Ottawa Cops Stole Gas, Lied to the Press, Arrested People, But the Freedom Convoy Remains

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Ottawa police recently engaged in a widespread string of thefts of privately purchased gasoline and propane throughout the city in an attempt to drive the Freedom Convoy out of the city.

Recent state of emergency declared

This came about shortly after the Ottawa mayor, Jim Watson, declared a state of emergency on February 6. It was then that Watson said, “The situation at this point is completely out of control, because the individuals with the protest are calling the shots. They have far more people than we have police officers, and I’ve indicated to the chief that we have to be much more nimble and proactive when it comes to these activities.”

Watson would go on to say, “we are outnumbered and we are losing this battle right now,” as he went on to add, “We’re in the midst of a serious emergency, the most serious emergency our city has ever faced, and we need to cut the red tape to get these supplies available to our police officers and to our public works staff.”

“Declaring a state of emergency reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations and highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government,” said a statement from the city.

It appears that Ottawa is potentially calling for federal troops to enter the scene. Other sources seem to confirm this notion.

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Shortly after the state of emergency was declared by the Ottawa mayor, the Ottawa Police Department sent out this tweet:

And then the arrests began.

Around 9PM that night, the Ottawa Police Department reported that they’d made multiple arrests, having seized multiple vehicles as well as fuel. Members of the Freedom Convoy were frequently charged with “mischief” or “hate crimes.”

Transporting fuel into the Freedom Convoy was enough of a penalty to be slapped with a mischief charge. Other infractions members of the Convoy were charged with include not wearing a seat belt, having a defective muffler, and excessive honking.

At approximately, 7PM, the OPD had stolen 3200 L of fuel from the Freedom Convoy out of a parking lot. The OPD began the dismantling of the Freedom Convoy’s logistics camp as well:

While there are some reports surfacing that claim that an Ottawa judge has ordered the police to return the stolen goods, this has not been confirmed as of yet.

Yet another rumor that is currently being floated about is that there is soon to be a mass arrest planned for members of the Freedom Convoy. Federal officers have allegedly been scouring Ottawa, gathering as much information about the members of the Convoy as possible.

The OPD set out a statement Sunday afternoon, stating, “Overnight, demonstrators exhibited extremely disruptive and unlawful behavior, which presented risks to public safety and unacceptable distress for Ottawa residents.”

However, Canadians have stated that the allegations of disruptive and unlawful behavior are being fabricated. Allegations of dancing on The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier have been made by Ottawa officials. Canadians have responded that they were actually shoveling the snow off of it.

Ottawa Police have also dismantled the Freedom Convoy’s food kitchen.

The Freedom Convoy had built a small wooden shed to serve food to Canadians out of. The Ottawa PD removed it in an effort to force the members of the Freedom Convoy to move on. Nobody was being charged for the food, as it was being freely given away to those in the area. Yet, it was removed.

The Freedom Convoy has expanded.

The truckers have since expanded their Convoy to include the Ambassador Bridge in Michigan as well. As of this writing, the blockade of this bridge has been ongoing 50+ hours, and has the potential to cause severe supply chain issues.

Here is aerial footage of the bridge:

As discussed previously here at TOP, this Freedom Convoy idea has rapidly gained traction throughout the world of late as well. A New Zealand convoy is currently being organized, with plans to meet up in the capital city of Wellington. Scottish truckers are preparing to head to Edinburgh. English truckers are headed to London. Ireland and Wales have begun to organize. And even Austria, home of some of the most draconian levels of force against citizens, currently has truckers preparing to head out to Vienna.

It appears this movement is only going to continue to spread, particularly after the success it has seen in Alberta and Saskatchewan, where governments have promised that they will allegedly remove all restrictions in the upcoming weeks.

But as this movement does grow, we are liable to see increasing levels of political resistance.

We’ll keep you updated as events unfold.

What are your thoughts? Are there other on-the-ground stories that you’re hearing? Do you think that Trudeau will back down? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Your Rights and freedoms are only some scribbling written on a piece of paper, as far as Governments are concerned. Understand that all governments are Thugs. They are always looking to find a way to break out from the prison the Law and your rights put them in. So they can go wreck havoc on the populace.
    The only way they are controlled is by the People, forcing their Government to obey the Laws.
    Once you are disarmed, you have a lot fewer options by which to force them to obey the Laws.
    Good luck in making that happen.

