How to Prepare for the 2020 Post-Election CHAOS (and Get a FREE Post-Election Prep Checklist)

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It feels like only a short time ago when I wrote a similar article about post-election chaos in the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And all hell did break loose in cities across the country. While the worst of it was short-lived, it set the scene for four years of contempt, disrespect, and growing disenfranchisement with the opinions of our fellow Americans.

And here we are with another hotly contested election between two candidates that are both deeply scorned by the opposition. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t with regard to this election. Regardless of who wins, chaos is likely to erupt. And with both candidates suggesting they might be unwilling to concede to the other, expect the flames to be fanned by this.

We’ve already seen cities in the US turn into battle zones. We’ve already seen armed conflict in our streets, American against American.

This article is not about Republicans or Democrats or the election process itself. (Although there are articles popping up all over the place that say Russia or Iran or somebody has acquired voter info and is trying to interfere in the election.) It’s not about whether our election integrity is still in place.

It’s about the aftermath and how it will affect all of us.

You need to get prepped. Immediately.

What it all boils down to is that we need to be prepared.

We need to be ready for any unrest that comes about as a direct result of the election – and I really believe that there will be some form of uprising against the result. I hope it will be nothing more than a few minor, isolated incidents, but I can’t get past the nagging feeling that all hell is just about to break loose.

November 2nd could be the last day of relative normalcy for quite some time. Go here and sign up for our newsletter to grab your FREE PDF Post-Election Checklist.

Your goals are as follows:

If possible, hunker down in a safe location.

Generally speaking, urban areas will be the most dangerous. If you live downtown, election week might be better spent visiting friends or family outside of the city. However, I know that life continues and you may not be able to just pick up and leave. If you can’t do that, you need to prepare your home for the potential of riots. (See this article.)

Of course, no place is completely safe. Just ask the lady flying a Trump flag who received a letter saying her rural home was a target for arson.

Dear neighbor, you have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage. You have been given ‘Fair Warning.’ (source)

I’m not trying to scare you, but if these folks in small-town New Hampshire are targets, anyone could be. Don’t let your location lull you into a false sense of security. When people are angry and radicalized, any place where someone disagrees with them can become a target. Don’t be afraid – be prepared.

Have what you need so you don’t have to leave home.

Once you get hunkered down, be prepared to stay put for a while.  You don’t want to have to shove your way through an angry mob to get a gallon of milk or a necessary prescription. You will be far better off if you are able to get the supplies you need to stay home for at least a week without leaving.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medications
  • OTC remedies
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Pet supplies

Try to shop for two weeks at a time on your next few grocery trips so you can be sure to have what you need on hand. Do NOT forget essentials like prescription medications.

Stay informed.

You need to stay apprised of what is going on in your area. In this digital era, it’s easier than ever before to know what’s going on near you. Some of the following can provide communications options.

  • Police scanners: Search “Broadcastify” and “city name” to tune in to your local scanners online. Here’s the website itself.
  • Twitter: Search #citynameprotest or just your city name and protests without the hashtags. Follow local news stations too.
  • Local watch groups and apps: If you are on social media, you may be a part of a local neighborhood watch group. These can even be broken down into neighborhoods in larger urban areas. Check out “city name” and “watch” on Facebook. There are also apps like NextDoor which may help you to remain informed.

Remember that your information is only as good as your source. If there’s a person in your local group that responds with hysteria to every event, he or she might not be the best arbiter of truth. As well, the media has been notoriously biased in its coverage, calling violent riots “peaceful protests.” Take the time to confirm the information with more than one source when you can.

Avoid trouble.

The thing that Selco and Toby said to us the most when we were in Croatia discussing different scenarios was, “Don’t be there.” And if it was a situation where you found yourself there, the advice was, “Don’t be there as soon as  possible.” Or in other words, get the heck out of there.

Don’t go to a “peaceful protest” in solidarity if you aren’t also prepared to be swept up into a riot. Mobs form quickly and do not think rationally. (More on mob mentality here) Stay as far away from large, angry groups of people as possible. You may feel a strong urge to counterprotest – you should squelch that urge if safety is key for you. I’ve written before about how survival is just about surviving and no place is that more true than in situations like this. Many readers call this cowardly and if they want to go down fighting, that’s certainly their prerogative. I plan to live to fight smarter when the odds are in my favor.

