Is the US About to Experience a Massive Shortage of Healthcare Workers?

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Whether we’re talking about nurses, surgeons, or general practitioners, the US has already experienced a shortage of healthcare workers. Is it about to get worse? We’ve already seen the beginnings of this throughout the past two years.

In Alpine, Texas, the Big Bend Regional Medical Center briefly shut down its labor and delivery unit. Why? Not enough staff.

In Bremerton, Washington, the St. Michael Medical Center – a standalone emergency unit – was experiencing similar staffing shortages. They ended up closing indefinitely as a result.

And those two locations are not alone. We’re currently seeing doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals across the US temporarily shut down due to staffing shortages. [source]

Was COVID the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Compounding the issue is the fact that many medical professionals are truly exhausted. But is that solely the result of a new virus? Last September, the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing how hospitals have trimmed staff in recent years for budgetary reasons. 

Is this exhaustion on the part of health care workers solely an indicator of how bad the virus is? Or were health care workers stretched too thin before COVID hit? 

When we watch commercials with exhausted nurses telling everyone to stay home and mask up, is it such a stretch to wonder if perhaps some of this is due to poor management and lack of workers? Not solely due to the virus. Selco wrote previously that it wasn’t the virus we need to worry about, but the system. Is that what we’re seeing? [source]

What is causing the shortage of healthcare workers throughout the US?

Have you ever been forced to wear a mask for 12-hour shifts? It’s absolutely miserable. Dealing with patients can be hard enough at times. (Ask anybody in the healthcare industry ever).

If you want to know what it is really like to work in a COVID ward, Chuck Hudson wrote this piece in 2020. He details the layers of protective gear he and other health care workers had to don just to walk into the rooms. “Very little is talked about…so much to tell. Even the little things that the patients and the staff endure take a huge toll on us.”

Now, imagine on top of that, we now have mandates coming down the line saying workers must be vaccinated or they will no longer be permitted to work there. For many, this is the final straw. They’ve put up with masks and extreme PPE precautions over the past year. And now there are looming mandates that they get a shot? Enough is enough.

We’ve already seen a dwindling of the already small number of healthcare employees throughout the US. I would argue that America’s hospital policies have pushed many of these employees away. As has been excessively noted, long-term mask usage results in headaches, irritability, malaise, and potentially several other adverse health factors.

There are studies from Germany showing that carbon dioxide levels underneath those masks are exponentially more significant than the acceptable level. We’re liable to find out within the next 10+ years the long-term side effects of mask usage. 

Now, hospitals throughout the US are violating their employees’ rights

However, Americans are not taking this.

We’ve already seen one Texas hospital – the Houston Methodist Hospital – make headlines as it mandated the Fauci Ouchy for all of its staff. Over a hundred employees were either fired or walked out. The fired staff then set up a lawsuit.

However, US District Judge Lynn Hughes dismissed the case, saying that Houston Methodist could indeed mandate the vaccine for all staff. Hughes went on to say the fired staff arguing that this was medical experimentation was a “reprehensible” claim. She further noted that the Nuremberg Code only applies to governments – not private companies – and that people are still free to choose not to take the shot. They “simply need to work somewhere else” should their employer mandate such.[source]

It’s not that easy

For someone well-rooted within a town, working somewhere else is perhaps not as simple a process as one may think. An aggressive job hunt, the potential need to move, finding new schools, finding an employer willing to hire somebody older – all of these variables factor into “simply” finding a new job.

And if this is what people are pushing for – if people think that mandating the destruction of one’s health autonomy is a necessity – it is rather hard to complain when healthcare shortages rock one’s region. That is what was being hoped for all along, whether the individual realized it or not.

When the wait time for an elective procedure is months longer than what is prudent or acceptable, does one have a right to be upset if these were the policies they championed? Such is simply the natural consequence of an anti-freedom and anti-healthcare policy. When one can’t get into the ER because they’re out of beds and short of staff, this is simply a natural consequence of infringements on human rights.

The demonization of non-compliant healthcare workers is next

Infringements on human rights lead to people seeking refuge where others still treat them as human beings with the right to make their own decisions – havens where at least SOME degree of freedom still reigns.

When freedom dies within the healthcare industry, workers will leave their positions in droves, in a manner much akin to Ayn Rand’s John Galt. We’ve already seen a version of this within the mass retirement/career change of the American police community. The GOOD police officers were demonized with the rest, leading to one’s inability to even sit in a car without having to worry about having their head blown away.

No, if one TRULY cares about the health of their community – if one TRULY cares about the sick and the injured – then they need to protest against mandatory medical policies at every turn. Only freedom will give you what you want, regardless of what your government may tell you. 

“At whatever point of the scientific horizon I start from, I invariably come to the same thing – the solution of the social problem is in liberty.” – Frederic Bastiat

Why do you think there is a shortage of healthcare workers?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your medical preps in place.

Why are we seeing a shortage of healthcare workers? Do you think it’s about to get worse? What is the solution? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • My DIL has a Phd in nursing and is currently a director of a nursing school for a large regional medical provider/hospital. She is one of only two employees that has refused to “take the jab”. She says that she is pressured daily to submit but says she will quit first. I expect her employer will mandate the kill shots soon, especially should the FDA approve this travesty. As more evidence is exposed on the dangers and risks of these faux-vaccines it is criminal that companies, universities, and organizations are mandating employees, students, and (soon) customers “show their papers”. My DIL has been applying and interviewing with other groups offering distant learning programs where she can work from home. Unfortunately she isn’t alone as interest in such employment has mushroomed as others also seek such a ‘life boat’ away from the madness.

