Australia Has Fallen. Is Our Nation Next?

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Australia has fallen. 

Regular readers of world events have long since understood this fact – that Australia has turned into a fascist state reminiscent of The Children of Men.

We are witnessing the death of free speech

Throughout the course of the past two years, we’ve witnessed the death of free speech in what was once a (relatively) free nation. We’ve seen pregnant women arrested in front of their screaming children for Facebook posts which organized ACTUAL peaceful anti-slavery protests. Police entered her home, told her she had broken the law for doing so, and took her away an hour before she had her ultrasound. You can see the video of it below. Your blood will boil.

Australia has taken things even further

We’ve covered this at TOP before, but it bears repeating. It is within Australia that police can now “legally” change one’s social media posts to say anything they feel to.

With this kind of law MORE pregnant women could be arrested for posting about taking their dog to the groomer. All police have to do is go in, change the post to some violent diatribe, and voila – you’re a criminal. A very convenient excuse to be able to arrest literally anybody for anything, is it not? What is the purpose of this if not to exert complete control over a populace? To instill fear against all for ANY level of speaking out whatsoever. The message is clear: sit down, shut up, and let us do what we want, or we will ruin your life.

Keep in mind, the cops can do this “legally”

Laws were changed to give an air of legality to violating human rights. Where have we seen this before in history? In what other time periods can we find a series of “laws” which were given to allow people to commit egregious acts against others?

If you need a hint, below is some picture help from when Hitler took over Ukraine. And it was all perfectly “legal”.

Hitler taking over the Ukraine

What goes through a mother’s mind as she holds onto her little one in such a situation? Are her last words “I’m sorry”, as she whispers into her little one’s ears for the last time, an apology for not being able to protect them? Or is it perhaps one last ‘I love you’, the last words that little one will ever hear, as just one more hug is shared?

History is being echoed

Do you think I’m being over the top here? Consider that it was just a few months ago it was “rumored” that Australia was building camps to which they could remove its own citizens. This was widely blasted as a “conspiracy theory” by anybody who brought it up.

“No, that can’t be true. It’s too far-fetched. That’s not really happening,” replied the TV minds.

Then we received further confirmation. It is irrefutable now. Melbourne is building a camp called the “Centre for National Resilience”, a location built for people to sleep until “they are no longer deemed a threat to public health according to government standards.” [source]

It doesn’t appear as if it’s just the police that are involved in all of this either

Here, you’ll see the military in action:

Reports state that both confirmed cases and their close contacts in an aboriginal community in Australia were “physically transferred” from their homes to a quarantine facility in Darwin. Don’t worry, though. The government is just “helping” the “vulnerable.”  The police were dispatched to round up and arrest three teenagers who “escaped” from the locked-down facility.

“Escape.” “Rounded up.” “Transferred.”

That sounds a lot like…prison.

The state is now your daddy

Even one’s children aren’t safe anymore. Authorities in Australia have conveniently decided they now have the authority to take peoples’ children from them as well. This, in an effort to combat what? What do we call it when children are taken from parents against their will? Whatever happened to government deriving its power from the consent of the governed? Is this not the entire purpose of a government? A collection of representatives who have been elected to protect human rights? To protect life, liberty, and property?

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but I neither see how forcibly pulling children out of homes nor firing into the backs of running protestors does any of this. Americans go to prison if they use a firearm against somebody fleeing – even if they’ve just committed rape or murder. Yet in Australia, a peaceful, anti-slavery protestor’s back is fair game as they run back home. Even if they are “just rubber bullets”.

  • HERE is a video of cops shooting anti-slavery protestors before rolling down the street in an armored personnel carrier of some sort.
  • VIDEO “The new police tactic is to not try & diffuse or control things. They now rush & open fire at unsuspecting crowds to scatter them.”  -Voice For Victoria (@Voice4Victoria)
  • HERE is another angle of the shooting.

Evidence that Australian children are no longer safe

Reports are coming down of children being held down and force-jabbed against their will. Here Aboriginal elder June Mills tells the stories of the reports she hears. America must pay heed to these stories coming from Australia. We cannot simply sit back basking under the notion that “It can never happen here.” Just two years ago, Australians were thinking the same thing. In fact, many Jewish people had the same response in the beginning stages of the Holocaust.

“My mother used to tell us not to listen to those stories about German crimes….She told us the Germans were intelligent, cultured people and they would never do such things.” – Sulia Rubin, Holocaust survivor upon hearing remarks of the Holocaust from escaped Jews. (source)

Fighting for Freedom


Interviewer : Why are you here today?


I am here tonight for the essential freedom of human beings. The same reason I went to East Timor. The same reason I served there. I served with the people of East Timor Australia for their independence and their freedom. And if you think back to the 1990s, the East Timor Marines were screaming for freedom. They fought, and they fought, and they fought, and they go their freedom. I was more than happy to go. After I served my time, I thought I would relax. I suffered a lot as a result of my service. But I thought I’d relax and retire. But this is something we cannot…we can no longer ignore this. It’s garbage. 


I was at the first march, proud to be there. The second March, people we’re afraid. That fear just means False Evidence Appearing Real. Or Face Everything And Recover. A World War 2 Veteran told me that. And that is what fear is. There’s nothing wrong with fear. There’s nothing wrong with anxiety. Courage is just having pain, but still doing what you know the right thing to do is even when you’re afraid. That’s the simple definition of courage. Even when I’m shaking and scared, I still stand up for FREEDOM. We all need to do that.


