Let’s Talk About “Super-Covid” and Other Mutations

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There have been a lot of scary headlines out there about new strains of Covid and even “super-Covid.” This is causing a lot of people to freak out because they’re thinking, “Holy cow, is this thing getting even worse?”

Keep in mind I am not a virologist or a medical professional. Neither are the politicians taking advantage of this crisis, the folks pimping Big Pharma drugs, or the journalists writing breathless headlines. I’m just another writer out there reading stuff and trying to figure this out, the same as everyone else.

Viruses mutate

“Mutation” is a scary word. It brings to mind every sci-fi nightmare brought to life on the big screen of some lab-born creature that gets totally out of control. It makes you think of rats so big you could saddle them and ride them. Crazy, terrifying stuff.

But viruses mutate. It’s the nature of a virus.

To survive: unlike plants, animals and other organisms, the only way a virus can reproduce is through a host cell, which it does by attaching its surface proteins to the cell’s membrane and injecting its genetic material into the cell. This genetic material, either DNA or RNA, then carries with it the instructions to the cell’s machinery to make more viruses. These new viruses then leave the cell and spread to other parts of the host organism.

But host organisms are not passive observers to this process, and over time a human’s or pig’s immune system can learn from these encounters and develop strategies to prevent reinfection. The next time the same virus comes to a host cell, it may find that it is no longer able to attach to the cell’s surface membrane. So to survive, viruses must adapt or evolve, changing its surface proteins enough to trick the host cell into allowing it to attach. (source)

So while the headlines are scary – and meant to be – it’s perfectly natural that this virus has changed.

This isn’t always a bad thing.

All mutations aren’t “bad” mutations. The fact that a virus mutates doesn’t mean that the virus is “worse.” I know when a virus mutates in a movie or book, it’s always the bane of humanity but in reality a mutation isn’t always a bad thing.

What about this Super-Covid business?

Again – it’s a mutation – a change, but not necessarily more deadly.

A preliminary study published May 5 at bioRxiv.org, for instance, found a mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 spike, a protein on the outside of the coronavirus that allows it to break into cells. This new variant is now found more often in places like Europe and the United States than the original form of the coronavirus. That may mean the change makes the virus more transmissible, the authors concluded. But the study lacked laboratory experiments to support the claim.

Other explanations could also explain the pattern. The SARS-CoV-2 variant with the mutation could have ended up in certain regions thanks to random chance — a person infected with a virus that had the new mutation just happened to hop on a plane — and might have nothing to do with the virus itself. The study didn’t provide enough evidence to distinguish among the possibilities.

“What I think has been potentially confusing to people is that we’re watching this very normal process of [viral] transmission and mutation happen in real time,” says Louise Moncla, an evolutionary epidemiologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. “And there’s this real desire to understand whether these mutations have any functional difference.” (source)

The evolution of a virus can have many different results – it can change the symptoms, it can make it more contagious, it can make it more deadly, or it can make it milder in order to affect more hosts. Just the fact that the virus mutated is not a death knell. It’s normal.

What about “Super-Covid?”

The new strain that the media has nicknamed “Super Covid” may not be as scary as it sounds. What researchers have discovered so far is that it’s more contagious than the former less-than-super Covid – although they’re not absolutely positive this is true. (Emphasis mine)

After initial caution last week, scientists are becoming more convinced that the VUI-202012/01 variant of coronavirus is more transmissible. On Monday, experts from the U.K.’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) told journalists that the group now has “high confidence” that the strain has a transmission advantage compared with other variants. This compares with the “moderate confidence” that the committee said it had in a meeting on Dec. 18.

That might seem obvious given how quickly the strain appears to be spreading, but it can be hard to exclude other explanations such as a super-spreader event giving the variant a boost — particularly since scientists don’t know what might be making the viral strain more infectious. However, scientists from NERVTAG said that looking at the genetic data of the virus alongside the epidemiological situation had convinced them of its higher rate of transmission. They noted that the strain was able to keep spreading during the November lockdown in England, even while rates of infections for non-variant coronavirus fell. (source)

The new variant was first discovered in the UK, so more research on it has been done there than anywhere else. According to UK Minister of Health Matt Hancock, there’s no evidence to suggest this mutation is deadlier than the one with which we’ve been dealing.

