Here’s What We Know About the Beliefs of Elon Musk

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By the author of What School Should Have Taught You and The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

There’s a lot of fanfare going on regarding Elon Musk at the moment. I figured this would be a good time to take a look at a bit of his track record and what he supports.

Musk freed Twitter.

There’s a lot of hubbub at the moment about how now that Elon Musk owns Twitter, that those silenced will now be able to speak on social media once more. He laid off a few thousand of the old censorship people and got rid of the ridiculousness here, meaning that Twitter may very well once more be a reputable form of social media.

It looks like he’s working to remove the thousands of bots that all say the same thing (conveniently pushing a Marxist agenda) as well.

For all of this, I say Elon gets a solid plus.

Musk thinks artificial intelligence is potentially dangerous.

“With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon,” Musk has said. He also says AI is “Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”


I would agree with him on both of these being potential threats. (Superintelligence does a very good job of outlining the way these threats could occur.) I don’t think that AI will reach the levels of danger that Musk is concerned about, but I definitely think it’s a potential threat.

For at least being plugged into reality here, I would say this is a plus.

Musk is creating brain chip implants.

When he first unveiled his chip brain implant, the Neuralink, Musk advertised it as being “like a Fitbit in your skull,” also saying that this would be a means by which paralyzed people would be able to regain mobility in their limbs.

Fitbit has been at the center of a number of public conversations regarding personal information and privacy, and the conversation most certainly could be considered applicable to Neuralink as well.

Would data be harvested? What would be done with brainwave data? Could you be hacked? A lot of people are asking these questions right now.

Musk also says this would be a way for chipped individuals to release serotonin on demand. Would this create a new generation of chipped drug addicts? If one could release dopamine on demand, would they soon do nothing else?

He’s also said that one of the main motivations for Neuralink is to allow humanity to be able to defend itself better against a sentient AI. The question then remains: if you are faced against a sentient AI – something that is built of code, capable of millions of calculations/second, and very good at coding – do you want a piece of hardware inside your head with access to your brain that is based on code?

The medical uses here, I think, are good. The desire to get people more connected to computers, though? I don’t like that one bit.

He’s building a robot named Optimus.

This is supposed to be a 5’8”, 125-pound humanoid robot that is tasked with “dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks.” Could soldiering or policing be considered a dangerous task?

Musk is also known for having said that people may soon be able to transfer their “brain capacities into humanoid robots.” This isn’t necessarily an endorsement of this Ray Kurzweillian idea, but working towards that ability in regard to the creation of Optimus may be of concern to some.

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Musk thinks we need more babies.

Musk admits that he is greatly concerned with plummeting birth rates in the world and that civilization will crumble unless more babies are born. He’s said, “Most people in the world are operating under the false impression that we’ve got too many people. This is not true. The birth rate has been dropping like crazy.”

So, it’s nice to know he doesn’t like the idea of depopulation.

Musk likes the idea of nuclear power plants.

Musk believes that keeping nuclear power plants open, and reopening shuttered ones, is essential to nations being able to produce plenty of energy. In particular, he seemed to indicate that this would be a way for Germany to avoid being under the control of Putin (Russia provided all German gas essentially).

If you like nuclear power, this is a plus.

Musk wants a carbon tax.

This is very much an Agenda 21 type of deal, where Elon thinks it’s a great idea to tax you and me for the amount of carbon that we “consume.”

Back in 2015, Musk said that the way to fight “climate change” was to “talk to your politicians, ask them to enact a carbon tax.”

Also, is there a conflict of interest when the person that wants to make it more expensive to drive your car conveniently happens to sell electric vehicles – the Tesla? Is this special interest lobbying?

Musk wants space colonization.

I consider this one more of a quirk than anything else. Elon owns SpaceX, a space exploration company that seems to have done quite a bit more than NASA in recent years. His ultimate goal? Colonizing Mars.

