Freedom Convoy Arrives. Justin Trudeau Disappears.

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The Canadian Freedom Convoy has finally reached Ottawa. But the man who has put into place the policies these truckers are protesting against is nowhere to be found. Trudeau is gone.

He has fled the scene.

It was on January 27, that it was reported that Justin Trudeau had come into contact with somebody who was positive for COVID. Trudeau then reportedly took a rapid COVID test – which came back negative. He then decided it was best to “self-isolate” for the five following days.

Of course, this all coincided perfectly with his disappearance before the bulk of the convoy arrived.

Trudeau goes into hiding

Three days later it was revealed that what had really happened was that Trudeau had left his Ottawa home for a “secure facility.”

It appears that the Canadian public was fed a ruse. Rumors are now circulating throughout parts of the internet that Trudeau actually fled Canada completely, and now is in hiding somewhere within the United States.

As of yet, there has been no confirmation of this, however.

On February 1, Trudeau would make his first public statement in days while he was still in hiding. He said, “We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags.”

Does reality match up with Justin Trudeau’s statements here?

Perhaps the irony of his statements can best be displayed via the following stories:

  • In March 2020, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was instructed by Canadian officials to shut down his church’s homeless ministry. Pawlowski refused, saying, these “orders to stop feeding them [and]giving them necessities of life, they were sentencing them to death. [And] some of them did die.” He was later arrested at an airport for previously not wearing a mask and holding a church service.

  • It was during this same month that another Canadian man made headlines after he was fined $1200 for not wearing a mask in his own store.
  • September 2021, we saw reports of women who were refused medical service in Canada because they didn’t have the necessary jab paperwork.
  • October 7, 2021 – Canadians without the jab are banned by Trudeau from public transportation. It was around this time that Trudeau would say, “If you’ve done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID.”
  • January 11, Canada’s Francois Legault announced that those unjabbed would be fined $100/month.
  • January 13, 2022, we were told the story of a Canadian man who is now banned from seeing his child because he does not have the jab.
  • It was January 14 that Pastor Tobias Tissen was fined $17,000 for leading a church service.

Are the truckers the problem? Are they the ones harming small businesses? Are the truckers the ones keeping people from being able to worship? Are the truckers the ones who are barring people from going to college? Are they the ones telling people they can’t purchase groceries at Costco without an escort? Are they the ones ripping families apart?

Canadians don’t seem to think so. And the massive support the Freedom Convoy has been getting is proof of that. Even former victims of communism are thanking the truckers for what it is they are doing. When people flee from communism, it appears they’re grateful to those who attempt to keep communism at bay. Consider the following video of a Chinese woman thanking the Canadians for fighting to keep the teachings of Karl Marx from becoming firmly entrenched in Canadian soil…

Who is the true source of the hate present in Canada? Is it the men and women attempting to feed their sons and daughters? Is it the pastors tending to their congregations? Is the source of this vitriol the Canadian patriots fearful of the country they will leave behind to future generations?

Or does the true source of the chaos and tyranny destroying Canada reside elsewhere?

It appears as if freedom-loving Canadians understand that it is not them. They are upset with what is literally being forced upon them.

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Truckers everywhere are taking note.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has now spawned off numerous other movements throughout the world as well. Australian protestors have since flooded the region of  Australian Parliament in a gesture of solidarity with those demanding freedom in Canada.

This came about after a truckers in Australia began meeting in various cities throughout the island nation as they began their journey to the capital of Down Under. This Australian Freedom Convoy was called Convoy to Canberra.  Even the Netherlands has seen a similar trucker convoy take place, as the convoy gathered in the town of Leeuwarden.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy seems to be making a difference. This will prove interesting to watch.

What are your thoughts though? How long will Trudeau remain in hiding? Have you heard other reports of similar style freedom convoys? Do you foresee the Canadian people achieving success this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • I grew up in Canada and left over 20 years ago to get away from the communism I saw creeping in.

    People, including the government of Canada, forget that under the politeness there is a core of steel. People forget that at the Somme the first use of chemical weapons in war, it was the Canadian army that took the hill from the Germans. The Germans had repulsed every other attack, but they could not repluse the determination of Canadians.

    It was glossed over when I was in school, it probably isn’t taught anymore. Twenty plus years ago all things military were allowed in polite society. Globalism and the UN were to be celebrated and talked about. There was no real patriotism.

    That has changed. The average Canadian has been woken up and they are angry. It’s taken a long time, but that slow smoulder has been kindled into a fire the government didn’t see coming and has no idea how to handle.

