These Radicalized Rich Kids Were Arrested for Rioting. Here’s a Look at Their VIOLENT “Revolutionary Strategy”

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When you hear about Black Lives Matter protests taking place in New York City, you might expect those taking lead roles to be Black people. It appears this isn’t necessarily the case, and some of the worst damage and most violent ideologies are instead the products of privileged white kids who are rampaging in the streets.

Like most terrorists, these kids have been radicalized and believe in their causes. Understanding how they think is the first step toward protecting yourself and your family from people like this.

Meet Clara Kraebber, who was arrested for felony rioting and misdemeanor possession of graffiti instruments after being identified as one of the people causing more than $100,000 worth of damage during an early September window-smashing spree.

Kraebber, aged 20, is a history major at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She’s the daughter of an architect and a child psychologist and comes from a family so wealthy that they own a 1.8 million dollar co-op with river views on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, as well as a country home built in the 1730s in exclusive Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Kraebber’s mother, Virginia Kindred, runs Kindred Arch.Works, a Manhattan architect firm that has designed spaces for Columbia University and NYU, and worked on numerous school and business spaces throughout the city.

Her father is Markus Kraebber, an Upper East Side child and adolescent psychiatrist who teaches at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. (source)

She seems to be a prime example of a person who drank the Koolaid of the kind of misguided indoctrination many young people are facing right now.

What police found in her belongings

When Kraebber was arrested, police found dozens of handwritten pages of plans to “redistribute wealth” in what she called a “revolutionary strategy that appears to have been inspired by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin  – whose totalitarian government has been widely condemned for overseeing mass repressions, ethnic cleansing, deportations, hundreds of thousands of executions, and famines that killed millions (source) – and Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. From a NY Post report, here are some of the writings found in her handwritten manifesto.

In her notes, Kraebber pointed to the “HUGE number of empty units” in “white flight apts, new luxury buildings” that and include the instruction to “study tactics of clearing buildings.”

There are repeated references to “scouts” to find vacant apartments and locksmiths to help break in, as well as the need to “prep for SWAT-style eviction efforts” through the use of movable “barricades” and “bricks on roofs as weapons,” sources said.

A page titled “Revolutionary Strategy” and dated Aug. 21 includes notes that say “Stalin — defend USSR at all costs” and “Trotsky — United front of all working class but don’t let capitalists in,” sources said.

There are repeated references to the Spanish Civil War, including an assertion that the failure of the Spanish revolution of 1936 was a “failure of leadership,” sources said.

“Some think actual revolution will be lead by more deliberate leadership,” Kraebber wrote.

Kraebber also faulted the protests over the police killing of George Floyd, writing, “Minneapolis — lots of spontaneous radical energy but no leadership.”

Her notes contain multiple mentions of “Abolition Park” — or “AP” — which refer to the anti-cop encampment that activists set up outside City Hall during the recent battle to defund the NYPD, which resulted in a total $1.5 billion in cuts to its operating and capital budgets.

“All cops are bad because they work for a system that thrives off the oppression of marginalized communities. Asking ‘what about the ‘good’ cops?’ is like asking what about the good slave masters,” according to the Abolition Park website. (source)

So to be clear, this rich kid wants to find vacant apartments and also forcibly evict residents to give the homes to others she feels are more worthy of living in them. She wants to defend this violently and has already been arrested for destroying property. And she’s awaiting trial in her family’s luxurious second home.

Her notes led the NYPD to issue a warning to police officers.

Kraebber’s violent plans led the NYPD to issue a warning to police officers about possible tactics that could be used against them.

The discovery of Kraebber’s notes led the NYPD to warn cops in a Wednesday email that they could face future incidents during which anarchists blend in with peaceful protesters to incite violence before changing into all-black clothing, sources said.

The “Officer Safety Alert” also said that anarchists could listen in on police communications and stash rocks on rooftops to hurl at cops.

In addition, the NYPD said that the homes of police brass could be targeted. (source)

During the riot, hundreds of people chanted, “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground.”

She’s not the only wealthy kid who was arrested.

Several of Kraebber’s “comrades” also come from privileged backgrounds.

