What It’s Really Like to Work in a COVID Ward

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 by Chuck Hudson

Editor’s Note: This article was written by a personal friend of mine. This isn’t some stranger who wrote to me to share some story that may or may not be true. This is a man I’ve known for years who has dedicated his entire career to caring for the health of others. In this essay, he shares an average day in the COVID ward of the hospital where he works. ~ Daisy

COVID virus has turned the world upside down. From the economy of the planet to pitting neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend. Never mind the violence destroying our cities. We are all dealing with this virus with totally unbelievable numbers, huge numbers of infected people, and a rising death toll.

Yet, I look out my living room window and see green grass, flowers blooming and some kids down the street playing basketball.

And then, I go to work.

The area where our day patients come in is called 2HVT. All 14 rooms of 2HVT are now negative pressure rooms. (Also called isolation rooms, negative pressure rooms help prevent airborne diseases from escaping the room and infecting others.) All the rooms of the old Cardiac ICU, which is attached to our cath lab by a short hall, are now negative pressure rooms. 4 South on the 4th floor is now a COVID unit. 6 south, an old Ortho ward, and 5 South have been converted as well. All these conversions are in the downtown hospital alone. All patient areas of the 3, newer hospitals in the system have been converted to handle COVID patients.

Watching the news here in my new home state of South Carolina, no matter the station, it is the same thing: doom and gloom. More and more infected people from testing, talking heads pointing the finger of blame, and numbers being sensationalized. After all, “If it bleeds it leads.” It’s gotten so bad that I turn on the news just long enough to catch the weather and traffic for the morning drive from Summerville to Charleston.

But enough of that. Let me tell you what it is really like in the COVID step-down unit. This unit is for people not sick enough to need high flow O2 or intubation, yet too sick to go to a “regular” floor. (Like there is a regular COVID floor!) As with any floor, the “permanent “ nurses and techs get morning reports from their night shift counterparts. After getting the reports we start our rounds with the patients.

Wait…no, we don’t just walk into a COVID room.

It takes about 3-5 minutes to gear up before entering a room.

Step 1 put on a set of gloves.

Step 2 Put on impermeable gown.

Step 3 Put on N95 mask.

Step 4 Put on face shield. ( We 3D print the frames for these. And use pieces of acetate we get from Staples. )

Step 6 Put on 2nd set of gloves.

Step 7 Triple check that everything is sealed and in order.

Now…we can go in the room.

We try to allow only 1 person at a time in the room, unless something demands that 2 people are needed. The nurse or tech who goes in the room does not leave the room until they have completed all tasks. If the nurse or techs needs something this is where I come in. If I am not assigned a patient, I run and get things. We are runners. We run and get whatever is needed.

What about emergencies?

Same procedure.

We have Mayday bags stapled to the wall in front of each room. Each of these Mayday bags contains the following:

  • 2 N95’s: small and regular
  • “Bunny Suit”
  • Face shield (We 3D print face shields in-house)
  • 6 pairs of separately bagged gloves (sm, med, lg)
  • Bouffant hat

All of this must be put on prior to entering a room. It is mandatory. Even if the patient is dying.

Very little is talked about…so much to tell.

Even the little things that the patients and the staff endure take a huge toll on us.

A majority of our patients have lost their sense of taste and smell. Some can only sense texture and temperature. This makes it difficult and frustrating for our patients and staff. The food delivered to our COVID patients is left at the “Airlock”. In normal rooms, insulated containers can be used for the food, keeping it hot. However, food in the COVID areas must be served using only paper plates, paper cups, paper serving trays and plastic ware. We have to use a microwave to heat the food just before it goes in the room.

In normal rooms a tech, nurse or CNA brings the food to the patients. In our world, only the assigned nurse or tech brings the food. And it may be a LONG wait due to having to microwave the food just prior to going in. We have to coordinate routine care to keep the number of times a room is entered to a minimum. (I have become an expert at microwaving paper plates of hospital grade food!)

One thing the virus does that many people outside of the medical field don’t know is it interferes with the blood clotting cascade. Believe you me, as a former Medical Lab Tech (MLT) I would LOVE to go over in mind-numbing detail the 12 steps of clotting. The intrinsic and extrinsic pathway that lead to a fibrin strand…”OUCH!” (My wife just tossed a crafts magazine at me. I started describing the steps. In detail.)

So, in addition to damaging the lungs, COVID can cause deep vein thrombosis. It also causes DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.) Post mortem exams have revealed up to 30% of early COVID patients had elevated D-Dimer, C-reactive protein and lactate dehydrogenase. All markers for clotting system problems, which has led to death by stroke, even in young people.

Some patients are in denial until the last moment.

Recently, I was helping to discharge a fairly young patient, about the mid to late 40s. As I was getting his history and gathering information on his experience, I asked how he ended up in ICU and then in my area.

He told me he thought he had a summer cold. He thought the whole virus was a hoax and refused to wear a mask. When his wife brought him in he thought it was a bad cold AND an ulcer. He complained of stomach pain, severe diarrhea, and shortness of breath. He was admitted to our COVID floor, still in denial. What he had believed was a stuffed up nose was actually him losing his sense of smell. Then he crashed.

