Trudeau “Temporarily” Declares a State of War Against Canadian Protesters

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Justin Trudeau has just declared a state of war in Canada. Those who refuse to bend to Trudeau’s unlawful and tyrannical decrees have just been declared terrorists, as Trudeau has essentially plunged Canada into a state of martial law after pushing through Canada’s Emergencies Act.

This act virtually plunges Canada into a dictatorship without law of any kind. Canada is now ruled by whim and decree.

Canadian military/police forces will now be able to steal property, restrict movement, and detain anybody who violates any new orders from Trudeau. According to Trudeau, this is only a “temporary” measure.

You will own nothing. And you will be happy.

After the Canadian Freedom Convoy – a collection of unarmed, innocent Canadian citizens clamoring for their freedom – set up shop on Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the US, Trudeau sent in men with automatic rifles. These men proceeded to begin to arrest those whom they have sworn to serve and protect.

It seems the mass resignation from the world’s police forces after the Defund the Police movement has only left those behind who are willing to enforce illegal and immoral orders.

Contributing funds to The Freedom Convoy is now illegal.

Anybody contributing funds in any way to The Canadian Freedom Convoy will now have their bank accounts frozen and considered a terrorist. They will not be able to purchase food, pay their electric bill (in the Canadian winter), or buy medicine. The move from a cash system to a digital system has made this possible.

In the future, anybody who contributes money to organizations Ottawa does not approve of have the potential to now be deemed terrorists as well. It doesn’t matter if you gave money to support free speech, religious freedom, bodily autonomy – if what you financially support is in opposition to what Ottawa supports, you are now at risk.

All those who contributed money to The Canadian Freedom Convoy through alternative means, ever since GoFundMe tried to rob the Convoy, has had their information leaked.Whether this is the result of communist, lone-wolf hackers or from Canadian government operatives is unclear.

You can see the message the hackers left behind on the GiveSendGo website (where Convoy supporters had turned after the GoFundMe fiasco) below:

This information will now be used to round up those donors at their homes for indefinite imprisonment or so that they can be targeted for violent assault by communist brown shirts. This is a coordinated attack against the patriots of Canada and freedom lovers of the world.

Coincidentally, on February 13, a truck filled with 2000 rifles was stolen in Toronto. Make of that what you will. Was it a random criminal event, or are there communist on-the-street forces within Canada that are gearing up?

(For information on how to starve the beast, make sure you check out our free QUICKSTART Guide.)

Americans are backing Canadian patriots.

Emergency protests have since been called for at all Canadian consulates throughout the world. Americans are standing in solidarity with the freedom fighters in Canada, and the very same day that Trudeau made his announcement, the Convoy to Save America, a collection of American truckers, drove up to the border to deliver fuel, food, clothing, and blankets to the Canadian protestors.

In response to the terrorism charges against those who support the Freedom Convoy, Canadians are now floating the idea of a nation-wide bank run, where everybody pulls all of their money out of their banks. The hashtag “#bankruncanada” is currently trending on Twitter.

Canada is currently at a very vital and very dangerous crossing point.

I would argue that they are potentially on the brink of a civil war. It is difficult to see this doing anything but escalating. Should Canadians back down, they will willfully be letting their children and countrymen succumb to further tyrannical decrees. Should Canadians continue to stand where they are at, Trudeau is going to send ever-larger amounts of force against them.

This may not just be badged forces being sent against Canadians either. True terrorist actions against Canadians are likely to follow. The only reason that one doxxes another is with the hopes that somebody will beget an act of violence against the doxxed. Seeing that all who contributed money to The Freedom Convoy have now effectively been doxxed, I believe this is only a matter of time.

If it’s not uniforms who will be showing up to Canadian homes in the near future, it will be those entirely clad in black clothing.

It needs to be pointed out as well though, that the uniforms will come. When a totalitarian attempts to rule by totalitarianism, his very mandates necessitate that there be increasing amounts of force used against those who refuse to bend the knee. History has shown us this time and time again. Cuba did it, Germany did it, Italy did it, Russia did it, Venezuela did it, China did it, and Vietnam did it. It will happen in Canada as well. They are not the exception to the rule.

