SACRIFICIAL CITY? Chinese Authorities Go Door to Door, Dragging People Away to MANDATORY Quarantine Camps

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If you thought things in China had hit rock bottom with the quarantine of more than 400 million people, you’d be wrong. Shocking reports are emerging that are even more dystopian than the quarantine itself.

Multiple sources report that officials in China are now going door to door and checking for anyone who might be infected. If a member of the household is running a fever or displays any other possible symptom, they’re being taken away to be put into quarantine. Even worse, it appears that some contacts of people who have been confirmed to be infected are being quarantined too – you guessed it – with those who are already sick.

Again, I must emphasize that we don’t get this kind of news from official sources. People who put up these videos are risking their lives. In fact, quite a few of the citizen reporters who have been providing reliable reports have suddenly vanished over the past two days. While we can hope they just lost possession of their devices or access to the internet, or perhaps voluntarily went into hiding, the truth is likely to be far more dire. This secrecy and anonymity, however, does open the door for fraudulent reports, so while I do believe that these reports and videos I’m citing are likely to be true, I have no way to confirm this for sure.

The “Wartime” Response

The person leading the response to the virus is Vice Premier Sun Chunlan. Sun has said that China, and particularly Wuhan, face “wartime conditions.” And it what has to be the most authoritarian imagery ever, she warned citizens to cooperate, saying, “There must be no deserters, or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever.”

Sun has organized a near-military response, ordering medical personnel to work around the clock visiting each home in Wuhan, a city of 11.08 million people. When there, they are to check the temperature of each person in the house and question anyone who may have been in contact with a person who has been infected.

The New York Times reports:

Ms. Sun said that anyone requiring treatment should be rounded up, if necessary, and forced into quarantine.

“It must be cut off from the source,” she said of the virus, addressing city officials at the shelter, according to a Chinese news outlet, Modern Express. “You must keep a close eye. Don’t miss it.” (source)

But are they actually going there for treatment? Or are they going there to die?

The death rate from the coronavirus in Wuhan is 4.1%, while the death rate in the rest of China is 0.17%, according to the NYT article. This disparity has led many to wonder chillingly whether Wuhan is being sacrificed on the altar of “the greater good.”

With the sick being herded into makeshift quarantine camps, with minimal medical care, a growing sense of abandonment and fear has taken hold in Wuhan, fueling the sense that the city and surrounding province of Hubei are being sacrificed for the greater good of China. (source)

At the same time that some people are being unwillingly rounded up, others are going to hospitals for help and being turned away. These people are going from hospital to hospital to get tested, but they are neither being tested nor treated.

And others are being trapped in their homes. I wrote in this article that many residents were finding themselves literally welded into their homes. The video below shows a police car keeping the door of an apartment building closed. (Waiting for the welders, I guess?)

In Heilongjiang, there is a complete ban on private cars. Here’s a video of the arrest of a woman who was caught driving.

The Quarantine Camps

In Wuhan, the center of the outbreak, hastily organized quarantine camps are housing the sick with what is said to be minimal medical care. The camps are being housed in public buildings like arenas and convention centers. Those being taken to these mandatory camps are people with confirmed cases of coronavirus, suspected cases of coronavirus because they’re showing symptoms, people who have close contact with those confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus, and those who are running a fever when the medical Stasi come and take their temperatures.

And this could make matters worse.

Moreover, experts fear that penning potentially infected people in large quarantine camps—set up in a sports stadium, an exhibition center, and a building complex—with minimal medical care could make the sick sicker and let the whole gamut of infectious diseases run rampant among the confined people. (source)

Imagine the effect of being taken to one of these camps on anyone who is taken into custody who actually doesn’t have the coronavirus. If they don’t have it already, it seems it would only be a matter of time before they, too, become infected, adding to the sacrificial air of the response.

The people in the video below are only suspected to have been in contact with an infected person, yet they’re being taken to be quarantined with the sick.

Are people spreading the word being punished with quarantine?