The anesthesiologist did what is called rapid sequence intubation. The patient is given sedative and paralytic drugs. That’s it. Once they are intubated, they are put out.

He told me when they jerked his head back and he saw that the young doctor looking scared though his protective gear he knew then it wasn’t a hoax.

Good news: we ARE saving more than we lose.

Here in Charleston where I work, our average patient stay is 4 days. If they go to the ICU their stay is about double that. In the last 3 weeks we have dropped from 44% to 31% of our inpatients being in for COVID. Our percentage of positive COVID tests is at about 21%. We test EVERY PATIENT that comes in the hospital.

We have a game plan:

  • Remdesivir
  • Lovanox
  • Plasma antibodies from COVID survivors
  • Intervene and intubate
  • ECMO: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (to treat some patients)

We have a long way to go. We still have shortages of protective gear, but we improvise, adapt and overcome. Up to 170 or so of our teammates, young and not so young,  have been out with COVID. Some ended up in the ICU. Our hospital is finding ways to use senior management. A large group of nurses that haven’t been bedside in years are filling in as runners, housekeepers, and patient transport.

This is part of a corporate email from this past week. (Patient sensitive information has been removed.)

Roper St. Francis Healthcare has tested and confirmed that 46 more patients since Tuesday have COVID-19, bringing our total to 3,806 since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Once each week, we will provide additional information about our testing and which segments of the population are most affected by the virus.

In the past seven days, 19 percent of our 3,014 COVID-19 tests have been positive, which is down from our 22 percent positive rate during the past 14 days. Our overall positive rate since we started COVID-19 testing is 15 percent. We have 949 tests pending.

Of those testing positive in the past seven days,

– 19 percent are under 29 years old

– 15 percent are 30-39 years old

– 12 percent are 40-49 years old

– 17 percent are 50-59 years old

– 16 percent are 60-69 years old

– 20 percent are over 70 years old

Thirty four percent of those patients have been white, 44 percent have been Black, 5 percent have been Latino and 16 percent have been other.

The areas where we’ve seen the largest number of new cases are North Charleston, Charleston and Summerville.

There have been 3,882,167 cases nationally with a total of 141,677 deaths, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. South Carolina has had 73,101 confirmed cases and 1,203 deaths.

Hero’s? Nah…We signed up for this because we wanted to help.

I’m not going to berate, belittle, or bully anyone over their choice when it comes to personal protective equipment. I am going to ask that you be careful. You do not want someone like me or my old Ranger bud Johnny doing CPR on you. You will end up with damaged ribs.

I’m pretty blessed to be working at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Roper Hospital. We show up to work each day to care for our patients, and we go home to rest up a little before doing it again the next day. Some of us, myself included, don’t care much for the term “hero”. It is MY job to take care of YOU if you end up in OUR hospital. It is YOUR job to stay healthy, be careful, and be smart about this virus.

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  • It’s not really in the spirit of this site, but I have to vent.

    This is all Xi Jinping and CCPs fault. They covered up the initial outbreak, censored the news, and detained the whistleblowers. If they were open and transparent, this virus would have a smaller impact on the world, and maybe China itself. Instead, the general western government incompetence, plus Chinese coverups and capture of the WHO led us to where we are today.

    • Ah the Chinese lab in question had the full support and funding of the US Government. Notables like our own Dr. Faci and Mr. Bill Gates were involved in this bioweapon.

      Just last fall the Gates Foundation ran an simulation of exactly the COVID19 we are dealing with today. Odd eh?

      Also Odd that the patent on COVID19 is own by the Gates Foundation BEFORE this event occurred. Also Odd they had already been involved in creating a “Vaccine” a process that normally takes 5-7 YEARS. Almost like they knew it’s lab designed properties before hand?

      Also Odd that China would “Allow” the destruction of some 50% of their economy. If they wanted to damage the USA as some have postulated it would have been far more useful to have spread it OVER here and not wipe out trillions of dollars worth of national wealth. They might not have the same values about their people as we do BUT they DO Value Trillions of Dollars…

      Also Odd that such a mild plague could be hyped up so that the masters of voter fraud the Democrats can almost force mail in voter fraud, err voting. Almost a designer bioweapon to do just enough damage….

      But like 911 we may never get the whole story how a Chinese Lab was GIVEN the elements of this Bioweapon from American and Canadian Level 4 Labs. Yes they did a face saving set of stories how they “smuggled” them out of a Level 4 lab in their socks. PLEEEASE, for a very minor version of a Level 4 Bio Lab’s security procedures LOOK at what this Nurses story has to do.

      NOBODY smuggles such lethal diseases in their socks through the compete strip down and decontamination needed.

        • I work at a nursing home. we had 83 persons out of a census of 300 test positive. There were 13 deaths. Over 60 employees tested positive. Our nurses did not have the luxury of negative air exchange or PPE in abundance. Everything this nurse said is true. I’ve watched elders die in a week.

        • Dear William in the age of history being destroyed and re-written as well as Google erasures do you have any source for anything? I made it a point to screen shot the articles I read to share with those friends of mine.