    • The best response I’ve found to vax pressure is to ask the person if they have taken the death vaccine yet. Then you look at them with painful sympathy and say, “I’m so sorry for you, is there anything I can do for you or your family?” Then ask them if they have been to their attorney to finish getting their will and affairs in order.

      • That’s a good one, I’ll use it next time someone asks me! Seems that hello is followed by “have you received your vaccine yet” Getting kink of tired of it really. Thanks

      • When people ask me if I have had the Death shot yet I respond with something I copied from Tucker Carlson , “what’s your favorite sexual position?” That throws people off so bad that they look at me like I’m nutso. bahahah. they have no response. Gotta Love Tucker Carlson. I’m going to use that one too, Jay. Thanks. that’s a good one. LOL

  • There’s no “about to”. It’s here. From paramedics to hospitals.
    They just recently announced the fire department might have to transport in certain situations.
    A family member who was in the hospital had to share the ride in an ambulance to be transported to another hospital. It was the drivers 4th doubled up of the night and I don’t live in a big place.

      • I work at a Federal Prison and that is with the government. Not sure when it will become mandatory for me as a nurse there, but expect to get pushed out for not getting the kill shot. My sympathies are with the inmates who are being pressured to get it, soon I am sure, they will have no choice either. Many are sick and are in the nursing home section, there are many with cancers there, which will no doubt speed up their deaths as they are immune compromised already. It makes me sick to see all of this, what will this winter bring when the flu…I mean Covid comes back stronger than last year because of all the vaccinated?

        • That is the concern, what will happen this winter. Whether a real concern or exaggerated this is likely to be bad flu/covid/whatever season. How far will they go to “force” the jab on people. what will lock down look like when the cases aren’t 50 or 100(mostly recovering at home with minor symptoms’ not needing hospital ICU admissions), the region I live in is several towns and country are and about 200,000. We are under a mask mandate and closures of most places for about 5 active cases and non in hospital… I personally try to avoid public spaces to avoid the shedding from the vaxed. Vaccines should be personal medical choice – there are reasons for and against every one of them. But our medical system is more of a sick care system lately 🙁

        • No need to wait for winter it’s happening NOW 75 % of “new cases in Barnstable MA have been vaxxed. It’s a recurrent pattern worldwide

  • A couple of items to shed some light on the situation.
    1. Staff shortages at hospitals usually mean shortages of nurses.
    2. The nurse shortage in the US has been around a long time because of economics. A nurse with an advanced degree can make a lot more at a hospital than teaching at the local college. It is really hard to recruit nurse educators for that reason. It doesn’t help that many colleges are subject to collective bargaining agreements that have set pay scales that don’t take into account market conditions for different labor specialties. Nurses with graduate degrees are generally not willing to work for the same rates as English majors with graduate degrees.
    3. During the COVID era, the US Embassies are working in an even more limited way than usual which severely impacts the pipeline of foreign nurses immigrating into the US.
    4. The nurse shortage is compounded during COVID, and staffing agencies supplying traveling nurses are able to adjust their pay scales and sign-on bonuses rapidly. This helps them attract nurses away from hospitals. I have heard that some agencies are offering $40k sign-on bonuses.
    5. Most hospital CFOs don’t do a good job at long-term planning for nurse staffing. They leave that to HR, who usually don’t feel empowered to invest in long-term recruitment solutions.

    • Joe
      Absolutely agree. My son is a Neuro ICU nurse with 6 years experience. He is now considered a senior nurse on the unit. Many nurses left last year to be traveling nurses when the hospitals furloughed during the lockdowns. Coworkers of his stated because with lockdowns there were very few surgeries which led to too many employees. Now he is exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed.
      On a side note, he and the unit he is on all took the jab in Dec/Jan. He and others were tested in May for antibodies-NONE were detected.????

    • I do agree with your points. However, nurses are under-appreciated on good days. Hospitals think they can find another when one quits. The thing is if you have no experienced nurses(3-4years) the mortality rate in the hospital is much higher. Nurses really do keep doctors from killing people…

  • Two things that seem to be changing radically due to Covid are medical care and education. Many parents are staying with the home school model for the latter. I can see the possibility of medical care going more underground, which in some ways would be a good thing. Insurance companies would likely be out of it. Unfortunately snake oil sales types would be even worse than they are now. I don’t blame health care providers though. They’re extremely tired and things don’t seem to be letting up. My heart truly goes out to them.

  • I am a retired RN. Some years ago when the last “scary” influenza was being used to terrorize the nation, many employers tried to mandate vaccination. My employer was one of them…..the FUCKING State of Mn. Department of corrections. We nurses said, ASA UNIFIED GROUP, “HELL NO. YOU WILL NOT FORCE US. IF YOU TRY TO DO SO WE WILL ALL RESIGN.” Guess what? The bastard MBA…at the head of health services, Backed down immediately.
    Oh, that’s right…..they re not being your advocate during covid…
    Because they are all gutless POS who will not do the RIGHT THING.
    I risked my job, at least a dozen times, standing up in the face of power, as an RN.
    If I could do it these gutless cowards can do it also.