Fox News reported:

Frank Fuhrmeister, 30, of Stuyvesant Heights, charged with rioting and possession of a graffiti instrument, is a freelance art director who’s designed ads for Joe Coffee and has also worked for Pepsi, Samsung and The Glenlivet, among other high-profile brands, his LinkedIn profile and portfolio shows.

He studied fine arts with a concentration in photography at Florida State College in Jacksonville, according to his LinkedIn, and his most recent address is a stately home on Reed Island Drive in the city’s tony Beacon Hills and Harbour Neighborhood, public records show…

Adi Sragovich, 20, is a student at Sarah Lawrence College from Great Neck, L.I., according to police and her family….

…Before joining the protest, Sragovich was an accomplished musician who spent time performing in local theater groups and at the Sea Cliff Yacht Club, according to the Great Neck Record, which photographed her during a 2017 show.

Claire Severine, 27, who lives in Washington Heights and was charged with rioting, appears to be a signed model with the We Speak agency who had the ability to jet between Montreal, Quebec, and Dublin, Ireland, before settling in the Big Apple to “pursue a career in acting,” according to a modeling profile with the same name…

Etkar Surette, a 27-year-old from Brooklyn who summered in Europe as a kid, is charged with rioting and possession of a graffiti instrument.

Elliot Rucka, a 20-year-old from Portland, Oregon, charged with rioting, is the son of famed comic book writers Greg Rucka and Jennifer Van Meter, according to his father’s online bio.

Greg penned the comic book series “The Old Guard,” which he then adapted for a Netflix film of the same name — and co-created the “Stumptown” comic series that ABC optioned into a TV show last year.  (source)

The hypocrisy of these people wanting to redistribute the wealth of others is simply mind-boggling.

There’s a pattern here.

Earlier this summer, Toby Cowern wrote about how the change of names from CHAZ to CHOP was extremely significant. I think we’re seeing the same pattern with these young people as we did with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Think back to 2009-2011 – this was the real peak of the Occupy movement. We’re now in 2020. We’re nine years on.

So those young, idyllic people that were the main rank and file of that movement are 10 years older now. Those who were quite high profile students from good universities were getting behind this, what positions are they in nowadays? They’re going to be sitting at mid, or high-level management in major corporations. They’re going to have a whole other sphere of influence.

Or they might be on the city council.

A Seattle City Council member, Kshama Sawant, was part of the original Occupy Wall Street protests and is also part of this one.

While the protest does have some loose leadership, there are few formal structures. Sawant compares the space to the “Night of 500 tents” during the Occupy Wall Street movement in Seattle in October 2011, of which she was a part. Back then, Occupy protesters were able to drive police from their space before police returned and cleared out the area where the protests took place.

Already, said Sawant, CHOP has outlasted what they were able to achieve with that Occupy action, which only lasted three days. But she said she expects police to clear the area sometime in the near future. “I don’t think that we can in any way assume that the police will not come back and specifically attack this space,” she said. “I think we should expect that that could happen at any moment, because that’s exactly what happened in Occupy.” (source)

No longer is this about wearing a funny t-shirt and waving a flag on the street and feeling the reward of being ‘part of the crowd’ anymore. These people have progressed into places that they have major corporate clout.

And that leads to funding. (source)

So we have more brainwashed, privileged kids touting communism who will one day hold positions of power. Kids with these backgrounds will be on boards of directors. They’ll hold corporate jobs. They’ll handle funds.

But I’d be willing to bet they won’t be turning over the keys to their own Upper East Side co-ops if the opportunity rolls around to reallocate property. They’ll just be coming after everyone else’s hard-earned property in the name of “revolutionary strategy.”

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Even after the arrest the lack of parental response or involvement shows why it was easy to shape them into a belief. Only one even made a show of hand wringing but had no answers.

    The kommies also know they can get away with bullying people out of their homes due to lack of willingness to fight or extend effort. The “victims” at most will call the defunded disbanded demoralized police. To the “victims” that is effort as they aren’t fighters. The “victims” have also been duped into supporting the anti police movement. They most likely don’t have weapons nor train and certainly do not work in violence outside of minor roles in a hostile takeover of a company.

    The politics of the area can not be ignored either as a contributing factor. It’s not just “Democrats” because even a democrat area like Tulsa in my state isn’t going to tolerate such nonsense.
    This isn’t the first time the United States has seen this type of activity either. The 70s were full of it and raised up after the fall of the “Red Scare” McCarthyism.

