Biden’s Climate Goals Are Clear, Concise and to the P…Wait…What?

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Currently, there’s a lot of confusion about the Biden Administration’s “Climate Goals.” MSM outlets are not clear in their reporting on what Biden said vs. what Biden will do versus what Malthusian anti-progress activists want him to do.

We assure you that MSM is not telling you the truth, but we are!

It appears the Biden administration is attempting to be the least transparent administration in American history. What Biden is actually planning with regard to his Climate Goals to do has yet to be specified. 

The first article written about the issue came from the Daily Mail, which included Biden’s statement. Then an explanation (albeit a poorly crafted segue into that explanation). Said explanation from The Daily Mail  was an example of what “experts” suggest will be necessary to meet Biden’s climate goals.

Naturally, CNN, Snopes, and all the other gatekeepers (um, fact checkers) rushed in to point out the Daily Mail was engaging in shoddy journalism. Stating Biden said none of those things and Biden’s plan would create jobs, save the planet, end world hunger, and save all the puppies.

So, what did the President announce?

At his Climate Summit, Biden announced: “a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030.”

He stated that the plan would set the U.S. on a path to zero carbon emissions by no later than 2050, arguing that it would also create jobs and boost the economy.

However, Biden did not release any firm details on how his plan will affect the average American. Such a sweeping plan could involve dramatic changes in how Americans live their daily lives.

And, what did Biden say at the Virtual Leaders Summit?

Here’s what he told the world.

Yesterday, I announced the United States made a new commitment, under the Paris Agreement, to cut our emissions by 50 to 52 percent by the end of this decade.  And we’ll get there by investing in American workers, American jobs, American infrastructure, and building a stronger and more resilient economy.

We also welcome ambitious targets announced this week by two great partners.  My good friend, the Prime Minister of Japan, Prime Minister Suga, announced that Japan will cut emissions by up to 60 — excuse me — 50 percent below the 2013 levels, almost doubling their current target.

Prime Minister Trudeau, another good friend, from Canada, will reduce emissions by as much as 45 percent below the 2005 levels.

These announcements came on top of a demonstrated leadership and strong existing targets set by the European Union and the United Kingdom.  And together, these commitments mean that half of the world’s economy is now committed to — to pace the action that we need to — at a pace we need to limit warming to 1.5 degrees — an amount beyond which scientists tell us — have said 1,000 times — all of us could be at a point of no return.

Continue reading Biden’s remarks at the Virtual Leaders Summit here.

We have to change what, by when to meet Joe’s Climate Goals?

The Daily Mail decided to look to the “experts” and “scientists” Biden and the Malthusian left are always so fond of following. Which led them to studies such as the one from the University of Michigan’s Center For Sustainable Systems, entitled “Implications of Future U.S. Diet Scenarios On Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

As the Daily Mail summarizes, to reach Biden’s goals, Americans have to make the following changes by 2030: 

  • Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal-based foods in half.
  • According to a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems, gradually making those changes by 2030 could see diet-related greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50 percent.
  • To do that, it would require Americans to consume only about four pounds of red meat per year or 0.18 ounces per day. That equates to consuming roughly one average-sized burger per month.

Interestingly, The Daily Mail is considered a tabloid, but often their coverage on American politics is more thorough and unbiased than our own mainstream.

Wait! There is MORE Americans have to do to reach Biden’s Climate Goals!

Using information published by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy regarding the transportation section of Biden’s plan, the Daily Mail writes: 

More than half of new cars bought in the United States would need to be electric within the next decade, studies show.

It would mean more than 65 percent of new cars and SUV sales and 10 percent of new truck sales would need to be electric.

Currently, electric cars make up about 2 percent of new passenger vehicle sales.

The average cost of a new electric vehicle is about $55,000.

The Daily Mail also pointed out that, to reach Biden’s goals, around 25% of homes would need to be heated by electricity rather than natural gas or oil. According to figures from HomeAdvisor, the average cost to install an electric heat pump is around $5,613.

“Strict climate mandates/targets will disproportionately hurt lower and middle-income citizens who will be forced to pay higher electricity bills,” said David Williams, President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

Bjorn Lomborg, a visiting fellow at Stanford University, told the OC Register that the plan would likely cost taxpayers about $3,500 per year.

Read the White House announcement for yourself

The White House announcement of Biden’s new climate plan:

Today, President Biden will announce a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030 – building on progress to-date and by positioning American workers and industry to tackle the climate crisis.