Addressing the House of Commons, Hancock said scientists had pinpointed more than a thousand cases involving the new variant that “may be associated with the faster spread” in regions including London.

“There is currently nothing to suggest that this variant is more likely to cause serious disease and the latest clinical advice is that it is highly unlikely that this mutation would fail to respond to a vaccine,” he told MPs. (source)

It’s even possible that the higher transmissibility could be a positive thing. Sometimes mutations like this make the disease less virulent and if that were the case – we don’t know if it is or not – then we’d be closer to seeing the virus burn out naturally as more people develop T-cell immunity from having had the virus (or having been exposed and fought it off.)

Having a robust cellular immunity for at least for six months after even mild or asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, is good news.

“This data is reassuring,” lead study author Paul Moss, from the University of Birmingham, told a Science Media Centre briefing. As in any other study, further research is recommended to show whether or not such level of immunity can fight off re-infection, or how long the protection lasts. “We need to have much larger population studies to show that,” Moss told journalists. (source)

This is how a virus “burns out.”

There’s a lot we don’t know.

I’ve had Covid (even though 50% of the comments on my article about it said I didn’t) and it was a miserable experience. Bloodwork afterward showed I have antibodies against the virus for now, which provides me with some natural protection – for how long, nobody seems to know.

From a preparedness standpoint, there’s nothing you need to be doing differently now than you were doing before. Remember that there are all sorts of knock-on effects (personal economy, mental health, supply chain issues, medical freedom) we should be preparing for and the emergence of new strains has not changed any of that.

Focus on what you can control, not on media-driven hysteria.

The new strain is something with a lot of unknowns, but the few things we currently do know point to it not being a major escalation of our situation. If more people get it and get a milder case, then it stands to reason that more people will have some natural immunity.

Again – we don’t know this for sure – but don’t let the headlines about “super-covid” and mutations freak you out. Nobody really knows if this will be worse, and the current evidence isn’t pointing to anything apocalyptic.

Please share your thoughts about this in the comments. Do you think the new strain is something to worry about? Or do you think it’s being overblown?

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  • It’s hogwash.
    The virus is real. People have and will die however the control issue is far outweighing the issue.
    Every night it’s just “scary scary” blah blah blah and yet the same ones who call for rules for thee but not for me are steadily getting caught in their scandal.
    I’m over it

    • MATT can I please join you in being OVER IT????? Pelosi makes me sick. She walks like she’s got a corncob up her butt, and she tells us what we are NOT supposed to do while none of it applies to her and she lives out her normal wealthy life. Well blah, blah, blah as you said…A bunch of them like Fauci do the same thing, listen to me b/c I know it all and yet it was DO NOT WEAR A MASKS, THEN IT WAS YOU NEED TO WEAR A MASKS TO SAVE LIVES, THEN DON’T WEAR THEM, JUST WASH YOUR HANDS AND KEEP YOUR DISITANCE AND THAT SHOULD DO IT. Nobody told us to take Silver Liquid, or Vitamin C and Zinc and Elderberry and we’re good to go. They will strengthen our immune system so we don’t need to worry so much and get the shots. I am noticing that some health care workers are refusing to get the shots now. Do they know things about it that we don’t know? Ahhhhh, could be…
      It seems that the far left want to keep us scared and frightened beyond measure so we will be an obedient group of citizens and do as we are told! Ahhhh, sometimes it sounds rather Orwellian doesn’t it Matt?
      I just think it’s time to use our GOD given common sense…SO I am in agreement with you…
      I’M OVER IT TOO!!!

      • Ivermectin
        No money in it but it’s working well round here.
        I’m normally not big on alternative stuff but I’ve witnessed the actors n politicians getting the good stuff while we just get told to go home and deal with it so we gotta do things to stay healthy.

          • It is a wormer but there have been a LOT of studies regarding its use as both a preventative and a treatment. It’s very promising.

            • 2 of my friends (semi high risk-over 70 one with diabetes) just got and used this among a handful of other items and they’re both doing well now. Slight residual symptoms but nothing major.

            • Here is the suggested protocol. Seems to have done well for my friends

              …got these protocols from FLCCC Alliance, I-Mask + prophylaxis & early outpatient protocol for Covid-19.