As I mentioned above, several citizen journalists who have been apparently reliable sources of information have completely vanished over the past couple of days. But that isn’t the only crackdown.  This video alleges that authorities are checking cell phones to see if citizens are posting information about what is happening in China. (Although one must wonder how someone else was able to take cellphone footage of this and retain his or her phone.)

Some speculate that whistleblowers may be deliberately exposed to the virus by being put into quarantine with the infected as punishment.

What aren’t they telling us?

China has repeatedly turned down offers of assistance from the World Health Organization and has not allowed Taiwan to accept help from the WHO either.

Alex Azar, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services forced the issue in a press conference.

On January 6, we offered to send a CDC team to China that could assist with these public health efforts.

I reiterated that offer when I spoke to China’s Minister of Health on Monday, and it was reiterated again via the World Health Organization today.

We are urging China: More cooperation and transparency are the most important steps you can take toward a more effective response.

Beyond that, all options for dealing with infectious disease spread have to be on the table, including travel restrictions.

But diseases are not terribly good at respecting borders, so we would have to assess carefully whether the evidence recommends any steps beyond the thoroughly tested methods I just described. (source)

With this third very public offer of assistance, the Chinese government finally allowed a handful of American scientists into the country.

The government there has unleashed a wave of unsurpassed censorship with brutal punishment for those who flout it. This should tell anyone that as awful as the reports are, the reality is far worse.

I cannot fathom anyone watching these reports of mandatory quarantines, door to door checks, and authoritarian crackdowns who wouldn’t want to get prepared for the possibility of an extended lockdown here in the United States. Yet every time I read a report on this, I see some person in the comments section saying, “bUT ThE FLU hAs KiLLeD 8000 pEoPLe ThiS yEaR!”

And honestly, I believe that is the most ignorant response imaginable. I don’t care if you’re a doctor, an essential oil seller, or a member of Mensa. If this was comparable to influenza, would China be cutting its own economic throat during the busiest time of the year? Closing down the country at Chinese New Year would be the equivalent to the United States closing down the country for the entire month of December while banning Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s Eve. We’re talking billions of dollars in lost revenue in China right now. Billions.

Whatever the hell is going on over there, it is definitely much worse than the “flu.” And we don’t even know the half of it.

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  • Seems that this so called “Coronavirus” is the perfect cover to round up dissidents and make them disappear forever.
    Those people they taking away were fighting back and if you truly were sick then you would have much fight in you.
    The virus is a hoax.
    Culling the herd of undesirables is real.
    And China will get away with it.
    So will the other nations when the decide to do this.

    • You could be quite right. This is a good way for people not to want to help other people because they ‘think’ they have the pneumonic plague. We’ll have to be on the alert for such situations in the States. Get ready. A call to action, if necessary. When they successfully take people away, that destroys our ability to have so many people help us to fight back. Our numbers will be much smaller.
      Road blocks and checkpoints do the same thing. They kidnap people, never to be seen again. They are people who could have helped us to fight back. Now they are gone and our numbers get less and less.
      It is the checkpoints that also cause the economy to fail, as all these stores have to close, because the numbers of shoppers have lessened to such a very great degree. What’s left behind of their family, have their income reduced to such a degree, they can’t go out and buy, buy, buy, and eat, eat, eat. What do they expect?

    • “Hoax.”

      Ed, apparently you work for the Chinese Government providing disinformation.

      I must say, you are doing an excellent job.

      If people read your post and do not prepare, karmically their fate will be on your hands.

      Think about it.

      • I’m telling you that the Chinese government is using the virus as a means to cordon and search to round up and dispose of dissidents and you accuse me of working for the Chines government?
        Who are you working for?

        • Let me break it down for you ED.

          The Chinese government does not need to use a pandemic as an excuse to round up dissidents.

          They round them up all the time, and most Chinese support this effort, because they realize that the dissidents are sponsored and trained by the West, just like the dissidents in HK, andjust like every uprising that has taken place in the ME in the last 20 years.

          For the most part, the Chinese people support the government. At least they did, before the current pandemic. The Chinese government has created an economic miracle since 1985 when I was in China and saw it to be a backward and agricultural nation with NO freedoms and NO opportunity to make money. For all their mistakes and Orwellian surveillance, the Chinese government has greatly benefited the citizens and they know it.