Don’t go out of curiosity to “see what’s going on.” Avoid volatile situations and people. Don’t try to confront a mob by yourself – your property is not worth the lives of you and your family. To learn more about surviving civil unrest and riots, go here and learn from Selco.

My best advice is this: Get home. Stay home. Be ready in case trouble comes to you.

We’re in this for the long haul.

The post-election world could look very different. The United States has been hit with a lot this year, everything from a pandemic to lockdowns that caused an economic catastrophe to racial tensions to riots in our streets.

Our economy is getting worse.

Food shortages have already begun.

This election will add fuel to the fire regardless of the outcome. In fact, the outcome itself will most likely remain in question for months to follow, sparking even more unrest.

We are looking at a world in which violence could become more common, where food is harder to come by, and where people are increasingly desperate. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, you’ll feel the effects of this in some way.

What do you foresee?

How do you see events unfolding after the election? Does your prediction vary by the candidate who is declared the winner? Let’s discuss it in the comments. Please remain civil and for the love of fluffy kittens, do not threaten violence in the comments section.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • We are in a chaotic time for our country and our communities.Our plan is to simply stay home the month of November and stay tuned to whatever the events are in our rural community. Our awareness level is already raised and we will be on high alert to see how things play out.
    I fear big cities will continue to be places of unrest and danger. They simply are not a good place to be, especially now.
    No matter who wins the election there will be turmoil,I believe it is planned to be that way.

  • The letters and e-mails are going out everywhere to everyone. Things are ramping up and there will be at least pockets of violence.
    Being into preparedness the first thing to it working is getting off the X quicker than everyone else. I’m not looking for trouble but I’m not hiding either.
    Get it together because the best thing that happens is you gotta unload and take down some stuff. The worst thing is you have it but didn’t have it ready and in hand and/or setup and it goes sideways.
    Bring the team, family and neighbors together if just for a short time.

  • Dont recall which pollster who said it, but something to the effect of on election night itself, it could appear that Trump wins. But, as more mail in ballots are counted, days and perhaps weeks later, Biden could actually be the winner.
    That scenario paints a possible violent outcome by both sides.
    Oddly enough, we have a very hard left friend who stated a month or so ago that if Trump won, there would be no violence coming from the left at all.
    She has since reversed that opinion.

    I look at those cities that have seen violence as a regular occurrence, Portland (nightly), Seattle, and have no illusions those cities will see violence again. The question is to what level? Same as we have seen in the past? Or escalation, especially in the possible outcome of a Trump win (on election night, see above).

    Seeing as how wrong polls got 2016 wrong, and the similarities we are seeing again, how many silent Trump supporters/voters could be out there, I think it could go either way. Flip a coin.

    Come election night, I will be sitting at home. Not out of any concern of violence here, but it is Tuesday. Might watch a Mel Brooks movie. Wake up the day after and might be surprised as I was 2016 results. Although this time there will be challenges, lawsuits, possible SCOUTS involvement and the whole thing drag out for weeks or months.
    I am over it already.

    Note: Watch the MSM narrative. Do not just blindly believe what they are reporting as fact. MSM display of their blatant bias, lack of journalistic integrity and objectivity is overwhelming.
    And I believed that well before Trump was even a candidate.

    • I took the day off afterwards. I’m gonna protect my interest. No reason for me to be there if America doesn’t like me anymore anyway. right?

      I figure I’ll sleep good that night cause it’ll be the last for a few if it does go sideways.

      They can count ballots till next year if they’d like. The electoral college decides. We will know that night.

      • Matt, I disagree with you about knowing on election night. The number of mail in ballots in 2016 was around 33 million or 25% of all votes. This number includes the states that only vote by mail. The estimate is that approximately 75% of people will be voting by mail in 2020. Each state handles the ballots differently, some count them as they arrive, some can start before election day and some cannot open the ballot envelopes until election day. The ones who cannot open the ballot envelopes until election day, may not finish counting them on Nov. 3.

        This article talks about how states handle mail in ballots. Interestingly two of the key states that could go for either candidate.

        • Topaz Y’all might be right. I’ve been wrong before.
          With any luck it won’t have all gone to heck and we will be able to have discussions afterwards.

    • But, as more mail in fake ballots are counted, days and perhaps weeks later, Biden could actually be proclaimed the winner.”


