The Looming Economic Collapse in the US Could Spark Historic SHTF

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The “celebration” of the US going off the gold standard exactly 50 years ago (irony mode off) is the perfect opportunity to talk about the looming economic collapse that has all the ingredients to spark the biggest SHTF of our era. 

Many suspect August 15, 1971, will be one day officially considered the date the US dollar died. Some argue its demise started before, with the creation of the FED (a.k.a. The Creature Of Jekyll Island) in 1913. Others, with an even broader perspective of history (and a deeper understanding of the human psyche and behavior), may say it’d happen either way, for this is how nature works (in cycles). That’s how we are. That’s what we do: humankind loves a toxic relationship, and fiat money is just that. 

All excellent and valid points, but I’ll leave that debate to future historians and stick to the present reality. Exactly fifty years later, we’re starting to see and feel (hmmm, smell?) the effects of that process play out. The surging of COVID-19 gave bureaucrats and governing elites the perfect excuse cover-up to go into hyperdrive mode with failed policies and practices. Which not only make things worse but are visibly accelerating the deterioration of the economy and dangerously increasing the wealth gap.

Why do I care about the looming economic collapse?

Since I started collaborating with The Organic Prepper, I’ve been beating the drum of economy and its deep connection with the sh*t hitting the fan. This relationship’s various aspects and practical implications permeate many of my articles about strikeshomelessnesscrimethirdworldization, and others.

The US has been the dominating superpower for decades, and we live in a highly interconnected world. That’s 2+2=4. Crises and crashes in less important and influential countries or regions (or even specific market sectors) have caused planetary shocks and disturbances many times before. Imagine what a big-time crisis in the largest economy could bring to the entire system. Get the point?

I don’t want to sound alarmist, however

I live in a country that’s been through sixteen (that’s right, sixteen) “monetary stabilization” plans and five different currencies just between the mid-1980s and 1994. The current one finally got us out of the death spiral of inflationary insanity. 

I’m not saying that to add credibility to any theory or opinion I might have on the subject. It’s more a warning about the kind of slow-burning SHTF I’ve experienced during the first half of my life, living with economic instability and inflation in various degrees, from high to hyper.

Almost thirty years later, it feels like that happened in another incarnation. But the 2008 crash and consequent GFC (Great Financial Crisis) brought back memories of that period. I saw the destruction, the millions getting wiped, and this is what got me officially and definitely into prepping and survivalism. That’s what I have to share. Maybe it’ll help others stay alert and prepared.

Essentially, “the economy” means resources

As I postulated in my article about the crisis in South Africa and Cuba, the economic situation of a country plays a defining role in the unfolding of any SHTF scenario. Even when dealing with natural disasters, the economic condition will dictate how good or bad things will turn.

Specifically, when it comes to the social contract, if there’s growth, jobs, hope, the collective sense of purpose will prevent (or at least make a lot harder) incite division among the population. People are busy working, enjoying the present, and building the future to even care for differences in race, religion, ethnicity, or politics (much less issues about gender identity or sexual orientation). In other words, there will be no disposition nor spirit to fight or clash.

A stable and robust economy quickly rebounds from most disasters and vice-versa

Germany is already recovering from the recent series of floods that caused many deaths and lots of destruction. The population and authorities acted in unity, with solidarity, efficiency, and order. The nation will learn lessons and, as a whole, improve from this situation. 

Examples abound in both extremes of the spectrum. Countries with weak economies usually take years, if not decades, to recover from disasters (and usually, the number of casualties is much higher, too). In South Africa, the recent wave of violence in the eastern region ravaged critical infrastructure. It will take a lot to rebuild it, and the population will suffer for a long time.

Everything changes during and after an economic collapse

If the standard of living drops significantly, decadence quickly sets in. Life gets a lot harder for a more significant part of the population, which raises discontent. People start looking for culprits and reasons. “The other” becomes the enemy. What reasons? Any and every. Who’s the other? Everyone and anyone.

Everyday life becomes hell. Unemployment, inflation, shortages, hardship, and wealth gaps foster crime, violence, addiction, homelessness, and deeper-running issues of mental disorders, stress, disenfranchisement, hopelessness.

That creates an environment ripe for division and revolt. Hatred and intolerance lead to social unrest. These things can only be instilled and fomented among a population suffering from a bad economy for some time.

A divided society can be easily manipulated or subjugated

Divisiveness will cause social conflicts ranging from an explosion in crime and intra-violence to an all-out civil war. Phase One is already ongoing in the US and many other countries. Infighting is popping up here and there.