    For far to long the Canadians let their government run amok. Now they are paying the Price.
    The same goes for Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, etc.
    This should be a Lesson and a wake up call, to All Americans.

    • Our Second Amendment is not about hunting ducks with a single shot shotgun. It is a last resort against government tyrants. Read the Federalist Papers (I was required to back in 8 th grade). Probably no longer required.

  • In Europe nothing is published about the protets … they fear that it could have an stark effect … lol …
    People here are just to weak to protest – the ‘authorities’ have built up and done a proper citizen control – just like during the communist times … and it is going on …

  • The vaccine mandates (passports) were dropped last night in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Masks will follow by the end of the month in a staged plan.

    The Freedom Convoy has not stopped. They are of all races, all religions, all professions. The truckers are the face of it, but the convoy is supported by people from all walks of life across the country.

    Some facts that the MSM has not put out there.
    – the crime rate in Ottawa has dropped 90% since the convoy showed up
    – the convoy members have PROTECTED the war memorial from “bad actors” and Antifa plants, and continue to shovel the snow and maintain the integrity and honour of the monument.
    – the Ottawa police have arrested a few people on trumped up charges, most of which were mysteriously dropped within hours. Apparently the police can’t just make up laws as they see fir
    – the Ottawa police did steal gas, which they had to return after a judge pointed out that it was illegal.
    – they did force the dismantling of one kitchen/supply depot. It was promptly rebuilt in another location. We are feeding the homeless and anybody that is in need.

    Trudeau may be the Prime Minister, but he does NOT rule us, no matter how much he might like to believe he does.

    • God bless you all. What you are doing is just heart warming not to mention extremely encouraging in times such as these.
      Thank you for the facts from those on the ground up there!

    • The Lone Canadian,
      Beautiful thing to see, eh? 🙂
      There is a Freedom Convoy from CA to DC that is in the early stages of organization here in the states.
      Interesting thing from what I am seeing not only in Canada (mandates in Alberta and Saskatchewan), but 10 Dems sided with Reps in the VA Dem controlled Senate to allow parents to opt out of masks in schools.

      The WH is now saying they were never pro-lockdown, that was Trumps fault, who left it up to the states to decide for themselves rather than a Federal edict/dictate.

      The so-called experts are now declaring “the science has changed,” and even Fauci is claiming “As we get out of the full-blown pandemic phase of COVID-19, which we are certainly heading out of, these decisions will increasingly be made on a local level rather than centrally decided or mandated. There will also be more people making their own decisions on how they want to deal with the virus,” Fauci said in a Financial Times interview published Tuesday.

      IMHO, a Freedom Convoy here in the states would be a bad optic for the Biden admin, better to just declare it over, or suddenly it is a local level decision to free the Biden admin of any fault. Especially before the mid-terms.
      IF that is the case, then this whole thing was in fact nothing about COVID, but politics, power and money.
      I think most of us readers here on TOP (play on words) already knew that.

      • As I’ve said before, we’re basically a pretty peace loving, easy going people but you can only push us so far. I think that a convoy south of the border is a great idea. Until the average person is inconvenienced, they will not demand change from their “masters”. To long have the elites looked down their noses at us blue collar workers that helped build this country. I’m out there working, often 30+ days in a row in 100+ degree heat, and in 40 below weather, so that people get the gas and oil they need to heat their homes and run their cards. I spent 4 years wearing “the green” in the Canadian military. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY RIGHTS FROM ME!

        I’ve said since the start that the mask mandates were a joke, and nothing more than virtue signalling. I’m just a dumb electrician that works in the oil patch, but I have seen the masking/safety requirements for workers doing sandblasting. We’re talking sand particle, large enough to see. The idea that a flimsy cloth mask will stop a virus measured in nanometers is ludicrous, and anybody with even the most basic critical thinking ability should know this

      • Check this guy out
        He is a lawyer from Florida. I have learned lots from him and he is on the side of common sense, not the power brokers out there. He is also keeping tabs on the Freedom Convoy.
        Has a pretty interesting take on the delayed Presidential State of the Union Address too.

