How to Prepare for the American Freedom Convoy Based on What’s Happened in Canada

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As we’ve seen time and time again, history repeats itself. By understanding these patterns, you can predict the future and prepare accordingly. And based on what’s happening in Canada right now, we need to prepare for the American Freedom Convoy because fallout is almost guaranteed.

Here’s an example of what I mean by predictability. Back when the Covid outbreak was just beginning to gain a foothold, I wrote articles about the patterns demonstrated in other countries that were ahead of us in infections, particularly China and Italy. Now, obviously, we never have all the information so I was only able to use what was made public. Still, a very distinct pattern emerged and I predicted with reasonable accuracy when the lockdown of the US would begin and how long it was likely to last. Many people scoffed and that’s absolutely fine – it’s part of thinking critically. However, by identifying the patterns of what was happening elsewhere, it wasn’t difficult to guess how things would go down here.

Predicting something based on patterns is not like predicting something based on a crystal ball. You’re just going with Occam’s Razor – the most likely thing is probably the answer instead of some exotic diversion from the norm.

What we can learn from the Canadian Freedom Convoy

The Freedom Convoy is an epic rebellion taking place in Canada, a country where most folks are mellow and would rather have a smoke and a Tim Horton’s double-double than argue politics. It’s certainly not a hotbed of violent protests like the ones in the United States.

The Convoy has been mostly peaceful, at least on the part of the protestors, but adamant. These truck drivers are standing firm as the tyranny against them grows by the day.


Remember, in both Canada and the United States, protesting is a protected right of every citizen. Both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the US Constitution allow for peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. Cracking down on these peaceful protestors is a violation of the founding documents of their country.

Here’s how Canada is “handling” the situation.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is, in my opinion, a weak leader. (Sound familiar?) When the convoy arrived at the capitol, Trudeau was nowhere to be found. Since then, here are some of the things he has ordered to try and make the Convoy leave.

  • He had police officers steal their gasoline and food.
  • He had their kitchen dismantled.
  • He has propagandized them, painting them as “swastika wavers,” to try and sway public opinion.
  • Media coverage has been limited and biased within Canada, but other countries have covered it widely and have applauded the truckers for their professional behavior.
  • Go Fund Me seized their donations.

And then he got nasty. He invoked The Emergencies Act, which is pure tyranny and de facto martial law, granting him the power to take all manner of actions in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It’s basically a state of war against those who dare to question his mandates.

  • He is freezing the corporate accounts of participants.
  • He is suspending the vehicle insurance of participants, making it illegal for them to drive.
  • He sent in heavily armed forces to arrest those on the Ambassador Bridge and tow their vehicles.

But it’s not just the truckers he’s going after. Ordinary people who support the movement are being financially targeted and labeled as terrorists.

  • Anyone making a donation of any type to the Convoy may have their bank accounts frozen.
  • They will be considered “terrorists.”
  • Donors have been doxxed, with their names made public.

Last night, Canadians talked about pulling their money out of the banks. Today, mysteriously, the bank websites are down.

This is in response to a truly peaceful protest. Imagine what’s going to happen when those Canadians up the ante.

How can we use this information to prepare for the American Freedom Convoy?

Currently, Freedom Convoys are organizing around the world, including in the United States, so it’s important to watch what’s happening in Canada right now and prepare accordingly. We can predict what the responses might be here based on what is happening there. We can be guaranteed that President Biden is taking notes on Trudeau’s actions (albeit in crayon) and considering taking those same actions here, perhaps pre-emptively.

These are my suggestions. Many of them are relevant whether you are pro-Freedom Convoy or anti-Freedom convoy. We’re all going to feel the effects.

  1. Prepare for greater supply chain issues. Get a month ahead on medications, food, and other essentials. If you think the shelves are bare now, just wait until the trucks stop moving.  For advice on building your food supply, check out our free Quickstart guide.
  2. Get some cash out of the bank. Instead of waiting for everyone to announce a bank run, be proactive and get as much cash on hand as possible.
  3. Expect the rules to change. The situation changed rapidly in Canada and a rarely invoked law was brought back to allow unconstitutional punishment of those going against the government. We could experience martial law, suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act, unconstitutional executive orders allowing for asset seizure, and other punishments to shut down the dissent. This is not a case of “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” Those types of actions will affect all Americans.
  4. If you plan to participate in the convoy, protect your supplies. Lock up extra food and gas and consider a locking fuel cap. You don’t want to end up in a battle with the police, so make sure your supplies are not easily accessible to just be seized.
  5. Decide where you stand. If you are on the fence, you need to decide where your allegiances lie. I recommend keeping that information to yourself if possible because sentiments are heated enough in the US. At the same time, be aware that if you donate, support, or participate it’s entirely likely you will be “outed” so make sure.
  6. Be prepared for the consequences of your actions. Whatever you opt to do is up to you. But note that the demonstrators from January 6th were prosecuted and tracked down in a very different matter than demonstrators in Portland and Seattle. If you feel compelled to participate, I’m certainly not here to discourage you, but I want you to be aware that you could face some unpleasant consequences, and only you can decide if that is something you’re prepared to do. If you go against the current administration, it’s entirely likely you’ll be considered a terrorist. (If you’re not already.)

Will an American Freedom Convoy be successful?

Multiple Freedom Convoys are organizing in the United States right now. Preparations are underway for the unwanted descent of the trucks.

On Friday, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the Department of Homeland Security is actively monitoring the possibility of a Washington-bound convoy.

“They’re taking all necessary steps to ensure that the convoy does not disrupt lawful trade and transportation or interfere with federal government and law enforcement operations,” Psaki said. (source)

The plans are for the convoys to reach Washington DC around March 6th. You can be sure that our government will try very hard to prevent that from happening.