  • Unfortunately, hubby and I both have medical appointments later in the month of Nov. And the fact that everything has been pushed back because the stay in place order back in Apr there is no way we will not go to the appointments. We’ve waited months.
    Since we’re in WV we both have CCarry but I have to say not much craziness goes on here but we’re ready if it does. We already have months worth of supplies for both us and the pups.
    Prescriptions will be filled next week and are good for months.
    Thats all we can do.

  • Being Canadian I think there will be some “fallout” that will eventually come our way from the US elections.
    In due course our federal elections may well have some “fallout” of there own.
    With the economy worsening, inflation ramping up, now is the time to “fill the cupboards” so you are not losing the money that you work for.
    Banks don’t pay double digit interest, so having the actual products at home will save you money when the double digit inflation starts to take hold in earnest.
    For a long time I was in a “doldrums” with prepping. (OK, depression caused by PTSD didn’t help)
    Somedays I’d be more “into it” than others.
    With the pandemic doing its thing, the economy tanking, my interest has renewed itself in protecting me and mine.
    It’s never too late to start preparing for an unknown future, and the US elections are most likely to prove to be the catalyst for that unknown future.
    Simply because you may not live in the US, just remember that the US has influence all over the world and that the “fallout” from their elections may have far reaching affects.
    Prepare now to thrive later.

  • This election is going to be a mess. Due to the large number of maild in ballots and some states not being able to open the ballot envelopes until election day, it is highly unlikely that we will know the results on November 3. Unless it is a landslide like the Regan/Mondale election, it may be a week before we know anything. I expect violence during that time. (I think I can say that, I have two fluffy foster kittens in my lap) Afterwards I expect Trump to demand a recount, even if he wins. He is still not over Hillary winning the popular vote while he won the electoral college and the presidency.

    If Biden wins, I expect chaos until Jan. 20 when he is sworn in. I’m not sure what will happen if Trump wins. I think some of the minority groups that feel they have not been treated well will protest and that will lead to rioting. I expect the white supremists and militia groups to cause problems at any protest. Hopefully those protests won’t last months.

    I also expect the many comspiracy theories to increase. There are so many now and I’m thinking about writing them all down and writing a book about them after the election. I just think it’s funny how people believe anything. The newest one is that i Biden loses, he is going to grant statehood to Washington, DC and Pureto Rico and then divide California into 5 states so he would have a majority in the Electoral College. If you know anything about a territory becoming a state, you know that Congress votes on and grants statehood, not the loser in a presidential election.

    I have finished my Christmas shopping and taken an inventory of what I need for food storage. I am going to try and have 3 months of food here by the election. I’m not close to a city center or any place that people will protest and riot. My neighbor had been flying a Trump flag, but someone stole it about 6 weeks ago, maybe that is a good thing based on the threats to the person mentioned in Daisy’s post. Her flag was the only political sign in the neighborhood. Hopefully that will be in our favor.

  • I would say that post-election violence will vary upon both who the declared winner is, and which region of the country you live in…
    I think right out of the gate? Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington DC will be prime hotspots due to their proximity to the seat of govt if Trump prevails.
    States where if Trump wins that were extremely close? Say possibly Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina and maybe Pennsylvania? Prepare for unrest in their larger cities like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaulkee, Minneapolis, Raleigh/ Durham and Asheville, Philadelphia, etc.
    We are about 50 miles north of metro Atlanta in the sticks. Not overly worried about out here, as Atlanta rioters have shown no stomach for crossing the Fulton county line into the suburbs and rural areas.
    But if that changes post-election and our towns and homes become threatened? That’s what 7.62 is for….

  • Full mags, final, last days stock up run at big box store, full tanks of gas, propane bottles all full, generator check with accompanying extension cords, outdoor security system bought and installed……(wireless system with adequate range and multiple cameras for outdoor advanced notice of perps), freezers loaded, plenty of everyday supplies to last several months before getting into the long term items, plenty of pet and livestock food and supplies…..litter stuff, etc,, Also include more booze and cigs than you would normally have on hand. Personally I don’t smoke and a fifth last us a year, but I’m a realist, so after bible reading and on knees prayer, a stiff shot may also help.
    I know this seems to be a personal descriptions of what Daisy had recommended in her checklist, but maybe this will jog some thoughts, ideas, for some. We live in the country 35 miles from downtown Seattle on acreage at the end of a gravel road. We can’t see our neighbors and they can’t see us. We’re not going anywhere!!!!!!! I say this in contrast to what our plan would be if we lived in a city (God help us) or the burbs. We would definitely have a bug out plan ready to execute at a moments notice as well as a plan to hunker in place.
    This is not a time for sissies or a “shoot first, question later and everyone is out to get me” mentality. If you identify yourself with either extreme, I suggest you grab hold of someone closer to center and get some counsel and advice.
    God bless all y’all and God bless America,
    Semper paramus, Semper paratus,