These metals don’t mean anything without these Australians: US as a team. We are a brotherhood. A sisterhood. I have a wife. I have children. I’m a human. I don’t care what color your skin is…don’t care if you call yourself Afro Martha. I don’t care what’s between your legs. If you’re a human, and you want freedom, and you don’t want to be caged, then come with US.

Event update from SOS Australia Site: #SOSfromAustralia

On December 4th 2021 at 12 pm midday, we call for an international SOS from Australia event.

We call upon politicians, international leaders and all concerned citizens to respond to our SOS.

Want to support us? This is what Australia is asking from you:

  1. Make a public declaration on your own platforms, using your own letterhead or design, declaring that you support this event and our country’s fight for freedom. On the website, you will see our media release, feel free to use any part of that in your announcement. Reach out to us for design help [email protected]
  2. Familiarise yourself with the requests we are making to our government and if you support them, please include that in your announcement.
  3. Are a Member of Parliament and support the idea of giving a certain number of Australians asylum? Please include that in your announcement.
  4. If you are a country leader and have the power to give a certain number of Australians asylum, please include that in your announcement.
  5. If you are an influencer or run a media show or platform, please help promote this event. Monica will be available for interviews at your request. Please email us at [email protected]
  6. Do you want to participate in this event in your country? Please download and share our social media tiles. Also, you can print and distribute flyers, they are available on this page. In our media release, we have ideas for signage on the day.
  7. Please use #SOSfromAustralia on your posts

Our Human Rights Are Gone ~ #SOSfromAustralia

It’s time for our international friends to recognise that Australia is at war with its’ government and we need help.


Please, international friends…hear our cries for help and apply economic and political pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path we are on. Provide a way for citizens who no longer feel safe here to come home. Offer a certain number of Australians asylum, many of us need it!

Further information



The mainstream media is doing little to nothing to cover the crimes against humanity happening in Australia. However, you can help by sharing this information far and wide. Everyone needs to know what can really happen. And don’t think the fact that we’re armed will save us. We, with our arms, just watched our entire economy destroyed in a year as we were locked down, our businesses closed, and our jobs lost. #SOSfromAustralia

Will the tyranny stop at the Australian border?

If you had told anybody that there would be nationwide curfews, reports of young children being held down and jabbed by police, a ban on being outside, and thermal-imaging equipped drones flying around the sky monitoring the population, nobody would’ve believed you.

And yet, here we are.

America can just as easily witness the same. Perhaps Ronald Reagan had it wrong: tyranny isn’t just a single generation away. It appears as if it only needs a year.

Do you think the tyranny will stop at the border of Australia? Or is this a testing ground for just how far people can be pushed in the name of “public health” and “safety?” Share your thoughts in the comments.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • There is one significant difference between us and other countries: we have not yet let them take our guns away. I think that may be the only thing that could ultimately stop those kinds of things happening here. If you push people far enough they have no choice but to defend themselves. We can still defend ourselves. For now …

    • MJB I am Canadian and we do not have a clear cut, or lawful constitution, but with the bill of rights we have the right to bear arms, but the problem is people here are too weak and spineless to march against there Gov. with that said you have that 2nd amendment right and should be forming quietly a militia with your brothers, and sisters and go after all the Lie-Berals. Get all the ex-military together and clean house!! long, long overdue!!

      It makes me sick to see your country go to hell, because of a bunch of bought and paid for by the Commies Corruptoc-rats. It is time to march on DC and lock them all up until you have televised tribunals of all you arrest.

      Peace&Love to you from Kanuckistan formerly known as Canada

    • You’re right. Here in Italy we are just a whisker away from Australia and the only ones who can dare to say something against the process are some law enforcement officers, only because their sidearm. Another share of them, though, infiltrate peaceful demonstrations to beat up innocent people and to start the spark of violent response from their colleagues who openly said they are glad to beat novax and no pass people. Who has a weapon now, is the one who rules…

  • The one thing Australians don’t have is our Second Amendment. There was a very definite reason our founding fathers put the “Bill of Rights” into our constitution. They knew the propensity of the human animal to seek power over others such that the bill of rights was proposed to keep government in check. We have acknowledged that the bill of rights does not give us our rights because our rights as a human come to us simply because we are alive.

    I do not believe Australia has a bill of rights or even a constitution which puts controls upon government. Here is the bottom line though, protesting will never, and I mean never gain the protestors what they want, because of the obvious reasons. Americans have guns to protect ourselves from enemies “Both Foreign and Domestic” and is part of the oath all potential government and or military must take.

    Obviously you Ausies bought into the crap your politicians and the fearful morons on the left were spewing, which assured you that if you just turn in your guns, the state will take of you and protect you. NOW YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY MEANT !!! FEEL STUPID YET ?? You should be held up as the example of just why totalitarianism cannot be trusted to serve mankind. BECAUSE HUMANS ARE STILL ANIMALS AND HORRIBLY IMMATURE !!!

    • even if they did have a 2d amendment or bill or rights, seems to me it wouldnt be a deterrent to this kind of abuse!!! same as here, govt is running over our rights anyway…..if America doesnt stand up and fight whats happening here, then we’ll be in aussie’s same boat!!!!

    • Look at what has happened in America though – the country has been taken over and not a damn shot has been fired. We have millions of guns and what good are they doing us??

      • Very few today care much about anything as long as they have pizza and drinks during football season and other activities year around. Few men care about their kids or g’kids futures. Nihilism has infected the land incl. retiree generations. I know because afew people and myself in that age group realize no one cares or listens. I quit informing in my community. It produces zero results.