The reason he wants to do this doesn’t seem to be so much the mountaineer’s spirit of “because it’s there,” but instead the fear that humanity on earth is going to be destroyed, so we need a backup location. His fears seem to be that either climate change or nuclear war will destroy life on earth – or at the least, severely hinder it. However, Musk has also said that humanity will “solve the climate issue,” so who knows what he really thinks. Perhaps he views space colonization as the solution.

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Back and forth with Musk

It can be somewhat hard to get a grasp on Musk. Hopefully, the above will help you to gain a better grip on what it is that he really believes and stands for, though.

What are your thoughts? Are there other factors to consider we didn’t discuss above? Are you a supporter of Elon Musk or not a fan? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Aden Tate

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  • Haven’t really given much thought to or about Elon Musk. I don’t much care for the idea of having a chip planted in my noggin.

    • NEITHER DO I. I am with you on that one. That is serious surgery, going in to the brain and messing with it. Absolutely NO THANK YOU !!!

  • Isn’t it interesting that the lure of ‘free speech’ seems to almost dwarf his other pursuits and make them, ie brain chips acceptable? Once neuro-chipped, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and bodily function remotely and artificially controlled, are the words coming out of your mouth your own? Is this still ‘free speech’? Has he publicly condoned another nation’s use of an app that is THE public square. digital currency, ESG etc where compliance determines freedoms? Has he publicly stated that he wants to model Twitter after this platform? Is EM a figurehead that’s playing both sides of a divided public while gaining traction towards underlying technocratic dystopian goals?

    • “are the words coming out of your mouth your own?”

      (shrug) are they now?

      most people just say what they’ve heard, what they assume, what they want.

      and most “independent” people are really just self-autonomous – they just barrel ahead with whatever suits them in disregard of any notion of evidence or consequence.

  • Eeegads, a micro chip in our brains?? I didn’t know he was doing this. What could go wrong?!! I mean really, the shot has nanoparticles in them soooooo.
    I am on the fence with him. I like some ideas but something is sitting in my craw about him. I just can’t put my finger on it yet.

    • You are right and this article glosses over way too much.
      Musk is Klaus Schwab’s boy, 20O8 WEF Young Leader.
      For an actual factual appraisal of Musk, check 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, on Substack.
      Frankly, this article is best described as propaganda and at the very least, defines myopia.

      • Glosses over way too much? You can look at it like that. Sure. But, “brain chips”? Some on here, including myself, did not know that, so, looking at this is “myopia?”

        It got us to talk about it, discerning credible truths. Hey, I had forgotten about his connection to Klaus Schwab, so thinks for the input reminder. I wouldn’t have seen it w/out the “propaganda.” Thanks for the propaganda.

  • Musk is person like anyone else. He has ideas and opinions, not all of them will amount to anything. He is a technology guy so he will look to technology for answers to todays problems. There is nothing wrong in that.
    Nuke plants are a reasonable solution right now to the energy crises. Less Air polution than Carbon fueled plants. More reliable than the so called “Green Energy”, which is a joke.
    Most of this technology stuff will never become mainstream. One of the biggest drawbacks is the Energy crises. We have just about reached a saturation point with energy consuming technological devices. Until the energy production problem is solved, technology advances will stagnate.
    Much like the electric car; without more Energy production, a better grid distribution system and better battery technology, it will soon go the way of the Dodo bird.

    • The HUGE difference is the utterly corrupt & sinister path this country (world?) is taking. The silencing of discussion & truth & the assault on our constitutional rights is frightening. Up is down, down is up, good is evil, evil is good. At least before we had some assemblance of common sense but not so much now.

      • Doesn’t seem to me that Elon has given any thoughts to GOD who is actually in control of planet earth. His plan is to send JESUS back to the earth. GOD will take care of humanity and NOT Elon or any of his outlandish ideas or inventions or any of this Robots. He obviously knows NOTHING about GOD or scripture either. Humm… Wondering how all of that is gonna pan out for him in the end.

    • Musk is a fraud from start to finish, NWO Totalitarian to the core.
      He is 2008 World Economic Forum Young Leader, one of an army dedicated to the NWO nightmare presaged in the Bible and Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm.

