Why Did Amazon BAN This Coronavirus Preparedness Book?

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About a month ago, I began working with Cat Ellis to put together a guide to help people prepare for the possibility of a coronavirus pandemic and potential quarantines. We published our book, The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Manual: How to Prepare for Pandemics and Quarantines (nCoV-2019, Covid-19 Edition), on February 16th.

Cat Ellis is a preparedness author and herbalist who has written two Amazon bestsellers: Prepper’s Natural Medicine and Prepping for a Pandemic. Due to her extensive research, she’s widely considered an expert in the field of pandemic preparedness in the survival community. The book received 21 five-star reviews from verified purchasers and only 2 negative reviews from verified buyers. A small handful of reviews from people who did not buy the book rated it one-star because they said the author had “hurriedly written” the book to “cash in.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason Ellis was able to write the book so quickly is that this has been her field of research since 2015. In her book, Prepping for a Pandemic, there’s an entire section on coronaviruses and the possibility of a coronavirus mutation causing the next big pandemic. (Not this specific one since this is a new virus.)

As well, we initially sold the paperback book at just above cost so our own readers could purchase it at a lower price.

Things went well until March 4th, when Amazon blocked the book from being sold without providing a clear answer as to why. Actually, they offered several vague answers and each time, the reasons were different. Meanwhile, a partially plagiarized version of the book has been allowed to remain on the site, despite our clear claim to the copyright. Our infringement complaint was dismissed and we were warned that “reporting false, misleading, or consistently inaccurate notices of infringement violates” Amazon’s policies. This is despite the fact that our book was published weeks before the plagiarized version, something they could easily confirm since all the information is on their server.

We are in the midst of attempting to deal with Amazon to get the paperback and Kindle versions restored. Meanwhile, we are offering the book in PDF format with a bonus: a full chapter providing updates on how the situation has evolved since the book was originally published. You can get it here. I promise to fill you in on the shocking details of the Amazon saga once the matter has been resolved.

What’s in this book that Amazon doesn’t want people to see?

You’re probably wondering what is in Cat Ellis’s book that Amazon doesn’t want to see. We actually have no idea what content set of the warning bells at Amazon. The book doesn’t contain any wild conspiracy theories – it just discusses how potential pandemics have been handled in the past and outlines the shortcomings in our system. It provides solid preparedness information during a critical time – the last bit of time people may have to prepare before quarantines and lockdowns become mandatory.

Is it the fact that the author questioned the ability of American hospitals to withstand the influx of patients? Is it the comparison she made to how the Obama administration handled the media during the potential outbreak of Ebola in 2014? Is it that she questioned the official story about the origin of the virus or the numbers provided by China? Honestly, your guess is as good as ours.

The only place you can get your copy is right here. Grab it now and if you figure out what deep, dark secret this book holds that warrants this outrageous treatment by Amazon, please let us know.

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    • This is my question also! I bought the book right when it came out and would just like the updates. I would gladly pay ????

      • Send an email to books @ theorganicprepper.com (no spaces) and we’re happy to send you the update at no charge. Please allow 24-48 hours 🙂

  • I suspect Amazon removed it as part of the initiative to prevent price gouging and misinformation that might lead people to attempt to self medicate with things that can harm them (like in iran a bunch of people died of alcohol poisoning attempting to self treat) The title would have flagged it, and without reading it, they’d assume someones trying to cash it and possibly recommending non medical cure and remove it based on that.

  • I bought the kindle version and left a great review. This is an excellent and helpful book. I’m most suspicious of the Chinese being questioned as to the origin of the virus. They own so much of America and publishing, but who knows? Daisy, how can I get the updated chapter? Thank you and Cat for being willing to be so helpful and put yourself out there for the rest of us to benefit.

    • Thank you, Susan – just email us at books @ theorganicprepper.com (remove the spaces) and ask for the bonus chapter. We’ll be happy to send it to those who have purchased the book on Amazon at no charge. Please give us 24-48 hours to get back to you – we’re really getting loads of emails right now.

  • The MSM is suppressing the words Wuhan Coronavirus, too raciest. They don’t want China’s name on it
    They don’t want to offend them. I say KMA China

      • My first thought was because Wuhan is in the title, however, after reading some comments, I think it goes deeper. The owner of Amazon is Jeff Bezos and he hates our President, and he and his friends do not want to see anything that points to POTUS being right, and winning at anything he is doing as well as the next election.

  • I’d like to buy the book, but why does it require my address and other info to send me a downloadable copy, not by snail mail???????????????????

    • It is for people who are using credit cards (for their security, our processing company requires it.) If you’re using PayPal, feel free to make up an address. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have a printer at this time unless Amazon opts to let us publish there again.

    • You’re very likely correct – and the ironic thing is that many of the books still up there have photos of Asian people in masks on the covers.

  • Cat Ellis pdf book is great! I recommend it for anyone. I ESPECIALLY liked that she acknowledges the cytokine storm factor, but dont understand why there is not a disclaimer for echinacea and elderberry as taking these are great for building immune system they should not be taken when having a cytokine storm reaction…..in my opinion anyways. I’M just a homesteader, not a dr. Many thanks for converting to pdf, take the middleman amazon out!

    • Unfortunately, we no longer have a way to print these books. An option is getting the PDF and sending it to your closest Staples or Office Max to be printed there. The book is around 130 pages to help you get an idea what printing costs would be.

  • I would like to purchase the PDF version of the book by Cate Ellis .Is this an electronic version?Should it be so I query as to why I am asked to provide a physical address.I am prepared to purchase electronically and print out myself,please advise if this is possible.! Thanks

    • Our merchant account provider forces us to have the physical address field because of security for people using credit cards. If you are using PayPal, the address can be fake.

  • Hi can someone tell me if I have been scammed, I sent money for the guide to the email below,
    I have yet to receive any PDF guide. [personal information redacted for privacy]

    • Hi, Ed – I am so sorry for the delay – it should have gone out automatically. I have sent you an email with the book attached.Let me know if you don’t receive it right away.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  • Hey There!

    Good article. From the old school, and I don’t know why everyone seems to mess up on today, is that when you have a word that ends in “s” and you are showing plurality or possession, as in Cat Ellis, is written “Ellis'” not Ellis’s. 🙂 Hope you don’t mind the correction. It just seems that no one either doesn’t know anymore or it is not taught anymore. Just an area where it bothers me, as a result of being raised by a “wordsmith”.

    Hope Cat’s book gets brought back to the forefront, and I pray that the plagiarist gets his/her come upance. That is another area that bugs me, is that people who have worked hard and have done something noteworthy, as Cat has, gets robbed of credit for their work, and that individual or individuals who have plagiarized someone else’s work gets off scott free. 🙁 This needs to change, and I believe changes are coming.

    Have a blessed day. Cheers — Peace

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