The announcement – made during the Leaders Summit on Climate that President Biden is holding to challenge the world on increased ambition in combatting climate change – is part of the President’s focus on building back better in a way that will create millions of good-paying, union jobs, ensure economic competitiveness, advance environmental justice, and improve the health and security of communities across America.

On Day One, President Biden fulfilled his promise to rejoin the Paris Agreement and set a course for the United States to tackle the climate crisis at home and abroad, reaching net zero emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050. As part of re-entering the Paris Agreement, he also launched a whole-of-government process, organized through his National Climate Task Force, to establish this new 2030 emissions target – known as the “nationally determined contribution” or “NDC,” a formal submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Today’s announcement is the product of this government-wide assessment of how to make the most of the opportunity combatting climate change presents.

continue reading

Now, you (kind of ) know what Biden said. Right?

So there you have it. Biden did not openly state Americans will no longer be able to:

  • eat red meat
  • affordably heat or cool their homes
  • travel, or work in the manner they are used to (or in a way that will provide some measure of comfort)

However, Biden’s plan he is proposing to implement will have those consequences. And that plan will herd the bulk of humanity into the gates of the Great Reset. All in the name of unproven, disproven, and hysterical claims regarding alleged shifts in climate. 

What do you think about the changes Biden hopes to implement? Do you think he will be able to pass these measures? How do you intend to combat measures that you feel infringe on your personal choices? Let’s talk about Biden’s Climate Goals in the comments.

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Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • Lets all rely on the crops that keep failing from temp drops of the GSM and instead ban meat that can be grown in just about any weather. What could go wrong.

  • Hummm… what’s going to have to be built to recharge all these new electric vehicles by 2030? New power plants? Nuclear plants? What?? You can’t have a country of electric vehicles without an infrastructure that will support them. I’m sure Uncle Joe hasn’t thought that far ahead…

    • He probably want’s to purchase electricity from China, who will use the dirtiest method to generate it! Then he can say the US is not producing “green house gases”!

  • In his speech last night, Biden mentions making wind turbine blades in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing. Good paying jobs to make those turbine blades.
    How are those blades be competitive on an open market with other companies in other countries with lower labor costs? Tariffs? I think someone else tried that and there was massive clutching of the pearls.
    Subsidizes the turbines with taxpayer dollars?
    Sounds like me paying my neighbors to do my laundry and them paying me to do theirs.

  • HOW about a good ol’e fashioned NUCLEAR WAR ..with Russia and China,and the UN thrown in to operate the guilotines,THATS WHAT I SEE COMING,and REAL pandemics,not the seasonal flu,BUT HEMORRHAGIC FEVER,EBOLA,LEPEROSY,AND A FEW THE US MILITARY are working on to spray on this godless country,they do intend to sterialize the planet,and kill everything that was alive…OH,and the red flag laws to make sure it can’t be stopped..i was just doing my job,LOADING THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTO CATTLE CARS,to take to the fema death camps…FOR SALE OR DESPOSIAL..

    • More correct then you think according to Henry Kissingers recent statements ! Need to Cull the planet of all those Useless Eaters !

  • It’s all just a dog and pony show.

    China Joe doesn’t know if it’s Tuesday or December and his puppet masters are busy getting the United States of America into WWIII as America’s allies turn against her while frothing at the mouth watching the fall of a once great nation.

    China and Russia and whomever else wants a piece of the former USA can then come in and carve up the country like a Thanksgiving turkey. The United States of America won’t exist by 2030. It’s already starting.

  • If we eliminate the carbon in the atmosphere, the trees and the grass will die. If the trees and the grass die, their respired oxygen will stop so the oxygen in the atmosphere will go bye-bye, too. I don’t think Kerry & co. are thinking this through in a public way, but privately, they have an agenda.

    Humans are a planetary virus and must be eliminated so that Gaia can survive.

    As for me, I raise beef and will continue to do so.

    I caught snippets of the SOTU last night and my only thought looking at the dais and the audience was, what a waste of oxygen.

  • You supposed educated idiots do understand that this Climate Change idiocy has nothing to do with what humans are actually doing that would hurt us. Because people like Biden and his handlers have no idea they are being manipulated by energies they can’t begin to understand, and thus, are truly trying to Terriform our World to suit our visitors. You see, humans can handle pollution and not be all that much harmed, but our visitors cannot live in this supposedly highly polluted world, so their aim is to force us through manipulation to clean it up so they can live on the surface as well as underground.