  • I’m very new to prepping world and just literally started reading the Preppers Blueprint book and really don’t have many supplies stocked up yet except a few food items and not really prepared in other areas yet. I’m glad I don’t live in a big city and the small city areas near me aren’t very big either so I feel relatively safe for the most part because of that but I still have concerns and I know I’m so far behind with prepping in everything. Any advice on what to prioritize right now? I guess in terms of supplies and skills given the current election situation. My fiance isn’t really onboard with prepping so much so I’m kinda on my own for now, hoping he comes around to this. I just have a terrible feeling about things in the near future, not to sound so gloom and doom but would like to at least get started, this blog has been an amazing help!

    • Tell him you are prepping for COVID which will increase in numbers during the winter cold and flu season . Lay in lots of canned stuff you all like and get perishables they a curb side pick up.

    • Basics…. as much potable water as you can store, use clean soda bottles if nothing else. Buy food that can be stored like canned meats, canned veggies, canned fruits… rice, beans, oatmeal. .. powdered milk, instant coffee, teabags..

      A supply of first aid itemsl ike bandaids, ace wraps & over the counter meds like aspirin, tylenol,pepto bismol. Get extra vitamins; especially Vitamin C, D & zinc for cold/flu & Covid 19, B Vitamins for energy and stress.

      If you have a garden , then extra seeds & supplies. Pet supplies if you have pets to think of.

    • Dollar General… Vegetables are 2 cans for a buck. Ramen is cheap and easy to prepare. Bottled water there is $3.99 for generic 32 pak.
      The bigger concern i feel here? Is gonna be SAFETY. Get ahold of a firearm, some ammo and some quick basic training from friends or associates, as time is getting short. Buy or borrow…… No preps are worth a damn if you cannot protect them. Or yourselves.
      Next priority? Make sure you have some stashed potable water. Thus the dollar general trip referenced above.
      Not too many folks are worried about losing water service to their homes and don’t really sweat this one. But i learned from experience during Florida hurricanes…. If you lose electric service (some of these mutts may decide to cut transmission lines, shoot out transfer stations or transformers) emergency pumps for WATER delivery service last only about 15 hours! That’s it…
      After that, with protracted electric loss, you WILL lose water too.
      To adequately prepare for the fallout of civil unrest? Ya gotta think like a scumbag.
      If I’M a rioter and anarchist, what would i do to create the most havoc, discomfort and inconvenience to the “squares” that voted the OTHER candidate in? How can i make them suffer?
      What Johnny would do if i decided on scumbaggery?

      1) Shoot up and/or sabotage the electrical grid.
      2) Try to ruin the upcoming holidays by destroying commerce.
      2A) Use small bands of people to begin attacking and destroying UPS, FEDEX and USPS delivery trucks and assaulting their drivers. Christmas will suck if delivery service gets impeded.
      2B) Attack and destroy GROCERY delivery trucks and beat their drivers to a pulp. Thanksgiving and Christmas will highly suck if you are stuck eating expired beans and stale saltines.
      3) Begin attacking and destroying grocery and retail stores wholesale. Walmart, Target, Ingles, Publix, Food Lion, Food City, Costco, Sam’s Club, you get the idea. Shut em down and the people will suffer.
      Again, the ways that the anarchists and friends can bunk up the works? Is really only limited by their imagination. Think through your own ideas, and prep accordingly.


      • “Shoot up and/or sabotage the electrical grid”

        if someone does that they’d better realize the power’s not coming back on again.

      • Wow, I really did not think about all those scenenios but you are right, I hate to think some of those things could happen but when the civil unrest was going on and it was shown on tv I didn’t think it would get that bad and be allowed to happen, I felt like I was watching something unreal, it’s scary

    • “Any advice on what to prioritize right now?”


      water supply. oatmeal (quick oats), tuna, olive oil, vitamins. good relations with neighbors. soap. extra clothing/shoes. cold weather gear for inside the house if power goes out. first aid stuff – general small wound care, isopropyl alcohol. car maintenance/tires up to date, some alternative means of transport (bike, scooter). flashlight and batteries.