    • With respect, and it certainly not my intention to pick a fight here, rather to respectfully disagree;

      There are two problems with fighting back at the point of a gun. Whether that gun is tolerated or not tolerated, whether it’s the evil-assaulting-rifle with huge! magazine capacities or a single shot; and whether it’s wielded with the Second Amendment firmly in mind or not; the fact is that most of us realise that starting down that path is entirely binary. What’s lost versus what’s gained.

      Those of us with families, jobs, and so on are very aware of the sacrifices we have long made to have these things; we are also aware that if it comes to fighting, regardless whether that’s done with gunpowder or not, we are up against the might of the State. Everything changes from that point and it never goes back to what it was before.

      Now it’s easy to sit far away and pontificate (as indeed I am doing now) about “why don’t they fight back” and “it’ll never happen here In the US), we will never let them take our guns”. The problem with that assertion, again respectfully pointing it out, is that all the guns in the US didn’t stop the election being stolen and isn’t stopping the US’s rapid reduction in freedoms. To the point where even Oregon is ‘chatting’ about introduce masks as a permanent feature of society.

      Having lived and worked in societies which had a civil war (as a medic) a civil war is horrible, beyond even to groups of military combatants deciding the country’s fate by fighting each other, where civilians are collateral damage not designated damage. If it comes to a civil war, it really needs to be the last resort. And I don’t think the Second Amendment is the protection some people think it is.

      My 2 SPP’s (South Pacific Pesos) worth.

      • That’s true and honestly I think that’s pretty much shareable and reasonable. My point is: what will happen if (when?) they’ll ram down my door to take me away? Wouldn’t be my life over anyway? I’m pretty honest saying this worries me much more of taking COVID…
        As I said before, here in Italy situation is almost terrible as in Australia: we just don’t have concentrations camp yet…

    • Australia had a good Constitution from 1901 but it was overruled, ‘amended’ or just ignored for so long it is now a relic of history. Governments have the power to make any law they want. When a law is disobeyed there is a punishment: it can be jail time, or a fine.
      No matter how determined you are to preserve a right, could you cope with a $25,000 fine? What would happen to your family or your home if you were locked in prison for months – and still have the fine to pay when released?

      We are forced to obey to avoid bankruptcy or imprisonment. We fought damn hard to keep our guns, in much the same way we are fighting the mandates and lockdowns, because “peaceful protest” is the only legal method we have. Except during a lockdown, when it’s suddenly illegal and WE’RE the ones getting fired upon. We were not “stupid”, or ignorant or weak: we were and are the same as you would be without a strictly-enforced Constitution – and yet, even with that, you have “vaccine” mandates and lockdowns…

      Thank you, Jeff Thompson, for a truthful and well-written article.

  • people of australia its time for you to rise up and defend your selves you still have clubs and ropes knives in my veiw its high time that you start useing them on these bastards so they wont be so bold as to do these things once police go out on a raid like this a dont return the others will take notice if you dont start to fight now all will be lost and your children will be little more than slaves and chattle to your current heinous government.

    • I agree with Ray Jones. Australians elected their politicians and it is their responsibility to hang them. Nobody is coming to their rescue. Everyone else is faced with the same problem.

      What kind of GOVERNANCE can be used to replace the current and obviously FAILED government? Consider the ideas at this link, they are EXPLICITLY based on the Non-Aggression Principle:

    • First of all men need to grow backbones, mentally they have been gelded and under constant mind control to enslave everyone in that country. Austria, Italy and Germany are some other places now under mass mind control by psycho leaders. Now, majority have lost their left brain thus they are like livestock allowing jabs and more jabs.

    • Aussie man here, we didn’t give up all our guns, we only gave up semi-automatic rifles, and pump-action shotguns. We still have bolt action, lever action, and the occasional pistol.

      It’s not yet time to fight back. We aren’t there yet. Australia is a big place, and these things are happening 1000 miles from most of us. It’s like asking why haven’t Texan men gone to Portland to sort out that mess. The smart ones are leaving Melbourne and Darwin and going to nicer places like Brisbane and Sydney.

      I admit, the concentration camps have made me go from yellow alert to red alert, seeing that young woman get locked up for no reason is a huge concern, but my local politician is one of the good ones, and the local police aren’t doing things like that, it’s not in my town, my region, or my state.

      • Hi Will,
        Another Aussie man here and I agree with everything you have written. I am tired of reading “You Aussies gave up your guns, you deserve what you get” Blah Blah Blah. Unbelievable that some commentators – even on this site – call us “Stupid” when they are too stupid to actually do the research behind their comments.

        With respect, how will the 2nd Amendment protect or help those in the US when the Powers That Be decide to send a swat team door to door collecting those weapons. Team of 6 heavily armed at your door, middle of the night, terrorising your family. Tell me honestly, what are you going to do ? That’s what I thought !! Give this some honest thought before criticizing people that are in the same position as you in other countries. When it comes to tyranny, Yes, it seems we are all in this together.

        It seems to me that to date pockets of folk in the US have had as many freedoms trampled on as we have in Australia – and just as few shots have been fired in response. You are correct Will, the time to fight back is not yet.

        And to our brothers and sisters in North America. We, in Australia, for the last time, did NOT give up our guns.

        I live a peaceful life in rural Australia and have no issue, conflict or ill feeling with anyone. The hill I live on is the hill I will die on – just not yet ! I hope when the time comes it will be on my terms. Oh, and by the way, I have 5 Legally owned rifles and shotguns.

