Whatever the Outcome of the Election, We CAN Revolt Against the Politicians and the Media and the String-Pullers by UNITING

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We’re living in a nation divided. You need only look at social media or the comments section of nearly any website to see the rage and animosity between people who hold opposing opinions. Violence has broken out in the streets of many of our cities and it’s all the media really wants to talk about.

Some people will call me naive, but I still believe in unity, the goodness of people, and the possibility of peace.

Even on the cusp of an election that many are saying is “the most important” of our lifetime, an election that many have vowed violence and destruction over the results, an election that has drawn battle lines right through our own neighborhoods, I believe that it doesn’t need to be this way.

I’m writing this piece before the election. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. This is my opinion regardless of which candidate is declared the winner and it is not based on politics. It’s based on my belief that Americans can still unite if we choose to do so.

People are giving politicians control over their relationships.

What I don’t understand is how people can allow politicians – people who are in it for power, not for you and me – to divide them from the people they once loved. How can you look at your son, daughter, parent, cousin, or friend and say, “You voted for X and therefore I no longer love you?” How can you put this politician and what he or she stands for ahead of your own people?

Do you think those politicians care about you enough to divide their own families? To disinvite someone to Christmas dinner? To “unfriend” somebody on social media and in real life? Of course not. All they want is your vote. They want your verbal support. They don’t give a tinker’s damn whether or not your family is destroyed because of them and their causes.

And yet, I see it all the time. I saw a woman proudly declaring she got her dying father to go vote against a candidate as if that was the most important way to spend her last few days with a loved one. It made me sick. When my father was dying, all I wanted was to hear his voice, hold his hand, listen to his stories, and tell him my own. He told me a dozen times on his last day, “You know I love you, right?”And I replied, “Yes, I know because you showed me every single day. I love you too.” Politics was the last thing on my mind. It would be the last thing on any rational human being’s mind at a time like that.

This is not a unique case, either. Families are fractured forever for people who don’t even know who they are, and people feel good about it.

There are still people who have their humanity.

There are still plenty of Americans who are in full possession of their humanity. They’ll feed a hungry person without asking where that person stands on Joe Biden. They’ll help a lost child at Walmart get reunited with her mother without wondering whether Mom is a Trump voter. They’ll help a person in a wheelchair get something off a high shelf at the store, and they’ll check on their elderly neighbor, all with no questions asked.

The United States of America is full of people like this. But they don’t make the headlines.

Nobody cares about small acts of service and kindness. They only want to see Molotov cocktails thrown through the windows of rich peoples’ homes or brutal crackdowns on rioters. That’s the hunger our media is feeding. That’s what people believe the real USA is all about right now. My friends outside the US are under the impression that the entire country is burning and we’re living through a 3-D movie-level apocalypse.

But it’s not like that everywhere. My 20-year-old daughter lives in an apartment building where her best friend is a 61-year-old lady. They have coffee together every day. They take walks weather and safety permitting. They don’t discuss politics – they discuss plants and the little patio gardens both of them are growing. They discuss their day and their family and the little odds and ends of life.

I’m friends with a group of women in which we have many widely different beliefs, both religious and political. We are a tight-knit group and we can discuss anything – including politics and religion – without hard feelings and then get right back to a conversation on home security or food preservation. That’s because we put our humanity and our similarities first, not some politicians that – I repeat – do not care about us personally.

This isn’t some utopian fantasy.

A UNITED States of America isn’t some silly utopian fantasy. It’s absolutely possible.

Before the advent of social media and an incredibly biased press, nobody used to throw the Thanksgiving turkey in the trash when they discovered they were hosting a table full of *insert other political party here* because that wasn’t made the center of our universe. Our children didn’t come home ready to snitch on us for having guns because they were indoctrinated at school that guns were bad, Marxism was good, and anyone who thought differently deserved at best scorn, and at worst legal punishment.

Dial things back 30 years or so and the country was not like this.

