What “Supply Chain Problem”? The Government Wants You to Know Everything Is FINE.

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It’s only hypercritical people like me who think that the Biden administration is doing an utterly terrible job. The reality is, everything is just fine except for a few pesky hoarders who are causing problems.

The mainstream media, POTUS’s Chief of Staff, and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said so, and we all know they’re both utterly reliable sources.

Grocery store shelves ARE full.

In reality, grocery store shelves are full. They’re full because they took a page from the script of The Interview, in which two goofy journalists go to North Korea to interview/kill Kim Jong Un. At first, they fall for the propaganda, but then one of the journalists enters the shop that looks to be loaded with abundance only to find out that the food is fake.

After #EmptyShelvesJoe trended on Twitter last week, Zero Hedge reports that retailers got serious about covering the gaps. They pointed out that all over the nation, stores are filling shelves with a single line of the few things they have to make it appear the inventory is full and things are thriving, sharing the following tweets.

Photo via Zero Hedge












And it’s not just in the United States, incidentally. In London, a Twitter user claimed that Tesco had gone one step further and actually put out fake asparagus.

The comments on the Tweet (which is a reply to the asparagus Tweet) suggest that this photo is from Kroger somewhere in the United States.








We’re sure that this is isolated and not a harbinger of things to come. Right? RIGHT?

Jen Psaki says this is actually a good sign.

And hey, you should rest easy because White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki wants you to know that these empty shelves are actually just a sign the economy is perking up.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain pooh-poohed the issue of empty shelves, retweeting some yahoo who said, “Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems.”








Psaki took to CNN to try and defend Klain’s retweet, and even CNN called her out. Zero Hedge reports:

Jake Tapper says to Psaki. “Doesn’t it seem tone deaf to say rising prices and empty grocery store shelves are ‘high class problems’? Isn’t that a bit dismissive?,” Tapper asked.

Psaki responded by saying: “The fact is that the unemployment rate is half of what it was about a year ago.”

“More people have jobs, more people are buying goods, that’s increasing demand. That’s a good thing. At the same time, we know supply is low because we’re coming out of the pandemic,” Psaki answers.

“What people should know is inflation is going to come down next year, economists have said that, they’re all projecting that,” she continued. (source)

I particularly love how Psaki boasts that the unemployment rate is better than when Fauci forced businesses to shut down, like this is some kind of accomplishment. Anyway, you all should stop complaining about your high-class problems, pay extra for your paper asparagus, and shut up.

It’s obvious that nobody in the White House actually cares about these problems because they’re not directly affected by them. They exist in a protected bubble where there’s plenty of food and plenty of money.

And of course, there are the “hoarders” to blame again.

Last year when the first lockdown occurred and the shelves were wiped bare in a matter of a day, the mainstream media blamed selfish preppers and hoarders. First of all, I’d like to point out that we preppers already had our stuff. Secondly, it isn’t hoarding to supply food for your family when you see things going downhill fast.

But “hoarders” are a handy scapegoat and a great way to turn people against those who are prepared.

The founder of Saffron Road told Bloomberg:

“People are hoarding,” said CEO and founder Adnan Durrani. “What I think you’ll see over the next six months, all prices will go higher.” (source)

Those thrice-damned hoarders again.

The USDA says there is NO shortage.

Anyway, keep your britches on. The USDA themselves assure us that there aren’t shortages in America.

There are currently no nationwide shortages of food, although in some cases the inventory of certain foods at your grocery store might be temporarily low before stores can restock. Food production and manufacturing are widely dispersed throughout the U.S. and there are currently no wide-spread disruptions reported in the supply chain.

USDA and the Food and Drug Administration are closely monitoring the food supply chain for any shortages in collaboration with industry and our federal and state partners. We are in regular contact with food manufacturers and grocery stores. (source)

So…we’re fine.

Does any of this seem familiar?

I covered the fall of Venezuela in great detail before Jose came on board to share on the ground reports. Back in  2013, “hoarders” were threatened with detainment. Venezuelans were also told there was plenty of food.

Luisa Ortega Díaz, the Attorney General of Venezuela, issued a press release at the time.

The attorney general called on people to remain calm, not to fall for provocations, and not to be afraid of the “alleged” food shortage…

…According to a press release, the Attorney General Office has designated an ad hoc group of prosecutors to work nationwide with other authorities and cope with the threats against food security and, consequently, against the State. (source)

The government there took over the farms and production plants in 2015, but by 2016 had to admit that people were on their own, and there was no food.

Hmmm…it’s almost like there’s a guidebook for stuff like this.

So…shortages or no shortages?

If you are as concerned about supply chain issues as I am, you’ll be doing your level best to get prepped while some supplies are still available. Here’s some advice on prepping and creating your own supply chain.

What do you think about the shell game being played by the government and the media? Do you believe there are food shortages? Have you seen any of the “prop” food in your area? Are we being lied to yet again?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Daisy-

    My partner and I have been observing this for weeks here in NY. I normally do the shopping and then come home and “report” on what I see. About a month ago I noticed the “front facing”- that’s when a retailer pulls product to the front of the shelf but its only one item deep. We have a Hannaford and a Market 32 in the town we shop in normally, and the Hannaford was a good tell for stock. I couldn’t find Comet there two weeks ago! I will admit that I normally go to one store (after reading the fliers for the week) but have developed a pattern of alternating- partial based on what we need/want for that week, and partially to have a better ground sit. I know I’ve commented before on the need to thing outside the convenience box to source certain things, but it’s not just a comment. My partner and I live by these rules- I have every source in a 30 mile radius memorized for what I can find/get there. When we do shop together, its almost a game for who can notice the empty/outage first- like a sad version of “I spy”.