March looks like it will be an interesting month.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the US will follow Canada’s playbook? Are you for or against the idea of the convoy? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Midwest towns can expect internet failures and bank holidays as No Credit Cards NO FUEL to leave this Insurrection freezing to death in the middle of the Great Plains. If that doesn’t work POWER Failures as No Power, NO FUEL and the same results. Hard on the “innocent Deplorables” living there but what did Stalin say about breaking eggs to make an omelet?

    That assumes the Powers that BE want this to fizzle out. IF they want a more public beating then Selma Alabama style tactics to keep dem people in dem plantations.

    If they are REALLY Stupid, then much worse actions involving CIA Armed Drones. Plenty of them available since we withdrew them from the Middle East-Afghanistan.

    It’s a Buffalo Jump, the truckers should take notes of what Australia and Canada are DOING and what happened to the Jan 6th folks.

    For the “Innocent bystanders” internet issues jamming uncontrolled web sites, massive propaganda selling that the Truckers are doing child porn and waving swastikas can be expected.

    A general truckers strike will cause riots and starvation. Prepare for impact folks.

    If you’re going into the streets, you should NOT be playing. No Boston Massacres by rowdies throwing snowballs at armed British Troops.

    • A bit of history on the Boston Massacre, so called. John Handcock represented the Redcoats and they were found justified in their actions as the Colonist had put then into a situation where the use of deadly force was necessary.

      Lesson here is the Colonist came to pick a fight, not finish it.

      • How is standing up for your God given rights “picking a fight” Note also. The Colonists kicked those redcoat arses and sent them right back where they came from. Peaceful protests only work when it is some petty thing. Peaceful protests NEVER work when tyrants are stealing your livelyhood and smashing your human rights. Go back thru history and see for your self. Hitler tried hard to keep his country and the German people from getting into a war, but sorry ass communist Winston Chruchill was a power hungry Zionist war monger and wouldnt let that happen.

        • Mutt your name reflects well at your understanding of history.

          The Boston Massacre wasn’t a peaceful protest unless your accepting MSN’s idea of “Mostly Peaceful AntiFa-BLM” as true.

          The Colonists needed the French Support in Arms, Gunpowder and Military Training from General Lafeyette. You *Might* know of the French Powder Maker Dupont? As in STILL the USA’s primary Ammo-munitions producer?

          The French FLEET breaking the British Naval Blockades also helped. Face it our American Revolution was a PROXY War between France and England.

          BTW the British were SO Scared of our “Asskicking” they CAME Back for the War of 1812 AFTER the French were reduced in power.

          • And, it was John Adams (not John Hancock) who represented the Redcoats after the Boston Massacre. He took on their case because he believed that the rule of law demanded that they receive as fair a trial as possible.

  • TruDope needs to be taken out by any means necessary before he totally destroys Canada. Does that moron actually believe America will allow our neighbor to turn into a dictatorship? While right now it appears to be only a skirmish, but if he keeps it up it may lead to Canada’s first civil war.

    Remember my friends law enforcement are not your friends, not like they used to be. Now they think of themselves as the civilian gestapo arm of the Socialist DemonRats. We must warn them that if TSHTF and civl war starts cops will be the first line of defense, and if you think they are dying unnecessarily now just you wait. When a man sides with tyranny, he will die trying to defend it.

    We have a Constitution for a reason. Our founding fathers knew full well the propensity of humans to try and screw each other at the drop of a hat and thus wrote in safeguards to the constitution to keep government sufficiently controlled. Seeing as how the Biden administration believes it doesn’t have to abide by it, is reason enough to foment a coup upon those tyrannical Bolsheviks !!!

    • Of course we will allow them to become a Marxist dictatorship. It’s going to happen in every country including ours. What do you think the great reset and agenda 2021 and 2030 are about? It’s to make a one world communist government.

    • Where do you live? Sounds like a state or urban area I do not want to be close to. No offense I work with LEO’s a lot and at least where I live they fall along the same lines as most normal average people. But… I live in a conservative state and definitely a conservative county.
      There not all bad.
      I have been in countries where the “wheels have fallen off.” Those cops simply left and did not come to work.
      In my younger years as a “instrument of foreign policy” there were riots in LA (big surprise). We actually sent active duty Marines there. Some really funny stories about how cops had to be careful what the asked for…like when the say, “cover me” and the building would get lit up like a Christmas tree! I think that only happened once that I heard of. Anyway I digress…
      They have pretty crappy jobs as a whole because we have failed as a society. Have a conversation with younger people today. Not all of them, but I raised a now 35 year old and am blown away at what he believes. Values, integrity, honor, etc? God, Country, Corps? Foreign concepts thanks to all of us. We let this happen by our choices in voting, apathy, etc. We are truly reaping what we sowed.
      Rally’s, protests, suing because they are violating your rights is not going to work anymore like they use to. Have to take a different tactic and use a better playbook. Amazing how scared entities get when the “discovery” process begins in court and they have to produce documentation on “why” there is an emergency.
      You have to use the same tools they do and come at them in a way that puts them back on their heels. Still decent judges out there. I don’t get bitter anymore because it just doesn’t serve any purpose and is distracting. Rail against the machine all you want, but is it constructive? I’d say no.
      Not saying to work in the system; I am saying to be smart how you can change your environment. It can be done. Community building is not easy, but it does work.

      • It’s tempting to place the blame on general apathy in the population, but turn on the mainstream media for more than 2 minutes and you will see the brainwashing campaign in full swing. How about that “white is bad!” Series they’re advertising this week? The big money interests are clearly 100% behind the destruction of American society in order to jam through their WEF agenda. Don’t blame yourself for their evil actions. Stand strong, and outlast them. They are creating their own destruction as we speak.

