It’s Interesting How the Violent Riots of 2020 Ended Right After the Election

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Lest people think that 2020 was only about Covid-19, lockdowns, and economic disaster, don’t forget about the protests, riots, and escalating exhibits of rage.

The triggering event was the death of George Floyd. He was killed during an arrest on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The entire thing was caught on video. It had all the potential to be a turning point with regard to police brutality and race – the nation was riveted and outraged.

But then, as often occurs, the protests were co-opted. Extremists took over, extremists on the other side took umbrage, and  Mr. Floyd became a footnote.

2020 devolved into ongoing violence in American streets that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetimes. Distinct sides were chosen, lines were drawn, and those who saw the middle ground were quickly shouted down while America burned.


Minneapolis immediately erupted into violent riots that turned deadly.

Rioters set the police station on fire.

Within a week of Mr. Floyd’s death, demonstrations had spread to 30 cities across the United States, many turning from peaceful protests to riots.

Riots in Denver:

Seattle was the site of particularly destructive and violent riots.

In fact, protestors took over a six-block area in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, driving out police and maintaining their presence there for months. They even strategically changed the name of the area to make it part of a bigger movement.


The National Guard was deployed to cities across the country in an attempt to quell the violence.



Los Angeles and Hollywood:

In this article, a National Guardsman shared a personal account of what was really going on during the Seattle riots.


In July, police and rioters in cities across the country were engaged in violent clashes.

Federal police squared off with rioters in Portland.


On August 23, fuel was added to the raging inferno when Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. At this point, the facts of the shootings were no longer relevant – any police violence against a black suspect was going to result in riots.

By that evening, Kenosha was on fire.

The destruction of Kenosha, a moderate-sized town, was shocking.

We ran the first-person account of a Kenosha resident who said, “Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war.”

Looting and rioting broke out in Chicago after another police shooting and the “Magnificent Mile” was trashed by angry mobs.

It got so bad that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered the drawbridges raised.

Interestingly, activists attempted to justify the looting as “reparations.”


By September 1st, riots occurred for the 95th consecutive day in Portland.

Violence also erupted in Louisville, Kentucky when the Grand Jury declined to charge the officers accused of killing Breonna Taylor, a local paramedic, with homicide.

These protests also spread across the nation.

Some of those arrested in the New York City riots were entitled kids from wealthy families who were “enacting their revolutionary strategy.”.


In October, Walter Wallace was shot sixteen times by Philadelphia police during a mental health call after he refused to drop a knife.

Looting soon followed the rioting.


While America braced itself for riots based on the outcome of the hotly contested US presidential election, these fears did not come to fruition. In fact, the violence has slowed down since the outcome (which is still being argued by attorneys for President Trump.)

Did police shootings suddenly cease? Did racially-motivated violence end? Did the justice system radically evolve? Did everyone finally agree and settle their differences amicably?

It’s almost enough to make a person ask questions about the widespread violence from May through October.

What are your thoughts on this timing? Let me know in the comments.

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  • What it shows me is that the media, particularly television, is the most powerful tool for social manipulation and control ever invented. I don’t watch tv anymore, I study it.

  • Well, it’s cold out now in most of the U.S. – not as much fun to frolic in the streets when it’s cold out. We’ll see what happens when warm weather returns.

  • It would be interesting to know who was funding the riots, which would give us a clue with respect to agenda. Trump was trying to bill himself as the law & order President, while Biden was pushing criminal justice reform. Who burned down the most? I doubt we’ll ever know. Meanwhile, the status quo remains in power.

    • There are suspicions that donations to BLM through ActBlue as well as Soros through his non-profits are funding Antifa etc, Those are suspicions but wouldn’t surprise me if there is some truth to these possibilities… I suspect these organizations as well as people have funded many of these AG, SOS, Senator etc. elections also…

      • Where should I send the roll of aluminum foil you need to ensure your tinfoil hat remains intact? Honestly, I never thought I’d live to see the day that so many “Americans” got suckered by the bogeyman of the day. After the McCarthy BS, I’d hoped people would not get suckered again. Guess I was wrong.

        • Ha! Selena, You Funny.
          ‘Never thought you’d live to see the day so many Americans got suckered’? That’s what I was saying about ALL the democrats! Those of us that are free and intelligent thinkers call them either DemComs or “Useful Idiots”… (Vladimir Lenin’s term but very appropriate here)
          When you say “suckered” I know you must watch CNN, MSNBC, ABCDisney, PBS, RT, NPR, et al. because that’s what they say about the people who don’t follow their ‘group-think’ and they’re so smart and truthful, right?