    The bottom line is that this administration has DESTROYED years of work in a matter of weeks- all in the name of virtue signaling BS. I grew up in a house that always had canned goods and a pantry. It was a necessity- we were working poor. I learned so much on how to shop, coupon and stretch the dollar from my mother and Grandmother that I ache for people who are just now trying to figure that out. We ramped up early last year and I have kept it going, but so many people are blind to what is going on. We have friends that are in Germany right now and the wife is coming home this week. When I spoke to her last week, I warned her that she needs to either schedule a delivery or have her kids go shopping for her, as there was no guarantee she could get what she needed. She was shocked- Germany is, apparently, “fine”. There were some other comments laid in there about “following the rules” and how much simpler Europe is, because even though “some” people are “unhappy”, the rules are the rules. It shocked me- I’ve known this woman for a decade and considered us very close, but now I have to worry what I say to her. It is both disappointing and shocking- she’s one of the smartest people I know, and she has swallowed the fear hook, line and sinker.

    Anyway- keep prepared, stay creative with your sourcing, and stay practical!

    • If you still can’t find Comet, you can substitute baking soda for lots of cleaning projects. I have used baking soda for cleaning for about 30 years. I don’t remember exactly what Comet smelled like but I remember having to make sure I didn’t breathe in the dust from it.

  • How do you spell disinformation? With a capital ” D ” and a lot of BS. I see it when I go to the gorcey store store ( for the little I need ) and when you do find what you need or want, the prices are being marked up. Reminds me of story my father always told me. When he was a little guy ( the 1920’s ), his folks would go to town for grocies with pocket full of money ( so to speak ) and come home with a wheel barrow full of food. After the crash of 1929, they would go to town with a wheel barrow full of money and come home with a bag or two of food ( his version ). He always said that it will happen again and it will be a lot worse , because he said that so many people are moving to the cities and don’t have at least a garden. And guess what , it is happening again, just like Dad said it would.

  • “The attorney general called on people to remain calm”

    When I hear Psaki, or ANY Bite Me Administration representative appeal for calm regarding food shortages, I will know it’s past time for stocking up and game over has arrived.

    Meanwhile, I see shelves that are well stocked with the occasional empty space where an item is gone, like canned beef. I just keep going back for more. Don’t stop, keep prepping. Had a great fall canning season that helped as well.

  • Interesting. I went grocery shopping this weekend, and a few items I grabbed the one in the front and there was a big gap behind it – with an item way in the back of the shelf. I was wondering what was going on. Could they have been hiding scarcity? Quite possibly

  • Yep.
    I see holes in shelves through out the grocery store.
    Prices have gone up.
    And there is ‘shrinkflation,” where a company will reduce the amount of a product by a %, but keep it at the same price.
    Is any of this as bad as say Venezuela?
    Not yet.
    But when the working poor has to pay more to put food on the table, they are that much closer to food insecurity.

    Ever notice what the WH admin says about the job numbers? They mention how many people are working again. But they never mention the number of jobs that remain open and unfilled. How many businesses cannot open for the lack of workers. The number of workers who have dropped out of the labor market. Which is funny as I have seen people complain about “why dont they just hire more workers to stock the shelves!” Or, “why are there not more truckers to move goods?” If people dont want a particular job, they are not going to go running to one. That retiring trucker worked hard, spent days or weeks away from his family so his children dont have to. It is not like if I were a stocker or trucker, then my children have to be one too!
    A trend I am seeing lately is MSM reporting restaurants cannot find workers due to “abusive or violent” customers, and then usually hint those customers are anti-vaxx or pro-Trump or something to that effect.
    Also, it is not the responsibility of an establishment to act as vaccine police, as noted by In-N-Out Burger.

    • Hey 1stMarineJarHead

      It seems not as deep, but…I´m sorry, this scares me because brings pretty bad memories to my head. Things started exactly like this: you had money in your bank account but not products to buy. Black market (owned by NG and goobmnt mafia) made impossible the arrival of the supplies to the shelves, as they forced the producers at gunpoint to ship to undisclosed locations to provide for the underground structure that would sell via social media and mouth to mouth.

      • Jose M,
        I hear what you are saying.
        During the “Summer of Love” while cities were burning, more than a few truckers noted if it got much worse, they would not be making runs.
        We get to the point of truckers, grocery stores, are facing mass looting, the JIT/BAU system collapses and then nothing is moving.
        I know I wont.

  • Well actually as I do see it, it’s the CITIES and the BIG towns that are having these food issues…The larger places of course have these things b/c they serve MORE people, and in times such as this MORE is NOT better…Less seems to be better when it come to needing to buy food from the stores…
    We have one Walmart, 3 stores called INGLES a small one, a medium one and a larger one (nice, fancy, Starbucks, Deli, Bakery, Pharmacy, fresh meat department etc.) and there is one Food Lion. NOW out of all of them there seems to be very few shortages…I found almost all that I was looking for. However I DO NOT live in a larger town… This is a town that is just small to medium size and our crime rating here is an A-. We are NOT yet (at this point in time) suffering, and I am thankful that is the case…
    I do think in the future we may be as you say “short” with some “empty shelves”…I saw very few empty in Walmart. For the most part it’s business as usual. SO we’ll have to see what transpires in the future. It’s sticker shock…Bought only 7 bags of various things yesterday and it was almost $80.00. SO I am more upset about the COST than about not finding what I needed…
    P.S. Soooooo sorry to find out about Bella…My condolences to you Daisy!!!

