NYC Is Arresting Those Without ‘Papers’ – Including Children – and It Won’t Stop There

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By Jeff Thompson

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just two days ago we posted about the door-to-door efforts taking place to convince the “hesitant” within the United Kingdom. Back in July we posted about the National Guard gearing up for similar work here in America. (Coincidentally (?), we’ve also covered the job openings for ‘resettlement/internment officers’ within the National Guard. Who will be resettled? Who will be interned?)

Rounding up those without the correct papers.

And now we have agents arresting those who don’t have the jab in New York City.

*6 months ago* – “They’re going to make it so you can’t eat without the jab.”

TV sheep – “That’s a conspiracy theory!”

We’ve witnessed people arrested at a Applebee’s because they didn’t have the appropriate yellow star/papers needed to eat there. We watched as a veteran was thrown to the ground (literally along with an American flag. There’s some symbolism for you.) as he attempted to order a meal at a Panera Bread. Where? New York, of course.

Six were arrested at a (New York) Cheesecake Factory because they didn’t have the jab.

And now?

Now we have a horde of agents surrounding a small child at a restaurant because he doesn’t have the appropriate paperwork to eat there.

Judge for yourself…

[sarc] That kid looks like a danger to me too. Better surround him with “law” enforcement, traumatize him, violate his Constitutionally protected rights, and treat him like a lesser human being.

After all, it’s the “law.”

Men “just following the law.”

May I ask, what is the supreme law of the land here in the land of the free (because of the brave)?

The supreme law of the land is the US Constitution. Aren’t all laws subject to the jurisdiction given by the US Constitution?

Now we have door-to-door efforts underway in New York City offering the jab and $100 to occupants of homes. How long will it take until those who refuse to answer the call of “Papers, please” at their own homes, face the same punishment as those who do so at restaurants (such as those in the video below)?

Keep in mind that New York also recently passed Bill A416, (update: Bill A416 was stricken on December 22, 2021) a bill which allows for the “detention” of those deemed to be public health threats. According to the bill, you can be “detained” for up to 60 days, but then a court gets an additional 90 days to decide if you’re still a public health threat or not.

Now, let’s put two and two together…

California and New York are ideological twins. It’s in California that “misinformation” has been deemed to be a public health “threat.” Consider if you’re one of those individuals who has been deemed a spreader of non-government-sanctioned truth.

You are now a public health threat.

Can you now be detained? For how long will you be detained? If the court decides you are still a public health threat after 60+90 days, will you still be detained? How long will you be concentrated into a camp-like area with other dissidents until you’re released?

“Well, that doesn’t affect me!” you say.

“I live as far away from the city as possible! Glad that’ll never happen here!”

And this type of thinking is part of the problem.

If you live in the rural sections of the country, it’s fun to pretend as if the cities don’t matter. It’s fun to think that the cities are just the sections of America where the weirdos and the communists dwell, and that we’re safe out here in the boonies.

You’re not.

The policies which are created in the cities affect everything. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, those policies will find you. There are always men who are more than willing to violate human rights (to do evil) so that, A) they keep their taxpayer-supported pension, B) they keep their paychecks.

That’s all there is to it.

Freedom isn’t what the man following orders cares about. Money and comfort are what the jackboot cares about. Your Constitution, your Bill of Rights, your dignity as a human being – none of that matters to the man following orders.

It’s the mindset that “if I say something I could be ostracized/lose my job/etc!” that is causing our once great country to disintegrate.

Those who prize freedom only for its material benefits have never kept it for long. – Alexis de Tocqueville

People have forgotten that it is the dying freedom they refuse to speak up for which grants them their job, opportunities, ability to move up a ladder, etc. To be afraid to defend it is to walk into slavery a coward. It is to watch as everything you once loved is destroyed right in front of you as you hold onto the knowledge that you stood by and watched as it died.

You can “vote with your feet” and run off to the American Redoubt. You can sail out to sea. You can seclude yourself in the hills of the Rockies on your self-supporting homestead, but ultimately, the policies created by the people you fled from will find you.