          Sorry Selena but your ignorance is only overshadowed by your arrogance. (I mean that as a statement, not as an insult)

          My friend ‘1st Marine’ said it best down below, and more simply than I when he basically said for the last 4 years, you and people like you have been fed ‘disinformation’ about ‘Russian Disinformation’… and from me, that goes for just about every other (false) fact that they (the MSM) say is headline news.

          Good luck in the coming years Selena.

        • Selena,

          I think you are the one who is “suckered”. If you haven’t done your research on sites and media besides the mainstream, then you don’t know about the dark money behind Soros and the BLM who is funding all the BS that is currently going on right now. Including China.

          Go do your research and find facts before accusing others of tinfoil hats. Have a nice day!!

        • After the McCarthy BS? What are you, like 90? Go ahead and tell me “no I just study history” because that would be just another lie. You are the one who is trying to sucker us. McCarthy has been proven to be mostly correct, and if action had been taken then to root out the infiltrators and traitors we may have saved not just our government but our educational system and our media! Anyone who doesn’t recognize the Bolshevik playbook in action within the US today doesn’t know their history – from the funding source to the media take over to the NEA to BLM/Antifa to stealing the vote. None of it a new process. You can leave that tin foil rolled up and you know where you can stick it.

        • I find it amusing she would use “McCarthy BS” seeing as how we have had to suffer Dems/MSM crying RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA! for the past four years.

          But, some people clearly lack critical thinking skills.

        • McCarthy wasn’t BS. History has shown that there was significant communist infiltration in the media industries and DoD contractors. You should do some research before posting things that make you look ignorant.

        • Selena, did you know that Senator McCarthy was absolutely right in his assessment? If he missed anything at all, it was that he underestimated the depth to which the communists had infiltrated our federal, State, and local governments in every corner.

  • Some of it may have had to do with their candidate “winning”. Puppets on strings as to what the political elites want as they appear to be complicit in it and have not specifically condemned the riots or the domestic terrorist groups.

    Cold may have some to be a part of it. But if people want to riot or protest, they will do it, weather aside. I think alot more has to do with these riots ending than just the weather…..

  • For those that didn’t learn the hard way about what happens when you try it outside of idiot political zones there is a lack of funding, colder weather and lack of enthusiasm all while waiting to see if the Dems meet their expectations.

    • I´m with you on this Matt. The issues behind the riots and protests didn´t vanish. It´s perhaps dormant, or as you said well, suspended. These things happen in cycles.

      Of course I believe there´s the usual basket of agendas, movements, interests, these are always there (never waste a good crisis doesn´t apply to governments only).

      But those only serve to channel the tension, anger, discontent and frustration with the current situation (virus, economy, wealth transfer, great reset, etc.). These keep brewing and growing in the background.

  • I’m in the “it hasn’t completely stopped” crowd. Protests are still happening, the Democrat Propagandists, ie, the Lame Stream Media just ignores it, in the false hope that it legitimizes Dementia Joe’s (s)election with the country.

    Since Biden and Hariss’ Inauguration just might be the Fort Sumter event for Civil War, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • It’s pretty obvious that the riots were an attack on the American Public by a political group using the Marighella Doctrine to seize power. The fact that this largely backfired is historically consistent – only Hitler and Mussollini succeeded in using blatant terror and blaming it on their rivals and scapegoats. A look at the financials of “black lives matter” reveals $21 Million given to Joe Biden; several hundred thousand to Bernie Sanders and not one cent to any Black American, family, or community in need …

  • This was no different than the horrible shooting in an Orlando night club before the 2016 election. A certain political party thinks nothing of using Americans to create violence and then blaming the other political party.
    2016 was about gun control. We all know who was for the 2nd amendment and who tried to blame them for everything. Including the school shootings, concert shootings, and all the other well publicized tragedies.
    So yes All of the violence is paid for by a certain political party yet it is the people that they SAY that they will work for that get the shaft.

  • You have a Faulty perspective. The riots did not “end” after election day.
    They did drop off, but that happens every fall and winter to any kind of protests. People just don’t want to brave the element for a protest.

    Also the main coverage switched to the election and the Fraud issues ( or non issues as the media and the Liberals would say).

    But on 11/05/2020, there was a riot in Portland, The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office at about 7 p.m. declared a riot after rioters were seen smashing windows at businesses. In the interest of public safety, Gov. Kate Brown activated the use of the state National Guard to help local law enforcement manage the unrest, according to the sheriff’s office.
    Although this one was Election related.
    Also on Nov 14 in DC, it also was election related.