        Daisy, I love your work, keep it up please. I learn just as much from the comments as I do from the articles.

  • Tyranny only stops if enough people stand up to it. The truth is that is is always lurking in the shadows, ready to spring out and entrap whole states or nations.
    It usually starts small, with things that seem to be “good ideas”, them slowly it grows into bigger and bigger things until you have a Monster on your hands.
    BTW, it is already here in the US. The lockdowns, the mask mandates, were were all ” good ideas” that are the start of tyranny.
    Every time you allow a government to appoint an Agency or dept. or law to “protect you”, you have created a nesting place for tyranny.
    Here is the US our founding Father knew this. So they tried to create a limited Government, they told people to be vigilant to guard their freedoms and some expected that some day we would have to fight that best to restore our freedoms.
    People get lax, they get complacent and they forget to hold their freedoms close and protect them. This is what we are seeing in Australia and other places around the world.

    Can it happen Here in the US? Yes it can. But I also believe that at some point most people will rebel and crush that Monster. It is just a matter of how much we will put up with before we get to that point. Blue states will put up with it a long time, Red states will fight it every step of the way. Which is why it is best to live in a Red state. In the End the monster always dies or goes away, and so it will be with this one.

  • Australia is the testing ground. Depending on how far the people let them go will determine of they try the same thing in other western countries. Australia is safer than America because they gave their guns up – for the most part. Not all of the guns were turned in during the 90s. I knew Australians at the time who said most of the guns the government didn’t have record of were burried. When your ranch is measured in square kilometers there are lots of places where guns can be buried so they can be dug up in the future when needed.

    There are signs that Australians are getting fed up. If they decide enougj is enough will it be in time? Will there be enough of them?

    The Australians I’ve known will take a lot before they decide enough is enough. When they finally do they become different people, people fully committed to the goal no matter the cost. I think TPTB in Australia have forgotten this.

    Here in America people are talking about changing the government when the November 2022 midterm elections come. Do you really think TBTB will allow the midterms to happen if there is any chance they won’t win?

    Personally, I don’t think we’ll have the 2022 midterms. There will be some emergency or another that will cause them to be delayed. They’ll say it will only be for 6 months until the emergency is over or it is safe to have them. When those 6 months are up the emergency will still be in full force or there will be another emergency requiring the midterm delay to be extended.

    But there are lots of guns in America and we won’t stand for it! Really? They locked down the country for a year and destroyed the economy, and people did what?

    There are people calling for forced vaccination, whether you are pro vaccine or not on what grounds does the government have the right or legal authority to force you to accept any medical treatment? There are people who believe the federal government has that right or legal authority, but not kne of them can detail where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights or any founding document that right or authority is GRANTED to the federal government.

    Most people are too ignorant too know that the federal government only has powers GRANTED to it by the people and the states. And then there is that pesky Amendment that explicitly states that any power not GRANTED to the federal government is reserved to the states or the people.

    Back to all those guns…

    Yeah, there are a lot of guns in America. But the people as a whole do not have the will to use them. There are individuals who do, but most are not going to use them until the people as a whole decide they are needed. Many of those who do have the will to use those guns will reserve them for personal protection when their personal red line is crossed. I have a feeling government showing up on their doorstep to forcibly vaccinate them or haul them off to the quarantine camp will cross their personal red line.

    This isn’t a pleasant thought, but everyone needs to think about this and decide whether they want to be free or whether they want to be a slave. That is the decision we all will face in the not too distant future. Freedom is not free, it carries a heavy burden and requires that one is active in defending that freedom. Sometimes it requires that one gives one’s life to remain free.

    There are many that would welcome the chains of slavery rather than risk their life for freedom. I made my decision long ago and I will not accept the chains of slavery no matter how gentle they are or if they were made of solid gold.

    There is a chance that just saying “No” by enough people will be enough. Hopefully enough people will say no, but if not then so be it. I will die a free man. Period. End. Of. Story.

    What happens from here on is out of my hands, I have accepted that there are some things I cannot control – see Jayne’s article on Mindfulness.

    I will not throw the proverbial first punch, but I will defend myself. I’m not advocating a fight, but I won’t back down from it either. It’s their decisin and actions that dictate where we go from here.

    • Glad someone else recognizes the guns in the U.S. are really doing Nothing for us because people are way too complacent and comfy balled up on the sofa, etc, etc. We are next, get ready friends. . .

      • Europe and E. Europe is next, now under strict control in some countries, passes needed, etc. their leaders are pushing full throttle by orders of the W.E.F. Claus Schwab and Rothchild family run out of Geneva Switz. European men too are cowardly overall (women apathetic) and act like livestock getting jab after jab. Lawsuits in the U.S. pending for states rights and certain leaders violating Nuremberg code and UN humna rights treaty. Tenth amend right incl. Biden and his ilk have gone off the rails on these international laws. Europeans are so dumbed down msot have never heard of these laws or agenda 2030, or W.E.F. running the show.

        • Can you believe the European Union is considering revoking the Nuremberg Code?!?! WTF does that tell us folks? It may not be coming to America next week or month but all of it will be here because the U.S. in the way and we must be dealt with and taken down. Our own Gov’t at virtually every level is against the people, against the U.S. Constitution and on and on. Most can’t see the writing on the wall or refuse to see but either way the agenda is very clear to me. History is well on its way of being repeated friends, as in we are back in the 1940’s in Europe. And we all know how that worked out for Millions of victims. I am greatly concerned about this situation.

