Our Healthcare System Is Deteriorating Fast. Here’s What You Need to Do.

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The world has changed. Previously, anyone was able to enter the hospital or a doctor’s office anytime that they pleased without any issues whatsoever. If you were sick, you could expect to be given medical care. It never mattered your skin color, creed, religion, political beliefs, or any of that.

Those working in the field of healthcare never had an issue with helping to heal those in need. They were never banned from doing so.

But now, things are different.

Now, we have children with cancer who are being kicked out of hospitals because they don’t have the Jabberwockies.

Now, we have patients being taken off of organ transplant lists because they refuse to be coerced into medical decisions.

Now, we have doctors who lose their licenses – or even face criminal penalties – for treating their patients with medicines that are not politically in vogue (all while politicians receive treatment with these banned medicines).

Now, receptionists are more than happy to refuse you entry to the facility they work at unless you have hidden your face or have the appropriate paperwork.

Now, there is open discussion about kidnapping the children of those who have refused to take the Jabberwockies and placing them in “homes” where they’ll be “properly” taken care of. Keep in mind the large number of state-run trafficking rings that have been exposed of late.

America has changed, and not for the better. The healthcare system is deteriorating fast.

This is the world that we live in now.

That’s why it is more important now than it has ever been before to take care of your own health. Because the fact of the matter is that hospitals may refuse to treat your children. The notion of the emergency room barring your child suffering from an asthma attack entry is very real. You being barred to get your broken finger treated at the walk-in clinic is a real threat.

This is the extent to which propaganda has changed America.

In addition, the lovers of freedom have left their professions in the healthcare system.

Healthcare workers have left the field of medicine in droves as hospitals across the country have instituted mask and jab mandates. The staffing shortage has gotten so severe that now, many hospitals have been forced to completely close down certain units. The rates hospitals are now willing to pay nurses has absolutely skyrocketed as well, as they attempt to retain workers who are leaving in record numbers and attract new help to fill their place.

Supply chain shortages have affected the healthcare system as well. It’s not just the staff that’s missing – it’s the product. Imagine a world where syringes, scalpels, medicines, surgical equipment, and more is in short supply. One source who works in a hospital in a large city in South Carolina said they were down to just two kinds of needles and supplies were dwindling fast. He shared that new orders were not being filled quickly, if at all. In many ways, we’re already there, but things are only escalating.

Consider what collectivism does to the healthcare system.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Did that (or anything else from that man’s mouth) prove to be true?

Perhaps we can look at what collectivism did to the Swedish healthcare system, where patients are denied the ability to purchase medications with their own money, because it would be “unfair.” Perhaps we can look at Venezuela, where the wait time to be treated for a potentially fatal condition can be months. [source]

Longer wait times are coming to America – the land of the free – as well. People in certain parts of the country are already experiencing this as a result of mandates and staffing shortages.

And as mentioned before, this makes it more important now than ever to take care of your and your family’s health.

How can we be prepared for this?

While I wholeheartedly agree that to be passive is to remain on the defensive, and I also agree that herbal medicine is not a panacea, I can’t help but wonder if getting as many Americans as possible to learn as much as possible about herbal medicine couldn’t end up helping massive amounts of my countrymen.

When you can’t buy Neosporin because you’re barred entry at the door of the pharmacy, are you able to create your own forms of germ-killers from what is growing around you? Can herbal remedies save you money on common OTC medications? Can plants such as elderberry keep you healthy?

This is why we want to help you become more self-reliant with your health.

That’s why The Organic Prepper is excited to announce the release of Cat Ellis’ e-course, Herbal Skills Intensive. In this 8-week course, you’ll learn what you need to know about how herbs have been used throughout history, what herbs are beneficial to grow, how to prepare them, as well as other pertinent advice as well.

Cat was the owner of Herbal Prepper before it closed its doors this past year. When The Organic Prepper discovered what was happening, we quickly reached out to her to see about keeping her awesome products available when we need them the most.

She’s the author of the 2015 book Prepping for a Pandemic, in which she laid out how a herbalist would respond to a global pandemic, even looking at the potential for a global coronavirus pandemic. She’s also the author of The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual, which was banned by Amazon without explanation in 2020.

Prepping for a Pandemic is still available for sale on Amazon, but if you’re looking to purchase The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual, unfortunately it’s now out of print completely.