      • No offense I work with LEO’s a lot and at least where I live they fall along the same lines as most normal average people. But… I live in a conservative state and definitely a conservative county.

        You’re brainwashed friend. ALL Law ENFORCEMENT people SWORE to up hold ALL the laws of the land, whether they be just or unjust. If there is no injured party, broken or stolen goods, there is NO crime and cops are not needed. They RARELY prevent a “crime”, but they will themselves actually commit a crime, when they beat you down and throw you in a cage and ruin your home,family,job,etc, when you dont bow down to them. Cops are nothing more than “revenue collectors” for this communist zionist goverment we live under in America. More people are killed/maimed by trigger happy cops than any other group. Go ahead, call 9=1=1, I fell sorry for ya………………

    • As far as usurping the Constitution, lets begin with our dear o’l George Washington, who sent troops to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.

      Then look at the Kentucky Resolutions.

      I love it when Republicans fuss at Biden but forget it was their man who called the Constitution a “GD Piece of Paper”.

        • Granted that was a long time ago but now, a quick check shows as much evidence for as against.
          You’re a big boy decide for yourself but given the whole man I believe that he did indeed say it and it was not spun out of whole cloth.
          Something as serious as this if false,should have been prosecuted as libel.

          I was at an event, saw the action not 2 feet from me, could’ve reached out and touched the man. When his office Got through with the denials and explanations and the media got through With their spin there’s no way you would know today whether it was true or not except to believe in my testimony and trying to find other people that saw the same thing.
          But where are they now, 15 years later.
          I was a supporter, as was everybody in the room , so I don’t remember a cotton picking thing!

    • The usurpations started with Father George and continue to this day.
      We allow it by the re-election of tyrants at all levels.

      Jeremiah 5:31
      “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?“

      “ Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever: that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference!”

      Thomas Jefferson

  • We have decided to join the American Truckers for Freedom Convoy, as it makes its way north on 95 from South Carolina to Richmond, VA. We realize that there are potential risks, but we also know that we, as American citizens who love our Constitutional Republic, need to get involved to support those who are fighting for Individual Liberty. We are willing to take those risks rather than cower in fear of a central government that has turned against the America Citizenry.
    We also recall that the percentage of inhabitants of the 13 original Colonies who actively prosecuted the American Revolution against the British, was 3%. We like to think of ourselves as part of the 3% of our current population who will actively stand up for our freedoms, as they are threatened by a tyrannical government that wants to make it mandatory that we accept their injection of a genetic bioweapon into our bodies.
    We continue to pray for the safety of the Brave Canadian Truckers, and for every American Patriot who participates in the American Trucker Freedom Convoy. We are gathering in support of the Liberty that our Founding Fathers won for us. Hope to see you out on the road! We will be the ones with the American flag and the Gadsden flag flying proudly on our truck!

    • Gary Smith,
      in addition to prayer, what else can we do to support the Convoy? Are there donation sites (Please not “Fleece the Flock” – I mean Go Fund Me).

      Thanks! The eggs that need to be cracked are the rotten ones in power.

      • My Senator noted in his newsletter where the convoy will be in my state and approximate times. I plan on being on the side of the highway with cash to help support these brave men and women!

        • Make sure to where a mask and a hat when all those CIA drones fly over and use facial recognition software to document you. It will also help with all the spraying of mind control drugs the Government uses; contrails right? Wink wink…
          Oh and a single layer of tinfoil wrapped around your upper torso will prevent the harmful signals they always broadcast from the cell towers. Wow I am obviously spending way to much time on those alternative news websites! I have wasted my whole life!

          • PeepupAndropov, you are somewhat right. We do have to play it smart and be ready. You won’t get a text, call or data, but you can wrap your phone up in tinfoil and it will prevent it from being tracked. Try calling someone who has done this! Also, the tinfoil to protect from “Canadian” microwaves will probably work, but if the U.S. does this we know our time is short.

    • Gary, Thank you for what you are about to do. I definitely will be praying for you & your fellow truckers and I’m very interested where I can send a check or make a donation. Also, does anybody know if Truckers will be leaving from North Idaho? Thank you, again, and only wish I could join you folks.

    • Not sure where your 3% came from but there was a lot of back ground support.
      The convoy can be actively supported many miles away by those never suspected of doing so.

      I recall the story of a pilot in WWII who wanted to keep a German cannon shell, similar to our 20 MM, that he took out of his gas tank, as a souvenir. Inside, instead of the explosive, he found a note: “This is all that I can do for you right now”.

  • I’m for any type of stand for freedom even when it will bring inconveniences to the rest of us. However the big question is would a convoy type protest have an effect that is bigger than the consequences that would surely arise. The people that would be involved seriously need to ask these questions.
    Can people outlast the consequences until a predetermined “win” occurs? What end goal is being aimed at? Are people willing to give up everything to do something that may have little to effect on the big picture?

    • Colleen G., I like your comment. I agree. We have to see this thing through to the end other wise it will be a loss. We have to count the costs! And the Costs is really our FREEDOM and a lot of the whole World’s. My issue is that this has been going on for a long time (150 years) and it is going to take a long time to correct. We have so many Marxist/ Communists in the Political realm that the “win” is not easily identified. The only thing it may do is let the ELITES know we are not going to play their game anymore. This is only a very small battle, but the war needs to continue. God help us!

  • It’s time people wake up and pick a side. Do you want your freedom or are you fine with more government control over your life. Your health your job your family. This is the time to stand. Faith over fear Thank you Canada for being brave enough to hold the line. U S A we must stand and protect our freedoms . The whole world is watching and courageous people around the world are speaking up. Pray without ceasing GOD wants us to take back the land. The evil these leaders are trying to do to people will not prevail. Exposures on these individuals are finally starting to come to light. More will follow and then Lock them up.