      • I don’t think that the “complacent American” is a permanent fixture in our society. People aren’t talking about events the same way they were last year; less “gov’t will take care of it” and more “gov’t is causing it” from what I’m hearing. Having your name on a City Council or school board roster isn’t merely a feather in your cap anymore, it also places you in the crosshairs of many angry citizens, who will remember your name and home if they get pushed too far.

    • Timing is everything. WHEN do we use our God given right?
      This reminds me of the scene in Braveheart where the King’s army of heavy horse is thundering down on the Scotts army with William Wallace was saying “Hold. Hold! Hold!!!
      Hold!!!!! NOW!!!!” Move to soon and you fail. Move to late and you’re trampled.

      If we start now, we’ll be labeled ‘terrorists’ (heck, we already are in anticipation of such an event.) The MSM is painting us that way on purpose to control the 80% who don’t know what to think or believe. Not until those people (or a goodly portion of them) actually open their eyes will the timing be right. If we don’t keep watch and be vigilant to see when that happens, it could be too late and too many things will have been set in place to run right over us.

      Timing, brothers and sisters. Timing is everything.

      • Backwards squirrel: I think it is 90% maybe more, younger people and middle aged have been programmed thru the public schools, not learning history ,instead shallow subjects like sex education which has gotten worse in recent years. So much apathy prevails and lack of values and ethics. Corruption and scandals on all levels of gov , more so as time goes on.

        • Very true Laura. I see teenagers sitting in apathy, cellphone in the hand, not a smile, no spark in their eyes. Just waiting for nothing. Not a single hobby or purpose in life, sad, empty… Dead already. They will be our future and that’s depressing.

          • Blame parents mostly, they do not teach responsibility, work ethics and most families are dysfunctional in many ways. young adults (mostly men) live at home w/ parents is a joke, way into their 20’s, that was unheard of in my younger days. Kids aren’t taught household chores or many girls aren’t taught basic cooking skills. Parents just don’t care too busy w. social media and texting.

    • If you pay taxes, you have already accepted the chains of slavery you speak of. Most of us pay taxes because it is cheaper than going to jail. In doing so we have accepted the governments rule over us and shown our willingness to obey their diktats. It isn’t just a decision to revolt against the government that we would have to make, it’s a decision to completely change our ideas of what life should be like and what we are willing to submit to. We are already slaves, we have not maintained our freedom at all. We have asked ourselves is the destruction and loss of life worth a fight for freedom and our answer has been “no”. The government will continue to take a little bit more at a time. Not enough all at once to be worth a fight until we do no longer have the means to resist. I prefer peace and freedom but it seems I can’t have both. I pay my taxes and feel sorry for it.

  • It could happen here. It almost happened on January 6th. Trump was moving us closer and closer to a Fascist state. Armed insurrection because you don’t like the outcome of an election. Those insurrectionists were UnAmerican and treasonous. I am retired military and I fear those who wish to re-elect Trump in 2024. Will they resort to domestic terrorism to achieve their goals? Will they try to start a Fascist government and throw out our Constitution? Will they start a civil war because they want to stay in power? How did conservatives suddenly become fascists?

    • Please.
      Jan 6 was no where near a real insurrection.
      Armed? Armed with what? Per the FBI admission, no one inside the Capital building had a firearm.

      What to see what a real insurrection looks like?
      See the Taliban advance into Afghanistan, and the Biden withdrawal. What did the Taliban insurrectionists have?
      Clear command, control, communications in size. And, real firearms.

      Your claims of,
      “Will they try to start a Fascist government and throw out our Constitution? Will they start a civil war because they want to stay in power? How did conservatives suddenly become fascists?”

      Could easily be said about the Democrats.

      • We are not like the rest of the world….yet!
        Very few of you have ever done COIN ops or even know the classic definitions of how it progresses from both sides. It could be said we have the classic beginnings: both sides…the government and the “insurgents.” I am not an expert, but have “participated” on the military side. I see some direct parallels, but it’s not fully cooked yet. Would only take a few incidents to put it on track. But most people are still asleep. Research Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, etc to familiarize yourself with how this works and progresses. I doubt those who call this country repressive really understand what repression really looks like – it’s bloody, violent and “might makes right.” Continued apathy makes “the boiling pot with frog” analogy so telling. BTW we are the frogs. Oh and that whole “grey man” philosophy…good luck on that! Does
        Not exist anymore! Used you debit card lately or cell phone? Just saying…unless you live in hut in a Forrest, etc. etc. Learn to live in plain sight.

    • I am hardly a Trump apologist, but your comment is completely beyond the pale. What do you think of government mandates forced on children to get an unproven “vaccine”?

  • How long until the unvaccinated are deemed “unclean enemies of the state”? Soon: little clothing patches for CV-status: positive, suspected, unvaxxed, anti-vax…

  • It is sad that a nation such as Australia has let so many of their freedoms disappear. Australia should be our canary in the coal mine, our warning . The liberties and freedoms in Australia have been lost one little cut at a time, the same as in the United States. Incrementally ,over time ,we have been divided as a nation . A divided nation cannot stand.
    The U.S. has been a nation of complacent sheeple for many years and I fear that we will resemble Australia in the near future. It has taken decades for the U.S. to sink to the level that we find ourselves today and it is a mess that we cannot vote our way out of .

  • Are there similarities between Australia and the US?
    And there are differences, as some can point out between the US and the EU, and China, and . . .