Tyranny will spread.

Laugh if you will, but what happens in New York City is often the introduction for what we see throughout the rest of America.

It is only a matter of time until those who refuse to wear the yellow star are barred from restaurants throughout the rest of the country as well. Those who refuse will be “legally” stomped as was Atilis Gym.

It’s only a matter of time until those without the yellow star are banned from buying food completely. You need to prepare your food stores for what these people have in mind. Check out our FREE Quickstart Guide on how to build up your food storage plan to help.

I was in talks with a friend the other day, who told me the story of their local hospital. A woman with severe kidney pain was sent to the ER, but was moved to the back of the triage list because she didn’t have the jab. And so she waited in agony for hours. Hospitals are already short-staffed due to healthcare workers who were fired for refusing a forced vaccine – and now patients are being triaged based on their “status.”

How long is it until they refuse to see you at all in the ER? How long is it until you’re refused surgery of any kind? How long until you can no longer enter a walk-in clinic?

We predicted that discrimination against the unvaccinated would spread, and spread it has. As we have pointed out before, who is the true public health menace here?

The fate of our children.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Picture of Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Already committed to and prepared for the consequences of shooting such MF’ers in the face when they come to my door or approach me on the street. I live in such a rural area and am under the radar at the moment, but I am armed 7/24/365 so always ready.

    • Where I live it is not if you own a gun, but how many. At the court house in our county of 735 people only one person took the vaccine. She was medically retired because of the problems she had from the vaccine. Everyone else in the courthouse said they will not take the jab.

  • this needs to be put on social media asap, spread all over!!! people dont think this will happen, haha, dont believe it! this world has gone so crazy, anything’s possible and is happening!!!!

    get this out there to the news media, fox, locals etc. everywhere! people need to stand up against this invasion!!!!!

  • They aren’t arresting them for not having papers. They are arresting them for trespassing and refusing to leave.
    That being said it’s wrong. It’s still nazi stuff.
    The enjoyment they got out of it is apparent. This is what The People wanted though. All the old guys were “the problem”. Well now ya got a new problem.
    Also this is in NYC so whatya expect? In Free America where the chair is against the wall we are just going about our daily lives with no issues. Wear a mask if ya want or don’t. I’m of the I’ll do me and you do you crowd. Ain’t none of my business and I ain’t none of yours.

    • People need to look up the definition of Mandate, Black’s Law Dictionary and Bouvier’s Dictionary. Bourvier’s Dictionary is the dictionary used by the u.s. supreme court. One element is a mandate is voluntary and the other part is a mandate is not law. It cannot be coerced or forced. Let us not forget that business do not have the authority to ask or demand information on anyone’s medical status. That is a felony under state and federal law. Mayor’s do not make law. Start filing letters of intent to sue. Then file criminal charges against them with the grand jury (if you can get past corrupt prosecutors).

    • Matt in OK,
      I got the Free American and the chair is against the wall reference . . . nice!

      John has a long mustache!

  • Jeff-

    I agree with your concern, but one correction. A416 was pulled from the roster for vote on 22 Dec. Link is here:

    Now, that being said, developments such as those in the Baltic states (here:, Austria, Australia, Germany, Italy and so many more “nations” are truly disturbing. When my partner and I discuss it, and what is happening here in the US, I am flabbergasted by the way these governments have just blown past recent history.

    We have many friends from many walks of life, and I remarked to my partner yesterday that one of our closest (who is a long serving member of the National Guard with a wife who is a lawyer) are perfectly fine with the masking and the rules. Two of the smartest people we know and they just eat it up! To top it off- his wife is Jewish and she sees no issues with the level of expected compliance and enforcement of same. I have to be careful of what I say to them, and now talk to them much less often. We have other friends who are more in our line of thinking and we’ve grown even closer with them through this whole thing.