              Prophylaxis protocol:
              Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg, one dose on day 1 and day 3, then take one dose weekly for 10 weeks, followed by one dose every 2 weeks. (Post covid-19 exposure prophylaxis 0.2 mg/kg, one dose on day 1 and day 3). Ivermectin is a prescribed drug for humans.
              Vitamin D3: 1000-3000IU/day
              Vitamin C: 1000 mg twice a day
              Quercetin: 250 mg/day
              Zinc: 50 mg/day
              Melatonin: 6 mg before bedtime (causes drowsiness)

              Early Outpatient Protocol:
              Ivermectin, 0.2 mg/kg, one does on day 1 and day 3
              Vitamin D3: 4000 IU/day
              Vitamin C: 2000 mg 2-3 times a day
              Quercetin: 250 mg twice a day
              Zinc: 100 mg/day
              Melatonin: 10 mg before bedtime (causes drowsiness)
              Aspirin: 325 mg/day (unless contraindicated)

              Eastern Virginia Medical School also has a similar protocol. which also includes B complex vitamins (We are taking B50).

            • It is also very cheap and currently easy to find. YouTube even has videos on dosing instructions. You can get quinine from Amazon. There was a doctor from St. Louis promoting that as a natural c9vid help.

          • I absolutely want y’all to do your own research and make your own choices in course of action.
            I’m just a guy in the Internet and not even the friend of a friend thing.

  • The vaccine roll out, 30-50% of US HC workers are declining said vaccine, and then the just-in-time mutation to fuck up the holidays & attempt to scare people into rushing to take the rushed-oops I mean Warp Speed vaccine. And don’t forget the RUSSIANS just breached us for a record hack. It all sounds so very contrived & phony far as I’m concerned.

    • Well Nick if you believe we are really done as in REALLY DONE then you have your head in the sand dear…Covid is still on planet earth and the new one that came over here from the UK is now in Calif. and Colorado as well as Fl. And do you think it will stop with those three? Yes it’s 2021 and I feel no different today on the 2nd of Jan. than I did on the 31st. of Dec…NOTHING has really changed. And I feel more thing will happen this month that will surprise the pants off of people. Wait and see…Just b/c another day rolled over on the calendar doesn’t mean that anything has disappeared/vanished. SORRY, wake up…WE the people may well be DONE with Covid but Covid isn’t done with us! It likes us and wants to live in the USA for awhile longer it seems. So now what should I end this with. how about…Happy New Year Nick!!!

      • WandaKate, let me ask the question:


        face facts: vaccines are rolling off the assembly lines by the tens of millions. Soon, tens of millions of people will be vaccinated. Then, tens of millions more soon thereafter. Meaning that in fairly short order, there will be


        Sure, there will be plenty of excuses. Certainly Dummycrat Governors like that idiot in Michigan, and her bozo counterparts in Cali and NY won’t want to end the lockdowns. They LOVE pushing people around, and forcing people to obey rules that they themselves flout with impunity. And certainly there will be plenty of LOCKDOWN HAPPY KARENS who wanna clutch their pearls and fetch their smelling salts, and scream at folks who are walking unmasked by themselves in great big open parks the size of Wrigley Field. And of course, we’ll have the usual crap “news” stories about some Sooper Dooper Covid, one that attacks people with the Hibbedy Jibbedy Syndrome. But for the rest of us? Yeah, girlfriend, maybe not today or next week, but in fairly short order, its OVER. .

        The fat lady may not be singing just yet, but she’s just behind the curtains warmin’ up her vocalizer

  • Yes I believe the Covid-19 Virus is real, yes it is and will continue to adapt and change. Am I worried about it? Not really just about as much as I am worried about the normal everyday Flu.
    I personally am fed up and tired of the MSM pushing fear, doom and gloom on the people. Then we have the politicians utilizing the fear that the MSM has caused to enact and enforce more control over the populace. Just so they can increase their power and control.
    Daisy thank you for articles like this and all of yours and other contributed articles. That are not full of legalese and medical vernacular so that everyone can understand what is being said.

  • Since viruses are classified as a plant, we might just have to spray each other with roundup. Problem solved.???? Ok, lousy comment from someone with a weird sense of humor.