    You stated they will rise to to positions of power. That is correct and many already have in politics and corporations. That is one of the main differences from the 70s. Back then they failed because they were nothing and nobodies. They have also combined with of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in alliances that help them achieve their goals such as “The Squad”.

    So what do the rest of us do to combat this?
    Speak out, vote accordingly, don’t put up with anything from anyone and keep the pressure on because they lack endurance. Continue to train and prepare because that is hard to control to them.

    • Brother Matt,
      They do not “lack endurance” as they have been s-l-o-w-l-y preparing for this since maybe as long ago as the 1930’s? Otherwise, as usual your words are gold to my ears.

      Are ready to rumble?

      • Always ready and get to occasionally.
        Do I want to fight and kill Americans just for beliefs different than mine? Absolutely not however they aren’t willing to live and let live so it’s liable to happen.

      • I concur. Endurance is actually one of their chief weapons. It is our side that lacks staying power in the face of constant pressure. We seem to be the ones that always give way eventually. You can’t find any culturally conservative marker that they haven’t dragged leftward. Family, marriage, church? All now reflect changes that would have been thought impossible just a few decades ago.

  • More Black Panthers with “White Privilege’s” hmmmmm?

    If you haven’t seen Michael Anton’s article entitled ” The Coming Coup” find it and read! Also Dan Bongino’s video also by the same title can be found at Whatfinger News.


  • HOW WE GOT HERE: This started as a cultural revolution back in the 1920s when the leftists realized that they would not be able to start a violent revolution in America like they did in Russia in 1917. The conditions in the two societies were totally different and they knew that it would have to be done in a different way, in the culture itself (at least until they felt like they had progressed enough to introduce violence into the scenario). Stealth was their strategy.
    So they started with the colleges, using their Marxist professors to start indoctrinating young people to go out in the society as lawyers, media people, teachers, business people, judges, more professors, etc. And this was done decade after decade, flooding society with more and more leftists. You really started seeing the changes in the country in the late 60s and early 70s. God was taken out of the schools. Government welfare programs became the provider that more and more people were dependent on. Violence, nudity and abnormal behavior was showing up in the entertainment industry. More and more leftist ideas were being introduced in the lower education levels. After their victory over the Vietnam war and Nixon’s impeachment, the media started really pushing their leftist power agenda of anti-military, global warming, gun control, gay rights, etc. Court decisions were being handed down by leftist judges that were not following the Constitution as written, but how they wanted to change it into.
    And that is how we got here. Now, the leftists have not only taken it one step further and added violence to achieve their agenda, but they have taken over the Democrat Party platform with the help of ignorant useful idiots. This is a fight for the soul of America, and we had better be ready to fight for her and quit sitting quietly by when these people are trying to tear down our country

    • Tamkae,
      This is a great comment and true true true.
      Also the wiping of American history and historical figures to add to the soup.
      You are so very right.

    • Just happen to be watching “Nicholas and Alexandra” (1970) which is Hollowood codswallop. But still there is enough in the film to show what went wrong with the Romanov Dynasty and how the Bolsheviks got so much traction. The current Bolshies couldn’t match the series of those unfortunate events of the Czar’s poor administration of public policies here in the USA.

      So they had to change to a cultural revolution aimed at taking advantage of racial and social conflicts to foment change.

      But I think they’ve misjudged the advantages of our concepts of liberty and justice for all as a vision for our society. They’ve misjudged how patient Americans are for genuine change and the integrity of our system.

      Instead they have pecked away at the moral fabric of our culture for decades. This has weakened us but has not “woken” us.

      I think when push comes to shove (and it will), Americans will push back with gusto and resolve. But. There are predator governments waiting for some weak spots. I think that’s where the comment about the generational grandparents comes from. Subterfuge could be lying in wait for generations. So that it looks once-removed and no one looks any further.

  • I would like to know the religious upbringing of these young adults. I would also be interested in knowing how many of them have 4 grandparents who were born in the US.

    • Irrelevant. Immigrants are often more conservative than native born Americans. And in case you didnt notice, every one of those pictured is WHITE.