    The so-called TPTB. While some like to think they are all powerful and commanding, there have been more than a few examples of their supposed power failing, see the 2016 Presidential election. The 2021 VA governor election, and LT Gov. Parents pushing back against school boards, FBI failures, the whole RussiaGate fail and MSM fail, the current WH Admin fails, etc.
    I think there are those who like to think there is a competent TPTB controlling world events vs the possibility of TPTB are just as human as the next yahoo, i.e. they put their pants on the same way we all do.

    Regardless, looking at the news, empty shelves, even Rx drugs, food inflation, parents wanting to be involved in their children’s education and then being targeted as “domestic terrorists,” by the the DOJ and FBI, those are real issues that inflame issues.
    When it comes to your kids, people get real upset for not having a say.
    But that is not just one aspect of society.
    There are others.
    IMHO, we are seeing pushback.

    What I hate to consider, is what would a real civil war 2.0 look like in America?

    • In regards to what a real Civil War 2.0 would look like, the JIT/BAU system failing, a whole lot of people would die on both sides.
      The trucking industry bringing all those food products from the field to the cities would fail.
      Really, if you where a trucker, and bullets were flying, would you risk your life to make a run?
      Same thing goes for the ports and for China made plastic pumkins that have no real use in your life? I mean really, given a choice between eating and a 80inch big screen TV, which would you choose?
      Dunno about you, but I can go without Fakebook or whatever it is they are calling it now, Twitters, Insatagam, etc. but that eating thing, fresh water . . . call me crazy.
      Take a look at energy at the basic level. We need heat in the winter, to cook food. You have a Star Energy rating stove, does not do you any good when the grid is down. Even in the deep South.
      What it comes down to is how prepped are you?

      • Marine,

        “What I hate to consider, is what would a real civil war 2.0 look like in America?“

        You mean the actual kinetic type? IMO we’ve been in a cold civil war for about 16 years. The last 16 years has seen incredible awakening throughout our nation. The prepper movement alone should reassure many that the turning of attitudes toward right thinking self determination of left/right/middle politically oriented folks everywhere that we have more in common than we’ve been programmed to believe.

        Consider also this, why Australia? Why go after the Aussies with such vigor? My answer? Because they could. They immasculated their men and put as many as possible of the rest on the dole.

        I don’t agree at all with some other commenters here. Especially some that question our fortitude because nobody has grabbed for their muskets. In fact, that is precisely what separates us from other countries. Our discipline with our ownership and responsibilities as individuals pertaining to them. Last year we were pushed, obviously, dared to take up arms. And it didn’t happen. Instead we pointed out laughable hypocrisy of media actresses and political muppets. Even the attempted crucifiction of Kyle didn’t work out.

        So, they are going full steam ahead on the Aussies until it’s just us left. Sorry Australia, love you, but you’re on your own.

        As far as what CW 2.0 will look like? Horror. That’s what. IME the worst comes out of people during civil strife and, boy oh boy, do we hate the other side in our country, be you right or left leaning. The majority of the middle fence sitters will catch hell and bear the bulk of the body count until they get off the fence and declare their allegiance either way. That’s the way it always goes. Be it here or Peru, Panama, or the PI. It’s always the same.

    • “I think there are those who like to think there is a competent TPTB controlling world events vs the possibility of TPTB are just as human as the next yahoo, i.e. they put their pants on the same way we all do.”

      Yes, but they have billions of dollars, and other currency, to fix their mistakes. Not to mention, decades. But, is time really on their side here, now. I think they are jam up against it where time is concerned. They have shown their hand and they MUST bring their plan to fruition before the 2022 elections. Unless they can postpone or guarantee a win (by cheating). They must be desperate. I think we are going to see even bigger and bolder moves in 2022. Perhaps war, Russia in Ukraine and China in Taiwan, probably at the same time? I don’t really see TPTB starting WW3, but accidents happen and events can get really messed up. Probably jack up the pressure to start the civil war. Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse.

      JarHead, you assume their reverses are due to incompetency, but more likely they have an enemy group of PTB opposing them that caused the reverses you mentioned. Maybe this second group of PTB are friendly to freedom, and maybe not.

      In any case, batten down the hatches! I see the shortages becoming starvation. I see hardships in 2022 being worse than 2020 and 2021 combined. Maybe even THE END.

      • I agree TPTB are up against a time line. They can’t stop now, they have to go for all the marbles.

        I can see them starting WWIII, after all it’s not like they’ll be leaving their mansions. They already have fully stocked shelters in place.

        Wars reduce population, big wars reduce a lot of population. War is just another emergency for them to use to their advantage.

        If they see it as being to their advantage you better believe they’ll go the route of another world war.

    • There are 500 quislings in Congress, and 100 in the senate. A few seem worthy, but most simply are not. Then there’s Joe and the Ho in the whitehouse. There are 100 million gun owners in the US. Do the math. When the balloon goes up, just who will have who surrounded?

  • That “photo” of “Hitler taking over the Ukraine” is 100% totally bogus fraud! Good god, stop with the slander!

  • Jeff: The men in Australia are cowards and wussies, they refuse to stand up and protect their family or local community from these gestapo thugs who arrest randomly, for no reason. The men need to grow a backbone and man up to tyrannical agenda. I have no respect for that country of cowards. They let strangers come inside and bully them, desiring to revert to a penal colony and easily manipulated by the state like E.U. citizens and elsewhere. What losers.

    • Because some have does not mean all will. To be frank you fling words like a dog flings mud when they dig, without thought or care. You provoke a fight with people who are not your enemy, for something you do not understand.