  • The simple fact is that every organism under the sun is “programmed” to procreate. The Biblical “Be Fruitful and Multiply” applies to everything.
    From the lowliest single cell organism to complex organisms, the drive to procreate occurs at some point in the organism’s maturation cycle.
    Organism’s also evolve to adapt to an ever changing environmental stressors. Organism’s that fail to adapt, go extinct.
    Viruses, are unique organisms, because they lack the structural organelles other one celled organisms have that are equated with life. They really are the most primitive of organisms, because of what they lack. Viruses are also the most basic of parasitic organisms. They require a host to perform all the usual functions attributed to a cell. Without a host, they’re a fragment of protein covered by a lipid like protection.
    Viruses like Ebola, as deadly as they are, in effect “poor parasites,” because they quickly kill the host. When a parasite kills its host so fast, the ability to procreate and transmit decreases. Which is why we believe that whichever species is the reservoir population for Ebola doesn’t suffer the same effects that humans do to infection.
    Typically Viruses mutate/evolve in the same way. They become more contagious to increase the likelihood of finding a new host, while also becoming less severe, the longer the host stays relatively healthy, the more “baby” viruses can be created. So, the fact is the mutation/adaptation of CoVid was almost guaranteed to happen. It remains to be seen that the new strain has more/less the same level of morbidity and mortality as the original virus.
    It was recognized early in this pandemic, that certain population groups with certain pre-existing chronic diseases, were at the highest risk of death. But, in this group, any pathogen, bacterial, fungal or viral increases the likelyhood of fatal consequences. As a result, there’s a big difference of opinion over the actual death rate attributed to the virus.
    The yearly overview of Death’s By Cause remains relatively static year to year. Of course there are dips and rises year to year, but statistically they’re relatively similar. X number of people will die every year due to these causes (Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, and other COD’s). We’d expect to see a rise overall in COD’s with a new pathogen, but the numbers don’t show a rise. As CoVid deaths went up, deaths by other causes went down. There’s only two conclusions we can determine from this (and one is ridiculous). Either CoVid cures Heart, Respiratory and other diseases, but by itself kills you anyway, or the reporting of CoVid as cause of death is misattributed. The latter is highly very likely.

  • Daisy, I just got off the phone with an elderly buddy of mine who was hauled into hospital this last week with Covid-19. His treatment is extremely interesting. His doctors are using antibodies extracted from blood from donors who have already recovered from Covid-19 … in hopes those antibodies will provide the solution. We are all keeping our fingers crossed. If that solution works you and countless zillions of other recoverees (is that a word?) may be repeatedly asked to donate blood for such a purpose.

    This may well add to the body of knowledge that so far has included ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine with zinc, and a few other such methods I still can’t spell. The thing about lifelong learning is that you often have no idea where that process may lead.


    • I would happily donate blood to help others get better. I’ve heard about this treatment but didn’t know of anyplace it was being practiced.

      • It’s being done here in the states. Just call the local blood bank and they will direct you. It’s does make a difference if you’ve got the antibodies

      • It is being practiced on my father in law at MD Anderson in Houston as we speak. He was in for an extensive cancer surgery and was exposed to Covid. He also has COPD so they’re coming at him heavy with treatment.

  • At this point in time, I am not concerned.
    Last Monday, the WHO announced COVID19 is likely endemic . . . just like the common cold/flu. It is going to be around for some time. 99.95% of people who do get it, survived with mild to moderate symptoms.
    Just like the flu.
    Sure. It sucks to be sick.
    I have had doozy of flu in the past too. Fever, chills, aches and pains, lethargy to the point walking across the room was exhausting. Appetite loss. Even fever induced hallucinations.

    IF this virus mutates and we see real mortality rates spike across all age groups, and not just the elderly or those whom have pre-existing conditions. Then, that would be cause for real concern.
    The evidence presented thus far does not indicate that.

    Meanwhile, the lockdowns, the economic disaster the lockdowns are causing, the stress from isolation, children falling behind in their education from distance learning is all taking a toll on the country.
    Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell both had their homes vandalized in the past two days. They are out of touch with the average American, as they and other governors and mayors mess with people’s lives.
    There is a very ugly undercurrent of anger the American people are feeling toward the politicians.