    Given what Biden briefed on Tuesday about vaccines to fly, we may be canceling a trip to Florida in February as my partner does not have, does not need, and WILL NOT be getting this needle. I won’t go if he can’t, and if the puppet tyrant in the WH tries it, there will be a lot of people happy to stay home. Thanks for this article. Stay safe!

    • Good catch on the A416, I saw that too. Just astonishing that there is a human being alive that would propose that, but it shows you what we are up against…
      Honestly mandate or no mandate I don’t understand why anyone would fly anywhere during this time. It’s more than likely smug vaxxed idiots flying just looking to rage on someone while they wait for their heart to explode. If I cant drive there in my vehicle, I’m not going.

  • My daughter had an unique opportunity to play piano at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan right before the holidays. Unfortunately they are not allowing unvaccinated children to enter the building (even if we showed them her negative covid results.) I also realized that even if they did allow her to participate, we would not have been able to celebrate at any restaurants nearby because she doesn’t have a vaccine card. It’s frustrating and I’m worried that these restrictions will make their way to where we live. We live less than two hours away from the city.

  • I agree that those of us more toward the middle of the country can’t just ignore what goes on at the coasts. I have a farmer friend in Florida that says where California goes, the rest of the country goes in 15 years. Like it or not, the coasts are where the most people live, and we can’t count on them all turning on each other before they get to the middle of the country. Siberia is even more sparsely populated than the Great Plains, and the Soviets still managed to squish down the few people that lived there. It can happen here too.

  • While while going door to door is disturbing, they are not forcing anyone to take the jab.
    Though I would not put it past some yahoo to try to mandate the jab- oh! Wait, did someone try that?? (sarc)

    As Whydah mentioned in another article, LEOs and NG live in those communities. Some chowder head in the state capitol or DC can pass whatever law or EO, they are not the ones who have to enforce it. They just turned all the LEOs friends, neighbors and even family members into possible criminals. I do not want to see them in that position. Seen more than a few comments of people who would be ready and willing to die on this hill. I for one do not want to see on the local nightly news, firefights between LEOs/NG and citizens ending in more than a few deaths. Can you imagine having to go to a home to admin a jab not sure if you are going to get ambushed or in a real firefight? 4-5, 10 times a day, every day? Whole new group of people with PTSD right there.

    In another article, Matt in OK mentioned how in free states, people are going on with their lives, no worries.

    Went to Lowes the other day. Probably 25% of us were maskless despite the recent re-en-statement of mask mandates. No one challenged us on it. We all know it is BS. Even the employees. Saw one employee helping a guy who was not wearing a mask.

    What I have found interesting is how many believe in the shadowy TPTB. Yet looking around for the past 2 years, how many people at all levels of government have said, “no.” Sure some have taken the jab only to blackmail (i.e. JAB! OR JOB?). Others sit in their homes, double masked. I have seen more than a few masked up, in their cars, by themselves.

    So, seeing those in Lowes, states like TX or FL, people like Matt in OK, restores my faith and confidence that there are those out there who will question, make their own decisions, and have a degree of common sense.

    • Well said! Where we live the mask rates are 5% tops (anecdotal), but I will say this…new fear porn espoused and we see more masks for a week or so. However…..40 miles south in “New Austin” (different county more liberal) the rate is higher sans any new fear porn.
      I spent 3 hours sitting down with our Sheriff to get his take…oh and none were wearing masks. We are in good hands.
      Let’s talk about the National Guard since you mentioned it. It’s at best a “paper tiger.”
      How do I know? After my active duty USMC time and a nine year break, I finished my time in an Infantry unit in the Guard (served in units in 3 states) There is a Army Times article about the border mission everyone should read. It’s a perfect analysis of what is wrong with the Guard. Complete lack of real leadership from E-6 on up NCO corps through the officer corps. This is the reason the active duty has such a disdain for the Guard. At best, IMHO, only 10% of the entire Guard is reasonably competent at their “Job” (that’s being generous). The Corps (at least they use to) “forged” NCO’s. “Men above self…mission above all.” Real leadership is just lacking. The “good old boy network in the Guard is alive and well! Sorry hit a sore spot with me. Now I am am just an old retired NCO who yells at people to get off my lawn! (Kidding…I don’t have a lawn).