      Now is the time to prepare, to listen, and to watch, the time to act hasn’t come yet. You would be wiser to talk less and listen more.

    • Honestly how many “men” have done $hit in America with all the garbage that has taken place over the what almost two years now? I am especially Disappointed & Ashamed ay my fellow citizens including my damn self. We best Wake the *uck up & do it quick!!!!

  • Will the tyranny stop at the Australian border? Hell No!
    It’s hit Austria and Germany too. Not to mention New Zealand.
    Adolph would be so proud.
    I think if they tried this crap here, the result would be different. At least I hope so.

  • Just a personal perspective – the situation in Aust is complicated and hindsight analysis suggests that the ones at the top knew some time ago what was coming down the pipeline and positioned the right people in the right places and then cemented their bad behaviour with very draconian laws that were forced through. The rest of the players were probably brought into line by bribes or threats. If you look at history and the rise of the third reich, it seems that many of the techniques to accumulate absolute power are being employed here too.

    The public was caught by surprise (as was everyone else around the world) and was already in ‘national shock’ from the never-seen-before scale of the bushfires only months earlier. So when the “only two weeks” garbage was employed, people obeyed. the govt also threw money at people so that they would be pacified (the US did the same).

    So many people I’ve tried to educate respond with, “but why would the govt do that to us” – cognitive dissonance is in full swing here. It is extremely hard for many people to realise and accept that they have been manipulated/used for an evil purpose.

    The media is extremely controlled here and has been for a long time. Skynews used to be critical of what was going on and then they got banned by YT for a week. When they came back on air, they toned down their coverage significantly. Anything that comes from an alternative news site is automatically labelled as lies/misinformation/conspiracy theory, etc..

    The govt here has been into excessive red tape for decades and if you want to run an enterprise of any kind, the red tape and taxes will bury you. A lot of people have been painted into a corner using debt and suspension of support payments if you don’t obey. I suspect the vast majority of those here who did take the shots only did so under force – not everybody can walk away from a job when you’re up to your ears in debt or have a family to look after.

    Trying to force the PTB to obey the law (what ones we still have) is extremely difficult and costly (loser pays applies here – lose your case and you pay the other parties legal bills). And so what looks like a long pre-planned subjugation of the population has resulted in very few options for the public to defend itself. Guns – if the people had them – would not work as the authorities here are very heavy handed as you would have seen in the Victorian rallies where peaceful protestors were shot. Those few people who tried to use them would be taken out immediately and further restrictions would be imposed on the rest of the population as punishment.

    I just keep thinking back to those population estimates for 2025 a few years ago. At the time, everybody was asking, “what do they know and how did they come up with these estimates”. If I remember correctly, Aust was going to lose 13 million people by 2025 and the USA around 100 million. Well, I think we now know Deagle came to those estimates.

    As to what is happening in Aust, there are some politicians fighting for the people and the rallies are getting bigger but all these people are still outnumbered. We have a hard slog in front of us. What may eventually save us all are the actions taking place elsewhere such as the Nuremberg 2 trial and many other legal wins around the place. This problem is global and actions in one part of the world impact or can impact everywhere else. The main thing is to remove those at the top of the control pyramid and there is some evidence that might be starting to happen (e.g., the next Davos was just cancelled). Once the head has been removed from the beast, the body will collapse.
    This is a war and it will go on for awhile – a win here and a loss there – just like any kinetic war except this one is a war for our minds, our opinions and beliefs. Hold strong to your values and pray/meditate/ruminate that the ‘white hats’ are supported and successful.

    • Here’s an example of one of the fights in progress: the ratbag premier of VIC where the world’s longest lockdowns have occured has been served court papers to appear on treason charges. Let’s hope the judges are legit.


      Daniel Andrews Served! The Brian Shaw Story
      Alana Watson November 18, 2021 2 min read

      On the 3rd of November, court papers were served at Daniel Andrews Noble Park office. The papers have him being charged with one count of Misprision of Treason and one count of Fraud at Common Law.

      What this all means in a language we can all understand. The Misprision charge is for the concealing a treasonous act, by enacting legislation on the 5th September 2000 introduced into the Victorian Parliament by the then Labor Attorney General Robert Hulls and then aided by Victorian Parliament to enable the enactment.

      The offending act is titled “Courts and Tribunals (Further Amendment)” Act 2000 Victoria, Daniel Andrews was fully aware of this enactment of Treason. This means that the words and “the Oath of Allegiance owed to the Monarch” were illegally removed from the Legal Practices Act 1996. This was concealed from the general public but not the Legal Profession. And that is where the Fraud charge comes into play. By concealing all these facts from everyone except those involved.

      There are over 116 exhibits displaying all the evidence of Treason and Misprision of Treason, 11 defendants including a former PM, Judges and also Pastors deliberately concealing the Hulls and other Treasonous Acts.

      All this means we have a government that is sitting illegally. This has been the case for some time. Everybody who has voted has also played a part and aided and abetted them by voting in fraudulent elections. Unbeknown to voter elector, the public have been lured into becoming accomplices in state and national fraud.

      These matters will be heard by a Grand Jury. They are indictment charges. We have Brian Shaw to thank for all his due diligence in this.

      230 pages of documents is a lot to go through. The amount of concealment is appalling. To cover up such a state and national illegal activity, from former Judges who have been complicit in this activity, to Pastors who helped hide evidence, and for the Politicians of this country to do as they please by completely ignoring our constitution and due process of law by doing as they please.