    Canadians are not listening to the propaganda. They’re not listening to the directions to go home. No more is “we’ve heard you” and “we’ll work on it” from the government going to work and lull Canadians back to sleep.

    Yes, there are still sheep that are buying into the government and the propaganda, but they are a minority.

    Trudeau is trying to incite violence to change the narrative but it isn’t working. If he chooses violence then all is lost.

    I think Trudeau has left the country. He’s on the run. He’s scared. The sheep aren’t listening to him anymore. With any luck he’ll remain on the run for the rest of his life and will spend it in exile.

    The quiet, peaceful Canadians have shown the world that you can throw off the shackles. It seems they’ve inspired the rest of the world.

    The Great Reset has run smack into The Great Awakening.

  • ” . . . while he was still in hiding. He said, “We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags.”

    What racist flags is he talking about?
    Looking at more than a few, inspiring I might add, pictures of the truckers and Canadians lined up on the roads in support, I see a whole lot of Canadian flags.

    • I dunno I was a couple American flags and they really, really, really, hate white folk. Maybe that’s what he was referencing.

    • He said We are not intimidated” yet he is in hiding?! There is nothing to be scared of since no violence. Now he mentioned something about liking BLM, now there is something to be scared of – much violence there! Some papers said people defaced monuments, but in the story- all they did was put a flag on it, other photos showed people placed all kinds of flowers around it! Nothing like BLM that toppled statues and dumped them! The negative of this convoy is that government will shame them into going back to work since no trucks working, means the supply chain just got worse and no goods for the people.

    • There was one, lone individual, not associated with the convoy, wandering around, IN BLACK-FACE, waving a confederate flag. It was quickly sorted out by the truckers

      • That guy in blackface was no doubt simply making a point about Trudeau HIMSELF running around in blackface! Leave it to the self-unaware coward Turd-O to try to spin it as “racist”. He should take a long hard look at himself before he starts hurling idiotic insults, which is just about all that he ever seems to be capable of!

  • Good for the Canadian Truckers! There is talk of US truckers going to the Super Bowl cuz only elites can attend that. And moving on to DC. I think Trudeau will attempt violence but won’t win. It might be possible with Biden too. Other leaders in other countries are trying arrests and violence as well. I am very interested to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks/months…

    • Great point, the new leftist tactic is to send in a bunch of paid agitators which is just despicable but nothing is beneath them. Our only salvation is now we know that’s what they are up to ala the Ray Epps of the world and call them out real time as plants. Be vigilant!!

      • It isn’t new (well maybe to Canada) and isn’t targeting any particular group other than the one threatening rule at the moment. In the US for example we had the FBI running COINTELPRO against the anti-Vietnam War movement. The tactics used them with provocateurs and snitches and red/nazi baiting and the rest are identical. It’s the same playbook. It was made unlawful in the US after Congress investigated it, but it was revived after 9/11. Believe me, a good portion of all right AND left wing groups like Antifa and Proud Boys are federal agents and informants. I suspect RCMP is largely a mirror of the FBI.

        • I don’t doubt you right at all, it would seem thats all these agencies are good at is entrapping people. I was not a fan of the Vietnam era protests, feel like they were the Antifa/BLM equivalent like the Weatherunderground agitators who were truly dangerous and maybe needed infiltrated. I also recognize there were decent people like the unfortunate events of Kent State and I’m sure many others (I was a child). But at the same time if they are peaceful and not a danger they should not be encouraged to commit crimes like what appears to have happened on Jan 6.

  • As someone born and living in Canada, I am so greatly encouraged by this “dangerous freedom movement”. It is even more encouraging, however, to see those outside of Canada reporting on it, and telling the world about it. Thank you Aden Tate!! It really is great to see it.

    Don’t forget, Pastor Artur has been arrested and jailed several times. Tobias Tissen at least once. James Coates and I think the other pastor I’ve heard about is Phil Hutchinson.

    Justin Trudeau was not elected by the people of Canada. The election was absolutely rigged. I don’t know a single person who voted for him. They have also (I’m almost 100% convinced) rigged several mayoral elections as well.

    The people of Canada are tired of being pushed aside, of being told we don’t matter. JT says that we are killing homeless and small businesses – he did that almost 2 years ago. After giving away money he didn’t have to keep people “happy”, now the people have so many taxes, with no way to pay it, they are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things, such as spend their last pennies blocking the borders, and camping out in Ottawa.