  • Hi Daisy
    When I first heard about this super covid I thought here we go with the scare tactics again. People are starting to see that what has been done in the name of “safety in our community” is a lie. If masks keep people from getting this virus then why are people still getting sick? If lockdowns kept the virus at bay then why is it still here? If closing restaurants and bars and gyms was to keep people from getting sick then why are we still seeing people becoming ill?
    Now they figure that they need to amp up the scariness of the virus so that they can continue with their plan to take over.
    You aee right about viruses mutating. Viruses have to change in order to survive hence the reason to mutate.
    Please don’t let the government scare you into compliance with their ridiculous rules. There are more of us than there are of them. We need civil disobedience from everyone so that we can get our small business and our lives back.

    • Generally speaking, viruses will mutate to become LESS lethal. As you so correctly point out, viruses just wanna LIVE after all, and if they are too lethal to their hosts, they don’t get to.
      As a side note, I have been immuno-compromised for DECADES, meaning I’m far greater danger than most people my age of getting this and getting really fubar from it. I’ve been stating for months that in no way at all do i want my fellow Americans to be put on indefinite house arrest because of my fragility. My problems are just that: they are MY problems. I’m a grown man, and I’ve been dealing with this crap for a long time; I don’t need any help. Certainly not from self absorbed gasbags purporting to be “leaders”

      • AMEN.
        If this “mutation” is worse than the original, it is just another *something* that they cooked up just to scare us to death.
        Don’t forget that Bill Gates and his ilk are pushing for depopulating the earth, and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

  • I’m concerned, but not overly so. Yes, if its mutation is as virulent as the original but spreads faster, we’re gonna be in deep kimchi; our medical providers will collapse. I do think the vaccine will help, but not enough. But I also believe natural selection will catch up to the non-Baxter’s eventually. Meanwhile, I just retired, so I’ll mostly be at home, have meds on hand, and will be wearing the damn mask when I do go out.

  • Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong

    Anthony Fauci’s decimal error in estimating Covid’s fatality rates (March 11)

    Fauci testified before Congress in early March where he was asked to estimate the severity of the disease in comparison to influenza. His testimony that Covid was “10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu” stoked widespread alarm and provided a major impetus for the decision to go into lockdown.

  • Hi Daisy,
    Despite the media hysteria in my part of the world, life goes on largely as per normal, however…
    My friend living in Latvia sent me this update which some may be interested in to put things in perspective.
    He has no political axe to grind.
    “The pandemic continues out of control here, with the morgues and hospitals often full and the health service largely closed down in order to care for the huge numbers of Covid patients and to begin vaccinations. There is a strict curfew here with army as well as Police on the streets enforcing it. In the daytime, we aren’t supposed to meet anyone not in our household. The atmosphere is very oppressive and depressive, although there have been record numbers of downloads of the app in Latvia the last week, both in English and Russian. The few daylight hours at this time of year don’t help lift the spirit of heaviness. So we are by all means continuing our preaching and welfare work, but with difficulty. We are taking food to where our folks are and calling them, if they have phones, or sounding the horn to let them know we’ve done a drop off. Here’s a typical excursion- bags of food assembled, with Bibles in them for some, also juice for breaking bread; and then delivering them at pre-arranged spots, sometimes waving to our dear folks through the car window. Many have Covid and the economic situation is really dire. Please pray for us, with the temperature set to go down to -20 C this week according to forecasts. Appreciate your prayers, as living rough in the low temperatures alone are enough to kill elderly folks with breathing problems. Some have already fallen asleep in the Lord, and we look back with gratitude to the happier days when we used to meet at the hall, do Bible study, feed people, and above all, baptize them into the truly saving Name of the Lord Jesus. “Blessed are they that die in the Lord”. Now we see it was all worth it. Joy comes, in the morning. Oh that it were come.

  • They intend to keep announcing new strains or new viruses perpetually. This is their terrorism for subjugating the human race. Every single virus is fake and has not been proven to exist. They simply relabel existing illnesses (pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, vitamin deficiencies, illness from non-ionizing radiation like 5G, etc) as “Covid” or whatever they want to pretend is going around.

    It’s not Super Covid, it’s Super BS.

    For anyone skeptical that the virus purported to cause Covid-19 doesn’t exist, see what Jon Rappoport says about it. Although others have come to the same conclusion. The science to truly isolate the virus and prove what it does has never been done. Anyone who says otherwise is uninformed, misinformed, or lying.