    It is now truly time for Americans to wake up and stop acting like children with their head stuck in the sand. We ARE BEING VISITED and the Deep State knows it, as does Russia and China. They just don’t realize that what they forcing upon us is actually Terriforming.

    I know, I know everyone is going to think I am few bricks short of a load, but this is no load of BS my friends. When you finally figure out who your Gods are you may come to some enlightenment. A hint; They are not at all what you believe them to be AND NEVER WERE !!!

    • Geebus Buddy,

      Love your Eponym.

      I feel the same way…..have not watched US propaganda ,”The News” in 20 years…I gave up after WMD lies…..Unfortunately….the same is not the case for the majority of our biped USA citizen Tellurians….The stupidity flowing out of the USA sewer “news” simply never ends…

      Hmmm…your theory of “other worldly”…..starts making more sense ….given our present “Sea of Stupidity”…..Glad I’m in my mid sixties and have no progeny!

      Dominican Republic ..soon to be “green card white boy”!..and organic farm….

      Nothing but Chickenshit and urine to help my crops!

  • ………and those leftist climate morons wonder why logically thinking people are not for any of this.No one but the well off will be able to afford what the leftist climate morons are calling for.The ozone gasoline and diesel vehicles give off keep the temperatures down.This was proven in 2020 when they locked everyone down because of COVID.As the ozone levels went down,temperatures went up.What about CO2,the so called harmful greenhouse gas those climate morons are calling and also talking about zero carbon emissions?Zero carbon emissions means the end of ALL LIFE ON EARTH.Every living thing on earth is a CARBON BASED life form.Are they trying to create a POST HUMAN world and if they are,for whom are they creating it?You be the judge.

    • “No one but the well off will be able to afford what the leftist climate morons are calling for.”

      yes. that’s the point.

      “Are they trying to create a POST HUMAN world and if they are,for whom are they creating it?”

      a righteous world. for themselves. you will plow, you will sow, you will reap. they will sit like an effendi and eat.

  • Obiden is a moron who has accomplished nothing in 50 years of politics but to live off taxpayers.
    His and the policies of the brainless climate czars who follow him will destroy the American economy. Our heating/ cooling costs will become unaffordable for middle class and below. Gasoline/ oil will also be unaffordable.
    Millions of jobs will be lost, energy prices will force major price increases on practically everything.
    Wages of course will not go up.
    Paris Accord is a mess with billions of Americans dollars going to India, China, etc along with our jobs.
    All more steps to the great reset, digital currency, much more automation, 1 world government with Anglo Saxon countries having zero say.

  • President Pudding Cup can go FUQQQ himself if he thinks my family is giving up red meat, Air conditioning or cars that don’t start at 30,000 dollars a pop

    PS For anyone reading this who actually voted for this pile of filth: are ya happy now, stupid?

  • Ummm… I can think of only one way to accomplish this – dramatic population reduction. Think that’s far-fetched? That’s not what the projection at had to say (I don’t think the projection is up on their site anymore, but you can still see it at Deagel’s info supposedly comes from official sources, so who knows if it’s accurate or not (I didn’t find any public info when I checked). What was the latest projection – 99 million in the US. Yes, a 70% reduction. Gee, I wonder what would cause that (*cough* covid vaccine *cough*).

  • Okay first of all, it may be reassuring to remember that politicians routinely make announcements of massive climate goals and just as routinely ignore them. This is a pattern that is common in Canada and in the UK as well as many other parts of the world. In Canada Trudeau’s approach is to make massive verbal commitments and then use massive amounts of taxpayer money to buy pipelines (whether they are economically sound investments or not). It’s all just political theatre. It is intended to soothe their supporters and send their critics into a tizzy. Sorry to say it seems to be working.

    Secondly, it would be nice if you all could tone down the hate filled venomous attacks on ‘leftists’. There is a very small percentage of people on the left who actually support the extremist rhetoric spewing from the MSM and political elites. The rest of us are just as appalled by what’s going on as you are. You’ve got to wonder if having us at each others throats might actually be the goal. Hmm, how would that benefit the power hungry elites?