  • A recent Monmouth poll showed the majority of Americans think COVID is endemic, we need to learn to live with it, and get on with our lives.
    A internal Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll found the majority of Americans think Dems in Congress took things too far in the response to COVID.
    Did anyone else notice the recent COVID pivot, and sudden change in a number of Blue states to end mask mandates, indoor dinning social distance, or vaccine papers? The CDC has hinted it will end mask mandates at the Federal level as early as next week. Fauci, Walensky, WH Press Sec Psaki, have all changed their tunes, saying the “science has changed.”
    The science did not change.
    The polls did.

    As the Canadian Freedom Convoy plays out, an American one would be bad optics for the Dems and the Biden admin. A American Freedom Convoy could do something the Biden admin has never been able to do: Get the majority of Americans united.

    Recent news has it the American Freedom Convoy is to leave Barstow CA 23FEB.

    I wonder if the point will be moot if the government moves faster to lift mandates by the time the Convoy arrives in DC.

    • 1st MarineJarhead IF that happens it’s best case scenario.

      However I strongly suspect that the powers that be will only “Give Up ” IF they have the Next Event to cripple us ready.

      The politicians are but the Disposable Face People for the powers that be.

      The right hand of the Magician distracting your eyes from the left hand.

      Tyrants going to Tyrant. It’s their nature.

      Brace for impact friends.

      • “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.”

        ― Theodore Roosevelt

        I do hope the American people can be united, but if the common issue of covid restrictions is removed, we will be back to election fraud.
        That is the core issue, not who is in the white house.
        How much time are you going to waste voting this November?

      • Michael, I am worried indeed about that next event. I have seen several hints about a “hemorrhagic fever” killing people in China. Causes bleeding out your pores–eeeww! 30% death rate.
        Mike Adams the Health Ranger claims this was deliberately released at Beijing Olympics and is Genetic engineered for a long incubation period so people can fly home with no symptoms. Mike sells preparedness foods and supplies and is frequently very biased in favor of the need for them, i.e. danger. But he also has an important bit of info–this disease has no cheap ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. It is treatable by a rare and very expensive Big Pharma drug. But Mike is quite the biochemist and researched that drug. Turns out dark red, blue and black fruits and vegetables have plant nutrients with very similar effects. Those are very wholesome anyway, so make sure you have a large local supply!

        But the protections that were IDIOTIC for Covid would be justified if this thing comes around. Be prepared for that.
        The most important preparation is to look into your heart and find the whirling energy of LOVE that is your personal connection to the Creator. Love will save the world.

    • Well, the state of the union is the 1st. They will have that as excuse for added LE/barricades/restrictions. Or to do a false flag which the US is so in love with doing. This isn’t about a virus, it is about freedom. And to your point – I don’t think many realize that. They just want to go about their lives. Until the press covers those who need to be investigated and charged over this whole psyops thing they named covid, half of the US will be irritated at anything that disrupts their lives further.

      Most Americans cannot fathom the power and control that will be inflicted on them soon, convoys or no convoys. I’m expecting they could decide this was a commerce issue and shut down state borders. They talked about doing that already for the vax mandates. We then become prisoners in whatever state we are in… I’m hoping I have enough warning to get out of mine.

      In a govt war game simulation they had a name for us — the dispossessed. Because they intend to freeze all our assets, (including homes so you’re homeless) and keep us outside of society until such time as we repent and do whatever it is their rules insist on. That is exactly what that evil woman has done in CAN… no insurance? Going after anyone who helps them, including allowing use of their property?

      Soon, many will be searching for an underground black mkt and taking lessons from the homeless. We are in perilous times and I have no idea how to protect my young grandkids.

  • Some miscellaneous findings:

    Canada’s war to block crypto currency wealth transfers to patriot truckers, 17 Feb 2022

    Plus extensive comments.


    About Trudeau’s father who invoked martial law in Canada back in 1970, and implications for today:

    Canadian Martial Law: Trudeau Redux, By Max D. Dublin, Feb 16, 2022


    Convoy Original Version w/Lyrics

    in this 3:46 minute video, from Auburn.16 on 20 Dec 2019:


    This has a good explanation of the slang and the background that explains why this 1975 song was a international hit in multiple countries:


  • I brought home 1.5 months worth of animal feed and made a Costco run. Still need to get another couple small things. I’m more concerned with gas shortages as I don’t have the ability to store much.
    Go Truckers!

    • I agree about stocking up on livestock feed. It is all trucked into our area. The guy at the grain store laughed at me but I don’t care.
      I also partially (to allow for expansion when it warms up) filled all of my gas cans and added stabilizer.
      Our food supply is plenty except for perishables but we can do without if we need to.
      I plan to go back to the ATM for more cash later today,

  • By coming together, they make themselves, as a target, more obvious. Unless Trudeau is physically removed from office, his mandates shall see all the truckers in jail. The dopes who do his bidding are the traitors. They don’t follow their constitution, they follow Trudeau. The only way to remove them all will be by physical violence. The truckers aren’t prepared for violence, so will be ruined.
    So if America’s truckers stay home and park, their message shall be heard loud enough by those who get hungry. Get hungry enough and with nothing to lose but their life which is on the line anyway, and the ensuing war will quickly determine the outcome between dictators and freedom. As a Bible guy, I see the 4th seal war, Re 6:8, as the soon eventual outcome of these conflicts. It’s what the frogs want and they feed and arm their followers to that end. Watch Canada, the truckers will lose everything. So will the American truckers. It’s not right – it just is.