    • Newbie2020
      Understand that none of us are where we want to be. Military Rule 101 Always Improve Your Position

      Food – don’t worry bout long term stuff right this moment. Buy what you can and use.

      Water – it’s cheap. Even if you have to fill up Tupperware and recycled butter dishes do what you can

      Defense- time is critical to Election Day but if we make it past that then train. Until then in the next 2 weeks seriously look at what guns/ammo you can, pepper spray, combat knives, archery etc.

      Medical- get the best kit and/or most supplies but only based on YOUR skill level. In other words don’t buy a surgical kit if you sent do surgery.

      Network- neighbors, friends and family. It takes people. Just think 24hr guard duty and how many that takes.

      Don’t panic, don’t stress, eat the steak one bite at a time so you don’t choke on it.

      The fiancé- I’d look real hard and have serious discussion about shared values. Do you want to be the rest of your life with someone who isn’t interested in taking full care of their family?

      Physical fitness- do it. I don’t care where your at, how old you are, what disability you have. Refer to Rule 101

      Knowledge- learn everything, trust nothing, verify all, practice it or it ain’t real and be careful who you listen to especially me cause I’m sketchy

      Good luck, stay safe

      • That is a great motto to approach this, rule 101. I like that, Defense and security is definitely one of the weaker issues that I will be focusing on, medical is one the the stronger aspects because of nursing skills that I can apply to situations. I really appreciate all the advice on here from all, I will continue to encourage my fiance but until he comes around I’m grateful to have this site and hear from others with similar goals.

    • When the other half of the relationship isn’t on board it can make things slightly difficult, but not impossible,
      Start with the simple things to try and “open their mind” to what things can happen.
      I find those that aren’t on the side of being prepared think that the government will save them.
      Point out that the government, Red Cross, etc. wants you to have at least 72 hours of supplies.
      Then explain that because you’re in health care that you need to increase your supplies because you’re essential service.
      Pick out some natural disasters that may occur — blizzard, power outage, hurricane, etc. and then get them on board for that.
      That usually takes care of the 14-30 day window and most will come to the same conclusions that it’s needed.
      To go into the longer term stuff get them thinking of job loss and what they would need if they weren’t making money for six months or more.
      Those that I find oppositional to preparing are those who think of the end of the world scenarios rather than the obvious things.
      For instance lets take economic collapse.
      People just jump right in and go all the way to the dollar crashing, gold going to the moon, and people in the streets starving.
      Job loss, breaking your leg and losing 6-8 weeks of salary, medical bills, car accident, etc. are all things that could cause an economic “collapse” because they collapsed your finances versus the countries.
      That is a way more tangible possibility and easier for them to grasp than the complete “doom and gloom” scenario.
      As to prioritizing, go for knowledge — as much knowledge as you can get.
      Get at least a 72 hour kit built, with the aim of 14 days as the next step, and then 30 days as the step after that as finances allow.
      Then work on “one day at a time” — one day worth of water, one day worth of food, one day worth of cash expenses, etc.
      Look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and go from there.
      Being prepared is a mindset.
      Being able to see “big picture” things helps.
      While “beans, bullets, and bandages” seems to be a prepper motto, “ramen, big stick, and duct tape” might be what you have right now.
      Remember that at the end of the day every step you take towards being prepared is one step further ahead than those who didn’t, so keep on stepping in that direction.

      • Yes, KNOWLEDGE. Harder to steal, for one thing. Get books on edible wild plants and go hiking to get more fit. Look for edibles on your hikes and try some out.

    • Newbie,
      Welcome- know that you are not alone. A recent article claimed that ‘a survey showed’ over half of american’s are stocking up on supplies and preparing for something this year. (covid, civil unrest, war etc)

      One free thing you can do while your mind is focused on the idea is to take a look at what you have and think about ‘what else’ it can do for you. Brainstorm and evaluate other uses for things – get your mind flowing so you can think on your toes.

      For instance- you may not have a firearm and ammunition; however you might have a kitchen knife and a softball bat. An alert person with a softball bat has more self defense that an asleep person with a gun.

      Think about water, food, shelter/warmth, etc. look around your garage, a garbage can could become a rainwater collection barrel if it were needed. Etc. You don’t have to collect things like a rain water system if you collect ideas of how you could deal with that issue.