    • We also live in a large rural “red” county of under 70,000 people. The two largest towns are about 30-40 minutes away from where we are located and have populations of 4,400 & 3,700 respectively. In those towns there is a total of one Walmart, two food lions, a Lowes Foods, a Shop & Save, Aldis and a smaller IGA market. All of those stores are exhibiting some degree of shortages. yes it is much worse in larger populated areas, but there are signs that it will continue to spread and get worse even in less populated areas. For now for the most part you can get what you are looking for but not always in the brand that you want. Remember in less populated areas your supplies are generally trucked in from more populated areas and the labor shortage will slow down the restocking process. Even in this generally rural area we are seeing smaller restaurants and fast food places like subway limiting hours or the number of days that they are open due to lack of employees. Shore up all your preps now while you can and pray…

    • I live in a rural county with 3 small towns, the closest to me has 3 redlights. We have 1 Walmart in the whole county, 1 Ingles and a couple of Save A Lots. I have seen one row products for a while now in all. Recently Walmart was out of printer ink, spray paint and potato chips among other items. Seems to be getting worse.

  • It has become common to only find half of the things on my shopping list. We’ve been doing this long enough that when an item does show up, everyone takes an extra because they don’t know when it will come up again.
    I’ve been transitioning my spoiled cats from their morning treat of wet canned food to homegrown meat products. I’ve been mixing in their wet food to make the transition easier. Last time I went to get some at a the store, there were two cases on the shelves with about five people staring at the emptiness. I quietly picked up a case and walked away. It’s not what I usually get, but it will be the last one I buy.My rabbits are finally old enough to breed and my quail are finally laying eggs again after putting a light on them.

    Prices are definitely rising. I’m in a fixed income and it’s just not going very far anymore. Having to get more creative.

  • I have been seeing steady shortages for quite a long time. I started noticing Walmart in fall of 2019. Two weeks ago it was so bad my 13 year old noticed it. I have felt the sense of urgency to stock up since last spring and it hasn’t stopped yet. I can’t shake the feeling.
    This regime is an absolute joke and we won’t have a country left by 2024.
    Thanks for your voice of warning through all of this.

  • To be fair, “fronting” of store shelves is a longstanding, common retail practice, as described in this Wikipedia entry, which has been online since at least 2007:

    “Facing (also known as blocking, zoning, leveling, fronting, straightening, rumbling, or conditioning) is a common tool in the retail industry to create the illusion of a perfectly stocked store by pulling all of the products on a display or shelf to the front, as well as down stacking all the canned and stacked items. It is also done to keep the store appearing neat and organized.

    The workers who perform this task normally have jobs doing other things in the store such as customer service, stocking shelves, daytime cleaning, bagging and carry outs (in grocery stores), etc. In some stores, however, facing is done only by the stockers. Facing is generally done near closing time when there are fewer customers and also while the store is completely closed. In busier stores it may be done constantly.

    In department stores it may be referred to as recovery, as in the store is recovering from the rush of customers that affect the model appearance the store wants to portray. Merchandise may be put in the wrong area, or customers may leave debris on the floor. Correcting these issues is a part of the recovery process.

    Facings also refer to the amount of shelf space a particular product is given. A lot of facing generally increases sales of a particular product, therefore manufacturers often pay more money to get more facings for their products. This can lead to situations in which the largest manufacturers end up with the most shelf space because they have the greatest ability to pay.

    Facing has the benefit of making products more accessible to customers, especially in situations in which it can be difficult to see what products are on the top and bottom shelves. Additionally, that neater and fuller looking shelves have desirable psychological effects on customers for businesses. Research shows that if a customer sees disorganized shelves, they will get the impression that the store is poorly run or understaffed, and consequentially will be disinclined to shop there again. It is also thought that shoplifters will tend to be emboldened if they see disorganized shelves, because they may perceive the disorganization as a sign of a lack of employee supervision over the store.

    Although facing is a common practice in retail, it’s unclear as to exactly how much value it adds to a business, or whether it is worth the cost of labor needed to do it although facing is generally done at less busy times when staff would otherwise have not much else to do . . .”

    • I worked in retail and grocery stores in the past.

      You are right, “facing” is nothing new.
      Difference between back in the day when I was doing it and now: Back then, we had two or three full boxes behind the front.
      Now, it is one (the front) deep, maybe two of single item.
      Also noting big stores like Wal-Mart who have to stock all day, even they are showing holes or only one deep.
      A lot of “Now Hiring!” signs too. The one grocery store used to have one or two people working/stocking in the produce section. Now, I do not see any one.
      Same goes for frozen food, dairy isles. There always were people with big carts, one half was stuff in boxes ready to be stocked, the other half was the boxes broken down after the products had been stocked. The poor guy always was apologizing as his cart was in the middle of the isle.

  • Now is NOT the time to be complaining about shortages.
    You should instead start assessing your food “preps”. Especially if you are relying on store bought or home canned items. but some of this can apply to MRE’s or other storage foods also.

    What kind of meals can you actually make from these items? Have you made out a meal planner?
    How nutritional or complete would those meals really be?
    How many days worth of meals can you actually make out of your preps?
    Have you tried it or are you just guessing?
    Would you actually want to eat what you have on a regular basis?
    In the “olden” days, people used various items to stretch out what they had. Gravy was a Staple. Saltine crackers found themselves in scrambled eggs and meat loafs, as well as many other dishes.
    Do you know how to use things like that to make prepping supplies go farther?

    If you don’t know some of this stuff, now is the time to find out… While things are still available that can be bought to fill in those areas of needs, that you have uncovered.