  • Expect HAARP to be in full force…weather IS a weapon now. Extra warm gear like wool socks, glove liners and (not cotton) thermal layers will save your life. Cash ahead is a good idea. Additional flexibility might be gift cards paid for with cash in usable denominations-$100 and up. Consider a satellite phone instead of your cell phone-not subject to federal efforts to take down cell service. Expect the totalitarians to continue to ratchet things up as they grow more desperate. They know there is more of us than there is of them. Also, remind law enforcement and military you might know that their oaths are to The Constitution, not to wicked and corrupt and power mad dictators and bureaucrats.

    • Do not get gift cards, subject to the same restrictions as credit cards.
      Cigs, booze, silver coins way better.

      You folks talking about your preparations are way late to the party.
      Years ago you should have already had:
      Books and knowledge to grow things and harvest wild things and live an 18th century lifestyle
      Skills to do without any one of your items – a fall back plan
      Seeds, fertilizer, insecticides and herbicides and a place ready to plant
      Food preservation skills
      A dependable alternative water source and means to make it potable
      Ability to “do your business” without a flush toilet and paper.
      The mental preparedness to not fall out if the book “One Second After” is your world.
      Read that and “Total Resistance” ASAP
      Skills and the will to defend your family?
      Communication when the phone is dead?
      Best start your research on this site.

      Lets get to the brass tacks:

      How did this happen? We wanted the injustice. We wanted the corruption. We wanted our share of the take.
      Jeremiah 5:31
      “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?”

      Why do we not see it?

      Isaiah 66:4
      “I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.”

      The events in Isaiah 19 did not happen all at once. The same pattern pretty much plays out whenever God judges a nation.

      Right now is the time to study the scriptures, accept Christ if you have not already, and make sure you are a Christian indeed. Many think they are because they go to church.
      Putting rocks in the oven will not make them biscuits.
      Many think they are because they follow the law.
      Christ has said very plainly that the Law will not save, only the Blood Of Christ.

      A million trucks will not turn this around, only individual and national repentance will.

      The American people are up against a Giant. We have not the training, arms or equipment to stop this head on, and to think and talk like we do will lead to failure.
      No, there is one and only one way – individual and national repentance.

      1 Peter 4:17
      “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

      1 Samuel 17:47
      “47 And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hands.”

      However we must prepare.

      Proverbs 21:31
      “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.”

      And praise God.

      Psalm 144:1-2
      “1 Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:
      2 My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.”

      In His Service
      A Traveler

  • @1st Marine Jarhead,

    As usual your comments are spot on. An article on Zero Hedge today mentions “THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY” as a website for organizers of the convoy and accepting donations. I wonder how quickly the US will stop/seize the donations.
    As for donations, I plan to go to the local truck stop and make a cash donation directly to a driver participating in the convoy. Perhaps a prepaid fuel card or food will work as well.
    The article confirms the February 23 starting date.

    • Tom,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I just look around at what I am seeing/reading, make my own analysis and draw my own conclusions.
      One thing I do have to wonder is a possible run on banks.
      Your plan for direct donations is yet another way around some kind of government intervention to stop the convoy before it even starts.
      Good thinking!

      • @1st Marine Jarhead,
        Regarding bank runs, I’m going to the bank now and withdrawing cash. I view it as a hedge against a cyber attack because of the Ukraine situation, and/or problems related to the how the government may respond to the trukkerz. After all, the DiHS and f bee eye were assisting the Kanad eeeanz during the peaceful assembly up there.

        • Tom,
          We always keep some cash on hand, but have been taking out a little here, little there. Then buy a coffee, water, small bag of chips to break a $20.
          Also not letting the gas tanks in the vehicles get below half a tank, and topped off a 5gal gas can. The other one is mostly full as it is.
          Now that the hogs are in freezer camp, dont have to worry about feed. But to those who still do, the price of fertilizer and feed is expected to go up even more than we have seen thus far.

          • For the next few weeks IF it’s possible I’d do 3/4 tank is empty. It’s an inconvenience till it’s not.

  • If they come reasonably close (reasonably being dictated by $4/gal gas), I plan on waving & watching. I gave money via GiveSendGo to the Canadian efforts, but their effeminate tyrants stopped the aid. No problem…if the US convoy stops at nearby truckstop(s), I’ll just show up & donate directly.

  • HI…trying to connect w/someone as we want to give to truckers….NOT by way of any site…want to hand off a debit card as they pass thru our state of Montana…please connect us with someone to do this.

    Thank you, Doug & Dee Sprague

    • Thanks Dee Sprague. I live in southeastern NC (nearby big cities Wilmington, Jacksonville, Raleigh) If anyone knows of stops in this general area would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Anything can happen, from an open war between the Truckers and Antifa, to roadblocks by police, to Blue States shutting down their major roads? Maybe I am an old chicken, but I really don’t expect much to come from this. TPTB know what to expect from Canada/Cubada truck convoy, so Brandon’s people will be prepared. I expect the Highway Patrol from some state will deal with this, not the D.C. police. If I’m wrong……well O.K.!

  • D.C. is practically a ghost town, the goobermints are all working remotely – almost no one is there – there’s not a major international transportation hub there, so it’s difficult to see what would be accomplished by a convoy there. Especially if the lame stream media simply ignores it.

    What would be the goal of a convoy to D.C., exactly?

    Get mugged by the hoodrats who live nearby?

    I’m not against the idea, just don’t see what would come from it.

    Perhaps, instead, consider acting locally, Allan Stevo wrote about how to do that in his article, ‘Are You Ready For The Accountability Phase?’