          Maybe you could do a little Google Fu for yourself friend. After all do you have verifiable evidence that Epstein killed himself in a most secure prison with inoperative cameras and sleeping guards? How about 2 aircraft and 3 towers destroyed in 9-11?

          No-chem Mom thanks for the unneeded comment. Buy a book if you love grammar so much.

          • “in the age of history being destroyed and re-written as well as Google erasures do you have any source for anything?”

            So Mike, if this is the case, where do you get your facts from? Keep in mind that information is not the same as facts.

            I go to the US patent office, CDC website, my wife. My wife? Yes, she holds an MLS in library science, is a medical researcher in a major US hospital that is at the bleeding edge (no pun intended) of COVID research. Oh, and the wayback machine for when Google so called “disappears” stuff. I also read for sport fringe sites such as Democraticunderground and Redstate, more reasonable sites like Politico and The National Interest. For something more serious I pay attention to several major insurance carriers’ newsletters that I own stock in as well as Stratnews.

            • William Tell I am glad you look around. My screen shots were from Johns Hopkins, Barron’s and a few others of decent note. Some were discussing the potential for making money investing in COVID vaccines others the back ground how the Chinese lab got the materials and funding for the “Studies” they were doing.

              So your information is more factual than mine? We may never know.

              The facts I see say this designer Plague is working just as intended. It was far more deadly in China, Italy, NYC and New Orleans than it has been in the recent past. Death rates are dropping as more testing shows even more infected. Not exactly what real pandemics do eh? Not at least according to my public health training.

              As Obama’s right hand man Rahm said “Never let a emergency go to waste and if needed create that emergency”. Or as the NYT Op-Ed said yesterday in essence “Vote for our Biden and all the troubles will go away”. Maybe COVID and the paid for rioters will phase out in November?

              Again time will tell. Too easy to set loose a new designer plague for the “Dark Winter” that Facsi and company have been broadcasting.

              Facsi has it right either way “Winter IS Coming”

      • Please proof read before hitting the “send” button. Throw in a couple of commas, too.
        It helps the reader understand what you’re trying to say. (FYI, I’m not a grammar teacher.)

      • I absolutely agree and spot on! The info you detail is out there, People just do not know how to look it or care too. They prefer to stay sheeple.

  • Thanks Chuck and Daisy for the update, and thank you, Chuck, for continuing to care for patients in this environment. Friends and family members who are in the medical field- internists, ECMO nurses, have given a similar testimony. It’s not a pretty picture. I was recently in the hospital (not for COVID) and the nursing staff seemed quite weary. The hospital was in the process of converting another half floor to negative pressure isolation rooms. Most nurses I met spent some time on the COVID floor and were relieved to be on another assignment. I was told a story about a non-respiratory nurse bouncing treatment ideas off a orologist who was assigned to the COVID floor. They used each other to double check process.

    There are no visitors allowed in the hospital, you must have a negative COVID test 72 hours before a surgical procedure, you must wear a mask outside your room, and hospital stay time is minimized. If your vitals are stable the day of or the day after surgery, you’re discharged. It was a surreal experience.

  • Great article! Is it possible to get the mortality rate relating to the numbers listed in the green box above? I am surprised that it wasn’t included. Thanks!

    • Teresa,
      Take the total deaths and devide by the total koinumber of cases.
      Based on the given numbers for national it equals. 03649% at least on my calculator.

    • In South Carolina, the percentage is 1.775% Thats is taking the amount of cases 80,856 and dividing it by the total deaths 1,436. That is in line for national and world wide numbers. Sorry I should have put that in

      • That is not indicative of the IMR (infection to mortality rate), simply taking the number of positive (known) cases and dividing it by the number of fatalities will not give you a credible number. We don’t know what the infection level is. Of South Carolina’s 5 million people (+/-), only 94,837 have tested positive (as of today, 08.05.2020) and 635 “probable.” That is out of 804,195 total tests. So about 11.8% of those tested were postive.

        Extrapolate that across the population of SC, and the number of actual cases is probably much, much higher. If we assume that only those with symptoms, or those who are required get tested, we can assume that many people who are positive have not gotten tested. But with 16% of the population tested, and 11.8% positive, let’s just assume that between 5% and 10% of the population is, or has been positive. That’s between 250,000 to 500,000 who have been, or are positive.

        Now, if you take the 1,819 deaths (to date) and divide by the number of assumed infections, the mortality rate becomes statistically insignificant. The IFM rate becomes 0.35% to 0.7% total.

        I question the numbers of fatalities because I personally know of one person, 90+ years of age, who died from congestive heart failure, was tested posthumously, and declared a COVID-19 death. My wife was also talking to a lady recently who works in [name redacted] center in the upstate of SC. This lady said that every fatality is tested posthumously, and if the test comes back positive, regardless of obvious causes of death, the death is labeled as COVID-19.

        Even with (what I believe to be inflated) the numbers we are being given, the IMR is about twice that of the seasonal flu in most geographic areas. The seasonal flu kills an estimated 15-16 people per 100,000 of population each year. Some years the number has been estimated as high as 24 deaths per 100,000. Currently, nationwide, about 49 deaths per 100,000 (worldometers.info), or twice the highest flu season count.