      Slavish devotion to your God didnt stop racial violence BY WHITES in the past. There was mass rioting BY WHITES after WWI against black communities and your “religious upbringing” did nothing to stop it.

  • another case of ‘affluenza’

    these people were not disciplined by their parents (mother is a child psychologist of course)

    • No, daddy is the child and adolescent psych. So, mommy was out living her dream of being an architect – which is fine just don’t forget the kiddo, and daddy was acting as if he was a parental expert while apparently missing the mark with his little girl.

      To those who have walked in a number of worlds (not these little ones in their gilded cages), it is easy to see that more and more individuals are clueless about what life is like in differing socio-economic groups – they imagine that somehow lower socio economic groups or differing races are being victimized (by who? The parents of these “rebels”) when this is not true – big life lesson: “Life is not fair”. where you are born can improve your circumstances, how you look can improve your prospects, your desire to learn can be the determining factor.

      It no longer seems important to many parents to teach their children that life turns on a dime (ha! kinda funny here), and ultimately you need to be able to take care of yourself and have the fortitude to do what it takes to survive and excel. Some have to work harder to succeed than others largely as a result of chance.

      Instead, people and our youth often have too much time on their hands (because mom and dad worked hard) which allows them to waste time thinking of ways to seem relevant (rather than actually contribute something that is relevant). They have no understanding of how things really work and what it really takes to provide the lifestyle they enjoy. I would love to see all these little twits cut off from mommy and daddy’s funds and be forced to manage life on their own – it can be done clearly, but it requires lots of motivation, perseverance and skills these entitled monsters do not seem to possess.

      “History major”. – Hilarious.

  • Revoke their US citizenship, deport them from the country and place them on the US State Department’s known terrorist list. Maybe North Korea or Venezuela will take them.

    • This is actually an appropriate punishment only problem is that they are our own and you can’t (shouldn’t) pawn your criminals off on another country. So, maybe a workhouse and a real education.

  • So what do Clara Kraebber’s parents have to say about their daughter? Do you suppose they gave her a timeout?

    Why can’t these rich kids just go shoot-up some heroin, as so many seem wont to do, and stop being pests to society?

  • Very well said,privileged useful idoits who have too much time on their hands.But, as Margaret The Iron Lady said” Socialism only works until you run out of people’s money”. End of story…Well said Daisy!

  • Yep, it’s them damned Kommies every time. Us noble Kapitalists only kill furiners, preferably in countries far away, so our leaders can make hordes of cash from the aggressions. We only overthrow democratic countries when they refuse to take our orders. So far. Even with this limitation, we’ve overthrown a fair number of democracies, to our everlasting shame. Iran is now a mess because we kicked out Mossadegh, a liberal, Western leaning, popularly elected leader. He had to go so Aramco could make more money. Same thing with numerous other countries. As a nation we are far less good than people would like to believe, and as they seem to express in their rancorous hostility to countries with different political and economic systems. And even the same systems, if we think we can make money by destroying them.
    This nonsensical notion that Communism is evil and Capitalism is good is poorly thought out. First of all, if a democratic nation decides by simple majority that they want to socialize their economy, what right does anyone else have to stop that? Second, if a villain captures power in any nation, his accession is not necessarily the result of a flaw in that political system – it is a direct demonstration of the evil which lurks in the hearts of men (back when that noun was still usable). The angry labeling even confuses the economic system with the political system of the nation it’s used to describe. And this panegyric says nothing about the naive, innocent, optimistic stupidity of most young people, and the arrogant, self-serving, power-hungry, evil nature of many people who show that they are willing to destroy anything that gets in their way so they can control nations. Or other political bodies. So, yeah, there’s not much difference between these kids and Stalin. Nor between these kids and us. The real difference is focus, not violence. We kill wherever we can reach, we besmirch evil only when we perceive it as being somehow worse than us. Disguise evil as a political system providing wealth for the specially privileged, and in the process only kill innocent foreigners and overthrow their democracies, and you’re a good guy. Hardly!

    • This isn’t a democracy. It’s a republic. For good reason. Notice it is being called a democracy more and more. Could there be a sinister reason?