Governments can also see a solution in diversion, as in uniting people against an external enemy or other cause. When everything else fails, they take us to war. We can already see hints of this strategy in the discourse and actions of some governments. Are the tensions between the US and China just bickering, or will it escalate soon? 

Politicians and authorities can also become dictatorial and turn the screws on their own population, in an attempt to keep control of things or with other sinister intentions. We see this too, and what’s worrying: in countries with a longstanding tradition in democracy and freedom, this would be unthinkable not long ago. 

Propaganda is used to control the narrative and direct the people

Still, it’s hard to predict which way people will turn. It depends on too many factors. There’s no way to know how the population will respond to propaganda. (Or if some populist figure or party will rise to power.) These are common and play a role in changing direction or defining the course of events.  

People in Italy and France are taking action against totalitarian policies and propositions, an inspiring example. This initiative can spread, or it can dwindle. But it’s a promising new sign. I’m keeping an eye out for where this is going, how the powers will react, how much people will take. These might reveal the limits on each side are. Sometimes significant movements are born this way.

It’s not about predicting the future, but rather paying attention to the discourses, the propaganda, the war of narratives (and action). Questioning, following trends, policies, connecting the dots. And Selco is right: if the conditions are in place, any country can see the rise of radicalism that may lead to conflict.

Other misconceptions about economic collapse

The belief that an economic collapse will end in some Mad Max SHTF, with gangs roaming a devastated land, is common among some preppers. Though everything is possible in theory, it’s unlikely TEOTWAWKI will happen. I mean, it’s more likely to become a reality in sh*tholes around the world. 

But nothing this radical has happened to more developed countries and much less to fallen empires in modern history, which may support this theory. Take the UK, for instance: it hasn’t exactly turned into a dumpster after its demise as a world superpower. Neither has Russia, another global force of the 20th century when the Soviet Union collapsed.

There were prominent disturbances, ripples, and consequences for sure. No such process is smooth or entirely immune to turmoil. But I guess everyone will agree (and the data shows) both nations still wield a lot of power, influence, relative stability, and their populations enjoy a relatively decent standard of living.

What about radical regime changes?

Another common fear and something to be wary of are radical regime changes. A 180° in the political regime can drastically affect the outcome of a financial crisis and create the worst economic disasters (Venezuela and Cuba come to mind). 

There are some crucial nuances, though. Swings in politics are common and even necessary. They’re a display of a healthy democracy rather than a failing one. Above all, they’re inevitable, so in principle, they shouldn’t be feared but instead embraced, welcomed, and perhaps even celebrated.

There are more important things to heed than the political regime

For example, the solidity of institutions, the tradition in democracy and freedom, and the equilibrium of powers. Respect for the constitution, character, and stability of regulations, and the effectiveness of the checks-and-balances system are also determining factors. These will dictate the limits of intervention and actions any government can inflict one way or another. Which ultimately shapes the economy, and thus the standard of living of the population in a particular country.

That’s why political changes aren’t the same everywhere and also yield vastly different results. Meaning, a turn to left (or right) in the US or Canada isn’t the same as a turn to left (or right) in, say, almost any country in Latin America. Even between different Latin American countries, the outcome of similar regimes will differ to a great degree, based on the factors listed above. 

Can this happen to western developed nations? 

Admittedly, things are weird, and even the institutions of the most civilized countries are shaken to a significant degree. The fear is palpable, notably in the US, where I see people (and many friends) losing sleep over the possibility of America turning USSA. 

Again, it’s The Fourth Turning, so there’s always the possibility of things going awry. But as I tried to show in a previous article about the similarities of the 1930’s Great Depression and today, the US has flirted with socialism, and this fear has taken American society before, during similar circumstances. Yet, it hasn’t materialized. 

There’s perhaps something more worrying, which is the larger point of this article: serious threat of a looming economic collapse – the insurmountable level of debt, in particular – can bring massive blows, with unforeseeable social consequences and unintended political (and geopolitical) reflexes.

We’re now one or two shocks away from a catastrophic economic collapse

The reasons are too many and too complex to list, so for the sake of simplicity, let’s acknowledge an overhaul of the current social, economic and political orders is past due. Every few generations, the system crumbles under its own weight, complexity, and corruption. And another cycle begins anew. This dynamic repeats throughout history.