  • I am just stunned at his outward cowardice, but then again I’m really not. Most leftists are cowards and Trudeau is a perfect example of their behavior, state a bunch of virtuous garbage then hide when challenged. Which is also typical of online behavior that we live with today of not having to be accountable for your actions or words. I am truly impressed and proud of the Canadian truckers and pray this is the beginning of something Uge.

  • Ugh, dude. You gotta check facts more carefully and do better research. Two of his school-age children tested positive for COVID, and then yesterday he announced he tested positive as well. So he hasn’t “run away”; when he learned he’d been exposed he wisely decided to self-isolate. And good thing too, since he and some of his kids came down with this thing. Or are you saying he should be out spreading this thing around?

    Plus they’re not helping matters by demanding food at homeless shelters and assaulting their staff, and using racial slurs:

    Or desecrating statutes of national heroes, urinating nearby outdoors, flying swastikas:

    There are MANY MANY MANY accounts from different sources and firsthand witnesses of these appalling thuggish behaviors. And don’t tell me the local homeless shelter is lying about this. Is there no source other than your talking meat puppets you folks believe?

    I know that #notallbubbas etc., but this rally that could have actually made some valid points and done some good, turned into an entitled, whiny hissyfit of the perpetually threatened Bob the Truck Driver.

    It’s a shame, really. Apparently these people are not only disgusting, racist boors, they sabotaged any traction they could have gotten by these behaviors.

    And these kind of articles are becoming more and more common. Sloppy. Dumb. Nonsensical. TOP readers know better, and deserve better.

    • You’re a breath of fresh air Lorraine. But post links to (and I think I have this right) “mainstream leftist liberal media” are of no use to most on this board. Some won’t even watch local/national news for the weather report.

    • As a Canadian, living here, following the convoy very closely, YOU need to check your facts/sources. The issues at the shelter were not caused by people that were part of the convoy! Although that was reported by MSM. In fact the convoy has more food than it needs, and has not only dropped off food to the shelter in question, but has gone out delivering food to the homeless, and others.

      There was an incident at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Again, by local agitators, not part of the convoy. The truckers not only put a halt to it, they cleaned up the mess, and arranged for security at the monument

      The Terry Fox situation was exactly the same. Although I did hear that someone may have draped a Canadian flag over his shoulders – like a cape. Oh! The horror!

      Yep, we’re a bunch of western Canadian racist rednecks – at least that’s what MSM and Trudeau keep claiming. Nobody wants to account for the large contingent of Sikh drivers that have joined in and been welcomed by everyone. Nobody wants to look at the Métis and native people that have joined our cause. How about the spokespersons that were interviewed. Of the three, one was Métis, and one was Jewish. Yep, nothing but a bunch of racists

      How about the fact that this convoy has been supported by the MAJORITY of Canadians as they made their way across Canada – not just truckers. How about the contingent of farmers who’ve shown up with their tractors. This isn’t about just truckers – this is about FREEDOM!

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but most Canadians now clearly see what kind of cowardly girly-boy they ‘elected’. Trudeau is despised by most Canadians, and that’s a fact. He’s also the very epitome of white, arrogant, and privileged, not to mention his being dumber than the proverbial box of rocks. Less than one in three Canadians even voted for him. He has no legitimacy whatsoever.

      He’s also as fake as a three dollar bill. His “concern” over racism and ‘Nazi flags’ is nothing more than an act ; phony social justice posturing leftover from his stint as a drama teacher. Curiously enough, he had no problem with parading around in blackface until his advisors told him that it wasn’t politically correct. His father Pierre used to enjoy riding his motorcycle through local Jewish neighborhoods while outfitted in full Nazi garb, replete with Swastika flags, SS emblems, and an authentic German helmet. He was also known for being an arrogant and disrespectful, if flamboyant, LIAR, and the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. It’s also widely rumored that his actual biological father was Fidel Castro, so maybe that’s where his dictatorial aspirations actually derive from.

      In any case, he’s clearly totally out of touch with the Canadian people, and after attacking and insulting his constituents he should be forced to resign. It’s clear that he won’t survive another election anyways. Too bad that so many lonely homely and gullible little girls fell for his act and voted for the loser last time. One can only hope they don’t fall for it again. Nice hair, though.

    • OMG Lorraine – Tell me do you wear pearls that you clutch? I guess these men and women would appear “sloppy” “dumb” “nonsensical” to a TOP reader. Oooh ahhhh. Explain to me the meaning of the universe please in your inifinite wisdom. Traitors come in all forms and THE biggest traitors in Canada right now are the mainstream media who manipulate people like this TOP reader. I bet you believe in the Easter Bunny too.