    What other opportunities can these shortages offer?
    How is your personal weight?
    Can you use the shortages to improve your diet and lose weight?
    Use it to cut back on buying Chips, Soda, etc., and move to a better set of lifestyle and food choices!
    Eat smaller portions, but more often. Using fruit or vegetables for in between the main meals as snacks. What are some other ways that we can use to turn this situation to our advantage?

    Part of Survival is the mental aspect. To look for the good, while living through the bad.
    To find or make positive outcomes out of bad situations.
    Adaptability is another important key to surviving SHTF.

    So Now is the time, not to grumble or fuss about shortages, but to see how you can use this scenario to your advantage.
    Start developing and cultivating the mental attitudes that will enable you to survive SHTF.

    • While I agree with you 100% we can learn from our ancestors. I know that mind followed a motto when it came to eating: Eat breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king and supper like a pauper. My great grandma only cooked twice a day; breakfast and lunch. Supper was whatever was left over from the first two.

      • KCK,
        I have heard various takes on that very saying.
        But how does one judge what is each? By caloric count?
        For me, two eggs, two or three strips of bacon and a piece of toast (half the size of store bought bread) is a big breakfast.

        Around here, dont have time to stop and eat snacks. Sometimes you blink and it is nearly dinner time, and it seems you just ate lunch 5 minutes ago.
        But then get a whiff of dinner and your stomach says differently.
        Every few days we have left over night.
        Or last nights dinner is this mornings breakfast. In the winter, not uncommon for soup to be breakfast.

    • You seem to be confusing complaining with observations of what people are seeing in their area.

      Based off some of the comments, more than a few cook from scratch or as close to it as possible.
      We do. We also make a weekly menu.
      As I have noted in the past, many French recipes are nothing more than peasant food (same could be said about Irish, Polish, English, Italian, Shuk, Mexican etc). Taking a cheap cut of meat and making a great meal out of it. Many of the cooking techniques have been around for quite sometime, with only a modern twist/fusion to them.
      Same goes for taking scraps of meat, chicken livers, and making a terrines, or sausage from beef chuck cuts or a ham.
      Rather than relying on saltine crackers that you buy at the store (that may not be there), make them at home yourself from scratch.
      Same goes for bread.
      And grow more things in the garden.

  • I generally am the one in our household that does the major portion of the grocery shopping which is fine with my wife. Recently we were in town for another reason but decided to stop and pick up a few items at the local super Walmart and at Aldis. My wife was astonished at the sections of shelves that were at least partially bare and other shelves that had only one or two items pulled to the front of the shelf.

    There are definitely shortages and prices have definitely gone up, way up. Canned goods up 10-15%, fresh produce up 15-30%, meat across the board up 20-30% and canned pet food up 25% if you can find it in stock. Dry goods and household items are just as bad and I am comparing the so called “sale” prices of today to those of just six months ago. Bacon seems to be up around a whopping 35%. I cannot believe that anyone could buy into the 5.3% current inflation rate that the government is claiming.

    Back in early 2020 my spidey senses started tingling so we purchased two mid sized chest freezers to go with our two uprights and then ordered a half a grass fed beef from a relatively local farmer who had it custom processed for us to our specifications, vacuum sealed and frozen before we picked it up. We then watched all the local sales flyers and picked up pork and chicken at sale prices and vacuum sealed it for storage in those freezers. We had several gardens including a fall garden that still gives us fresh produce and we have been dehydrating, freezing, canning and fermenting to add to our deep pantry.

    We live on a 63 acre homestead in the mountains of NC which we retired to just over 5 years ago. We have a small flock of 15 Golden Comet chickens that give us 10-12 eggs daily which we share with family and our closest neighbor who lives 1-1/2 miles back down a dead end mountain gravel road. We recently ordered 25 Black Australorp chicks (23 hens, two roosters) which will provide even more eggs and meat plus more chicks. We are looking at adding a couple Nubian does for milk which will also be used for yogurt and cheese as well. We also have a spring fed pond that is also fed from a pipe off one of the two creeks on the property filled with bass and black crappie.

    Bottom line is we won’t go hungry. The fall garden will provide sprouting broccoli. kale. spinach, hearty lettuce and various Asian greens through December and beyond as well as root crops like turnips, beets & carrots. Beyond that we will grow micro greens in our garage under grow lights using hydroponic pads in trays set on heat pads regulated to a temperature best for sprouting the greens.

    This will get much worse before it starts to get better even for those who have prepared. For those who have been blinded by normalcy bias it will seem like hell on earth. The shortages we are seeing now are only the beginning. If at this point you have not prepared, then better late than never. Get training in the old time basic life skills, medical and firearms training. Even with prices up prioritize your spending, shop the “sales” and stock up on canned items with a long shelf life. Build a daily use pantry with enough food to feed you for several weeks and then work on a deep pantry that will carry you for months. Vacuum seal items to extend their shelf life and add 0-2 absorbers to appropriate items before sealing to further extend shelf life.

    Practice the Seven Pillars of Preparedness: food & water, shelter, fire, communication, medical/hygiene, personal safety/ability to protect you & yours and last but not least faith. Of those seven many people do not add faith to the list of seven pillars, but for us here at Road’s End Sanctuary it is undoubtedly the most important. There are many stories of survival where you will often find a common thread of faith sustaining an individual, helping them to survive. Remember it has been foretold that in the end good (God) wins. May God keep you and bless you…

    • “Beyond that we will grow micro greens in our garage under grow lights using hydroponic pads in trays set on heat pads regulated to a temperature best for sprouting the greens”

      you’re expecting electricity to continue?