Her Herbal Skills Intensive is currently running a sale. What is normally a $199 course is going to be released here at The Organic Prepper for an early-bird sale of $99. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of herbal medicine, this is a great place to start!

*Disclaimer: Nobody here at The Organic Prepper is nor pretends to be a doctor. This is not medical advice. If you’re seeking medical advice, go find somebody licensed to give it.*

What do you think the solution is to a crumbling healthcare system?

What are the answers to a healthcare system that picks and chooses who it treats? How will you care for your family? Are you taking healthcare into consideration when making your self-reliant plans? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has two published books, The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

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  • “What are the answers to a healthcare system that picks and chooses who it treats?”

    My daughter and her husband decided to not risk going to a hospital or birthing center to have their second baby. They had reasons, but that was their choice. Mom and new baby are fine. Born at 4:10 am today at home in their bed.

    Grandma was there the past two weeks to assist. She’s got a nursing background, but not in OB.

    Daughter went past due a few days. Normal, no biggie. Walked around in the snow a lot yesterday during the storm and had a homeopath midwife mentoring her.

    Personally, I was terrified. Cheerleading from 8 hours away knowing anything can go wrong nearly killed me. I’d prefer to not do this again. Women are way tougher than I could ever be when it comes to this. I’m amazed.

    Baby Bella, 8lbs.10oz

    • Shhhh. Don’t tell the government that you have a new baby. The goons that have taken over our government are in a baby killing business that dwarfs the Pharoahs and Herods of history.

    • Back during the Jimmy Carter years, I worked in construction, except I wasn’t. I didn’t want my kids to be born in a welfare hospital, so we had both of my boys at home. It’s possible to do, but unless it’s a hurricane or blizzard or SHTF, I’m never delivering baby’s again!! Congratulations on the new baby!!! Rick554

    • “Mom and new baby are fine”

      .9 of the time, everything goes fine.

      .1 of the time, it all goes sideways and downhill.

  • Certain prominent doctors have been warning those wise enough to listen for 3 decades now that they should stay away from doctors and hospitals if they want to live and be healthy.
    And yes, good medical people leaving hospitals and major medical facilities is also a good thing. Now they can do what needs to be done instead of having some Communist, Globalist concentration camp hospital administration mental cases smothering them with masks and restrictions.

    • Next you can expect states to outlaw private medical practices that are not overseen and overruled by the masters of death that run the government.

      • Doctors in times past were paid in eggs, potatoes or whatever folks had. Bartering is not out of the question. Word will get around like it used to. Common sense and sound judgment might just make it back in demand if we wait long enough and keep our heads. Everyone is going to be working a bit harder about everything soon anyways.

  • The ” health care system” has been broken and crashing for about the last 100 years.
    Some of you are just starting to wake up to that fact.

    For example: there were natural based cures for Cancer back in the 1800’s(and earlier), but the medical establishment did not like them and spent 100’s of millions of dollars looking for “other” cures.
    They are still looking for them today, still fundraising to “do more research”.

    They have put out nearly useless( at best) Flu shots every year for about the last 80 years and how many times have they actually predicted which variant would be most predominant and created the right mix to combat it? I am not sure they ever really have.

    They have made some advances in some areas, that is true, but often those advances only favor the rich who can afford the outrageous costs associated with them. plus over time the costs keep increasing, not decreasing.
    The Eggs are bad for you, the all cholesterol is bad for you, “Science” that was all the rage for many years in the medical community.
    Don’t event get me started on the “low sodium diet” BS.
    Or the push of Stating drugs on people, to prevent heart attacks, ( but they often actually cause problems that do create heart attacks).
    And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the failures of their “Science” and MAL practice.
    So much for medical “science”.

    But waking up late is better than never waking up.

    • I agree with you! I have always been interested in “natural medicine”, holistic, alternative, but way back when I was younger, that was juju, etc…….nowdays its accepted and seems like more and more people are getting interested in it because of the situation of our healthcare. I would love to come off my bp meds, at one point years ago was diagnosed with it just because my bp wasnt exactly on point that docs said it should be….so on meds for rest of life they said – I wasnt overweight, was healthy tho ate like a horse, was more active, etc. but putting all those chemicals in my body has changed that, have the pain, bloating, swelling in ankles/legs etc, weight gain, and my bp still climbs! so I’m FED UP and seriously considering backing off this crap and let my body either reset itself or die……I cant stand vaccines, took one flu shot back in 70 got sicker than a dog, never took another, never had the flu (thank God). so most medical problems are caused by the chemicals they have fed us, put on foods, in the air/water, etc, in the ground…..had they left well enough alone, people wouldnt be as sick today……just my opinion…..hate the side effects of all the chemicals….