          This is NO HOAX. China would not quarantine 60 million people and destroy the global economy just to kill a handful of trouble makers.

          • I agree, this is no hoax……..this is something that has China scared shitless…….When their death toll was only 15, they quarantined almost fifty million people. (using their numbers) this virus is the worst monster they have created and somehow it left the box it was kept in and they know it. I don’t think we have seen total ugly yet, it will come to the point where they just start executing people to try to get control of this virus.

          • The quarantine is now well past 100m people.

            The fact that MSM has stopped covering this is something akin to testament that this is no hoax.

            And no, they don’t need a hoax to round up malcontents. How many Chinese billionaires have disappeared in the past 5 years? I’ll go with “way more than the zero that should have.”

    • Agreed, the hoax is on.

      But the tide is turning here, I sense. Some of my anti- n-CoV panic rebuttals may be disappearing.

      Oh well. I won’t be the only one put out for bucking the n-CoV panic.

      Truth tends to prevail over time – when allowed to, and especially, shines brighter for being in darkness.

      • “Hoax.”

        Yes, the Chinese Government would quarantine over 60 million people, and destroy the global economy and supply chain just to perpetrate a hoax.

        “50,000 NEW infections per day.”

        Professor Neil Ferguson, Vice Dean Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London.

    • This is no hoax. The virus has been sequenced. Gene sequences cannot unnaturally be inserted, without the “glue” showing up. The evidencial “glue” has been proven. It was engineered, period.
      Each end has a bat sequence, with a bat sequence in the middle. Not only that, but an HIV sequence has been inserted, and I just read today that this is what makes it infectious to humans. China is said to have 40 BSL4 labs..and Wuhan has two of them.
      Some believe this virus was swiped from a lab in Winnipeg; stolen by 2 Chinese nationals from the Wuhan lab. The Canadian guy who initially brought it into Canada (legitimately) died today in Kenya at a conference.
      The only think I believe its a hoax, is the number infected or dead.

      • Roberta:

        YES! The bioengineering left a trail. This is clearly a bioweapon disguised as a flu producing corona virus.

        The virus allows the insertion into the system, and then the deadly payload is released.

        The WHO, the Chinese, and the Western governments know this is true, but they are trying to buy time with a coverup. If the truth comes out before they can offer some type of antidote or vaccine, there will be global panic.

    • I just hope that the Chinese people realize how safe the strict gun control their society enjoys has made them…

      • You forgot the /sarc on your posting.

        Criminals can smuggle in guns, and they have ’em. Further, there are plans to make guns from common materials. I downloaded one set of plans: as a trained machinist, I was curious how much machining such plans require (almost none). I’d be scared to make and shoot one of those guns, not so much that it would blow up in my hands, but that it looks so inaccurate that I’d probably hit everything except the target I aim for. Guns from those plans are being found in many places in the world. Better quality hand made guns are made in many places, from Pakistan to Philippines and where all else? The reason you don’t hear more about guns in China is because most crimes don’t need guns against an unarmed populace.

  • I don’t think the virus is a hoax, but the story of its origin is. I don’t believe for a second that this virus originated in a ‘wet’ food market; it is obviously the product of bioweapon development that has breached security. ‘Wet’ markets have been around China for, what, maybe 2,000 years? And this is the first time that such a thing has ever happened? Yeah, right.

    The Chinese are hell-bent on displacing the USA as the world’s top superpower and they will stick at nothing to reach that goal. Espionage of all stripes – look at the situation with Diana Feinstein’s driver – and this continues unabated to this day. Combine that with a grifting American president who SOLD them vital technologies and one realizes that the Chinese were growing ever closer to achieving that goal.

    And now this. LOOK at the draconian response to this virus – would they really be doing all this if they DIDN’T know how deadly this virus was going to be? Quarantining almost a half-billion people? Martial law – everywhere?

    I expect a global pandemic and this politically-correct nation will not be spared.