      • Our electricity will continue for some time into the future and I do not see large outages in this area through this winter. When we bought the place just over 5 years ago the first thing I did was have a 1000 gallon propane tank buried and we had a 24 KW whole house generator installed. Even in a long outage we can use it manually when we need it and running it as needed to keep the freezer items frozen. Stein’s Law states “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop” so at some point we will be without power. We heat with wood and can cook and bake with wood if needed. Our well is a true artesian that requires an inch and a half over flow pipe that runs continually to keep the pressure from building and possibly blowing the well head. If we taper down or shut off the overflow there is enough pressure to feed water at least into the entire bottom floor of the house.

        I expect no goods or services to continue forever, but we will take advantage of them as long as they do and make the best contingency plans we can for when they fail.

  • We found out last Spring what really runs out first–and it wasn’t food.

    One thing is especially important for preppers to understand at this time of beginning food scarcity: HOARDING is not putting some back when there is plenty. You hurt no one, and do not add to the problem in times of shortage. Hoarding is grabbing the last roll of tp when you are only adding to an adequate supply, and the next customer must go without.

    Hopefully, you put plenty back this Summer when there was plenty of everything. With all those container ships not unloading and many other supply chain issues, those of us who are alert know that serious shortage is likely coming. Late October 2021, most stores near me are still abundantly stocked, so we’re at the tail end of–stocking up is not hoarding. If you have plenty, just fill in any gaps.

    If you have not had the observational skills to see trouble coming before and just starting NOW–you are in time. Buy only stuff that your family does eat or use, and get a month or two worth as quickly as you REASONABLY can. The longer you wait the higher the prices–and that’s just the selfish reason. The longer you wait, the more shortages grow, and the more you really do hurt other people.

    When signs appear limiting 2 to a customer, you are LATE. It is dishonorable to stock up the scarce items then. Just maintain what you have and stock up on whatever IS still available–there will be some things.

    It is not too late to plant a fall garden. And you can learn about row covers and other ways to make micro-greenhouses. Be careful where you put something like that when there is starvation and learn about plants that do not look edible Learn about edible weeds–some are extremely nutritious.

  • I haven’t seen many shortages in Hudson Valley Ny but def having issues with parts for repairs. Long long wait till who knows. Less choice availability from other small farms but price hikes aren’t bad (given already a local premium product) Uline seems to have good inventory for biz needs. Was worse last year. The jar/bottle cos. Likely padded their inventory.

  • I’m small town rural Iowa. I do not see a lot of the problems mentioned here. We have one local grocery store (one of two in a “chain”) and the shelves are pretty well stocked, but it is a no frills store. I notice when I go to the nearest largest city that there is a dearth of prepared foods, usually frozen or canned. I can find everything else. There was even a sale on canned goods for 50 cents a can with flats of the stuff.
    My problem is the price of meat. Wow! It’s there but I cannot afford a lot of it. I stretch the meat ie. stews, casseroles, and soups. That’s how I grew up. so that’s how I’m ending up haha.

  • There are some empty shelves here in the UK, especially in the smaller supermarkets. But it doesn’t bother me because there is still plenty of food, just not always the exact thing you are looking for. And I have enough in store already to keep me going for a while, should the shortages get nasty for a week or so. I doubt they would last much longer, because then there would be riots on the street and we’d be looking at an entirely different prep scenario.

  • We Raise chickens and sell eggs. We have noticed over the past several months that many of the grains that we purchase to make our chicken feed is either not available or the prices have increased significantly. We still charge only $2 a dozen for our eggs but we are going to have to raise the prices just to break even

  • Of course, there are shortages. I shop for Instacart for a living, so I get to stores all the time. While it’s true that Mondays tend to be worse, as trucks don’t run as much on Sundays, I’ve been to stores talking to vendors who are stocking shelves. Soda vendors tell me that certain flavors haven’t been available in quite a while. I showed up at one store when the Frito Lay guy was there that morning, and their shelves were half empty. And Lunchables? Fuhgetaboutit. Now, granted, This isn’t exactly the healthiest food, but those are what I noticed the most as that is what I’ve had to substitute or refund the most. However, other items have been hit-or-miss any day of the week.

    As to the hoarding charge – I often will take my 89-year-old mom shopping and do my own shopping at the same time. She’s been picking up a package of TP every other trip, though we have several large packages already (she learned from last year). I’ve been picking up extra cans of food whenever I find something on sale (like soup for a buck each, etc.), though nothing that would be noticeable all at once. In other words, stocking up the slow way. Been doing that for quite a while now. We likely have enough to weather a storm for about 3-4 months, which is a lot more than most people have.

  • While I agree (mostly because it´s a FACT) that there are issues with the supply chain currently causing shortages and disruptions, I can´t see the U.S. going the same way of Venezuela. Not anytime soon.

    I´m not talking about the “can´t happen here” mentality, because everything is possible. But in my humble opinion it´s not just a matter of dynamics, rather of structure. There are a lot of similarities for sure, but mostly are on the surface.

    Deep down, I´d say the differences are huge and perhaps more determinant in this comparison.

    First, the causes are vastly different, in scope, depth and range. When this happened in Venezuela, the entire system was destroyed by corruption, incompetence, malfeasance, and ideology. U.S. is flirting with comunism but realistically, the institutions are much more stronger and efficient than Venezuela ever was.

    While the U.S. is politicaly and economically in turmoil, or even bad shape (among other problems), the USD is still the world reserve currency. This status won´t last forever, but it´s still a superpower that can make make up for a lot of mistakes and cover a lot of issues and bad management.

    Look beyond U.S., and every other country struggling with the same issues and resorting to the same measures are already being hit. Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, even Brazil,the effects are immediate, because these other nations don´t have any buffer the U.S. has for being a world superpower.