      • Yeah, you’re right. At least in your first statement. We are a democratic republic. It’s being called a democracy more and more because the distinction is trivial and full accuracy would be laborious. I’m far more concerned about why people confound economic system labels with governance system designations. Calling us a democracy is a trivial error. Calling Russia a Communist state when we (admittedly not quite accurately) refer to us as democracy is an erroneous contrast. Russia has a communist economic system. What their governance system is I find a bit puzzling, but let’s say “despotic” for purposes of this discussion. If someone wants to call them a communist nation, then we should be declaring ourselves a capitalist nation for purposes of such comparison. And if we’re a democracy (okay, a democratic republic), then they are a dictatorship. THAT flaw probably DOES reflect sinister intent, trying to ascribe evil by making labels of the “other” deceptive and repugnant.

      • Wrong. You must just be too young to remember. In fact, when Iran was Persia, she was a major force in that part of the world. And when she was a democracy, what right did we have to overthrow her elected officials and install the government of our choosing? Why couldn’t her voters select their governing officials and their form of governance?

        • Ultra Skeptic I’m mid 50s and my memory is just fine. If your version is correct it just makes y’all weak and in fact too weak to run yourselves. You allowed another country to dictate to you what your government was going to do. That’s pathetic. It means it wasn’t even yours.
          You stay in Iran and I’ll stay in America.

          • Matt in Oklahoma- Ultra Skeptic is correct. The CIA assassinated Mosedeg and we reinstalled the Shah- much to our regret when the revolution happened in 1979. We also did this in DROC- the CIA killed Patrice Lamumba because his politics were seen as too “Soviet”. It had nothing to do with the weakness of the population and everything to do with Great Game politics and Western political beliefs in the Domino Theory of Soviet/Communist expansion. Its also what walked us right into the Vietnam War.

            • The USA fresh from winning and helping LIBERATE the poor people under GERMAN Nazism — was riding high and then a few years later the FRENCH in all their vainglory wanted the resources of which nation–VIETNAM. What did the nationalist insurgency do to the French –Drove them out–stubborn people. Did they have a right to do that? Everyone here who claims to support freedom and liberty better say “YES”! So WHY did 52,000 US soldiers ended up dead from the Viet/American War? Didn’t we learn that these were highly determined people who would use any help Russian(Soviet), Chinese or Cuban–to win against our troops. Now, guys I know who fought the Vietnamese kommies have gone back and done factory business $$ with the sons and daughters and sometimes the same generation they fought , no more ideological divide they are working towards making a GREEN BACK American dollar. If YOU want to see a very clear picture of how we got where we are and where this is possible headed read — The Collapse of Western Civilization: a View from the Future by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.

  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her parents should reimburse every smashed window she broke, writing a check plus an apology. Her parents are the problem and they should pay for it.

  • This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’ve come across exactly these kinds of kids. Of course they are the most violent. Your usual black teenager knows how much he or she can get away with, and that isn’t a lot. It’s the rich kids that can get away with an awful lot, because mummy and daddy will rescue them with their lawyers.

    These kids aren’t usually the ones that get hold of the corporate keys, though. Dirty little secret of rich people: they often neglect their kids in their pursuit of money, and their kids rebel for being neglected. But this doesn’t often end well for the kids. As I said, I know the type. Some die young, usually of an overdose or an accident after doing something extremely stupid. The ones that survive their own idiocy don’t get admiration of their parents precisely. The parents will keep them alive, but won’t give them the keys to their kingdom. You don’t earn a fortune by giving responsibility to silly people. Their more corporate-minded brothers and sisters will inherit the family fortune, or if there are no good, well-behaved siblings, it will be given to somebody the parents trust to maintain it.

    So don’t worry, people, communists never win by inheritance.

  • Have you noticed that almost all communist revolutionaries have come from the rich? That this article merely illustrates the hypocrisy?

    Marx himself was from a wealthy family. Engels was a factory owner. Other examples include Mao Tse-Tung, a college grad at a time when only about 2% of Chinese had any education. Castro was a doctor. Example after example can be adduced. Does growing up wealthy like that cause people to become foolish such that they think they know better what is good for the common people than what the common people know for themselves?