For those wondering how on earth Canada has come to this point…

…may I leave you with the following video:

What has become of Canada? Was this something any of us could have anticipated? What are your thoughts? Where will this go? Do you foresee a similar protest and response in the US? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section below.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.


Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • You know, I can’t feel sorry for what is about to happen to the people governing Canada. Apparently their so confident in their plan they have failed to dust off their own history books. Canada has never lost a war. Ever. Canada outmaneuvered and embarrassed tactically a larger and (arguably) better trained invader from the south during the war of 1812. It was such a terrific tail-whooping that the U.S. government dropped the idea of invading again for good and forever.

    I have a deep admiration and respect for my neighbors to the north. Without question the nicest, most thoughtful, patient, industrious and hardworking population of any country I’ve even been to. And dedicated too. Canadians will see a job through to the end and find a way to succeed. I’ll be praying hard for them all. But, man, Trudeau has made a grievous error in judgement following his global masters on this. I suspect he’s about to find out he’s not the shepherd of a meek little flock his handlers have convinced him of.

    • During WWII, thanks to atrocities perpetrated against their soldiers, the Canadians acquired a reputation for fierceness in combat and harsh treatment of POWs. UK, Polish, and USA units that had a hard time getting a German POW, especially Waffen SS, to “talk”, would threaten to turn them over to the Canucks. That usually loosened their tongues.

  • Mussolini will soon have TENS OF THOUSANDS of Fascist Dictators, Hospital Administrators, Vaxx Company Officers, Big Media partners, Bankers, Doctors and Nurses, that join his club.

  • We found the hacker that doxxed the freedom convoy he has worked for the FBI RCMP CSIS his name is Aubrey Cottle phone number6478691395 address 2-112 Buckingham Ave. Oshawa Ontario his hacker profile is Kirtaner

  • The so called protests in Canada, as well as, the so called disputes along the border between the U.S. and Mexico are all designed to usher in the North American Union.

    • Yes it seems that the truck convoy here in Canada was a set up for martial law. It still has to be voted on in Parliament next week but yes this is the next step to martial law and beating down your door to shove an experimental drug into your children. God’s speed all.

  • Holy crap! This is serious! Here’s whats even more serious: there are Republicans in this country right now that have taken the Young Global Leaders training at WEF. Dan Crenshaw and Matt Gaetz included. Its getting serious.

  • How about this; “Give up your AR-15/AK or we freeze your bank account”, or ” Stop driving your old gas-powered truck and switch to an E-Car, or we suspend your auto insurance”!

    Maybe this, ” Stop hoarding food supplies, or we freeze your bank account/credit cards” .

    Justin True Dope is a puppet like Brandon

  • “Fifteen days to flatten the population.” Castreau is barreling full bore toward the two way rifle range. As Terrence Popp said last night, the peacefully protesting
    truckers affected by violent government overreach will go home, collect their tools and come right back; the government goons will shortly find themselves facing an angry, armed populace that outnumbers them 10, 20, 50 to one. Castreau knows this as well as anybody, and also knows he’s about to find himself at the short end of a rope. But he made a deal with the father of lies, and he has no choice but to face the consequences of his actions.

    • Ya beat me to it BarrensHomey
      “Just two weeks to flatten” aka temporary.
      We all know about politicians “temporary” when it comes to power

  • Ok Canadian truckers, time for Plan B. Plan B is all truckers just stay home. Don’t deliver a damn thing to anyone. Just keep your truck parked in the lot or wherever you legally keep your rig. After about a week of ZERO food deliveries, ZERO parts being delivered, Zero gasoline deliveries. The people will take to the streets and will want Justin Castro’s head on a stick.

  • Our armed forces are short handed. At peak we generally have less than 80,000 men in uniform, and that’s everybody, clerks, cooks, mechanics, you name it. Actual combat arms membership is much smaller. And lets not forget that many in the military side with the Freedom Convoy. Mr. Trudeau is about to put both the police and the military in a very precarious position, if he continues his headlong rush to tyranny. Many will have to make a choice, and many already have, as to whether they will follow unlawful orders or not. It is not an easy choice for many of these people that have dedicated their lives to the service of our country, but it is one that is very quickly approaching.