      Another very useful idea is to asses what it is you are prepping for. Someone else might be prepping to be nuked by country-x but you might not be concerned about that. Then don’t bother being concerned by that. If you are concerned about a bad blizzard season because your area is due, and you are concerned about a pandemic – then focus on what things you can have to take care of yourself in those ‘worst case scenario’ situations.

      For a spouse not on board sometimes it helps to re-frame the idea. Prepping might be something they think of as crazy or hoarding (it isn’t so. 😉 ) But if you tell them that a few extra cans of food and a source of heat is like a $100 insurance policy. (or however much you want to spend) It is pretty cheap life insurance to have a little extra food around.

      It also can help to focus on things you *Will* use. If you want an extra pair of shoes (soap, whatever) -put it away and keep it for when your shoes wear out. Then you can justify the explanation that you are buying it for the future and in the future you will not have to spend that money later. Instead of investing in the stock market – you are investing in physical goods for your own well being. (quality of life insurance) It is money that would be spent anyway – you are just investing in advance.

      Know that some neighbors don’t want to fight no matter what. (Some on the left and right politcically want to fight as a first reaction.. others don’t want to fight at all- they only want to stay home and survive as a response. ) I would help any neighbor who was not idealogically the same as me- if they were sincerely just trying to survive too.

      Hang in there, and make sure you get some good nights sleep. It isn’t worth losing sleep over worries that haven’t happened yet.

      • Thank you Swan, everyone. I’m working on not letting the anxiety get to me and focusing on reading and doing what I can in small steps. I started with some water storage and getting extra food items this weekend. My landlord has a stocked pond in the yard and also we have a creek very close so I thought about working on learning water purification soon also.

        • Newbie 2020 – Also, just think about what threats are relevant to where you live. For instance, if you don’t live where it’s freezing cold in winter, don’t worry about major ways to keep warm. If there are not usually tornados or earthquakes where you live, don’t worry about preps for that. The major threat where I live is the power station being destroyed. We would be without power for at least 6 months. I would need to consider how to cook food; and lighting at night. Consider kerosene lamps. Without heat, we would be uncomfortable in winter, but not miserable or deathly cold. So, these are some of the kinds of things you should think about. No power, no refrigerator. Start to ‘think outside the square’ as somebody else said. Ways to re-purpose things you already have or could get cheaply and easily. You can purify water with regular old bleach. Lots more on the subject, but enough for now. Stay calm and consider things sensibly.

  • Not having”Hard Leftists” for “Friends”, I was wondering Who is going to shoot Whom.
    CWs are messy affairs.

    • Thats actually a good question. The obvious is the idiot with a skateboard and Molotov but beyond that it will be swimming in muddy waters even more so than the warfare we are used to because of lack of intell and direction.

    • @GenEarly, and Matt in OK,

      Good question and observation.

      Reading up on the French resistance to Nazi Occupation in WWII, there were not just one unified group against the Nazis, but more than a few groups. While they fought against the Nazis, they had differing ideologies, from Communists, to labor unions, to those loyal to De Gaulle in exile in Great Britain, and likely another half dozen I have forgotten.
      Sad part is, while they were fighting the Nazis, they were also vying for power post Nazi occupation.

      How would something look like here in the US post election?
      Black Block antifa? BLM? Hawaiian shirt wearing boys who seem confused to what they believe in? Patriot groups of various kinds? Racists?
      What kind of uniform or ID do they all wear to distinguish each other.
      Is it truly side A vs side B?
      Or more like a free for all?
      Do the Geneva Convention laws of warfare apply?
      Big question is, where would the DoD military and states National Guard fall into place in all this?

      Makes one head spin, eh?

      • “where would the DoD military and states National Guard fall into place in all this?”

        a large number of military personnel are not americans.

        • During my time in the USMC, I do not recall any.

          Asked my wife, officer in the Air Force and now in the Air National Guard.

          • I remember 3 FNs in my 20+. I’d like to see numbers.

            The Guard is such a mixture of folks it’s always hard to say. Who would actually show, perform or go rogue or just go home.
            I did 8 in it. The rest active Army.
            In my area of operations I just don’t see the military being a factor. The resources will be diverted to the powers that be interests or they will hold to the bases. We just ain’t that important. That’s already been proven historically during natural disasters.
            Nationally it could have an effect but locally I’m doubting it.