    • Mary, I am about to be in your position here in NC. I had lived in MN and was in the National Guard when that happened and as the military, you really don’t have a choice, they owned you. Now that I work also in a federal prison here as a nurse, I am about to see what you saw soon. I will be standing up and saying hell no as well. There are many who lined up to take the kill shot, wonder how many will be alive next year when the flu…I mean Covid hits hard this fall/winter season? If it wasn’t short staffed now, which it is as many are getting mandated for overtime now, it will be even worse when people start dropping dead (workers) and if they force this on us, I know I will not accept it, not sure who all is also with me on this at work right now.

  • I’m sure you’ve noticed something similar happening in the air travel industry, carriers mass-cancelling flights. I’ve been listening to Cliff High and he predicts this will spread to other industries/services, so what you’re observing in the health care industry as well may be the beginning of a larger breakdown. He’s suggesting that vaxxed people will be the main problem as they will grow too feeble to do their jobs over time. Firing non-vaxxed may be the flip side of the coin.

    Interesting times we live in, to say the least.

    • I live in a medium size town in the western section of North Carolina. We are seeing this here as well. They are however slowly building new places. Last year a new Bojangles Chicken came in and right now they are building a brand new state of the art hospital to replace the old one…Its due to open next spring…Well good luck to them trying to find the staff to support that big hospital…And as for as new places, they have under construction right now a new Chic Fil A chicken place going up by the round a bout outside of our Walmart… Our Burger King, both of our Mc Donald’s have not had enough staff to be able to keep the inside of the places open at all…They have signs outside Burger King paying $11.00 an hour to start and Mc D’s will pay you $16.00 an hour to start, but apparently Biden and his team are paying MORE for these people to sit home and not work at all…SO that is what we are seeing in this town. It’s pitiful but that is what’s happening…I know more will happen and none of it unfortunately looks positive…Whoever takes the jabs GOD help them…Fact tracked, experimental and already have killed many people and have damaged peoples eyes as well as caused other physical issues…I don’t see anything good in them and about 58% of my town has said NO NO and NO again…BTW, all Walmart stores as of Oct. 4th will be required to be vaccinated. IF their employees say ok, they work, if they say NO, they are OUT the door…I have this feeling that at or around that same time their customers will also have to show their vaccine status at the door and if they don’t provide it they will NOT be shopping at Walmart. Now of course there are other grocery stores that may or may not do this same thing, which is yet to be seen. I hope and pray my gut feeling is wrong, but so far my gut is right on schedule and more right than wrong…I would think that preparing NOW might be beneficial, just a suggestion however…Most people can’t see the forest for the trees…

      • Wandakate said
        ‘paying $11.00 an hour to start and Mc D’s will pay you $16.00 an hour to start’

        a while back i started saying ‘thank you for working’
        responses have been interesting..
        the guy checking my tire pressure just looked bemused.
        some say thanks for that..

        today at Safeway checker mentioned it’s our taxes paying those who take the money and sit..
        ‘it’s like we’re being punished for working’ she said..
        i replied if/when it gets ‘normal’ again your name will be near top of list of those willing to do the right thing..
        and you’ll be on a fast track up..
        she laughed saying i hadn’t ever thought of that!

        they are so appreciated by me and mine.. olivia

  • We have been facing a healthcare worker shortage, nurses, for well over a decade now.

    Just heard on the radio Arkansas is at a 17% shortage of nurses. They are trying to hire more, but they are in competition with other states.
    And as Aden states, would you be rushing to become a nurse in this environment?

    • Like Jane said above, we healthcare nurses might have to go underground as I am unvaxxed and most places are becoming mandatory vaccinated only. Like you said, what are they going to do when they do become more sickly, feeble, and/or die from the vaxx? They will have no choice to hire back on the unvaxxed and I will be demanding more pay for their errors hahaha.

  • Crazy ask…but what would you stock up on first. We are a family of 3. Me, 58 and in relatively good health minus the high blood pressure and cholesterol. Daughter 29, good health and 3 year old grandbaby. We have the basics, but not sure on what direction to go from here . Any help would be appreciated.

    • Knowledge.
      The more you know the better you will be to take stock of your personal situation and be able to make decisions as to some of the more common needs such as water, food, security, heat , etc.

      You should check out these websites
      Read every thing. Look for 52 weeks of prepping .

      Food Storage Mom.
      Read everything.

      These ladies have excellent information. Hope this helps you get started, but don’t delay. Hard times are at the doorstep. I have been a prepper for 13 years . GOOD LUCK.

    • LDaniel, you can deal with the high BP and cholesterol using easily available supplements. I did it a few years ago. Check out Dr Mathias Rath website for info, specifically his book on why animals don’t get heart attacks – it’s free to download

    • LDaniel, quick question, my grandaughter is 3 also and my daughter is bringing her down to me in Texas next week. I have stocked up on “grown up stuff” , looking at a water filtration system to bring water from lake or river, but what do 3 yr olds eat? I know it’s a dumb question but literally I have not been around kids that little for like 30 years. One suggestion I have for you is Pedyalite. Stock up on a shit ton of Pedyalite. That’s what I just did today, in a panic, when I found out my grandaughter will be living w/ me for foreseeable future. I also recommend NOT panic shopping. LOL. I also bought Chocolate flavored whey protein powder, that lasts like 25 years. Not sure if she’ll like it but hey, if she’s hungry I am going to assume she will. What other recommendations for food that lil ones eat do you recommned?

