Monday UPDATE: What Happened with the Covid-19 Crisis This Weekend

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The Covid-19 crisis increased rather dramatically over the weekend. Here’s a quick report with links to update you on the weekend’s information.

Where the coronavirus has spread

Over the weekend there was a sharp uptick in cases outside of mainland China. Here’s a graph from Johns Hopkins that illustrates the climb.


The latest tallies outside of China are:

  • South Korea: 833
  • Italy: 215
  • Japan: 154
  • Singapore: 89
  • Hong Kong: 79
  • Iran: 61
  • Thailand: 35
  • United States: 35
  • Taiwan: 30
  • Australia: 22
  • Malaysia: 22
  • Germany: 16
  • Vietnam: 16
  • UAE: 13
  • UK: 13
  • France: 12
  • Macau: 10

691 people are listed as “other” locations, which I assume are on cruise ships, etc. The following countries have between 1-9 active cases: Canada, Phillippines, India, Russia, Spain, Lebanon, Nepal, Cambodia, Israel, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Egypt, and Sri Lanka. Here’s the source for this information.

The weekend in questionable numbers

Literally nobody believes the numbers coming from China, so all the data there that could have helped slow or even halt the spread of the virus is lost, at least to the Western world.

In the United States, there’s a puzzling event that brings our own numbers into questions. Health officials had chosen Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, California, a facility that had been previously used to house disabled adults, to house “50 infected individuals” that had been rescued from the ill-fated Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Interestingly, the US only reports 35 cases spread across the nation, so either they simply expect 50 people to be infected or they know they’re infected and haven’t added the numbers to the official tally. The city of Costa Mesa, incidentally, has fought back and refused to allow their building to be used to house the quarantine. This refusal was backed up in federal over the weekend, at least temporarily. (source) In related news, a facility in Calhoun County, Alabama also resisted federal efforts to bring quarantine passengers there. (source)

Iran’s numbers are also in question, as the official number of confirmed cases is 61 with a death toll of 12, but an Iranian lawmaker claims that the death toll there is up to 50 victims. (source) Either people there are dying at a far, far higher rate, or there are a lot more cases than we know about in Iran.

The Global Times, a Chinese outlet, said as of last night that there were “now 1,200 cases in 26 countries along with 8 deaths.” But when you gather information from multiple sources, it appears these numbers are exceptionally optimistic if not outright wrong.

Italy locks down 10 towns.

One of the biggest stories of the weekend was a cluster outbreak in Northern Italy that caused local officials to lock down 10 towns in the region.

In the area of Milan and Lombardy, everything is shutting down: schools, universities, restaurants, movie theaters, concerts, and public gatherings.  Residents have been asked to stay home. The Carnival celebration in Veneto has also been canceled. About 50,000 people are affected by the lockdown. (source)

It has spread pretty fast in Italy and an early report explained what had happened. However, when I went back to that report later, the explanation had been removed. I didn’t take a screenshot but I had copied and pasted a quote. I’ll share that here.

The first to fall ill was a 38-year-old Italian who met with someone who had returned from China on Jan. 21 without presenting any symptoms of the new virus, health authorities said. That person was being kept in isolation and appears to present antibodies to the virus.

The 38-year-old is now hospitalized in critical condition. His wife and a friend of his also tested positive for the virus. Three patients at the hospital in Codogno where he went with flu-like symptoms on Feb. 18 also have infections, as do five nurses and doctors.

Another three people, who frequented the same cafe in the Lombardy region, also tested positive Friday in addition to the eight people at Codogno hospital, Gallera said.

Here’s a link to the article which no longer contains the quote above, and here’s a screenshot from the Wayback Machine, where it has also been scrubbed.

Italy isn’t fooling around with containment measures, either.