The thing is, never before has the system been so overblown: we’re living in the era of Big Money, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Corp, Big Government, Big Media, Big Consumption, Big Entertainment. This “Big Everything” system led inexorably to Big Debt, Big Lies, Big Corruption, Big Manipulation, Big Divisiveness, Big Wealth Gap.

Never before has it been this fragile, either – a Big F*cking Mirage. So what’s the logical, mathematical conclusion to that? 

Yes, this is about the Great Reset

Whatever you want to call it, whether you think it’s an evil plan by governments and politicians in conjunction with unelected officials and elites, or a natural cycle of history, doesn’t matter. The Great Reset will happen either way. Rest assured of that.

And here’s the rub: this kind of process has rarely happened peacefully or without serious turmoil. Which means bad days are coming. No one can do anything to prevent it. As I tried to show in the opening, this train has already left the station long ago. 

The time to dream about and prepare for Hollywood style SHTF is over

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I have no idea how big or ugly the looming economic collapse will be. Nor do I know exactly how it will unfold, or if this will cause a pile-up of SHTFs. Much less the timing, because that’s the most challenging variable to get right in everything.

But it won’t be a zombie apocalypse, a meteor or like the movies. However, it will directly affect the lifestyle of 99% of the population, perhaps on a global scale. And even though some places will be affected differently than others (as is always the case), there will be nowhere to go to escape when it hits. 

In part two, I’ll conclude and share some tips on preparing for what’s coming. 

Are you concerned about an economic collapse of epic proportions?

Is this a concern on your radar? Why or why not? If so, what ramifications do you foresee? How will you prepare for it? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

About Fabian

Fabian Ommar is a 50-year-old middle-class worker living in São Paulo, Brazil. Far from being the super-tactical or highly trained military survivor type, he is the average joe who since his youth has been involved with self-reliance and outdoor activities and the practical side of balancing life between a big city and rural/wilderness settings. Since the 2008 world economic crisis, he has been training and helping others in his area to become better prepared for the “constant, slow-burning SHTF” of living in a 3rd world country.

Fabian’s ebook, Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City, is a practical training method for common city dwellers based on the lifestyle of the homeless (real-life survivors) to be more psychologically, mentally, and physically prepared to deal with the harsh reality of the streets during normal or difficult times. 

You can follow Fabian on Instagram @stoicsurvivor

Fabian Ommar

Fabian Ommar

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  • My friends, the writing is all over the proverbial walls. We are at the point of either Fight back or just DIE and get on the Cattle Car for a long ride to the camp with the special showers awaiting you.

  • I see either CW2 or Balkanization in the U.S. at best…our fate lies in the hands of our elected traitors who are owned by our corporate oligarchy. The U.S. population can absorb a pretty big hit and survive but if TPTB call in the UN it’s going to be TEOTWAWKI in my opinion. Either way you need food, water, guns and ammo to survive the initial phase and PM’s for the future.

    • I agree with most of what you say, but differ on two points:
      1) I think Balkanization is a more likely result. It may look like CW 2.0, but I think it will break down into many little differing groups fighting at the local levels. During WWII France occupied by the Nazis, while over all they were fighting the Nazis, differing groups were fighting each other (some turning in others to the SS) for post-occupied France power.
      2) Unless the UN has the backing of NATO (aka the US military) the UN security forces track record has not been exactly stellar. More like a Charlie Fox.

      • Fear, fear, fear said the “Privates!” (adjusted from old Marine Corps cadence – I am an old Jarhead!) Fear is the narrative of the day! Fear everything! Masks, the “variant of the day”, immigration, lockdowns, inflation, BLM, CRT, etc. just fear everything! Uncle Sugar will take care of your problems! We have a program for that! If not we will make one and roll the printing presses to pay for it!
        Yes REM is playing in the background, “It’s the end of the world as we know it!” And yes I do feel fine! Why? Because by myself there isn’t a dang thing I can do about except make an impact on the area surrounding me and where I live. But…consider this….why can’t we all band together? Larry Elder jumped in with both feet! He is the only one of all the talking heads left and right who is actually walking the walk. Everybody else is all talk…All hat and no cattle (Texism). Just good old fashion organization starting at the grass roots and invite who every wants to join (minus the Nazis) and minus anybody whoever got second place in a war (let’s not count Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, or Korea – those were just undeclared Democracy exercises…. Harrumph). Surely there are a “few” of us who remember basic human decency, actually talking to people face to face, and heterosexual super heroes!
        Can’t we just give common sense a chance? Join with me brothers, sisters, and alternate pronouns! Only you can prevent the continuing lunacy (I mean the “fearful situation we are in) Paid for by Citizens for Normalcy, My Rights Matter, and the Ad Council.