      • As long as it is a mostly balanced diet and has variety to it a 3 year old can eat whatever food you have stocked up in an event. Chewable multi vitamins for children would also be a good prep. You are already thinking about good water. I don’t have any advice about filters.

    • Hey Ldaniel, Good question! I have 17 years as a respiratory therapist most of it in the ER so I have a few suggestions. Learn how to check your blood pressure with a manual BP cuff and learn basic assessment skills. There is an awesome book called Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination. There is ALOT of info there but it is a good start for basic patient assessment. It covers all age groups and just about every disease or abnormality known to man. Another good book is called Prescription for Nutritional Healing. It comtains LOADS of info about the human body and how it works from a homeopathic point of view.I If that is too overwhelming, try a basic CPR course.
      As far as preps, water filtration is a must. Lifestraw makes a water bottle with a built in filter. I’ve noticed my health improving when I drink decent water, so any filtration is bound to help. Also, the 3 year old in particular may be getting sick from time to time. Always have mineral oil for constipation and Pedialyte for vomiting or diarrhea. .those store easily in room temperature, although I think you have to refrigerate the Pedialyte once it’s opened. Baby and adult aspirin and liquid Tylenol are good also. I also have battery operated pulse oximeters in storage….that’s the RT in me! I hope this helps. Most people need to realize that medical care is KNOWLEDGE. The more you know, the better prepared you will be. Good luck!

    • Get a school notebook and 3 different colored pens. Write on the left page, the right page is for notes.

      Each day write down everything you use and now much. Toothpaste, floss, soap, salt, pepper, oatmeal, kleenex, etc.

      Do this everyday for a week and you have a good idea of how much you need to stock up on for a given period.

      Keep writing in that notebook for a year. For things like toothpaste that last quite a while I out a sticky note on the mirror with when I opened it.

      I did this and know that the bar of soap in the shower generally lasts a week. A tube of toothpaste lasts 6 months. A 3 pound can of coffee lasts me a month.

      Socks and underwear are hard to make yourself, so get some extras. A vacuum sealer is great for those extras.

      Good hard wearing clothes, shoes and boots are always good to have extras. I have 6 or 7 pairs of combat or construction boots and I always keep an eye out for them at thrift stores.

      I keep a spreadsheet of every can or package of food in storage, the size and number of servings. For meat the spreadsheet does a simple calculation of total ounces divided by 6 and 8 to give me the number of servings based on a 6 or 8 oz portion.

      For things like OTC meds I get an average dose, say 2 pills, and multiply that by 365.

    • Food, medication and otc meds and vitamins. Rechargeable batteries and charger for flashlights, etc. Anything you buy that is imported from overseas. Anything that you know you will need in the next year, ie clothing for baby. Shoes.
      Basically whatever your budget can handle and you can store. Ammo, too.

      Look into herbals and Ayurveda treatments for your BP and cholesterol and to bolster your immune system.
      If your BP/cholesterol isn’t too bad, you may be able to get off some of your meds through being really strict about your diet, too, but it’s very hard.
      You might also want to get a checkup and bloodwork ASAP before your PC refuses to allow unvaxxed patients. (Does that last point make sense…no, but does any of this shitshow make sense? Again, no.)
      Best of luck.

  • There are a lot of healthcare workers available, that is not the problem.
    More graduate every 6 months to a year from various training programs and schools.
    Though the media would have us believe that it is a problem.

    The real problem is the Healthcare providers, their hiring practices. treatment of employees, etc.
    When just one hospital, threatens to fire several hundred people unless they take the vax, that is a big problem. Then they Cry over the “lack” of workers.
    Especially as these healthcare workers know first hand the side effects and the probability of not being able to work due to those effects, after taking it.
    At least those who are not in cognitive dissidence and under the “spell” of the dis info/ propaganda campaigns being played out before us all.
    So there is not truly a shortage of workers, but of decent, honest, healthcare employers for them to work for!

    • More retire, quit, and go on maternity leave every year as well.

      Cops are always graduating the academy, but nobody would argue there’s a shortage in some areas.

      If people are qualified to work in healthcare, yet are working in other fields instead, you still have a shortage.

      This is why the entire travel nurse industry – where hospitals are willing to pay 2-3x per hour what they normally do – exists. Because there is a shortage.

      And as far as employers driving the issue, you and I are both arguing the same thing, are we not?

    • Good point. I worked in hospital environments for a decade as a maintenance man. The Admin, and there are a boatload of
      them high paid yahoos, is the problem. They don’t care about the patients, the families, the employees, the retirees, or the community. Just a collection of over paid car salesmen because they have some graduate degree from a diploma mill.
      Their attitude about us ‘little people’ was: you can be replaced with an untrained blind monkey by 4:00pm next Thursday.
      Their bonuses were bigger than my gross salary for an entire year. Yet they expected us to lick the floor, work with less than
      a full crew, and tell everyone how great it was to work for them in my non-union job. BTW the most I ever made was $22 an hour as a Power Plant Tech c. 2014. Yeah I’m gonna take the risky jab for circus peanuts. Dream on.
      When Corporate America took over the hospital world, the system focused on money. And more money.