    • R.O> hey, you know history–that’s correct–having a material cushion allowed for these social experimenters to have TIME to think–BUT– explain how a poor barefooted illiterate peasant in Guatemala City, Guatemala becomes a radical without ever had read ONE page of Marxist theory or even know about world events outside their own village? They just walked in front of the display windows of SEARS store and looked at the stoves, deep freezer, and dishwasher and realized they would never be able to afford such technology while living on what would be equal to a dollar a day.

      • Turok: your hypothetical Guatamalan barefoot, illiterate peasant who has never been outside his village yet looks in at the Sears store in Guatamala City also has time to think. He is no Marxist revolutionary. But he can recognize when he is being oppressed by the rich and powerful, the same as the peasants in the peasants’ war of 1524–25.

        How he reacts to his oppression shows what sort of person is he. Does he react with the same greed as his oppressor, or does he take another path? The Marxist revolutionary fans the greed and justifies the violence to fulfill it.

        How you fight your revolution is just as important as winning. How you fight it predetermines the society you’ll get after your victory.

  • Love your site, but all the damn ads make your articles virtually unreadable. And forget about printing anything. Maybe you could offer a paid subscription offer for those who want to avoid ads. Keep up the good work.

    • What browser are you using? Which computer?

      I access this site via Firefox on a Mac, and the only ads I see are civilized ads along the right side of the page. I have installed no ad blocker. However, I do all my surfing in private/privacy mode, no matter which browser I use and no matter which computer I use. I have computers running Windows™, Linux and Mac. Browsers I use include Firefox, Chromium (not Google Chrome), Brave and Safari.

      I hear complaints about the ads regularly on this site, but I have yet to see what you are talking about.

  • It’s evident that they have not read the history books that I have, nor prayed for more faith.

    It is that fault of the Corrupt Ones for teaching them this garbage. They’ve purposely infiltrated academia to get this result. (ie. a revolution of college kids willing to do anything for them.)

    It is our fault if we do not fix this.

    They have no idea who their Marxist Communist Leaders are. We need to show them their Rap Sheets.

    Nobody ever said, “I want to grow up and burn down my country.”.

    MEANWHILE, enough Oregon residents have fled for their lives, and they are now organizing to take back their state. Pray for them and pay attention. We are going to need all of the ammo from their lessons.

  • Interesting Article,

    Is it me or ????

    If you are going head to head with the BLM/Antifa, you must remember you will be on your own. Every time the average citizen gets involved with the above groups.. The police seem to crap on the average American.
    The cops have no friends except the Americans , but the cops are doing all they can to have no friends.
    While antifa/BLM burn and loot, the cops do nothing. Block roadways the cops do nothing. But let the average American do something like drive through their silly road block… You will be cuffed and stuffed.
    Now the Police say, oh we were told to stand down…. REALLY????
    So if the Mayor or Gov wants to come out and loot with his friends, all they have to say is stand down? The cops will abide?? or will they say hell no we are not going to stand down? If no, then why has this gone on for so long?

  • Naja. I have no issues of graffiti. I don’t think that graffiti should be a crime nor do I consider it to be “property damage”. I also agree with taking over empty condos and apartments and letting those who need housing to live in them. This is the most pressing problem in NYC. This began in the 80s thanks to Donald Trump and other crooked real estate developers. Trump and others of his ilk had no qualms about evicting or forcing out working people from their apartments just to convert them into luxury condos and apartments today. There’s been 40 years of wealth redistribution from the bottom to the top. Interesting how capitalists only complain about wealth redistribution when it’s from the top to the bottom but are fanatics when it happens from bottom to top. The reason for the social and political breakdown occurring now is the result of 40 years of upward wealth redistribution.
    I disagree with evicting people from their homes under any circumstances regardless if they’re wealthy or not. On the other hand, the reason for these vacant apartments found in NYC, London and other cities is parasitical speculation. Apartments are bought as investments with no intention of living in them or even renting them out. They’re held for a few years until they’re sold or “flipped” for a higher price. This is unjust when many people are homeless or on the brink of homelessness due to the lack of affordable housing.
    As for these people being rich and white, at least they’re not defending the system of inequality and oppression. They’re using their white privilege to effect social change. Indeed, due to wealth and racial privilege, they’re more in a position to make changes than those who are Black and poor who are powerless. These youngsters are class traitors. There needs to be more of them, not less.

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