        Bad? Sure, but not apocalyptic.

        I hope I don’t catch COVID-19 (maybe I already did), but the fearmongering, and hype has got to stop.

  • Covid 19 is no hoax, it is a real deal.
    However the overall response is a hoax or at least a very bad joke.

    Recently they are admitting that some test are creating 50 % or more false positives. No one even knows how many false negatives are being generated by these faulty tests.

    That the listed numbers of deaths from Covid 19 or complication are being inflated, by faulty recording practices and other flaws.
    I’m sorry, but dying from a gun shot wound or in a motorcycle crash after testing positive for Covid 19, does not qualify as Covid 19, being the cause of death.
    Lets use some common sense here.

    Part of this is just the poor state of our medical services and their infrastructure.
    Part of it is the result of political infighting and posturing, in order to create talking points to try to win an election.
    Then there is the news who uses fake shots of Covid 19 patient wards. Substituting stock footage of Italian wards and inferring it is footage of a US hospital ward.
    Or more recently when the filmed a “ward of Covid 19 patients”, but the “patients” were really mannequins, staged in hospital beds. They even forget to turn the bedside monitors on.

    We are a broken society and this just goes to highlight just how broken it really is.
    I am not sure there is a way back to “normal” society anymore. I think we have gone to far.
    When you look at all the current unrest and you add all of this into it, that is a bad mix.

    So you better concentrate on prepping for a Civil war or a Societal breakdown, as I don’t think we can take much more of this as a society and remain intact.
    This is not just a US problem, but a world wide one, so you can’t run from it. There is no where to go that you won’t be touched by what is coming.
    Good Luck, to us all.

  • “We have a game plan:
    Plasma antibodies from COVID survivors
    Intervene and intubate
    ECMO: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (to treat some patients)”

    All very well, yet what I fail to understand is why more hospitals are not using Vitamin C? It isn’t as if this information is hiding under a rock. It is being used in China, Japan, S. Korea and New York. Why not EVERYWHERE???? It angers me to know people are suffering unnecessarily because the drug industry prefers to keep news of this particular treatment muffled until THEY can profit from a vaccine or something that can be patented (Vit C can’t).

    “New York hospitals giving patients 16 times the daily recommended dose of vitamin C to fight coronavirus”

    Weber said the treatments were started based on tests done on coronavirus patients in Shanghai, China. “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug,” he said.


    Rationale for Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Viruses
    by the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service Editorial Review Board


    I hope Chuck Hudson reads the comments and offers one of his own about this particular protocol.

    • Not to mention that Remdesivir has horrible side effects and is super expensive. $3100 for one treatment!

      I appreciate Chuck’s work and seeing his side of things. This thing has still been overblown and the fear factor that has been created is just evil.

      The vaccine is a very bad deal. Better research that very well before you get jabbed. SMH

    • No mention of the Malaria drug with Zinc and antibiotics, and Vit C drip.
      The hysteria is so overblown, like anybody gets out of here alive anyway???

  • Maybe if MDs would pay attention to what really, really works and people would automatically dose themselves with Vitamin C and use zinc lozenges at the first sign of sickness, we wouldn’t be going through this exercise in torture. That’s what I did in February when I had symptoms of CV, and I was up and running by the fourth day. Explore this website for real health information you can use yourself. http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n16.shtml

  • I am also a nurse on a COVID unit and our days are very similar. I am in central Florida and for months they kept saying the surge was coming and it finally showed up around the first of July. We were doing ok until it hit some of the nursing homes. Most of the deaths we have had on our “regular “ floor have been from nursing homes. The numbers are probably being tampered with but the virus is very real and not a hoax!

  • @Mr. Hudson,
    Charleston used to be my old stomping grounds.
    Was a volunteer firefighter and EMT down there.
    You may not use the word “hero,” but I believe it applies aptly to you and your fellow healthcare workers.
    Thank you for all your work.
    Good luck and stay safe.

  • I’m a physician, doing outpatient medicine and telemedicine (our virtual visits have skyrocketed in the past four months). We screen patients prior to their visit and we gown, glove, mask and use face shields for all visits.

    Last week a patient of mine in their mid-40s, no prior health issues, had COVID to the point that they had to be intubated and still has residual heart problems, as well as lung problems, post discharge. It’s real. Most people don’t get this sick, but if you do, you are REALLY sick. Please follow recommended precautions and wear a mask.

  • It’s a hoax in regards to the response. The dead rate doesn’t justify destroying the economy. The Marxist democrats are using this to destroy our way of living. Permitting riots is a great example of how bad this virus actually is affecting people. Perhaps how this virus is being treated is another factor in the dead rate. Of yes, playing with the numbers only justify the continuation of kick downs and a higher profit for the hospitals. It’s BS, you don’t stop living because of the China virus.

  • OK I´m not even in the US, nor an North Citizen, but I think I should make my point valid.

    The WW3 started in Nov 19.
    Caught me with my pants down. Shame on me.
    This thing is way too deadly to be natural. I´m not an specialist, just an engineer with lots of common sense, and maybe reads too much to allow happiness last for too long.