    • Dear Mic, could you name a few of those natural based cancer cures? I could hardly imagine those are working properly against cancer (which kind of cancer?) as the pharmaceutical industry would have already used them. Just like yew and rapamycin. Thank you.

      • Used Cansema successfully for many years for skin cancer. Have heard of people taking it internally but don’t have enough info about how to safely do that.
        Research cansema and you will see the extent big pharma, in partnership with government agencies, will go to shut down competition. There are recipes online if you’re the diy type.
        There are many herbal preparations but the bottom line is you need to maintain a healthy baseline of a good healthy diet of natural foods, not processed, to give the body nutrition and fuel to fight disease. Natural and herbal preparations need to be part of a healthy lifestyle to be most effective.

        • Baking soda? Jesus, please, please stop it. I made my search for this cansema. Seemingly same effectiveness as silver nitrate. To very light lesions, warts, cancer lesions in very-very early stage, if you are lucky, that would be OK. But for melanoma malignum, seeems to me Russian roulette. Baking soda against cancer? I have once been at the largest oncology center in my country, and saw a brochure stating that destillated water cures cancer. Seriously, do not laugh.
          In a normal situation, a suspicious skin lesion should immediately be checked by a trained dermatologist. In SHTF, qualified cancerous lesion should be excised asap.
          Still waiting for those mentioned working cancer cures, exluding yew.

          • Peterun, your big pharma may not approve anything except their hidden agenda kill shots! Try Kigelia africana fruit tincture, been using it for >20 years on various skin cancer issues from humans to animals. It works! How about the newly disputed GcMAF?

            • Dear Kurt, I hope we agree on that baking soda and destillated water does not cure cancer.
              Just for the record: I am not against herbal medicine at all. There are proven, confirmed and excellent herbal remedies for various indications. Sempervivum against ear infection is a great example. Valeriana is a good sleep helper. Big pharma (nooooot Purdue!) would be very much pleased with any kind of plants curing ALL cancers, notwithstanding the fact that most cancers (take prostrate cancer, for instance) are very gene-specific, and thus the remedy should be practically personalized, at some cases.
              Big pharma is eager to find the cure to the cancer. Just like all hetbalists and botanist.
              Granted, some topical treatments are effective, but the range is very narrow. In SHTF (to be ontopic) either traditional herbal stuff or big pharma chemo would be very difficult to administer. Well, all right, herbals would maybe be available, but their effectiveness is limited, I must say.

              • Follow the money trail. Far more money is made from chemical and surgical treatments than could ever be made from curing diseases. Look at heart disease. So much has come out where dietary and exercise choices are connected to your getting it or surviving it but VERY little is said about it at the doctors office level or even from the cardiologists. You can’t make money off people who eat salads and take walks. You can only profit from drugs, surgery and endless office visits.
                As a chronic illness person I’m extra jaded on the big pharma wants to cure. They ONLY do research on drugs to treat symptoms instead of studying what causes my problem in the first place.

        • Yes, just like Aloe vera, morinda citrifolia, etc. They cure virtually everything. Sorry for my black humour. Kalcker’s stuff is actually chemical, not herbal and is from 21st century, not 1800s.

          • Nobody said it had to be only herbal. And so what if it’s new, if it works? The point is even if Big Pharma wasn’t designed to keep you sick instead of cure you, if it becomes unavailable in the future, every single alternative treatment/cure must now step up to the plate.

  • Luckily I purchased a copy of Cat’s The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual when it came out! I have a personal library of good physical books to help with many SHTF events.

