangerous this threat is. There are no second chances with this stuff.

        A full 50% of infected show no signs of fever in the early stage of the disease…and fever is the only screening flag in place. Let that sink in for a minute.

  • DIC is dissemenated intervascular COAGULOPATHY Not coagulation!! The results of having a coagulopathy is bleeding, the opposite of coagulation. Accuracy is important!

  • Scary times we’re living in. I live within 100 miles of Dallas, Texas, so it hits a little too close to home for me. But then, anywhere on US soil is too close. May God protect us all.

  • @Zabeth-You must not be in California. We never turn down anyone, asylum isn’t even a question. Just sign up for benefits, which are immediately given, here is your DMV paperwork, and no other conversation necessary. Great to be a taxpayer in this state.

    Daisy-Thanks for another great article. This is truly the one pandemic that scares me to death. Ebola virus can live in water pipes, sanitation systems once it gets a foothold. There is no hard rock knowledge of where the virus-and remember it is a virus, not bacteria!-lives between outbreaks. It is assumed it uses a host such as birds or monkeys, and that is how it is able to transfer. Fever sometimes is not apparent when someone is first infected. That is why using a fever as an indicator is all wrong. Dallas dodged a big time bullet-through sheer incompetence of the CDC if nothing else. I think that all of us, as preppers, should be ready to self segregate and hole up in our houses for at least 12-15 weeks once an outbreak starts. I’m so tired of every-single-thing being colored by political waves. This is a virus that is deadly. It doesn’t give a damn if you are a full blown Communist, a Republican, an anarchist, a Democrat, or someone who never votes. It is a deadly disease and I wish that politicians would understand this.

  • They are not screening for Ebola. They are now housing them at military bases.
    What could go wrong!?!
    I picked up some tyvex suits and face masks today. I’ll get a few more payday.

  • Thanks for another thought provoking article, Daisy.

    If anyone has any questions about the transmission of disease, all they have to do is look at the recent measles outbreak. All it takes is ONE contagious person on public transport or at the mall or church.

    • PS: not to mention that these people are wandering around Mexico, spreading their germs if they’re sick. Given the state of Mexican poverty and medical access, how long would it take for Ebola to become an epidemic there?
      And then come over the border with tourists, truckers, and other people with legitimate business? Nevermind aliens coming through there, legally or not

  • Regretfully, again, Daisy, you make a complete fool of yourself by not knowing the true science behind the Ebola hoax.

    The pdf file link on this webpage will inform with facts that you need and should know before writing anything about Ebola or any other hoax medical condition.

    Yes people are sick and dying but not from any kind virus. The true cause is revealed in the article.


    Your misinformation and fear mongering is doing harm.

    When the deception of Ebola rises it’s ugly head, I send this link out to the media and a list of international individuals and organizations involved with Ebola.

    I have yet to have one person or group even challenge me on the solid ironclad facts in the article thus the hoax subsides.

    I do hope you do not suffer from cognitive dissonance so you can truly absorb the proven facts in the article and experience a paradigm shift away from you delusions created by the Elite.

  • Please remember, in order to spread, ebloa fundamentally requires a ‘blood to blood’ transfer system or something very close to that level of contact. Other types of transmissions are very rare or unique to a single situation (hospital workers/nurses/ body transfers etc)

    Ebola dies in the air, it is very weak/dies without an active host, does not survive on surfaces well – Persons exposed to ebloa fall sick quickly, generally in 48 hours or sooner, and remove themselves from general populations – too sick to go anywhere/contact others.
    These persons are most contagious when ‘very ill’ – and not as contagious when initially infected. The time frame for an infected person to spread the virus to the general public is actually a very small window.

    While it is an horrific illness, you generally must be in very close contact to a rather sick person to catch it. It is more like HIV – than some airborne flu virus;
    THE FLU, and its complications, KILLED some 80,000 Americans in 2018/2019 flu season…. THAT is a very contagious, airborne, slow moving, stable, virus/es – that infected people can carry and spread FOR UP TO A WEEK before they ‘get very ill’ – these people are very contagious BEFORE they feel the effects of the flu – and this bug SURVIVES on surfaces and in the air.
    This produces a very large time window for an infected person to mingle with the general public and leave the bug behind on surfaces etc- so that others can contact and become infected as well – the FLU DOES NOT NEED blood to blood contact to spread – any crowed plane or elevator or subway acts as a petri dish to spread the flu bug easily.

    How contagious is it? ….Is the most important question to ask.. … for the next world epidemic won’t be ebola . – it will likely be a ‘common cold’ that we have no defenses for and ever so slowly infects millions – and then kills its victims.

  • I read your ebola on Zero hedge yesterday and then that night on You Tub Florida Maquis had the post 6.13.19 NOW FOUND IN LUNGS. In that post he covered some medical documents on ebola in lungs and medical people who had returned home for Christmas with ebola. I guess he was criticized by viewers for ranting. In response Florida Maquis did another posting “6.14.19 LUNG REPLICATION AND SHEDDING. Using peer reviewed articles from the Public Library on Science (PLOS) which prove ebola replicates in the lungs, he covered this topic in detail. Why can’t the research be published? Because the research was done on patients being treated to kill the virus. Summary, Aperson can be clean in the blood but the virus can replicating and shedding in the lungs. In the 6.13.19 posting ebloa was found in the brain, tear ducts and sex organs of “healthy monkeys” .

    • is it possible you might share a link to this story/video please? No main stream news media will touch this all you will hear are ………Crickets!

  • It seems to me at one time (BEFORE OBAMA) we didn’t let people into America if they had been to an outbreak area. Really,really,really not that hard to prevent Ebola from spreading in America. Do the opposite of what the Obama administration did: DON’T IMPORT SICK PEOPLE !

  • I do not believe that having a specialized medical degree training in infectious is a prerequisite to become a border patrol agent. How can these people know 100% beyond any reasonable doubt that not a single one of these immigrants do not harbor this highly contagious deadly disease, are just not showing symptoms? They are putting millions of people all over the US at risk…..but isn’t that perhaps the ulterior motive? This is not conspiracy theories, fear mongering, or Fake news, this is a crisis of epidemic proportion…these people I believe are being used as a Trojan horse for a bio attack on our nation.

  • Send all Africans to live in DC. Get them as close to Congress as possible. Give them tents etc so they can stay near their new benefactors. Or, put them up near the Elite schools used by the ruling Elite.

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