  • I don’t believe it is a hoax because I’ve seen it and am still dealing with it at work but it’s not what they or I thought it would be. For that I’m thankful. It was a good dry run in preparedness for things that work, things that don’t and adjustments that need to be made. I will admit to overreaction but I sleep just fine at night with that because under-reaction is what gets folks, loved ones and those around you killed.
    For those working with it, in it and around it I’m also thankful. I always was anyway because of all the other things y’all do to patch folks and myself up.

  • Dear Chuck…many days and nights just like yours…(RN x 48 years) ED and ICU. Let me ask you this, what is the game plan fro the next round of bacteria/virus/fungi?? Do you think they will stop? Hardly. So get used to this kind of nursing and stop looking for the end- because if the DS has it’s way. WE will be the end.

  • Perhaps if I was as stupid and as gullible as most Amerikans, I’d believe this ….sh……but alas, some of aren’t as easily misled, like poster ‘Canadian’, who actually thinks ‘China did it’ – and is a typical dupe in our march towards another World War.

    No, sorry. LAST AUGUST I was warning people something was coming that would be used to hide the collapse of the US economy.

    Did anyone listen? lol

    Do they NOW? lol

    “It’s easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled” ~ Mark Twain

    ‘The most scared generation in history’ ~ Jeff Berwick, dollarvigilante

  • Thanks for the great article … and Thanks for all you’re doing on the front lines in your community. I am curious why Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and zythromiacin are not part of the protocols? Medical care should be based on science and not politics, and the above cocktail has proven effective in French studies as well as many communities in the U.S. Here is an article released today about 350 physicians who protested being silenced on giving the proper care in their hospitals. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/frontline-covid-doctor-calls-fake-news-challenges-cnns-chris-cuomo-take-urine-test-prove-isnt-taking-hydroxychloroquine-video/

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. You might not want the term hero. But a definition from my daughter , what are doctor’s & nurses ? Superheroes because their super power is to save people. (We’ve been at the doctor’s today and that’s what she told her doctor) I personally think your remarkable , good luck and please stay safe !

    • Yeah just like the doctors and nurses back in March and April who were choreographing dance routines and posting them to Tik Tok while people were supposedly in the hospital dying.

  • Not to cast aspersions on the author of the article, as I think those who are working in such positions have a lot to contend with and I’m sure are doing the best job they can. However, some of the comments around the article seem to suggest that the information provided there proves something about the nature of the virus or justifies the unprecedented governmental reactions to it. The protocols used may or may not be effective in the treatment of the illness, but they reflect the fact that the government, or those pulling its strings, have blacklisted treatments like hydroxychloroquine with zinc and an antibiotic, which have been proved effective – because they are not expensive, as is Remdesivir – a new, and as far as I can tell, experimental drug. There are any number of existing studies which show that wearing a mask by the general public is contraindicated, which is why no one recommended it until the recent about-face by Fauci and others in support of the political mandate to wear them.

  • https://www.globalresearch.ca/scientific-corona-lies-and-big-pharma-corruption-hydroxychloroquine-versus-gileads-remdesivir/5717718

    This is an analysis of the push by money and power to gain more of both by choosing the Covid treatment which makes the most money for the insiders, not the best treatment for infected people. I also agree with others above who suggest vitamin C, which has also been found by some to be effective, but of course there is no money in that either.

  • I don’t think the virus is a hoax but I also think we handled it completely wrong. I’ve been reading about what Sweden did and they’re much better off than the rest of the world. When quarantines and lockdowns are lifted, there will be new outbreaks because no one will have developed herd immunity. Also, destroying our economy and country is NOT a reasoned, sensible response. It is an insane response. I don’t believe that the lockdowns have anything to do with the virus. As usual, it’s to cover up politcal and financial crimes of the elite and government.

  • Also a nurse, Long Term Care X 20 yrs. Covid is a nasty bug, but it is not unusual to have nursing home residents die from a case of the flu, or pneumonia. These folks are fragile, many immunocompromised, many with other diseases and close to death. One yr, we lost about 10% of our folks, and yes, nearly all had received the flu and pneumonia vaccines. To deliberately send Covid infected people into nursing homes where we do NOT have ngative pressure ventilation, or adequate PPE (bouffant hats? Face shields? LOL!!! We are lucky if we don’t have to send an aide to wash gowns because day shift used them all. We have plastic goggles that immediately fog up and you can’t see to program an IV pump or do a wound vac dressing, you have to remove them), is an unconscionable attempt to infect and kill off the elderly residents. Refusing to allow the HCQ protocol as an early option, and have it made readily available is jacking up death rates as people who do catch this are presenting much more ill at the ER. The ultimate problem we have here is the shunting aside of DIRECT CARE medical staff and healthcare decisions being made by politicians and bureaucrats, some practicing medicine without a license, who are weaponizing healthcare. Trump has probably been told they will release a worse virus if he doesn’t agree to all the stupid masking and forced separation. This is all about the election and communists maintaining their Deep State power.

  • While this man may be a friend of Daisy’s it does not mean that he is telling the truth. People have their own agendas and reasons for exaggerating claims.