    Personally, I come here to get away from the bullying, snarling, and rampant cancel culture tactics used to silence any dissenting opinions. I’m happy to have found a community of people who are willing to face the reality of what’s going on in the world rather than withdraw into self delusion. I don’t always agree with what’s said but I appreciate being able to have the conversation. Unfortunately, even here the same types of hateful stereotyping and sneering, silencing behaviour crops up. It’s very discouraging.

    • “There is a very small percentage of people on the left who actually support the extremist rhetoric spewing from the MSM and political elites”

      they seem to be the ones in control.

      “even here the same types of hateful stereotyping and sneering, silencing behaviour crops up”

      well you won’t be silenced. I’ve had only one post disallowed and deleted, I’m sure all yours will go through.

      “I appreciate being able to have the conversation”

      me too, but blogs are not a good format for that. one or two posts and then it’s off to the next END OF THE WORLD meme.

      • Ant7
        They do seem to be in control. It’s very frightening. I expect you’ll be seeing more ‘refugees from the left’ on blogs and forums. It would be better all the way around if they found a welcome rather hostility.

        In fact I would go so far as to suggest that it would be worth while reaching out to family and friends who don’t share your political views. I was shattered to see the friends I thought were thoughtful good-hearted people turn into spittle-flecked hate mongers spewing mindless sound bites over the last 5 years. I lost my community completely and I still feel like I’m drifting at times.

        • “better all the way around if they found a welcome rather hostility”

          ‘pends. are the refugees from the left willing to come right? ’cause most on the right see refugees from the left as simply trying to escape the consequences of the world they wanted and hoping to try it all again in a nice new clean space. and we just don’t want to be that nice new clean space. and many on the right are … well let’s just say they’re ready and they’re not kidding around.

          “I was shattered to see the friends I thought were thoughtful good-hearted people turn into spittle-flecked hate mongers spewing mindless sound bites over the last 5 years.”

          yeah. we on the right are no longer shattered by that, at this point for us it’s just background noise. you have a choice, you can be part of a community or you can stand up for what you think is right.

          • Well, I wish I could say something about people trying to escape consequences but it’s too darn familiar.

            ‘Coming around to the right’ though sounds like we can only get along if we agree politically. Too bad. Not much hope that we can resist totalitarianism that way.

            • Claire: the cause of our current problems is the leftest dreams of unicorn dust. Bringing your leftest agenda with kill the “clean slate” you moved into. This has been demonstrated in Washinton state, Oregan, Colorado, and now screwing up Texas.

              Abandon the leftist crap or stay the hell out.

        • Claire,
          Do NOT engage with this guy!
          The reason his post was deleted, it was racist and anti-Semitic.
          He is a ugly little man with delusion of grandeur.

          • “The reason his post was deleted, it was racist and anti-Semitic”

            actually the disallowed/deleted post was a simple quotation from one rabbi yosef who was the senior rabbi in israel for ten years. 1stjarhead never saw it. near as I can tell all my other posts are still up.

  • Just want to say a BIG factoid.

    Moe Bitem is NOT “President”. Please don’t indulge in your fantasies no matter how nightmarish it is.

    Thank you.

  • So, was this the blue-eyed Biden, or the brown-eyed Biden? Hopefully either one can. be ignored.
    We need to pay attention to our state government. Colorado has declared that only when a cow ,etc has reached its full lifespan, and has died, can the meat be eaten. No more lamb chops!
    Oregon is trying to end all animal agriculture completely, and has regarded animal husbandry as “sexual assault.”
    I wonder if proximity to salt water has corroded people’s brains. It would explain Colorado, except to say Californians have moved in possibly.

  • Climate change is a cult. An incredibly obvious cult touted by sociopaths and those who serve them, the sorts who fly to Epstein’s island and believe in depopulation and promote numerous other hoaxes.

    The problem is the numbers of people who –

    (1) believe in the cult despite no evidence that what the sociopaths say is true – they just take their word for it that “science” has spoken and can’t believe that those they trust would ever lie or create false science for example, and

    (2) are willing to enforce the will of the sociopaths. This is the police and military.

    You have legions who parrot what the sociopaths say, and think that makes them intelligent. And who think anyone who contradicts these liars who lust for power is a bad, stupid, or dangerous person.

    This will not end well. The cult is so widespread, it will be looked back on by survivors in the future with horror. People will be aghast that so many were so easily fooled, and so easily believed things said to be “science” that were backed by nothing whatsoever except pure BS.