    Here is where you underestimate the Enemy:
    It is a type of lack of “situational awareness”, on a non local scale( a national and Global scale)
    They are not rioting about people being shot by Cops. They are rioting because they can. Because it it part of a greater plan to create unrest and problems.
    So they temporarily switched to election related causes.

    Do not think for a minute that these were about disrupting the Trump presidency. If they were, there would not be BLM protests in London or the EU. Nor would Antifa be causing problems worldwide.
    No, this is much Bigger than that.
    But you have fallen for the Enemies distraction. To make you only see this as a Local/ national problem, not a world wide coordinated effort to slowly destroy Western Society from within. Not that this is their only method, but one of many.

    • Mic, I disagree to a degree. It wasn’t so much to discredit Trump as to completely deligitimize his presidency and, by extension, the Republican party, conservatives in general, and anyone who asked questions about what was going on and who, exactly, was behind it. If you didn’t parrot the party line of “white people evil, orange man the devil, America is an evil, racist country that oppresses any and all people of color”, you found yourself blacklisted, boycotted and metaphorically bound and gagged. Now they “won” the “election”, they are using the coronavirus as leverage again to force us to go along with more gutting of our economy, more sabotage of small business owners and their employees, more restrictions and more giving up personal freedoms.
      It’s all theater – I’m not saying that covid is imaginary or not serious, but it’s being used to psychologically manipulate the people and to get more people dependant on the central government so we’ll be compliant with whatever the next phase is.
      In short, we’re being screwed now and being set up for further screwing over in the future. IMHO.

  • By August 2020, polling for support for BLM had fallen to 43%, while 57% had a negative view of the movement ( ).
    The loss in support seemed to have to do when legitimate peaceful protests were co-opted by more extreme parts of the movement.
    As for the drop off of protests in general prior to and after the election is questionable. The cold? But it was not cold in all parts of the country. The actual organizers of the movement also read polling numbers? Then to prevent even more erosion of support, stopped the protests in fear of voter backlash on election day?
    Disclaimer: I am not saying they should not exercise their 1stA right to peacefully protest. But I am against violent protesting, arson, looting, and the harassment of people in public.

    I wonder what will Inauguration day look like in front of the Capital building and the Mall. Biden had problems attracting any kind of numbers at his rallies.
    Or will they use the new Super-Mutant Spreader (sounds like a bad comicbook villain name) to cancel the traditional Inauguration for a Zoom meeting with AI generated attendees?

  • It’s called we finally got some decent leadership going into the wh. Also have you noticed it’s cold, wet and snowy outside, not to mention there is a serious pandemic going on. Just takes a little logic and hope for an administration that actually cares about people and justice and just about lining the dt family pockets

    • Decent leadership in the WH?
      Biden is clearly on the mental decline, has to have his handlers show him how to get off stage. With the exception of FDR’s last bid for re-election, no other politician has ran a more lack luster, low visibility campaign.
      And he has packed it with former Obama advisors. If you liked the Bush years, then you liked the Obama years (they were Bush’s 3rd and 4th term). The O-Biden years will be the same.

      Currently in Charleston SC: 57 degrees and sunny. No snow.
      Atlanta, GA, 63, and mostly cloudy. No snow.
      Tulsa, OK, 52 and drizzle. No snow.
      Phoenix AZ, 60 and sunny. No snow.
      San Fran CA, 57 and sunny. No snow.

      Pandemic? One that 99.5% of people survive with mild to moderate conditions? The WHO just announced yesterday it is likely to be endemic, like influenza. Again, note the survival rate, their ages, and if they had pre-existing conditions.

      Lining who’s pockets?
      Perhaps you are referring to the Hunter Biden laptop and all the evidence of the Biden family peddling influence for money?
      Never heard of it, or dismiss it as Russian disinformation? Then you must watch only CNN.

  • Because when Trump or someone similar is in power – it restricts the Globalists ability to carry out their plans. When they get a globalist controlled candidate in power – they get everyone to go back to sleep so they can get back to working on their open borders globalist destruction of western countries unnoticed.

  • My personal opinion is that it was all politically orchestrated. Once the election happened it mostly stopped. January 6th will be the telling factor. If the dueling electors end up in President Trump’s favor, I think we will begin to see riots and unrest again. Time will tell.

  • yup noticed that right away, if President Trump had won again, the riots would have escalated across the country. Mr Soros got what he wanted so he called off his dogs.

  • You must not live in the Pacific Northwest. Portland and Seattle have dropped out of the headlines, but things have not gotten that much quieter. Both cities have had houses and even city blocks re-occupied and it’s legitimately dangerous to go downtown in large areas.