Sure, there have always been idealists and some of them have been violent in the past. I don’t think idealism is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a beautiful part of being young. I remember when I was 21 years old and wanted to change the world and make it better. Heck, I still want to change the world and make it better and I’m 51.

But the level to which this beautiful idealism has been perverted and used to further a dark agenda is itself criminal. The reason we have so many young people prepared to wreak violence and destruction in the name of their ideals is that they’ve been deeply manipulated. They’ve been manipulated by the school curriculum, by the teachers, by the professors at universities, by the media, and by social media – all of these purport things to be just and true with only a portion of the real story given. They play on empathy and forsake logic in order to activate young visionaries and to radicalize them. That’s right – these kids from good families who are out there behaving violently have been radicalized just as certainly as any child raised to be a Jihadist.

We have to take our kids back. We have to take our media back. We have to take our neighborhoods back. I’m not proposing violent revolution here. I’m talking about lemonade on the front steps, family dinners where real discussions take place, and educating our kids ourselves if the system cannot be trusted to do so without distorting their perspectives.

The solution lies with us.

I know I’m just an idealistic, middle-aged hippie chick, and that doesn’t always mesh with some of the most vocal parts of the prepper crowd. I know that I don’t have a tactical background or a bad-ass gun collection. I’m unlikely to lead anybody into battle.

But I have some strong beliefs about a different type of revolution. We can revolt against the media and the politicians and the string pullers by uniting.

Fixing this mess that our country is in starts small. It starts with families, neighbors, and communities. What YOU do matters. How YOU respond to the results of the election matters. How YOU react to those with whom you disagree matters.

Please understand that I’m not suggesting we don’t defend ourselves or that we allow others to ride roughshod over our safety and property rights. Not at all. We are all born with those inherent rights and I, like you, will do whatever I must to defend my loved ones.

But perhaps, regardless of who wins and who loses this election, we could try to do better than we did the last time around. We could try not to gloat if our “side” wins. We could try not to become enraged if our “side” loses. We could try to just treat our neighbors like our neighbors and get on with our lives. We could err on the side of kindness whenever it’s safe to do so. Remember that what you see on the news in the following days is not the entire country, but a few places that make for sensational coverage and high ratings.

Whoever is named the next president of the United States will play political games that are far above our pay grades. There are things you can control and things you cannot. If you’ve gone out and cast your vote, or if you’ve withheld your vote because you don’t stand behind either of the candidates, then you’ve done what you feel is right for the big circle. The rest of it is out of our hands.

Turn off the “news” and connect with the people around you. Look at your similarities, not your differences. Steer the conversation there when it goes astray and into controversial topics. Cement your friendships.

I hope that we can collectively take a deep breath and focus on our small circles. Because as things get worse in our country in terms of the economy, supply chain issues, and the unrest that is almost certain to occur, all we can do is focus our positive efforts on those closest to us.

This essay about how we can do better this election probably won’t be as widely spread as if I’d written something gloomy and terrifying, but I believe that all of our quiet voices calling for peace are important. Maybe share it with your friends if you, like me, want to see peace.

Let’s talk about common ground and our similarities. Not about politicians. How can we help keep Election Day peaceful in our necks of the woods?

I wish you all safety, kindness, and peace.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    • Unfortunately, I believe that you are right! The Dems are going to try to destroy DC and I bet that there will be ordinary folk who will join in mayhem that may or may not (hopefully) come about!!


      it’s still there. it’s just that there’s a cult tribe faction that wants the united states 1) enslaved or 2) dead, and they push for that in every media outlet or political act they can reach. they’re just a small minority, loud and obnoxious in trying to turn every citizen against every other – a bunch of fleas trying to persuade the dog that they own the dog – but they can be disregarded and shaken off and the citizens can take charge again.