  • The first clue is that he is a billionaire. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is besties with all of his “rivals”. I believe he is just playing a part to convince hesitant humans to accept the technological chains of slavery-crypto, chip implants, “smart” objects that can be controlled from elsewhere. Similar to Trump’s role, to gain our trust, and then convince the US that it would be in our best interest to give up our constitutional freedoms and acquiesce to one world government. I mean, do you really think he created all of his wealth on his own? Do your research. I believe it much more likely that he had help, similar to the guys at google and fb. The rich elites, no matter who, do not have your best interests in mind. They think of you as cattle.

    • Don’t trust the elite. Period. You’ve been dropped by the elite all of your lives. It will never stop until The Son of God returns to set up His Kingdom on earth. Then He’ll be in charge, and not the elite. That’s fact, not fiction. Truth according to His Holy Word.

    • He did. CIA, WEF, your tax dollars, and he still hasn’t made a nickel from his grossly polluting incredible exploding cars.

    • GOOD to see someone has given this some good thought and has done their homework. YES, the Bible does tell us how it will all end. Water the first time and by fire the next time. Nothing he is able to do will stop GOD’s plan. It can’t be done. The NWO and the OWG and the OWR will all be part of the plan, but NOT the ultimate plan for humanity. (i.e.) The new world order/one world government and one world religion.

  • interesting article, thank you Adan.
    Elon Musk was born in South Africa in the early 70’s. South Africa was a safe and lovely place that functioned very well back then. The constant threat of communist take over all over Africa was a threat to society, in the end, thanks to the west, the country was handed over the communists anyway in 1994 and now the country is ruined. many skilled South Africans fled to make a living else where, some very successful.
    Nothing wrong with nuclear power, but due to the technology today with spent fuel cells that can be kept safe there is still much controversy due to the powers at play..
    Carbon Tax and climate change is only his way to push his Tesla agenda, doubt he really believes in this.
    What fascinates me most is that his company Tesla, that sells very few cars, is worth $577Billion compared to Toyota, the most sold car in the world, is worth only $177 Billion..
    this is strange indeed, anyone have an answer?

  • The guy is just not that important, and the overall effects of his policies have negatively affected both Twitter and Tesla. Tesla’s stock has plummeted and Twitter is hemorrhaging both advertisers and users. It may even be removed from the App Store. I’d say the people have spoken, all right. The guy is seriously in debt because of this deal and may soon be a billionaire no longer.

    Personally, I’m more worried about the impending railroad strike and the Railway Labor Act, which effectively busts the labor union and orders workers back to work, whether they like the deal or not. Another problem more important than Musk is the shortage of generic drugs, most notably antibiotics. Many medicines are either made in China or contain components sourced from China. This is a problem.

  • I like him overall. I’ve always had a soft spot for people who commit to ideas and projects without worrying about public opinion. (Yes, that can be dangerous but that’s also how we get new ideas.) The Mars idea as a Plan B for humanity is somewhat elaborate, but could also lead to mining elements that we need such as cobalt and copper. I don’t like the neuro chip idea.

  • Musk is a fellow Aspie, and not to say that people with Aspergers cannot be nefarious, the fact is, most are not. Most are people-loving, obsessive, and honest to a fault. I believe he is a humanitarian at heart. As for Neuralink, a point that was missed, was that he has, in the past, acknowledged the potential of technology like that being used for the wrong reasons and he has cautioned against it, and basically warned humanity not to go down that path, but that was years ago, I assume before he’d gotten a taste of just how corrupt certain individuals really are today, or perhaps as he was beginning to deal with them. Ultimately, Neuralink is being developed to help people, but of course, we know that someone will take it and use it improperly, which is the scary part. If you look back on his many business ventures, all of them have had the effort to help people in one way or another, including the Boring, Co., which is currently being used to drill underground traffic tunnels in cities like Las Vegas and LA, so the streets can see less vehicle traffic and there will be less air pollution.