  • Aden,
    While I agree with the majority of your article, I would encourage you to do more research on your historical comment: “It never mattered your skin color, creed, religion, political beliefs, or any of that.” I can attest to the fact that skin color did matter. I grew up in the latter part of the Jim Crow south. As a child there was a section of the pediatricians’ office for “Colored” and a separate section for “Whites”. In the exam room the thermometers and other instruments were labeled based on the color of one’s skin. The hospitals were segregated until 1968 where I lived in Virginia. Things during that time period were certainly separate, but were surely not equal. These practices were not unique to Virginia or the South. The Tuskegee Experiment and the storage and transfusion of blood based on race are well known examples of disparity. I am not an angry Black person but we cannot pretend such historical facts did not happen.

    Today I see disparity in the Cancer Industry that has nothing to do with race but how much money can be made off of particular cancers. Case in point: A dear friend survived ovarian cancer in spite of traditional medical care. She contacted the American Cancer Society for assistance with supplies, etc. They informed her that they did not have anything set up for ovarian cancer patients since they did not expect them to live that long. Another friend with breast cancer was denied any services by ACS (not sure why). These 2 cases while both were black women, had nothing to do with race, but everything to do with big pharma and their money schemes. I contribute not one single dime to any of these syndicate organizations but rather give assistance directly to patients or their families. Overall a very good and thought provoking article.

  • Mic is very much on target. One excellent example (of many) in support is the 1988 copyrighted hardback book “Murder by Injection — the story of the medical conspiracy against America” by Eustace Mullins.

    One early example was the Rockefeller-supplied vaccine to the US Army in 1918 (starting in Kansas at Ft. Riley) but which was also sold to several other countries. As forced recipients immediately began to get sick, the perpetrators were kept secret by covering up what eventually killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide (including more German soldiers during WWI than combat). The deceitful label used by the US government was the “Spanish Flu” — which falsehood is still maintained to this present day. And in the “not a coincidence” category, Rockefeller descendants were still doing pandemic studies in 2010 as well as participating in the 2019 pandemic simulation just a few months before Covid-19 hit the fan.

    Throughout the 1900s whenever a new and working cure for cancer was discovered that was not based on some patented high-priced pharmaceutical, the discoverer would be demonized, called a quack, destroyed professionally, and sometimes run out of this country. In some cases naturopathic researchers and practitioners were found murdered under mysterious circumstances. This was all in the spirit of John D. Rockefeller’s infamous proclamation that “competition is a sin!”

    Just today this report surfaced about the criminally inept US approach to Covid-19 and its mutations:

    The US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure;
    The US Deaths keep piling up…, by Dr. Robert W Malone MD, MS, Feb 3, 2022


    Plus 108 comments & counting…

    US hospitals are being turned into Murder, Inc centers in exchange for federal money. No wonder there is such great interest in DIY methods (such as the Front Line Doctors promote) that have far superior results — despite the oligarch-owned MSM media that demonizes such successes.


  • I wish somebody would layout all the needed books, courses, etc. for herbal, holistic and alternative medicine and these essential oils I keep hearing about. Something where I could just buy the books, tools and non-perishable supplies all at once.

    • Scarlet, it’s not that simple. Essential oils are powerful and just a single book would never do. As a certified aromatherapist, I rely on my training and Tisserand safety book. A book alone doesn’t lay out every thing for you, you still need hands on experience to gain knowledge of when it’s a good idea to deviate from a standard practice. Please know I’m not discounting books by themselves, I have many many books on EO, herbs, and emergency medical info but a book that is not studied is like just like prep gear you don’t know how to use … worthless! I plan to sign up for the class while knowing some of the info will be repetitive (helps instill the info). I know I’ll pick up nuggets of info and reinforce my current knowledge. All the best!

    • Dr. Jones from homegrown herbalist (homegrownherbalist.com) has a course that teaches you about the different herbs/plants and how to make tinctures, etc. It is worth looking into.

    • Scarlet my latest favourite book is Herbal Medic by Sam Coffman. I found it easy to understand and includes how to make various herbal preparations for particular ailments.

  • My thought is this. Whatever your politics if you can make the time go get the education. Right now a lot of basic health care provider curriculums such as CNA, EMT, etc are tuition free now in some community colleges and maybe other places. Even LPN and RN if you have the time and energy to commit. It’s a great opportunity, take advantage of it.

    So at least you have the skills to take care of family if you feel like you would be like to give them family based care. And EMT skills are a great advantage. Supplement that however you can. No one can ever take that knowledge away from you.