    The tell is this part of his article “He told me he thought he had a summer cold. He thought the whole virus was a hoax and refused to wear a mask. ”

    This is the stock psyop line that we are constantly being fed on the media and completely discredits anything this author has written. Tell us about the patients who WORE masks or quarantined and still got COVID. There has to be at least one case of this. BUT that does not promote the mask wearing agenda.

    Remdesivir does not cure COVID it merely shortens the length of recovery time from COVID. Tests done with Remdesivir and a placebo showed patients recovered 5 days faster with Remdesivir.

    Just to be clear Lovanox (enoxaparin) has to be used with intubation to prevent blood clots. It is NOT part of the treatment for COVID. So it is interesting that you talk about a clotting issue with COVID patients and then talk about how COVID causes blood not to clot.

    Intubation has been shown to kill patients with COVID and is not a recommended first go to for COVID patients it should be a last resort only.

    “In our world, only the assigned nurse or tech brings the food. And it may be a LONG wait due to having to microwave the food just prior to going in.” If the nurse has to change PPE (mask, gown, etc) with every single COVID patient I can’t see how this is efficient. I am sure the nurse does not change all of this with every patients room entered.

    Not to mention intubated patients do not get solid food since they are basically in a coma and having a machine breath for them.

    While I believe that COVID is real disease. I do not believe this gentlemans account of COVID nor do I believe that the face masks the general public are wearing will stop COVID transmission. The number 1 reason being most are wearing the mask pulled down from their nose. They pull the mask on and off by the front of the mask. Many resuse their masks. They believe hand sanitizer is a substitute for actual soap and water. Etc.

    • Pssst….you are incorrect when you state “Lovenox (enoxaparin) has to be used with intubation”.

      Lovenox is used to prevent the formation of blood clots on any individual who has a risk of blood clots. I can name a least a 100 people right now that are on Lovenox and are walking around or recovering, even working at their jobs….
      Your comment was misleading.
      And when your body starts to shut down, as in organ failure, DIC or Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation is a clotting diagnosis (https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-topics/disseminated-intravascular-coagulation) and is an acute and life threatening state.
      Yes, the nurse changes their PPE before entering a new patient’s room.
      Not everyone is intubated and they need to eat. And intubation is a last resort. They don’t just start intubating people the moment they roll in to an ICU.

      While I get that watching and reading a tremendous amount of information about this current health crisis may make you think you understand the situation….unless you are an educated, trained and experienced health care provider…you should be more humble about your comments.

      Nor do I agree with the current policies regarding masks, sanitizing etc. But that is a comment for another day.
      …Just pointing out facts, not trying to get your dander up or belittle anyone and if I inadvertently did that, it wasn’t intended.
      A 31 year RN….

      • “Pssst….you are incorrect when you state “Lovenox (enoxaparin) has to be used with intubation”. ”

        My correction I should have used the word ventilation patients not intubated.

        Lovenox is a form of heparin. Heparin/Lovenox is used on “all” ventilated patients to prevent blood clots since the patient is basically in a comatose state and just lays in bed.

        Ventilators are NOT being used as a last resort in many hospitals. My MIL went to the hospital 3 times for breathing issues and the first thing they did was put her on a vent (all 3 times) nothing else was tried first. Hospitals are getting paid $$$$ for ventilators from the government right now and they are taking full advantage. We had to fight to get her off the vent all 3 times (via the phone since no one is allowed in) and the last time they vented her for just 24 hours. Just enough time to get $$$$

        I find it unlikely that nurses are changing their PPE just to give food to every single COVID patient. That is 3 meals a day times how many patients. They would need 3 or 4 full time nurses just for this task. Not to mention them heating food in the microwave for each patient. I sincerely doubt the nurses would have time for this. Plus with all this extra work it makes no sense that hospitals are laying nurses off. If ALL the hospitals were this overrun they would certainly be reassigning them to COVID duties not issuing pink slips.

  • As a couple of commenters pointed out here, people should know that the proper use of vitamin C is a tested and verified safe, cheap and effective treatment, and prophylactic, against covid-19 — see orthomolecular d ot o r g (click on ‘Library’ and then ‘News Releases’ and read the editions from about February of 2020 on forward)

    A lot of this is based on Nobel laureate Linus Pauling’s pioneering work. HOWEVER….. everyone should keep the following in mind, especially now with the corona scamdemic going on: there are many bogus voices around who strive to distract the public from (1) the value of vitamin C therapy and (2) the fact that Pauling’s VALID work with vitamin C supplementation has been “falsified” by data distortions and lies, and he as a person (a double Nobel laureate) has been slandered as some deluded idiot by the criminal medical establishment and its countless quackwatch shills, lackeys, ignoramuses, and trolls for decades and it continues today — search for the scholarly report “2 Big Lies: No Vitamin Benefits & Supplements Are Very Dangerous” by Rolf Hefti (a published author of the Orthomolecular Medicine News organization). The same corrupt criminal people (and their uninformed followers) are behind the organized suppression, lies, and half-truths spread about the value of vitamin C therapy against covid-19 — see orthomolecular d ot o r g

    But you can’t discredit the facts with lies. That only exposes and discredits the liars (see citations above).