  • Support your local police, right? These thugs need to be taught a lesson about ‘just following orders’. Names should be taken for later because these Nazi enablers will be held accountable.

  • ????????????????????????????????

    What I have to say about this would offend some, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

  • Article after article on TOP says, “Don’t Be There.” I know moving to a Free State is easier said than done. However, voting with your feet does lessen the representative voting power of the state you are leaving and that state will no longer get revenue from you. With many companies moving out of CA, that should give you some hope of finding a job here. No state is perfect but we are noticeably friendly and naturally independent in TX. I’ve heard countless comments from newbies about how the mindset is different here.

    Last summer, our bigger city hospitals were requiring the vax for employees but the smaller city hospitals never did. He was a bit late but Gov Abbott stopped the mandates here. There is a way to report any companies still attempting to require a vax in TX. I’ve also never heard of any patients here being triaged due to vax status. My husband is still in the hospital. Someone finally did ask if he had the vax but it was only to know how to care for him better.

    Jeff is right that tyranny will spread. He said, “Laugh if you will…” but I’m not laughing. A large population shift is needed. Don’t Be There.

  • Those who live in the areas where this will happen first…you chose where you live.
    They have a belief system built on the information that is presented to them in the media, the educational system, and by personalities who they follow.
    They voted for the same people who “oppress” them now; over an over gain.
    So the definition of insanity comes to mind.
    In short your choices you made have come to roost.
    To feel safe and comfortable you will give up “a little” of your freedoms – dare I say “ode to a sheep.”
    When the wolf’s come (and they will) I fear the feast will be like nothing we have ever seen.
    My family has given up a lot of comfort (at least what most “normal” people consider to be comfort). We have chosen to live where we live, we are “prudent” in our lives to try and have what we need. We use our discernment in the news we read, people we listen to, and how we vote.
    You have to have some skin in the game of life. Can’t just be lead around. And we make mistakes and try and learn from them (and we have made a lot!)

  • The most exasperating issue for me regarding these Nazi tactics and policies is that an end could be put to it in a matter of days without arms if citizens simply say ‘NO’ loudly and don’t comply en mass. But they don’t. Only a few will stand, and those few will be mobbed by the jack-booted thugs called police… you know… the ones we all are asked to support… those police! The mission of the police is to guard the status quo… to serve their masters who sign their pay checks… NOT protect you or your inalienable rights. While the growing tyranny, if unchecked, will eventually find all of us, as stated, I contend that tyranny will not receive the same domesticated subservient herd acceptance as can be observed in NYC or Washington, D.C.

  • I HAVE NEVER LIKED THE COPS WHO ARE JUST CRIMINALS IN SHINNY UNIFORMS,sadly america is the worse nation of BUTT lickers in history,BUT IT ENDS GOOD,all your hero’s ,THE POLICE GANGS AND MILITARY will be sent to hell forever,AND HOPEFULLY ALL THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES WILL BE GOING WITH THEM,They will realize in the first two minutes inside the gates of HELL.. THEY GOT SCREWED ,and destroyed their own country for peanuts…HOW STUPID ARE AMERICANS,they need GOOGLE MAPS,AND GPS, TO FIND THEIR WAY HOME AT NIGHT,GOD GAVE A GOOSE more brains then he did americans,OH,they do plan to process you slaves who can’t work,into FOOD for the ones who can work…YOU’LL be arriving on BUSES AND TRAINS at the processing plants..THEY”LL turn you upside down on a hook,then CUT your throat,just like a pig or sheep…I”AM NOT JOKING HERE,YOU STUPID ASSHOLES BETTER STAND UP,YOUR HERO”S HAVE VERY BAD PLANS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,DO NOT find out I told you the truth the hard way…

  • Gee I’m surprised those masked heros didn’t just execute that kid on the spot and then drink his blood, oh wait they do that BEFORE they kill them. May they all burn in eternal hell

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