    • Pulled some time with the UN. Y’all guy nothing to worry about ????. It so corrupt it makes us look good. That’s what happens when you give a general a larger budget than his 3rd world countries GDP.
      Most volunteer for the extra money. America wouldn’t let us have the extra money because it made us “mercenaries”.
      We were mine detecting with equipment but the African countries were using sticks in a line formation.
      Outside of a few vehicles and minimal facilities each country still has to provide their own stuff. It’s a joke. Yeah they’ll be no blue bonnets coming IMO.

        • You are correct. The mission statement is Observe and Report.

          They will not get involved in anything they aren’t directly told to and guess who tells them? Sure ain’t The People.

          They will also utilize already stretched resources if not downright steal them because they’ve never had anything like it.

  • It cannot be stopped, much less reversed to the ‘good old days’, no matter which days those are for any particular person. Including the ones that are helping to orchestrated and guide what is happening. Fortunately, they are arrogant, believe their wealth will insulate them from anything and everything, think that not only are they smarter (as well as better educated at the ‘right’ schools) than the general population, but that the general population is not only stupid but cannot see or understand what is happening.

    That last might be true at the moment, but more and more people are seeing and understanding what is happening. Even before COVID 19 here in the US it was becoming more evident about how those in the Federal government exempted themselves from many of the laws that they helped pass for the rest of the population. And one of the telling ones, in my eyes, is that they exempted themselves from getting the standard flu shots and other vaccinations, but received the mercury-free versions themselves and those they cared about.

    Add in the recent crop of exposures of many of those that have proposed mask mandates, vaccination mandates, social distancing mandates, and many more of the restrictions have not, in fact been following them themselves. Only when they think they will be on camera.

    These beliefs that they are infallible work against them, for just as a large portion of the general population fail to, and/or refuse to see what is going on, the elite fail to and/or refuse to see that the general population does have members that see what is going on, and know how to deal with it.

    The turning point for when their plans begin to fail will be when many of those that have wholeheartedly aided and abetted the actions that TPTB (The Powers That Be – my blanket title for the elitists, globalists, giga-rich, and others that believe they know what is best for everyone) start to find out that they, themselves, are no longer immune to new laws and restrictions being passed and put into place. Nor do many of the upper level of this group have a place in the ‘bunker’ that TPTB has assured them will be available to those that provide major help to the agenda.

    I think the start will be when many in the MSM (Main Stream Media) begin to realize that they too are no longer a privileged class as long as they cooperate. TPTB, in their arrogance, will reach the point when they no longer believe that having the MSM be their official mouthpiece and propaganda arm and throw them to the wolves as well, will some of the reporters, directors, and other management people start to actually tell the real truth, which many have known all along, and those that did not will start looking at things other than the official handouts.

    So, the New World Order that TPTB are orchestrating, with its necessary 90% die-off of the population (except for them, of course), will ultimately not succeed. And TPTB will again go underground, the way they have in times past when their efforts failed. They do not seem to be able to understand history any more than most people do.

    However, very unfortunately, the 90% die-off will probably occur, due to reasons other than those that TPTB have begun institution, and billions of innocent people will die necessarily, through no fault of their own, many of them by violent means.

    What I have been doing for years has been getting ready for this time. I have studied history since I was still in junior high school, with an eye to how it could influence my prepping (survivalist initially, before demonization set in), and almost everything I learned, starting in the late sixties, just kept pointing to all of this happening. Not all the details, of course. There are always variations on the theme, but the general ideas.

    My original timetable for the worst to start had been 2030 for a long time, possibly influenced by the thought that I probably would not be around by then. However, starting just before the year 2000, I began to shorten that timeframe about a year at a time, until in 2005, it was 2025. And it has held at that since. Though I am beginning to wonder if it might be sooner.

    I highly suggest that anyone and everyone that can, plan, equip, and supply themselves for an extended time for when the infrastructure goes down and violence become prevalent. (it is not even close yet, despite what many think based on recent events.)

    Now, this is out there, I know. Conspiracy theory-type stuff. I have based it on historical facts, current research from a wide range of sources, including some of that classic ‘highly placed’ type, and researching some sources that I know many do not consider at all. Such as the Earth’s orbit, the Sun’s various cycles, the Milky Way Solar System cycles, tectonic history, volcanic history, ocean current history, and others.