All those who have been in contact with those infected are to remain at home for a quarantine period of 14 days, officials added. Both the police and where deemed necessary, the army, will ensure the measures are enforced, the government said. Those who break the rules risk up to three months in prison. (source)

The thing to note with Italy is how very fast this lockdown happened. By the time 14 people were confirmed to be ill on Friday, lockdown commenced immediately. The information we can take from this is that you may not have time for that last-minute run to the store. It’s entirely possible that if we saw a lockdown here, what you have on hand is what you’ll have to see you through the entire event. So preparations are in order.

Did this virus escape from a lab?

Remember the whole bat-eating theory where everyone said the virus got out from eating “exotic” animals? Well, that’s been debunked and scientists are now saying it definitely did not come from the market that was initially targeted as the crux of the outbreak.

Remember how anyone who said it escaped from the Level 4 biohazard lab in Wuhan was thought to be a kooky conspiracy theorist? Well, more and more news outlets are suggesting that the virus did indeed come from a laboratory. Whether it “escaped” or was “let out” is anyone’s guess, however.

What else is new

A couple of other random pieces of info from the weekend:

  • The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 could be canceled if the spread continues. (source)
  • In Moscow, public transit employees are ordered to “report” any passengers that might be Chinese and police are raiding hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and businesses looking for people who may be from China. (source)
  • More than 7600 people in California have been “asked to stay home” to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus (source)
  • It’s now confirmed that a person with no symptoms whatsoever of Covid-19 can carry and transmit the virus to others. (source)
  • There have now been cases of incubation periods of 19 days and 27 days, calling into question the current 14-day quarantines.
  • Chinese workers have been told to head back to work and many are refusing to do so. (source)

The more we learn the less we discover that we know.

Prepping for a Covid-19 Pandemic

Here’s a list of resources for those who want to prepare for the possibility of a pandemic or lockdowns.

Please note above how quickly the situation moved in Italy. Don’t expect to have a lengthy warning if a lockdown occurs in your town. You want to have all your ducks in a row well before it happens. Focus on supplies that you’ll use whether there’s an outbreak or not – food, water, OTC meds, and household needs.

Hopefully, this situation gets under control quickly but I’d certainly rather be prepared for alternative possibilities.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Could it be the they’re waiting to see how many of the 50 from ship ACTUALLY have the virus BEFORE adding them to the list?

  • This is a post from a friend that I saw this morning. (My friend is a calm person and not an alarmist.)

    Urgent prayer request, my friend dedacted’s son dedacted and his family are station in South Korea. The corona virus has broke out. His wife dedacted is in the Air Force. The schools are closed, transportation is halted, the markets are closed. They are in Daegu South Korea, there is a shortage of masks and hand sanitizer. She’s a praying mom, but we need to all lift her family up to God, we have a mighty God and we know he can turn this around.Please pray without ceasing for this family.Please share this post.

    Daisy’s right. Get ready now. You may not have time later.

  • If anyone would like to see the fairly comprehensive Pandemic Preparedness List I have compiled, it is posted in 8 separate comments to one of Pennsylvania Prepper’s YouTube videos and can be found at: The topics covered are: “Communications”, “Defense”, “Entertainment”, “Food, Beverages, and Related Items”, “Hygiene”, “Lighting”, “Medical”, “Miscellaneous”, “Personal Protective Equipment”, “Power/Heating/Cooling”, “Sanitation/Decontamination”, “Sick Room Supplies”, and “Water”. It’s long so I broke it down into 8 parts and posted each part in a separate comment. The list also includes links to some resources and useful videos. I hope it will be helpful! If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can improve the list, I’d be happy to hear them. Thanks 🙂

  • According to my numbers something like 780+ have died from this virus in the 7 day span between this Sunday and the last. China reported another 150 deaths today and a Medical Specialist in Iran said that they lost 50 people also today.
    This “thing” is a monster. Given it’s potential to crush the World’s economy in an era where places like the U.S., China, Australia, and the Near East are having troubles growing/raising food, plus the unstable political situation here also, 2020 is looking grimmer by the day.

    Stay safe, God Bless, and watch out fur dem hogs!