    Here’s a snippet:

    “Look At The Example Of Eastern Europe — What Happens When Leaders Will Not Stand

    If you fail at being a leader locally, something else will happen, just as has happened in so many post-communist countries. Evidence will disappear, powerbroker will ensure more of the same, the media will help transition their friends, a few figureheads might be punished, and the most vile perpetrators of the era known as corona communism, will come to continue to hold esteemed roles in the new America. This promises to make the new America a lot less wonderful. That is not, by any means, inevitable. That is, however, what will happen in your community without you standing up in roles like those above — not as the guy shouting at the podium — but as the guy following his values, acting upon them publicly, and counseling and lobbying those in roles of influence privately.

    In the months ahead, the existing narrative will fail, and your ability to step into a role of leadership in your community like the roles mentioned above will be so important. A small window of opportunity will exist that must now be prepared for.” …

    The choice is yours. I wish you all good fortune.

    • What would be the goal of a convoy to D.C., exactly?

      I’ll bet several hundred thousand truckers could free the Jan6 political prisoners being held in the D.C. gulag.

      • All who are willing to die in the process raise your hands.
        Thought so.
        Trump could have pardoned every one of them before he left office… did he?

  • I am a child of the 50’s and 60’s. I have lived through all of the protests and demonstrations. The effect of all of them is smaller than a ripple in a pond. In almost all cases, the power of the “State” was amplified in some way.
    I love my country. I am a Viet Nam vet who enlisted rather than run to Canada, as many of my time did. What I say now, I say with sadness, NO PROTEST WILL CHANGE WHAT AMERICA HAS BECOME.
    The US Corporation is all about profit and control. The American people are it’s enemy. To defeat such a power, peacefully, its control must be severed from the population of America.
    Nothing less than Americans saying NO to ALL of the US Corporation’s forms, mandates, registrations, demands for funds, fiat valuations / banking illusions, and corporate images … coupled with a total strike by American citizens, will have any effect upon the beast system WE have allowed to exercise power over us.
    A few brave Americans will protest, as the Canadians have done, and kick up some dust. They will sacrifice, and possibly lose everything. “Tomorrow” everything will return to the status quo, because the system of population compliance remains intact. The power brokers will ratchet up their grip. The system will get stronger and more vicious.
    Without a peaceful, national movement of US corporate system non-compliance, freedom from their system will ONLY come through bloodshed.
    My rejection of their system came years and years ago. It did not profit me. It has changed nothing. It has only earned me, to this point, “fool” status among my peers. My reward is that I have come close to Jesus, who supplies faithfully my every need.. every day, and, who has led me through the years, in the preparations for such a time as this.

  • Man that is sure going to be a number of women in those trucks as the American Beta male do not have the nads any longer outside of being sperm drone worker bees in docile ques with their masks on (I live in a Blue State where the gals run everything anyway).
    Driving a truck okay but you women and children are on your own as many males now drink out of plastic bottles made with synthetic estrogen as a catalyst. Flexing flab has replaced flexing muscle here that is till the immigrant populations begin to settle in ….

  • The truck convoy is a march for freedom, but it does hinder the freedom of other people in the country who may have to have their bank accounts frozen or do without food or medicine. There is a better way to do this than the Canadians have done it. Look at the Canadian results. Our President (?) is run by some cruel, evil people who have the same basic disregard of the Constitution as Trudeau. Is our Supreme Court up to this? They had better step up and take care of some basic other problems, i.e., election fraud, upholding the Constitution!!!! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND WE MUST STAND UP FOR TRUTH. But, until the people in Canada get rid of Trudeau and the snow job he is doing with the Canadian media about the truckers, the USA needs to come up with something better!!!

    • Kay Runyan, so what are your suggestions for a better way? The fact that ‘we the people have spoken’ obviously means nothing to the tyrants. In the end it’s going to need action. The peaceful approach of the truckers, who refuse to engage in any violence and consequently expose the government’s violence is, to my mind, exactly what the world needs. In every single country if possible!

  • Canadians are weak people and Turdeau is taking advantage of that. Just look at what he is doing to you. It’s like a thief who threatens you because you won’t tell him where the money is.

    It’s the same exact type of behavior. The big clue is he is going after your PETS now! This is so Hillaryous at who he really and always was.

    A THIEF! All commies and the left are. In the end he just wants all your STUFF and the evidence is in the punitive dictates of this shallow fellow.

  • If the American convoy makes it past the Rockies, except a wall of National Guards stopping them from crossing the Mississippi river bridges. The Governor of Illinois is a woke/nut bag so if the route runs through there, he will stop them.

    • So, tie up the Mississippi bridges! That will slow down trade. I think they would be better off and safer if they parked their trucks for several weeks. In 3-4 days shortages will crop up. Who can the gov thugs arrest?

  • I don’t believe that our POS..,er, um, I mean POTUS can afford to take point on this with the dismal approval ratings, 1970’s inflation, Clinton linked scandal, and, oh, I don’t know, being exposed globally for the fool he is by Pootin.

    The handlers are going to rely on lackey governors, like mine Gov. Wolfe/Pa to harass and make a little cheddar cheese in the mean time, with DOT violations. Bidet will say he’s all for the exercising of the 1st Ammendment, but the governors are using that pesky 10th amendment to do what they feel is good for their states. Much in the same way Trump used the 10th as his get out of jail free card by deferring to governors at the outset of this bs.

  • I can see this going south very quickly,very early. Biden and company will NOT put up with this. Look to see DHS putting the breaks on this very early by invoking some kind of law or siccing the FBI on truckers. Sorry,pun nor intended.

  • The escalation will continue as the depopulation pandemic has failed to achieve its goal. The world needs to withdraw all money from banks and stop ,look out for your neighbors and just stop contributing as slaves to their agenda. They want a protest to bring the military. It will be difficult but the consequences of not doing this will be comply or die

    • I for one, can’t wait for my overlords Digital Currency attached to my Global Social Credit Card.