    Whether you believe my analysis or not, I urge every to do their own due diligence research, to include some of the above-recommended ideas, and form your own opinion. I know I can be wrong. I do not think I am, however, this is all:

    Just my opinion.

  • AMERICA HAS DECLARED GOD TO BE THEIR ENEMY,is their anyone with the sense GOD gave a goose who understands what that means,YOUR GOING TO BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED,bombed till every city in america is ASHES,population ZERO,and its well deserved too,THE MURDER OF THE WORLD by america had to be stopped at some point in time,and NOW AMERICA YOUR TIME HAS COME..

    • Arizona, Medication Dude, you need to take your Medication :-). Otherwise laser eyed robots you will be posting again.

      Biblically speaking even in the case of Sodom and Gomora God makes provisions for those that do not bow a knee to Satan.

      This doesn’t mean you sit around doing nothing, as preparing to protect and support your family is a Godly requirement. 1st Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

      Faith that God is in control.

      Or as said in Matthew 10: 28

      Fear God Alone
      …27What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops. 28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. 29Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.…

      Christians might take comfort in: Philippians 1:21 where Paul is in a Roman Prison.

      To Live is Christ
      20I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have complete boldness so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. 21For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. 22But if I go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. So what shall I choose? I do not know.…

      We will ALL die, it’s how we LIVE that matters.

      • Hi Michael…. I think Arizona is correct. I personally see the U.S. as the mystery Babylon of Revelation 17, and then comes her sudden destruction in Revelation 18. The parameters / qualifications laid out in these two chapters describing who “she” is defines the U.S. very well – in my opinion.
        Will there be survivors in the U.S. in the aftermath of its destruction – of course – that is, if you look at the fall of every other world power through out written history and use past history as a source.
        Then again, God may have something special planned….

        • Jerry C the stopped clock is correct twice a day :-).

          I too understand We are the Mystery Babylon thus I included the comment about God making provisions for the righteous even in Sodom. Revelations 18 speaks to that.

          God’s chosen people also fell from Gods grace and were enslaved and their country ruined. To return several generations later again redeemed to rebuild. Sadly I seem to read they fell more than once eh?

          Meanwhile we can only prepare to provide for our families as best we can in the Chaos (Look to Kabul Afghanistan right now for details) per 1st Timothy 5:8.

  • The author of this article seems to be a bit mixed up in the connection between the economy and resources, which is a common mistake. It isn’t so much that a good economy means more resources, it’s that when a country has poor resources, the economy will also go down. The economy is the symptom, in other words.

    The current situation is unprecedented enough that it’s very hard to estimate how bad it can get. Taking comfort from other countries at other times not falling catastrophically may be the right idea, or it could be a serious mistake. After all, unprecedented situations are usually followed by more unprecedented stuff.

    In any case, we don’t need to know how bad it can get, we just need to be prepared for different scenarios of how bad it can get. Many people tend to focus on whatever is their expected scenario, and this is a mistake. Being prepared for several possibilities, from a relatively benign downturn to full-on hell breaking loose, is probably the best attitude.

    • Dolly, I’ll do my best to address some of your well-made points, perhaps to make the points I tried to make more clear:

      “… when a country has poor resources, the economy will also go down. The economy is the symptom, in other words.“ –

      Not really: there are dozens of resource-rich countries that have very poor economies (Venezuela is perhaps the best example), and relatively resource-poor ones that manage to fare well (Israel, etc.). You’re right in saying that the economy is the symptom, just not of abundance nor scarcity of resources, but other things.

      “ The current situation is unprecedented enough that it’s very hard to estimate how bad it can get.”

      Based on history I’d tend to disagree. It’s a first on many accounts, as I said most notably in the size of everything. But in its essence, this has happened oh-so-many-times before, even before the fall of Rome. The reasons, the dynamics, the developments and the consequences are also very similar.

      Because humans are essentially the same in the way we react to abundance, scarcity, fear and greed, and also the traps of corruption, competition, etc.

      Stay well.

        • Fritz,

          Is it possible? Always is. Is it probable? Not in US, I believe not. For the reasons argued in the article. If the economy crashes too bad and for long enough, then the stage could be set and probability increases IMHO. Today, if something similar even came close to be attempted, it would probably lead to a civil war.