      The people of Australia have been lied to for a very long time. Let’s hope that this is uncovered, and we can finally have our country back running under proper representation and not by some secret code that our elected officials have signed up to. Will leave it with Brian Shaw to prove all this, starting on the 17th of December 2021. [end]

  • They DISARMED the Australians, remember? They DISARM all people where they are driving this tyranny EXCEPT ONE COUNTRY?


    Why? Because they have not been able to disarm you as much as they tried. Those other countries?

    LET THEM BE A LESSON TO YOU! Those up there behave exactly like cowardly criminals (yes the police and military too) and will only target the weakest. So don’t let them disarm you.

    That is all…..

  • Aussie living through this tyranny in Melbourne.
    There are thousands of people fighting this precursor to the cashless society mark of the beast system in Melbourne .
    The Bloodlines and Oligarchs have taken over the world, so everyone’s going to need to wake up.
    But just remember one thing they always lose !!!!

  • The US has 400 million guns, many of which are military pattern, high capacity.
    I’ve seen the crowds being controlled by the Aussie police and the tactics they used to do so.
    All it would take is 2 or 3 police craniums exploding from a high velocity 556 or 308 round and they’d rethink their careers and determination to subjugate the population for a paycheck.
    Until this happens, the people will live like lambs for imminent slaughter.
    Doubt this? Take all US military, police, FBI, CIA, ATF and Blackwater and they don’t amount to 1% of US gun owners.
    We are many, they are few, they fear us.
    Never forget it, and never disarm to the banking Jews behind this great reset effort at enslaving us like they did in 1917 Russia with its 50 million murdered Christians by Jewish funded and led Bolshevism

  • Who are you people making such dumb statements?
    We have NOT fallen at all, we are fighters!
    I just returned from my favourite town in Australia, Nimbin, where we witnessed THREE masks being worn by three tourists in the entire town.
    All around the town are posters and notices; “REAL MEN DON’T WEAR MASKS”.
    Nimbin, a town full of REAL MEN….!!!

    • Your fellow citizens are the one’s being held down and forcefully given the Clot-Shot. And what about the Concentration Camps your fellow citizens are being forced into? I think you must have a problem with reality friend. . .

  • The Aussie’s screwed up years ago by getting rid of their firearms. Now the population is totally unarmed and has no way of fighting back. One good thing about America, if the Marxists in DC tried to start this crap… would be Civil War II real fast.

  • Folks, I am loathe to write it, but the world has at last arrived at the point I predicted many years ago, shortly after The Mark of Jesus appeared “upon my vesture and upon my thigh,” and reads, “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” And, I am aware that these words will fall on deaf senses.

  • Here in Communist Canada the Canadian government has removed it’s mask to show us all the pockmarked evil satanic face. Our first fascist province New Brunswick is now denying the last free thinkers in Canada (unvaxxed) the right to buy groceries, that’s right, groceries. Grocery stores can deny the unvaxxed the right to buy groceries. I’ve told everyone all along that the Canadian government is committing vaccine rape and genocide. The Canadian government like the Australian government wants to kill the unvaxxed. If you are fired from your job for refusing the clot shot you can no longer collect employment insurance despite paying premiums your entire working career. Canada has been instrumental in developing the horrific nano technology related to the clot shots and Chairman Turdo our satanic leader has personally profited from that. I notice that all of Queen Lizard’s commonwealth countries are completely corrupt, evil, full of governmental rapists and murderers. Now Canadian children are being targetted for the clot shot. Governments are made of individuals who will be held legally and morally responsible for crimes against humanity. Remember if someone sticks something in your body that you don’t want that is rape and that includes vaccines. If anyone on this site supports mandatory vaccines go look in the mirror, that’s what rapists look like.

  • We know that things are going badly for the people of Australia from the article and in Canada from commenters in Canada. I wonder what is going on in the UK and the other 51 nations in the British Commonwealth? I think the British Royal Family, specifically Queen Elizabeth II, should speak out against these harsh government actions. To not do so would be to condone such actions. We should call for such a statement from the Queen and make that call a rallying cry all across the Internet.

  • I live in Canberra Australia.
    If your trade is taken by robots and continual hoops we must jump through in the scam that is Federalism you do not get justice.
    I live Canberra Public Housing in Drug Ghetto Concentration camp. The building is completely illegal by Australian standards. It has no damp course or adequate ventilation and the flat literally full of black mould so I am paying my meagre pension hell life for a shit hole I wouldn’t put a dog in. Admittedly the current Prime Minister passed my Medical transfer application but nothing has happened in 4 months and the flat has made me so sick I pay rent for sleeping rough. No lie.
    The Public Housing sector in Canberra are just public service thugs. I have been threatened when they tried to force me into signing a document that would have allowed them to basically keep me in the hell hole.
    The Gasperini Green flats in Chicago were heaven compared to here.
    I complained online saying how Russia was better and the Government posted pictures of Chernobyl not even in Russia.
    Multicultural workers from India and China now fill ALL positions and hate white Australians. The Housing representative “Nick” an Indian whose real name is probably something else is a main threatener who stated flat I will never get out of this literal drug ghetto. Come see if you don’t believe me. 86 Ainslie Avenue Reid Canberra. Jobs for everyone in Asia and I can’t get a dry place to live and am literally so depressed I wish I was dead at 62.
    It’s a literal crime against humanity.
    Multicultural even mean? You have a culture or you don’t. Come see my shithole lack of culture. The country I used to love is now a farce with governments forces working against us in every way.
    Someone kill me. At least it would be quick.

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