    • Agreed. Look up the speech by Wei Fanghu and see what a danger the CCP is. Not all of the CCP leadership agreed with him, and this is how the transcript of the speech leaked. Not to be a rumor monger, but I need to ask someone for their sources regarding another CCP fellow, who implied that this virus was intended for the USA. This doesn’t seem logical to me, since this is said to attack certain lung cells which Asians have a lot of, blacks dont have much of, and Caucasians have a bit of. I saw the list of percentages of who this was supposed to attack, and its 95% Japanese, 92% Han Chinese, and others lower. And then there’s the anti-cholinesterase inhibitor stuff, which I dont know its relevance- other than it also is supposed to infect Asians and not Causasians.
      Who knows what the truth is. Whether its release was purposeful or accidental doesn’t much matter at this point. We all have a problem now.

      • The virus was not intended for the US.

        Either the bioweapon was unintentionally released at the level 4 lab in Wuhan


        It was released by Chinese working for the CIA to bring down the government of President XI.

    • WW Morrison:

      China doesn’t have to try and replace the US as the global superpower.

      It has already happened. The US is a collapsing empire who spreads death, destruction and warfare around the globe.

      The economic miracle happened in China for 2 reasons:

      1. The US politicians and Oligarchs of both parties, betrayed America and sent the jobs and the factories to China.The middle class is gutted and the jobs are NEVER coming back.

      2. The Chinese are very industrious and capable people. Their focus in education is STEM, not transgender mental illness.

      Empires rise and Empires fall. America’s place in the sun is rapidly going.

      As Captain America said to Billy in the movie Easy Rider: ” We blew it.”

  • This is all so horrible and scarily similar to a recent American dystopian fiction series by novelist Ginger Booth. I recommend her series to all intelligent and adventurous readers. Like Orwell’s 1984, her books are looking more and more like documentaries instead of fiction.

  • It is the kidnapping and murdering of the population, under whatever circumstances. USA is next. They are coming for all of us.

  • Unfortunately the flu is also making it rounds at this time. With similar symptoms, those with the flu are likely to be quarantined with those with the novel corona virus.

    I can’t hep but wonder how many people withflu symptoms are being treated for the same when they may actually have something much worse.

    Rapid flu tests are only 50 to 70% accurate.

    • The infected are treated for the flu, because the corona virus is what allows entrance to the system, and presents the most obvious symptoms.

      What the authorities: WHO, Chinese Government, NIH, and all governments in the West fail to realize is this:

      The corona virus is only the vehicle. Once introduced into the person’s system, it releases the bio engineered payload.

      This payload brings about rapid death, with some individuals showing seizures and falling down where they stand.

      The authorities are focusing on the horse, not the rider.

    • Actually, the recovery rate between self/home treated victims, expertly holistically treated, and allopathic hospital treated would have been a nice number to have, alongside treatment details.

      The Chinese have chosen the path of King Canute against a far more deadly tide, with no humility at all.

    • I doubt those numbers. As a retired Clinical Laboratory Scientist, we would never allow such a test to be performed. Not on my watch, anyway.

      • A scientist is not always a competent statistician. Good numbers are always useful.

        Most people catch a cold or flu, and will treat at home and get well, or seek holistic or allopathic care, and get well. The most serious incidents leave allopathic hospital records.

        So, the ‘experiment’ is actually just active monitoring of common practice on a voluntary basis. There’s nothing deeply unethical, provided full privacy protocols are followed and it isn’t a setup to mass quarantine and detention, but genuine science and public education.

        If the government and people weren’t at such adversarial odds, it might have been possible to get voluntary compliance with large-scale mass surveys as to what people do during flu season.

        People already foolishly volunteer DNA to private ‘ancestry’ search companies. There’s no fear of science presented as genuinely friendly. There’s just label-fear of ‘government’ and ‘Big Pharma’.

  • This story appeared on ZeroHedge yesterday:

    Panicked Hong Kongers Hoard Food, Water, Supplies Amid Coronavirus Hysteria

    plus 310 comments (on Friday), & counting…

    Preppers will understand the implications of such panic and how it can spread.