  • My mother was an RN with a 3 year degree and clinical training in the 1940’s. She and others of her generation were treated like crap by doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, administrators, basically everyone for their entire career. Now nurses have oversight over Prescriptions and lesser trained staff (CNA, PCA, etc) and have little time for patient care, to the detriment of all. Are they still treated like crap? Yes…from everything I read.

    We need well trained nurses far more than doctors but young women now have many other career choices and will move away from health care in droves, I expect janitors to be taking care of us if hospital administrators have their way.

    Solution: end any vaccine mandates at work, respect nurses and give them a voice in patient care, end the bogus “standard of care” in medicine that does not allow deviation for the condition of patients, limits access to life saving treatments, and ultimately KILLS patients in droves; read the book, “The Lethal Dose” by Dr Jennifer Daniels, for more info.

    Should ANYONE be mandated to take an experimental injection for which there has not been full disclosure of risks and ingredients? Absolutely NOT. This violates federal law and the Nuremberg code. It is also a SIN.

    Why don’t we gather up all the leaders who have had a fake vaccine, from Biden, Gates on down, and inject them with mRNA “vaxxes” in a live broadcast to the masses. Then we will see what happens to them. Why not, since it it pushed by them as SAFE for even our children!

  • My son and DIL, neither work in the medical field, are being high-pressured by their employers to take the vaccine. They are now having to weigh outcomes if they do not. They still have small children at home and bills to pay.

    My question is this: When my son entered employment with his current employer, there were expectations on both sides. But now those expectations have changed (take the jab or get fired). I know for a fact that an employee cannot just walk into the boss’ office and start demanding changes. Can an employer arbitrarily change their expectations? What happen to the freedom to chose our own paths?

    Just ranting folks…throughly ticked off over this whole situation AND the fact that so few Americans are willing to stand up for what we (used to) believe in.

    • Uhhhhh, well dear I do think that is why they are called SHEEPLE !!! They kinda just follow the crowd and whatever path it takes they are there right behind them (just like sheep) following the leader…Well you know Vikki, you can’t fix stupid…They remind me of my ex that was a follower. He would get in the right lane on a highway and be stuck there. Could he go around the slow traffic, would he dare pass anyone that was just moping on and taking their own sweet time? OMG how dare he would even dream of passing. NOPE he would just follow for miles and miles until there was a sign telling him that the RIGHT LANE ENDS 500 FEET AHEAD, and FINALLY would the man go over one lane but ONLY mind you b/c he had to…
      AHHHH, so you see that I am saying, he was a sheeple. We are NOT married anymore…I am passing now in the traffic and so far I am passing up these experimental vaccines that I am hearing are causing sickness, death and other maladies…GOD help us all…SO remember SHEEPLE and STUPID are related apparently…Learn something new everyday don’t we…Take care !!!

  • BTW, my understanding if it comes to the point where someone is forced to lose a job over the jab, you have to MAKE THEM FIRE YOU. DO NOT QUIT. This sets up not only unemployment benefits but also any chance for court cases over religious discrimination or anything else.

  • As more and more Nursing Facilities mandate vaccine for their employees we are going to see shortages in the medical field as we have never seen. A facility I used to work at in central Florida city of Lakeland has just mandated vaccines for all employees, and they have just announced that several have already opted to leave and many more are expected to leave as mandate date arrives in near future. This will cause nursing facilities across the Country to hire agency CNA’s and Nurses, which in turn will decrease care for residents and cost the facilities more money to operate, and this in turn will reflect on the amount each person pays to live there. Many families are pulling their loved ones out of these facilities and taking them home to care for them. I see many of these facilities closing in the next several months. Hospitals are facing the same challenge.

  • I really don’t understand what use is an article like this on a prepper site. It presents a problem (shortage of healthcare workers) and instead of suggesting potential solutions, like I’d expect from a prepper site, the author presents his explanation of why the problem happened, that is quite debatable (I certainly have come across very different explanations), and the explanation doesn’t give any helpful ideas of how the problem might be solved or at least prepared for. Instead, it presents divisive views that may encourage healthcare workers to fight each other, and that can only help make the shortage worse. I don’t mind people having controversial ideas, as long as they have some practical use. This article is just controversial ideas with zero practicality.

    • Then you’re not looking at it with a prepper mentality.

      Problem: There aren’t enough healthcare workers to treat people.

      It’s up to you to think like a prepper and say, “What does this mean for me?”

      It means longer wait times. It means you may not be able to see a specialist in a timely fashion. It means if you are hospitalized, the care may be subpar. It means that now, of all times, you better take control of your health. If you’re on prescription meds, stock up and get ahead, even if you must pay out of pocket. It means you need to learn to treat minor issues yourself. It means you need to have the supplies to do so.

      Articles like this are a warning about what’s coming down the pipe. It is a full-on prepper article because it explains a likely threat. It’s up to you to decide how to respond to it.