    • To the Lone Canadian,

      Thank you for standing strong and for everyone in the Freedom Convoy. You are an inspiration to people around the world.
      I and MANY others are praying for everyone in the Freedom Convoy. God bless you!


    • Trudeau actually has NO MANDATE to dictate anything to the Canadian People!

      Trudeau’s vote of 5,556,629,compared to Conservative leader Erin O’Toole’s 5,747,410 VOTES gave him only a MINORITY status — one propped up by the the socialist NDP (New Democrat) leader — supporting the Liberals from a non-confidence vote.

      “Elections Canada says more than 200,000 mail-in ballots sent to voters in the last federal election were not counted, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. (Toronto Sun, Feb. 1, 2022)

      “Those ballot kits which were late, cancelled, or marked as lost in the mail, totalled 205,000 and were greater than the margin of victory between Liberal and Conservative candidates nationwide — 190,790 votes.

      “We are deeply sorry for any elector who was unable to vote on election day,” said Susan Torosian, executive policy director for Elections Canada.”

    • Where can we get solid confirmation the diesel and gasoline was returned? Some say on YT that the footage is old.
      And others said they looked for the judges order and could not find one.
      I want to believe this but am skeptical.

  • Just read a nasty hit piece by CBS about the Freedom Convoy. It is outrageous the lies they are putting out there about these courageous Freedom champions. They even blamed the US for spilling our political turmoil into Canada! Also insinuating that the financial support coming from Americans is tantamount to support terrorism. What a big, steaming load of horseshit!

    Those Trudeau followers in his cabinet are smearing their own countrymen as well.
    It’s pretty sickening to read but nothing new from that elitist cabal.

    I am just continuing to pray that those brave folks hold the line. They will make a difference in the end.

    • The ENTIRE cabined in Canada should be forced to RESIGN. Period. We couldn´t do that in Venezuela because they let loose hordes of armed thugs to openly SHOOT people protesting in 2014 and 2017.

    • Trudeau is, and always has been, a disciple of Krause Schwab and the WEF. He is an empty suit, with no connection to reality. He has always been a power hungry want-to-be dictator.

      Some of his past statements include his expression of admiration for the Chinese political system – because they can get things done! When asked about the budget he stated that he wasn’t concerned because, “budgets balance themselves!”

      He claims the truckers are racist, while there are numerous (and I mean numerous) photos of him in “blackface”

      In my opinion he is, and always has been a disgrace to our country. Unfortunately he has nice hair, and knows how to appeal to the younger Facebook /social media crowd.

    • Unfortunately in Canada our major news outlets are government funded and government controlled. They parrot the narrative that the government wants them to put out. Although the U.S. has a supposedly free media, they aren’t a lot different than ours – except for the government funding.

    • But they were just following orders! Where have we heard this before?

      I actually have to add that the blue line is cracking. We’ve had officers come out online to remind these cops that they swore an oath to protect the people, not enforce the will of politicians. It’s been reported that the deputy chief in Ottawa resigned rather than follow orders, and many individual officers are simply ignoring the orders. There will always be some that are willing to become the jack-booted gestapo of the elites, but we can only pray they are in the minority.

      • From what I can tell the Ottawa police chief has been walking a fine line. He seems to be doing just barely enough to keep his job and keep his bosses faith in him. He certainly isn’t proceeding with any real enthusiasm and neither are his officers. Interesting to watch. If he doesn’t do anything they’ll replace him with someone who is more likely to try to crack down.
        I may be wrong. Things may still go sideways and they’ll decide to use force. I’m not sure that it would work as you say the blue line is ‘cracking’ and they may have a full on revolt in the ranks. Let’s hope they realize that if they jettison Jr. they may be able to survive this and keep their positions as part of the political elite. If so we’ll need to pay attention to what other strategies they may use to roll out these electronic passports.
        Claire in western Canada

        • I wonder if visions of the Storming of the Bastille is swimming through the Ottawa mayor’s mind. How about you Trudung.? Are you thinking about that too? You wouldn’t be wise to make it come to blows because you are way outnumbered. There should be a peaceful settlement with BOTH sides debating the issues – like civilized people!! The Canadian people have had enough of your tyranny. It looks like the people of Australia, Austria, New Zealand, The United States, the Netherlands, and many other countries are going to follow the lead of the Canadian Truckers!! The deep state NWO globalist is on its way down the drain.