    Unfortunately, a great number of people have no concept of what their rights are, and absolutely no concept of what Martial Law means. A good number of people online continue to talk about the legalities of this declaration. They endlessly debate the legal requirements for the government to enact the Emergencies Act. They parrot the lines that Trudeau has used in his press conference with his pet media outlets: “We will not use the military.” “This will only be in effect for 30 days.” “This will only apply to certain jurisdictions.”

    This is a leader that has been convicted of several ethics violations while in power. It has been shown time and again that he is corrupt. He has publicly stated that he admires China because under their system the government can get things done. His minority government is propped up by a secondary party, the NDP, whose leader cannot return to India because he is on a terrorist watch list. People that actually believe that he has anything but contempt for the law are naïve at best.

    We are in the midst of a takeover and transformation of our country. From democracy to tyranny. And most people are just too stupid, or too complacent, or too scared to see it for what it is. Anybody that believes that the ROL applies to our present government is delusional. Trudeau will bend and break the rules as he sees fit to accomplish his desired outcome. He continues to make decisions that push the country closer and closer to collapse, or open rebellion, and I honestly believe that he is too stupid, or the powers controlling him, are to stupid to realize it…….Or maybe this is the grand plan all along.

    There are a lot of key-board commandoes out there right now espousing this or that. Most of them have no idea what the reality of a collapsing country, or collapsing economy really looks like. They have no idea what Martial Law really means – and for most, by the time they do figure it out, it will be too late. All I can ask is that your thoughts and prayers are with us as we head into the darkest time that our country has ever faced.

  • Please listen, instead of cheering truckers standing up to them understand that was nothing more then Canada’s January 6th. I screamed it and everyone called me crazy and unpatriotic. Folks if TPTB, SPECIALLY ENGLISH COUNTRIES, ALLOW YOU TO DO A CONVOY THAT WOULD STOP THE EVIL , UNDERSTAND THAT SATANS BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. “STOP” FOLLOWING SATANS PLAN. If you don’t fit in in many groups I started a group on Facebook, NOT PERFECT CHRISTIANS, all caps for Christians that just don’t buy into box churches and know you can trust the others check it out. We, wife , me and our friend are leaving the end of Feb hoping to pray forgiveness and revival in as many states we can. Since May we have prayed in 26 states we understand without Jesus Christ America is finished. Please help pray AND STOP FOLLOWING SATANS PLANS

  • Castreau will be out of a job by next week. He has a minority government and the other parties will not go along with it, so after parliament nixes his last ditch gasp they will then enact a vote of no confidence which will go against the boy and he’ll be kicked to the curb. I believe 5 provinces have already said no and he needs all of them onside as well to get it passed.

    His ass is grass and we’re the lawnmowers…

    • I’m not sure how you figure this. Yes, he has a minority, but the leader of the NDP has already assured him that we will side with him – giving him the votes that he needs to pass whatever he wants. You may also want to consider that a vote of nonconfidence triggers an election, and at present the opposition party has no leader.

      Provinces can say that they do not want this, but in the end this is a federal declaration.

  • Our golden boy Chairman Turdope is losing his shit. He desperately wants to continuing maiming and murdering Canadians with the clot shot. Apparently he promised Satan that he would achieve 100% kill shot rates. Now wants to fine and jail any Canadian who brings their children to a peaceful protest. It’s just so difficult to not harm or murder children when you’re trying to harm or murder their parents.
    You see adrenochrome needs to be fresh, it doesn’t work if the the kids are all ready dead, so they need to be kept alive while being tortured and consumed. Wondering if anyone has heard how long it takes to recover from adrenochrome consumption as I notice a lot of politicians disappear for a few days and then reappear, wondering if they need a recovery time from their party drug.