    • On the contrary… This is a prepper site, and in a world without healthcare workers, you need to prepare yourself for having to tend to your own medical needs.
      Might I suggest that people on BP medicine, look for natural alternatives as a possible stop-gap measure in case it goes south real bad.
      Also, read up on how to make your own casts, splints, get a kit or supplies to do your own stitching in case of a major wound that needs closing, etc. Get fish antibiotics just in case, as well as colliodal silver for antibiotic use, things like that.
      I would also get a kit or supplies to do your own stitching in case of a major wound that needs closing,

  • “Compounding the issue is the fact that many medical professionals are truly exhausted.”

    From what? Doing dance videos for TikTok?

    OK, in some areas there are shortages of healthcare staff. You gave a couple of good examples. But other areas didn’t get hit so hard last year (hence the TikTok videos). Sounds like poor management and lousy governors to me.

    I’m not in the healthcare business. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store when the plandemic hit last year. And I quit on the spot when the store manager forced me to wear a muzzle the “correct” way, covering my nose and mouth completely (prior to that I had modified one to allow me to breathe underneath it). I can’t imagine wearing one for a 12-hour shift, I’d have quit back then.

  • A life care facility in Central Florida City of Lakeland has just issued a mandate to all employees to get vaccinated or lose their job, so 1 day after that announcement several CNA’s have left the company and several more are expected to in the next few days. This will cause that facility to possibly hire an agency to fill the open positions since they are not getting enough applications to offset the employees that are or will be leaving in the near future. This will happen all over the Country, to tell the truth it needs to happen. At the beginning of all this “they” were the heroes, but now…..not so much.

    • “Au contraire mon frere”, indeed, they ARE still “heroes”. How else would you describe one who stands on principle, and who risks loss of income, to drive home the point that THE INJECTIONS ARE THE KILL SHOT. It has NEVER been “about” the virus. It has really never been about a “vaccine”, but it has been about the SPIKE PROTEIN which is, all by itself, the death agent. A spike protein, stripped of viral material, will induce all the adverse effects, up to and including death. NOW GET THIS, because it is everything; the injections ARE ALL SPIKE PROTEIN, which kills, plus a few constituents which augment the process. Period. The End. Health care workers, who haven’t bought into the propaganda, but instead rely on the true facts upon which they were educated, know this beyond a shadow of doubt.

  • We had a newly graduated medical doctor (MD) working with our primary care physician recently. Want to know what he was doing? Seating patients in exam rooms and taking blood pressure and oxygenation readings! When asked why he was doing this he said he’s tried and failed to get into numerous internship programs he’s applied for. So, can’t practice medicine without the internship. He’s now attending PA (Physicians Assistant) classes in order to work as a PA! The system failed him and us, his potential patients. Point is… there’s medically trained people out there, but because of the way the “club” is set up, they can’t get jobs to help us during this personnel shortage.

  • How much will there be a need for healthcare workers?

    If the “vaccines” are as deadly as some researchers claim, we can expect that close to half the population of this country will die. After that, how much demand will there be for healthcare workers?

    In the meanwhile, those healthcare workers who refuse the jabs, therefore lose their jobs, should consider going free-lance. In cities see about getting together with other healthcare workers (doctors, nurses) in a coop with a central office to coordinate efforts? Or join with other doctors who have already set up independent offices and operate on a cash only basis? I’m retired and already refuse medicare part B and have already saved up a few thousands for medical care, even after paying for physical therapy for old injuries. Otherwise I’m quite healthy. And yes, I recovered from Covid-19, have natural immunity so I refuse the jabs. I had one medical emergency, paid cash, less than one month’s medicare part B.

    I have a nephew who told his boss that he would quit before taking the jab. His boss relented.

    I don’t promise to those who have to quit in order not to take the jab that things will be easy, nor that they’ll be able to maintain the same lifestyle. But when the VAERS lists only 1%–10% of the deaths and injuries from vaccines, and they already list over 1500 dead from the jabs, making a true count between 150,000 to 1,500,000 dead from the “covid vaccines” so far, I don’t know of anyone who considers his job to be so important that he is willing to play Russian roulette with his life.

  • The situation here in France is very similar, but the vaccination of all healthcare professionals has recently been decreed by the President. All must be vaccinated by mid September or they will be sacked and will not be eligible for severance pay or unemployment benefits. So far, several hospitals are already going on strike. Many workers are distraught at the choices they face. At the same time, hospitals are forced to turn away unvaccinated patients. It is as if the authorities want to deliberately destroy the whole healthcare system.

  • Ok this doesn’t really have to do with health care workers per se but I don’t know who else to ask, because I have no real “friends”, no one I trust. My daughter is bringing my grandbaby down to me, they are in Chicago, to care for. I am in a semi remote spot in Texas. How does one prep with a 3 year old? Also, are Berkey’s worth it for water purification? Daisy I think you said something about a Berkey water filter system and I am on the fence about buying one, but now because of the baby I am definitely going to need something. I am trying to get all my health stuff done now beforehand, like dental, labs, lasik surgery. I don’t take prescription meds at all. Also, of the 5 doctors that I did go to, I basically walked out of the office before even seeing doctor because they were death shot pushers and wanting me to sign some kind of paper saying that I give permission to the dr to give HHS my health info. F@$k that. I finally found a dr that takes cash, said a lot of her new patients like myself, are not being given refills on meds, not being seen, unless they get the jab. I also know my 86 yr old mother in law in Indiana was not given her refills unless she came in for vax. I literally had to have my daughter do a virtual visit with my dr here in Texas who basically just prescribed her refills on her current meds. What the F#$K is matter with people? Sorry I am EXTREMELY angry right now and frightened. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and prayers even more. Thanks in advance.