    A lot of people don’t like him or trust him. Many claim that he is just another one of “them” since he attends the same gatherings that many of the other crooked elite do, and he was once named one of the WEF’s Young Leaders. I suppose anything is possible, but truthfully, it is the Aspergers in him, and the quirkiness of his personality that makes me believe he truly is in this for good (and making money, of course), and any association he has with the bad ones is not so much Musk sharing their opinions, but rather, Musk just keeping himself associated with important people. I like him, and though I won’t say that there’s no way he’s not eventually going to be revealed as one of the baddies, let’s just say I’ll be very, very disappointed if he is.

    The criticism he’s getting over Twitter is just squawking coming from people who are about to lose their cover, and who don’t see that he actually does have a plan in everything he’s doing there. Day by day, it’s coming out. The criticism he gets over having Tesla factories in China is people trying to connect him in some negative way to the CCP, since Tesla is one of the few major manufacturers that operate there, failing to accept the idea that he’s being allowed to make cars there simply because the Chinese need them. Why wouldn’t he want to have a factory in the second-largest economy and the country with the most people? I don’t agree with the attempts to vilify him. There is no proof – yet – that any of his ventures or purposes have any kind of negative connection to them. I do like him, and I hope he stays on the good side.

  • On Twitter,
    Not on Twitter, so kinda indifferent to it.
    However, the basis for Musk buying Twitter, exposing the level of censorship, whom Twitter collaborated with in censorship, I would find of interest.
    I think Musk will have a degree of censorship, like what I would like to think of as common sense like someone calling for the genocide of a particular group, race, religion etc. Attempting to incite or organize violence.

    On AI,
    I agree.

    Brain Implants,
    You want one?
    Have at it.
    If it helps people medically, that is a good thing.
    Otherwise, not for me.

    On Optimus,
    Read enough sci-fi books to see the good and bad of this.
    As long as it does not go all SkyNet on us (see AI) could be a good thing. Of course someone at some point do something with one that will get people hurt. Kinda like driving a SUV through a Christmas parade.

    On more Babies,
    I both agree and disagree.
    The birth rates are falling. Recent studies find the fertility rates in males has also fallen by nearly 40%.
    If we are trying to maintain our current constant growth paradigm, having enough people in the system to support those out of the system, i.e. take Social Security. People who have paid into it for years, their money was going to support people who were retired. When it comes their turn to retire, people working are funding their retirement. Unfortunately, there are less and less people in the work force to support those in retirement. It is projected SS is going to go into the negative by as early as 2029. SS will not be able to pay out as much as it would if it were fully funded (some project it will only be able to pay out 60%).
    Rather than trying to ramp up more babies, a better solution might be face reality and adjust for a world of negative growth and how to mitigate that accordingly.

    On Nuclear,
    Never in the history of the world have we traded from a higher energy density form to a lower one. We went from wood, to coal, to oil, to natural gas, to nuclear.
    Now the Biden admin wants us to go from those higher forms to lower energy density (wind, solar). And sustain our current and future growth energy consumption? Without nuclear, not going to happen.
    Unless the idea is for everyone to go back to a mid to late 1800s like lifestyle.
    Show of hands, who is going to be the first to volunteer for that?
    Guess who it wont be . . .

    On Carbon Tax,
    See the above.

    Space, the final frontier . . .
    Like to think it was going to happen sooner or later.
    I will likely be long gone to see it.
    I will take my space adventures in a good book, or TV (Firefly, The Expanse), or movie (The good Star Wars, Star Treks, Spaceballs).

  • I personally like Elon, reason being that almost every problem humanity currently has can be solved by our expansion into space. Elon is the one person doing the most to achieve that, and I’m willing to overlook things he does that I don’t like as much since they’re largely in service of that greater goal (and we have to work with what we have now, not with that we’d ideally want to have).

    The wall that was thrown up around nuclear power is also a big source of many of our problems today. As society advances, it needs more dense power sources. Had we continued developing/cultivating nuclear power, we would have total energy abundance now and would also be using small nuclear batteries for devices large and small. This is the first time we’ve failed to adopt a better means of energy generation in human history and the impact is showing.