    America has a much more diverse and dynamic economy than Venezuela too, which had all the eggs in just one basket (the oil industry). Currencies and trading are relative, not absolute. That´s to say if U.S. were crashing, then all the world would also be crashing, and this isn´t happening (it is, but more slowly than the interpretations suggest).

    There´s a lot going on for sure, but the production and suppy chains aren´t destroyed to that point, at least not yet. Brazil is a “developing” nation and we are also in shambles, yet the shelves here are full and stuff keeps coming, even imported goods.

    All that to me says the turmoil in U.S. supply is temporary, though I could change my view if the context changes of course.

    I don´t mean the U.S. can´t collapse. Of course it can, and sometimes the bigger you are the harder the crash. But if history is any indication (and I´m always going back to that), this will be turned over some time soon. It might be a tough winter, especially in EU and for specific reasons, but maybe not as bad in U.S.

    Americans are so used to have abundance and variety in levels not seen anywhere else. When even part of that is missing, it seems and feels like the world is ending. I´m not being optimistic, because I foresee a deep and prolonged crisis in the horizon. I just don´t think we´re there yet, and the current shortages are temporary (sorry for using that word but in this case I think it´s appropriate and correct).

    Sure, the bureaucrats and politicians will always resort to the same stupid strategies, which are lying, gaslighting, distorting, then trying to control (prices, wages, etc.). The bag of tricks is old and well known, I too have been through all of that. I´m just proposing we look part that.

    Anyway that´s just my humble opinion. I hope everyone stay well.

    • “U.S. is flirting with comunism but realistically, the institutions are much more stronger and efficient than Venezuela ever was”

      they’re nowhere near what they used to be, under continuous attack and in rapid decline. comparing the u.s. with venezuela means the u.s. is not doing well.

      • Sure, but they´ve been through something similar before and stayed up. I´m not talking the realm of possible, but the probable, based on history.

        Again, anything can happen, and I can´t see things improving at least not in the short and probably mid term. At any point it can really go to hell in a handbasket, as we know, when things are this unstable.

        But no modern empire has fallen into complete disgrace like that. So everything considered, I can´t see US turning into Venezuela, and certainly not without dragging the entire world with it.

        Let´s not forget US still has the world´s strongest military, too. What I mean is, US will either turn out much better than Venezuela, or the planet will be at great risk, if you know what I mean.

        So let´s pray for those institutions, however under attack and fragilized, to still be capable of surviving the storm.

    • Venezuela fell because of corruption and incompetence. The US will fall because all the powers in charge WANT it to fall, and will do things to make that happen, on purpose, not because they are stupid or corrupt. The US leaders may be corrupt but they are not stupid. They have planned this for decades and now they have the control to make it happen. The US will fall to third world status before this is over.

  • “‘What people should know is inflation is going to come down next year, economists have said that, they’re all projecting that,’ she continued.”

    (laugh) a sure and certain sign that inflation will continue.

  • “it’s almost like there’s a guidebook for stuff like this”

    there is. joseph in egypt. beria and the ukraine.

  • “Do you believe there are food shortages?”

    not really. the only shortages around here are in .38 and .357, that’s about it. family elsewhere says no problem. prices are up .10 to .15, but that was expected.

  • “And of course, there are the ‘hoarders’ to blame again”

    (shrug) the people behind this view everything everywhere as theirs, and their attitude bleeds over into their puppets. they’re not angry that you have more than them, they’re angry that you have anything. to them, that’s theft from them.

    • Yep.

      And, I’ll go further still.. “they” count on us turning on one another for “whording” (my little ditty there , spelling inaccuracy intended) while they rape the girl (all of us)a little more.

  • Govt is AGAIN engaging in baldface lying.
    Some grocery chains seem to be doing better than others. Can’t post pics here, but i took pics in a major chain grocery store in NW Georgia about 2 weeks ago…
    Meat section empty, except for one lonely 2 pound roast for $21 bucks. The long chicken coolers? Almost empty. Sausage section empty.
    Most disturbing to me, the butcher display case… COMPLETELY EMPTY. Not one single solitary product in it.
    I don’t believe the news or govt lies or hype… I BELIEVE MY EYES.
    What is really disturbing about this? Is most people have NO CLUE what is happening or why… They are not sweating this at ALL….
    Which brings me to exercising an isolation-minded outlook.
    If i get on nextdoor, or start talking to clueless neighbors? Most of which will probably not do a damned thing ANYWAY?
    THEY WILL KNOW WHERE TO COME WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT. Trying to form any group of the like-minded at this point? Will only get you bird-dogged by the unprepared.
    Last note… This crunch is going to be very hard on the welfare of family pets. When folks can’t afford to feed em and/ or there is no pet food available, they will either dump or surrender their pets before divesting HUMAN food on them that they need for their families. Rescues and local animal controls are about to get their asses kicked. And some form of this happens in every economic downturn… Surrenders and abandonments increase. What’s coming on a whole new scale? Is gonna make those look like a picnic in the park.
    Euthanasias are about to blow through the roof. Can’t shelter em if they can’t feed em… Pisses me off because i have many friends in surrounding animal controls and rescues, and they DON’T SEE IT! No heightened concern in the least!! Pet food is running out everywhere, even in the better stocked states and regions. They don’t seem to realize that they will soon be competing for resources just like everyone ELSE.

    • Regarding pets getting abandoned, you are so right about that. The tiny local towns here do not have animal shelters. As a result, people will dump their unwanted pets on a county road somewhere. We have had these animals wander up to our house on multiple occasions. It makes me angry at the people and sad for the poor animals.