  • Fabian:
    Thanks for your excellent analysis! This is by far the most sane look at what not only has happened in the past, but what we are likely to see going forward.
    I am eager to read part two!

    • Thanks a lot M.K. Outré, history is there to provide us some guidance and light in both sane and crazy moments, the idea is do our best so to get too caught up (or paralyzed) in doom nor by fear, but also not lower the guard. Hope it helps a little in that way.

      Stay well.

  • There’s no getting out of this. All of this is being set up to cover the fact that the government has been doing dirty deals forever and the house of cards is ready to collapse. All of this is the strategy to cover their asses while We the People take it in the ass.
    Someone once said that if we realized what politicians have been doing to us, there would not be enough rope, or enough trees, to right the wrong.

  • “Every few generations, the system crumbles under its own weight, complexity, and corruption. And another cycle begins anew. This dynamic repeats throughout history.”

    Love this quote. It reminds me of my grandfather telling me that near exact same thing that his father taught him. That struck me very deeply and nagged at me my entire life. Now, here I am. Guiding this static ship of a farm into this storm.

    Went to a production dairy auction today with a plan on exactly which heifers I wanted. Set a budget. Went over budget by $25. Why? Everyone, including me hit the sale with the same plan, apparently. Super high production cows brought ~$500-1k value.

    Bottom line takeaway. I feel many other ranchers and farmers like me are seeing high volatility in commodities for the next year and are parking their money on blood for the future rather than an uncertain short term production payout as inflation and commodities rise.

    When ranchers and farmers feel the pinch hard in spite of seemingly good sale prices and start to pull back, be wary.

    • Jim, this is so important and another warning sign:

      “When ranchers and farmers feel the pinch hard in spite of seemingly good sale prices and start to pull back, be wary.”

      I have something related to that too that my grandfather used to tell me that stuck and played a big role in me turning into prepping and survivalism, that fits what you said to perfection:

      “We need a policeman, a priest, a notary and a layer perhaps two or three times in a lifetime each. But we need a farmer three times a day, every single day, while we live”.

      Those weren’t his words to the tee, but it sure drives the point home all the same I guess. And it’s also deeply related to the economy, because life is economy.

      Stay well!

    • -Jim,
      Been reading more than a few ranchers and farmers who are doing exactly that.

      Be wary indeed.

  • Fabian, the next SHTF will be much worse than anything we have seen in the US. During the Great Depression we were a christian nation. Most people prayed to God for help and then helped each other. Today most people will expect the government to help and then fight each other for scarce supplies. The government has been doing everything they can to sow discord among various groups to ensure this will happen. More than half the US is already dependent on the government. In the 1930s that was a much smaller group. Law and order has already broken down and it isn’t that bad yet. It will get much worse than anything in the USSR because we are already a divided nation. Hatred is being espoused by each group against the others and we are ready to boil over. Most of us will not make it through to the better times that might come later. All we can do is try but it will be very devastating.

    • “ Most of us will not make it through to the better times that might come later. All we can do is try but it will be very devastating.”

      David 100% agree, in fact this is what SHTF is all about in one sentence. Not the end of the world, not the end of times, not the end of history. Just events and times in which many stay behind and some advance. And life goes on, we’re just tiny specks in the grand scheme of things.

  • “Many people tend to focus on whatever is their expected scenario, and this is a mistake.”

    I’ve never understood planning for only one event. In any area you have temperature extremes, the potential for extreme weather be it tornadoes, hurricanes and straight line winds. There are chemical plants, trains or trucks carrying very dangerous chemicals that coulf be released into the air due to accident.

    Losing your job or a major family illness can destroy your personal economy.

    The emergency situation doesn’t have to affect anyone but your immediate family.

    We may not be able to prepare for everything or may not be able to prepare as much as we’d like, but we should prepare for as many different scenarios and as much as we can.

    Most scenarios will require many of the same preparations with a few specialty things – such as gas mask and protective gear if there is a chemical leak or the local nuclear facility has a leak. That local nuclear facility may be a university, a loval hospital or a specialized business, it does not have to a nuclear power plant although those tend to have the potential to affect a lot more people over a much larger area.

    I try to plan for everything, I know that isnt realistic but if i have the basics I’m at least better off than most. I’d love a Geiger counter but it hasn’t been in the budget. Gas masks, hoods, protective clothing, iodine and KI03 pills are possible.

    Food, water, shelter (including approriate clothing for temp extremes at either end), basic medical supplies, hand tools go a long way in any scenario. Knowledge and skills are also important.