    There are also stories of two exposed cruise ships being quarantined, one close to Japan and one (I think) off of Italy. There are newspaper accounts of the US government designating at least four quarantine sites (so far) in this country for incoming travelers they think might have been exposed. And only two days ago, a day at the second largest VA Medical Center (Dallas) in the country revealed a tiny but noticeable handful of people (some oriental, some not, and even a few medics) wearing face masks, with only a tiny fraction of them wearing eye protection. Looks like some faint but leading indications of the fear — regardless of whether justified or not.


  • It has occrued to me if there is such a shortage of masks and bio suits etc, I wonder if the guys going door to door for temps and interviews and then roundups are even being decontaminated between apartments and contacts or are they spreading the virus even faster? Its like people are doomed to stupidity even if they weren’t sick to start with. This whole situation makes dystopian fiction look like little more than a fairy tale when compared to the real thing. This quarantine reminds me of the old movie Cassandra Crossing from way before dystopian fiction was even a think. I live in rural MO but I am prepared. Even being rural we are only 60 miles from Springfield.

  • Here is my last post of the day:

    Those who shout “HOAX” will be the next group to go down.

    Their rigid paradigm will not allow them to accept the obvious truth in front of them.

    As a result of normalcy bias, they will make no preparations and take no precautions………….

    Until it is too late

    • I’m tired of your fearmongering and that of others. You’d like it if your country just fell apart and ceased working in this competitive geopolitical environment, just to prove how right you are.

      I’m not sure how you’ve got the pull, but I’m tired of my most effective (or just plain furious) rebuttals to your fear mongering being taken down or not posted at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      Again, the best advice is to keep up good defensive/recovery nutrition. Vitamin D, Vitamin C. Zinc, preferably from natural sources. Vitamin D and C are fairly reliable in pill form, but no replacement for sunlight and whole foods.

      As an anecdote, don’t eat starchy foods or highly processed soups when feeling something coming on; that seems to feed whatever’s latching on in the throat. I shouldn’t have to say that on an ‘organic’ site; that should be common sense practice from experience if nothing else.

      Wash hands with a good quality soap. Don’t habitually touch the eyes, nose, and mouth, spreading germs to the face, or from the face to everything else. I shouldn’t have to detail this. But maybe I should.

      Use an inexpensive surgical mask to contain your germs when sick, like the Japanese do. Always dispose of a used mask like it was contaminated with the day’s exposures – which it will be. Disposable masks are meant for one-use only. The box instructions won’t necessarily discourage users from trying to stretch them out; OK, but use the precautionary principle.

      An n-95 is an expensive ineffective solution against a so-called bioweapon. Anyone can research the history of pandemics and germ warfare in America. What’s out there is already scary, but n-95s are still useless as a long-term solution.

      Beware of idiots selling fear and unworkable solutions. Don’t skimp on the fresh fruits and vegetables to burn through n-95 masks.

      Get a real gas mask if you truly believe n-CoV will take you down on top of the normal precautions advocated, but a gas mask and its filters aren’t cheap either. Going broke is no defense against anything.

      The audience here is attracted to the ‘organic’ part of being a prepper. False information will fool no-one. Persistent off-key information will be noted.

      I’m just a guy on the internet. No pretensions to being a hardcore survivalist, having a special degree or insider knowledge, are being made by myself.

      All the advice and information I’ve posted is easily verified by the reader, whether any particular post is allowed to stand or not.

      I’m sorry if some of my opinions on others are harsh. I reserve the right to proportionate rhetorical self defense against flaming, but defer to moderator judgement so long as I post here.

  • On another site a party happened to mention a news paper for that part of the world. It has been rather interesting reading up to daily occurrences without the filters being placed by our news broadcasting system for that area. If you wish to see the daily happenings, as freely as they are able to provide suggest you read the ‘South China Morning Post’, which is on line.

    I have not been able to retrace the video’s which were on line yesterday but they had video’s up of them welding doors closed on what appeared to be apartments(building). Rather interesting data that is being slipped out from that area into Hong Kong for rebroadcasting. FYI

  • If they are doing this, i.e., FORCED quarantine obviously thousands if not millions are going to die. The Chinese are of a brutal nature if you ever bothered to read their history. And I mean VERY BRUTAL.