            • @Matt in OK,
              Matt said, “Who would actually show, perform or go rogue or just go home.”

              Good question.
              One thing when it is a natural disaster, or a small civil unrest like event.
              Something different when you have no idea who or where the shots are coming from.
              That is when things can truly go sideways.

                • “You have never been a hostile situation have you?”

                  if you mean a guns-blazing firefight, no. but what selco/ferfal et al have described (law enforcement joining in the looting) is more likely.

  • While the presidential election is on November 3, the Electoral College electors will vote on December 14. In 48 states, these electors “pledge” to vote for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates that receive the most votes in their respective state. Two states – Maine and Nebraska – have slightly different systems: Two electors “pledge” to vote for the candidate that wins the state’s overall popular vote, while a third elector “pledges” to vote based on which candidate wins the most Congressional districts in that state. These are the same electors that are owned by the Corporations and the Rich and who are bankrupting America. They are the ones who actually select the next president. Think 2016. Hillary won the popular vote but that really didn’t matter.

  • China is waiting on the chaos to erupt from the election to take our soil. My prediction is there will be a nationwide catastrophic event that causes a nation wide blackout, then here comes the commies.
    Thats just my take.

    • “nation wide blackout”

      wouldn’t affect the military, and the pacific is a long ways to transport troops against opposition. a corrupt and failing communist government in california that is bribed to invite them in, however, may be another matter.

  • How do you see events unfolding after the election? Good question. Most likely this election will go through legal gymnastics that result in Trump v. Biden at the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s why nine justices are essential for the judicial branch to function correctly. As for how events unfold after the election, that is arguably unpredictable. The advice from “The Organic Prepper” and the guest authors, plus some insightful commenters is very good. Finally, use the brain God gave you to truly understand the times and how to carry yourself appropriately.

  • Just came in from buying an extra 100lbs of chicken and duck feed,catfood,and puppy food. Ammo of any caliber is difficult to find,I was in a gun shop that had 50 rds of 9mm for fifty bucks! People I know are leaving town for the week before and wweek after the election. When did we start living in a Third World country?

    • Helped a guy look up 380 to order yesterday. .78 a rd for cheap range stuff and $3.75 for Federal Hollow Point


      I just looked at him and said “I know I’ve preached to you bout Buy It Cheap Stack It Deep”.
      He said “yeah you did”
      I ain’t so crazy now am I?

  • Me and my mutt are bugging out on election day. Been in the plan for awhile. My van is packed so full I have to keep pumping up the tires. Everthing is discreet. I’ll leave the phones behind. I’ve posted too many EVIL gov post I don’t need any followers. My take is this is it. What I’ve prepared for all my adult life. No family they think I’m too weird because of my preparedness. But The Little Red Hen stuck with me as a child. Lol

  • I have brought my solar path lights in the house – Lowes – $4/each – during power outages –the evenings have been a little nicer – can read by them also – don’t last all night – & need sun to recharge- grab one on the way to the root cellar – no elec in there – saves the flashlight – kids love them –

    I’m super lucky to have a great farmers market in my town – I started it 10 yrs ago – now I’m 75 & have meat & veggie farmers i can trust nearby – feed can be a problem but w/grassfed animals it gets easier.

    Buy heirloom seed for your garden = saving your own seed.

    breathe & smile –

  • There is going to be violence because folk are just on the brink. Not for anything else than they just need a release. All sides feel slighted. Not left or right. It’s more like a quadrahedron. Ever one is ready to blow. That’s why I’m already packed. Everyone knows I’m a prepper. So before they can come for and my mutt will be raptured on the morning of the 3rd. Lol

  • We get a few more weeks to a few more months to prepare financially and otherwise now that the election has been shown to be fraught with widespread cheating and/or technical malfunctions. Once the true President is called, whoever remains on the opposing side is likely to be problematic. This continues to be only one of the potential crises we will be contending with as further lockdowns will further damage the economy, all of the (not highly publicized) attacks on food supply remain and will likely be felt regardless although depending on who is in charge it may be mitigated, then we have the whole central bank uncertainty which will be an issue regardless again the extent will be dependent upon leadership.

    Still wondering if all of the other behind the scenes corruption will become mainstream knowledge with appropriate legal action commencing, or if it will “disappear”. Again, depends on the outcome of this election. Lots of uncertainty – be prepared.

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