    • Maybe I need to tell my daughter to get the baby a health checkup before brining her down here? They’ll be here next week.

      • As a current mother of a 3yo little one may I suggest you stock up on things to keep her busy and to help fill the day. Puzzles, play doh, blocks, books, paints and brushes, crayons and a bundle of paper. School supplies are on sale right now and you can stock up on the cheap. Hope this is helpful. They are tons of fun!

  • I graduate with an Associate degree in Nursing in 1997. We were told there was a nursing shortage then, and they’ve never stopped saying there is a shortage.
    One of the problems (and one of the reasons I retired) is that hospitals cyclically move to requiring bachelors degrees for bedside nurses. I saw no reason to go 30k-ish into debt for a degree that would not earn me any more money (already at max-ish pay due to years of experience). I had no desire to go into management or anything like that. I worked in insurance for about 10 years, and lost that job. By then, I had been away from the bedside so long, hospitals wouldn’t hire me. Oh, and my age/pay too. Cheaper to hire a new grad, who isn’t going to stay in practice for long once they realize just what hard work it is. They’ll take their degree and go work for big pharma, insurance, etc, ie a cushy office job. So that is part of the reality of the ‘perpetual’ nursing shortage!
    I am glad I retired pre-covid. But I certainly stand with the health workers who choose not to get jabbed. I wish them well.

  • At least 5 large hospital systems in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have now put vaccine mandates on their employees, physicians, volunteers & all contract labor as well. It doesn’t matter whether the person works in a patient care facility, works from home, is pregnant or has antibodies. You can apply for a medical or religious exemption and, if the committee approves your exemption, you will still have to get covid-tested every 14 days.

    The hospital system I work for says 70% of their employees have taken the vaccine. The other 30% amounts to 6,900 employees that now have to decide whether to leave.

    I’ve checked with a couple of rural Texas hospitals. So far, those 2 do not have a vaccine mandate. However, their communities have a much lower vaccination rate than the bigger cities so they probably realize they could not get away with a mandate.

    Every hospital system is saying that the majority of covid patients in their facilities are the un-vaccinated. Other sources say the opposite is true and that the real numbers are being hidden. So how does one decide?

    After weighing multiple factors that affect my household (I won’t list them here), I decided the best course for my family is that I will go ahead with the vaccine. It was a frightening & difficult choice. If it doesn’t go well & God decides to call me home, then so be it.

    I have worked for this employer for 26 years. I feel so betrayed.

    • Jb in TX, I just wanted to let you know that God is real and so is His word…if you believe this then do not lean to your own understanding and be persuaded by fear…that is the WORST thing for you and your family…that shot has MANY wicked and deceitful implications…do not give up hope, the Lord can certainly provide a better opportunity for you & your household but you must trust and have faith in Him to see you through…

    • If you’re a Christian, you should read Revelation 13 among other scriprures. These shots are the mark. There’s a documentary called, “It’s Worse Than You Think”, which deals with all of this.

  • *****Is the US About to Experience a Massive Shortage of Healthcare Workers?*****
    Yes; for one of two most likely reasons.
    1) Many healthcare workers don’t want any part of the covid shot, including my wife. That means many people will be “discharged”, and quite possibly without the right to claim unemployment insurance according to some sources.
    2) Some people are claiming the covid shot is a depopulation shot. If this is true, many people are going to die over the next 12-18 months or be injured seriously enough that they will not be able to work.
    So to answer the title question; yes.

  • There will be a shortage of EVERY worker in all sectors as they get sick or die in the coming months and years I surmise when reading what others say.

    So a COLLAPSE is coming on an economical scale that might never be surpassed leading to starvation at worse and wars at best as the effect of the phony vaccine compounds the crisis leading to the end of all flesh.

    If I were you I would do my good buys now. 😉

  • Yes they are indeed tired and fed up. Many are finding this a good time to retire. The cascade effect as a result will be awesome

  • This is a hill many have picked to defend. I will stand with the healthcare workers that stand for personal sovereignty! Like many industries that should be careful what line they tow, healthcare is one of them.

  • There’s a shortage of nurses, there’s a shortage of restaurant workers, and truck drivers.
    Some company is going to make a fortune replacing these people with robots.
    They are already testing the automated trucks, and restaurant cashiers have been replaced by kiosks in many restaurants.
    Nurses would be very difficult to replace with robots, since there’s a human element to the bond between a nurse and a patient that helps people mend, but there will become a day when almost all workers will be replaced by robots since they will be cheaper than a yearly salary with benefits.
    Once that happens, what exactly will humans do for work?

  • I’m a nurse at a medium sized hospital. It has its problems keeping nurses. Like many hospitals they hire a lot of travel nurses. They cost about twice a hired nurse so more and more nurses are getting into this. Some just quit, go home and take care of the kids. People are getting sicker with more problems. Then there are families who can be worst than your patients. Add working on a covid unit and job fatigue is very real. I’m old enough to see retirement in a few years and look forward to that.
    Now the hospital, as are most, requiring the shot. Only 53% took it voluntarily, we will see how many are left after September 21.