    • JW…. you’re position is well taken. The Great Depression had some things going for it – back then, this nation was still a Nation that was overwhelmingly “Christian” with pretty solid morals.
      Clear back in 61 when I was in the first grade, I clearly remember Miss Gibson taking her Bible from the corner of her desk and reading to the class for about 15 minutes – we would then say a prayer and then say the pledge – ALL OF THIS WAS IN PUBLIC SCHOOL!
      Since then, we’ve taken God out of the schools – taken the 10 Commandments off the walls of the schools – removed History, Geography and moral principles – we’ve started teaching kids that we’re all nothing more than advanced monkeys and – well – what do you know – look where we are.
      Get ready everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

  • My dis-unity isn’t for a politician. It’s because I’m being personally and professionally.
    I tried the live n let live. It didn’t work.

    • @matt in Oklahoma I hear ya !
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Daisy, I personally believe this is a global problem and I spend time educating them in addition to them going to school and hope to move to more home schooling next year.

  • A couple of items:

    1) The number of participants that are truly violent in the BLM and Antifa movement are relatively small, a couple hundred thousand by my guess. Spread that across 50 states and hundreds of cities and the per capita number becomes small. There are more than enough LEO’s and state Reservists to maintain order. The problem is with state and local officials who interfere to satisfy their agenda. Should widespread violence breakout the president could declare an Insurrection and have more than enough resources to establish law and order. Biden would hesitate to do so and likely would only take action when the economy had ground to a halt. Trump would act quickly but the liberals would moan loudly and claim he’s trying to overthrow the state and become a dictator. The best antidote for that is a wide margin of victory but the liberals will still decry anything but their hands on the controls of the government.

    2) The typical American has become so obsessed with convenience that they neglect to take the actions necessary to address issues before they escalate. If every conservative boycotted Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, et al. these companies would reverse their course immediately. A substantial boycott that hit their bottom line would alter their decision making. The problem isn’t that they have too much power, the problem is we hesitate to use ours because we’ve become dependent/addicted to their services.

    • Unfortunately the numbers are not that small.
      If you add all the groups together, you potentially have tens of millions of followers.
      The big problem is that although they might not on their own start something, they WILL follow those who would and do start trouble, (the mob mentality at work).
      So in reality there is not enough police or military personnel to stop them.

      The next issue is that who is funding and directing these groups are unseen.
      Blaming ( or boycotting) a few companies that are “followers” , will not stop the problem.

      • “If you add all the groups together, you potentially have tens of millions of followers”

        nah, they’re all the same people showing up in different places. that said, they have a cult tribe backing them up financially and politically, so they’re hitting way above their weight. but really it wouldn’t take much to dissolve them.

  • Thanks for posting this, Daisy! We are indeed humans first, and if there are large groups of people seem to forget this, well, someone has to be a good example.

    It’s really hard at times but I do try to see the humanity behind the opinion. My parents and I do not agree politically at ALL and I know I’m never going to be able to change their minds, so I confine my discussions to things we are all interested in. Same with some of my friends. Yet, we get along great if we don’t discuss politics!

    I’d be sharing this article if I had much of a social network.

  • Thank you, Daisy! I refuse to be part of the problem. And I believe the “problem” is whatever causes chaos and animosity. So, I will accept the outcome of today’s election (or should I say “this MONTH’s” election, as it will probably take longer to tally the votes this year). But I can only do this with God’s help…. I need His help to remove my fear. Fear is what causes me the biggest problems in my relationships. If I’m trusting God, then I can go with the flow with a much clearer mind… and heart… and I’m able to treat people as human beings even if they’re behaving like my enemy. I’m not naïve. I know that some people DO want to hurt me or take my “stuff”, but I can still treat them as human beings.

    • “And I believe the “problem” is whatever causes chaos and animosity”

      and who do you think is causing the chaos and animosity? going along with people who think they are people and that you are just a talking animal put here by god to serve them is not order and friendship.

  • Daisy, I applaud your boldness, your naivety and your love of Peace.
    If we had a whole lot more of that in the world, things would be a lot better.
    However, the world is not that way. Nor do I believe we can change it.