  • Have you in fact read the law? The “Governor in Council” is the cabinet ministers and it is they who create rules or issue orders under this law, not just the PM. Further, Parliament can rescind the Emergency Declaration at any time. Since Trudeau governs with minority, this is a real guard against excess. But since something like 70% of voters consistently vote either centre-left Liberal Party or the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP), there’s nothing to fear. After all, we’re not the ones in danger of an egomaniacal fascist autocrat trying steal our democracy. Uh, that is something y’all down there have to worry about actually…

    • You mention that Trudeau governs with a minority, which is true, but all he needs is the NDP to side with him and he has the majority that he needs – which they have publicly stated they would do. At least with the states they have an elected senate, part of their three separations of government, to have checks and balances. Our senate is appointed and will rubber stamp anything that the ruling Liberal party wants to pass.

  • I read that a host on Canadian TV was dialing up people who had been doxxed from the second donation site and “asking” them why they had donated to the truckers. Talk about public intimidation…..
    And Canada has been instituting tyrannical things for awhile now. They instituted criminal measures against Muslim “hate speech,” Islamophobia, for people talking about Muslims in conjunction with terrorists for example. They also have stated that children can be taken away from parents who do not go along with a child declaring that they wish to be a different gender. Then of course, there was their gun confiscation from years ago.
    So Canadians have been putting up with various tyrannical things for some time now. Will they put up with this also? Only time will tell.

    • And lets not forget the Gun Confiscation by Order-in-Council from May 2020. Order-in-Council is there to allow the government to enact small changes without having to go through the long process of the house of commons – much like your presidential executive orders. It was never intended to be used to pass a national law, without any debate, that in effect makes criminals of an estimated 500,000 people. Of course he also allowed us to keep our legally purchased property by declaring a 2 year amnesty while they arranged a forcible buy-back. The amnesty ends on April 30th, 2022.

  • The same thing is happening in America but it’s an older senile guy compared to the young untested buck who thinks he is something so I can’t see why we are complaining?

    And I could care less about a bald guy named CLOD Schwab because it is obvious they are breaking your own countries’ laws and that’s enough for most, if not all, to be hanged but you people seem oblivious to this, and that only emboldens them.

  • Just tell those truckers to stop delivering products to Canada. Cut them off at the source. In time they’ll get the message or starve

  • So what’s the deal with that shipment of 2000 guns stolen from a convoy truck, and convenient appearance of guns at the protest? False flag? Also the sudden appearance of “leaders” claiming to represent the convoy, though no one heard of them last week. And the doxxing party, traced back to a guy with 3 letter background. Hmm…

    • 2000 guns were not stolen from a “Convoy” truck. A semi and trailer were stolen in Peterborough. The trailer actually contained 3,409 .22 rifles and 6,468 magazines. This was apparently a shipment from the Savage factory in Lakefield, Ontario to the United States. I am told the Lakefield factory produces .22 rifles for Savage.

      The guns that they are talking about associated with the convoy were at the Coutts border crossing in Alberta, about 3000 miles away from the Ottawa rally.

      The hacker can definitely be traces back to the governments of both Canada and the U.S. Apparently he has done contract work for both in the past.

  • The Canadian people must now start removing your money as quickly as possible from the banking systems.

    Next you must stop paying all taxes, go to businesses and ask them to stop collecting taxes for the government.
    Only do business with companies that refuse to collect taxes.

  • Trudeau has stated that will be the last prime minister of Canada.

    Just because he has a minority government does not bother him. Listening to the House of Commons speeches and the press comments afterward, I have lost any faith in the system. The leader of the opposition does not have much ambition. All she says is for the truckers to go home and she can deal with it. Hopeless.

    He must hold a parliament hearing with 7 days. I doubt that will even happen. I do not have any faith in a new election. Why would he? Don’t forget that half of his cabinet are followers of the New World Order.

    I can only hope and pray.

  • I support the truckers and have donated to them via GiveSendGo, but the author somewhat overstates their innocence when he treats the blocking of main highway arteries as the equal of honking horns in front of the Capitol. In my humble opinion, blocking innocent others from movement is over the line.

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