    • “Trying to form any group of the like-minded at this point? Will only get you bird-dogged by the unprepared.”

      actually, wouldn’t worry about that too much. what will happen is they’ll go everywhere, so you won’t escape by being silent.

  • I shop at my grocery stores and have seen no shortages. Have not been to Wal-mart for awhile and I suspect there might be shortages.

    I do know there is a chip shortage because you can’t get the computer or vehicle you want anytime soon.

    Been waiting for my Sthil tool for many, many, months now and it’s still not in.

  • This is all too stupid to be stupid.
    EmptyshelvesJoe and his handlers are intentionally trying to bring about the ruin of the United States of America.
    For the people who can’t see this, I will quote Ted Nugent from a recent video. “I speak their language. BAA, BAA, BAA.”

    • “This is all too stupid to be stupid”

      ah. one more person just woke up.

      “EmptyshelvesJoe and his handlers are intentionally trying to bring about the ruin of the United States of America”

      biden has nothing to do with it, he’s just a puppet. otherwise, yes, his “handlers” are doing just that. they’ve been working on it for over a century.

  • A TN Walmart the 3rd week of Oct 2021. Hardly any spray paint. Was going to attach a picture, but can’t figure out how to attach.

  • Daisy—off topic but just want to say I am so sorry for your loss of Bella ….they are a beloved part of the family. I lost my Golden Retriever Lakota in April he was 10yo and got Auto Immune Disease…I spent thousands but could not save him….he will always live in my heart as your Bella will in your heart….much love ….Russ

  • Last night my star prospect first calf heifer jersey freshened in a cold fall downpour and I had to assist.

    Today I cut for weaning calves..always a drama laden event. So, cows screaming and calves bawling, and a new dairy cow trained I’m whipped. I need beer. More than two tonight.

    Go to the beer store (in Pa. we actually have special stores for beer. I. Shit. You. Not.) beer guy rings my order (Moosehead lager) and tells me to enjoy it, because anheiser bush just sent out word that it MAY NOT be within their abilities to service their brands through Christmas!

    Folks, I paused-looked back at the cooler-looked at him-looked at the cooler-looked at him and started laughing!

    I actually considered getting into the bootlegging business, and I’m not certain tonight that I’m not!

    I’m tired guys. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

  • Here in Michigan we have Kroger, Meier, and ofc Walmart. I usually order online and go pickup. I always make a point to start some small talk with the folks who bring your groceries out to your vehicle. I ask about the supply chain, distribution networks, how the shelves are looking, etc. I was recently told that they used to get trucks every 2 days, now its every 3 days. From the time you place your order till pickup time, I’ve been seeing more frequent unavailable items, and way more substitutions. Its noticeable, and friends who go in to do their shopping are saying things are looking sparse sometimes. This isn’t going to be fixed. Its going to get worse. Stock up while you can, even if its just adding a couple cans of soup or instant rice each time you, every little bit helps.

  • A Diagnosable Pathological Liar was installed in office. Liars are only comfortable around other Liars.
    This was predicted before Biden was (S)elected, so it’s not a surprise.

    Civil unrest will increase, Bread Lines will start, Martial Law will occur in regions, eventually it will be Nationwide. As a result, Civil War will become Hot instead of Cold (I subscribe to the belief that we’re in a Cold Civil War that began in 2008 already). A Totalitarian Police State is coming, and there’s no (acceptable) way to prevent it. With the Unconstitutional Vax Mandates, it’s already here.

    So where/when will it end?
    Will we ever return to a semblance of Normality? Are we fated to destroy ourselves and the country because one side chose to divide the big melting pot?
    There, I hang up my crystal ball. I’ve no illusions of surviving the coming crisis, the only question for me is can I set up my loved ones to survive? I hope so, but in honesty I don’t know.

    • “Civil unrest will increase, Bread Lines will start, Martial Law will occur in regions, eventually it will be Nationwide. As a result, Civil War will become Hot”

      (shrug) been hearing that for over a decade.

      “Will we ever return to a semblance of Normality?”

      absent an exodus-level miracle, no.

      “can I set up my loved ones to survive?”

      not if the ones behind all this have any say in the matter.

  • So I guess since I buy a quarter cow and a half of pork from a local farmer( you know because it is cheaper and better quality than the factory farm meat) I am guilty of hoarding. sorry but I get to use great cuts at a good price but I also suck it up and use the cuts we might not have chosen or not chosen as much of.

    We shop every other week so some would consider having more than a few days food hoarding, I call it common sense. IT gives you a much better perspective of what you need and your food wants too.

    When the media(or worse government) says it is just temporary or its not as bad as it looks – don’t beleive it. There is something brewing…

    • “I am guilty of hoarding”

      no, the other side is guilty of not exercising due diligence. don’t let them blame you for the consequences of their actions.