    We can try, but you better have you eyes wide open and realize that there are powerful forces that will do anything it takes, to stop you and others from accomplishing that.
    They want power and complete control and they are not going to allow you or any one else, to stop them.
    They are the unseen forces moving the pieces around ( the pieces that we do see) , to fulfill their goals, but we never see them.
    Even when a Checkmate occurs, and the game ends they will still hide in the shadows.
    That is why they can not be stopped. Because you can’t fight an enemy that you can not see, nor one that you can not really define or know. That is their Power over us.
    Deception, sleight of hand and being in the shadows, yet controlling everything, these are the hallmarks of their trade.
    Which is why there are so many names for them, Deep State, The Elite, Cabal, TPTB, Trilateral Commission, Military, Industrial Complex and others. Yet these are still just their pieces, not they, themselves.
    They remain hidden.
    So trying to fight them is like trying to fight the wind.

  • I found out a long time ago that there are NO differences in race. Someone(s) is using race,ethnicity, religon to keep us divided. It’s a distraction to what the people in power are doing to us. I have no quarrel with anyone different from me. That’s what makes me dangerous to the ‘system’. If/when I find the person(s) responsible for this,it’s gonna get serious for them. This is my pledge.

  • The growing ranks of the non-discerning Idiocracy is an undeniable counterpoint to your belief in people. I wish it weren’t so but it is. The way the nations collective intelligence has been squandered by programmed divisiveness is to compelling to deny … and to prevalent to ignore.

    I would love to believe in people as a whole, but logic says not to since there is no compromise to be able to meet in the middle.

  • I will unite with Americans who want to prevent people from using their guns to protect property rights. I will cooperate with citizens who want to demobilize the American military. I will march with Black Lives Matter to end police murder of people of color.

    • You are part of the problem if you don’t believe people should be able to protect their personal property. Furthermore, I assure you that there are a thousand other more brutal and horrific ways people can defend their property even if every gun on the planet vanished overnight.

      You keep your stuff. I keep my stuff. That’s how it works.

      • Justifying the use of lethal force to protect property is the problem, regardless of whether guns are used. Keeping your property rights from the commons is how a political economy should work.

        • Invite yourself into my home, partake in my food, my drink, even help yourself to my bed (yes, sounds like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but the original by Robert Southey, 1837 is quite different and more apt in this regard), I just might take offense and have a not so pleasant response.

        • Idi Malik, you simply have to be troll…. good luck with your directives…. lol…lol… lol You’re just too funny to take seriously….

        • What you may wish to consider, is that if you take my stuff, or damage my stuff, such as vandalising my house, torching my car, stealing from me, you ARE doing harm to me. Torch my car, I can’t go to my job. Break my windows, I have to pay for that, and as a bonus, it means my house is more inviting to burglars, rapists, etcetera. Also, I may get fined by the HOA, as irrational as that may seem. In all cases, you are depriving my family of resources we need in order to live.

          Based on the fact that you would be doing harm, by damaging or taking my property, I will use every means necessary to defend that property, because I am defending my life and my family’s lives. Furthermore, I have an inherent right to do so, which I was born with, and no one can legitimately take that away.

          You mentioned the commons. Read up on the Tragedy of The Commons. Also, read up on the Puritans at Plymouth abandoning their communal agriculture becasue they nearly starved to death. Communism doesn’t work, neither does pacifism.

          In the end, Idi Malik, I recommend taking your anti-violence philosophy elsewhere, and seeing how well it does someplace like Venezuela.

          See, perfectly reasonable response.

  • Daisy,

    You’re too young to be a “First Gen” Hippie. They are now older than the 61 yo lady who is your daughter’s friend. It’s OK to treasure Woodstock. But don’t forget Altamont.

    Sure, the media and politicians (and those who control them) are responsible for inflaming many of our divisive differences. But recognizing that fact does not make the differences disappear. Then throw in the mask mandates to inflame everything beyond return.

    From a First Gen semi-hippie to a “middle aged” one….don’t breathe too much incense and patchouli oil. It’s time to step back and smell the coffee.

    • …well Harbor we seem to agree on the basics but while allowed I’ll live in peace. If not allowed I’ll defend my home and the home of my neighbors.
      And I do remember both Altamont and Height Asbury.