    The fact that we are dealing with a VERY CRIMINAL OFFICIAL POWER STRUCTURE (the Deep State, governments, WHO, official corporate medicine, CDC/Fauci, the mainstream media, paid off scientists, Bill Gates, etc) that constantly hoodwinks the unsuspecting public with MANY BIG LIES can easily be recognized by anyone with two working brain cells when reading this one sentence by a former US government official, Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., in his article ‘The Cost of Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Paid in Lives and in Billions of Dollars’:

    “A corrupt establishment and media that can sell us 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russiagate and a large number of other lies can also sell us on locking up a successful treatment in the closet while we await a vaccine.”

    or from another article of his:

    “In “freedom and democracy” America there is only official truth, and it is a lie. […]. […] when I told the truth that Russiagate was a hoax, which it has proved to be, an anonymous website, possibly a CIA or NATO operation called “PropOrNot,” included this website among its fake list of 200 “Russian agents/dupes.” The Washington Post, a believed long-time CIA asset, hyped the PropOrNot revelation as if it were the truth. With “Russiagate” in full hype, the purpose was to scare readers away from those of us who were exposing the hoax. […]. The way those with agendas control the explanations is by shouting down those who provide objective accounts. Social media is part of the censorship. Explanations out of step with official ones are labeled “abusive,” and in “violation of community standards.” In other words, truth is unacceptble. […]. Everyone who uses social media is by their use supporting censorship. Facebook imposes fascist censorship in order to protect official explanations. The presstitutes and universities do the same. In America truth has lost its value. […]. Even a public health threat like coronavirus is politicized. […]. If you are Big Pharma, NIH, CDC, or the research professionals dependent on grants from these sources, you want a vaccine, not a cure. This means a long wait, assuming an effective and safe vaccine is possible. […]. The hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, and intravenous vitamin C treatments, which have proved to be effective, are badmouthed by Big Pharma and its minions. In other words, the profit agenda over-rides health care and the saving of lives. […]. It is all about money. There are no profits for Big Pharma or a chance for patents for Dr. Fauci unless inexpensive HCQ, zinc, and Vitamin C can be sidelined.”

    Also, if nothing else, watch this MUST-SEE documentary: is d o t gd/uQH5Lb

    And if you still do not think that covid-19 is a planned scamdemic ponder this statement by the American investigative reporter Jon Rappoport:

    “Since planes fly back and forth, and since all sorts of Westerners travel to the rainforests, why haven’t we seen whole native tribes wiped out by viruses from the deep dark streets of Brooklyn? It would even seem that viruses, common in, say, Norway, would cause trouble in Oregon. Why does it have to be “viruses from jungles?” Or other faraway places like China? […]. […] is it possible that jungles and Africa and China are typically chosen for virus fairy tales because, in the minds of many Westerners, they satisfy a requirement of “strange,” “different,” “primitive,” and so on? We’re talking theater here—and when you stage a propaganda play (fiction), you want to tap into the reflex instincts of the audience. The Hartford Virus, the Des Moines Virus, the Vancouver Virus just don’t fit the bill. Because they can’t drive up the fear that jungles or Africa or China can. […]. We NEVER hear killer virus stories about germs traveling from Europe and America to Asia and Africa. Why not? Because such a story won’t sell. It won’t bite. This is called a clue. It tells you that virus-stories are shaped and managed and written and managed and broadcast according to a plan that has nothing to do with actual disease.”

    But having true knowledge like that is not enough in itself, YOUR BEHAVIOR must reflect the implications of that knowledge…. ESPECIALLY NOW IN THE FACE OF THIS MASSIVE EVIL SCAM. As the American social critic Paul Rosenberg pointed out in his article ‘Nothing Changes As Long As You Obey’:

    “I hear the same complaints about politicians that you do. And while I understand them, the fact is that complaining accomplishes almost nothing. And there is a very simple reason why complaining has no real effect: BECAUSE THE COMPLAINERS KEEP RIGHT ON OBEYING. As long as you obey, the things you complain about will keep on happening.”

    And Edmund Burke said:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.”

  • No…nurses..doctors, hospital housekeeping staff/janitorial staff….nurses aides and orderly’s…medical assistants, lab techs…we are not hero’s. Merriam Webster defines hero’s as:
    a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character

    Just because we choose to help people who are sick and unable to care for themselves doesn’t make us hero’s. We aren’t of noble character…we’re just regular people who get our jollies out of helping people. There may be some who possess nobility of character and most of us have some noble qualities…but we are just people. Some days are better than others. Some days we are empty hulls.
    We don’t deserve to be put on pedestals and don’t want to, as a general rule. Beware any health care provider who wants to be called a hero.

    Because when you put someone on a pedestal…there is only one place for them to go.

  • Let me tell you about my experience with the chicom/gates/cdc weapon.

    One day a few months ago I was out during the start of the closures in the US, as a sacrificial… I mean essential worker I can go about easily. Knowing how small a virus is and having had training on nbc gear, mopp level stuff, I know a virus is going to zip thru a paper or cloth mask, the paper/cloth masks are hoping the virus is attached to a droplet of sputum to have any effect other than psychological. As I recall the paper masks stop down to .3 microns, the virus is around .06 microns.
    Boom, science.