      These people are way ahead of you. And they have managed you well.

  • Daisy and commenters….
    1st time comment…

    I think there may be an easier way than “Freedom Convoy” to send a message… a shockwave message.
    I assume there are millions of Americans who are freedom scared in one way or another and would protest, but albeit silently.
    So, starting March 1st or some certain assigned date, pull all your extra cash from the banking systems. Yes, it may cost a buck or two… but what is freedom worth?
    Millions and millions of Americans quietly giving the Jamie Dimon’s of the USA and the world a major heart attack…
    Talk about a shockwave…!
    Am I missing something?

    Oh, and thanks Daisy for speakin’ out!

    • Does anyone even imagine all of America staying home a week and not going to work??
      That and no deliveries would be the ultimate FU to the cabal.
      You want to starve us? Let us help, what ya gonna do when bread and milk aren’t available?
      For two weeks, not just a day.

  • “Does not disrupt lawful trade and transportation…” but it was perfectly fine for them to do it. Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Fellow patriots, it GO TIME. IT NOW OR NEVER. STAND UP OR BE SUBJUGATED Canada became the test case, and so far they look good. But now comes the hard part: is the rest of the country going to stand up with them. If they do, their job is going to be to immediately dismantle their federal government with a national VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, or burn Ottawa to the ground with legislators in the Parliament This is ugly, but toughen up because this is REVOLUTION.
    The same goes for the US. It’s crystal clear by now that we have been overcome by power hungry, psychopath, narcissistic, sociopathic rulers. They have no intent to back off their new found exhilaration. Secondly, we don;t have time to hope for a savior in the next election. Worse yet, a handful of powerful leaders are empowered to make war decisions that affect life and death of 7 billion people. Unthinkable!
    The problem is with the HEAD of THE BEAST. We now realize that the Constitution lacked a KILL SWITCH to remove derelict rulers. For now, we’re going to have to do it manually, by ourselves. IF THE USA GOES DOWN, GOD HELP US. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE. WE ARE THE WORLD’S BACKSTOP.

  • Must say I am disappointed in the article. Expected BS from other authors but not you.

    He had police officers steal their gasoline and food – where is the proof and don’t link to a RW “media” page.
    He had their kitchen dismantled – they” shut down McDonald’s”? Any food service without a license deserves to be shut down.
    He has propagandized them, painting them as “swastika wavers,” to try and sway public opinion – nothing like calling a spade a spade when it comes swastika wavers and others of their ilk.
    Media coverage has been limited and biased within Canada, but other countries have covered it widely and have applauded the truckers for their professional behavior – what other countries? That sentence is like trumps saying “many people”.
    Go Fund Me seized their donations – Yep – violated terms of service. And good luck to the jaysus website. But we all know the US terrorists ponying up money (I suspect the same ones that whine and rail about taxes).
    The few places in the US where an attempted “freedom convoy” are ready for any terrorist action. Personally, I don’t think “freedom fighters” have the balls to do it – not unlike “pro-lifers” being too chicken to protest in China.
    If this “stand” is *so* important, have at it. Actions/decisions have consequences.

  • Look at fairly recent (1990’s) European History.
    A generation ago three nations broke up.
    The USSR broke up. The breakup of the USSR was mostly peaceful.
    Czechoslovakia broke up. The breakup of Czechoslovakia was totally peaceful.
    Yugoslavia broke up. Yugoslavia’s breakup produced the most bloodshed, particularly in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia were able to achieve independence in a mostly or totally peaceful fashion.

    All that to say this: I think it is OUR turn.
    I believe that Dissolution is the Solution.
    I am in favour of the (hopefully) peaceful breakup of the USA.
    I personally believe that the monstrosity that the Federal Government in Washington, DC has become is potentially the greatest threat to humanity.
    I wonder which State will be the first to have enough gumption to leave the Union.

  • I understand people trying to regain their freedoms in a peaceful manner is needed. But they are fooling themselves if they think this can be done without going full kinetic at some point.

  • I’ve seen the gasoline jump twice so far here in East Texas. The first jump was .17 cents, and the 2nd jump was .8 cents. I expect it will only continue to go up. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  • There is no need to have a convoy . It is being planned and promoted by the deep state and they will crush you . Park 50% of the trucks and New York and DC will be starving and out of smokes in three days . There is nothing they can do about it . No honking . No protesting . No frozen bank accounts . No food or smokes . Sit on your butt and catch up on the good movies and some family time .

    • The nail has just been hit on the head!
      Act locally.
      Put a sticker on the gas pump at every fill up.
      Write a message in caulk every time you park at a store.
      Stickers every where you go.
      Same color shirts or hats at a store then when disperse.
      Flash mobs.
      Do things that are not so organized disperse quickly
      After around 10% are seen doing something the less bold will join in.
      There are a lot of folks who will join in but will never initiate.

      Do your elected officials top to bottom know this is their last hurrah?
      They all must go as they did not do enough.

      Read the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate”

  • I would just park my rig at home, as the risks an out of control government, like Truedope is running, could damage things irreparably. Just park, refuse to deliver, take the inevitable income hit, and wait for the massive shortages of everything to take effect. Critics of truck convoys will change their minds, when there’s no milk.

  • It is sad that our local Police force think they can arrest us for not wearing a mask if a local merchant says you have to. I talked to our local police chief near Flint, Michigan and he told me he would arrest me if I did not comply with a local business’s mandate. I asked under what law and he told me, trespassing. I told him it was unConstitutional and I disagreed. He was very reluctant to want to talk about it anymore. My point is they think they are only policy and law enforcers when they have taken an oath to the Constitution. They desperately need to be educated! I don’t even have to mention anything about vaccine passports or requirements if the “Mask Test” question failed.