    • No, not all cops are bad. I love the cops where I live here in Mesa, Arizona. You will find that The Dirty Cops are the ones that are Democrat controlled and have no self esteem or integrity, and are willing to stick their hands out for bribery money. These will be replaced ASAP and held accountable for oath breaking plus other crimes committed using law as a tool for their masters.

  • The thing to do now would be to start backing the trucks away from the Parliament building… while at the same time beginning nationwide strikes in both Canada and the US! No fuel needed, and no possibility of arrest for “terrorism!…” This would be EPIC!!! Government officials would be screaming like girls!

    • Truckers hold the whip hand, Nothing moves if they don’t move. I think the mayor of Ottawa and his Police Department can get mighty hungry if the citizens eat but they don’t

  • Well done truckers you give hope to the world and may God protect you from any harm!
    Time to lock up the politicians worldwide – how is this guy Former Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Benjamin Levin in Canada, a very sick puppy!!! and there are many more of these Satanists like Trudeau and his pizza gate podophile ring! Lets get rid of them all and the MSM offices as well, that would twitch the eyebrows of the Cabal a bit!

  • The poppy is a symbol of the war our mothers and fathers fought for our freedom. I think we should all wear a poppy for 2 years to represent the loss of our freedom for 2 years. Feel free to reach out to your members to help start this movement.

  • Footage from ~4hr.s ago [Feb 9]….
    Very peaceful, zero (ZERO) traffic downtown, smiles & hugs. I originally had my doubts, but the Canadians have spines of steel; concurrent footage of .ca Parliament proceedings w/ Trudeau attending
    appears that the truckers are winning.
    If this comes to the US, it is all but over and it seems .gov knows it.

  • OK. My original post which included a link to an Ottawa live feed is gone. (All favorable to This Cause.)
    So am I. Thanks for all the good info, Daisy, but I am banning YOU.

    • We didn’t delete ANY posts today. We’ve had serious issues with censorship regarding this article, all the way to our photos disappearing. I hope you get this message because this was NOT our doing.

    • And actually, I believe that IS posted. All links go into moderation so we can make sure they aren’t spammy links to “male enhancement products” or porn or counterfeit Nikes. We have a team but we cannot be on here clearing comments every single second and still get the rest of our work done.

  • Where are they storing the gas? You can’t just leave gallons of gas laying around in a warehouse somewhere. Why don’t YOU go trying to leave cans of gas flopping around the place and see how fast code enforcement comes down on you and fines / arrests you.

    This is hazmat to say the least at this point. Where is the enforcement against the police for this?

    This is also theft of private property. Anytime they ‘confiscate’ something aren’t they supposed to at least offer to leave a receipt for it?

  • the only extremists on the streets of Otawa are the criminal OPD

    all ottawa police must be arrested

    they belong in prison

  • Fill your vehicle’s fuel tank and take a siphon hose – especially if you have a diesel vehicle. You can deliver 20 gallons at a time this way

  • Of course, there is going to be a lot of political resistance. What is happening is hardly part of the “Great Reset” that governments are looking to implement. Suddenly ordinary people are rebelling, and they can’t understand why. After all the , “You will own nothing, and be happy” mantra the globalists are spouting was supposed to be accepted by all.

  • Rumor has it that Ottawa Police, upon receiving the court order to return truckers’ fuel, returned containers of diesel, half filled with water, rendering said diesel unusable. In any normal state of events this would be considered sabotage, which would be illegal.

  • I find it strange that the law enforcement (police departments) expect civilians to back and support them but the first chance they get they go against these very same civilians that are willing to stand for them. What they are doing now is theft – stealing the food supplies and the fuel. Is this what the Canadian police force is all about? If I was a Canadian citizen I would think twice about supporting these so called law enforcement members. These renegade police officers are everywhere – they are worldwide. But the day is coming when these same police officers will be held accountable for their shameful and disgusting behavior. They have lost their honor, integrity, and the trust of the people.

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