    The kind of mask one needs to actually stop nuclear, biological, and chemical threats is not something one wants to wear for any longer than a training exercise, nor are they available at your walmart. They seal to your face with no airgap whatsoever, if you need corrective lenses you are going to have to go without. The mask I have in the mopp gear bag costs around $700, the filters, nato rated, are around $500. The discomfort level of wearing the thing is way over $1200 worth. Also now the experts are saying you can get it thru your eyes and ears so you now need goggles and earmuffs. Also since the dust likes to attach to mucous membranes, said membranes being pretty much from your nose/mouth to your anus, you can theoretically be infected by or infect others with a fart. Silent but deadly indeed.

    Anyway back to me going about life as a sacrificial worker at the start of the lockdown.

    One day I woke up and the room was spinning, no alcohol consumed prior. The day before I’d been my normal self. I laid in bed for some time waiting for the vertigo to stop but it kept up. It was hard to go back to sleep, my goto cure for anything. Nope, still dizzy after a few more hours sleep.
    Also noted breathing seemed to be doing little in the way of getting o2 to the cells, so I had to force the issue with deep breaths.

    Then, still laying in bed, I remembered one of the first, if not the first liveleak vid I saw of some poor lady in China who got sick. God bless liveleak. She said the first thing she noted was she woke up and the room was spinning, it went downhill from there. So here I am with the same initial symptom.

    I tried to get out of bed but my legs were made of rubber, I can get around better drunk than I could with the dust.
    Anyway made it to the phone and called the hospital and told them just what I have now told you guys. The nurse said do you have a cough, fever or sore throat? I said no to all as that was the fact. She said don’t bother coming in for testing then, I don’t have the dust.

    Then later that day noticed I’d no sense of taste or smell whatsoever, wich was the weirdest part of the dust, at least to me. I had time off from work so that allowed me to recuperate and it was over in a few days. I had been taking vitamins d and c since the outbreak was noted in China and I think this helped reduce the severity, I know I got of easy compared to some. Pretty sure I was blessed by the almighty.

    The foregoing was at the start of the lockdown, now vertigo and loss of smell/taste is considered a classic symptom of sars2, or what the world calls covid19. You’re infectious pretty much before symptoms become apparent, and little afterwards. Pretty sure I got it at work and I think I even know who gave me the gift due their productive coughing, but there’s no real way of finding out who I got it from.

    I’d bet most of us have already been exposed to it and never even noticed, as it doesn’t have any effect on some people whatsoever. I know several people who tested pos and never knew they had it, but then again if you’ve ever had the flu you might test positive for the chicom dust as the flu is a corona type and the tests are all over the place in accuracy.

    So yes the dust is real, and you don’t want it. The good news is I feel most of us have already had it. If you haven’t, I feel sorry for you.

  • Since this virus has not been isolated, cultured, and shown to cause disease by anyone anywhere, what virus are they pretending to be treating for? The PCR test is by definition nonspecific and detects coronaviruses in general, rhinovirus, and even humans. Assuming they know a particular virus is doing this is all wrong. It may very likely be a combination of viruses from the virus salad of the flu season.

    They have made the handling of C-19 patients so incredibly complicated and stressful that it is not surprising that patients go down hill just from anxiety and stress. A pneumonic ebola would require such measures but not a virus that is one-tenth the danger of normal influenza. It’s patently stupid and absurd.

    The loss of taste and smell is not a new symptom, as it occurs every year during the flu season. Most people just ignored it while they are sick with “the flu” and were happy when they got better and their senses returned.

    The “novel” virus claim is a joke as this virus moved and behaved just like a member of the flu season. It still follows the rules of virology and, once you have recovered from it, immunity lasts for or years. They want the public to believe that you can get the virus more than once in the same year, banking on their gullibility. It was the lack of treating the symptoms, not treating for potential secondary infections, and the use of lung damaging intubations and ventilators that caused the most damage.

  • Maybe it’s too late for patients in this ward, but there is no mention of HCQ, Ivermectin, Azithro, zinc or vitamin D. Trouble is, no one is told by our health authorities or media that every member of the public should be on zinc and vitamin D, and probably also n-acetylcysteine, melatonin (for older adults anyway) and astagulus. I take all of those and have done so since a weird sore throat/cough in late August. I’ve been fine since, for what it’s worth. And better, I really don’t worry about it like I did in the spring. What I worry about is mask mandates, lockdowns, and the medical/political establishment’s refusal to let us have HCQ (I took it for two months once when traveling in Asia) if we test positive.

  • Thank you for this enlightening post. Has your administrative personnel looked at the http://www.covid19criticalcare.com website with an almost 100% survival rate? Their protocol is clearly described with the science behind it all.

    Hopefully this website has not been censored yet.

    For other commenters, Dr Mercola’s website is a brilliant source of reliable and science backed information. By subscribing up to date information is emailed daily, if you want, complete with sources; which is good since one can download the source information before it is censored and disappeared from the net.

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