  • I remember last year when all the hospitals were supposedly overflowing with covid patients, but then we all saw the hundreds of tik tok dance videos that these same hospital staff were filming. It made me lose faith in the medical establishment. They wanted to be worshipped as heroes (kinda like teachers do), but those tik tok dance videos proved to me that they were all lying frauds.

  • Where my firstborn works is already shorthanded. Some hospitals are loaded with lefties who have no problem with things going wrong. It justifies their existence. I don’t get how it does. But that’s how they think.

  • The culling of the healthcare workers has been going on for decades. Those who speak up against violations of the standards of care that occur with the knowledge of the administrators, are retaliated against, and forced out or fired under false pretenses, just as whistleblowers are gotten rid of. The whistleblower protections do not stop retaliation. They find a way to retaliate anyway.

    The owners/administrators are not dedicated to care for the patients; they are interested in making the most money for themselves and short-staff their facilities (whether it’s nursing homes, hospitals, or other) so the patients don’t get adequate care and the staff that do work are overworked, burn out, and cannot do what they’d like to do. Many quit because of that, and those who stay are often callous, uncaring, and not dedicated to the highest standards either.

    Yes, there are still many great healthcare professionals, but they are not all “heroes” and many lie about what is going on. The COVID Coup has many of them lying and those who explain how to treat COVID before symptoms get really bad are censored. Early treatment is the obvious and clinically proved answer but they only want to push the “vaccines” which are causing many adverse effects, sometimes permanent disability, and deaths (all of this censored by the media and authorities).

    Yes, the healthcare workers are being thinned out, just like the military will be and has been which will make the US unprepared for an actual war against the US on our physical soil, which has been the several decades long plan of the communist. Using non-conventional warfare to weaken us, and then attack.

    My healthcare system top administrators have already told us we will be terminated if we don’t get the “vaccine” in 8 weeks following the FDA formal approval of the “vaccines” which they have told us will occur soon according to their sources. Many will refuse and then we, too, will be gone from the staff at our facility.

  • Forced vaccinations, vaccination cards to travel, enter spaces, do business, receive health care. Hum sounds like a story I read as a kid?? What was it? Oh yeah mark of the beast! Sounds like a dry run to me. Good luck folks

  • I work in the school system, I don’t don’t work in the schools but in the administration building in IT. I rarely go into schools, hell I could do my job remote.

    We’re not masking, we’ll be in person aside from a small percentage this year.

    I’ve avoided the jab, don’t talk about it except with a couple of the other normal people I work with every day. I won’t take the jab if it is mandated.

    If they mandate it I will ask for an exemption, if they say no to the exemption I will present them with a liability form – they can take full financial liability for any adverse issues I may develop if I take the jab. It will also include an agreement to pay me some insane amount for pain / suffering / loss of enjoyment of life due to adverse side effects. And an insane amount should it be proven down the road that this is the Swine Flu panic of the 70s all over again and the pandemic was overblown and the jab not required.

    They won’t sign it, I won’t quit and they can fire me… At that point I contact one of the law firms that are taking on cases like these. From there I will figure it out.

  • Dear fellows,

    There is a worldwide health workers scarcity. Even before the pandemics; as one of my former plans to rise some capital and start a good, profitable business in Venezuela (a cattle farm or something) I was researching the most demanded professions abroad (highly industrialized countries only), and the healthcare related ones were the first ones in the list: dental/nurses/MDs.

    Too bad I´m quite sensitive to smells and pain. I can see something gross without vomiting but…you know.
    It´s not for everyone.

  • I work 12 hour shifts in a prison. It is mandated we wear masks for all hours. Its hell. Many sneak outside just to get a breath of fresh air.

  • I’ve thought about this a lot. My mom was an RN. I was asked once-and answered no-about the jab. So far, all of the doctors in this practice have respected my decision. However-I am thinking that we need to get organized & run our own practices/hospitals/& medical personnel. Remember when the insurance of Obamacare sent many doctors into concierge practice? I had a great doctor that I trusted who went to concierge service. The fees are up on his wall, you get a discount for yearly consultations. Maybe we need the same thing for our own medical services. “Possibilities “ Insurance or some such. Where vaccines were discussed-not mandated. Where you had more control over your own body.

  • The regulations that the healthcare businesses put up with, so that each can continue to receive payments from Medicare and other insurances, is out right ridiculous! This was going on in the late 1990’s and hasn’t stopped! I worked in a hospital, and felt there were too many rules, and no flexibility, to give quality care.When these rules are suppose to protect patients, yet we encouraged patient’s families to stay with them in the hospital, to make sure patient received quality care. Something is wrong with the system! I left. I loss my benefits, but peace of mind and my health was more important . And two years before Covid, are local pharmacies had problems finding pharmacist to work shifts, required to share staff from other companies. Since Covid, it’s worse, causing decrease in hours or no coverage on certain days! The healthcare system punishes everyone, instead of going after the culprits doing the wrong – at all levels! I don’t understand the end game. But if it is to force people out of health care – it’s working.
    Only people staying are those who will soon be retiring, or are worried it might be worse somewhere else.

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