  • As soon as someone supports one of the major parties, they are announcing their bigotry, intolerance, hate, and intent to harm other people by forcing that party’s belief system upon everyone else at gunpoint via the state.

    You can’t be free of divisiveness unless you support voluntaryism – which includes the right to NOT pay taxes or do anything those claiming the right to rule over you demand.

    Peace can only come through abandoning the belief in forcing others.

  • Well Daisey you hit the nail on the head girl. Thats why I read every article here. We tend to agree but if we didn’t i wouldn’t be afraid to say so and lay out why.
    I’m 73. A great grandmother. Educated my younger kids ( 2 older and 2 younger than you) and operated a church school K-12 so our children could be taught truth and real history. Aimed to have the students college ready. Wanted all of them able to practice critical thinking. All while teaching Christian docictrines and offering a personal rlationship.
    I keep chickens, ducks and rabbits while growing a garden, canning and drying food. I have lived off the land and not conversed with another human for as long as 10 months at a time in a primitive camp with nothing but pocket knife and later a can that became a prized posession.
    I follow political happenings but my life isn’t based on politics.
    I’ve been widowed twice and married three times. Husband has alzheimers so I’m a caretaker again. I keep learning and work as hard as my body will allow. It’s a fulfilling life. I’m learing about solar power and buying items to put together. I’m also not in a hurry to work on vehic L especially but I’ll do what I can to keep a car and a 4×4 truck on the road. This week I’ll be checking for the source of loud rhythmic exhaust sounds around the manufold. I have nanufold pipe wrap if its a simple leak. I miss my sons or hardworking neighbor who used to help me. No one close to help now… so I’m it.
    While the sun rise and set are part of my life I’ll be a good neighbor to those around me and enjoy that first cup of morning coffee while I read a scripture.

  • Dear Daisy,
    You’re a treasure! God bless you, and all of us.
    I believe you’ve identified the approaches that are more important than any others.
    William Allen

  • Years ago my aunt was snarling that you’ve got to be tough, it’s a dog-eat-dog competition, and she relishes the spoils. My mother responded THAT is what’s wrong, and she would rather live generously and be kind, and if we were all to be kind it wouldn’t be THAT kind of a world that my angry self-righteous aunt supports. My mother’s way is better (and she’s a reader of yours and introduced me to your websites, Daisy!)

    Daisy, you are right. Despite my bad experiences with people, I cannot live in that constant rage and suspicion. I had a friend die last week, who “lived” her life suspicious, talking tough, always offended. I hate to say it, but it was a wasted life of missed opportunities and that makes me so sad. We are more human when we extend the benefit of the doubt and choose the important things over the temporary. Obviously, all of us here are wary, if not suspicious, but for our own mental health and happiness, if we LIVE the life we want for us all–in soul peace–maybe others will want it too. I always say we WANT people to change their minds about so many things, and they won’t if they perceive us as the enemy.

    Thank you clergylady, for your example!

  • Unity.
    Overall I like the idea.
    Unfortunately, it would likely take some kind of external threat, say lizard people from Planet X, to get this dysfunctional nation to set aside their differences and unite for a common cause.
    Even then, there is still the parasitic elite class (political and economic) whom would still manipulate the situation to their benefit, and screw over the rest of us.
    Speaking the elite, just read some pop-singer made a political video, mocking rural area voters as redneck, camo wearing, truck driving (she is leaning on a pick up truck) beer drinkers.
    Nothing says division like having some elitist, who’s home electric bill is more than the average Americans monthly paycheck, tell you that you are too poor, dumb to make up your own mind and should just let the elites dictate to you what to think.
    Awesome (sarc).
    Then there is MSM who are also in the pockets of the elite class, to further the elite agenda. They have dressed it up as ‘journalist activism’ to fight against the dark forces. Which is ironic when you think a truly free press does not become the mouth piece for one party, and even go to the lengths of self-censorship to protect their chosen party.
    Big disservice to the American people and creates additional division.
    Trump once said MSM was the enemy of the American people. MSM has proved him right all by their own devices.