      • C Wells,

        Not entirely sure about belief in the Easter Bunny, I do find the telling of MSM narrative and the Canadian government position concerning.

        Seems to have a very, certain European country with a short man with a bad hair cut and mustache, 1930s like feel to it.

        I could be wrong.

        I would like to thank all of those Canadian posters for their insights, comments, and on the ground reporting. Highlights the bias and narrative of MSM.

    • Links to CNN & CTV News? The National Enquirer has waaaay more credibility. TNC News has offered a reward for the identity of the 2 or 3 provocateurs with the Confederate & Swastika flags.
      The overwhelming majority of the protestors are peaceful. BTW the was a black man singing the national anthem for the crowd. Surely he can’t be a white supremacist! Even the Ottawa police said there were no arrests. There are videos of protestors cleaning statues and shoveling snow from monuments. Now they’re building a soup kitchen.

  • The only way this is going to work and get rid of castro and his freeland is if the country goes on strike. The trucks are doing a great thing. Now the rest of the country needs to go on strike and shut EVERYTHING down. Stop making your payments. Car Mortgage etc. Stop this country from functioning until castro resigns and takes that agent from swab with him. This truckers thing is not going to do it I don’t think. I think they need more people behind them to shut everything down. People are still driving their cars. Still getting food in the stores. I say shut them all down until this sickening goverment is forced out of office.

    • “Now the rest of the country needs to go on strike and shut EVERYTHING down”

      that will shut down what the citizens need. it won’t shut down trudeau’s power, which doesn’t come from canada or canadians.

      • What needs to happen is all deliveries and services to government buildings & Liberal ridings (Like Papineau, Trudeau’s home) need to be stopped. Businesses need to refuse to serve the politicians who caused this mess. (No, not “Get in their faces” a la Maxine Waters, but just politely turn them away.)

  • WIMPY Trudeau positively DRIPS with ARROGANCE !!! The guy is a Sociopathic Totalitarian ! But he’s way too Self UN-aware to even fathom that he could be WRONG. That’s a common trait among Sociopaths. The madmen are utterly cinvinced that they are RIGHT in what they do. You name the dictator, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, they ALL thought they were “great leaders”. Nope, all (including Trudeau). were and are SICK, SICK, SICK despots. Completely and utterly INSANE !!!!!!!!!

  • The best line I heard was from a woman on TWTR who related that the Mayor of Ottawa called on various towing companies to remove the protest vehicles. The response? They all said they had Covid.

  • In Atlas Shrugged, there was a similar movement by the heads of industry. Rather than fighting the system, they simply withdrew consent and left society. No more steel, no more rail, no more power, no more new cars, no more food until the govt collapsed and they could rebuild a free society. The truckers would do well to remember this. No more transport of goods until govt backs down completely.

    • … not the same thing.

      in alissa rosenbaum’s book, a tiny handful of people were defined as being the source of all that is good and human in the world, and the entire rest of humanity was divided into two camps – those who desired to live but who could not generate that life themselves and who thus served the sources of life (“I’m a proud serf of taggert transcontinental!”), and those who did not want to live and who thus sought to stop and kill the sources of life. the book’s solution was to leave everyone everywhere to die leaving the entire earth solely to the sources of life (“‘The way is clear. We will now return to the world.’ He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar.”).

      what the canadian truckers are trying to do is push back against the ones who, thinking it’s all theirs, have stolen the canadians’ nation from them.

      not the same thing at all.

  • Turdodo mocking you and even insulting you and maligns the truckers is remarkable. He is NOT your leader much like Bitem when they do this. Who puts in guys like this? It’s my belief and I would not believe it before but now I do. They cheat at the polls and the ballot box. For a long time, I believed people were putting in the wrong guys. Should have known that is not the case as I now believe. We have allowed our own destruction and betrayal by the left and the commies in our own society.

  • “Or does the true source of the chaos and tyranny destroying Canada reside elsewhere?”

    oh it’s in canada, pretending to be canadians.

  • Trudeau is a coward, he should be hung for treason on the agendas he’s been involved in, his wife left him 2 years ago, but CBC and CTV will never disclose that as they are
    paid hundreds of millions each year to keep quite, I hear way more on Fox tv then our local traitor news channels. At least Fox tells the truth on that scumbag

  • In an interview I saw recently, C.A.F. mentioned something about an, ‘army’.
    The title to an interview on USAWATCHDOG is, ‘Covid War Ending’.
    A person could almost think that’s gonna happen if they don’t do anything.
    Gerald Celente said in the interview that, “We are going to start seeing a big anti-vax movement.”