  • Canada Guv’s monstrous actions remind me of America’s “Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. The very generation that fought for freedom and erected the Constitution then violated it with restriction on free speech etc. American heroes lost their homes and suffered other abuses. The result: The Party of George Washington, the Federalists, ceased to exist. The unlawful Acts were repealed.

    Canada’s truckers were strikingly peaceful and even kind, prompting a sea change in Canada’s attitudes in favor of the truckers’ cause. Trudeau got GoFundMe to break the Law and disgrace themselves, then unlawfully attacked GiveSendGo. He got Ottawa’s police to break the law, and now their horses have “trampled on” peaceful people. I hope the Mounties can recover their reputation somehow, as I am not likely to look on police horses the same way again.

    There is no hope for Trudeau–he will be flushed. The Ottawa Chief of Police will almost certainly resign as his disgrace is too great to survive. The rest of it remains to be seen.

    Americans MUST remember that we only win when we remain peaceful.

    We shall overcome.

  • Someone commented about the truckers staying home and parked. I had thought about this also. What if, instead of wasting money, time, and gas, all the truckers just refused to deliver anything. Just stay home. No arrests. No seizures of money by the government. Pick a time limit – one week – whatever. Businesses will not get supplies and they will put pressure on the government. Even those rich billionaires will probably see a dent in their finical worth. Yes, us normal, everyday people will suffer the most, but can’t we do that for a short time? Wouldn’t it be worth it to let our government officials know that we won’t put up with their illegal antics? I think it would. We have time to get some extra food and supplies put up. Any truckers out there? What do you think?

  • Remember they are doing all they can to provoke a violent response from us. Don’t give them the satisfaction of bringing the hammer down before it’s time. Every hour is one hour closer to their comeuppance.

    • For weeks, Canada has tried to get the protesters to engage in bad behavior to bring in UN…well, that didn’t work so they flew them in any way.
      I read posts every day from the center of action there, and yesterday, one posted that there is a misconception that they aren’t armed–wrong, they are.

  • So the socialists in the US want the US be a socialist country. Well, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been socialist countries for years. Seem like their governments aren’t satisfied with that. They seem to be moving toward having dictators. I’m sure that’s what the socialists in the US really want too! Are you happy with that?

    Do you suppose the British royal family would like to be rulers instead of figureheads?

  • Fromwhat we’ve seen & heard happened Jan 6 and also w Canada, I wonder if the timing of the US Convoy should be delayed a bit until things settle down a bit in Canada. US police may just decide to start with where Canada is right now.

  • Having cash on-hand and stocking up on essentials is good advice anytime, especially in advance of what could escalate into cascading events we haven’t even imagined yet. I am of the opinion that this Biden cabal is every bit as dangerous to personal freedom and liberty as is Canada’s and it has plenty of toady’s both at state and local levels who would collaborate. The DHS (which is actually only security for the tyrants) is busy fomenting some devilment that will only inflame the situation. Personally, I believe these “elites” here are seeking a reason, justified or not, to drop the hammer and declare martial law in a “Hail Mary” pass to make absolute control absolute… and permanent. Oh, and if you haven’t already learned, the police are NOT your friends. Someone said recently that police pensions are lots more important to police than is your freedoms. True dat!

  • Is there a website where we can check to see where the convoy is going to be next….or when they will be in a particular state? Are there coordinators in each state or area? If someone would like to provide food to the truckers is there a way to let them know where that food can be obtained? Thank you for all that you are doing.

  • Why bother? All truckers who own their own trucks,just STOP taking loads,for a week or a month,and stay home. What’s uncle bo gonna do?? An Owner/Operator (which most if not all of the Canadian truckers were) they do it to 1) keep things rolling & 2) to pay the bills (I know we owned a truck & trailers) They also do it because it is their JOB & they’re mostly a bunch of HONEST GOOD PEOPLE! They DON’T HAVE to take loads,they can take a much needed “vacation” & spend some time with their families……and they’ll shut down a good share of “product” being moved,yes,it will hurt the economy…..but it pretty much sucks as it is right now AND it will keep them safe,their bank accounts,face book pages & families MUCH safer in the end…just my humble opinion !!!

  • The transportation part of the supply chain is hurting enough already. The government doesn’t care how many starve to death, or run out of essential meds and die. The government, at least the progressives, want the old, weak and ailing to die anyway. I think constricting the already hurting transportation system will only play into the hands of the progressives and government. Who’s to say that the government will allow “stay-at-home” truckers go back to work. Low stock in the grocery stores is one thing. NO stock in the grocery stores is something else entirely (SHTF disaster). We need more truckers working, not less.

  • A Traveler,

    Thank you. Be encouraged. Many will read your post and nod knowingly and be inspired to seek Him deeper and truer and many others will have eyes opened. His Word never returns to Him without accomplishing its purpose. Thank you for willingness to step out in faith without fear and say the truth.

  • I sincerely hope the US convoy learns and does not follow the way of the Canadian convoy (which I 100% support). Canada is no longer a democracy, we have 2 political parties that control our Parliament and those 2 parties (the Unliberals and the New Dicktator Party) can keep the “emergency” act going forever. Many Canadians are unaware that our democracy has been destroyed and we are now under a fascist, communist, satanic government. My advise to all Canadians and Americans is to take your money out of ALL banks now. Canadian banks have lost all credibility both domestically and internationally, who in their right mind would put money in a bank that can seize your money with ZERO legality? I believe the communist government in Canada will extend the emergency act until they have enough foreign troops on Canadian soil to seize Canada and invade the US from the north. Remember our blackface dicktator secretly brought Chinese troops over to Canada. The seized money in the Canadian banks will be used to fund this communist takeover. GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS.

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