        • There is NOT a shortage of worker’s. As MSM portrays and hemorrhages continual diarrhea out the mouth. It is not solely a supply chain problem either. There is a UNION problem getting the longshoreman port workers to agree and do their jobs. They get paid handsomely $50+ an hour with benefits and flexibility people only dream about. No other companies could possibly match period.
          I live 45min from LA in light traffic. About an hour from long beach harbor. Near the two largest counties in the nation. City Pop 300k+ County 2.4M. What i am saying is im close to harbor and in an extremely high popuated city/county. Short truck drive and quick replenishments. However, I SEE shortages day to day in local grocery markets. One day Minute maid juice products were completely non existent. Next week they replenished, but, containers looked haphazardly slapped together. i.e. visible glue marks/worn cartons re-used looking.
          I work in the construction industry that touches just about every trade and i know there is a shortage of caulking containers, but, plenty of calking to fill those missing containers. Every trade just about suffers from some type of shortage. The shortage is NOT trucking at least not yet. My sources are at the core of these industries ive mentioned above. To suggest the problem is caused preppers or hoarders is laughable.
          As for prices, shell, 76, chevron avg $4.65-reg unleaded $5.00+ super. 20c increase per week it seems. Food…similar percentage increases and growing (especially protein).
          Folks, inflation is another factor. If you follow economics we have skipped over two cycles of inflation and now we are seeing the prelude of possible hyper inflation. Thanks to the so called 97 housing crash ‘recovery’ the Quantative easing bandaid 1trillion+ injections per year has lost its adhesive and is in a potential run-away state. More importantly, the Feds have lost control/exhausted the safe-falls. Monetary and fiscal policies.

          • “To suggest the problem is caused preppers or hoarders is laughable”

            it is. but they will blame you nonetheless, and punish you on the streets and in the courts.

            • @Ant7
              i agree with you. Logic and ethics is no more and irrational thinking seems to hold more weight.
              Not to steer the topic in another direction, but, recently there have been evident reports of the US military mandating the jab…apparently 1/3 across all branches ranks and job positions are getting dishonorable discharges for refusing.

            • …having difficulties posting on my phone. Anyhow, 1/3 military getting booted regardles of time in service. Same with law enforcement. I know a city that lost 100+ officers and 40 support staff just last week. I cant reveal specifics because sources are very close to me and still active. But, this sounds very much like a strategy from hitlers playbook with military division/SS and his brownshirts that came in infilicting atrocities amongst the Jews and German citizens. Pre-emptive martial law. When it does go down, under martial law the constitution, personal and sovereign rights will be null and void. They Will confiscate. And for those that dont believe, it already happened during katrina. First orders were to secure areas, confiscate w/ shoot to kill orders if resisted. Many guard/reserve, active military and LE carried out these orders in Louisiana.

              • “his sounds very much like a strategy from hitlers playbook”

                nah. the cheka and the kgb.

                and when you learn who staffed and ran those … it all comes clear.

  • hi daisy, thanks for what you and others are doing to keep us informed of the chaos happening everywhere!!! as for this supply chain situation, the vaccine mandates etc, its TIME for the American people to FIGHT BACK AND STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS and fight for this country!!!! TIME IS NOW! we need to take to the streets, the phones, the news, the mail, everything to get out messages out, WE WILL NOT BE SUPPRESSED in any way!!! they are taking everything away from us, destroying our military, our frontliners, medical, truckers, every single aspect of our lives!!! if we dont do something ENMASS NOW, we wont have a country to vote for next year!!!! these vaccine mandates ARE NOT LAW and shouldnt be able to be enforced, but govt is scaring people so bad, people are acting like they have to submit….NO THEY DONT, WE DONT, WE WONT, but time is NOW, it has gone too far!!!! how do we do this? come on everyone, who values your freedom, MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW! next year will be TOO LATE…..

  • It’s extremely obvious what the global control freaks are up to. It’s old news actually which is why everyone was banned from speaking with old people, because some oldies would undoubtedly recognise the lead up signs to a manufactured shortage/depression. Whoa so does that word ‘depression’ remind you of something we are all supposed to have forgotten about from the 1930’s?? Of cause those of us old enough to have known someone It’s a commonly thrown around word now days regarding mental health, however not so long ago it was the core fear of most who had grown up through the great depression times that there was not enough food or anything else for that matter due to the engendered collapse. Back in the 30’s most people had vegetable gardens, fruit trees, chickens and milking animals in their backyards. On top of this people actually spoke to and even helped their neighbours and whole towns. So due to these things the survival rate of the public was unfavourably high for the global control freaks. Which is why these things are no longer common thanks to ALL the great efforts of the globalists and their local policy maker puppets. Just as owning more than 2 decent sized guard dogs is now an “issue” (sure for them) and councils (illegal entities on privately owned land BTW) want records of what type and how many dogs etc then change you for registration, which is the system’s favourite old trick to get you to pay them to sign over your stuff to them which then allows them to come and remove it from you also,BTW just like a birth certificate. Child protection (aka Child endangerment/ Child traffickers) can not take a
    child with NO Birth certificate as they do not belong to the state.
    Anyway I digress.
    Having a safe ongoing food supply and good sharing, caring, trustworthy locals is the key to real survival. Knowing how to find and use medicinal herbs/weeds is a great asset. As is being able to grow anything edible organically and continuously by collecting your own seeds.
    I will also point out a almost unknown FACT that is easily looked up through business registrations. Most so called governments are actually Crown Corporation employees actually. The people’s elected government hasn’t existed in America since 1871 and Australia since 1973 when they were SOLD to the Crown Corporation. America is a registered company in Washington DC as The United states of America and Australia is registered in Washington DC as The Commonwealth of Australia. Washington DC IS NOT a part of America as it is actually a privately owned state of the, you guessed it, the Crown Corporation. They are an invading company under treason in reality. The Crown Corporation owns most western countries, illegally behind the people’s backs of cause that is. It’s the good old follow the money and at the top you will find where the world’s real assets have been moved to this last few years just as they were in the 1930’s.

    People make the programmed mistake of thinking that the system supports them when in actual fact it is the people and their taxes , licences, registrations, etc that supports the system. So WALK AWAY stop supporting “THEIR SYSTEM” look after yourself and each other, care, share, connect, network, with your local people. The Amish have had the right idea all along by staying out of the baddies corrupted thieving system in the 1st place.

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