    They will stop at nothing if it bothers them. Just look at Genghis Kahn and what he did. And he spread his genes around that area too.

  • China reported an additional 89 deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths in the mainland to 811.
    The global death toll for the new coronavirus currently stands at at least 813, including one death in the Philippines and another in Hong Kong.

    It is getting interesting.

    • 650 000 people die of respiratory related infections and complications thereof every year on average.

      We’re also entering a grand solar minimum; the reduced solar energy will tax the skin’s natural vitamin D production.

      Asians and blacks will have a harder time with this, so should probably supplement every winter in northern climates, regardless.

      Doesn’t anyone read information for any other reason than fear porn?

  • They should rename this site ‘MSMprepper”.

    Luthor’s moderating team in no way defends the organic lifestyle and I no longer respect their moderating decisions.

    If n-CoV is weaponized, it has not been so very far above the background pathogen noise. In other words, its just a very bad cold. If you’re dumping money into useless n-95s and not an anti cold and flu diet, you’re wasting your money.

    Research pandemics and U.S. germ warfare on civilians. n-95s are a false hope.

    Nor will an n-95 protect you against this or any other cold or flu. Washing hands and not habitually touching the mouth, nose and eyes does work. A mask may prevent incidental touching, but the discomfort may lead the habit of touching your face randomly even when not wearing.

    Like many silenced dissidents here, Luthor, I now recognize you and your so-called team are part of the disinfo problem and I regret not cluing in sooner.

    • Brockland, some of your comments have not been allowed through because you’re simply arguing and name-calling. My comments section has turned into a battlefield and that isn’t what my website is all about. You’re absolutely welcome to post your thoughts in a manner that doesn’t attack others. You and John Roberts seem to have some kind of special enmity and just so you know, I have removed some other people’s responses to you as well.

      When the comments section is nothing more than a minefield of people arguing, other people become uncomfortable and many feel too timid to join the conversation. It makes them fear what the response will be if they dare to ask a question.

      The comments in which you stay on topic all get posted. Responses that just provoke others or contain ad hominem attacks do not. That is what our moderating decisions are based on.

      • I absolutely have enmity toward Brookland.

        His views are delusional and will get people killed.

        Either he is blind or he is intentionally posting disinformation,

        Either way the results are the same.

        In real life I would teach him a lesson, but this is not fight club, this is “lets’ make nice and give everyone a voice.”

        At this point the world is approaching a tipping point, and if the Wuhan virus continues to spread, we are royally focked.

        So, in closing, I will say this: Daisy this is your forum and you have treated me with respect and appreciation.

        You do have the right and the obligation to run it anyway you see fit.

        However, you do have the unspoken obligation to filter dangerous and detrimental information.

        How you accomplish that goal is up to you, but I have other things to do, and time is short.

        Good luck to all. We are going to need it.

    • @Brockland,
      Come on man, when you lower yourself to name calling or attacks on a passive aggressive type, then your attacks serve no purpose or do not contribute to the topic at hand.
      Some of your and Mr. J Roberts posts have had some interesting and thought provoking insight.
      As long as you and everyone else sticks to the article main point, remain civil, I think all posts are welcome (disclaimer, I am not a moderator of this site, but I have been a mod on other sites and it is a thankless job). Ultimately it is up to Daisy.
      And based off what I have seen of her articles and posts, she is anything but MSM. More like anti-Establishment.

  • While it seems popular to bust China’s chops about their response to this very serious situation. We in America *Might* want to give them a moment of THANKS.

    THEY are slowing this monster down giving us TIME. WHAT we DO with this time is our choice.

    It’s NOT A Hoax, Barron’s and Wall Street Journal is full of FACTUAL real Economic DAMAGE this is causing to China and SOON you and I.