    Also if you feel like you can step up and help fill health care staffing shortages where you live so much the better. I know they will appreciate it and they pay is not bad at all these days. Nothing is perfect but the more people that help the better it can be.

    Re people getting bent out of shape about Jabberwockies and covering their faces OK you have the right to feel that way. But I have been seeing people getting very ill to the point of being near death, worked with people who have it, and know/ know of several people who have passed from it.

    Please take some time to learn about the chain of infection and how it works. Most importantly how to protect yourselves and loved ones from it. It really does not need to be a political issue any more than Polio or Smallpox needed to be.

  • It’s not only the political weaponization of our healthcare system, but general degradation of the level of care. This can be directly traced back to greedy doctors and even greedier CEOs of for-profit hospitals and clinics. A family member recently had double phenomena from COVID. They spent three weeks in ICU, then was moved to a regular room as soon as they could stand without assistance and was discharged the next day and told to finish their recovery at home. Even though they said that the staff couldn’t have been better, they were shocked at how quickly they were kicked out of the hospital.

    This IS soviet style healthcare and its here now! Hope you never get sick enough to have to go into a hospital!

  • My husband (100%disabled veteran) and I (40%disable veteran) are banned from going to the VA because we don’t wear mask. Although we are considered space required at the VA. I have not brought one mask nor do I shop at places that require it. I vote with my wallet. My husband has been warned not to wear a mask because he could have a stroke due to his numerous medical problems that VA does not care about. No mask then no service.

    Right now I found an Oriental Medicine doctor that does not charge an arm or a leg. His visits are $45 for a visit or else $85 for a visit if it includes manipulation). I point that out because my husband did an initial visit with one DO that cost $300 who referred him to a second DO further away that charged $600 for an initial visit (it required a hotel due to the distance). A third DO charged my husband $350, but he can’t get a hold of her for a second visit. Now we switched to the Oriental Medicine doctor. I am finding some limited improvements, but I just started.

    All those DO moved away from mainstream medical system. They accept no insurance so they are not tied to the system. They do not require vaccinations or mask to see a patient. They are finding they are actually making more money. The DO in San Angelo sends his patients down across the border for care since ALL the medicines are there and treatments without fighting FDA or Insurance companies. The hospital systems are collapsing but there is a new micro type care being given from the doctors that are no longer attached to insurance and hospital policies. Some of these doctors have their own labs and xrays at the clinics.

  • The supply issue has hit Arizona. A YT broadcaster relayed yesterday that a friend/relative of his went to urgent care, and was told to go to a lab to have blood drawn, and to then return ,pending results I imagine. Unfortunately, the blood could not be drawn due to lack of supplies. I do not know the outcome.

  • I’m sorry, but I just cannot trust doctors and hospitals anymore or even (heaven forbid) the ER. I”m so afraid they’ll JAB me so they can keep THEIR JOB!! I can’t trust what is in the “needle” anymore. It’s too dangerous and life-changing and possibly even SOUL wrecking. I’m talking something SATANIC here.

    Dr. Fausley has DESTROYED the medical community FOREVER with bribes, lies, and even threats! Trust the science and this would have never happened because you trusted the BOY instead.

  • And I would add, having had a bit of a medical emergency this past summer, that the overall competence of health care “professionals” has deteriorated markedly in the last sever years. I see it like if you have the internet you’re about as smart (or smarter) than most doctors. The ER doc (that diagnosed me and saved my life)-a man- and then my surgeon and my main physician in the hospital were both women and highly competent, as was the pulmonologist at the hopital-a man- and most of the nurses pretty hip to what they were doing, the rest of them: totally worthless and not very gifted with human relations. I was seen by at least 20 docs in the hospital, and other than the ones I cited, they were a waste of time. I’ve switched pcp’s three times in 7 months to find a competent doctor, and finally settled with the fact they don’t make ’em like they used to. The one I have now is a total idiot as are most of the specialists I’ve seen since my surgery. I thank God for the capable hands He put me in when I really needed it. Also, hospital food sucks. I usually eat super-healthy and don’t eat junk food at all. The food was so bad I had my wife smuggling in taco bell and root beer. I was a meat cutter/meat manager for 30 years and ran a boiler crew at a sawmill for over 5 years, and its not that hard to master a craft. You just have to apply yourself.