    Biden/Harris wins, watch the MSM narrative.

      • @GhostViking,
        I unplugged from TV and MSM back in 2008.
        I tend to read alt-media, who points out MSM narrative, their lack of objectivity and journalist integrity, and their blatant hypocrisy.
        It would be funny if it was not so sad, the decline of the 4th estate.

  • The bottom line for me is this, I need to be able to live with myself. Will I respond to a situation in a way that when I wake up the next morning I can live with my self, no regrets?
    If I am faced with a situation requiring mercy, then I want to employ a response of kindness and gentleness. If I encounter a situation where someone wants to use me or take what I have with no regard for my welfare, then I must set strong boundaries without regret around the things I value in life. I don’t need to impose my values on others, but I will protect my right to have them by standing firm for them.

  • Don’t be naive Daisy. Thirty years ago the U.S. was a very different place. Republicans and Democrats back in the day (farther back than 30 years, btw) had similar goals regarding the peace and prosperity of our nation although they disagreed on how to achieve this. Today, that is not the case. The left is not interested in the continuation of this country as founded. Without common ground, how can there be unity? What are you uniting around?

  • “Heck, I still want to change the world and make it better and I’m 51.”
    OOPS, You let the cat out of the bag.
    That’s OK, I’ll still be your (much) older brother.

    • Aw, I’m okay with people knowing my age. I always thought “ladies” who refused to divulge their ages seemed kind of silly. 🙂

  • If you choose to unite with people who have adopted an agenda to dismantle the Constitution, take away your freedom and rights and have openly said your life doesn’t matter that’s your business.

    But don’t complain when you wake up and those that you have united with are standing in your yard with torches and pitchforks demanding you give them more. We refuse to interact with any left wing democrats and we sleep well at night.

    The roll over and give in to get along crap is why we are in the position we are now. Compassion and mercy are for Chaplains and medics.

  • First off, Daisy, I wanted to compliment you on your epiphany with Facebook subscribing.
    Some years ago an old combat buddy of mine who later joined the CIA told me that facebook and other social media was the best thing that ever happened to them for making their (and all other alphabet agencies) job easier!
    As far as the theme for your article here goes, I know that on-line journalism nowadays– and more so after this election– is tenuous as far as job security because of elitist censorship control manifestations, so one might tend to become more ‘cautious’ than usual as far as taking strong sides, the idea of collective idealism is nothing new and has merit, but it’s a notion that simply cannot be applied universally and ubiquitously in society.
    The dream shattering reality is that a growing number of people (in all the various walks of life)just don’t want to be in Kumbaya heaven with anybody. They enjoy being self-centered antei-social nihlistic anarchists and, in their midget mentalities, only subscribe to a violently enforced NO compromise philosophy. It can olnly be their way or no way.
    While this intransigent ideology was formerly mostly a characteristic of over the top religionist groups, we now see this phenomenon directly played out in the ultimate game of major politics, neutralized equivocations such as yours, notwithstanding, but also not value promising. IOW like the old aphorism, ‘those who don’t firmly stand for something, end up falling for anything’.
    So in all your empirical wisdom, how do you justify your plea for ‘love and dove’ politics when the reality is that it has now reached a precipitous level of all-out no holds barred political warfare in our too seriously divided nation at way past the mindnight point of no return?
    Where no matter what the ‘president NOT-elect,’ yet, as of this comment says about his friendly agenda. Which–by the way–was hinted at the other day with one of his stated first proposals in the oval office being to once and for all shut down the private gun sales loophole for immediate universal registration
    Sometimes you simply must consider the counterintuitive (for sane people) reality situation is that you’re most likely wasting valuable time trying to be a modern-day Ghandi.
    Sometimes you simply have to ‘knock somebody out’ so they can wake up and come to their senses? Because they won’t hesitate to do it to you just to dominate and control you, if they get the chance.

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