  • I love his freeing the Bird, unblocking the many thousands of accounts censored for unapproved opinions. I like that Trump’s account has been unblocked. As to the other issues, he does not have the power to force them on anyone. I’m against nuclear power and AI, I know the world is severely overpopulated, and have no interest in colonizing Mars. If the Earth becomes uninhabitable, then thats the way it goes when you make really bad decisions. Why would a few hundred care about possibly marginally surviving on Mars?

  • Musk is a plant and being used knowingly or unknowingly by the ruling elites . His Mom loves to show off the symbolism of the illuminati. He’s been given money by the government for space travel and the green energy goals. His girlfriend is most definitely new age ish and a wack job. World’s richest man tag, definitely a distraction from the worlds richest. Come on people, no different than Trump, distraction with a capital D

    • Cha-ching. Just enough to satisfy our curiosity with some of his stunning “achievements” and enough to stoke our fears about his ultimate goals. He’ s someone to keep half an eye on as an international player with the other eye and a half kept on the doubtful positions he takes.

    • Trump is not perfect but you can’t deny he was the very best in decades.
      I know you can try, and I know I can easily destroy any such argument.
      Musk, on the other hand, has no socially redeeming qualities.

  • Ever heard the expression ‘ a wolf in sheeps clothing.’? If you look at just the right angle you may just see the fur sticking out under that mask.(and I’m talking about ALL of them) Is he the pretend Lemming leading us to the edge of the cliff? Everyone is looking for the hero or the bad guy. Hey I’m just a 71 year old granny what do I know? I’ve heard a lot of lies and even fell for some of it, but I think we need to stop listening to All the Bull.

    • HEY Granny, me too and older than you by a few years. Isn’t aging just wonderful. The perils of aging don’t excite me but thankfully my mind is still young, maybe 40ish at most. YOU know in the end of days they will be boasting and bragging, and knowledge will increase and run to and fro. Many people don’t know what’s going on. Their heads are buried in the sand, or they are asleep at the wheel. Signs will come in the sun, the moon and the starts with perplexity and all things will change. In order to see ANY of this we must be looking, watching, awake, aware, and alert of the signs of the times that we currently are living in. GOD has this granny, lets relax!

  • I view Elon’s ambitions in a cautiously optimistic way. People are terrific engineers but inherently bad at predicting unintended consequences of what they design.

    • Could we maybe call it a lack of common sense? There are scientist and physicians and might hero’s and military men all over without an ounce of “common sense”. Remember Einstein? He was sooo intelligent that he was not able to tie his shoes. A genius of a man without an ounce of common sense…Ahhh, food for thought.

  • The man has a tribe of kids with several women. That tells me all I need to know about his character. Not somebody to be admired.

  • If that jerk is worried about climate change, he can shut down the strip mining used to create his so-called green car company for starters. Then kick people off social media en masse and send them outside to plant a garden. That’ll work wonders for the environment!
    I can’t understand the hero worship this guy has engendered. He’s as awful as Gates/Bezos etc, just in a different light.

    • All important points, as opposed to Musk Mania promoted around the net, even in shockingly inappropriate venues like this one.

  • I will click the heck out of any affiliate links because I don’t have any money to give you, and I hope clicking links helps a little bit.
    I also print multiple copies for physical distribution and bulletin boards.

  • I just want to say that in fulfilling my promise to click on affiliate ads is modified.
    Originally, I planned to click for five seconds and close.
    Now I have seen that the ads are on a par with the content and I spend more like ten minutes per ad instead of five seconds.
    For instance, I usually skip right over Preppers Food ads because they are ridiculously expensive.
    But the ad here leads to a place cheaper than grocery chain stores, and I will likely do a bit of business with them.
    Check the ads here, they are good links!

  • The easiest way to see the world right now, and people, is simple: They have a certain “charm” about them that is arrogant. The Charm of the Devil.

    If you watch Obama, many of Biden’s cabinet leaders, even Nancy when she’s in front of the camera, they look down at us with their head pitched back peering at us from the tip of their nose. And notice how, when questioned in front of congressional oversight committees, the O’biden administrators, former and current, sit with a cool and calm and collected expression, like they’re untouchable.