    Everyone (IF they like Liberty & don’t wanna be a slave to Empire) …where they are planted, perhaps this is the time to bloom:
    Imho, IF, you’re ready for, ‘Are You Ready For The Accountability Phase?’
    …You gotta do something, here is step one:

  • Trudeau has become a real version of a typical politician. You know, the one that if his lips are moving he is lying. Entitled and arrogant and all that backed up with a part time teaching work history. Naturally that would make him fit to run a country. Well not so much. Who does he think he is fooling. With all the cel phones out there you cannot hide the truth. I call him Hoser Trudough. He is an embarrassment to all Canadians. I wish we could fire him.

  • Our blackface, racist, extremist, lying, women hating, stupid, pretend PM is a huge part of the NWO agenda. I truly believe he wants civil war in Canada as he is intent on destroying Canada and ANY Canadian with a few brain cells that can see who and what he is. Covid is explosing who and what people are and many times it’s not very pretty to realize people in our lives are fascists and just plain dumb and also very very afraid of both life and death. Canadians are going to see who and what our military is and I PRAY that they despise Turdo as much as the rest of Canada. He has continually tried to smear and decimate our military. He had a lying piece of garbage as a the minister of defence who was the biggest coward to ever hold that title. Now some woman with ZERO military experience, I guess she knows how to comb her hair possibly and that’s about it. Meanwhile Canada like the US left Afghanistan in tatters, disrespected all military vets with that shitty, planned insult and now our boy Turdo blathering on and on about the convoy as if they’re his dad – Satan. Meanwhile the MSM treasonists spewing their vomit of lies to the Canadian public still dumb enough to watch their endless lies and NWO agenda on the ijut box. The freedom convoy has shown the world who and what THEY are and they are Canadians who WILL NOT participate in the takedown of Canada for that disgusting pharma pig punk Turdo. By the way that disgusting piece of garbage owns stocks in the Pig Pharma companies so he’s making millions on the murder and maiming of Canadians. He’s going to get his just rewards and I pray I’m there to witness it. GOD BLESS CANADA!!! WE STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE!

  • God bless the Canadian Truckers Convoy for freedom = they have inspired many around the world, including Americans, to follow suit. The Western world may just be awakened at last by these wonderful men & women of the trucking industry. Stay the course!

  • read a commentary by someone with extensive experience in insurance underwriting with a specialty in vehicle underwriting. It is their understanding that, by not requiring a permit with liability insurance, Ottawa and OPS potentially exposed themselves to significant legal and financial liability if something goes wrong.

    Furthermore, the owners of the commercial vehicles involved have likely violated the terms of their liability insurance policies by using their vehicles for a non commercial purpose. So their policies could be cancelled, resulting in individuals being held legally and financially responsible liable if something goes wrong. This also appears to apply to farm vehicles and their owners/operators.

    Also – are the owners/operators maintaining daily logs as required by law and by insurers?

    It is likely that private vehicle owners taking part in a non-permitted and therefore illegal protest are likely violating their insurance policy.

    So the city, the OPS, OPP, MTO, and/or any person with the knowhow could contact insurers and ask: ‘Is this vehicle insured for this purpose?’

    Quoting this person: “It’s not a sexy law enforcement take down using police tactical squads. It’s like being arrested by your accountant” and “Death by a thousand bureaucratic paper cuts.”

    So it would appear to be in everyones’ best interest – the city, OPS, organizers, participants – that NOTHING goes wrong. That may be a very big ask. No one injured or killed, no property damaged or destroyed, no fuel spilled, no propane tanks blow up, no accidents of any kind. On and on and on.

  • Thank you for speaking out load of what is happening here. Things are getting very complicated. We need the help of the whole world. Our prime minister is hiding and does not seem to be open to change. The change that actually could help him relief is burden. The change to make one with the people. The chess game seem to have been engaged and everyday changes from hope to fear. Courageous people are risking their lives for freedom. People of the earth join together to change things once and for all. We politely ask the governments to join us hand in hand the only solution to resolve this crisis. Peace is the goal. Police officers suffer from being in front and cut in the middle of two polarized philosophy. It is never too late to change the side of our coat. Love everyone

    • I was sleeping and because the website didn’t recognize you, it put your comments in moderation. We have to check new posts for spam. Thank you for your contribution to the conversation!

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