    Think about what may happen but be flexible and have an open mind. This way if your exact scenario doesn’t come about you aren’t paralyzed because you’ve never thought about this particular scenario.

  • Anyone who has invested in a pension fund should be very concerned particularly if your state makes it mandatory to invest in government bonds or treasuries. Many state run pension funds are bankrupt and cannot pay future liabilities. The reason for this is that, as some funds must invest in government bonds the next crisis will be one of confidence in the various governments ability to pay their debts/ bonds. The US share market is the biggest dog in the fight and we will see the worlds investors flood the US market to escape woke socialist mismanagement of taxpayers money. This will continue probably until 2024 followed by a major correction and then international conflict around 2028. Sorry to say human nature and historical cycles doesn’t change and the generations that benefited from our ancestors sacrifices will not value the blessings that flowed from that. 2032 will be the year where China will replace the US as the financial capital of the world. It will also mark the biggest collapse of the share market ever. This may be a collapse back in to a time unseen since the dark ages.

    • Sounds like you’ve been listening to “Armstrong economics” He is saying the same thing.
      If not you would like his reports.

    • Barnabas,
      Didnt one of the Biden passed stimulus bail out those pensions?
      I recall reading an article, some union boss was bragging about how the bail out saved their pensions, and now all the unions people were going out and buying new cars, RVs, etc.

  • The Divided States is settling into chaos by design. Economic Collapse is part of it. It is the second stage of a Maoist takeover. The third will be a Police State ending in bloodshed.

    Saw a video where the Department of Homeland Security listed the three greatest domestic threats

    #1 People against Covid-19 restrictions
    #2. People who contend the 2020 election was rigged
    #3. The 20th aniversity of 9/11

    Not Antifa, BLM, gangs/drugs coming across the border, or defunding the Police………hmmmmm?

  • Good article. It’s generated interesting comments.

    My preps try to cover life from many different ways things can go wrong. We get wind sheers here. They can easily rip off a roof or section of a roof. Same prep as a tornado. And I keep a stack of tarps, duct tape, salvaged wood, ect to make repairs or build a simple one room shelter.

    Wild fires across the mountain above me are are more likely than right here but air quality can be a concern. A house fire is always a posability. Especially since we heat and cook on a rocket stove burning either sticks or pellets.

    A flood right here is unlikely. We’re on a slope above a deeper valley on one side and an arroyo about a city block distance and below us off to a side. But a waterheater, drains, or pipes breaking can all do water damage. They are all insulated and run under the floor. I have better enclosed the crawlspace to reduce the chance of freezing even more. I also bought water proof underwater tape for temp repairs..

    Social anarchy, which we are already seeing a lot of, is a real posability. But is more likely to start in a city over an hours drive away. But if the government can no longer support and feed the poor, stops paying out pensions, and stops covering its social security beneficiaries many of us will be screwed. The longer it lasts the worse it will be. I have tried to somewhat prepare for a barter society. Items and skills.

    If utilities are gone, for whatever reason, we need to be able to survive without city water, electricity, natural gas or LP gas resupply. That is a lot of preps or start living without those things now and do things differently. I mostly live without those things or have ways to easily replace what I do use.

    Short of internal or external wars I think I’m close to survivability. War on our land is something I have no experience with. I can think about what if and do what I’m abIe to to prepare. Mostly the same as any society breakdown.

    I work on skills that were used in a more “primitive” time. I don’t have a belt driven woodshop but i know the principal of the even older treadle saws and I have treadle sewing machines with enough cloth for a lifetime of clothing for several people. I’ve learned welding and could build a billows forge for blacksmithing. I’ve sand cast metals and melted metals on a homemade charcoal and bellows forge that I helped build. I have hand tools and often use them for quick jobs. I have hand tools for my kitchen. I make myown apple cider vinegar most years and have made fermented foods such as sourkraut and yogurt since childhood. I garden, can, sun dry, and shade air dry, much of my produce and herbs. I’ve added more fruit trees, bushes, and vines this year. One side property line is planted in edible cacti that bears edible fruit, i’m now adding wild blackberries on anotherside, of the remaining two I need a better line of defense for one. Perhaps keep propagating cacti and wild blackberries. The forth line I’ll add more to but it’s the one line I can easily see all of and I have motion detectors on the entry driveway and internal driveways. The receivers are in my home but since they all sound alike I’ve placed them in different areas so I can know where something is moving.