  • It’s high time people took responsibility for their own health instead of relying on Big Pharma or their shills,aka MD’s. Herbal is not the only option. I have a substantial supply of homeopathic remedies that I know how to use (and have used for the last several years with stellar results-not only on my family but on all my animals). They are very affordable for the moment although they are under attack, just like all “alternative” healing methods.

    One other point, that is super unpopular at the moment, is that germ theory has never been proven. I believe in terrain theory over germ theory. What that boils down to is, ‘keep the body healthy and free of toxins’ as opposed to ‘worry about microscopic “bugs” that are out to get you’. There is a film being released tomorrow (Feb. 5th) that is a must see. https://terrainthefilm.com/world-premiere-part-1/?utm_source=Terrain%20%7C%20The%20Film%3A%20ALL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Courtesy%20Email%3A%20NEW%20WATCH%20LINKS%20TO%20JOIN%20SATURDAY%3A%20Terrain%20The%20Film%20%28Th3SGj%29&_kx=BByH_5DNfQehLy6EAE6sHxk7YZSiIrr9-1jZ6X64WcU%3D.UpXyYd

    I apologize if that link doesn’t work but you can look it up.

    • Homeopathy is fantastic but challenging to learn beyond the basics. I have used it for a couple of years for humans and animals with success as well! Glad someone else brought it up.

      That whole germ theory thing is fascinating. I have read a lot on it. Not entirely sure where I fall but I do know that when the terrain is healthy, one gets sick a whole lot less even when around others who are sick!

  • This whole situation is a disaster but there can be a bright lining if one is motivated to look for it.
    Right now is the time to start learning how to take care of yourself without an MD. I know there are a lot of people out there who take a lot of scripts and rely on their MD to manage their health. One has to begin right now looking outside that box.

    Number one is to give some serious thought to why Hippocrates said, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” There is serious truth therein. Stop with all the processed foods and fast foods. No more soda pops. Limit sugar. Stop worrying about your “numbers.” Health is NOT a one size fits all deal. Every body is different. This country has only been dependent on pills since Rockefeller and his AMA wrecked real health care. One is NEVER sick due to a lack of pharmaceuticals.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Pick an alternative healing method that interests you and jump in!

    I have made my own healing salve for years now, no Neosporin in this house!
    Comfrey, marshmallow, calendula and plantain in olive oil with a bit of beeswax to firm it up. Works wonders on many things.

    There are two great books by Rachel Weaver, “Be Your Own Doctor” and “Your Backyard Pharmacy.” Both available at Amazon and Lehman’s (in Kidron, Ohio). Great places to start if you are interested in herbs. Mt Rose Herbs has tons of great resources and supplies. The Grow Network is another place on-line that has tons of practical know how and pictures!

    Honestly, the medical system has nothing I need and I know I am fortunate to have good health and good knowledge of taking care of myself. I also live very rurally so I can wildcraft a lot of my own herbs if need be. So much of what we call “weeds” are so very useful (edible even)!

    One just has to pick a place to start and do so! Hopefully you can find someone nearby to encourage you and share their knowledge with you.

  • “Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual, unfortunately it’s now out of print completely”
    If someone has this or any other good book in print they can use a computer and scanner to digitize the content and get it into peoples hands a lot faster. I know there are legal and copyright issues but it is no excuse to let the information sit somewhere and rot either. We are in the 21st century.

    • First, as an author and publisher, I really hate the idea of someone scanning my hard work and giving it away. I have no problem giving it away myself, but that product is mine.

      Secondly, we did a digital reprint of the book. We stopped selling it because much of the information within had become outdated with new research, information, mandates, and other issues. We’re planning one of these days to do a more general pandemic guide based on what we’ve learned.

  • The mention by Sita of the movie being released on Feb 5th “Terrain, the film” had a slight glitch in the link provided. I even checked archive.org and got no results. Then I tried backing up on the basic domain name and struck oil! Here:



  • Roberta said about an ER visit “Unfortunately, the blood could not be drawn due to lack of supplies.”
    I’ve been in the ER several times in the last 15 years. The thought of having to go to a hospital ER with serious trauma or something else and they don’t have the supplies to treat me is scaring me. My first thought was to buy some of those syringe things they use today to draw blood and have my own supplies if/when I need an ER visit again. But they might refuse to use my supplies on me even if they had none. But can individuals even buy those things? I can accept no ER in a serious SHTF event, but I have a heard time accepting no ER in everyday life.