    Crap still going on in Portland:

    Crap still going on in Seattle:

  • I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that if Trump in inaugurated on January 20th the riots will be back “bigger and better” than ever.
    The left and their handlers can’t accept four more years.

  • Things SEEM quiet now. I believe everyone is waiting for January 6th. If it is President Trump ( I have my doubts now…) the lefties will self destruct. If it’s mr. biden, the violence will be 15 to 20 times worse as all conservatives will be hunted, imprisoned , re educated and killed. Personally I see most of us dead before the end of 2021 with biden.

  • I take it the OP’s question was rhetorical. Of course it was part of the big NWO psyop. Now that they have the appointed puppets in line for the WH, it’s time for the next move, they don’t need the rabble any longer. Time for the next round of unexplained truck bombs and bowling lane shootings.

  • From the lead in: “The triggering event was the death of George Floyd. He was killed during an arrest on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.” No, the EX-FELON 4 times over and DRUG ADDICT, DIED as a result of fentanyl OVERDOSE. Which causes….BREATHING DIFFICULTIES. He was up until his SELF INDUCED death an ACTIVE DRUG USER.

    • -A block down on 39th, Calvary Lutheran church has a large image not of Christ on their building, but of St. Floyd, along with the blm banner. Glad I quit them long ago. Across south mpls, hundreds of houses and businesses have homages to Floyd. At 38th, in the middle of the street they have a huge clenched fist sitting there. No fire trucks, ambulances or cops or car traffic allowed, on a major street, for over half a year. At least 13 shootings around their shrine.

  • Just a correction: Jacob Blake wasn’t killed; he was wounded and currently paralyzed from the waist down.

    We’re waiting for the DA’s decision on charging the officer who shot him, although since we just got several inches of snow–there probably won’t be any riots.

  • It was a well organized riot that was nationwide. Some of the rioters were paid and supported by those who hated the President and did everything in their power to make sure he didnt win…

  • The violence ended a month before the elections, because it was disgracing the Democrats. That horror was one reason Trump won the actual vote in a landslide. Or if you have not found that out yet, the downballot races are not much contested and were a disaster for Democrats.

  • Daisy, you should stick to the facts. You said Floyd was killed but the coroner’s report said he died of a fentanyl overdose. Implying that the police caused his death is not worthy of your usual circumspect writing.

  • Historians of the Fall of the First American Republic will find that the plandemic scheme was devised by Fraudci soon after the 2017 inauguration, in order to bring down the President who had defeated Fraudci’s sometime lover (at least during her occasional swings into heterosexuality). Whether on the intiative of the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa or after advice from Soros or Red Chinese intelligence, it was decided to add a second attack in the form of social unrest and racial violence, during the commotion of which the 2020 election could be stolen and a pliant Chicom puppet installed as president. Now it is only a question of time before the Delaware Dement is pushed out, whether on account of corruption or incapacity or both, and the round-heeled constitutionally-ineligible Mongrel 2.0 is installed to preside over the long-term state of emergency that will complete the fundamental transformation that was begun by Mongrel 1.0. It is no longer a question of whether Kung Flu was created and released in order to collapse America, or whether the lockdowns are a scheme of Chinese conquest; it is now question of regaining the independence and sovereignty of the United States by whatever means necessary. Biden (and the Ho) delendum est! #NotMyPresident (or vice president, and we know which vice). #StolenElection (make sure next week that it is not three). #F-ckBiden (the line’s too long for her). #Resist.

  • Although I do agree with others that the weather plays a role in slowing the rioters, Democrats believe Biden has won based on indoctrination of the media. If Jan. 6th, Legislators award the disputed states of AZ, MI, WI, PA, GA, NM to Trump, then those who are ignorant of the US Constitution will be in for a new reality. What happens next is to be determined, buy most think the left will start up again.

  • The riots stopped because the crazies imagined they had hijacked the country sufficiently to get their way. 2021 will win a place in history as the most blatant hijacking of this country that has ever happened. I am sooo happy to be alive to see all that I am, and all that I know, absolutely justified for all time. I told tons of “doubters” about this day more than fifty years ago and they wanted to string me up for “blathering such monstrous imaginings” (that I had no way of proving right then. Ooops-a-daisy, but I am vindicated today, 50 years later. 🙂

  • It’s a result of prussian education, wealth is gained on the ignorance of hard working individuals, soldiers etc.who serve for what Freedom,no they serve as slaves for the wealthy elite.

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