  • SARS-Cov2 (COVID-19) has never been isolated, purified, or seen under a microscope. All studies claiming to have isolated COVID-19 fail Koch’s Postulates, the gold standard for viral epidemiology. This can be seen quite clearly in the methods sections of these journal articles, where, despite all the obtuse medical terminology, the text says that antibiotics were added to the serum: This nullifies isolation and purification, period.

    All Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests of CDC in the United States, as well as health departments in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, to provide records showing that COVID-19 has been isolated, purified, and viewed under an electron microscope have come up with the same response: No such records could be located. COVID-19 does not exist.

    Furthermore, the “symptoms” of COVID-19 are the same as other respiratory illnesses like influenza, pneumonia, and altitude sickness, but in 2020, the death records for these other illnesses show negligible numbers compared to every other year in recent history. This is because officials have re-categorized almost all deaths as COVID deaths, even if only under the assumption that the deceased had symptoms. Officials have gone on tell-a-vision and social media to tell viewers exactly that. To boot, Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the “test” being used to diagnose “positive” cases for COVID-19, cannot, does not, and never will test for infection. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, said exactly this, and added that PCR can be misused to “find anything” that the researchers want to find because R/DNA is inclusive across the human spectrum; indeed, much of the genetic material of life is found in all living organisms.

    All of this begs the question: If COVID-19 does not exist, how can a vaccine — or any treatment, for that matter — be created as a remedy for it?

    Daisy and dear readers, it’s time to rethink the anachronistic and UNPROVEN “germ theory” upon which all modern allopathic medicine rests. This theory treats human beings like filthy machines to be tinkered with, and it has served the Rockefellers and their ilk quite well ($$$$$$$) for over seven decades. What better way to create constant fear and persuade people to think of ourselves and others as dirty and dumb than to blame invisible, silent “killers” (germs) and to sell expensive, invasive, harmful “treatments” to mind-controlled masses?

  • Documentary “Planet Lockdown” and the article “In Loving Memory of Freedom 1945-2019” by two different economists are very illuminating.

  • I am concerned about the rushed out vaccine. In the 70’s, they rushed out a swine flu vaccine and it did a lot of harm. A LOT. My mother was 37 in the 1978 and took the flu shot. She died shortly after. Flu like symptoms and then a week later, gone. She did not drink or smoke. Was not overweight and went to church every Sunday without fail. The doctors thought maybe it was viral encephalitis. It seems she was not the only one who died in this fashion, or with suspected encephalitis.
    Science says the mutation will be a weaker strain. If you kill your host, what happens to you? I don’t believe it is anything like they claim.

  • I’m pretty done with this whole thing. Businesses destroyed. Economies devastated. Other illnesses and death attributed to COVID. The incidences of flu reported this year are minimal (should we be surprised?). This government is going to have to offer a lot more evidence to convince me. And, I don’t intend to take their hinky vaccine either.

  • the general course of viruses is to become less and less lethal. they may also become more contagious. an example is the “spanish” flu at the time of WWI. three waves, all bad, but each less lethal than the one before.
    there is a good reason for this. if a virus kills too many people, there will not be enough hosts to provide for the generations of virus-to-come.
    a normal evolution may well be taking place now. not that we want it at all, but this sort of mutation is common.
    initially, with covid, it was not entirely clear that airborne transmission was common. that may be why we were told masks were not helpful. or it may just have been a mistake. or it may have been a (foolish) hope that panic could be avoided if masks and other ppe were not highly visible.
    the major thing wearing a mask does is keep others around you safer–in case you are a carrier or have contracted covid but don’t know it yet. there is some protection for you from airborne virus if you wear your good quality mask correctly.
    i hate wearing them, but did so for years as a hospital nurse to protect my immune compromised cancer patients. there is a knack to making them work well and there are plenty of videos to show you how to fit them to make them tolerable and protective. wear a mask for your granny, your asthmatic spouse, your kid who is allergic to everything, etc.

  • I’ve posted before back when we really didn’t know much. I’m a old male nurse that works a relative rural hospital. Our covid unit is 42 beds per single room. We expect a surge of incoming pts. We have taken 42 beds and are doubling up so the unit can handle 84 pts. We have a backup ward for 9 more pts. We are expecting to use that also. I’ve personally wheeled 8 pts to the morgue. We have at least one code blue every night and now sometimes two or three. Yes, I took the vaccine, I’ve seen what this can do with only 1% mortality. People, wear a good mask, wash your hands frequently and if you can keep your distance. I work in the belly of the beast, this has worked for me so far. This is as real as it gets. Keep safe people.