  • I am sorry to hear about Cat Ellis’s situation. She has done a great service I sharing her knowledge in a realistic way. I own a copy of Prepping for a Pandemic as well as her herbal medicine book Preppers Natural Medicine. I highly recommend the natural med book as something everyone should have in their library.

  • First of all,CONGRATS to Jim & family…babies are truly a BLESSING FROM ABOVE!!

    That being said,we have found ourselves in the middle of a medical nightmare with one of our little grand baby Blessings. It started back in Oct,with a picture that showed our 3 year old grand daughter’s thyroid ,looking like she was carrying an lemon in her neck. We have dealt with medical screw up after medical screw up,insurance making the stupidest “decisions” on her care because of the medical screw ups ( I’ll just throw one of 20 or more out here for you’s) Insurance Co. “decides” she must need speech & swallow therapy,……because she must not being doing it “properly” When the local rehab. called to set up her appointment,I came unglued,and replied that this little girls,speaks & articulates better than most six year olds,she knows her words (and even some naughty one) and can use them in CONTEXT,just try to draw her blood,for the 43rd time. I also asked how they would like to swallow with an orange in their throat….and do it without choking” Needless to say,they seen her & sent her right on to the next idiot,which has set us for lost blood tests, Doctors not doing their jobs,radiologists not doing their jobs and poo-pooing the family……her Doctors finally came unglued on all these “specialists” AFTER we got the ct scan results and her poor Mom searched every frame until she found the tumor & took it into her Dr.’s..needles to say there was some words said,Dr. to specialist’s,to hospital(s) to radiologists…..with words like malpractice, liability,pain & endangering & suffering on a 3 year old…and ALL of being reported to the State Medical Board……they asked for a week to “review” their practices…she goes in on Monday (please pray for her) This time with an endocrinologist from out of state.
    You know,we have 40 years combined emergency medical training and have enough training to treat most things at home….without seeing a Dr. and we do just that,but there are things we aren’t equipped to deal with & it SCARES the crap out of me…….try to keep a 3 year old & her 2 brothers from catching ANYTHING because you’re afraid if she’s got a cold they won’t EVEN let her in their office…………Thankfully her Dr.’s have said NO SHOTS for her or her brothers UNTIL she’s got this fixed & under control,but seriously,they’re so worried about covid,yet they keep passing this baby idiot to idiot…it’s SICK & WRONG…………so rather we believe in covid or not ( we do know it’s real,had close relative pass away from it & had several family members get pretty sick from it) we won’t hide from it,but do CHOOSE to wear a mask when we go to town (once a month,twice at the most) Because we want our baby girl,WELL and being a 3 year old & beyond for many, many years………I didn’t mind the lock downs,my life didn’t change,I’ve always hung around home..it did change the fact that now we are 5 adults & 3 kids living in one house……sometimes a struggle,but doable ,,,,,,,,,,
    BUT THIS MEDICAL SYSTEM SUCKS!!! Learn everything you can NOW…..because I’m thinking it’s just going to get a WHOLE lot worse……..

  • Certainly is – too many Covidiots and other, to be blunt, stupid people taking up resources. Yep, time to cull the stupid.

  • Unfortunately I’m very familiar with medical ‘negligence’ and incompetance.

    Praying for your little one for healing, and your family for grace in the midst of it all…

  • “Healthcare” is a misnomer. It has little to do with health but rather should only be considered as the “Medical Treatment System.” Treatment will only consist of expensive medicines and these will not cure anything but will be required for life. Health care and prevention is not discussed because it is bad for business. The system is not deteriorating in the least. It is thriving and the pharmaceutical companies are loving it. Heaven help the sick.

    • She wrote a book about pandemics and discussed the 4 or 5 types that were most likely. A coronavirus was one of them.

  • Thanks everyone for such nice comments and well wishes!

    I made that rather intimate post to show that, yes, things can be done outside of traditional hospital care, but, I’d definitely advise an abundance of caution and exercise prudence. Our daughter had regular in home checkups by her midwife, takes excellent care of her health, and her husband is just as tough and ready.

    Praise Jesus everything went smoothly, because if something happened… And, boy, in that situation a lot can happen.

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