    Look at Justin Trudeau. He never seems to get upset, even smiling when an opponent grills him with the truth of his wickedness and hypocrisy. They maintain a charm, a smirk much of the time, where they know something sinister we don’t–in other words, they’ve sold their soul to the devil.

    Elon Musk is charming in his mannerisms.

    • Arrogance (think Trump), and smirks, the boasting and bragging will be what many will portray in this day and age that we live in. They will be lovers of self, proud, display their egos as well as their evil. They will walk upright and strut their stuff. They will be highly thought of and some even worshipped. Many people are deceived and many more will become deceived. What goes around will come around b/c karma is a bitch. IF he is getting away with anything now, Gates, Trump or Obama, Pelosi, or Biden then just rest assured that judgment day is coming, and they will ALL be accountable for their evil and their many sins and their greed, as well as their arrogance and thinking that they are better than the rest of us unprivileged folks…

      • Trump is king Nebuchadnezzar in this modern latter-day. We’ve come full circle. He is the gold head of the statue. Look at his NY penthouse of gold. He will be elected in 2024. Just as king Nebuchadnezzar wiped out the wicked children of God, Trump will wreak havoc on those that have harassed and pursued him for years.

        Yes, king Nebuchadnezzar was arrogant, but throughout Bible history, even the wicked (fallen) bring forth the Mission of the Holy One of Israel. His disciple Judas turned Jesus over revealing his whereabouts, and the Crucifixion brought about the Resurrection, and our Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, at about the age of 33.

        The Second Coming is upon us. The year 2000 wasn’t the year we were supposed to focus on. The 2000 years “after” His death and resurrection. That’s why everything is falling apart upon earth. Lucifer (once an angel of light, is now fallen and become an angel of darkness) is getting desperate, and his children, whom I’ve named many of, are trying to accost the Holy One’s Birthright, the Savior of the World.

        • The “left” are acting like the saviors of the earth while bringing “forceful” hardship upon many that do not deserve it, ie, tens of thousands of new IRS agents that will harass many good people; a “global warming” carbon tax on America, while China, who’s pollution is unchecked, is actually rewarded by, “the left.”

          Trump doesn’t bring undue, intentional hardship upon others, even though he is extremely arrogant.

          • I am in question of Trump for some time now. I don’t like his childish comments nor his arrogance (I like his policies) but still occasionally wonder if he is the antichrist & or what role he plays. After all, Scripture does say the antichrist will swoop in to be a ‘hero’ & mislead many. I just can’t quantify my feelings just yet.

            I appreciate your insight here Bunyan.

            • Trump doesn’t like to be thwarted, and given the chance, I believe he will enact some type of repercussions.

              Go to a hollywood party, or a democrat gathering, and watch how childish and arrogant they are. Obama is/was arrogant more than Trump–he just did it in a sophisticated way, like, “they cling to their Bibles and guns,” calling Christians gun-nuts.

              Obama is more of the antiChrist. He has created this Obama-Nation of wickedness. Again, AbomiNation that the Bible speaks of.

              “Hero and mislead many…” Homosexuality is just as wrong as committing adultery. Drag shows becoming highlighted in our communities, drag show story time in our schools, forcing gender transitions on our children… and at the same time the Media makes them out to be heros, and mislead many.

              AntiChrist is not one, it is a movement pushed my many that will make people think “the wicked” are righteous and the “righteous” are wicked.

              And Trump will be the last “legitimate” President, and the “truly childish ones” will burn down the country, worse than 2020. Battles will ensue. The Middle East will be ganging up on Israel, and America’s borders will be closed.

              That is why many are crossing our borders, b/c America will still be a safe haven during those times, compared to the rest of the world.

              The Only One to stop it… Jesus Christ.

  • Transhumanism anyone?? The chip is another step. It’s not an option, just like the vax wasn’t an option. Think long term goals. Agenda. That man is evil at work in disguise. That’s my vote. ????

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