    • Thank you Dave for your comment. All the denial in the world isn’t going to change the fact that there is a lethal virus out there. My good friend works intensive care in a very large hospital and said he usually signs 1-2 death certificates a month but now is signing one daily. Another dear friend’s brother with a wife and young kids just died from it. This is not made up! Yes the libs have overstepped and used it to control people. Yes it’s been handled badly destroying the economy and doing a lot of other harm. Part of that is they didn’t know what they were dealing with at first and thought millions would die. We’ve all been affected. My husband lost his job from it but is gratefully now back to work. I’m grateful to live in a very Republican state that has been fairly careful with their “edicts” so it’s been easier here.

      I will tell you that myself and many others “feel” this is the beginning . . . this was the warning and to prepare that there are much worse diseases, etc. coming. Life isn’t going back to normal as we are going into the biblical “end times” of God’s judgements. God will help you if you will pray and listen. I’ve seen miracles in my life and others this last year to get needed things . . . sometimes things they didn’t think they’d need. One example is my daughter got a freezer in July and I got a whole house generator a few months ago when both were & are still backordered for months. We not only got them but the ones we wanted. I had no intention of getting a generator (expensive and a lot of work to install) but was prompted to do it and then a miracle happened to get it (another story). It all just fell into place. I’m still not sure why as power outages are not common where I live but I’m sure I’ll find out some day.

  • Just as I said to people around home shortly after this whole thing started – the response to the virus is scarier and deadlier than the virus. The control grab is the real danger. I think the virus really exists, I’ve had it and even though I kicked it’s sorry butt with three days of treatment, I also know other people are hit really hard. But no matter how many die on ventilators (or maybe because of them,) how many more died of despair after having had their livelihoods vanish? Or die because of untreated health conditions?

  • The first covid was designed in a lab and released from the same. This likely not a mutation, it is a whole new virus released from ?

    Be careful ! the is a PLANDEMIC.. Every thing the elite wanted of the general populace is happening and happening as they PLANNED. Their power is great, their wealth is becoming greater. They are looking for complete control.

    The GOD of heaven will smash their plan. He has the last word and HE gives power and takes it away.
    Trust in HIM, yourself, your family and THE ONE WHO DIED ON THE CROSS IN OUR PLACE.

  • Let’s Talk About “Super-Duper-Extra scary-Never Ending-Life Destroying-Business Ending-Covid” and Other Make Believe Mutations. Welcome to America, land of the stupid.

  • I had it. Het ready. We will all get it. Get fit d and zinc. Get ivermectin I’d you can. Get anti parasitic drugs. When you get it take them. Covid hrows in your intestines. That’s why anti parasitic drugs work. I know 50 people who had it . We were all sick but recovered. Fear is the mind killer

  • I’m 71 and I caught Covid-19 two months ago. I’ve had worse flus. But then in more recent times I drink a LOT of green tea and take other anti-virals as well. BTW, SARs-Cov-2 has mutated into dozens of different strains. This has been known for half year or so. See: https://nextstrain.org/sars-cov-2/

  • There is too much government and media push to accept the vaccine(s). And now we see that as a large number claim they won’t ever take the shot or refuse the shot (as some health workers have), what happens? A new, supposedly more easily transmissible Covid-19 variation suddenly appears, ratcheting up the pressure to accept the shot.

    If this were a SF story, one might think that the government or aliens REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want everyone to take the vaccine shot. Almost like there might be something in it that they want to get into everyone.

    If so, when and how will whatever is in it be activated?

  • Daisy, the goal of NWO is to get you infected and destroy the economy so the Fed can help Wall Street foreclose on the $27 trillion national debt. ref. http://stateofthenation.co/?p= Federal Reserve for Dummies

    HCQ stopped covid-19 and any physician who uses it faces lose of medical license, fines, and bogus criminal charges.

    Dr. Pierre Kory, Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center in Milwaukee, testified December 8, 2020 at the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. “ Ivermectin STOPS COVID=19.” Ref. https://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=230634

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