    I don’t have goats, but I’d like a few. No horses or cows these days. Not enough pasture on high mountain desert land. I do have rabbits, chickens, and ducks. (Fur, eggs, and meat.) I have made brain tanned leather but I can also make rabbit skins useable with some work and an egg. I butcher myown critters for meat. I have butchered sheep and deer and can make jerky, meat or fish, native style raw or smoked and the more common well-seasoned ones. I like soy sauce and or green chili on mine. 🙂

    I have enough elm trees here to trim back every fall to cover a years heating. One pile dries while another is used from. I make trellises, save a stack of smaller branches for peas to climb, longer branches for cucumbers to climb et. Then the thicker branches and twigs become kindling and firewood for the rocket stove I heat with and cook on all winter. I cook on a home made BBQ most of the summer. I use charcoal for canning. I make that from 1 1/2″- 2″ elm branches. I use a grandfathers method of making charcoal and his method of smoking meats.

    I have a maul, ax, hatchets, wedge, and sledge hammers, picks, shovels, rakes, hoes, cultivators, spadeing forks, pitchforks, Hay hooks, sickles ect. That’s for everyday use. I’m using everyday work to rehab with since covid. Initially I couldn’t lift a gallon of milk. Today I can move and stack 40lb feed or heating pelIet bags. I still can’t quite get the 50lb dog food bags up the steps and into the house. A neighbor helps me with that. I have planted trees this year but I dig, rest, dig till its done. I care for my nearIy helpless husband, our critters, the garden, everything and try to think of what more I might need to get, do, or learn. I even bought a book on Botney to help learn more plants for my “weed” garden and foraging. My flowers for the most part are edible, medicinal, or discourage garden pests. A few just for color.

    When I had covid it was months before I was able to drive anywhere further than the post office. We got to try out living on our preps. It was fine. I did decide I wanted more canned fruit and seeds for larger quantities of micro greens and sprouts. I’ve replaced most of what was used. I may add more canned chili with beans. I’ve been canning soups now that I’m getting some fresh produce from the garden.

    I’m also slowIy adding back house plants since I lost all of mine to negIect. Air cleaners and they help add a bit of humidity to the dry desert air, while just looking nice. The geraniums in pots on the front steps will move inside for the winter. They are bright and easy to care for.

    I’m slowly digging a trench for a greenhouse. I wanted a walapini. I’ll see how doing the trench works out. It could be expanded. I have saved mobile home rafters and pIastic to go over a walapini. I’ll see how I hold up. I have 5 used glass doors i use for hot beds every spring. I set up a cinder block frame to fit the doors and just 2 blocks high. Two pieces of rebar act as a stop to hold the door. When it is too hot inside I prop it open with a stick. I keep a thrmometer inside that mensures high and low temp and humidity.

    I try thinking of what ifs, and what can I do in that situation or how can I be prepared for that situation?

    I have had a housefire, I’ve had a home totally emptied by thieves with a truck. I’ve been in swift flowing flood waters to my armpits… it takes your feet out from under you! I lived through many Califonia earthquakes, big and little. I’ve helped “man” a firebreak being hurriedly made in a major fire when I was 19. I’ve helped neighbors fight brushfires. I added hoses and water to help with a neighbors house fire. I’ve been caught in the middle of two motorcycle gangs fighting. It feIt like a major accomplishment getting out alive and unhurt. I had to fight a man and a woman to get out of there. I replay those experience for what I did right and what I might have done differently. Watch the news for situations and think of ways to handle those situations. Fantasize a bit. You may find answers you will need someday. Watch movies about the “old days”. What do you see being done that you might also do? Something as simple as a mirror behind a lamp multiplies the light. I know folks who raise animals to spin into yarn. The yarn is then knit, crocheted, or woven. A fruit stand? A small store? Hand sewing. Mending, cooking, or carpentry. Can you make knives or saws? My grandfather made saws and some like a keyhole saw had deer antler handles. He also made deer hide bags in many sizes for many different uses. He whittled wooden spoons long and short for grandma. I still use rolling pit that was turned in a grgrgrandfathers woodshop where he made furniture. I have a dresser he made for his daughters 8th birthday. It came to me on my 8th birthday. That sort of shop could still be recreated if someone learns how. Everything was hand tools or treadle powered.

  • The NWO is going all out now. If you have to ask why this stuff is happening your an idiot. They have told you for decades. When cash is gone so are you unless the kiss the royal boots!

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