  • The long term food storage sites are beginning to sell out of items. The window is closing to get long term food storage. I have a question Daisy…aren’t most of these larger scale long term food storage (freeze dried) actually freeze dried in china? I was under the impression that those factories were more present there. Curious if anyone knows as that would mean stock won’t be replenished. Thank you

  • I went to dollar tree and bought more flatware. Going to get other paper goods to help try n ride it out.
    I’ve been saying prepare steady but at a fast walk pace now would be prudent. Those that ain’t got water sources or stored now is the time. The containers don’t matter. It can be filtered if needed but get it stored.
    Stay positive and hopeful but get busy. Encourage one another on here.

  • I would like to see a breakdown of the ethnicities of those coming down with the illness. Is it true that it affects mainly east Asians, like SARS, or does it affect all ethnicities equally? I suspect that the MSM is not telling us this deliberately to put us all into a panic. For example, the MSM trumpeted the death of an American in Wuhan, while Chinese sources said she was an ABC (American Born of Chinese ancestry). Just saying that several people in Italy have been infected, doesn’t take into account that Chinese sweatshops have imported hundreds of Chinese workers so that they can say that their products are made in Italy. How many of the people in Iran are North Koreans helping out with Iran’s nuclear program? And so forth? Knowing the answers to these questions would help both to target those who are more likely to come down with the illness so as to help them, and to prepare for the worst case situation should it target all ethnicities equally.

    • R.O.
      I’d asked that question a while back. I do know some Caucasian folks got it on the cruise ship. That’s bout all I know though.
      As mentioned yesterday by others the numbers aren’t real and we won’t know that racial breakdown for years to come most likely.

  • But according to CDC , “There are only 35 cases in the USA.” I smell a large deceased rodent. Dr. Messioner (Rod Rosenstein’s sister) is evidently either not senior enough to stop the transfer of non-existent contaminated patients to urban areas, or not 100% truthful. BTW, where’s the accountability by CDC for sending out flawed test kits world-wide? Only 3 US states can even test- one is Nebraska!

    If Trump is publicly against it, who is trying to pull this stunt? Why can’t the city officials of Costa Mesa and Anniston reveal the names and positions of those who are authorizing transfers? Surely that’s newsworthy.

    Are these rogue military and State Dept. agents? Is this being done to burn it down since all previous attempts to get rid of Trump have failed ? Or as the powers that be say, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”? Could this halt the election?

    What is the real case fatality rate? Iran is publicly acknowledging 61 cases and 12 deaths. That’s 1:5. If the true number is 50 dead as some claim, how many cases are unreported?

    If you go to WHO’s own criteria for a pandemic, we’re already there. Why do they continue to deny?

    This is not wholly a surprise. 2 books by Laurie Garrett: The Coming Plague:Newly Emerging Diseases in a World out of Balance (1994), and Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of the Global Public Health (2000). According to her, this virus has been only a matter of time. Based on previous outbreaks of Ebola, etc.
    ALL nations are woefully unprepared.

    The smoke alarm is sounding, time to gather your things and leave the building in an orderly fashion. Those who are still in denial can’t be convinced; don’t waste your time. Quietly and without notice, source what you need. Cash is better than CC. Medications are a priority, even aspirin, cough syrup, etc. Look for natural sources. If you can get cash, do so. Fuel may become rationed. You’ll never regret being prepared, only unprepared.

    • You’ve raised some very pertinent questions! In the end, will the right people be held accountable or will blame be projected onto innocent parties? It’s all too awful to think about when we can only hope we come out on the other side of this thing.

    • The “deep state” hates Trump with a passion, so much so that they’re willing to burn down the country to get at him. But if they stop the election, they’ll be stuck with him until the next election. So they can’t stop the election.

      Many of the many members of the deep state should be cooling their heels in stony lonesome because they are traitors, including Brennen, Comey, and many others still embedded in the administration, who are willing to disobey orders in order to advance their treason. Yet they will lie to say that this is on orders from Trump.

    • Thanks for finding those – it’s incredibly strange. What is it about that segment that someone doesn’t want us to think about?

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