    I’ll lay it out clear –

    There is zero proof CO2 is a greenhouse gas. You can pump it into an actual greenhouse and the temperature won’t rise. And greenhouse gas theory for climate leaves out adiabatic pressure caused by gravity acting upon the atmosphere.

    There is zero proof that the virus that causes Covid-19 exists. Nobody has isolated it.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg of their lies.

    • Basics I learned in elementary school. I exhale CO2, the plant absorbs it and gives off O2 that I need to breathe.
      Maybe the textbooks aren’t teaching that now.
      Maybe we all need “I can’t breathe” masks and it won’t be a politically charged statement.

  • What is “Greenhouse gas pollution?” Serious growers put carbon dioxide generators in their greenhouses to boost that gases level above 1000PPM. This generally boosts yields by a third. It has no effect on the temperature.

  • Just about anyone you watch on television is connected to a very well funded group of people who are controlling (or trying to control) the USA .
    Everything thing is planned other than a national disaster ( hurricane, earthquake, tornado) to bring about their agenda. These people lust for power and control. For the last four years , distractions and divisions were all shown and talked about to get the general public’s attention off of their plans. Gates has been purchasing hundreds of thousands of farm lands across the USA . Why? Ask yourself why? If he is so into the medical-vaccine field, why farming? The vaccine that caused blood clots was halted, but that IS a side effect of all the vaccines. Why is it only this one is paused? Who has a monetary interest in the other two pharmaceutical companies?
    Research it and I find the buzz word “deep state” to be real. I find in EVERY single subject a DS person or persons to be behind it all. We cannot control the climate even if we were not on the planet.. Many comments and sources prove it. It is ANOTHER power and money grab for the elites who control it all. A few families that through the generations have gotten their evil motivated lives involved in every aspect of ours. Who owns the central bank, the federal reserve, pharmaceutical companies, the companies who will build back better, the infrastructure companies? Look them up and it will all come together for you. Tribulation is coming and that’s why I prepare.

  • CNN FOX ABC NBC TOWNHALL RT ETC, just go visit any web based MSM or alternative website. They are all controlled. The proof?
    Just go visit any at their direct address and see how many have our southern border as their front page news, it’s been totally blacklisted. Why?

  • I am also in the camp that believes that another word for climate change is weather. But also being a off-the-grid type person, I’m intrigued with the idea of having an electric vehicle that i could power with solar energy. Most of you are probably much more knowledgeable about how this could be achieved. I envision a solar panel or two in the yard with a set up to plug in a car. Seems like if they gear up to produce more electric cars, the price will come down on them. But what do I know. Don’t like being told what to do, but we may be able to turn this lemon into lemonaide? Anyone have any ideas on this?

    • The data that would have to be known is 1. how far do you drive and how often. 2. How fast would it need to charge. If you know those two the number of solar panels could be calculated. I don’t have the answer but off the top of my head I would say it would take several days to get a charge to drive 30 or 40 miles unless you have a huge yard and roof full of solar panels. Even then it would only work on sunny days. It would not be practical for most people for every day transportation.

    • “intrigued with the idea of having an electric vehicle that i could power with solar energy”

      check out battery-powered bikes and scooters.

  • There is more fossil fuel energy expended in the mining, milling, manufacture, installation and maintenance of one windmill then that one windmill will product over it’s entire operating life BUT we’ll make it up on the volume.

  • This nonsense will be brought to an end, sadly, by The Second American Civil War; after which, there will be no Reconstruction or reunification as there was after the first, only Balkanisation as what was once the United Bankrupt Banana Republic States of Gulag Gestapo Amerika devolves into some form of regionalism.

    • “The Second American Civil War”

      the first civil war was fought by two mutually independent regions of the united states. that situation no longer exists – now every section of the country is mutually dependent on imports of almost everything to function at all. what form will this “civil war II” take?

      • Largely vigilantly action, I expect, likely a race war and eventually defending against the starving hoards.

  • Justin Trudeau is impoverishing Canadians like me who have seen our utility bills go from ridiculous to plain out of reach, this in a northern country where we have no choice but to heat our homes and drive our vehicles. Apparently this is all WRONG according to that useless piece of skin so now we are all forced to pay increasing carbon taxes while countries like China (who Trudeau can’t bend over fast enough for) can pollute to kingdom come with zero consequences. Our carbon tax which is supposed to reduce pollution goes into a government slush fund for our boy Trudy to dip in any time he needs to pay his loopy mother hundreds of thousands of dollars to stand on stage and giggle.

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