    Proverbs 22:3 The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

    Choose wisely what you do with this time granted by “Brutal Chinese Actions”. Clearly Nobody here has experience in what America has done to stop national medical emergencies. Ellis Island was created to PREVENT such issues when the Steam Ship was the fast transport of the day, allowing folks that WOULD have DIED from disease before arriving from Europe to get here *still* infectious. Bars and LOCKS on those buildings let me assure you.

    TB Islands, often the same for various plagues over OUR History to slow and stop serious diseases like China is facing today.

    Also to the wise expect blowback from this. Who Benefits from China’s troubles with Trade Wars, Wheat Smut out of nowhere, Pig Ebola also out of nowhere, Hong Kong troubles from the US Embassy, AND NOW this Disease that seems TAILORED to kill off Ethnic Chinese.

    The Chinese Government and Military are busy right now dealing with Corona virus, BUT will Our Ongoing THREAT of OUR Nuclear Weapons keep the USA safe from “deniable” blow back?

  • Whoa!
    There is some serious Tin going on!
    Some makes form some interesting reading. Others, not so much.

    I have been to China. I have family there. IF the government wants to make some dissenters disappear, they dont need a virus to do it.

    Why would China risk their economy, injecting CNY2trillion (net) in liquidity into their markets to keep them afloat? Why risk civil unrest and social stability in their own country for a small % of dissenters? Why risk the possibility of all those companies, deciding that maybe having your global supply chains in China might be not be such a good idea, and move them elsewhere? Why risk global economic security? How is China going to benefit from that?

    Was the virus manufactured in a lab? Or mutated from some weird wild animal (bat soup!) market?

    Who cares!

    This thing is out, and making its way around the globe! The real problem is, for every person it infects, it has a chance to mutate again, possibly into something worse with a higher mortality rate.
    Rather than go down rabbit holes, think about what you can do now, if this thing does become a real pandemic, and spreads in the USA like it is in China.
    What does that look like for you and yours?

  • I just read this morning that China is going to make pharmacies stop all sales of cough & fever reducing meds to force those with symptoms to go to the hospitals. It is getting more like a syfy story all the time. I am stocking up on meds this week for sure.

  • Honestly, I’m exhausted trying to keep up with all the arguments on here. I refuse to sit here moderating adults all day. Any more direct arguments and I’m removing comments from this article.


    • Daisy, perhaps I can shed some light on you dilemma.

      You appear to want things that are incompatible.

      You want to have a website where everyone gets along and can make comments. This may appear to work for a while when things are calm, but at the first hint of impending or actual crisis, the situation falls apart at the center and cannot hold.

      We are at the point, with the current Wuhan virus situation, that the Crisis is real in China and it is about to become real for the rest of the world in the form of infection and supply chain disruption.

      The conflict will intensify as people panic, don’t know what to think, and are shouting to have their opinions heard (no matter how harmful).

      It is not going to become any easier for you going forward.

      Perhaps you can give up moderating comments. This seems to work well for

      Or you can block people from posting and create an echo chamber.

      Seriously, there is no easy and simple answer for your dilemma.

      However, if the current situation exhausts you, what will you do when things get very unstable in the very near future?

  • Im curious to know what happened to the people who were taking these videos. The authorities don’t seem to be too concerned about them.

  • H as anyone been able to check out the “disease experiment” government building in Wuhan that was just recently built near the city..Did this virus escape from there?

  • I heard from a guy who knows a lady who works for one of the 3 letter agencies that is so secret that they only use 2 of the letters and dress in orange camo jumpsuits that this was actually an intentional release from the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru in order to make it easier to jump off onto the earth and plant their crops using our cremated bodies ashes as a source of potash for fertilizer because their planet is dangerously low on it and they have found that their plants grow better with seawater that has dissolved plastic micro-spheres in it no wait it was I actually heard it from a lady who had been drinking shots of tequila who knew a guy who worked for a super secret three letter agency wait there is some one knocking on my door and a flashbang just came through the window and I’ve got to get into the bunker NOW!

  • ‪China’s Military-Run Hospital For Coronavirus, Build in only 10 days and a “Blackhole” For True Information‬.

    Highly doubt anyone can honestly claim its not a prison

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